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    of Ute Laws .'imsi-il by tli .41.
8. II, NO. lIO?,
Soc, 1, That overv poison tdiall
ilo work or furnish niitU'iiul foi tho work
in or dvolitmont of any minti, halo,
ftiiniii claim or doponit violdinit motalti
or miiiorl of hiiv kind, or lor the work
jug or development of any tnin,
oil or dopomt in oreh of iiit'h metal
Of nwti-riatii; ami to all la-moim who
hall do work or furnish mttriala upon
iiv alititl, timml, imlimv adit, drift or
other excavation osined or used (or the
,uroe of draining or working nny mioh
nunc, lode or dimwit, tdiall have a lion
upon the same to mvuie him the pay
ment of the work or In nor or niatarials
hirnished bv oach tVMPoctfullv which
shall attach m every case to Hitch mini,
lode ordeposit, and' though such 8ha(t,
tunnel, incline, adit, drift or other ex
cavation bo not within the limits of unch
mine; shall not rot applv to owner of
any mine who worked by a lonse.
Sec. "J, lVraons eookinn to fnlhlinh
lien must tile, with county clerk within
sixty davs after lie Ima ceased to labor
thetvon irom nny cause, or after lie hag
ceased to labor thereon from any cause,
or after ho has furnished material.
Keinaininjr sections dotine usual eon
ditionsof mechanics' liens; clerk must
record ; lien must he established w ithin
six months, or it is invalid ; owners of
mines not made parties to suit or not
In effect by approval.
s. 8 no. 223.
To Punish Minors over the ttge of sixteen
years of sire for Obtaining or Attempt
ing to Obtain intoxicating Liquors
Under False l'retonsos.
Sec. 1. If any minor over the ue
of 10 years shall for the purpose of induc
ing ar.y person to give or sell to such
minor any intoxicating liquors represent
to such person that such minor is over 21
years of age or upw ards, such minor up
on conviction thereof, shall be puniancd
bv a tine of not less than $25 nor mote
than $1"0.
Sec. 2. It is hereby made the duty of
district attorneys, sheriffs and police of
ficers to see that this law is enforced.
Approved. In effect May 21st.
s. b. no. 22ti.
To Regulate the Construction of Sim..e
Stacks on Steamboats and other Water
Craft plying upon the Willamette river.
Sec. 1. . Any person or corporation
operating such crafts above the city of
Tort land, shall construct with hinges, so
arranged that the) can be lowered to
level with pilot house, when necessary,
to pass uinier any bridgo on said river.
Penalty 50 to UM.
Not approved. In effect may 21.
s. n. no. 227.
Amends Sec. 2428 so that county as
sessor enters upon his term of office on
the first Monday in March next following
bis election, instead of the first Monday
in July.
s. b. no. 411,
For protection of birds in the state of
Sec. 1. Makes it a crime to injure,
kill, take, destroy, or have in possession
except for breeding purposes, or sell or
offer for sale, or reiuovti from the nest,
destroy the nest, or have or sell the eggs
of any nightingale, skylark, black thrush,
gray singing thrush, linnet, gold finch,
green tinch, challinch, bullfinch, rod
breasted robin, black starling, gross-beak
or mocking bird, or any birds introduced
by association for introduction of useful
singing birds into Uregon.
Penalty $5 to $100, or imprisonment
until the fine is paid. ,
s. b no. 44.
Amends Section 3.V7, Relating to Deter
mination of Insanity, to read us
follows :
Sec. ;iV)7. The county judge of any
county in this state shall upon applica
tion of any citizen in wri ing setting
forth that any person or persons by rea
son of inan ty or idiocy as the vase
may twfc ' (ring from neglect, eqpos
rt ort.ttift re, or is unsafe to lie at
fr or - - ..iering under mental do
$4ru;i, shall cause such person or
wtsons to be brought before him at bucIi
time and place as he may direct, and
the said county judge shall also cause to
appear at the saint time and place on
or more cometent physicians who slmll
proceed to examine the person or jut
sons alleged to be insane or idiotic, and
and if the said physician or physicians,
after careful examination shall certify
upon oath that the said person orpr
sonsare insane or idiotic, as the case
may bo, then such judge, if in his
opinion such person or persons be in
sane or idiotic, shall cau-e such person
or persons to be conveyed to ami placed
in the insane asylum of the state of Ore
gon. Provided, that an appeal shall lie
from the county court in such cim-H :,nd I
in the s.une manner as is provided foi
appeals from county courts in other
cases. Provided further, t.iat no inline
or Miotic person shall be sent to an
asylum under the provisions of this net
who has friends w ho ih-sire to provide
for his safe keeping and medical treat
ment. Provided further, that in case of
sickness or absence of the county judge,
or inability to act from any cause, the
sheriff shall notify any justice of the
peace in his county to act in place of
said county judge, and the suid county
judue, and the said justice of the peace
shall exercise the power herein con
ferred upon the county judge.
Approved . In effect May 21 .
Oregon Pnollle liui lroiul.
From various hints and pointers that
have been thrown out by the officials
and interested parties of the Oregon Pac
ific railroad, the prospects seem quite
favoiahle for the extension of that road
over the Cascades and on towards the
great Harney country, and on eastward,
connecting with some transcontinental
A strange gentleman, who was with
out doubt an Eastern capitalist with the
interest of the Oregon Pacific at heart,
recently accompanied an official over
the road, exf mining the various proper
Ktand interests in connection there
iit, and, from the stray words dropped
hwnd there, it is evident that the
'",, Ptt. Pacific is not going to remain
"tied up to a stump" commencing
nowhere and ending worse than no
where. The extension of its line over the Cas
cades tliroiiuh the best natural pass that
range affords, and lapping nearly one
hali of Oregon in territory, which con
summation now seems only a short time
in the future, will make this a paying
road without a doubt, if judiciously
managed. The people of Salem look
forward with pleasurable hopes to the
consummation of this object for it will
certainly result in closer relations with
tne Capital City than are now furnished
by a few riyer boats. Salem Statesman.
The Proctor Tower.
: The building and grounds committee
; of the Columbia Exposition, have ac
cepted the design for a tower, of steel,
1100 feet li'l''i surmounted by a tall
flag staff. Ten elevators will carry
passengers t the top. Four of these
will run to the first landing, 200 feet, 400
feeOibove the ground, stopping at the
first' landing, while two others wi'l run
m, wiyut stop to the second landing;
, a-"-4- 'T tom the second and third Ian-lint
two will -ihoot up in the dome, 10:.)0
tact above the ground. The capacity of
Vf e elevator" is 100 people per hour
.ewaf or 1C00 people an hour up and
Awn 'i1'16 twer w'" ue one B'ow of
Sric liht ,rom ba8e ,0 do,m' the
rery top beintt illuminatod by powerful
V nt irlo" over exposition. Jdec
t ' itv will be used in numerous ways.
Str devices, telephones, signaling up
.,tim ventilating fans, being a few
.I... noCCPBUTY lilllllKn lum n Ul OB UOlie
milieu---. . i.-i. ,r.
,ii) hvr tins suoine lorce. iiv-
Snlic power will be very likely be used
fcTrnnmn the elevators in the tower.
Vrtors however, will be used to oper
nressure p"'nr18 tl,a.t supply "'6
rttertothe hydraulic cylinders.
Itemaiiit for the New Laws.
Thorn is a general demand to know
what the now law are, A groat many
of them mio In force by emergency claus
es and approval of the governor. The
common i ilinen and tax-paver is as com
pletely in the dark as to all this legisla
tion, which he is ixKcted to comply
with and may be hauled Into court tor
innocently violating, at tho' It trt pro
mulgated by the Khodivt of Egvnt to the
unlettered iinhahitants ol the Nile,
The cltisen has the flint right to know
the new laws and changes or rt'ieiila of
old ones which affect his rights and lib
erties. There is no pretense o( any econ
omy secured by present antiquated and
inadequate method of publication In
book form at the expense of the people
and for the Iwiollt of ollielals and shh
ial classes. The immediate publication
of alt new laws and when they go into
effect is a reform urgently demanded by
the people. Salem Jotirat.
This bit the nail squarely on the head
as the state printing olllee under the ex
'stlng condition has the the fattest
plum in the land, and the masse of the
people derive no tanollts therefiom, ex
cept their share of tho tax, which they
cannot avoid paying.
Will. TKl'ST Kl'I.K.
Nkw York, March 111, Uumors con
coining the formation of a great tobacco
trust, to embrace all the manufacturers
' of cut ami plug tobacco in the L nitml
States, have created inu :h interest among
totmceo men. Leading cigarette manu
facturersthe I'nkes, the Kimball,
Ion & Viinlher and others are already
united in the American Tobacco t o ,
ami it is said this company is endeavor
insr to buv nn the uIiik manufacturers.
It is rumored that iu Danville, Virginia,
the American Tobacco Co. Is negotiating
for the purchase of one or more motoric
of that citv. it is also Mid the hillock
cheroot factory and Venahle' tobacco
factory are on the mint of selling out to
the New ork concern. In Louisville, it
is said, the Kinxcr factory will bo the
next to sell out to the American compa
ny, and that other will follow. In
Danville, Virginia, memln'r of the farm
ers alliance are endeavoring to establish
a cigaielto factory, in opposition to the
new combination. It ia said that stock
will soon tie issued. In Louisville the
warehousemen are combining to protrct
their interests, but the groweis are not
iu sympathy with thm
Nkw Yohk, March HI Lending re pre
tentative of the woolen hat nianiifao
details in the formation of a national
hat company with a capital of $1,000,(100,
The combination will take the produc
tion by leading factories for a term of
years, with the privilege of renewal, and
producing quantities sufficient only to
meet the demand
Nkw York, March lft Wholesale
dealers in sionges in this city have
formed a combination to control the
market for Florida icepswool sponge.
This variety of sponge is considered the
first for carriage purposes, and the de
mand for it is ilotiob the supply,
Victoria, B. C, March 1(1. A consol
idation of all the breweries in the city
was effected todav. The in
volved will not exceed $1,000,00.). The
purchase money has been paid, and the
properties will be transferred to syndi
cate August 1, next.
CcNTRiL timer, Portland, Otviron.i
t'ro)-Weather Bulletin No.
For week ending Saturday March 21, li.
WE (TlltK.
The temperature has risen, but is yet
slightly below (he ivorrnal. Showers fell
during lire week, but not average nrnoiinl,
(ioiierully partly cloudy weather prevailed,
the sun when shining being quite warm.
An occasional light frost occurred hi
Western Oregon. In eastern Oregon frosts
wire freipient at night, the Uaysbeing ipiite
The snow is ahoiit all gone from the val
leys of Kastrrn Oregon, though there yet
reman s plenty in the toot hills ami in the
inou itains. The inching mow generally
soaked into the earth, making the soil very
wet. In Western Oregon the soil is very
wet from the February rains mid March
showers. Ktroiig south and south-west
winds prevailed Thursday, Friday Hat
day. Hol-S.
Owing to the wet soil conditions In West
era Oregon, and inching snow ami wet soil
iu Kastern Oregon, sj.ring seeding bus gen
erally been delayed. .Some plowing has
been done on the higher lands of Western
Oregon and in parts of .Southern Oregon
Whilethe weather conditions have not been
u to the average, yet they have been very
favorable to the fall ami w int-T sown grain
w hich is invariably reported to be in a most
prosperous and promising condition. Con
siderahle growth has been made during the
week. In the Willamette va ley, especially,
the soil is wet w hich retards spring work.
In parts of Western Oregon peach anil
apricot trees are in blossom, quince trees
showing leaves, berry bushes and shrubs
are leafing, and other fruit trees have swell
ing burls. Wanner weather with sunshine
is needed throughout the state. The sea
son is slightly later than usual. The pros
perous condition of the fall wheat, the wet
condition of the soil, the backward weather
conditions all tend towards a bountiful bar
In Wallowa county some stock has been
lost, In other stock sections it is rare that loss
Is reported, and on the other hand their
condition is reported to be good. The grass
is growing and furnishing good feed.
Injimc sections "la grippe is prevalent;
but nothing serious. The general health
is first class. B. S. Paovb,
Observer, U. 8, Signal Service.
Chamhuklain'h Evb and Skin Oint
mknt. For tcltor, nalt-rheuni, scnld
hcail, Bcsteina and chronic Bore eyes.
Price 25 cents par hox.
Ciiamiikhi.ain'b Colic, Ciiolkiia and
DiAKitifutA Rkmedv, tho moot ruliiible
known medicine for bowel coinolaintg.
It in eHpeuially prized by pers'ins Biibject
to colic. It luiH cured many caHea of
tthronic diurrhu-a, 1'rice 25 and50 centB
per bottle.
"Ib Hub the best?" h a question often
itsketl, when medicine is wanted. The
following are a few of the medicines of
known reliability, Hold by Uko. A. IIaku
150, driiL'giHt, of thin place. lie Iihh
many otlier excellent medicines, but
these are worthy of special mention :
Ciiahiikulain'h Ccugii Rkmkdy, fa
motiH for its cures of severe colds, and as
a preventtive for croup. Price 60 cents
per bottle.
"There is little in woman's advice, vet
he that won't take it is not overwise,"
says Cervanta. The proverb is -nost
aptly illustrated in the following item :
During; tho fall of 1882, while my
daughter was teaching in the country
near hear, she contracted a severe cold
And rough. I Bent her a botlln of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and the effect
was so Bali-ifm'tory that on her recom
mendation thu entire neighborhoobe
gan its use, and with the most satisfac
tory results, haB continued with
increasing confidence ever since. .1 . H.
lteinliart. druggist, Alton, Kansas 50
cent bottles for sale by Jeo. A. Hard-
$3,3001 -:
Bankrupt Stock
To Ih solil itt f0 Ccntn on tho
Dollar for 15 iluys only.
Call curly if yon vvittit your pick,
ntul nvohl tho rush.
Tho Great Easieni
Mayer & Ackerman, Props.
Lunch Counter
Meals served tiny and ni'lit.
Oyctcrs and (.'hops in Any Stylo,
Side Kntnince fur I.mlics.
Main St., Oregon City.
Call and Examine
Twelfth iiiul Main St., OrcgonC ity.
United Hack,
Truck and Livery
W. II. (.'ooke, Manager.
Comer Fourtli ami Main Strct'tn,
of th t'ilv. KigM of unv ilcscriiition
f 11 rri im n. 1 on whorl noticii.
All kintlH of Truck mnl IVlivcn iliiHi-
nt'HH iiointly ntli'iiilo'l to.
Ilorcs lioiinlinl iintl l-'cil on rcamui-
u' tin tcrniH.
fttiwm. no r
lit itnnln hf Jiidti R,
-1 vi i.i i. i.r m. iionilt r,
y.H limy nl iimk.' i: mini,. . Hu , mn
(.ii, it y, .it .,..!. kij (... in i t.i ii l'i..m(& lo
VIII a ilny id ilif utm. i, nt ,, ,0
mi. limit M'i', mi Nino. In urn i nn uf
lllicrli',1. y llll r-. HUM. lire HI Imliip, fv.
uiK nil iIiih-,.i .oui- n,ii.,-,,ti, only to
Hid w.tih. AllUmnv, ('tml i y Ml III1 fur
cvrrv -irki'r. W ,un ton. finnUlili.r
vtytl.tnir. KAHII.l , Mi l- ,i,V itnriifil
1'AlilH t.l,Af.s Mij:i;.
WIWSUS k (0., HMilUMi, ftUl.Sh.
Friend of Woman.
The very remnrkntilo run! ocrtiiln i-cllet given
womankind by "MuoruH Kevoiiloil Jtcniedy'
has won nr It the niunfi nt Womnn'ii Friend.
It Is uniformly HiiceoKMhil In relieving their
dellcttto Hllineiitn.
8taudn peerleHmiH the niittinil remedy peenliirly
adapti'il to the wioitft of wuitiitiiklnil.
WlCATTl.t!, Jim, '20, IH'.II.
"t want yon to iinlilinh my teiitlitiiiiiliil fur
Moohk'h Kki kai.kii Kkmhhv, fur It 1 1 n heen a
K rami thing fur me, fur It him enroll mo nf lioml
ehen, from wlileli 1 have niitloreit whenever I
beeame chllletl, for llie lut fifteen yenrtt; I huve
nutTereil perfect torture fiirtwerity-fuiir hfiurn at
a time, HinnetimeK retohlrig fur three hours with
out any rest. ami ini'ilile tom-t lielp frnrti any of
the iiiiitihnili'HK remeillen tried. Now I am free
from liliu suffering, fur Hi tlio firm symptom nf
one of these attacks I tnke a good iluse nl
"Moore's Keveitleil,' Hint llttitlstlio end nf It
It has ti 1 ho on red me of i'.i nl i.ll'.n. My hits
band says It has saved lilt, life, anil he would not
be without It. We are bolh sn happy over It. we
cannot say enough In its (avor, tiinl advise nil
our friends to use it."
Cor. 12th and Jackson bts., Uenllle, Wash.
IM'Vat lale by all druggists.
1 4,'
f mini sunt-
.l.,'.lfci w
A tew more led nt llie II.M.I' Mt Y, lUltltovY
ANIl HkKIIKIIM. Tlicv will In'
t rme-
I It 1 i.l lima Hum the nrl'i'tii l'
himl lueliiMetlo'tii tml,
it full lit i once n
HON, JOHN MYK.IOV K.WtM, er fur fultlu.r
ptiitlenlHiH KilttrorN
L. r. WILUAMST Bo? 280. Ill'tnon Cll,
Poll SAW.. -The thomughhre.l I'.'di
irrce 1 iii Iniin , "SivM'ot," sired by
I'anhv I'ritiie.
Tiains for the Mast leave I'o'ihtud, " :llt)
A M. and il;IHI P. M.
TIPICTC l uiid front irliicltil pnlnU
IIOIVCIs) lull,,. I'ulliM SUIva, Com, I.
ninl K.Im'I'O
Elegant New Dili ing Pakco &r$,
Pil.iiuitl Pnhiee Slccieis.
HiP.K ('tH.t)MST SI l.i:i'lNU ('Alt
run Through on Ilxprens I'raii.s
A- St. LOlJJSj
WITIIOt'T I'HANlli:, j
Clone I'. iliniMMl.HK ill IVirduIld for HnU Krull
cl"t mid t"ntet Hniiml )i itlx.
for further irlleiilnrii liiipilre el any agi'ii
ol the l'uinnui)r or
t. . i.i: :.
. i. a r.
I'm thin il, tin gun
. n.
4a-n'l 'tliiniiuer.
Northern Pacific R. R.
. Groat Overland Route.
MM HAM ii: UP (Wits i
Shortest Line to Chicago
Anil nil iiiltitM Kiiiil, vm
I'At l. ANIi MINNI.:U'til,h4,
i do Northern Pur I lie It. It.
I itit. tin'v linn ruiitiliitf
Piinncngcr TruiiiH,
Sim oiiiI-( lusn Sliicit'i (ficfrif churgi')
l.uxuriotiK lhiy t'otti'hi'H,
l'ulnuin Piihico h't'ping t'liiB,
1 'tt In it- liiniug ( iiih ' 1 1 1 11 1 h T.'ir).
I' iti 111 t'o rt In nil to llic Piiit,
1 Unit your tickotM rt'itil vui
N. 11 1 lii-r ii Pat illi' It It mill
u void cluingc ol ciirn.
1 tirniiitti rtitltiinii I'limi'' sit'
Knnl ilny coni'lii"!, HntM imlm t'
twi'i'n f'urll'itiil. 'lnoomii mnl
lilltl! CrtrH, I'lr
lllilliit rum In
Hoiitlli. iltrt-i'l
linlly m rvli-e.
. It. II IKI.I V
4 .!..' I'll' I I'iio.. Itfim. 141 I'lril
Ml.. I'orllanil. 4r.
WI'i'l'"t. ruirtior Klrl mnl ti Strootn.
0. C. T. Cos
Orcein City Si rortlaml.
7::i() A. M.
10:00 A. M.-
I.kavk OitiitioN Citv.
7::;n A. M.
il;iH A. ,M .
1 ilm P. M .
4:0(1 1'. ,M,
1 ilMIl'. M,
3::il) P. M.
Stcanicr Altona no
Steamer l.iilonii U'nv
Way l.itinlmgH.
m NliAV.
10:00 A. M
4;:i0 P. M.
A.'M A. M.
II .Oll P M.
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
T. 1'.. I lut Iti, K.M'ivi r,
.'H i'.IGII T ANIi !' A Ii ICS TI I V, I ,( W HsT
Tin i 1 1 Nn. .'I will rtin TiiimIiivs, 'I'lnirs
.litis tool iculnrilit s, itinl iiii iiiii.rnii'.liuto
itltvs wln-ii l.i'i'c -.nry ;
'Iniin Nn I Mill run M Inn, Woilnoi.
iIiivh mnl .'i iilny, tin I oti itili't ..o"ii:it iluys
.i lion tioi t"'.-.iii' :
SttMincr Salliiiif Hitti s.
,r.xr.x V.iijciNA ;U'llliimiiig Valley, Mnr.
Ilh, li.tli, Mil.
I.kavkii HANnt.iNi'O'i u-Vi lllniiitMli) Vrilloy,
Murcli llil, lah. Vint, iliuii,
'I'ticorittijiitny rpnorvo tlm rllil to clitutntj
ItlllliUI I'.ltl'N tlillllltlt lllltlt'tl.
Triiliiiioiiiitii.i't with tlm (), Ji C. II, unit lllvor
UiiaUiitCnrviilliii itinl A lli iti v.
Tlio Oroxon Patiilitr Hti'iiuilioiiln on tlio
Willatnotlo rivor ili vision will loave
Portland, Hoiit-liounil, Mond iy, Wotlncs
dav, and I' litlay at !l A .M. Arriva at
("orvalliH Tui'wliiy, Tliiiriliiy ami Huliir
dayal P.'M, l.tnivo Corviillia,
nortli-liounil, Monday, Wotltiowluy ami
Friday nt H A. M. Arrive at. I'm thin. I
Tiit'Hilay, TlilliHilay anil Saturday at .'i :!I0
P. M. on Monday, Wndnt'Hiliiy and Fri
duv, both nortli anil Hoiilli-liouinl IioiIh
1 10 ovnr niijlit at Suli'iu, lom iii),' lion at
U A, M.
Prelitlit mnl Ticket Otlltio, Snlninn Htreet hurl
0. C IKKU'K, tl. I', & P. A, 0.1". It.,
Southern .Pacific Route
ExjiroHH PraiiiH lnavo Porllaml I)ailv.
I Ilorllt.
7 00 f. M.
7 :1ft I'. At,
l.v i'oi'tliind Ar I u :)!.' . . M .
l.v Oregon lilly I,v Mil a.m.
Ar H. Ffunctsco l,v ',) :IM) : M.
Above tr'this stop iitiiy at tint fnllowftig sla
ttous iiorltt of kuKelitii'L: Kiist I'ortliiiid, Otc
goii lilly, Woodliiiii, S.ilent, Alli,it y, Tangent
Hhedils, HiilBoy, ll.irrlBlinrg, Jiniolliin City, Ir
vingitnd Kugetie.
ItOSltltlUtd MAIL (Ilnlly).
kiiU."E"l l.v ""Portland Ar ' " 4:IH)i''.i
U:00 a.m. I.v tiregonlMty l.v U;fi9i'. M
fii'lll I. H. Ar Uoiielnirg l.v 0:'20a. M l,D(!A L (Dully, exeopt Siniili.y.)
n:(m ICm. I l.v "l'oi'ii'iiiiir Ar liTwiTS.
Dm: P. M, ) l.v Oregon tilty l.v 7:M a. St.
9:00 !, w. f Ar Albany l.v fi:l)0 . M.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
Kiiraetiomtnodiitlon olHecond (llnss PasseugiM's
attached to Kxprcss Trains.
West Hide Division.
Mall TValn, Dally (Kxeopt Hmitlav.)
7:1111 a. u7l l.v" rorl.iii'nil "Ar j f : HO l' M
12:10 r. M. Ar Ciirvnllls bv taiiHr M
At Albany and (Jorvallis couneul with train
uf Oregon Pacific itallroiid.
Kxprcss Train Dally (Kxcept Sunilay)
4:40 p.m. I l.v I'oi'tliind Ar H.'iO A, M.
7 :'2fi P, M . I Ar MeMlnnvllle l.v I fi:J.A. M.
For tickets and full Information regarding
rutin, maps, etc., call 011 Cniiipiiny's agent al
in,..., .ii,..
Oregon City.
K. P. Rod HUB,
Ass'tO. F, and l'iis. Agent
'I I M 111' l( t,NH M'NK :l, H?H,
ont i: i on I'd vntiv
I'MIMi HUH'!, I .i'.li III I II I
IMnM.'M'l I V.'l ir , llcl t-i'MI 1
N'olio,! In loMrhv I'hl'll !t ,1 Ih i' .hM'l In lli'ii
UitlltllO IMOVI'.i noi "I i!o' io.'I ut Oiilr ,,1
1 1 1 lit' :i, I",'". -1111111'. I i'H in I (or i lie n.iln m ilni
l.i-i t.iiotlir Iho O'li-H ot (' ilifoi ion, i ih'hmii,
No H't i .1 lot ii ill 1 1n: I' .1! I'l'lr ll.ii y, '
,li .11'oilll
0 T, ll. IIOI. i'.IMIHV ..I .NO'llOOMOlll, .. Il( IHO
iron, lull thU it iv lll"i mi thin i moo III Huorn
il.ii.'tiiriii Nu at I '., t' i Ho' in . Ii- . i i ,i. n i,
o iiiol ii ' i s 1 , il m inion No i In in, i n
Hlll, No ll moilh, r'-lOiM. Si, L o i.( .Hnl nM,,lli.r
(ooot In h..l Hill llll' till. I million Ik III, .10
vnlmililo tor Hi Itiilli. i' or l..iti. th in li.i- hki i.
imiII.ii .iI pill Ho i.", mill lo ., lull hU i .mi
I to Will. I I'llllt l.l'I.OI' OH'. n 1 1 1 4 I' ,111.1 lot', .(mi-
I ill tin oll.oi' ill urofoii ( 1 1 v . llii'itoii, ,,ii oti.
ilii v, tlio .i'iiIi. .1 r, ..C Mm, h. imi.
, . II, 10 II- MHIIVWO. Will II,,,,!,. I ,f
I'. 'Ill I I'll VOOI. !' Hil....ll l 111 I'.Mll IHil,
IHO. ..l, lllll.lllll W Mlllllll ..I M llllll , Vl ,lt
ton, V ii h rr .- oil III 1'i.Hl .i, llll li. ll,
uiv mo I all or r.. ii rhiHiilnn iiil oi i,i. v llui
ili.o i. il." or ilioil luloh mi' ti.-jitt'.'t.'.l I.i lilt,
th.'lr olillio. In Hot i. Iltio on or l.i-f. irii k.iIiI
iioih it.iy "I M in h, I 'M ,1.1' API'I'MNiiN.
I 4i; il 'il Hi-iil-n-r,
I IMIil-.K I. AM. M I .II NK , Inn.
oll - loi' liilM lltlixi.
I'm ii t. hi iios I. in. in -I n v. I
iniroi.K fin, nr., not, It., ih-.n
Noili'ii li, In tot.) kIii ii hi i'oiii.lj,itii.i
nulillio .ioii...iii ot tho not of oi.inrii". nl
J mil' II. v;, oiiilili'.l "An m'l lor IIh nilo of Ilni
I. or t.ilnN. In fio l iti'K ol t'.iltt.n, Ori-uoii,
Ni'Miitii, Hlol U Ion II or y,"
liillol.l H,
ot t'ollt.ilot, o iiiols i.f Miilliioin iti, Ntnlo of
nti.i.olt, II I" Ihl'i ilily till .) In MiIn tiltioo Inn
"III. Ill Hl.ltl ini'ltl N't ,!!1l,;, foi' (ItO .l!IOhHftO ot
II. .. u ' , Ii o ' , . .I I Ion, I .111.1 .1 Ii; . ootlon No.
I in ioiui!ii. i. i.oin'1 i' in no No. it i'iit,
mot wilt ioIoi .r... f h. pliiiu lit it tho 1 ilni
m.llllt ti lli'-lo lulil.ll.ll! lol II" tllillo'i i.f h..ll.
III. .11 (or HKI ll'lllttll it .ill ..l', 114. I I.i .lilh
lull IiU olitlni to iilit l iu.l llto rivlli'r
4lot tl-oi'll.'l' of Ihin i.tllit. nl ti..v-..i t'lty, llrii.
(on, 1111 Moit.liiv, tlio :',iiin ilm i.f M itch, j.
Ilo toiling .1. ivliiit'i.Mi'11 nltor Hoott. Ji-ri y
I.Hl', WiIIIiiiii 'loovor, o( l-iitil.itnl, tiri'
Kuti J..m'iIi hittriiloiiti, nl ,!it. ori'itoti
Any unit nil .oronii i.tiitinitiM il r -.i-i Ilm
.ll.ol O It O.l Illll.U HtO Il''llt'l0l'l to fill-
tlioii I'l.OniK 01 ilii oiiii-i. Ui in li, (..r.. n.iiii :!.ith
It. v of M it .-Il . lv.i. ) V A I'I'l ItMilN.
t ii -'V lloi;ilor
Fabcr's Coiucr? Fcnialo Pills. !
liU': iinihliivf li'tHhi'iu
tut Uhi mullet. Ai'iyr
i'V iMolIllIMMll lh
ntiitlllily, lii H4riitiit--.t
n lolli'io m ij.j.n hsoU
liit-iiiiiiii:li 11
tl'IICIiiAI CI l. L)l 1 A'NI
pon't Imi lniitihin?w,'it.
Hum Tlnio, lli-altli,
niiiltitniii') .Ink.-uooUi-rt.
Hont to miv ml, Iron,
.fiiiii I. inu:l on itf-
l'l'jl.1 of to it-c. I ' (HI.
'''- A.I ho-..
Wcnliiiiillrainli, lkni'?, 1'Oli ll.AMl, nil-
I or n.iic by l liui'inan iV t'o.
IiruggiftM, (licgmi t'ity, Or,
Great Reduction
Cabinet Photographs
"X" 1'A "ViT I t O S3 , I
IH7 Hrt Mrii-t, Hit. Jliirrhuil ml VionlilU.
POItTI.AMt. (iHKtiON !
i,.! l. It. Ihnw V
. 4 (I.i M Ui ! . MtlMi.
M. II, Finn iitiin.
.1. P,
Flanagan & Hill,
WUOI.rSAl i; AM) UFT.'
f ' V.i'.VS ti.N HAM
I lit Wltll'H, i.i
foniot 111 till. M Ilo
(ill'O IHO l O.lll.
I vont. unit Trnilo-Unrka itl ntnt-.t. nmt .til 1'at
fill lumliioim lotiilin ti-ii fur Mnili r.Tle Fpps,
Our Officii It Oiiposllo U.S. Patent Oftire.
mnl we run hoohit piiiont In Iuhd time t linn tliueo
remote Inmi VViiliiii(,Moii.
hi'ttil iniiilol, iliim Ihk ur iJiotii wllh ilom-rlp-lion.
Vie nilvtuc, If ) ni ti t it I1 u or not, freo nt
ihiia-e. Our foe tint ilii,. llll imlont I. rei'ttri'il
A Pamiihldt, "How to lilititln l'lttont," lih
mime i.riii tiiiil illoiiii. In yuur bUte, tuttuty.or
Iiimu, mnit free. Aililreu,
Opposite Patont Offlce, Wmhlimton, D. C.
,".II.- lor lnl.!l ii lion.
rnlled St ties l.iiud Olllee, Oregon City, Oregon,
Oetiiber I I, l-'.ti.
Nulieo Is hereby given Hi it In eomiilinneo
wltti Iho ptiivisliiiis of tlm art of l.'iitigress of
June II, tutu, etillllod "An m l fur Iho sale of
i ' in "' i "no 'i- in "" nnno'ii'i '.'.iioiriioi.iyu.gou,
Neviidil, iind lodilliL'tiui Ten itury,"
Aiinii K, Mmltli,
of HoilHle, eoilllty of King, slule of
Wnslilui,'loii, his Ihin iliy tiled In
this oiiiee his sworn stuteiiienl No. "IIU, for the
piirelniKii of the so '4 of seellnn ll IM, In
(..imSlilp Nn. li .Moith. iiingi! No. il east, ntnl will
oiler proof to shmv Hint llui I I kuiiuIiI Ik
unite vtilunble fur Its tlmlier or sluiie Hi n for
itgriciilliiriil purposes, and to eidiilillsli his
claim to s.tld html liefore tho icglMer mid
receiver of thin oihee t Oregon iMlv, Or., on
Moiid.iy, Hie itoili dnv of Milfoil I M'f 1 .
lie nniiios nn wlliii-ssea: Wnllofhciill of I'orl
latiil, Oiegoii, ,1ii ty'i.liit of I'i'.rtlaiiil, Ore
gun, .loMiph liieinliiim of Moiallti, uregon,
Wllll'iiu .luiior. uf li'iitsyili, MiiniiiiiM.
Any an I nil persnns olnliiilng mlversely tho
nliiive ilescrllii'il latiils nro reiiio!.loi lii file
llielr clalnis Iu ihin cilice on or belure stlil
iiotlt day of M.iroh, l.'i'.d,
.1. T. Al'PKIiSoN,
1-'J!I-8J7 lieglsler.
M'': ii'kk s sca.i .4'B loV.
TIM H Kit LAND M l', JUNK ii, 1V,H,
t;NITI'.tl Kt.VTKN I .ANII lirrll'K, I
OiimiiiN Citv, t)r., )(.,!. in, l sk.
Notice Is hereby given Hint, In oiiinpllnnei
Willi the i.tovlsloiis of the net uf :um;ios ul
.lillioil, l.vM, entilleil "All net for tho nlii ul
limber binds in tho sl ues uf Callfuriilii, Ore
gun, Nevada iiiul VViO'ltlnglon Territory, "
Tlumins I-:. tillisiitt,
uf I'orllin 1, e.iiuiiv uf Miilinuui'ih, state uf
Oregon, lum this ilny liled In this ullloa tils
swot n siMicini'iii No. jaw,, lor Hie init'hn( of
tlio s'v uf lie.'1:, and lulsii met 4 uf section No '2,
III township No :. south, rnngn No, 7 teist,
niol will oiler proof to show llui! Ilni hind
snitchl Is inore vnhioliln f.,r Its itniiii-r or
sluiie I mo tur iigrlciilitiritl . tiil tu es
tablish his cl.iitu iu suid In till Iwliirn Iho reels
teriind reeclvi't' of this omen nl iiieiruu t;iiv
Oregon, mi Kit-lav, the r;ih day of April imi
He ii lines as vv 1 tn hh'ji-h : David o'Diinuell
;ruh,,AIHchel,,((:h,,s, Hciiiiefi-i', ,:t'Ai,a
Any mi. I nil persons claiming aiheielv
o iiliuv.,.;,lo.,crll,,il ,.., ,,, icptovted ,
.ilii 17
lay of April, sup
I.) ui M 1 . 1 1 1 1'. Ill l,l ,,, !.,,.
1 -:;- :i
Pornona t.ronlilc
J. l . A c.:i:soN,
oilii ,,!,,. il
Klioillil I'iMil tlm lirlmvinu; f,.m lrH,'N
M lulura, of KiikI Hon MoinoH uvui
HhoaayH: t Itinl miirerotl iliinmm.
tiHtn llto Kionli'f I'iirt. or tho fi,m, ,.
iiciirly Hijvcii YiniiH, I ilut'ltu-tnl u j;tiii
iIkiiI (nr it, with pliysici.ntH antl tried
nliM'.trit: lit'ltH, liilfiil moilhtiiieg mi
nioHt (ivorylhinii Hint wnst ronoitiniainlotl
fur rlu'iiiiiiitimn. 1'iniilly n noioiihiir nit
vitit'tl tun t ti v t'liiiiiiliorl.iin'H Pain llnl
Hiuti mnl wan to mii'ii llint it. would htdp
niti Unit 1 i rtiftiri'il a liiiltli-. It did help
inn, riejht fri'in the at.irt ; hut. it took llyo
fill rniit liottluK to ciii'o inn, so you pun
KiHiHa how liad I wbh an two hottloa will
euro any ordinary ciiho " For Hiiln hy
(Jeo. A. Ilnrditiif, driiiHt.
- -
I fSfJSaeX -it iiiPWKKaKrj j I AH J. T. Al'l,l:ilSi,.N, llt-ulmi-r.
J If .'' ' , . Vf A I i
tm'W&FH Shoes. Shoes, Shoes.
a' i -.- r I. -wini': P ,IUCK
I I ' I I ) 1
I'll I". Ill- S I HKIll HON , lo ruio
Iii.iti.. ,1 ic. i.oi-r. ,ir., in t, -v
In l,oi(il Kn-lli'iiii liliu I j jni
,Mi It.M.I' UN I'll A t i I U . I K
re a ii b,i 15.1 a i E-tHfi Btftinr
'I I M Hl'.it I, ANIi AiM'JIlNH WH,
Vltl.'l' H' lllllll'llllll.
fNnnti him 1 r: ,anh u'i n I
" tlli'iioli I llv, III,, not )'. I'vltl.i
Nil'l U'I'". III. 11 In hut
Hilh li.i. 1. 101 lull. h nf Ilo) 111 I nl I .inilin
o( .lilllo ,1. h( onlllloil "An not lor III" '.ill, 0 1
II III hot limit III Iho Hi, HUH i.i O.illlorltlu, (IN'Ki.lli
Novmlii, iiiul WinhlnKioii 'I on Hot) ,"
llllor Hoi ill,
of I'ottliillil, I'Olllllv of Mllltllolll'llt. iit'illi id O'1"
Hull lum Ilo, iliiv ll'li'il III Ihin mil. 'i III ho. .111
Bliittitiiout Nu, JlIZ fur Itnr I'lirohitwri of ltio r
', u ' , mnl p ! nl mi i, of noolloll No 1 III
Inn nltii No. 11 Hinilli. itiiDiti No. il 11 n,tt iilt'l will
nlloi iir.iol tu hii' llml tho l.nnl him lit l mum
viilii.iliii' (nt-1Ir ihnhor or iono tloiti for null
oilllillnl I j. ".-w, lltnl In I'lill.lhh tlln I'l'llnl to'l l.ilol liotoio tho ro(!lli-r iooolii.'.(
IhN nllli-ii .,1 In. Molt ( llv. nr., utr Mololut, Iho
.Imli ilnv ol Mill! Ii. hi.
tto lltillloi iu 11 II in '1.1.1 : W H In. -.. nit, W in.
Humor, .loin .ii'..iii, of I'nttiiiiol, imouoii, II
V, . hinlih nl Honiili.. WimliliiKloll.
Any mnl nil n.roit oIiiIihIhk' tho
riliui o iom.iIh .1 l.itoiH nio ri.,ttu"ti'.t to III11
Hi. 'li 1 Iniin. in thin ..lin o mi in 1..0..1.. xnlil itoili
liny nl Miiioli, Inn. J. T, AI'I'I'.ll.'HiN,
I '.'il II ,7, Hi'llor.
'I I. ANII. At.'T JI'NK .1. 1.TH.
Audio liir I'lilillt'iilliiii.
rNti in Hr n i I.ani.i t t ti n
1 1 n Km ik ( in, nr., mi. in. 1 '1 .11 i
Noll. It 111 lll'tlllll' ttlll'll Hint III l'.illl.lolll.
llll Ilm prni Ul .H of tho not nf I '. liuii'-ii ol
llliil' II IsVH, olillllo.l "An In I Inr Iho mi lii nl
HinliiM IiiioIm in tlio ut itoiiiit t
Nol ililil, (Out l iinhlntf (on '1 01 illoi ) ,"
1II1. 1111 II11.101,
of 1'i.rltiltlil, I'liillitv of Mlllllinliinll, "(.ItO of
111. to 11 him inl. iliiy III.-. I In 11. u ..ih.'.. in.
hiiutii niuu'tni-nt No. '.'or, lor Iho .iiioh.i.o of
Ilm 1 , 11 ' ( Kill lulu a 11 n. I I ..( M'l'ilim Nn.
tn toil ii.hlp No ii miulh, i,iinji- No it 0.1M. hii'I
lllll nftol .ionf lo iliuii Iho l.ilol looiuhl !
limn, viiliuitili. tot Hn tiinhi'r or mniio thmi for
nuitiMiltttntl tint i. 104, mnl tu i".f.'ih)ih hn.
I'll 111 In n'lhl lull. I IwlulK Iho ri'tlUlor HI il
ri'ooii or ni thU nitii-o nt tin-sun cliy. nii-i(iiii,
oil M.illilnv, Ihf .mill . 1 1. y nl Mil roll IMl
llii intiiit'ii m Hr 1 tiJt'Hhi'N . Jorry l.,it'.ilnt.
llnllor M1111II, W. H, llli'liimi, nf '.,rlliilnt,
Uit'irnii, Jim tiitj i'h hn in nl M11I11II11, oioti 11,
An mnl iill nTmiiiH I'liilniliiit Mitioi.'!)' the
Ithnlt' ill mTlhl'.t littlilM urn to tlir olHltim 111 thin oltii'o on ur lii'tnio mihl imtli
ilil v nt M.lroll, lnvl. J. T. AI'I'MIXiiN.
I . ii ii llonlMor
'1'IMHKIt I. ANIi At T, JI NK il, bTn.
" "I ! lor I'lililiruliuii
I'ntli. I Stilton I.. 1 inl oillof, ini'iiiui I'lty, (iroijiiti,
tl.t II, l-MI
Ni-liii' In horoliy lvon Itmt In cinii1tiiii !
Wittt tin-nruvii'liini, ul tho not nf l'.Uit.-i.i. nf
! J'"lii" i. lH, rnuin-.l ".m ni t Inr Iho mill, nl
1 1 111 lnr ImnU In tin) HtmoH nt t'tilit. iriiln, (no
I ijoli, Noaii, mnl imhlintt'.ii I 01 tlt..ry,"
I ll.iriltln M . Mnltli,
ill Hoiillli', n HI I IV III Km. "into I.f Vl IlillllU'Inlt,
I linn thin ilny nlo.l III llil. iiiliof lil. .limn i it,,
i lilolll Nil. Vim Inr tin. I.iii. li.i-,' nl llll' w , nf
1.1'Ollnll Nil. ill, It) lull ll.lllli Nn .'i unith, r.illlto
I Nn il 0.1M nlnl 11 111 nfti r ii,inr tn nhnii thilt Iho
I hunt miui'lil tn vuIiihIiIo (nr li. tltnhi.r nr
Ii ,ii 1 IIi.iii for tii,-rii'iiltiiriil .iiti..n . niol in r
t.ilili.h In. cillltn tn mi!.! Imol h.'fiiit' tho lii'i;u
I 101 mnl l.t'oeiivr nf Ihin 1. 11. 00 hi (iri'i;..n t ilt,
' nr., mi ,M, .ii.t.iv, tho i'mli ilny 1,1 h. Is i.
I Ilo tl'inif in. l(iii.i.o .l.i,.,'.ti liife-r ih'.iii
nt MnlnlU tin-soil Jony'i.lnt .,1 fntllmnt.
jtlHH'ili, Hnltir hi'i'lt nf I'lilllmol, llriV'.H.
Vi IIUiiii) Jimoa ol I-.. myth, Miiiitniiii
j Any mnl hU j. om. .tin i'IhIhiiiik mil or.olv iho
I iiIiiiio .I. .orlhoil Imol nn- to..ii'"toi i.i nio
llii'tr ol illim III tllln 1, III. -I. 1111 nr lii'Lao mil.l in III
, ilny nl M'Ui'li, Ki.
i I Ail .'! J. T. Al'l'l:itS(,.N, llt-K!.iir.
he wawfflw
.n cuo - JO L'NiuN SvlUAHE,N.V.- OAIUS.
Oregon City
i m i: i on i-i in n tnov
The Celebrated French Gure,
Is Kol.D OS A
j to cure any form
.., ir , "ii ,i 1-m ivo
oraliv disiiulei'iif
tlio Kettorntileoi'
g.nis u either!.
tilietlior ur -in..
tlinit theex"e.!.iic '
nieot Htliiniint.1 A F t r r
r,,i,.,,,.,, i,,, ,,B,i ' ii-'i
,-, ' " ""." I'uiiiil-'O JO'lliillil iu nacre.
11 ivorlllillll(:.ico,,vo .sueli,,. l., ,,i ,,.i
er. W alief't lies, Itearingiloivii I nin, In i ,,
I..,. ,.-fiiiiiui. ieasiii.i,itvi.teiiit, criuus l'c s
li'tiiun. NiiotuiiiMl I' m 1 ss.i 1 1 is, e ilm a I' -
.tiii.'ss, Weak .Mciiioiv. I.o.sul I'm,, -r no, I lioii'i
li;ii.'V.wlilihl(ii,'i:loi'ie,l(i,.,i !,,, .,
o il aj and liisaultv, Prim f mi ,,, ,-, t-.u. -furf.iiai.
hent l.v mall mi roceli.t ot io ( ,o
A Willi'. KS lit.MtAN'I'I'iK.'ls given for
every f.i til unler received, In ri'fuii.l thcuioncv II
It I'lTiimiH'iil. cum Is nut elli.etiil. We ,ai
Ihoii.aiiilsiif lestlmotihils rui old ati.l vuutig,
of liul h solos, who ha-, tibeeu perinaiionili , ur,.,
by theme of .Vplirodttltio. (Tn ulur tree Addiem.
Western brunch. Ilm 07, 1'oiitusii, (.11
For nn In Iiv ('linrninn A Co,
ItriinjjiKlH, Oipejon City Or.
bind Olilce at Oregon Citv, Or. Mnr . i. Isut
Nulieo Is heioliy given llint the following
miliieil settler has filed uollcnof his ititoiitlou
loninko rlnl proof tu suppurl u his elnltu
and that said proof will bo iniiiie
liefore the reglsier 11 ml receiver of Hie I', a
Inn. 1 1 lllee al Oregon Oltv, Oregon, mi April at
IMM, vl;
William Harris,
llotneslonil Kntry No, fixli, for tlio e Vi ot 11 w
' ,. w of li w 1, (ur bit -1) isoc. mi, ton' nshhi r,
suitth, range a oust, and iiildliluual llumcsicnd
hulry N11. na',0 fur the lut 1 uf section ilo. T lis r
II e.
Ife unities the following i lines:.os to prove
his eiiiiiliiuous tesliletice tipiitt and cultivation
of, (-liul bind, viz: David 1'nl 1 i h :i 11. 1 Ist.'alll
han, tieiirije .', hell no. I ,b,s,.,,h Hnmner. all nf
Mulallu 1. o, liliickiimiis I'tiiiniv, iireeon.
i it 1 , '' T AI'I'KIISON.
.1.11 '1:111 lieglsler
notk i; Kill PI III, It A I HIN,
Pnitkii Status I, asp omen, I
OitntniN City, or., Mnreh 'j, ihji.)
Notice Is hereby given tliat the folloivlug
n.'iiiied selllcr has tiled iiotlco of his Itiienlli.n
to nitikii Iliuii proof lit support of 1,1s claim, and
that snl.i proof will lie made bcioro the regis-
t"r "'id n Ivor of the H. H l,m,,l (u,,.u ,,t (,,..
gnu (.tty, Oregon, 011 April 21, imi, vl.;
Alfred 11. Ilnlnun,
I're emi tlou 11. M No 7il'J'i lor tho w ',. of u e 1 ;
iiiul w 'jntHiii, of see. us, 1 a, . 7 "
llcnninos Hie following witnesses tn prove
It s continuous residence upon ami ciilllvutloii
of, said bind, vl,;
l.'rnl A. Ihiimpsoii, (linluor llcu li, llcnrv
l.utgort, Itol.ert ostium, nil of Cherry vllle,
U'lOKiiuias county, iiii'giui.
8:i;-4: 10
cailinti,- riiolorajtlu'r of
Foi tkuttl.
If .otl Viitiit. Till: l"iK:"r, huy
lftl'in..rt'liaiit yon th.,,1 ilh .loon nut
Kop lliom Hond to Al.l KN ilit,.ct, U
Sfr!'e'',),,lltnBe" lltm"tl("1 '''t"l"K'to
AiiDiiuitH E. W. ALLEN,
wl second Street,
UKfl.lllllliSsr-u-irt Eia II S (IKS' .JV 1-
I 'im tve-' ouToroRncrc.l
. VI arrimti-
Syv , 0
ItutlT. I'lM I'V.
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ShOp Oil Willl'l M. itOllt, llllj-jWll VIIJ.
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lU'i First Sine!, Near Mui i iciiii St. I.utlicH' 1'rivato Kntrum-e rjntair.
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Undertakers and Blacksmiths, OrcRon City, Creeon.
(Iinxl Honiws. Triiiiiiip.i rolVma nn.i Cnski'tH tilvvnyu in Stork
Oregon City Sash
Hush, Poors anil Mouldings. Turning of all kinds,
fM-cial sizes ol doors and windows mado to order.
KhU mail's for i-t tinvoik. Ordora )ironiptiy filled
The Now Remedy. - - Absolutely Pure.
( V 11 bin only ten mouths this truly remitrlttible meiltelne tins totnitl tts wav
x In 0 the lery best lamilies, bee.iit it 1 1'mui tiik sick. No illsensn loo now'.
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'"'s r ,, Kt.'liislvii Vuenls for ('l .t'liiiiiins I'utinty, THOS. Cll AKMAN SON,
Ori'mm vHiy, Oregon.
F. L. Posson (Si Son,
C:c-.'.('i-;:l Ao-is, for 11. M. l'crry. Co's
:3 Mj Mj ftJS
Oank'ii Reed,
I'.nisa, Cluvuf and nil kimlti of
Treos, lUillw, IVrtili.-frs, oto.
V.w. Kcepera' Siipplics.
V.'c ..:!-.t vi 10 fur a customer. Give us
a trial order.
F. L. Posson & Son,
209 2d St, Portland, Or.
Ktii-s-.-,; to Miller Ilros. Catalogue Pro.
ami UMNl n! all kiiid
Mud Jeweler. K)
I I M I'ult I Kit j of I ANI 1 l'KAI.Mt I IN 1
.n-t-i.wiifl.,.. . m
iv;;iin Citv, Orpjjon.
& Door Factory
PI" It KltS OF'
Thousands Already Cured.
TlMllKli LAND, ACT JPNK S, 1S78,
SO'I'lt'H l ORt l HI.H A l lO.V
t'NlTKtl HTATHS IjlltDUmi'l,
Oiiituos City, or., lice. 11, imhi I
Niitlee Is lieteby given Mint In eoinpltiince
Willi the provisions of tho net ol llunerest ol
,iiine!l, l; iMiiltleil ",n .ici fr ihj nalo f
Umber binds In the sbites of I'lillfonil,,, ore
(fna, Nevada, ntnl Wiishinivton Terrilorv,"
.lames 1, Uncart,
ofbast 1'oitliind. euuntv ot Multnomah. .(,,,
of Urcuiin, bus this day tiled It, thin oiluo hla
sworn slaieml'iit No, ;!ils, for the pitrelmseol
thei'i,,!! w i,,l, its 1 and a of section No, l
In township No. ;1 souilt, niitKe 5 east,'
ami will otter proof to show that the l,i
suuiiht Is iiii.ii valuable for Its timber nr stun
tliiiti tur iiErlenliural purposes, nn.i to establish
hisei iim tos.vbl land before the noisier and
r tverot litis utile nt Oreumi I'liv. Oremiii
on Krldnv, lite pith dnv of Apitl, ixui. 8 '
lie names as witnesses; Krvlu I'attoisim t
Ivtsi I'oitlan.t, Miilliiuniiilt eotiniy, Oiesou
Andrew Myets, of Knst 1 ortbuid,,
c.'tiniy, Oienon, Aus-tisi Paul ot West Portland
Mitllniimiih euuntv, Oretpm, Henry VViiin-l,
uf West Portland, fiiiiltnonmh county, Oreson
Any mid nil persons elnlinlni; iidveisi'ly Ilm
iibuve ilcM'i ibeil lands urn ri ipierteil to rlli
their el ilms In this olliee on or before said I1KI1
,1",V,.'."!;,'I1'1S'-"' J.'l. Ari'KHSON,
1-""1-7 lictsistur.
Nottce Is herein. KVCn Ihat t, J. ti. IHokmtin
Admlnistnitor ol th0 mmw ( ue, Am!'h '
dceeiiseil, h ive lllod my dual uce, ,,,lt ? .'
one hers fortWlual settlement ol tl u"buve ei
Itlle. mutter nd all p,rs..iu , 1 therefur.
nut led 11, tile objections lo such "i,lemvn II
?" " y" v,"! ' -"fr the 7th day o( April
iw'l. In tha Prni, ,i court of tne Oouuiv i
CiiiekiimnsHinl statu ot Orenuu v'0",u)' '
natal till. SWIh dav of Febrm,,"y1,";i"ir'"j;ub.
ur0'c,o,wlly,,I;tu, w' yuu'.