Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, October 08, 1891, Image 2

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■ a f c iW - iL iu r t L - L -
together, it would lie a great benefit,
but this 1 I*Eard m som ewhat Utopian
A Discussion Between F. E. i’ark y n lor the following reasons:
and Tlios. Gwilliiu.
1. ci'iiubhly nine-tenths of the im ­
Ip S E P H ,
THURSDAY, OCT, 8, 1891.
Q uestion .—“ Resolved, That the pres­ plements i«d m achinery sold are not
ent system of marketing farmers' produce.
the present system of furnishing him his ,‘ir ¡our vcis, and some never. All
Institute Notes.
supplies, and the present condition of our (|,jg j8
agent’s risk, who adds to
Thursday*« session of the institute
1 >>te political affairs, make the Alliance move-; t ,
. toV>(.llrt. bim agllingt losa.
opened bv roll call and response«, I}*®8 ] men t commendable, and worthy of the j o n
2. I t woull be impossible to guar­
drill in fractions was conducted by Prof. support of allclatksof people who follow
antee the enfre trade of a com m unity
L. O. Hoffmann who brought his students useful occupations.”
for any lengtl of time. I have seen it
from the Academy, and illustrated in an
First Article by Mr. Gwillim.
excellent manner his method of teaching
fractious. The students who participated
Ten yeatf’”go the prices of some of
A rcadia , Oct. 3,1891.
in the recitation showed by the neatness
the th in g * Sircliased by farmers in
and dispatch with which they did their
In com m encing my review of Mr. Un foil eoiiiRjf Oregon, were just about
work a thorough comprehenson of the I’ark y n ’s argum ent in favor of the
doulde w hat” iey are at present, and
subject under consideration.
Alliance movement, 1 desire to express
A class drill in precentage was next my entire satisfaction with the fair the prices obtained for cattle more
than fifty pc cent, less than at pres­
conducted by J. C. Bunch. The recita­
Grain and Produce Taken in Exchange for Goods.
tions were followed by a very lively and | m anner in which lie has stated his e n t; tlu/s'sugf. was 151 cen tsap o u n d ,
interesting discussion on the methods ease, and the evidence introduced to coal oil $1 a talion, ‘dry goods and
pursued by the instructors.
J substantiate it. '1 here can be no neg (Âlier articles in proportion, and wag­
I will Sell Goods as Cheap as any House in Wallowa county.
The afternoon session uas opened with ative w ithout a positive, hence I did ons $157. Gooc cows sold for $14,
All Buyers are invited to Inspect my Stock and Prices before
select readings by Misses Alice Winters ¡ not expect to have it quite one-sided, calves fo/ldi at tilt highest, and whole
and Nettie Davis, which were well pre- (n facl> ¡ rath er like a vigorous «ppo- herds averaged $10 a head. Soon after­
Purchasing elsewhere.
pared and appropriate for the occasion. I n en ^
How to U arh beginners in geography |
, begiliningt it ig no t my , wards the railroad commenced opera­
S“ Ä
¡in ten tio n to condem n the Alliance as i tions, and we see the results.
My opponent will not deny, th a t
---- T U © H o u p 3E5
Map drawing was next introduced by a whole, but only such portions of its when a pe*on buys all th a t he can on
Mrs F. N. Hamilton, who outlined an published platform as I deem to be I credit, and sells little or nothing, after
E v e r y th in g ; IV e w .
excellent method of interesting pupils, misleading, either wholly or ill part, or a while his pocket-book will he slim,
and obtaining valuable results from map ¡ im practicable, visionary and illusive, and his notes equal to waste paper. He
m e .
i In order to be us definite a possible will not deny either that, under exist­
Mrs. L. T. Swihart in a brief talk gave and make iny m eaning d early under-
ing circumstances, while some men
her method of teaching topical geography. 1 stood, I will state once for all,—
com plain çoytinually ot hard times,
A general discussion followed, during
others, with he better facilities, accum ­
which most of the teachers expensed
their views on the topic under consider­ ; after their own interests.
ulate a com « tence.
One principle of business, acknowl­
The number of visitors was very much ideal business theory.
edged tiie wôfid over, is ttiat ot buying
I t will thus be seen th a t I am not as cheaply ¡uy ou can and selling at
increased to-day, and exhibited consider­
able interest in the proceedings.
! prejudiced against the Alliance, and,
The institute Friday was opened with furtherm ore, I have none hut friendly the highest possible figure. According
the reading of minutes of previous ses­ feelings towards any of its adherents. to this my worthy opponent expects
too much wh< u he looks for dealers to
sions which were approved, and Miss
Vaughan was especially commended fori Tiie argum ent of my worthy oppO- sacrifice their own interests to those of
the neatness and correctness of her re» | n ent, however, implies th at the adverse their customers. Even farmers accept
i circum stances of which th e Alliance low profits, not from any scruple of
A committee on resolutions, consisting 1 complains are all artificial, and, as conscience, lu t because they cannot
of J. C. Bunch, Mrs. F. N. Hamilton and I such, the result of dishonest actions get more. 1 neier knew of a farmer
J. J. Lawrence, was appointed to draft i bv persons who victimize th e farmers being troublia n mind because lie had
resolutions embodying the sentiments of 0¡, principles opposed to fair business taken advantage of a neighbor in a
the institute.
.¡m eth o d s.. I shall endeavor to follow trade, yet its ances of this are not
Roll call and responses were followed
, , , r
.m i u n .n t ns
by a general discussion on spelling, in - i-'fr- P arkyn s lino of argum ent as rare.
We sa t, as does the Alliance
troduced by 1.. .1. Rouse who gave „ | closely as possible, n o t particularly to platform , tlu>g ill people ought to he
have the only shop in Wallowa County where you can get work
complete outline of hia method of teach- dial rove his assertions, b u t to get nt honest; b u t. .ve are confronted, not
made to order, or get repairing done.
I have a good variety of
ing and creating a desire in the minds of the tru th as nearly as I can.
with ideal tlfckries, b u t hard, unyield­
everything in my line, and anything I have not instock 1 will fur­
his pupils to be good sf»ellers. Mr. House
It. is an undeniable fact th at in the ing facts. Tic general application of
nish on shortest notice
was followed by J. C. Rauch who read a Mtates where the Alliance elem ent is the “goldeulh-.le” seems to be yet in
£'»iF~Priees to suit the times.
well prepared paper on the subject. A
strongest th e people have little to the future.
general discussion of the various methods
,laill of general agencies, or high
It will bi asked, “ W hat has this to
S e r e gave excellent i d Z o n the su b -, P ^ e s paid for their provisions, im ple, do with tiie stbject under discussion?’’
menta, etc. My opponent illustrates Much in ovitrt way, hut chiefly this,
The subject of grammar was discussed his case by citing the reduced cost of th a t the desir« to secure large returns
at length by l ’rof. L. O. Hoffmann. His m achinery in Dakota. Yet tn a t State for small efilrts is n o t confined to the
(Inco rp o rated ,)
pupils (.lO
LNI developed
I I C V r i O | l V I the
IU *
u n it
V n I not
I U U I seem
H X I I I to
v v ' 4«
H . this.
v .iir .
* > •>
so-called cowaiercial world. The plan
are ret squired to understand the subject in periodical crop failures more than bal- outlined b y lh e Alliance calls for a
Paid up Capital,
and to illustrate the anpe aU of lbese advantages. They
all its i applications,
. .
knowledge possessed by examples. No b aJ nQ see(J tf) g(>w nQ |eed for their higher stand^d of business integrity
subject is to be dismissed until it is tnor- I
, , . ,
,.r th an the country can produce
oughlv understood bv the pupil. Various
l'> ’“1rn ’. llen,‘ ' t t n > 1 , goes w ithoutlsaying th a t a man will
remarks and questions followed .Mr. gantze.l, and published ¡I statem ent of look after hisQwu business better than
Hoffmann’s discussion.
1 their wrongs.
he will th a t -f another p e r s o n , l i e
Miss Letitia Gox favored the In stitu to , Of another State, and h at the most need not be at etcept ion ally had char­
with an interesting paper on the subject prom inent in the Alliance movement, acter to do tliii.
D. M«C ully ,
J amb « S thbl ,
E. T. R oup ,
Persons of high
of “ The Teacher's Habits.”
I can speak from extended experience,
F. D. M c C ully ,
J. ?.. M asterson .
The subject of history was discussed having passed ten years within its Christian attainm ents liaveheen known
Tnos. R ocp ,
E W. R umble .
very briefly by a number of the teachers borders. In the State of Kansas the to work upon this principle in m atters
ansi many practital ideas and good people have all the advantages of prox­ social and ecclesiastical.
Mr. Parkyn questions the right of
methods were introduced hv thesia'akers.
During the institute 27 teachers were im ity to the leading im plem ent facto­ m erchants to fix the price both ways,
enrolled, and the average attendance was ries and a consequent low rate of prices. hut th a t is exactly w hat the Alliance
also good. Only three active teachers in I have seen wagons sold there for $70 proposes to do, 1 do not consider deal­
the county disi not attend, and they have oti a year’s time, b u t not th e style of ers to he philanthropists ; they did not
presented good excuses. The work done wagon used by the farmers of Oregon. come W est exclusively from sanitary
throughout was of a character especially ! f¡ooj wa„nng 0[ reliable workmanship
.1 * ...1 ...
11 z. vmiin.v
r. .>/■ 11 rx r i
...... ...
. . .
«« , motives, nor a» missionaries. To tell
to benefit ♦ the
young » teacher,
then cost $90 w ithout being handled
and the results of the session will be of by an agent. For further information tiie simple truth, m erchants and farm­
ers alike are aiüir the dollar. If the
substantial benefit to our schools.
Following are tiie resolutions adopted I would state, th at I joined th e farm ­ farmer gets «prated in the race, he
bv the institute at their session Friday
need not attatii the blam e to other
years ago, and saw specimens ol the parties.
W hereas , it isapparent that no teacher “cheap m achinery” th a t could he thus
I do not wish to make any invidious
can progress or keep pace with the rapid obtained, which, in fact, were dear at allusion, li n t I have before me a poster
advancement of education and new ; apy price.
addressed to the farmers of this county
methods without using all available; j n further support of the assertion, proposing to biild a warehouse at E l­
means for self-improvement, therefore >«*, tb a t nianv (1f the evils denounced by
gin to store grain u n til prices suit. So
11 Resolved, That teachers should not al-1 th e Alliance are due to n atu ral causes, far th a t is all right, but now comes the
low trilling matters of business or con-! I mention the frequent tsiilures of crops reason for it—'‘th at farmers may have
venience to prevent their attendance at ill Kansas, and the consequent return the use of their money, instead of it
institutes and educational meetings, and of hundreds of families from the w<‘St- going to pay old délits.” T h at is to
we deem it the duty of the Btiperin- j e rn p art of the S tate, the roads being say, toswindlelthe m erchants so much.
tendent and examining hoard to lower the I bned | or miles with wagons, and fre- In a game of <ross purposes one or the
grade of such teachers as neglect to at-
men, women and children on
tend all institutes w,thin their reach, or , 1
; .
, ; WRV bac,. t<) ,,wi(0,g other goes to t le wall ; tiie only ques­
fi„ to read educational booka and jour- f(}lkg ,,8‘>Ago n t a ..¿ar or go ,ater a tion is, which 1
The great tumble with many people
" Resolved, That it is the duty of all counter stream of em igrants would be is th at they Mistake mere coincidences
teachers to apply the grade work adopted seen going west, and thus the »State for cause and »‘fleet, and have not cour­
in this county to the schools where they | was “developed.” It is a m atter of age enough to face an unwelcome
are employed, and that it is to the best reCord, th a t nearly all of th e people tru th . They set m to eagerly accept
interests of parents to assist in such vvhero these scenes were enacted are any subterfuge prom ising an easy way
, strong supporters of the Alliance. Dtir- out of the di'Bculty.
R,.solved. That it is tlw duty of a 11 .
* re'gU ,
¡„ tb a t 8 tate farmers'
In conclusion, I ask the careful con
«chool districts to nse a part of the funds
h ..J
, ..
alb,wed by law for the purchase of school ""I'Phes were grailually rod iced in sidération oi all im partial readers.
-O F -
price nearly 100
i w per cent., w hile
niie ci
corn, Others I do not expect to influence,
Resolved, That the thanks of this insti­ ¡grain and stic k rem ained about the for,—
tute are duo and hereby tendered to our same. T h at did not look as if the
“ Persuade sinan against his will
efficient secretary, Miss Cora A. Vaughan, j farmers were ieing rtibbed. I refer to
He’s of file Same opinion still.”
for the admirable manner in which she these things because the Alliance
1 have endeavored to offer nothing
has recorded the proceedings.
; claims not a local, h u t a national field h u t either ili-eit or collateral evidence,
Resolved, That the institute appreciates of operation, and if 1 prove th a t any
the attendance of the people of Enter­ part of the evils th a t alilict tiie fatm- ami have left o|it much th a t m ight he
included. I liam n o t attem pted to pre­
prise at its sessions.
Resolved, That the thanks of the insti- ing comm unity can be traced to n a t­ clude Mr. Parkjn from offering a re­
atute are due to the members of the ural or local causes, or to personal mis- b uttal, as that is his privilege.
Baptist church for die use of their house. I m anagem ent, 1 make a strong point.
T homas G willim .
The institute closed Friday evening j My objection to purchasing agencies
with an entertainment in the Baptist ¡g th at I have seen them tried, and
church. Quite a large audience atiended | w itn, ,se(j lbejr complete failure. W ith
the sessiou and were highly entertained
M 6f capitaif exclusively, they
byMaudiee Aifon'and Maggie Gaily did 1 ">«.V
for denounce it as we
—Manufacturers of—
themselves credit by the manner in which j will, money is, and will continue to be,
they rendered their recitations. Mrs. E. I "th e power behind the throne.
(•). Fowler read an excellent and carefully | fortunately a m an’s honor is. not belli
F F .K I», a n d
prepured paper. Dr. E. W. Barnes de- ; as good security in a business trans-
M F I.F R lM IX U F I . O I K .
livered the address of the evening which ! RCtio n , hence the purchasing agency
engaged the careful attention of his i muv supply a local dem and, but owing
hearers. The institute is esjiecially t1?’ ; to lim itations in tiie average ethical
Chopping dono at any time.
(lebledto Misses Mary Samms, Jennie,
Income general
Wade Minnie Reavis, Mrs. I.ucy Reavis S™*’ ’* can ntver necomt ginerai.
■ liu lie-,» M kirU ct P r i c e P a i d
Prof. L. O. Hoffmann and Prentice Ho- 1 hi- I know from experience,
man for the pains theytook to furnish the
I say here th a t 1 have no use what- f o r W r a la .
Flour an 1 feed sold at the Mill
inusie for the occasion.
ever for professional gamblers in grain
gupt. McCully made a brief talk at the and other articles, and it the Alliance for cash or exehange only.
close of the session. Institute dosed by can
awav with thia class of men, it
F. D. McCULLY, Manager. |
tendering the Superintendent a unani-1
,.e e n tiilcd to a good deal of credit
meu* vote of thanks for the efforts in the , j.'u rtl,erm ore, if it can do away w ithl /"1OLLECT1DN8 G IV E S PROMPT A T -1
institut« work. The em tons throughout !
, arorrieM and thus bring the V ‘ vcntiim. H am ilton A M i-'nllv. r a m
plcuLiUt nrni profltahle
• 1
rlosi'ly taiw huU dinr/IO sephe
prudiipcr and consumer
i r laid in tlie laaint,.
Wallowa OirHaim
Carries a Complete Stock of
General Merchandise, Etc.
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Gents’ Furnishing Goods, Etc.
G eo , M c L a u g h l in ,
Exchange Bought and Sold on all the Principal Cities of the
United S tates and Europe.
Special Attention Given to Collections.
tea complete stock -
ri.oiit, CieiHBA,