The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, August 28, 1890, Image 4

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ioi.irni;vooiM: snow.
nv onivv.
ir.j niwiM. giirvv'tii nuum; ut lit
vli'iV.vti ill had never li.iv.rtl, and imj nn (.var.
"Might I know your tiiuikl'' ti hJ wk4
litm wistfully, n slw lavl rIvvB him tli roM
tuid, and ttiicn tho volume In rvturu thai
"Hwy Mil um l'lamon.
"It is jnour lumel"
"'t, (vvr (!n wU Vou must call
Vlotwr, M other wonieuilo, Why (1 y
want my namef
".liiimt itslul it of inc."
"i Hi, Jwumnt n-!.tsl It, tllil IP
"in; Itcu.l.v," tuiil Itolsae, with barer
vorv son and very tu lotia, dml luir happy
vwi,v Imvtiisl, "Iv idea, I wuiMo pray for jod
I'fivunm, vvijr Uiiyt vl i( I jo Bot know
your u,imi how otiii I main Our lady rightly
ti!u!Tniull I'll lUmwi kuow Jm wlilioul
nanus lul ami might tnt, tatvoaua ao vnvry
nsnur tiro always tvtwtwhln,; tnvr, and you w
alio liu all tlio wmld to livk after."
1 in IW looked nt her with, a curious look,
mid had W.l Iht farewell, and ht bergt)
lioiiui alon Umt ilj;lit.
Her wvk was quickly iloim, aiul by Um
II,; lit of th moon jq.rwul tiw book u hr
lap In th porch of il l' luit nuvl targiut horn?
1'ti cUUivii had iviuo mi.l ulKl at bw
skirt and brgjvj her to j'Uy. Hut lbo
bail ibaktn her hernl
"1 um gotiij: to hum to ho very wlso, Jr,"
ah M.I tltem. "I shall n.-t lutT tun to
ilaiuv ir to pUt.
"I'll popl are not niwrry whau thoy ar
in Ik'lxw," mi. I liaiu, tin biggwal boy,
'Tertian not," until lIoUw; "but on mis
not lu vr) tbin, you know, Frana."
"Hut surely y'i would rather ta marry
than liny tiling c',m I"
"I think turn) U ivuietlilng Mtor, Fran.
I am not miv, I to lln.l out, I will tU
you wti I know,"
" U ho baa p it thtit Into your hw.l, IV'baar
'I'll aivrki In ttm cntliwtral," alia told
ttk'in; and III chiKlivn tr amxl aud loft
her, aiul wont anny to ilay tilind nuw'a huff
by tlu'KMilvcs on tho giu by Ui waji'a
"iUit h all that tlioanta tiava ulil ft,"
a. id lYani to hiidtvn, "1 cannot M what
trxl It will Iw to lior to U nu, If ili will
not car any loiir aTtiTward for alnioud
ginr braad and currant caka."
It waa lh llttl til of 'Taul and S'lr
gui: laal b had (Iran bar to bvtflo bar
atudu-a with: but It waa a rrand corr. full of
Hs tlh'UKlt tlut, bad a wakuful, nwMnui
tilfilit, hill of trafa 4iantaalKa, non tli lta
wawatia it In bar gaiilan by daybrvak ; uoita
Mi Um did ab wrp tut bar llivr and nmk
br uiaab for th fowla, and wab out bar kit
of llnan auu bang It to dry no a llu auivng
UK tall, BavutUug kollybwki that wr ao
roud of ttiaauaalr bcaua thay rtaobwl tu
tb roof, r t
"What do you waul with book, Wf
aid Rain, th aattot inakari wlf, aorai th
ivrtvtt hilirs ah alao hung out har lluau,
"Want told in you wr nadliui laat nutht,
It la thllrr bucklw havdui that) on
uiu-hlf ilnn bwrata auotar.H
v Whi la th nii:)ilf. good lUliwt" aald
IWli, who wai alwaya tmttily hoharad wltb
har hhwa, though, who piubad to it, ah
Could hold har uwu. ,,, ,
"Th mlkv litat win b In .Wxuitwit," aatd
th ll niakar a wifa , "ropl lirtiuithalr
own llttl toh, and think II la th world
that la aa It thcukt l-wylxxly within bla
nn, lii a nut In It ilwll Hut whra you
got reading, you har of a iwaruiof thtuga
you , and you frt ttacauw you can.
not a I hem, aud you draaiu, aud di-vaiu,
aud a hla la burnt la ymir amp pot, aud
Tour dough la aa baary aa Imd. You r
lik lw tlmt loavw Ihrlr own okiror flrhli
to Iniu tliainaoWw dwl agalutt th glaai of a
notiiouM, '
UauUfal graaringi nnu ly at rry p.
II vi u hard worif fur hor to rad at tri
hot th drawings enticed and lwld hor, and
the oott tank lvrthlly Into the charm o
th atory, klany worda ah did not know;
many paamga wur Ixrond her nuiipmlwo
aion; all waa absolutely Ignorant, and had
nothing hut th forvo of har own funy to
aii utvr.
U..k k L (I,
ui uiwgn aniuiuiinff at vry ttqi, aa
lain child through a Uuwory hilU.lo hi luru.
taor, ah was ht-r as th child would ht,
hacauMO of tin awoot, ati-ang air that
Uowln,; alwut hor, an J th blowouts tliat u
cviuid gathar Into her hand, ao rare, ao w.a
dorful, aad yt withnl familiiir, U-cniiaa
they wora bkanm
tjoiny tt to f rry u i, dtar
V.'i h bar tlnjors hurUl In hor curia, with
h,r l-v.k on h r k iw, with th moon raya
in.iI:.' uad agrong , ii tlu afO, IVUxi ut en
trucviaitbr bi'tm wotit by; tho rhll.lrcnt
.lay alwuaidioil nn ny ; the habile of thegn,
sip at th house i.jiia coawnl; rvi'lo went by
an. I called food nlj'ht to bor; the little huta
aliut up on by one, like the a hit and iri.l
cwovolmlui cui Ui the bwl;
liete dial nut t!r, nor did iho hear them;
ah waa Amt v u to the singing of the nlbt-ingaji-s
In the willow, a hero h ant In ber j
little dark porch, with tho ivy from I
tho thatch al no, imd tlio wet gimlru wayi .
b-yond hit.
A heavy ate p r'uino tramping down the
Uno. A voice called to her:
Tint aru d-iinp, IV-bcf, there thla
timo at th tii,;htf It is on tli strike of
hue started n If sho wcro doing somo evil
thii:, nnd strut. Ik,! her arms out and lookeil
around with lilr.iled, wontl arang eyes, as U
the had been rudely wakened from ber sleep.
"What are you doing up ao later aked
Jmnn'jt; he W;m anmlng from tho forest In
the dead of niht i bring food for his fam
ily; ho lost his sleep thus often, but he never
thought that b did anything except hie duty
In tin .so lor;;, dnrk, tirinj tramps to and fro
between Boiniis and Ijiekon.
l!ob shut her Ixxik and smiled with
drc.irning eyes, that sow him not at all
"I was reading and, Jennnot, his nam Is
Flamcn for the world but I may call him
" Wlint do I euro for his name!"
"You ashed It this morning."
"Mor fool I. Why do you read! Read
ing Is not far poor folk lik vou and me."
Cobe araatled up at tho white, clear moot)
wai sauea atxjre tlio woods.
Biie was sot awake out of her dream. . Bit
only dimly heart the words be moke.
"Vou art a littla poasnnt," said Jeannot
rougniy, a tie pan wi at th gate. "It is all
you can do to get your bread. Yon have no
on to stajaa between you and hunger. How
will it be with you when the slug gets your
ruecj, ana me mnu your carnations, and
your bona die of damp, and your lac is all
wove awry, because your bead runs on read
ing and folly, and you are spoilt for all
simple pleasures and for all honest workP
film smiled, still looking up at th moon,
with the drooping Ivy touching bar hair.
"You are cross, dear Jeannot. Good
A moment afterwards th little rickety
door waa shut, aud the rusty bolt drawn
w.thln It; Jeannot stood In tho cool summer
night all alone, and knew how stupid he had
been in his wrath.
i Ho leaned on tho pato a mlnuto; then
crossed tho garden aa softly u his wooden
shoes would let him. lie tapped gently on
the thuttor of the latllco.
' "U'iboe Bebee Just listen. I upeke
ron-hly, dear-1 know I have no right. I
am torry. Will you be friends wltb m
ngiin? do be friumls again." , . .
urm openetf tho shutter a littlo way, so that
Jio could soe tier pretty mouth speaking.
"Oh, Jeannot, what does it matter! Ye,.
wo oi a friends we will always b friends,
of co'.teo only you do not know. , Good
IIo wait away v. it h a heavy heart and
Iotjj; drawn step. Ho would have preferred
that: he thould liavo beoft angry with him.
' H';l.'-i, left alono, lot tho clothes drop off
her pretty round chnuMers and ber rosy
limbs, ond shook out her coils of hair, and
kissed tho book, and laid it under her head,
and went to sloep with a smlle-on her face.
Only, as sh slept, her finirers moved as If
the were counting ler beads, and her lips j
murmured: j
"Oh, dear Holy Mother, yon har so much
to think of yes, I know all the poor, and
all the littlo children. Uut tnlco care of bim ;
h Is called flamcn, nnd ho lives In the street
of Mary of Burgundy j you cannot miss him;
and If you will look for him always, and haro
a heed that tho anncls never leave 1dm. I wfll
give you my preat cnerus flower my only
Hebe milled, rvevstVnf to snr4 out bar
mien, inn uie aaivi nothing,
"What good b It talking to tawnf" ah
tnoiiaht; "they do not know."
Alnwly th neigbUu aad friends of he
inrancy aomied ao far, far away; oVvatun
of a distant world that alia bad lung ft; It
waaaoU'o talking, tuv nvr vsaM iler-
stnud. .
"Aiu.uiua alioul.l never hTT iutlit you
your letters," aatd It. iuo. groaning under tb
great I. hi aim ta alio waa hanging ou high
among the lire. "I told hUu ao at th
time, laaldi 'Tb child is a good obUd, and
spina, and sews, and sweeps, rare and An
ror ber ag-why go and spud her T Hut ha
waa aiwayi hraiUtnwg. Not a child of inln
knows letter th aalnta lx pralardl nor a
word ot any Uaigu but our own rood Hu
tali. You should hat been brought up the
saui. i ou would hav cum to no trouble
I am In no trouldo, dear Heine said
Holms scattering th ixitato 1mui to th
clacking poultry, ami ah entiled tutu th
faa of Uw golden oli that nulled to hr
back again iu suuahlny sympathy.
".Not yet," said Heine, tuuiglng ber laat
Hut Ketw waa not heartng; all was call
ing th chicken, aud telling Um uxll how
uvtty they looked In Ui Iwrdars; and in her
heart alia waa counting the anliiutm till th
okl IHitch ruckoo cluck at Mar Krvbs' th
only ch.s k In th Uu should crow out tb
hour at which ab went down to the city.
Kb loved th hut, ta birds, th flowers;
but they were lilt! to her now ootnpar!
with th dark gnldtn plrturesuu uar, th
i hang In i orowila, to frowutng rouf a, th gray
ttotwa, and Uwdallgbt of watching through
th ah if ting colors and dhadows of the throoga
Ur one taea and on ainlla
"lllsaurto b Maar," ah tkouabt. atul
J stnrte.1 half aa hour earlier thaa waa har
Wont, rlha wanted to tell him all her raplur
In th book-no on la could understand.
Uut ail the day tbrmi;h h swrrr came.
- Deb ant with a au k heart and a parv linl
little throa, anillug her Oowers and atraiiilug
her eyes thnnigb th tumult of the Buar.
Th whole day went by, and ther waa aw
sign of him.
I Th flowers had sold wall; It was a feast
I day; her pouch waa full as penes what waa
, mat to ber!
Kb went and praysd b th cathedral, but
! It seemed cold aud desolat and wnpty; va
i tne eiormi wumows snpmed dark.
"IVrhaja h li goo out of th city," ah
thought; and a terror fU on her that fright
en. I ksr, It was ) nalik any fear that eh
nail ever I no wn even th fear when aha had
seen death oa old Antoine'a far bad bwa
nothing lik thta
Uutug houi through ta tra ah passed
ah sale of the Teuia wrT that looks out oa
tb trow of thepark, aaal tb4 has lowers la
Itsj baLcuniaa, aad plaasaat windw that
stacd apsa to Ut th souada of lb aVlksr'
moala cWv, Hawaaw kin lnoaf aUwtw
dowt, Tbm ww aiab- and carle and
black; silks aad sail as aad velveta Thar
was a fan painted and Jeweled. Ther
war worurn fan. Thar waa a keep of
porpl fruit and gUttortsg swvetaieata. If
Laughed Uwr Ilia beauUfvJ MarlUo ksavd
wa dark aguoist th white asd gold enthla.
(Tuliecontinuod.) I.ASP, ACT ,11' N V. II,
ill' lor 1'iilillciiiloii
Mrs, Mmwiiel I.. Hnt.l..t r.
I'Ntimi Sl um I in, tin i , k. ,
ttnaooN t'nv, Hi., June ',', :.'i,
Notice l lieieby icu In i ,ihii,iiin e
Willi the provisions ul Hie net ol I unnie ,.. ,.
June .1, leTIt, entitled un ml Hie nle ul
timber lauds III Hie Mules . I ' i , In . I Me
foil, iSevn.ln mid nn, Illusion lenii,,iv,
Mrs., Maritnret ltd,irt, of i'ieu,,n i i'iv,
t'ollllly oi rlilclwilnns, Mule nl i;mi, Inn
tills iliiv llleil In this mil, n her , m u lulu
meiit S,i 'JI.'W, lur the .iin Iuimi ul the NW
a ol Heetlon Nii;il, In r,iiti,hi No ,", S.
linni'ii No ,1 10, noil ill ml, i' .i,ul In ,i,,v
tlmt till' Inn, I m,n,:l,l Is mine iiluiil.ln ,n
its tllllU r or ,nie tlinii Inr iicm nlluuii
imriKiscs uiiil In ckbil'll'-li lici i linni t, i Mini
Iniiil belor the reHbtni mnl receiver i, ihis
ollic nt Oregon I'llv, Oiihoiiou e,lin,ihiv
the l.ll la ilnv ol Ocinher, l:i
Nhe linuiea its vv ilinmc : l lmili s W.
Mead. Ilenrtu II. Win. I, 1 ., I hi, ,i 1 lii,,,i(,
mnl il I ui in I', i,f iii,i.,ii lily,
Cllickllllias count v, Oleiliill,
Anv aiul all peiHinis i liiliniiij, telu iilv
the nlsoc ilesetil'i'il Inn.h me tniie li , In
lllelhelr chllllls III tlil olllee nil ,, ., l..e
Mill l;.ll tilt V I, I I 'I tuber. YI
, J. I'. A I I I I J - N .
7 :'l U I;. ,;i .lei .
TtMHKK I.AMi Al l', ,11'SK :i, is.s
MOIUi: I OK ft 111.14' tlio t.
Mrs. M,iH:le M. Haldorl.
I'dllMi hi itlx, ,,i in .
01!OII I'llv, Oliyon, .lime '.V,, I -Hi I
Notice Is lieivbv elvell thill III I M 1 1 1 .1 ill 1 1, e
Willi the liruv inons ul llienel ut ( i iu n -s
of JiiueS, I.h;m, ciiiilled "An m l lur the .s.ile
of timber lauds In the Mutes ul I ,il,.u nni.
trrgiv, Nev Hila nnd w iililin-;iun I't ii iiuiv, '
Mra. JlaKKle I.. Ihidluil ,.( nir i I iiv
Couiilv ol Clin kiiiiun, Mule nl ui, t:,.n Inn
this iluv Hli',1 in this ..III. ,, ht, I su,,l u l.lle
llieill Su. Jl.ll. (ur tlnMnil, hil-e ,. llie U K
SW , ainl.s , Nv l4 ,, il.,,
ill Tuwilsliili No ,'l,,llli, luvnre N,,, l I i-,l,
and will oiler proul in .I,,, ti.u' the Inn, I :
stiiiitht Is mure vnluuLle Inr lis iimi. ui ;
alone tlinii (nr atirirulliirnl i v ,i .1 I., :
establish her cluiiu In sni.l Inn, I .i luie llu-
Iteglster and Iteceher ul Mils nllUii ntihe
iron ClIV, nn Wcliuvlnv. llie .li il.iv ul
Octnlwr, ll.
Hhe names ns vuinesrs linn!, s V
Mend, lieoiKe II. nl,l, h W. i,il, ,ll,
William I'nlli r-un. nil ul iiiie,,u ini
( laekaiiius cniinlv , uu t:, in
Any and nil i.i i..m , l.iunn:.,. i,,l., i -,!,
U'll l, tin Is me I, .ti, le l t.i
III II. is nil),.. i'U ui .el,M,
Hi t,.l,. r. I
l. AI'I'I KuS. Il, , i
otlo lor I'lllllll'Mlloil
I'm i pi, Mt nn l.anii iirriea. I
iiiianmi I n v, nr., July 1, lull I
S li,e Is henl, y Blvetl tlmt ll,e IlillllwlllS
mm, e, m, i lin nl,., I imiieo nl Ills Inieiilliili
In muse llinil i.innl In an., nt lila rlnlm. anil
lnn s.n, I I win , ni, I,, hetiiie Die lesisler
lllnl leeeli ei nl llie I' M ,,lli,.,, nl lllr.,ll I II) llr
ee, hi. nn In, ,,l,ii, Aiiinl , uu, Vl, llinila
V li,,im,i , ll,,iiieli,,i,r (. in ry , No. t;4l, lur llie
I I . ul isf si,, I M i ut I, nt aeellnu S, I' 7
Il : I lie mini, ilu, ,,, i Ins wiinessea to
-l, Ve Ills enlllliuinlis rest'lnliee iiim.ii, anil tMll-
I inn I, n Un,. via linnl , , VV
luissel, i r I ,,,,lt, ii ml Kliner Minimis all nl
VV lllu, It I" II , rlio krllltiia eullllly. Ill,
I I Afl'KKNilN,
i' II litisinr,
xmi i: i oh i'i t uo'v.
I "un, mi ias I.vni, (irrn a, I
HIIMinN I II v, ill., Jill) j,i, Isim.
VMIIliiiu I sin I,
Nelli e Is lieieln aliil llial llu. Inline lllf
11,11, 1.,. aelllel liss III,,, , ,11,. nf a IlllKIMliMI
in il,e lllml ,,,.,l III ! 1 ),. r ,, his I'lnlln, ami
llisl stnl ,i, ,i, Mill Im imt.le Imlnie lha Helalor
'in. I Ii ,Uer ul I1. K I. nni iiiiii,n ai liri,iin
i'lli , tn. ,,ii i, n Nii,lrinl,el (l, ismi via v li
liu, i I in, i,, II, nin.. i, n, I rntry, N,i nj si, lur llie
no i, I elluu ,,J, I ( l ,1 K,
nn luunen tin, i,,ii, m inn n lltiessiis III iiruv e
tiliiuiuiis ies,li nee iu,n aiul eulll valluli
nl ail. l.iiul. M, VVIIIIntlt llllik llnr. ul list a,
'l.i' k nii'i nn. ilre.,,ti; M.iiiln lri i,,sii,
lu. 1. 1 il NirhuUa. and J. I ml bull, ul lllglilalld
I. I I lur k ,t inns en inity. Urea,, II
' 1 ' I I U'l'r UhiiN, inUler.
Tlllll':it I, A Nil AC I'. JI'M',11, lVH,
NOTK i; Kilt I'l tll.K A I KIX,
t'lllleit HI-ilea I it II, I llflle,,.
Hire, ,H I II)'. Un u , Inly II, Imai
Melville (' iiiii
Nulteii Is lienjy kIvpii, Hull III l-,iitilliiiiee
Willi Um iiiivial, , us ul lint tlel ut ..inme-s uf
June J, I ,s rnilili .l "An .ui Inr Uie sale nl
llmlier Inn, Is In Hit, alsltis til I nllliirliln. Ilieault,
Nava,. and W nalilnniuii I en lint y " Muiv lll
C IVitutl. uf VV lu,,ill,ilul. euiiitly nt Vnllililll,
SI sin ill III, null, u,a llila ,1.11 lllml In Una uHlee
hia auiiiii aiuiei). t ut Nn '1,1, ur His ,urelisse
ul lite "..'t ul a lull Nu, III, In ,,nliallli
Nn. U, auiillt, nun,!, N,i. n e.ial mnl will oiler
pmnl In shun Unit Hit, iniu 1 auiiuht s mute vnl
iinlilu ,,t ll ll,nl,,. nt ,,i, Hum ,,i aurleul
Iiii.iI , , u , nn, I , i i,.ll, ,la el.ilin n,
snnl Iniiil l,i Im e i lie teytalir ttlnl leei'lvi-r t-l
Itlls 11111,1111111.,111 I'll,,'ili, nu VVtnhlt'S
liny Hie '.".III ,,i) t,l ll,iul,,T. s.,ll
He I,, III,,,, aa Hill,,.,.. J , .,i. A V Kltll
ey, II. Itul, I, Ins, ul l',,tl litiul, I it .,;. ,n . ami II
Meliil)ie, ul l lien y vllln, ni,
lis elnlutlns atlvelaely file
re,ileale, lit nie
ur I, e I, un anl, I Jvili
any am a t,
altuve tleac Hli,,l l.ttnl
lltelr elitlina In llila uiliet,
tiny til ni,,,li,. imsi
7 III HI j
0. C. T. Go's
j 'r
11, alalft
I u , . ,
1 1 M bl It I AMI. AT I' JI NK It, lata.
vi i m i; i oii ii iii ic 1 1 io.
I'vnii, Krviaa sn (irru f
i, i s,,, ,N i itv, tm , June a,
"'"' I ' Is lu-tel.y alien that In r,ilnitlalit
Willi llie .,,., l.l.,,,. iaa an t, ,,ti,aiesa ul
iniu, s. s.s, iiui, -An act t ilia asln id
liiiil. l.tii.1. in iho Hialea ul I sill,, nils, (Irs,
t;..,i .Vev,v mnl VV aililnaluli inrillury, ' Jin
sefli A llii,eil. ul I'miiUiuI, rmilily ul Milium,
e, ,ii, fl ue ,. niek,, ,ii. Iisa Una ilay rtletl III llila
,,,! In' i n aui tml Nu '.'liti. (or Ilia ni
eli ive u lt ,VV l,ul neein il Mu ja. Ill lunll
ii, . N.i H,,,iili luiuite ,N,i 7 laal, ami will
,t,,, l ,i n
'II Mill II I.AM', Ai I' Jl M, It, s,s
i(ll. i- lur I'liMleillloli.
I'M I ISUl a . fall III I II M,
iiiikuua I'm, nr , June ;,
Oregon Oily A' Portlam!.
BUMMEI4 T13Vtl3.
I.KAVK I'llllll.AMl, l.kAVK OlIKIlOX ClTY,
7 i.'Mi A ,
ii :m a ,
1 :(MI r
:4ft r.
,M .
a lu v
IV tint lint UitiJ aeualtl la mure i limit
the nUive ilesci
llie their t hums
amd I'M h vim nl
? .'I I' '.'...
TIMUKU I.AMi Al t' JIM: ;s, 1n;s
sorin: on vt m,i i io.
Jus. l W. l.ii., ri
I'fii ran Si vt i s 1. vm, i it i i
luauu. i'irv , I ir, June , "i, I u ,
Notice i herebv civen ilmt in i,,n,ih
Kltll the ,ruv islutis i, I the tie! ul I ,,n, i, ,
June 3, Ist.x, cntidfl 'An ml lur t'.c
sale ol Imnls in il,,. M.ti i i f i .ill
tin, Oretfun, Nevn-lu mnl vi.i-hin.r
lot! lerriltirv, " Jneli vv Til. I. .it ul
Oregon I'llv, i. ,ii, I, ,, l i.i k,i,i,.,.
Nlal of uriguii, hns this ,1 n I ,, I u,
this urtlce his sttutii si. tieiueiil N-, J: ;s..,r
the pllh liuse ia Hie M '. u( . In n N,, I '
lutv naliin Nn. ii N ,uib. Il.u f, V, ', I .i.
and mil utter iuihiI i,i sl,,,n ili.ii H,, t,oi,
Ui;ht la liluie vniunble lur il. I:u,l t
tune Hutu lur ncrlt nihil tl ,iiu..
eataltllsh his i hum In v,i. I u .l I
it'Klsler ami Ilis t u , t ,, t!,, !! . , n
; V ,ilul,!e fut Ita IIHiher nr slcilia, llin l,,f atfrl ,,u.,,a,,, ami In eslabllli Ilia elalin In
: a,tl. tin.l l,i luii, llu leslsler ami teetalver ll
j llu,,, ,. m met!, ,u I'll), Ur ull Heilneailair,
I Uie "111 il,iv l tlcu.lier, Isiat
lie luitnea aa n llltusaes II M (tarlalltl. J II.
ll iK it A J 11. ami Maty 11, anl, all ul ,
; r,,ttl.ui,t. nr u, tt i
j Am mul ,11 ., ,,,, elnliulus a,ti,Tfly ll.a
I si,,,, e .leuttl.e.l lamia ate te.ltestt,,t lit Ota!
tli, If i lnliii. In Una ulliew nil ur l.clem aslit Sill :
I n ..I net I., t, IVSI J '. AI'I'MlHtl.N, !
, 111 II Hailaier. i
W till lite tuiiv lalutis ill Ilia
June il, i,'s, eiiilUe,! '"All
lllllliet 1,111. la III Uie hUlea ul I nlllul Ilia, lire
Sun. rvev a, la, nu, I VV naliluunm I ettllni y," lieu.
K A, India, ul H.tll I taui'laeu, eniitily i, ( Hull
,"lelaen, sl,,ln ut I slllu I nln, hns thla
ilay llle.l III II, la ulluti ,. a unn, ,ui.
Iltetll ,Nu Jllll. lur II, ,iin huae ,, U,e nvV
' ut Merllntl il. Ill loniialil), N,i l Huullt, Kniiaa
Nu ! Knai, ami mil ml, r ,mul n, ah,,n thai in
Inlul auiialil la mute l nllinlile ,i Itslliulier or
alu lie tlinii I,, I aa Ui nil l tal , ill I,,, sea, ami lu ra
lalillah Ilia claim In a,tl, In u, l.efera llie fesla
ler ami rviet'lvrr nl this uflicu al Illi'S'ill 1 ity,
Oleaull, tut lite inilt i,ty u I It. I , l,rr, Isini
lie liallua aa mini aaea II II II Hull I lur
bet I II Hunt ami I Mill. r,. I Hut rtalietseii,
i at , atul J A I'es ul I'nllinml, Olrifull
Any ami all t,t i,,t,a t'lnilnlUK' a,i eraely II,
,li,,etll,., Inn, la nte li ,,ui.air, In Hie
'lain, a In I It I aa nil, re ull ut l,,.,,rr asiit IH
7:1111 A, M
HI mi A, M
II IK) I', M
f. IK) I'. ,M
Stlllllltnr Allilllllwtiii H'avv I HlulltuH.
eulnniinltee i ,,. . . . -,' '
I nt el,ileaa nt Ml'llllllir l,ttlllllll W liy I.UIIilllIgN
i inr uie aula ui
m nu A , M
1 1 :ll A M
4;im I'. M,
Uu'lO A. M.
'.MM) IV M.
II IK) P. M.
lll4) i
l Ol It
lit It J
r ,
.-I t
I IMHI li I AM', M l JI'.SK 1. !JU
t MIHi Nt 4tK t,4KI llirii K.I
un..... i m, im , Jnnt 4 t-ju 1
S I .r lo tMv.-n I tie, riin.llHr ttllll tltv
t .i mt. l, ,.( tl( rnHf.i t Jv Ip,;-
I'tuHis I fi.t fuf ihfi ..I timiu-r imuU In
''"''i1'1" t ilttoritU. t tM'hj'.ti, Nt ttt. aiuj
:iiiti a-! 'h lrnii,.i, llin.n ttmirr, ul
- v uuty nt ( ht.(o ..I uirifnii, h
('i '1 t fll. -t III thla otliott tli M uril tltlirit
l.-r Htii .ih'lmrV t 1li Nr 4 ul Hrii
t'-n n.i I in N.i j Maiiidi, l.atiig Nn
I l-Ulnl Hlli Uttl I I fiHif l.l 9,..W tltaal lit
i iinl ..iii, r,( B mrf tliiiiii ttif ,tk Uiiilr ur ! '
i. -tit ft ii ( (.:r ii-itl tor ii ur.i.i.. ,) J
li'll-li hi. i iim f" .til In ml Iwlnrd Ilia rr( f "
U t Mini I.-rvliiT r( till tilth- lirrg-iH ( My, ,
'i. vv.ii . ii V t- lit. t.Uj Utr Mil da of !
II-' ..urn. a a ttlln,'.,r, ' ,rtlrr I
lUi,. i , mi. M uWit ut I'MMUihl. or. !
I M til'ii ,.( (hltitrra. (Uiiri.n !
!..(, t !iitili.g aiirPlf
Ulnlw it- t.jiir(F fm
it . tin i! tin nr itruff i iviii
j r AirmtdN
! hIIihIoii.
I 1 1 1 r i H i 1 1- I i h 1 1 1 1 1 1
Mlll Ni.H t I , U , J .till' I.. t
Nullff U hrfvt.) liUni hl lit (Niiiitlnlii
Willi (hr liMlih.iii i.l thi' m l i.( i ti'i'ii uf
Jui.r-V l'., riuiii.-.t ' An nt ..r tho talr .(
tlllltvt Uli.U til Hid I a i 1 h li 1 1, llltt
p-.ui, l1lllk nn. I nllit:i.'ii I -c riiur," Mr. H
UK Mr II. Ill tt, of Mull t IrtlXlMO, roll m v ol Ha II
iMlli'lfti'o htnld . l nil I.. I hi Im llila ,n
fllr.l lu llili oilii v til. f.itfl tMUiimm ,N,, ;
for (lie 'iltrlinf ol thr M ,,f rr. lo V, jt
III limtifelilp No i rt.MiUi, li'tiign No, Mm,
Mini Mill .ul.'f i..,,I In nil 'it U...I lh t ii in
oukIh U liilr doahli- .. im llliit-i f t.t o(
Hi a II (or Akjtlriil.iital MUio-) nn. I to fo-tHtJ
ll-lt llU t'ltttlll to ll l.l Ma. t.i Hh Mylattt
M1 fi'i'ilu'I u Mil. olio i it l'irr;oi I U), tlr ,
Ull Krhlit). 1' hit. .),t ut ih IoIm I li4
lltt hthii Ml M MIm'bni a (i i'lilii-. T M
1 r, I li. II M it, tli ,. m.ui ! i .iu Lin i k .
1 A r.'l, of '"lilM. lIMVul.
Alt) atul rtll i.ff t ji iii.ii a niKfiirh (ha .i. ui., . i , mo I
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
I It KH i II P A M ) !' A It 1 ;K Tl I K M lV KMT
WIOSrHaSIEiT &c GO i l J."J U.l til
Undortakora and Blacksmiths, Oregon City, d
(iouil Ili'iiri-i'K.
Triuiiiiii'i cilltii"
1 tt iihv,
eulnis In Un
,1 ti, n.i,.
II VI li
r !'
II II Ml II I.AMi, Ai I Jl V. I I :s
Villi lur I'll Im Irilllttii.
hliMim r Mil I ling- llulra.
rmia Yn i'llna - Klenmar I'sr ill mt April I.
iiisin.'iia vsiiry, stsy a. rnrnlluli, slny,
M Ulalttella M'lllny, May II Knrnllsli, May.
Hleamer VV lllaittflla Vallnr. Ali'll i Kstal
Imi. May'i H lllainrlla, Valley, Msy. Kaullnu
May I., Valley. May H
1l,e,ini,ali) teaerv Ilia tllil lu cltaill
sniutii eatea at lllu, III liutlen
1 tslna ruliheel Willi llie II I', II aiullllv
llnata aU'ufvallla ami A llialiy.
I lie llieuuii I'm Ui,- li,ninliiiln un ip
lllainelli" river ilivwitui will luave
I'lirlliunl, aitiit liiiiiiul, .Muiuluy, WntlnrW-
Uiiv, m ! I inlay all' A, .M . Arrive at
l'tiiv;lia Tiieailiiy, 'lliiuaiby ami Kattir
tl:iv at II :',il I'. .M, l.t-nvr. I nrvallia,
inutli IhiiiiuI, M, nni, iv, Wiuliii'mluy ami
I rnl.iy ut M A M. Airmi ul I'uitlainl
r.T..,"i'i,.'," 'len.l.iy. lliutH,.iy mul Sulunluv at 3:30
It.le sal, I null , ... . i ' ,,, i , .. ,
I , .ii. un .ii'iimuv, v iiiiuuaiiiiy aim r ri
iluv, I,,, 111 Kurt It ami a, null-IhiiiiuI Ixiitn
; Im .avast luejil at (s'ali'in, luaviitir lima at
t) A, M.
I... I
1. 1
I iii.nni.i
. l.ute I :, I vjn I
it III e.,lu, in in
" I nl futiKieas ut
I I. t llu- si, lu u
llulatV i)aaRsa) (f,rf-o( P.trt
Uuvl, OrcKiui, will orsfD rIfitotultrr 1st,
I. A. Wmoo, the Uailing rxuniati of tli
ooust, has laKuius) a rliirr in tliia
achoxil, and ill make it tlie loatllng titiai
ness college, (send fur catalugtie.
AdmlaUtrator'i Sllrr.
Xiitico la liareby (tiven (list Ilia uiuler
si.Mif,i lias Is- n duly a,xiiiitpl by tit
lounty Cnurt uf Clai kamas tsjunty, I irriroii,
as a.liniiiulratrll uf the ratal uf Klias 1).
Kilwanls, (lereasril. All ifroiis liavlii((
elniin airaiiiat saui tsstule arc hrrrby luttl
IIH to iitsji, tlirlrclalms 'roasrlv vrrilletl
to tlie uiiilrralunril at llie olllee of Jul.iia.iti
it Iillfiiian In Orpvtin City, Ore;rin, altliln
si liuiiitlis from tii (lain tif thla nolle.
Administratrix Alurvaaul.
Juiimsiib A, Attorneys.
Diitetl August a, IW). 7-H-2S
II v , I'reeun, un YVi-.lin ail, iv . li., I
f iK'tuln r, torn.
He itniues ns vsiini , i I li.ul, .
ililliain rmteisuu 1,1 ,.
WiIihiii, nil u ( tti e,,n i ii v
ClitllllV, Urienn.
Anv ami nil it-ru,s t l.,,ni
tlir alsiVB ile-i riU I I, m l- me
ft Is? their il.illi.i In Una u!!l e
il, I.Mh tl,t) u I i l-,l r l- t,
.1. I'. Al'l'l l..v
; .'i ; .'.
I Stilt,
ill ,,,.,s t I
.Null.e la l,,i, l,( f
w nil llu, ..u ,a,.i,n ,
jiiua .i .,, fiuiu, .1
IllliUet jsinla In !,r at ,
Net ,ls ami VV Naiunaluii A I Ilia
anna ll 1 1 1 1, ,, t 1,,, nl ,e. t,l, ,, h
limit!' al lie ,, I l,l. I, u 1,1 . 1 1, 1 a ,l.t i fl ;,. I n
Ulla fllli-r ilia an., tli al.tenu l.t Nu .'li,, lur no
IH'i: I 'Oil 11 III. II' IIIO nutilt... ul I lift M .( aeell.,1, .S I.', lu
----- . ,
Ktllil ami I lekel (nin e. Hallnuli slteel t
II HASH Kit,. Jj , lu li, in'. K A . A at
l. M,,nl(,,ittery l .Hut rt.iula..,..
' Until Is. ae I li. A ' A o - II .
1 nttsllla, ur.
1 1 m i i it i. mi. n r ji m: :t. i.m.
. I tl
1 1 .1 il I , .
lull I,
a s,i,,,, ,.,.
1,11 1 li e I.
vv 1 1 -1 1 1 1 . N , , :'
nu. I :
nu. l.l ii lie .li
in I1 .in !..r .i,.
I IMHU; I AM' i, .11 Ml : ! .
I'silt 1 1- S T t I I I. t s n i ii t ; t
annua I'm, nr , J ii I --
I'linrli s II K inliev
Nntltt. Is hi lel.y ,:i e,t I !,.i! i:, , ,
nee wlih Uie .r,,vii,,iis , t r e ii i ..: .
grams if Juno), Is." si, niul, ,1 In
sal ul tuitla-r Inn, Is in tin M.m
Qia, UrrKon, Neva.lnninl Miiaim
ritttry, Charles II Kinm v ,,
County nf Yamhill, Mnii ( Ui
this tlav lile, I lit this i, lit, e his s,t
llltlt Si). '.'III!, fur the It un liliae
s. of rss--ti.iti Nn. si In I',,
SuUth, Itnnirn Nn, 7 I n t.
JirtHif to sltnw Unit the l.tlul
Valuahlr fur its iIiuUt ui
rnulliirnl ,iin,s, nn i n.
t'laiin In snnl i.uul Ui,,i, i!
rei river nf this ulll. e t( Or,
.nl II etlnesilnt . U e . 'i 'i !
lie luvuies ns w ill,, .
A. V. lili hev nl rmll.ii,, I. in, ,' II
Itina, uf MiMinnv ill , iu , II M ii ,,.
nl I lierrv v ille, Ir.
Anv ami nil isT'.,n ,l.ui,.ii.' ,i , , -,-!t
tll alaiv.. tlesi ril.e,l l.m.l n e l, .,i, !, . I..
Ille their claims in this ul1, n,,,!.'.,,
saiil .".nil tltiv ut i ii li'ls r. Is si
J I' i l l I:- 'N.
7 111 IU '.' I:, . n-rr,
TIMIIKIt I.AMi A. I. Jl Mi I I -Mi
l II K I OK PI 111 1( A I
I'M run M v r i I t mi i it 1 1. i .
llHKiuiN I 1 1 v , ' r July l'i I ... . ,
All,, rt II. K iniu v .
Nuliif Is hen I' v LNve
ui'. with the i.mvUluiis
I sin n Hi , in I m, ititn I
tun ... s i it v , ot . June ', la-ai (
lurtl'l t'.eu lllfll 111 rultll'llalteti
,. tl. l.l, a ,. ll,a at t ul eulifiraa i,
- iiiVl.i l An ail l., Uut aala ,,
la lii !,, .uu.a l alll. .llila. Ille
i .u,, VVaiii,i,,t, Irrtn,,ry, ' Anna
f , t , . iitii ,, Kins. Htaln ul
, I n una ,la IU...I In una ulliea luat
i n l.l .Nu I,. 11,1. ,urell.ia ul
' , in. Il 1 III I ,, li at 1, 1 1 .S.i J
tie V, .i I aat ami w i II i,rfwr ,r,H, iu
t', i.iiul suiihi la inula alual,l
l I nr alulm Until lur atf I leitllltral
u, l 1,, e.uniialt lift elalin lu aal.j
,l,a r, s,,!t ami trealtrt ul llila i,(
ii I lit tit , un VA e.lnrdlai. Ilia silt
,,M Ualtl .Nu
: w 111 i,rli-r -r,-, lu
limra t alnsl-ie l,.t
aiftn Mltiual t,,it,.
I,, sal, I iainl
Ills i.ilue nl tne,
lutli ,U) ul in i.,l
ill, .ii II, t ii, e Un, I a,ik, l.
lla 1 1 in I r ,-r an. tie Uisn l,,f
a, a, ntnt I,, e, I a lull f, hla eUlttt
llu t, t M, ami tei ein r nl
ul I It , II, . .11 I t, ,) UtS
. I- V
lla liallu a aa n lit,, a lu l.i tl If. ft Until
Hi rlierl II II, ml M,,, t,,-., f V .Inn, a. i,l H in
Ontirlatu I l ,., A ',., ,. -,,t Um. t j
Anv ami ail (.etaun. , ,,uti,.i,k. a.(i, t.. I, li,r ,
al,te .i-a, til,., I l,,., ti ,iali,l lu n!r'
lliell I'lshni Iti (in- ,1' , t Im-Ium aal, m, I
ila) nl tit I ,l,ir ls, J Al'l'l. It si
it I. ew later, j
, t .l.,-f. 1 s atl.
. t, , inaa
t iu, t e.
,a uiln,
i-.t i r ami .S
-ili.l nil l , tautn
leai-rtl.i.l (ami
M.liia (tl Una ,,r
t ,, lul.rt, la al
I I M III li
'si 11 til Junes 1. 1 fut i
iistia VI h i (,arj. j
l. i. Ii ul ruraiaml, ot
elstinlns ailtrfaaly ha .
am lr.'ieal,il tu flla
ra nil fir larluta aal,1 atl,
1 I Al'l'l ItStiN.
I VNI Al l' Jl M-l J. I.iTs,
a lor I'tilillrnllon.
sum "rvri,s I asi.iitiu t (
i ..,. cm. or , May j, !
I t k irn Hal lii e,,iiinllaiit-e
i I
t Um ait i, I eut,araa t,( , Ui
,a, me amriiiiiii.
, lu II, e at.tti,a nl Tall Im ma. (Ireauit.
in l N .i,ii,:,,ii li frtiury. lUsav J
"' I' tlisml. eullllly 1. 1 Mllllllnniaa.
,1 II. lull llila .Is, Itlr.l In llila ,. Ill, a
i ai .-iiti.tit ,Sn .sis.,. ,,r 1 lie ,, re liaar
', . I s s . I,, nni(,i, s,i I
u . .. .v .. s ,. ., in ,,,, ,
1 Uie Un, a,i,l.'lil la mnlp lalualilp lur
f ,r alum, iluin ,,r aiiririiltnral lutr
I In i .UN, !li Ula elalin luaalil Iainl l.i
:l,u ami teeelvet ul Uila altlee al or
titi euli. nil Irlilnt. llie ,s.(h ilay ul
1 IMIir l: I AMi, VI l li .S K 1 s: !
-no I u i: i oii i'i m il ( i iu. J
t Ml r I, Ht tta.a I , sn (II I Ii S I I
um , . "S II v, or A Ml is, sytl (
Nnllia Is lietel.y flirti llial In emu ,!lall a j
Willi ll .li,t l.lmia ,,1 llu- a. I ,. e,,nrea. ul I
Jilli J a,s, eiiiuu-.l vi, a, t luf Uie aala u I
lllularr lamia li, ii,p ai ales ,, I a 1 1 Im in. Ota i
Neva. la ami W aaiilnimt 1 er r ilur v ," i
nry Hinallirts, ul 1 ,,n, emu,!, ul l laeia I
in.a .lair ,, iir,-e,,i, has llila ,ty Itlnl In Una
iiltle Ilia an nil atnleiiienl .Nu ,sa,r ,,t ha ,f I
ehasa ul llu Ml ',ls ',, ami ,N K ', l nvV j
ul Heetluli .Nu In lunti.hl), Nn J Hultth. J
KalifC .Nu .1 I al. an I will nil, i .i,h. I l
llial the tall I an, mill la nimn V aluaMe Inr lis I
I 1 1 as. laaas r uf at,,t,p Utslt luf aarleulliiral nr a. i
situ lu aalil Uml l.efnra
ami In eaUI'llah hla
ti'Kialrf ami re
u ny, or ,mi r'lnlav.
taiilUef. Isvsi
He tialuea aa n Hiiihu .
Cullllia ami I l, M iami ,
.Neelna nl oritjuh I ity. t,
A II) 011,1 all -l aulta t Ueai-ril.i , t.,n ,
tlielf t-lultna In una ,,,l,t i
ilay nl se.n-ni t,t r, l si
; ll II
I llila
Uie Will
al life
ul He-
, 1 .,la
V Ultlllll, .'tin
"fi-S-li. II I'.
iiltilua a-heraeiy Ilia
te ti ,u-ai,, in flic
i It ur l.elute asl.l tvtli
J I Al'l KIlsti.N.
I I'm
ilrs (.'Inra 1J Maaoti.
I'siiTrt) HrxTia I.Ann iirru r, j
Hhkuiih CiTr, June 25, IhUD, (
Notiee Is hereby k'voii that In rniiit
ance with the jirovisluiia uf the it of Coii
Kress of June i, 1H7H, cntitlnl "An act fur the
sale of linilaiT liintls in the Htates of Califur
nia, Oreffiin. Nevada, and Washington
Territory,1' Mra. Clara 11. Mason, of ClrKon
i ny, county or uiacaamas, ntate or Oregon,
has this day lilsul in this olllee linr sworn
ati.leineiit No. I.V, fur the purchase of the
NK of section No. 34 In Townahii No. 6
H, Uaime No. 3 Kast, and wlllotrrr irooftu
show that the hind sought Is inurs raluahle
for ita timber ur atone then for agricultural
mirrvivea, anil to eatahliah her claim to snnl
bind liefor III rtntister and receiver of this
ollic at OreKOn t'lty, Oregon, on Wediifs
tlny, the 15th day uf October, law.
She names as witnenaea: Charles W Mead,
Oeorge II. Ward, Kdiuund llatlorf ami
William 1'atterson, ail uf Oregon City,
Clackamas county, Oregon.
Any ami allpentons claiming adversely Die
aliovc-dcsicrllied land are reiiicstcd to Ille
meir claims in tins oitiieur or Itclore suitl
15th day of October, Ihisi,
7-21 f2.1 Iteglster.
. Willi llu
ul Ille...
11 1 1v IV t In
I llie ,1. t
grcss of June .'I, s;.s, emu!, ,,
th sale nf liiulier I ,v i , , I - in II, e 'l.l,
lloniln, Oregon, Nevmhi niul
Territory," Alliert Iv kituiev. ul
County of Yamhill. 1 He ul tir,
this tlnv lllcil in tins ,,lli, , l,ss -
mellt No. '.'HIS for the ,llreh.le ulllie--',
of NW aiul lots ami ul Set n,,u N,, I, in
Towiishii No. ;' Smith, li.u ee Nn 7 I ,i I '
anil will oiler proul 1., shun 1 1 , u. the Inn.i
Bought is in, ,ri vnliiulile l,,r Us 1 1 in I r ui i
stone tliim lur mrriftiltural ,iii, a, ami ;
to pstuhlish Ins i litini in mi,. I. mil I., i,,i,. u,,. '
rrgialrr ami rei eivt-r nl tliu mil, e at i iei.-.,ii 1
City, On-gon, mi Weiliu l.iv, l',e ." ill .l.n !
Of Ot tlllHT, sEl,
lie names ns wiiueses: j. A, l'.,v,iim
A. W. Itiehev, ol l'i irl Itintl, in,; II I;., I,
dlliM of McMlnnville, i ircgiiu ; mil II. Mi- j
Ilitvrr o( Cherry villa-, I ir. !
A,,,, .,,.1 ll , i i i. !
..,,..,.,,. in, un, u: iti,i -,i it .
Ihe alnive-ileseriln il Ininls nre reiiie-li . In ,i,'v,.
Ille their chiiina in litis ulltif ur I, i lure snnl i ,..
HI ilny ol lit toher, I ' a t
.1. T. AI'I'KIISnN,
'-.'U - 10 1! Iltvi-ler,
u a na li,,,...,-, j J ilreett, f A
', ii,...f Miller a. I A. .Naisrlnr, all
,. M'l.liiuiiish, t in-auli
I ,i 1 ,,-t.una i i.iiiiiina ailveraely lite
,"l, "''I I I'tmla are re.uleatril In file
, : ,u,,a in Una ,,ti, ,, ,, r U-ftite aalA Jf.l U
I , i, ml., r. Ia n. , AI'I'MlnoN,
I ' -' 'I. Itt-slaier.
I IMI',1 li IAN I, All'. JI'NK 3. M.
mum i: ioii pi
I lille,! Hiates l.ainl tlltlea. I
"" ,.li It). Uteicull, July ;j, Is.jii
llllaitl II. I.
a lirrel,,' iivrn. Ihat III e,im,lalie
.r..v lalwiia ,, iha ae ul rntitiiaaa uf
1 1 l- s. l,lll,., "An aet lurllia aalaullliti
I at 1, un la lii ti, sinles ,, rallluiiila lirettmi,
,,.i n naiitnirtmi i err linr y, vv una in II.
i ttueiin.mi i it ul Vanillin. h(i
luislKia il iy til, , it, ,a nlli, -a lua
aw. .tu ai iii-iiunil .Nn. iri, l,,r the fiitrhsaa ill
Um MV I ,, Neetlml Nu. II. Ill I nvtlialili N
.' ,,,.! li . Kin. nn Nit il Kast. ami will ufler ,rtHil
l,, al,,,,, 11, , I il, , ,ii(lii la mure valuable
lur ll nr ami, a limit lur atirli-iiliural
uit.., a. n,i, ,, t.aui.llali ,a elallll III aalit
l iml l ei., re Um Iteslatar ami KiTelver ul llila
n,.,e ,11 Mutii ll . It) . llriunu. till 11 allies, la y,
In .' Ill .t.t y ul llelnher. Is.s)
lla luttni.a as vv Itlieaaes : J. A. FuX. A IV.
iii iiai. II li,, I,!, ma, ami . Melniyrs, all ul
uiiii'l. .at 1 1 1 lit. Ill r 11 eniiiilv. (ireuiili
I nil ,ersnus clitlittlas ailvaraety tit
rinr.t uiiina art reiilealrtl lu nia llielr
in nt nn lur asm run ilny ul
j i . n rrr.rt.nuis
1 IMIH It I INIi Al l. Jt Nr. .1. Isvs
-so i h i: i oii ri hi. ir 1 1 un
llnrin-e II 11 ,tvv ,lt,
I'MII I, Hi ,tt:a l.ivi, ut f u a I
On-iimi I U), or . June ;.i, t
N 1 1 1 " la Itereli) (I veil Hull III e.iiit,llaiiee
Willi lll ,r,,Vlam,a nll'i,, ,e nl utlKieaa nl
J, Ilia I. s;s. eiillliel In nel .,i Uie asle nl
llttl las f Intel In llie alttitt-s ul ( nlllutlila. Ore
ami. Net n la. anl VV ,tsliui,vn terrlmf)-.'' linr
aea It II tt,slivar, ,, ni-nlllt,, l uimly uf Kins.
HI. lo, , I Uu. hi, ui. ,ii Im, u, la tiny riiril III Una
"(lies Ilia aw, nil atfiteiwt.ttt Nu .M'.'?. lur Ihe uir
ehaaenl seellun Nu . Ill ruw llaltl, Nn,
1 Hnillli, Halloa Nu. 7 t ,ta. nml will niter ,r,nl
lit ahnw Uml Ilia liiml amiuhl la Inure V ti I iialiltt
Inr lla 1 1 tu ir nr aimm Until lur agrie uliural
Northern Pacific R. R.
Great Overland Route.
two r.wr tu vis-; jiaii.Y!
no riiAM.i: oKrAUS'
Shortest Line to Chicago
Ami all ,,.liia Kal, via
Tlif Noilliern Purlllc It. II.
I Itta only ti i,a running
I'liMH liuer Trains,
SvinuM liirin Slii'ivi ifrtTuI ilmrg.'
l.iuurinim lny 1'otii.liea,
Piiliimn Piiliicu S,.',.,iu, Cars,
I'uliie.' Pilling Caia (lunula 75c).
I t em I'urtlund to Ihe l ast
See lluit your ticket read via tits
Nuithurii I'm ilic K U and
amid cliHiig.' ul cura.
1 lit,,.ili I'iiHi ia I'alai a rilranlni Car, elf i
(sill ilat euaeliea. flitrat ,ala, a .ft it 1 v. at rata '
ween I'lirllaiul. lat viita ami rtralll ill reel '
I'all) sarvlie
. I. 411 tlll.TOV
4,'.''l !. Ag. nl. im j rj
l.. I'urllast.l. Or.
f sT"l't i 'l. cnriter l irai ami u nirrei
Mil l! K poll Pt 111 l( V ITON.
t nlle.l Hialrs I ainl (lltles.l
Orenuii l lty, on ,.it. Jul) s,ju. i I
juliti T II.hhI j
.Nuilrel hereliy ulveit. Uml In emuiiMaiiee I
Willi llie jtriivlsiuiia nl ' Ii net nl euiisiraa ul I
Inn .1. Is, s, ntuiiril "An ael Inr lit sail nl
lllitlwr Ian, I lu llie aisle ,,l t'alll, . tins, oreutt. I
eva,la. ami llaahlliKlnll lrrtltury." Juiin T
v. ui s i . ui vv Item I ml , Ciittuly ul Yailllilll. hlala
oloresnii, has Una tlav llle.l iu Una uities lua
aw urn slaleiiirlit Un. '.'im. It r Ille purebaae til Uie
nil nl arelimi Nu. Ill In l ua iulil, Nn t smith.
Ilalt,,' Nn li Ks.l.aml will ufler pruiil lu ahnw
llial Ui Iainl amitlii a inure valuahl lur lla
uiiiert oriiuii itintl Inr Hk'rteilll uml plllpuli.,
The New Remedy. - Absolute!
Thousand's Alrrncly Cured
Hllltllt nltly leti ntmi'li Uii toil) l'-m , a-,. t t ' ! c i
I littt the vary Iten Ian, 1 1 It-a. (.i-'aiin it i i e i i. i t t, ,
arllll In realal lla w ntuler lill all', a i , . i a j,.,., ,,(( (t,
tut liouk entilallillis luil inluf tiuitluit
II t It t m m MM icoiii: it 1 1. 1. i.J;
Tlor. l tin M., 'urtj
I'selmlv Anna Im ;.,ekarii i'uuii") tit'.' ' Uvi Hvsj
' ('' 1 1
rw J
"llraLsr's Golden Fenjak
i'S. ''""'a.'.
X. ) P
' i l' 1 ".1IJ.,,
, s"
I ' r.-neva
't u
Il t'l ,
i ! f- '.
'. '-)i i
I v I i
( I
l srttvt OUTOF ORDER.
... " W"10" QUAHL,r1.L
ILL ATI i.ti na
tTtOVIH.Mfl r gVi.
Tiaina (nrtlie Kant leave I'm lluntl, 7
A M ami V M P. M.
TprTC lu ami Iruin prliu-lp.l ,,inl.
IIUIM.IO lu ihe I i,lir, sul,.., ( i,,
ami Kilrnpa
litnl Net Dking Palace Cors.
Puimaii Palace Slfeirrs.
run TIiI-oiikIi on Kxtrcna Trail.
& st. i.on
V ITHOt T I'll INIi K.
I'ltiaa emiuroilun at r,,rll.uij l..r Sau
elae.i ami Tiijel Smiml ,,,lnls
For lurlhfr psrileiilnra iutiiltr ul aui an. n
til lit 'uiupntiy ur
r. tv i.i: :.
. i. a r. .
I'm I lu li .1 . 0 i i ; vn
O. K.
iii:i. I . rttiiic.
tatttSl'l .llSMIIK.'r.
nurnnaea, ami I, eai,tl,.h lila elalin ,i aslil ( It' ealalillali lua claim In an l.l lalt
Iainl l.elura Ihe ll-gMtr ami lieeelver ul till I lli'Klaler ami lleeelv er ul llila nltiei
j Ol-iul,
In llu
' r , last
;il lu ;
Tlnitetl States Land Om,'.
Oregon City, Oregon, July 31. IMS).
Nol'u Is herchv riven that in coinnll.
am e with the provisions ol the act of con.
irress of june 3, 1H7H, entitled "An act lor
the sal of timber lands in (ha slates ol' Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
TvllleR Dlnammire
ol" Sheridan, county of Yamhill. staU of
Oregon lias this (lav lllcsl in this olllee her
aworn ntiitemeiit No. 21WI, for tli nurclias
ul theswpf section No. 'U, In tuwnsbip
V II .1 . . V H - -. , ... i
,w, auimt, .tang is o, , vasv, iiii win ui
for firuof to show that tli land sought is
mor vatuatiie jr lis timutror itouctnan
for aerlgultural purposes, and to establish
her claim to said land before the Register
and Receiver of this ollic at Oregon City,
uregon, on wcuneiday, Hit Otli day or No
Veinher, !)().
Hhe iiatiKsas witnesses: W, Diuinuiore,
J. Kinney, of Hlieriilan, Oregon; A. VV.
Kichcy, and J. A. Voi of Portland, Oreoii.
Any and all iersons claiming adversely
the alKive-descrllted land are reiiiested
to lile their claims In this flic on or before
said 6th duy of November, IHMO.
8-M, 10-1(1 J. T. AH'liHSon,
dii on your leaui or iiosos, this ery yuar.
Oh, d'-ar Motlier. vou will not forn-ati'i
' " o
' Bcijce wa a dreamer In her way, amrl a
plrcd to ti a nclioLar, too, But all the nao6t
she wis not a littJe fooL
BIio had been roared In hardy, almpla,
honctit ways of living, and would have
tnoulit it tu thuinef ul on a theft to hav
, , llNITKB 8TATIB I.1ND OrPtCK, 1
(JKIUOH UlTV jr Aug. UlKUO.i
Netlce Is hereby glvan lhat the Inllnwing
name,! settler has filed notice ol his Intention
to make Anal proof In auppurto! his elalin, anil
that aalil prnol will be utatltt bnlortt the regie
tar and receiver ol the V. H. Land Ollic at Ore
gon City, Oreiron, on October lit, IHWt, vis: Kd
ward H. Ingrahara, homestead entry, No r,3.2.
for the ne!4 ol uw'4, lot 1 aud nU ol ne'. of
seosil, t s, r.
II names tli following to prov
hla continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. n 1(1 land, vis: Htoy Ware, 1). W. Ware of
Cherry-vine, Clackamas county, Or., 0 K. I'ar
kar, James Maybe of Sandy, Clackamas Co.
H-21-9 -26 Iteglilsr
TIMIIKIt LANIi, .ll'NK.'l, s,'s.
t'MTKtl H i A l l H I.VS1I I II I II I', I
Oiikuiin Cn y, dr., July I lib, isai.t
Oeorije W. Mct'iirver.
Nollce la hereby i;lven Hull iu cuuipli
niu-e with lint prov isimis nl Ihe in I ui r,n,
Kress of June 11, IH7S, enlilleil, ", n m l ,,i
the sale of limlter IiiiiiIh In Ihe Mules ui
California, Ureenii, Ncvielii, nml Vnlinii;
ton Territory," lleuri;e V. ,M, ( '.i is o r Ore
gon City, t utility nl' ' Im-K ;i ' t n
Oregon, ban tlils ihiy lili-il iu litis
sworn stiiieiiii nt No. 'Jin I. f,,r Un
of the N l nl'MW niul N .; ,,
Hectlon No, I'.' in 'I'oiviiHhip Nn.
RaiiK No. .1 Kiist. mul w ill nllei
show tbnl Hie litiul suni lit is nun
for lis timber nr Htune Hum I'm ni'i ii till o
tturitoBcs, uml to CHlitblish bis In -.11 i I
land bel'orc Ihe retdsler uml reei ,, this
ofticc lit Oregon Citv, nr., on Thiirhiv , llie
2'tth day October, iHim.
lie lilllnes ns wiliiesse-i: M. W. 1,'iin
dph, mnl ('. W. Mi'iul ul limp, ,n rile, in.;
Uavlil M. riillerson, mul Kilivun IIii-ilc-.
of (iruy'l Harbor, Wash.
Any and all itr.snns ehiiiniiiir mlveiselv
the above-ilcscribcil IiiiiiIh are i ii-mI .-, I lit
81 thtir claims in thin nlliic nn or hi line
said 2.'id day of October, Ikisi,
J. I . rt I'l'I'.K.ill.N,
7-31-10-2 l!,r.i.. ,i r
Sliiln ul
olllee bis
pint lui'ie
HI, nl
li .Siiilh,
proi.r I,,
v nlniil.l,.
n m r; i ou ri iii.M'A I io.
I M i t;n si itks , nii Orrinr,
lllllivnlN I'lTV, Or,, Jllll.i 71 11. 1MKJ
Null,., la hereby given that In ciiniplliiiice
wlih the prnvlalmis ul (ho ael nl ruliKresa ul
J ;. 's.s. elililieil. All net Inr Ihe aals of
ll!lll,ei 1,111, la III Uie aliUi.a ,, fall lltrilla. lrellll,
Set 11,1,1, in nl vv ii s hi nuiim 'lerrllury." 1 1 uml In
IV Mm 1 1 li u Kenllln, (Jiilllllv nl klliK.NlHla nl
lltishiiimun, luis Un, ,y ,,, In ,ia nllm, n,
"Worn al tleinenl Nn. 'Jllrj, Inr Ihe purellase ul
Ihe Mil ul Ht'etlun Nil. ill. Ill Tnw llllll Nil, (I
.".null, liiineg Nu, il Knst, mul will niter pritttl lo
sluiiv Uml Ilia linni auiiKhl la inure vnluntllti Inr
1 1 1 1 nt I ta-r nr alniie iluin Inr aarleuliiiral pur.
Imaes, uml In l aliihllall hla eltlllll In anl, I html
I, el, , re Uie rexliler nn, I receiver nl llila otiii') al
(U-eiimi ( ily, III,, nu Weil liesility, I III) Hill day ol
llelnher. Ism,
lis li. imea us vvlliiesaes; Win. Jnliaa uf Knr-
svlll, I'llMel I ily, Mnllln ml : VV. H. I lm,Mrd,
H in llui.ver. nu, I N, J 11 eleli ul piirilaiul. Or.
A ii v it im I nil persona cIiiIiiiIiik adversely iho
leaerineu Inn, la nra reiiieslril lurlletluilr
lu Ihls ulliee un ur ,t, nra aalil till, lav
r, J. 'I'. Al'I'KllMON.
ol (lei
ullu eal Oretiull I Ily. or., nn I ilea, lit), llielllll
itay nl oel,,l,r, (, ii,itiu,H aa ttltneaaes:
K II ('nurtli II It IV.ul,,, N J VI ttieli, II . A.
..'alturit. all t, PutiUml. i r
Any ami all pet a elitlinliiu a, Iv eraely the
atmve ileaerihe.l Inn, la nte ttiiealril tu Ille
llielr elaiini In ihla min e mi nr l,el,,te snlil lull
tiny ill el, , her. s.,l J. , , I'l'l. list IN,
V U. V Is lit tlaier I.ANU A.T, JI'NK 8 IsTS
police lor I'liltll.-iilloii.
l.llli'ulll (i Kills.
I nhi ii Hi v 1 1 s I, vim in r ii a '
Oreumi i lly, or , June -.'.I, Isisi )
NoTll'K l lieteh) Kiven Htm lu euiiipllnitee
wlih Ut pruvlaimia i, I the m i ul rmittiess
ul Jiiua a, ls,s, iMiiiti,.,! " A,, ,. Inr the t i,
llntlier Ininls In UieHinlea ull nlllnritln, llreKim,
Nevniln, nml IV .uhiiiflnii ietrlim y." I, it n
11. Kill ul MfHll lis. I', niiilv nl hllnr, Slnle ul
W tasali I it ii 1 1 in , Itna this itns llle.l lu (his ulliee his
awttrll alalrliirul Nn. Jl.'s, Inr Iho pure Imatt ul
the Nh1,, n( Heellmi Nn. I I. In 'I nvv tishlp Nu. 'I
, null, Uiiiine Nu. 7 Kaal, nml will uller pnml in
alinw thnl lite Uml a,,iii;lil la mule vnliiiihla
lla Umber ur aimif Until fur atinc ultiiriil pur
, . all, I In ealtibllalt his t'ltttlll tn Mil, I Inn,
belure Uie Hetdsler ami Kecelver nl llila nlhee
ai tlrcitnll I'llv, Or , nil I llesilny Ihtl Hill, lay
nl (letuiier, IS1SI, He unities its vvlliiesaes, N
J. Welch, 11. A. 'nlmrii, li. II. I'niirllee, It II.
ll'mle ul I'nUlitllil. Or.
Any ami all persnns elitliiiluu tulv t r.'H'l y I he
slnivii ileserilieil hillils lire reiUesletl tu file
llielr elnims III (Ills nlllce nu ur hefnre aitltl
lltll tiny nfoctnlier, IS'.lll. J.T, API'KIIKON.
7 17, U IS HeiilMer.
Jill .!!.
I'lllted Hlnlt-K l.'iml lllliee.
OriiKnn City, Oiei;i,ii, July, 'II, Is'il),
Notice Is hereby ulvcti Unit in ei,iiiilniii,i
with the provlsniiH ul tlui nel. nf oorttii-usH uf
Jillieil, 1MVH ijiilille.l "An net lor Ibesnin uf
timber lmula lu tlui Hlnles nf Citllfuiiiln, ore
gon, Nuvatbi, mul WitHhliiKlnti 'I't-rt-1 ti i ty , "
lliritlll II. Illnulteliship
of Oregon City, con n ty ul ChickiinuiH, alnln nf
Oresuii hns llila tiny filed In Uiin nfliee his
sworn statement Nu, 2 1 nil, fur the pinelinsii nl
th llU of III)1; mul li1., nf n vv 1 . n neelliili
No fl, In tnwnnlilp Nu. 2 etntt It, linnite Nu, il
east, and will ull'er pmnl in n)i i i vv Uml llie
land souirht la ninrn vuliuiblii lur lis timber nr
stone than fur niirleulltirnl pin-puses, nml lu
eatsbliah hla cluiiu tu milil html lii.font Uie
Kealatnr ami teeeivnr nl ihls ullleii nl oreumi
City, Orcipiu, nil IVeilliesiliiyllui Inlt tiny uf
Miveinner, imsi.
He iiaines its wllniisseH: M. lilusmnnn' .1.
Kluney, of Hherlilnli, or. A. V. Illeltey, nml
. A. Fux, ol I'urlliinil i Oregon .
Any and till nersuiiN cliilinlin nilverii.Jv llie
abova-dttacrlltetl litinlH niti i-e'iiieste.l ift llh,
thelrclaiina in thin uIIIcl' nu i.r linfnt-e nnlil ,'itli
day of November, mini.
11, 10111 .1. T. AITHHIluN.
New net fo ImrnesH Inr Hiiln ul Ibis Olllci'.
A barguin.
Mini i, i on pi iii.ica rio.v.
I'lille.l Hlnles l.nml Olllee, I
Oreijnii Cy, Oreguli, July ti, lK).
Hubert T. Wunil,
N.iilee In hereby given Unit In cuitiilhiiiee
Willi Um pinvlslmis nl llie nel nl eunnreas ul
June a, Iv;h, eittlileil ' An net Inr lint anleul llm
hcr IiiiiiIh lu Ihe nt ut oh nl 'nlllnriilii (Iretiitti,
Nevtulii nml 11 iislilnmoii Terrllnry,'1 Itnlitirt
'I'. Win nl, ol 1 lie.illiiml, Ciiii nl vol Viiialilll.rllnlo
ul Ill'Mlui,, Il ls Ihls ilny III,-, I In tills tillititi hla
aivnrii si ileitienl Nn. '.M";l, Inr the piirclisse ul
I Ii ( K K 1 , nl Heellon Nn. II, ln'lnvvnsllll Nu. 'J
u" ,,,,n;i, u -.nnt, nun nni uiier pritiu in
nltuvv I lu. I the linni suiikIu, In tiinrti vtiltinble lur
lis Utiitier nr nlniie linni (ur imrleiilliirnl iiur
nnses, tin, I In esln lillsli hla r- In I in in hii ill fund
lieinrtillie ret;lHier niul receiver ill thla nlllce nt
(IrcKnii .Illy. Oreguli, oil Wciluuaihiy, (,hu 2tll
day nl llelnher, IK-.III.
lie lulliien its ivItllCHfieH: ,1, A Knx, II, Hub
bin, A. IV. lileliey nl I'urlliinil, Oregon; and II,
iMelntyro nl Cherry v 1 1 lu. Or.
Any nml nil peisiuia iuiiiiiiIuk nilvurstily Iho
nbnvn ileserilieil IiiiiiIh tint reiiuealetl lu lllu
llielr ebllllis In ibln nfliee uu nr hefurtt atilii 'Jillll
ilny nl llelnher, IMI. J.T. AI'PHItMON,
V HI lu-'.!. Iteglster.
JulUldlll Si I I'l llM A II, ATTY'B
AiliiiinlNli'iilnr'N Notice.
I linve been duly mipiilulcil by the Cinuilv
Ciiliil nf .Unfit us llniiuly, (,rti(illl, A 1 III 1 1 1 1 H-
triituriif tlui Kslniu ul Jiieitlt Kliuer, ilecenNtitl.
All pei'Mium lutvliiti nlitliiiH ngiiliist anlil enlnle
will present llii'in to inn ut my residence ntttir
CluiliH P. II., lu nnlil county wilblii U inontliH
frnnt tho tlule nf thla uutleu.
I in l.'il Cliifloiiiuoi cuuiily, Oregon, July 24,
till Adiulnlstralor,
Atlll.C till' I'liltllciilloii.
I'NTIKh Si VIIIs t.t Nil Ol-Kll K,
Oiikuiin CITV, Or., I line II, 1H;IU.
Nullee la llerebv civell thill 111 cnlnnlbiiiea
Willi the priivlsbuia ill iht I ul emmreaa ul
June n, l.s.n, entuieii -Alt nel Inr lite suleul Um
ner inniiN In Uiu sinles ul Ciilllurulii, Oretinn.
Neviuhi, nml 11 ushluiUuii Terrllnry." II, n, mh-
ii. II. l.l' NT. Ill ISilll Iriiliels .' v tt Hull
rrnlielseii, hlnle ul 1 nlllnriilii, Ihih liitn ilny
tll.,,1 In it, la ,.llu, l.l. in..,.., u v ,
...... ... .,. .. n. i. uu 1111,
Inr the liurelitlse nl Ihe HIV i., ul Heellmi Nn. l'i.
In Tow iihIiI, No i Mouth, limine No. ii Knsl, mnl
will uller prnol lo shun Uml llu, Inn, I shukIii la
more viiiiiulili' lor Its limber ur sinne tlinii Inr
SKrictiiiurni niii'inses, mul in cHtiihiisii lilselnlin
to anlil I.i ii tl liefni the rexlslor in tl reetiiver uf
tills olheo al Oreiiun .illy. Or , uu Friday, the
tin it tiny tn oeiiiut r, innii.
He iiniiies na wllitfsses: (len. K. AiliiniN. of
Hsu Knilielseti. Cnl.i A, F. Tlieinlnrii Moller, of
t.iuv eriniie, v. in,; jiimen A I'ux mill A. IV,
lileliey, nl l'i ,11 In 1 1 , 1 , Ol-etimi.
Any ami nil pernmis tiinfiulni; mlvnrscty the
abttv-tf ileserilieil liintls nre reiiiesleil in Ille
their ('biiiiis In this ulliee uu ur lielme miiil luih
dny nl Oeiuber, Im.hi. J. T. AI'I'KIIhoN,
7-11) -IM!. Healsler.
Ilia llt'Slaler ami lleeelv er ui thla nllte al ur
ami ny, orrk.,.u. uu lletlnesilay, lb ajtlt dav
ul Oct, , Iter, lsial
II liaina as wilueaa; J A Fin. A IV.
Itlehey. II li,,l, 1, in. ,, I'nriUnd. Oregon!
ami II Mejiiivro nl Cberrv -villa. Oreiitui
Any ami all peraiiua claliitliis ailvurscly Ilia
abut a ileaerlbetl lainla are retiieated tu His
llielr rlnliii lu ihi oihea uu ur lielme said li
day nf Oeiuber, l-vni
J. T. AITKItSuN, Keglsier
7 .:i -in i
.aillce .r I'.ililii-Hltoii.
I'niTKii htatics Liu it iitri, K i
Oiisiiiui City, or , July 7, Ihsio.i
Nnllce Is hereby given thnl the fnllnwllig.
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J. T. AIT'KltSo.N.
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I now have a Full I
lla I'd wa re ami Stoves. Suit
for Superior Stoves nml i
o have coiiiurlcii with tlui
a First Class Humler ami
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Oi-etiun Clly, or., June 'Jil, Ismi.
NOTICK Is hereby given Unit In ctiiiiplhiuni!
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SIhiii nl Oreguii, Il it Ihls tiny filed la a (hla nlllce
hln avvniu sluleiiieui Nn, JlJii, lur fTffi'i curt'luise
of I Ut. Nil'1., nl K Inn Nn, IU, lu TmHllshlp No.
'jsjniilh, ItniiKii Nu. 7 hunt, nml tv ill iillcr ,r,i,,
to alinw Hull the Iniiil miiiiuIiI Is ninre vuliuible
fur Its timber ur simui Unui lur niiriciiliuml
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In ml hitlnre Hie Iteglalcr niul Receiver nl this
ollloo nt Oregnn Clly Or. un Tueailnv lite Mill ilny
ul Oeiuber, IS1II) lie niiincn hb wilneaKes: II
l. W Ivvnril, nl Henllle. Wiishlntilnn, K, II
Courllue, N. J. Welch, W. A Ciibnrn of Port
laud, or.
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abnve ileserilieil Ininls mc rtti lU'Hl.vtl pi m0
llielr claims In thin ulliee un or belure snld Pith
day ofoctnbor, IH'.iO J, T. AlTHtHON
717, ll-llt Itcglater.
Collie lor I'ulill.-.illou.
OiiiiuoN citv, or., June IS, iniKl.t
Naillei' Is hereby given that lu cmnpllanee
Willi lbs pruv-lslnna til (lie act uf cuiiKrcaa ul
jiiits ,i, in em men "aii act lur Ilia anlo aillliu
her lmula 111 the slntea nf Calllorula, Oreanll,
NiiVHila. niul 11 nHhlitijtnn Terrltury," Aiitiick J,
IViiuli, uf I'lirtlitiifl.l'nultty nl MuKuuiiihIi, Hlale
of Ori'Knll, Ims litis duy Illetl lu thla olheo hi
aivnrii slnlriiieiil Nn. -.'II.. (nrlhe pnrohnsa ol
the NK 1 ol neetlun Nn is. In Tuiv nslilp No.
in luvvitHiiip mi. 2 Huuiii, itaiiKU No. 7 Ktiat. ami
will uller pruiit Iti alitivv that the laud atitinht la
mure valuable Inr lla limber ur Hone (linn for
aitrlciiltural purposes, ami tutu estnltllah hit
elniin In snl, 1 html belure ihe reiilsier ami re
culver nl litis ulliee at Oreiruu Clly, Orcgun on
Friday, llie Hull ilny ul Oeiuber, Isuu.
II mimes na witnesses; .1. II. Ilntieelt, 11. M.
larlmul, ami J. A. Kupert of I'urlhiiiii, oregnn;
ami J. A Meliityruof Cherry ville. Oregnn.
Any mul nil peramia clnlmhix adversely th
abnve described binds areretiiesietl In fllatlieir
clnlmslii ihls ollu-e un n r before anlal HHIi day
ol octnlmr, lisuu. J, T, Al'I'KKSON,
7-lu-lMl Itmlaler.
..,'!'-LV l-tCAI. (Ually. xeept fJnndsv ) "
','" I "j-v """rnrllaml Ar' " I 9 on', ii
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
Furacciiuimodniinn Seenml class l',tsM,iiieia
altnched Ut Kxpresa Tralua.
Ileal Side Division.
Ma 1 1 Trii In, Hall y (Kxcept stumbtv.i
;.'a. h.i i.v I'tirllantl Ar
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At Albany anal Catrvallis cuniieci vvilii irtii oi
ol Oregnn 1 'acute lillrtmd.
Express Train Pally (Kxcept Stin,y) M. I l.v Piirlltiiid Ar I hi u
V'!:; McMliuivllla l.v I li:, I, 2;
TO AI.I.l'OlN i-s
Knr tickets and full ltifnr,,,uii ,
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Oregau t'uy " "''"' m
aii.l work
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R. D. WiM
0ij'KiU. lM OiJio,
Tlj3 Celebrated French I
Is S,l! ri ON A
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oi iiervniis diaciue
or nu v tlisonlernf
tin' tretierni ii ., nr.
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vvlieUier Hriaim:
BEFORE n enf sitiiiiiHiiis, AFT3
annat-ttl ,tr , Ul ) , . ir Ul ruilli 11 VOIllllllll
tlnn. over In,lu!i,, i,,,., .v., .-... t. . t
rnvver. IViikei'ttiness, Hearimiilmtti laiil
ui a..,Mllilitil llenliiiess, llvatt'im, Sane
ti-nlinn, Nut ittrtitil Kmiasin'iia, I e.n'itrrh.
sllla'ss, Wa'ak Memnrv, I n.t,i IMwerai
leni'V, which f ti, .,.... t,.. I. i.,,. ,,
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inr f . . Hi. sent bv until on rereiut nl prli,
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every .,.tsl,,r,lerre, eiv,.,t. In rvnin,! tlnii
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tli.uisandaof t,,(iimii,is it-mil !.! ami
uf I'utli seves, vi li, t lot ve Pceu perinaiii'Ut!
by the use of Aphrodiliik'. Cu-euliir iree.
noMci-u inancii, Kox IViin d
K. I'. KOtlElts, I
A10. K. ii nd fan. Agent
I'm' Siilf !iv ('
i :i mail
,1'US ,
s n t'il.i
Guaranteeing Mora Power, using Less
Water than any other
Wheel, and tho only Tur
bine that will
work successfully
under High Heads,1
Guaranteeing !
under Heads from
3 TO 300 FEET,
.;t 0s 1 10 UDERTY ET
T ..JUT. a- TTrtrr-
ai? .Jt; H l I
Head of Water and Power kp
. 4 kv J". ' , 'V'' "f f ' 'Jp""t'.' e .va.a.. av.
, . T "-wit-vaaa.-
..',.". V. !.,.. ay.s.a-Jt ...