The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, June 26, 1890, SUPPLEMENT, Image 5

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-.- . , -i vr.:.':"i
": o n
UlltK AND ..Oil.
What ti:i Traaamirtatlon ('mtianlr
and Ntiambwt Mm An lllc, aa
Jtrpuilra to Tke fcaterprlne.
A conference wan heM in I'orl-
l.i ml tin tan,, It tiV rnlirONitlltittivc
of varum ton.nloat line ou the
f'i.lnii.kin Willamette river fur t)i
lui-wft of raiding freight ana pa
nonctT rale. What action wan
I 11 L till Ik Ililt !..itnii..i hut it ;
H ai.( that an a.lvauco of twenty-! '' ?', 10 Muianello
five per pent wan agree! "to to take p 7'11 formeiM-d with cahin accom
ellVet m iHn a, new ach.Hlule can no.Iation and i eaahlo of carry
bf made out. The tcntrlml men! ,y "'. very light
claim that they are forced to raise; drafc, and in point of m.. a w
.a , a, ill ).. ul.L I,. h.M.I ... ! t a. 1 1 1 111!
their rule to avoid i.ankriitcy
il... .l,..r. ,i it .. i.f ,.l
sharn conna'tition
year having forccil ratee an low
that they are all lotting money
It i reported that the I'nion
IVifie Company will build two
new boat fur the Willamette river
in the fpnng. I hey will be large
nued and of light draft to run at
all iteaton of the year.
Work Uxm the new ntcamer that
H lieinjr built in Portland hJohn
eon v Olson, for Aoornnthy Unm.,
.fr Klri.b... .f ChnmiMM'ir . in;
.;,t. :.
in nun ...
if havim? her ctiiunlcted by the
firttt tf April. She ia to le IW
f.H-t in length, .!0 feet U'ain ami
will draw almilt 12 inchea without
a loal. Her engine are to of
t.lvrt Hii'h iKire with a U lotil
,troke.and are to Ih, the u,.,
approval paucrn. ", n
uteamer will lw furmahetl in the i
la at of shapo ami will tc a line
addition to the Willamette licet
t'.ipt. KoU-rt Young, late of the
Orient, wilf have command of her
ami Mr. Kvena, who ban licen
running at engineer on the Orient
will have charge of the engine
Ham. Nii kuni A Co., of Portland
have their new towlatat nearly com
pleted, that ia to take the place of
the Uuittler, which will almrtly go
mi the retired lint.
t'apt Cyril Smith ha had work
re tt in I'd utMin hi new laiat, which
he i having built in Portland ami
i to luve her completed at once.
Cant. Smith hn m-i
i -it
wllt'iner no win I"" '" "
, .1 l. . :)I ....1 l.ia ul ...i nil.p I
on theWillamette trade or tti towing
the lower river.
Tho Orient, which wa lately
i I t I ..I. I nn.l
Cil.-lemme'i, mi- ." .. r - -
aont to the boiicynrd
H ail anoineri
hulk to that innacuiu
a itiiiuitic. ,
of river
The miiehieneryia Mn placed in,
the Victorian, the new deep-water !
atetituer that i iM-ing built in Port-!
land for the I'nion Pacific Company j
.l h..r Iriiil trin i exiMHted U
take plftfe within a couple of
.....i.tba offer which ahe will leave i
for flin Sound. I no ictonan
. i 'e ':,.t,,!
the.largeHt ami fluent Htetuner ever
bu'i t in Oregon or Wellington ami
i equal to any ever turned out by
o.nMan Kraticiaco Hhipyartl and
xhriwa that when it come to nhi-
i.oil.rmtr Oregon i to the
a in everything clue
The Maacot, tho new Hteamer
built for th. Lewia River Trana
portation INnnpany, made her
!irt trip on that route ycHterday.
She i one of tho hiinduonieHt and on tho Columbia
I-.IU a iireinir need on
Iwi river route.
The Lucea Muhoii, which wa
run on a Knag at Kittle llock on
north fork of I-cwi river a week
ago lat Sunday and wink in
twelve feet of water, will WhMy
bti raised and taken to Portland
thiH week for repair. 1 he middon
rio in tho river hint week retarded
the work of raining her.
The Oregon Pacific Company is
i...:i.i;n a Inrco wharf-bout at Ur-
Jn V which will he taken to Salem'
Siuil M . J warehotiHO for tho
I(iin.nny freight.
('apt, Jan. Smith has reig,iHxl
tux )Hnttioit us captain of tho
MihIv ami ha lonaml tlio Maiuan
illo, helonging to thoHhaver Uro.,
ami which in run during the
m'r month on
" NHItn 111
thu flats-
with the (!. V. Shaver, ami will
luce her on the Willamette, malt
ing two regular trip up irom rori-
l", " ..
uoai on uie river,
('apt. Mile IMI, whoso leg wa
broken last fall by being thrown
bv the teller wheel agaimt the
pilot house, ha fully recoveretl
the Ue of hilt leg ami take com
mand of the Champion thin week,
Jtihlt Zllluolt, after laying oil'
fur aeveral luolitha, ban taken the
mritin tif mate on the Suh-m.
Capt. John (tore ttnik connnautl
of the Mod' thia week, aince
1 """ f,,m" l l-
liitru ha been running a steamer
on one of the lakea in Uritixh Col
uiultin fr come inoutha pai-t, but
jircfer the Willamette on which
luont of hia att uiulxintiug ha been
t.I t.,i. i.. ..t
tht ul takn lhllt
on the .MihIik. Mr. Newton (trahun
...:.. t,.;.! nir lu i. ,imv viaitimf
It ih pureuttt in tin city
Tho Oregon Pncillc Intat Win.
M. Hong, X. S. P.eiitly and Three
Siter will probably have Cor
vnlli for I'ortiaiid next Monday,
on their regular trip, if the river
continue to mine. dipt, tieo Kanlie
w ill command the HnugwiihCapt.J.
W. Kxon timte, Allicrt Mccully
engimvr and T. Thompnon purwr.
t apt. S. V. Short will lm on the
Heutley with J. H. a
mate and AI KH-rly engineer and
(in v rower iurer. ihe inrcei
Sinter will Ik- in commnml of W. P. Short,
1'aptnln II. H. Parker, of Aaloria, Ima
deci'letl to njuie hi new tint
. . t
Hie U 14'.' feet in length,
and 2.1-foot lieatit, 4 feel depth of hold.
Her etwiuei orj Wvl! Inrliut atel will
U luinialiel with by Ibe U.iler
that wa tikett frm t'Ura Parker,
T. llp.,K.,.u. ,
by tho machinery give her plenty ol
room on the freight deck. On the iif
Iter ihtik tw-jiity-lw-j laleriKim, each
containing two bed lurniah deeping
accommodation (or night travel. She
will probably lw put on a nluht
run lo Aatorla.
-- .........
.Ma Meeting at Martuant.
A itmta meeting wa held at the
(irunifu hall at Manpiain, on laal Hut
tir.biy evening for Ihe penman of tba
euiwii.g Ihe merit ar.d diHiiietita ol Ibe
report of tbe eenuto toiiiiniltee on
The meeting of which Holert Tboinp
aoii acted a ehairiiiitn and P. J. Kitlinti,
eeretaiy, well n-prcneute.i oy
lim lea.iiiia t'y-i" ' "
ity, who diactiaaeil the bill, pro and con,
in it brtiinlc t eenae.
The following reaoluli.m were
adopted :
Keaolved, That It I the "onae ol till
meeting that we oioo the aunale tax
and HH-eMtuient hill.
Ile..led. That we favor tbo repeal of
1 tl liidebU'diie elaiiatt In Ihe pruaent
Unaolvi-d. That wo favor the elec
tion ol precinct ita-M-aHorH by tho people.
Keaolved, That we oppono tho repeal
of the preeunt uaury law,
Kttmilvo.l, That wit onpoce Ilia re
pent ol the mortgage tax law, but favor
un amendment that the mortgage heir
the tax collector' "lamp for taxtia mld
bolore it can be colloe.etl ; and that a
mortgage cannot be canceled after it U
aaHiiHsed until all taxes are paid thereon.
Ilahy rnri lagc For sale.
Apply to Mr. Marv Ma.lor, nrar .T.
M. Baeon'i
.old cheap.
a place, wcany now. 11
.lllIII0.4l. !. Al-
1'rtjlmto court will nieot on Moiulay
neM ami tlin t'iiiiMiili"U ncr eutirt on
(lie lulliiwlug VtMliieUy,
A .lerttit rn!eiilvB eiitlire r!y
lielil at the tenlileme ul l'l
J. I'. Nhaw, on WihIiukUv evvtilii In
lientirol Mnt. Jacob I lorn.
l!v, C. ('. Ulnaii will lUlivcr (lie lliinl
of hit nnrlr of Initirtw ml YMay vinlng,
Jantmiy Mli. Htililnt, "Tlio Origin ami
lllwrlipn ufllt lluitittit Heart,"
Mr. Il)lr, the Krurrnl n'iil Itir (lie Kvt
It'KK yl'in, l'i .n'ftMi)hnli'iilirriif many
yrari rtrlnrti. )u mil li lx kIIvimIIiik
Hi wIhniI. H ilvvrtl'vmxnt flM-wlitn'.
Mm, Jtillit KrwyUit, whit Iimm lieen
eriuiitly ptiireriiig Irum an allaik u(
lor aoma lime pant, la now
aliot ly iinvleai'liig ami la alilv lo nallt
alxitil Iter riHiin ami ttj-t't ant enter
Initial hy Iter litinlly anl her many
frim!a lr Iter t oiniilela teeovery.
M lth. At Ihti linnir In Tnali
lin l'rt lini. I lm kaiii, mi Ith' .HI,
!,', Mi" Mim r Hlmrilii Mr. Julm Maya
liy frank Rrti, Julli ul Hi I'm.1.
Tim iIiik llnrtt hv lint a vrrv
l. w gnt-.u, nnwily rclmlvii i.f iIid
hiy ttmi'lr. Tliry Inlvntl l.ilnki ii.lirlr
n-ilrm nrar Tualllltt, t here llit-y arv IhiiIi
a..Uliil4il, ami mlirrr lln-y will lw cril.
ally litniirl liy a ImiI ul frit-m! b.
II. K lli live real tl aeenl
ul tliia city, would call llifl altettliim ol
liiiinrtHH'ket tu liat ba kt etia in ilia
wave! real e-luln' Ilia al. can It
lotitnl In anoihel t'tilmitn. ami it will
I my you to read ll. Mr. Own ia well
.nan InClat kaitiaa eiiiiniy a mt
alaittial and etittryelii' linniu-a man,
I ami i-aitie tlraliita' Willi Mm will lltd
i lilin alrirlly
.V'ZrInX 'X. r",.
mmti end ol Dm Colmrg M. Kfiimr
btldje coilaiimtl llh lllieen bead ol
ai.a. a . . i . .
ta'.tle, w mi tt were iieing iiuven in
gene by .Mr. A'e l.tvi. They fell
alHUit leu lect. No Uute were broken
although M-veiul we-e brtilaed. Work
men wete iniinrilialrlv employel lo re
iil.u'o tbe approach, and it waa ready
for travel rridny iiiotnimi. (itinnl.
Ill rrgnnl In Hip ibuupii.K of rrfiiH) from
the r mllla Into Ihe river. Mr. tillUrl
A, hmlih. managi-r of the Pulp .v. I'nr
Co' li. Ill, awtiren Tn KTiii-Mia thai II
waa not willully, hut that It waa un
avoi.lulile, onlng lo the unco tiph liil aiale
oflliflr work. ArraiiKenienta ate U-I,'g
altn li-d whrra l.y hi abort time all rcim
fmm Ih mllla will I illnpnwd of without
t log any fuiilicr tiuiilaiiil from the
llnhermfii or l.'unil'l iiipii,
Mr. Pauline II, Nrxinilli illtil at the lain
Hy home, at iH-rry, Polk rnuuly, on Ttiea
lay, I He. ,to ugeil XI yum and nine inonlln.
Nh wna liurlrd on Ihe home luce liv the
ai.leol her liuahaml, wleia grave la marke.1
l.y an rli-ft-nt granite aliaft. Mra. Neahitli
waa a ihmghU-r of a pionrerr of '14, ainbhe
waa well know n to nil the old ta-tlli ra lor the
many kind deed and tor Ihe htwpilalile
home over which ah prealded villi Ml. I.
grai-e and motherly bu t.
I, II. Warner, rprerntliig wcat Portland
Turk adiliilon lo I'ortlniul. who Ima lieen
In Oregon City for the pant two wreck, left
yralenlay for Canby and WiHalburn, where
he g.iea to offer hnrgaina In Portland real
ealnte to the rlliaeua of Ihoae plnei-a. Mr.
Warner la netlcr In the full wealern arnae,
mid In the abort lime he waa In thla illy
dlaponed offorty-lwo lola to Ihe people re
ulillng here, tiolwllliliini!lng the thilliiena
that la rhilmed lo exiat In the n-til eatale
nuir' . WVal Portland Turk la one of I he
moat valuiihlv a.lilllloiia to Porllmul, anil
ti.U fact act-mint' for lint large aulea he Ima
Hon.T. L. Ea'lhnm I lying very
low at hi reaidenctt in thia city, ol
riervoii proelerlion and it will be
doubt (ul il be regain hi complete
liealth for aoino time lo rome. Hi
ac riotl illnea I of tho deopeat coneern
to the people of Oiegon City and of
Clackninii county, for lo him more
I him to any other man 1 due the In
eeption and building up tho great In
dustrie", that lire making Oregon Citv
Ihe leading manufacturing town of the
Mate, and hi reatorniion 1 aiuettrely
hoped for by our citixena. who have
leaiiivdto vuliiu hi untiling imluxtiy
and wonderful facultv of inducing other
to aid in the great work of building up
Oregon Cily.
Kev. 0. C. Baloinan will tlntihtlnaa
hegreelod with a full hontto at tho Hail
tint chnri'li on next Httndav evening, on
the delivery ol hi lecture entitled,
"Hoarlet Sinaor Habit that Kill." Tho
auhjnet is one ol the inoat vital import
lance for to oe the number ol young
men and boy acan'oly out of aliort
pants, that can bo met at any time on
our atreotH, with palo and sunken
nlu.fliH. lendeii eve anil licllo" uteps,
(heir every action betraying the vlce'
that utv ualliu ll'fir y. h'l"y
intat tlieir inattliiHMi and blitflitlng tlielr
.(.inn. alintild amiiw rvrrv
tlili'ikiiig man wbu baa tbo welfare o(
bla lellow man at Sieart lo a aenae ol
bia duly lo anl In lb arroallnii ol Ibia
wbolvaalc deal ru.'l Inn ol our yunlli,
Tbetpieallitil a now liellig iliaetiaaed
by many ol our tlllnwn aa In wbal will
lt t Iti) probabln nuleonit In rami Hie city
ursnla llin Itam lili-e Inr elevalora on iIib
(bbiir at Ibelr iiieeling net WedtietMlav.
Il la t laliiied Dial Hit) cllr naa no iirena
eoitiieellng the Inwer part ol Hie town
wlllt tli upper rt oilier Iban tbe
roiiitty road and Dial la in tbe tliaiMile
wlllt the owner ol me lanti lyina buhik
llin lilttlf Nlweeil Hi two .rlao(lb
illy and Ibal Ibo elevaUtr coinanv
could bv buying Ibat atrip ul land,
order tbe alew reuitivod ami Ibua (nree
tieople loiNtlruniM llteir elevator, in
elevator ate an eaaenllal laiior lo Hie
urowtli ol treKai t Hy, and alionl'l
not lie delayed tbroimb any ndmn ler
nandinu or coinpHiBliott, ami il Ibe
pity reH ha no lreet up tbe Muff,
nil coi,aeiiielitlv no rfH lo nialnlain
atnir aero tbe bind, it I bluli time
oiiio action la taken In Hie mutter.
Indian muneiime tliaplay nulla a
ii..ult ol i-iiiHM'ii-me. The Albany I N-ttt lll tbe following bIkjiiI luily
riiliiuiik. who reeenllv tiled at Wailti
H.timva. Vlin be Joined Ibe I'liiled
Pieabvlerlati ibiin li, a lew veer ago,
lie bad Ibree wive. Ol comae, thai
would not tlu lor a ebuu lt ineiiilwr, ami
be bad to give two of ul them U.
Which one be abotild keep wa a atiriotia
mailer. One bad a child, one had no
ame, ami Ihe llnr ! be loved laat. Hbe
w cliildleaa. Out ol a aenae ol duty
be kept the onewilli ll.e tjuld, and the
one with be loved l-al waa married lo
amrtber inaii, which be mid waa pretty
hard lo The tme without any
aenae he kept and inil'porte.l ai a help to
Ida wile.
TrTai-aerea Savage.
Ti e Biljuatnieiit ol tbe Sioux trouble
in tho Ihtkotaa. waa fur from being a
harinotiioiialy wrought a ople a few
day g predicted Ihey would be and
to tbe diaguat of Die t ilin-n ol thia
fiinnttv and to the detriment ( a ainnll
del.ieb'menl of brave cavalrymen, the
ml tlevila diaplayed their nat'iral color
at the laal moment. When all Inwtili
lit had apprrently ceaaed and Iroui
were alMiut lo d inarm llig Foot' band
Ihe ltal nmmenl arrive.1. The detail
ol the affair are a lollowa:
At alKHit H o'cIih k Monday morning
tfouMi were tnaed wIhhiI the Indian
villuge, I loli likixe gun ovetiooKing itie
rimp, not flfiv yaula away. Colonel
Foravtbe ordered all the Indian to
come lorwarJ away Irom their tent.
ThfV cuiiie out and aat In a ball circle
until counted lliamotinted troop
wero then thrown around, t'otnpanv
K, Captain Wallace and Compmy II,
Captain Varnuin. The outer wa then
given In twenty Indian to go and get
their gun. Ti.ey reitirm-d with only
10 gun. A detachment ul troopael
nnre liegitn to aearcb Ihe village, tilld-tblrly-eigbl
gun. A Ibia ak wa
alMittl tompleleil, Ihe Indiana aur
rotinilid by Company It and K, begun
to move. All of a eudden they threw
their blanket In the ground, whipped
up. rifle and la-gun tiring rapidly at
the troop not twtutv feet away. The
troo(. were at a grt iliaidvatirage,
fearing to about their own comrade.
The Indian men, women, add children
then ran lo the eolith, Ihe ballery tir
ing rapidly aathev ran. Soon mounted
troop weie. after them, ahoo'ing them
down on every hand. The engagement
lasted fully tin hour and a hall. To the
aotnh many took relnge in a ravine,
from which it waa dillictilt to dialodge
them. Alioiit U Indiana are roKrtod
ao have been killed, while the number
of aoldiet i alami thirty.
Au Old I hoitnut Wurkett
There ha been another goldhiiek
aw in. lie, in w hich tho prcni.lcnL of the
bank of Hillahoro wa the victim. Tbe
banker, who i probably a ready to
make a nuat turn in a xctila!ion of
(Iiim kind as anyone elxo, wa tdiown
the brick out in the woods In the aub
urn. A anppoaed Indiitn wa tliere in
hiding witii it, and it wa ieprcontcl lo
the banker that Ihu nohle red man nau
atolen the tmiHuru from the mine in
Idaho. The hanker looked at the blick
with a great deal of aatrlaclion, but ili.l
not cate to nk m money in mo epecu
lullon without llrMl Inking it to a jeweler
lor examination. Tho brick was accord
ingly taken lo Portland and a Jew ler in
serted a drill. Ilehappuned to bore in
a place where tbero wiis gold, and the
chip proving to be genuine the purchaae
waa uiiiiln. Tliocoimidorallon waa fr)(HH)
and the banker went away happy. No
ono would have known iinything about
tho swiiidlo had the matter not been
reported to the police, but blinker Slmto
evidently thought that It was wiser to
run the chance of rapturing the thieves
than to bear tbo Joke in silence. ha loin
Ye Editor.
Ha r'aelli In tbe mornlntt and knowelh
not w hat the day may bring lorth. II
he lellelh all the new ha runneth a
great riak ol having a tin ear put on
lilin, ami 11 ho tclletli not tbe new tbe
eoolo uy be I Il g.. and there I no
joy in II. The r rally man rajoleih hltn
into giving a Wl-eeiil puff lor a 6-cent
elitai , and (ond niotlu-r Irown on him
II he alia lo flutter their IreekltHl lard
brotHla. And all Ida way are wjvi of
w tie, and bit tlav are lull of vurrow.
Tbe life iiiKiirance man aetteth anaret
Inr him ; and on Ihe whole he hath a
lmire of a time,
Humrihinf Kvcry Lady ouf lit le know.
How lot-tit her tln-a without re-ntting.
lira, llytlv, general agent for lli KalloKK
ayalem of dn-aa llttliiK UI ) hi Onoii
City Jai.unry Oil), to oriruniie a clajuiiidrv
eiitting. lA-aaoiit mU limltril. Kvrry rhl
ar baa tlio privilege of citltliiK I tlreaa audi
lo be ronitrul lo cut and fit without re
baalliiK. Call mil M-e ayatrm. I w alion of
at houl will l poate.1 In t olllc lalrr.
t jo .Ptfun ji iii'Hiif.f "
naa! 111 11 n nil Oil III i M
f. i ail a ana im - w-.
tBiCo - jo UNION SQUARt,(tX-
I LL. an auvi Al I I JL.
t(?t.M. rrt-T.lTi 1aniacitcrjuJ
Oregon City.
is now t eoNTUN., oacaoN.
-ffX'l I J
" .7 ' -1 :
roa trokk w no cjtaxoT rwaiBU Ckti rm
is niK itimt ii or all that will ut
riXIlNlAT ll'UK.
The mort rpeetly, roaitive and pertna
rent cure for Catarrh of the Head, Asthma,
and all Throat, Uroncliinl, I.ung. Heart,
Stomach, Liver and Kidury Affection,
Ncrvou Debility, etc. Consumption, ia
it ariou stages, tiennaneutly cured.
Dr. Ahokn'S original mode of treatment
and his medirnted inhalations eive in
stantaueous relief, builds up ana re vital,
ite the whole constitution and system,
thereby prolonging life. Weak, nervous,
debilitated and broken-down constitu
tion, old and yuung, Invariably gain fron
ten to thirty pounds iu from thirty U
ninety day.
Pr. Auorn'S phenomenal skill and tna
velous cure have created the (rreateat
astonishment on the Pacific Coast and
throughout the American continent, dur
ing, the past twenty-five years. Asthma,
Catarrh of the 1 lead, and all Throat, Bron
chial snd Lung, trouble 'nstautly relieved,
and Deafness often cured permanently at
first consultation. Da, Abohn's essay on
the "Curability of Consumption," and
treatise ou ''Catarrh of ths Head,"
with evinencis of some txtraordiuai
cures, nailid free. Call or address
torir aaJ Jtorrlioa Sti., I'orUand, Orsgw
Noia -H.p eimfM, .ec-jrely puclced, laar-fi
lxpre.9 lo ail i-attr .if th Paahc Coatt, for tho. wUl
uanot potibly oil In '.aa
Vi fffTT b v . A
V t .ii. a .
DlSru.:,,rlfr'', never
X' illtrfc.'
s 5
WIT" .'V - SB
5 $M