Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, January 09, 1902, Image 8

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    ornciAL. uiri:ctort
Wiliiani lIcKicley
John Ha'
Lyman J. Ga
J. V.. Hitchnx'k
Kliha Ki:'
. . John Lont
fc MTetarT of .-riea!:ure . James WiUoi.
f ostmaster-' ier.erat Charles E. SmitL
.:;orne 'js;i.jrai John V. Gri?
V lee-Fnwi dent
Secretary of rotate
Secretary of Treasury . .
Secretary of Interior. .
Secretary of War
iecre:arv of Naw
Better E. W. Bartlett
Receivr-r r. 0. Swackhamer
i Joseph
T. s. senators
.;. W. McLriiit
( Thoe. H. Tonirue
I. ;')resen:a::ves , t i v.-.k-
Governor T. T. Geer
VioMt-iry of -Stale F. I. Dunbar
orate Treasurer Chas. S. MiMre
ttoriiev-i ienera! P. P.. N . Blaefchun:
S.i-at. 1'u- lie Infraction .J. H. Aekermar
lllals Printer W. H. I.eed.-
( F. A. M.xirt
Cupreme Jad.-es C. E. Wolvertot
K. S. fcac
wallowa coryn
u im. enator. .
C j:umis!"iotier6
Assessor. .
'l readme r
School riupt
'keek Inspector.
. .Justus Wad
G. !. Eeavii
G. W. Hatuiitor
C. H. Zurehe:
H. ('. Cramer
... John Jh-DonaU
. .. Hiram VVi'.hams
John MirOubbin
G. M. Her,.irii 3r
, J. C.Coniev
D. I.. Keavi-
.IT. J. W. rij-r.anl
, Jas.Teirv
Picked Up Here And There
By The Chieftain.
J. W. Hornbaek and F. A. Bristow, j Fresh bon Lous at the Stationery The Enterprise football team sayj
two former Grande Bonders, are now j Store. that they wanted to how man that
running a fishery on Mad river, in j Fhr and date at the Stationery he was not ' the whole kitchen if he j
Humbolt countv, California. Thev
ship their catch to San Francisco and
ire doing a good business. Observer.
Mr. Hornbaek and family will 1-e
remembered as a resident of Alder
Slope two or three years ago.
Mr. Wallace, the foreman and busi
ness manager at the Lively mines on '
Lower Imnaha, was in town the first ;
of the week, lie says the mines i
uav passed the speculation stae and !
chat their great value is now a well 1
known fact, and that the world will :
hear from the Ininaha copper mi nts : were tr.idirg
rrom now henceiorth. i Lueien A. Tullev
did have a Steel Range."
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Graves returned
was in town Wednesday.
G. H. Furjason of Joseph was
Miners chocolates at the Stationery !
Sv..ire. to Wallowa county Saturday. They
London Laver raisin? at the St. i have ren living the paat few month
tionerv Store. i a: r:-alP. Washington. j
Mr.J. D. Woode!I passed through! X; Crave. road supervisor of j
t.'v. ii Wednesday. ! Prairie creek district waa in the city j
... . .,, ,., I Wednesday attending countv court. I
Ji! Rat u; Murray of Alder .Mmc " '
i. v . vteameny 01 1 rairie cree ,
thinks he would not make a good cen- j
tor rush in a font ball team.
s. Bud Hwkett of Lsap , , , .
. . , , ' i the cltv -""turdav and took advantage
in tun citv Wednesday. . . ." ...
; oi some oi our clubbing oners.
i Mr AluT Mn VT-irrv- k'oniiir TIi-w '
li-rt Uarninli arnred in tiin t.ie m tne c::y lues.iuy on a business trip. , m , in th -tv .,.,.,
County court is in s.-wion this week. J izi,i? the dentist's otlice.
Noxt v.e will have the full proceeding.
G. I. EatcIitV is able to be out again
after a threatened attack of pneumon
ia. Ed Averv has been assisting I. N.
the city Monday on business,
Mr. and M
oi Wallowa was
1st in.-t. with hu household goods a nd
:ai:iiiy and took poieijion of the
property recently pureiiased from
Tom Bunnell by Barnhiil Bris.
J.thu Barnhiil will not remove t) El
0in until spring. Mr. Bunnell will
move to Wallowa county immediate
ly. Recorder.
Cottingham, who is now in the tl.i
L'iuou county jail charged with ste.ii
n:g a watch from Juhu Heifling will
aave other troubles to aiirwer for
should ho escape putusLmeut t ,r the
vatch businosa, as a warrant L- ready
fur him charging him with burglary.
La Gr-nde Observer.
A few fiiends gathered a: the horn .
of Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Lay Tuesday
evening, it leing the auuiversary o;
Mrs. bay's birth. Tiie evening wa
spent in playing progressive whist af
ter which a delicious iuuuh vus serv
ed. It is reported that T. A. Re.ivis and
fariiiiy wiii return t Wallowa county
next sunimer. H is now engaged in
Beginning Saturday, Bee. 28,
itz?rin his LiaciiS!iith shop the
pas: f.vo weeks.
Miss Maggie Funk arrived home'
Saturday from a visit with relatives
in Lcine.
J. F.
ih and 0.
F. Mays
Everybody will take notice that
Hector McDonald will he in Enter-
pris;- to buy horses on Jan. 20. I
Sam Baker and family of Elk :
mountain were in the city Wednesday. '
Sam delivered some sheep pelts to A. I
Solumunowit. j
Woodmen of the World will find it 1
proiita'de to be on hand next Wed-!
nesd:;y evening. Jan. 15, at tiie hail in j
Enterprise. Important business. i
abocc dale mi
I.o.-iiiie were in the citv
2 rebate busine.. '
A. Wurze5Jer and J. M. Blakciv i
were tl..wn f-om Joseph Monday on
a.s !jiiine-s.
S..lted peanuts at the stationary
h ttre.
Win. Fordra y o: Arko was in the
city Wednesday.
. Fresh gun;, cr.nties and nuts at the
Stationery Store.
. F. A. CU-fc returned Saturday f -om
t. trip to outside points.
Sen Sen and ('-jn Bei cough drops
6t the Stationery S;or-.
Le'r.K: Jan. 3, to the wife o: Frank i
A. Beavis, a pound girl.
W. S. Burleigh, returned, the latter
part cf veek from LaGrandeetc.
Gienn Whitniore wa? in the city
Tuesday from Li- horn ; at Leap,
i II. A. Thomas of Paradia wai at
tending comity court Wednesday.
. Mark Cm.-tney. wife and 1 abe
spent the .;y Sunday at B. T. Longs.
Geo. V.. M;.i;t started, Tuesday for
LaGrande or. busin..-. before the land
W. p. C,;le ::r. of Joseph was renew
ing acquaintances in Enterprise Wed
nesday. Mrs. J. A. Burleigh has b.?en ill fur
several days with a severe attack o:
the giippe.
Tise Enterprise Foot Ball team en
d tiie Wallows team Saturday
tiight.v ith a dance.
partuersmp with th.
iormerlv of Lostine.
in Ashland in
Mitch el. I-roa.
V It rf.
. -rv: -r
S. 71.
Ia.bi-;- startid on Tuesday
s .-t..er- for tor.. Wash, to
-as Is !..' Wtd- i
Cora L.I
:i ai:
(Dn and ait;r II
pricc5 brill be orcallV reduced
on tk following lines of
Winter Goods;:
tu- r.iad sm-'Foa . wixt-:
v..- .tending! LS-IDHSTG"
Vrinter weights in
Word comes fr jm Mr. and Mrs. T.
A. Iiarsiii :, who r..ceutiy b.ovtd
from her: t j Salem, that they are well
pleased wit:, th .ir new home, and
that their health is very much im
proved by the chang of climate.
Iiev. Mindermau, who has frequent
ly visited the county in a ministerial
capacity is la tiie county in the inter
ests oi tiie Unit d Arti-.au His
present home is at Pilot Lock, (."ma
cula county.
Geo. Uiisseil and Polk 2Iays of
Swamp creek were in tiie city Tues
day. Mr. liiisseli wa.. jus: returning
from a trip to Middie Valley where lie
had bten looking ai.er ttie feeding of
his sheep.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Funk served a
delicious supper, one evening last
:!- w:: r,'.t or. tiif street
::..- r.r.t tune since his: We conduct the only up-to-date
; ;:.-... ,;-. 'Subscription Agency in the county.
- eeuttig star may be seea "e receive subscriptions for any
;-.:. -. ;.i:. it. ,:i ttid nest lew
sky j.-i a..-; cl iiul-'d.
a. f. .-
1 Aii
periodical in America or Europe.
: and seep a complete record of all
t' i Biibscrintiona so refeived
Wa'l.i-.va M'jiul.-v of next vejk and I
n,t return until :.;..tii:d.:y evening.
Clarence Yes: reVirned to the
lamaha Thursday after spending
At greatly reduced peices.
the holidays at- his home in this city.
L. .1. Booth, I. X. Bare, John Bare.
Joe South and Baldwin
the city tiie first of the week
.veeK to a lew o; tlieir iriel.a
which the t'me was pitasanciy .-pent
in pi-iyiug pool.
Joe South, who has resided cn the
Imnaha fur several vears, his pur
chased a stock ranch near Forest,
Idaho and has moved his family to j
the new home.
Mr. end Mrs. It. L. Day drove up to
Joseph Wednesday. Mm, Day re
i.iained with her sister Mrs. Harvey
Wiison and will visit until Sunday.
Chieftain & Oregonian 1 vear ?2.00,
Chieftain & S. F. Examiner 2.2o ;
Diuain oc a. r. cnroniL-ie J.'o
Bros, were in ; . . . . ... , ..
, uniettam cc t. L. Kepubnc Z
I Chieftain it GlobeDemocrat 2 '
: Chieftain .t-Tri-Wcol.-li-Wr.r1f1 0
: jiiss lnue ueacu o; i nra.::-.'? pa-.-ei
; through town Sunday en route for
Joseph to assi-it ia the public schools
I in that city.
1 .Turin A "f:ile- mi .1 fl.rr.Mcli
L.r,iei:ain & loledo Blade 1.75
Chieit am Atlanta Constitution
I town Friday, enroate for Elgin vhere
Chieftain it Chicago Tribune 2
Chieftain ifc N. Y. Tribune 2
Chieftain A Daily Tt-legram for
! two months 2
' he m.-t Will Wi;r.tv.eii-:i- and touk him
to Joseph.
Scott Henderson, formerly of this
; city and an employe in the Chieftain
olliee arrive I in the valley last' week Chieftain & Munsev
from Illinois.
! Chieftain tfc McClures
j Jas. H. Hartshorn, the saw mill Chieftain & Cosmopolitan
man wa; in to.vn Friday on buhness. ', Chieftain & Puritan
j lie tnu closed ms mil. on Aider slope Chieftain cv Cliristain Advocate 3.00
until spring. j Chieftain & Christain Herald 2.50
fsiac ;i:itimari r.i.d J. J. Berner of j Chieftain & Penny Magazine 1.65
i Flora were in the city Wednesday on Chieitain & Puck's Library 2
! business before ths county court on : f:h;ttin X- fiwnmr'c r.. o c-n
I T! r W li.
At greatly reduced prices.
road matter.;.
iV frA K.fls da f?3
are supplied here the best combination of
leather and labor. The harness will fit. and
the saddles are easy. riding and the latest styles
which is sure to give satisfaction. The quality
of our. horsewear is the best and our prices right
Harness & Saddle Shop.
j Chieftain & Young Peopl'e Com-
turned irom Union county, Monday, j C1): . ain & Poultry Journal 1.85
; where he has k-..-n ii'.stisur.ing logos 1 ru t. . ' ci t t
... - - . h ; Uueitain Amer. Sheep Breeder
5; , of Jfodern W ooclmen cl America. r.- .-
t: I - " "- " ; laeuain S liiaet Cat 1.75
P-1 has been played over a lh-nn:vnd times Chieitain & Chrhjtain Standard
p . in the low days since by everybody ; f "0
h wlio the 8-n,e- ! Chieftain it Arena s'oo .
E J- F- Jo-r.ston and wif- and H. c. j Chieitain & Woman's Home I
I Cramer and wire drove down to Wal- j fComnanion. 2 00 I
My greatest Bargains
T"!11 1 ,
ui oe closed out at 50
fcents on the dollar.
Iowa jioinia
j instaliations at that place
v, attend the Odd Fel- Ch;e,tda & Xlional
Magazine, i
"2 00i
Jhn Calvin i, closing out his stock Chieftain & Home Ma?azinP. 2 fHV
millmery at h:df pric. j Chief.ain & -'Land of Sunshine." I
2 00
gj ; John Ct
! of winter
f.airjfa,' nun,"
li ; Mep in and eiatrune the iutest styles
and get one for I-.ss than cost.
rif .uis Mary Llian.il r win. Ijas lieen j
B!tttyi.sc with her .-ister Mr.;. Combes i
during Mr. C'jmV .V aiekne;.'. returned
to her hoaie in Ulgin Monday. !
Sam I ace was- up it(,;n Lo-tine'
! Wednesday. He says it is about time !
j. ' to lx gin to ly up the gaps that have ;
fences, t
-Here are some-
that can not be Wat for the money.
The County news, the news of the
World and a Magazine
ADA E. HOE : : : Proprietor
Confectioneryf Books, Fine Stationery, etc.
fOCF" School supplies always on hand.
3- ueen ma i ' i.i certain KliiUs 01
John ov.n-f ami Geo. Boyd uregonian l
brought Sherman Bovd of the Lower j McClures each 1 year for
Wallowa Valley to Eljin Wednesday on ieftain )
tlieir way to La Grands to have him ' Globe-Democrat )
e.taminid as to his sanity. Recorder. : Munsey's V each 1 yr.
The Woodmen of the World h.:lil I Chlcftain
an iiiformal smoker, acrobutic and ! rei-oman
muaicii enterU'mment after their
mectin; Monday l.ight. Th.-ir next
meeting will Ihj held next Wcdnesda-.M Examiner )
evening. j Puritan each 1 yr. for
4 - , ... .
.enterprise Oregon
T ti ti
i Chieftain
eac'a 1 yr 2.95
Ih E. r.ochesier. a well-to-do furni-;
er of Wiilli.wa precinct was
the I none ' these comli'nations
city on bimiiioss Monday and return- ' suit von, we can make one that
ed Jumday. He reparto everyfuinp ! will suit you, and Bave money fori
- n f cp
-At greatly reduced prices.
as betnjr in normal coii'lition in his ' you. ?' .' -
locality. f THt CHIEFTAIN