The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, June 26, 1890, Image 4

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rsoM tu r-usT or a lawykh akii
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with v -----
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' I
HE noise wlild, htkvl
startled the twit,' was
nmdo lv llio return of
tlio detective w ho lllld
(uwmjiaiiiid llitl
I'rook mi. I Annie.
"They oro safely off
Ins, carriage," lie said.
"lloanuisr cried Tom, "lie didn't take
her on the street'"
"Yea, that's what lio did," reidted ths
' chief's l.-wis(;llt.
$ "What itnprudcncet I dIJu'l wntit
; hlin to do thut. lio might have been
seen by the parties who nlKluotod her."
"I don't think thoy wore lio run lur
up to the next corner and caught the cab
there, and was oil in a jitfy. They nt
tracled attention from nohodyi 1 was lie
bind them all tho way."
"All riht; If tht' alarm has Uvn fclven
It can't bo lielied now. 1 say, chief,
station two men at each door opening
from tlio outside. each man take
his shooter, nud ono have a bull's eyo
ready for iimx You and I will take our
places at ilia middle' door, one In each
room. Shadow, you run down Into tho
street and slip up Into tho bull outside
there, so as to ivo us plenty of warning,
If any ono comes upstairs."
"1 can't; tho stairs aio eitcUssed and
the diKir locked," replied tho Shallow,
"I had forgotten that," said Tom.
"rick it, can't your said tho chief.
"Hero's a set of 'skeletons.' "
Tlio Shadow took them and dl.m
poared. "Now," said Tom, "to place tho tiiMs
tnd chairs where they were."
When this was done, ho added:
"Now, to vour places, and out with
They were in total darkness; what
light there was camo from the d"i niwr
windows and tho broken skylight.
They waited some timo in silence, re
lieved only by tho breathing of tho nu n.
Presently they heard a lilit tread on
the outside of the door; then a scratch
ing sound.
"Is it you. Shadow?" akod Tom.
"All right Conceal yourself and don't
let the man see you when he conn s. "
"I'll make sure of that."
Then there was a longer wait and a
longer silence.
This was broken by tho quick patter
of bare feet on the roof, and a voice:
"lie's a-comin' up do street now. (Jivo
H to 'im good."
It was tho imp, who hail constituted
himself a skirmisher on the outside, at
the skylight
, Tom could not restrain a laugh. All
miblio service is performed through self-
' ronsideration, ho thought. f
In u moment moro a scratching Wis
' bear,! on tho door.
J "vtchu;hd"",vl,rwlTo,i,
Then they heard a h.v,T hlta
tho stairs, a heavy step in JmJ1. th
door openins into tho roar r m wa4
tried; and then further Steps md the
front room door was trie. I. - J -,
"I must have left that stair own
myself," was heard in s, rougk voice
with an oatlu '
A key was Inserted, ths Ufa dpiwn
and the door opened. , ,4
1 ho owner of tho voice ndv no U Into
tko room, closing tho door biiin l him,
tnd shutting a bolt from tlie-nsido.
"So. my ladybird, yer di.Ji't light tho
lamp I pervided yer with, hlT
A light flashed in his from tho
Chiefs bull's eye, and tho brfrel of a re
volver was presented full iiis face.
"Down on yourkners!"ijed the chief.
"Death and d ," cril tho man,
starting back.
Ho turned with tho cviint purtiose of
leizing something, for hi arm was out
stretched in a wild read As out
Another bull's eyo w.V Hashed In his
face, and another revolp presented at
his head. j
"That's what it is if km don't dron."
wid tho man who presided tho sc-cotid
Dull s eyo.
IJo swept tho revier of this man
sway with a quick lition of his arm,
nd mado a wild rusJit tho chief.
Tom, who had enrod from tho ad
joining room, follt'iUiim to tho floor by
quick blow on tlihcad with tlio butt
end of his revolver,
Before tho man.flio was stunned by
tho blow, could ropvor himself, ono of
the assistants, at afrord from tho chief,
Jlapied a pair of jlndcufTs upon hiin.
"Search liim,"jid tlio chief.
A pair of deft finds went through Ills
clothes. Nothin of conscquetico was
taken from biicxccpt a slip of paper,
m which was ritten in a plainly dis-
uised hand thwords:
M hall inlt ID. lio readv. (live
II not taken quietl t,
Want no chamo for
to miro the"ri(jht amount;
lilm tli.ii mm i uivself stx years ago, when
lo nn i uiuj were robbing exirvisem's
In (lie weM"
Tho mini bad evidently determined
Hint, whatever elss mlglU occur, speech
finni Idm would wot, and ha contented
himself with bending look of deep
hatred on tho Jubilant chief.
Tom, who had been locking on this
lectio with great interest, said to (lis
man i
"You didn't abduel this girl on your
own aeeoid. You woro hired to do itf"
An expression on the, scoundrel's facs
ihowed bint (hat lis had hit tho truth
closely, This tltno ho spoko,
"I didn't nhdiiet her."
"Oh, you didn't. You simply took
raio of her after abduction."
This tltno Tout had hit tho truth
iqimtvly, and tho man's faco showed It,
"Who was tho man who hired your
Sear Top Johnny regarded Tom with
a contemptuous sneer,
" Well," said Tom, "vou can answer or
not as you please, V out wait for tho
half -past ten num. He'll tell."
The race of Hear Top Johnny lit up
w lib a passing thought, and an expres
sion of resolve passed over it
Tom Interpreted it aoeurately, hut Iw
fore he could act Upon It, tho Shadow
gave warning of another comer, and a
foot was heard stumbling in the dark
ness. The chief, however, had also jHinotrat
ed tho purpose of his prisoner, and press
ing tho iiiiimIo of his revolver against
Scar Top Johnny's head, ho saldi
"If you utter a cry, or make an alarm,
I'll blow your brains out Tho reword is
dead or alive."
Tho net moment thero was a knock
at the door.
Tom, who was closely watching tlio
face of the villain on tho floor, saw ou
expression of surprlso tilt over It, and
saw him turn his head toward tho door
with a Lok of curiosity,
Tho chief called out in loud voloei
The door sw ung open and In walked
Hairy fountain!
lie was dressed In the same kind of a
suit as that tho U. S. T.'s had luado
their uniform.
not liavo been
mora astonished
when ho viewed
tho scene before
hint than was
Tom was suro,
also, that the man
on tho floor was
quite as much as
tonished as the
rest. Evidently
ho was not ex
pecting Foun
tain, and it was
also clear that lis
did not know who ho was.
"Take that man Into the other room,"
said Tom. "and don't let him utter a
sound, (lag him. Then we'll make
Hi w as oiieyed. Tlio man attempted
to make resistance, but ho was quickly
overpowered and forced into tho other
rom, w hero the gag was applied.
l'ountaiu looked tton the sceno with
undisguised amazement Tom waited
for him to rpeuk. Finally, having re
covered from ids astonishment, ho said:
"May I ask the meaning of this strongs
scene, Mr. Hryanr
"May I ik the meaning of this strongs, Mr. Fountain?" retorted Tom,
pointing to his clothes.
Fountain Mushed, but did not reply,
"I will relievo your astonishment,"
continued Tom sternly, after a moment's
silence. "This is a rescuing party.
Tlieso men are detectives. A girl was
abducted l.l broad daylight tlds morning
and confined hero, Sho has Just been
taken aw ay, having been rescued by my
self and friend. Her name, Mr, Foun
tain, is Annie Templeton o sister of tho
murdered Templeton."
Fountain's face expressed n
alarm ifi.-hf jjo; anything
f o drug at
'tke "Hiiro.
. "Veamitig.
. "mciif-. miiHC no no injury uono
uf , uv accsenis." . .. j
i puzzeu over it. Tlio man ait
Wng on the ioor looked ut him hiiIIoiiIv,
mi am not ak.
ihemeantig of:tli;wordH'n.iHliRd imoti
.torn. Honn ono was eominiK ut i , , 1 1
st ten, aid Hho 'was'to lie iIi ik-,-i.,i u,,
iat she could not make a dinturbiuico.
Jle looked at his WlLfl'll If. U'ilu
learly Ion.
' 'Wnfo is tho ilrug','" hn asked.
Tho man was taken offhiH guard, and
1 .Moves turned to a nhelfin tho corner
II the room
; Tom crossed to tho place thus indi
cated. Jiohlnd a pile of papcra ho
found a bottle. It wuh filled with the
colorleHH fluid.
Ah, ha!" ho cried. "Well, my fitin
-..Ji m, you won t mako wno to-night,
will you f" Hhe'H not hero. She liaH
en. JNovertheleBH, wo'll bo ready."
The man turned with a look of
Wttf .i"Hlignity, and opened IiIm month
. ii to Hpeak, when he was prevailed by
try of Biirpriso by tlio chief, llanford.
.f'Jlellol Hello! Why, bojn, tliin a
:,cft)ture, indeed. And who do you
th'nk this is' bonding down and pom
inwjto tho hand-cu(!ed man's face.
A ho? fluked Tom.
rear lop lohnny, of till men in the
WOiid. This In on 1 ,!.,l,n i i
Twenty-live hundred dollars rewurd for
this bird. He's been wanted these
eighteen months for the stealing of the
child of that rich man near Hartford."
Wi.hthis he look the man's head in
hisliitids and parting the hair showed a
"An old acijUiinlaipe, Tom, I gave
i nfc :h jjo' anything ,
iuteo surprise and luitre S-i
o are now waitinir for iro-
tor," added Tom.
"If that's the case, Mr. Bryan, It
Ix tter that I retire."
Ho turned to go to tho door.
Tom made a sign to tho twodetcctlvt
They stepied forw ard.
"Pardon me, Mr. Fountain, you c
nui no uiai. au wno enter Here aio u
der arrest"
Light broke In on fountain, and wil
it intense anger. He turned on Tom, li
eyes blazing.
'I I under arrest? You'll find that
am not to bo trilled with"
Tom interrupted him in a hard, col
metallic voice, low In tonoi
No heroics, Mr. Fountain. You nil
my prisoner until you can explain yoi
pro&once nero in tins ilen, on this nartii
ular night. You can frighten no on)
ncre; w o ro used to just such haught
scoiimireis as you oro, just as wo aro t
vicious rascals like the ono lying i
them. Ilo'a twice as dangerous as yo
can ever be.
The cold self possession and masted
fulness of Tom was Irritating in thj
highest degree to Fountain, and If evu
ins Ixiasted self command was needed
by him it was at that moment. Appear
ances woro so strongly ogainst hlin that
angered as ho was, he could not fail td
realize it.
liy a violent effort he put curb uporj
ma passion, nnn in a moment ho saidi
"You think I am the abductor?"
"I don't think it; I'm cortoin of it,"
"You are mistaken." This was saiiiii
a tono ns cold and as firm as that Tom
had used.
"Indeed," said Tom. "Perhaps ou
enn explain this enigmatical noto." i '
Uo handed to Fountain tho slip- of
paper wnicn had been taken from th
pocket of Scar Top Johnny. P
.. . - - - II
i oiintiiin read it and handod It back iol
Torn. " ;t
I know nothing of it." j '.'
1 did here in thlndivsM liecaunocf tho
place I wm io i il and the part lf the
town I wni to pa thioii(h, For sums
time 1 iiiiilni imed a tehalon with a
young w oman w hoso luiuui w its Mnrltut
tiuililiieis. Thlil lelnl Ion wns eolilluued
until 1 beeunio tlio lilllaneed of a young
lady, whom you doubtless know by
name, but who nhoiild not be mentioned
In this place nnd In this connection,
When that look place, the relation with
Marian beeamo nn Impossibility, Tho
glri was loath -it is n mild word for
her finding to break tip the rela
tion, and wo parted lit high passion,
but she bad nviiivd certain piipeis
of mine, of exceeding great value and of
grout daitingo to nm In any oilier per
son's lituul i. 1 have tried a,;alu and again
to obtain them, Mhii has sent mn several
messages of this kind, and It was to go
Into tho slianj'o places she led MO to,
that 1 botii'.ht this suit 1 havo never
Met her, Ihoiij.h I bnvo responded III
each Instance. 1 bad little hoi of see
ing her to nl,'.lit, but these diH'imients
,wero of such value to mo that I did not
dare to miss tho chance. You havo the
w hole story w ithout reservation, except
as to the character of the pacrs. As to
those, 1 can only say they were letters
to my mother and u w ritten statement
of hers, w hich can now only concern
Tom thought bo saw It nil.
"Mr. Fountain." bo said, "with this
statement of you in now, 1 think 1 know
more aUait the matter than you do. I
think 1 ' i through it all. I think I
could oven tell you the nature of your
mother's statement. You are tho victim
of the same plot w hich has the murdered
Templeton and the ntduoled girl for vh
thus, Il (ouches the effort to secure old
The Shadow put his head In the door
and said:
"Hist. Koine one Is coining up the
Ho went back, chvilug the door after
"lio Into t!u I'thor room, Mr. Foun
tain. Vuick! lou't s iv n word or utter
a sound wh:ib'rr you hear!"
Fountain obeyed, Impelled by the cu
ergy of Tom.
The lights were put out, and Tom
hastily hi the e.iudlii in the back room
and placed it behind the door.
There w as n knock.
"Come In," s iid the chief In a gruff
voice, "ii's unlocked."
The door oiviied mid a man entered'.
"You should have kept thedmr lock
ed," said a voice. "It's unsafe to lea vo
it no. is hho ready?"
Tom flashed a bull's eye ou the new
comer. Jlefore the man could comprehend
what w as goim forward the two men at
the door tlirou ;h w hich he had entered
seiri d biiu by l!u in ins and U'lit them
behind his l':u !,
Tom moved
newcomer was.
up to discover w ho tho
tr,ed what was pus dug through hlsiiid,
"My old mini," vlut lied ToiV "p,, j
at loss for reiiMoun for taking ton ti ir
pollen, ir not tor inn nili(i,iM L
11..... C ... l.,l..l Li ' N
viii ii I'll i.r i " i; "riorgyil
ami inni'i)ing nil iiHuiinieu mn fm,t
if not for that, then for ,.
iitlnga clergy niiin iigalu suilVimirj L
lii9 ii"ioiii-', im. iii 1 1 1 u i it 1yt j
name of Slinpnn to tuualii'r w Ain,,,"
"111 Hie iiiiiue oi ail l no MnluliUjDvy
you know all thin, boy?'' neieaiU
old num.
A ...I il..... i i e .A
.iimi ,1,,-n, is.iiuiiiir,, ii, ni. l it.
urn iiiiieuiiiniiiiig or nir. riemd rtf
years, i i
The old man glared at hlin, 1 I
"And then there is tho frauduleili.
davit and suborualloii of perjury hl(
viaim oi riexioii ngaiiihl the n
The old mini ipialled before Tom
accumulation of charges was begin
to tell,
"Iheti there Is the abduction of W
"Slop, lop," cried the old mini, "1ml
you gut her toor
TVOI 14 OK I'l III.K'i'l'Uf,
IInihiIi Hiatus l.tmniivrii
Ohnms Cirr, Or, May 'it, Isi'Ji
.iimiib i. iiernhy ((Hen thnl the loll,
tmlne.l selller has lllod nollrii o ,
lion to iiiiiki. Iliutl ipiiiiiI' In siiiHirl
ehilm. mid Unit ul,f prnofwlll be tmi
lore Jim ItiylKtiT ami llr, river ol tin.
I nml (lln. wt Orrnnii I lly, Oitum
luesilny, July s, im.u, vlsi All.rt
IblMII'Sll'Md I'.lltr-V Nil ANT f..i. II..
of N W .,1 Hv H, Ti i N,' l( H Kn.l.
I1SIIIKS lhl lolloHhlir W illlMNHI-H i.
eiiiiliiiiioii, re.,..r,i i,, Nm ri'lllvi
, -..mi himu.vk: i , lli'ltiiiini, r, m,. Mill J llr......,lll
TljliElt UNl),OTJl)fK,is?ii, i TIMIlflK I.ANI), ACT JUNES, 1TH.
illtllM I I. Itl'klllllllM Unllhlo I l.i.
, -.. s M K ' Ml. I
J. J'. A I'pf'itHoi
TIMHFIt UN 1 1, AtTJl'NK.I, U7H,
.IMS II Si t ill III.IS' t-l'l.l
. . - - - " I
Uiikiion Cu v, nr., Muv 2.1, Isim i
1 la hvlelil' IthKli Hint ii. .......
Slice Willi t fin pinvi!nlis ii tli nt f i ,
tin -" OI ,1111111 ,, IMlllllisI
KO I li'li I'Olt IM I M1T.
I'sitsii statss Ocm s, I
Dhsiiiis (ill Y, Or., May U, lHI
Nnllii Is linrslif ilvsn Unit In eniiiiillniii's
Willi U pruvliiliiiiii ul Hit) '( ut f.ii.Kri nl
Jilna ISVs, riillllii.l An iirl lur Ills sslnnl II hi
Imr isinln In On. Minli't n i iil!f.,rnl,
litori, Nnvsiln, suil. Wsliliiil..u Isrrl-
l.iry ' liana Ji'inpu nl li..ll,
in .hwk, mm ur w n-iiiiiinm,
atf Hl" I III tliln ulllrs lili wiirii ilmniil
Nn ph, lur His 'ii 1 1 in. ir On SK ',nl ski'IIuu
N is, lu 'luwiiliii Nil i HihiIIi, iiHiigs No J
hail, mul will uilvr i in I in how Umi iii Uml
"ilullt Is lllnrii vnlimlilii fur II tiiiit.r i.r
limn lur ssrli'iiibiinl iirii nl to nlili
Hall Ilia I'UIni In anil liiml linbir lis rnulalnr
ml ri'i'nlvnr "I tlila nlties l iiifshii t.lly, Or.,
I uuailiiy. His i.inl (ly nl Hi.i.u inliiT. Oiisl.
Ho limni'a t wllni'iasa frank llnnliiii ami
llmia Ainbiraiiii nl I. lulu Kslla Lewis cnuuly.
Ws'liliiuOiii, W A Cslmrii suit N J ttsli'li
iirllaml, iirrs'in
Any anil all iwranm cli Imliis silvurarl Ilia
aliiivn iliiaorllwil Inmla am tmi iioaiinl In run
Iny ul M.)uilir, Isuu
II III s 14
1 1MtlKK l.AMf A T Jt'MX 0, 1MSH.
J, T. AI'I'KltMIlN,
A i, I,
H'"o I Hi rlaniUhillii.Hl.Vl.'sV.M'J r,W',',','i ,,OK 'l ' III.KVt'l'IO.K.
Ilol-iilu, lllrgon, Ni'Hlihl,
I'iriioi v," VUiii nil i1.
uml WimhliitMil
1 1 loll ..( OiJ
l1.'''"" "' '", Ninin o iiriwni, li
"It was . mkvI.i I... n.l '.'". "v. . "" ' ' 'worn sluts
Tom UliblilnhliiKly. "as to lllid thl K ol Sr. tl,,,', N. i,; i.,1 !, ,'v'
ilnilL'bti'r. Ami II.. ,n" I'lllh, Kiiiiuc o II Ku.l ini.l u ill .01... .' ...
"Mop, stopl" t'rtta th old man. otervl'i'.l'T' ""' '"'"'"'"kI'I ' more mlnnlij
- - 'j uinr
guided old man."
"I hero is just ono thing mica I should
T WAN Georgo
l'arker, the attor
iny. "Ho, ho," crh-d
Tom, gayly.
Why, wo aro go-
like to mention'
"(stop, stop," moaned tho oh. man.
"And that is tho murder o! Temple
ton." Tho old man looked up.
"1 never did that. Heaven mows
that Is tho truth. I never did th t, 1
Confess the rest. 1 confess tho nbiiio
lion of Aniiln Templeton and her mot rr
but blood has never stained thiui
hands. No, it was not until after tho
death of Templeton, not until after 1
had heard of ii, and knew w hat itaclfnct
was, that I conceived the Idea of sciclug
and concealing theso women and press
ing Fronton's claim. No, I'm not guilty
of that."
"You old raw-al, don't lie to mo,"
cried Tom angrily, "1 know tho w hole
plot. Why, you hoary headed villain,
if wo could go back to the daik days of
F.nglUli vengeance, and not only hang
but draw and quarter you, you would
not g't half the puuishmeiil you do
Serve." The old i ii ii 1 1 bis hands appcal
Inglv. "IKiu'l i know the whole story," con
tinued Tom. "You were a tool of l'ier
Soiis; you knew bis previous life, Ills
change of nanus; that the Templeton!
were tho rightful heirs; that by killing
one and Imprisoning the others tho two
defeliseletis Wouirli you could begin to
mako that old diuukiird's claim good,
and divide the property lu cipial shares,
ouehalf for yotirsrlf. You old rascal,
you have the ngtei'iuent diawii and
signed How ill your poarteinloll,"
"You are the devil Incarnate," whim
pered the old man.
"Then you feared that Mis. Fountain's
Son could ralao a g'S'd claim, and so yuu
enticed Ii i i it hern tonight with the in
tention of doing bun tisi,"
"No, llol Ileawii bear and help me,
I bate never committed inuiiler. 1 only
meant to couliiie bun until 1 could gel
the matter M t led au l diaHwd of. H
was lull i ieiiug"
"llh, that was all you"
Through the open disr came the
slcal vol. e of a man, ascending
stairs, sinking: , .
W l,nn ftt an aln l ami U.o la warts,
Oh, ulirtVa Din l,mi, nil. wlit'lti a 1
Tlinr aauta Wsqtmwat, im ir li n lirssf
i 'a, uml in e.1,,1,11,1, ,l chili ii bi aul
I'- IOMI lliu ,.K.r Bll, ,.,.,,vi.r ,
lihesl unmiii rilv. in- 'I ...... i....
'Id day of hni.ii'inlir. Isno I In
Illleaat-a: ' II. U'lii.rlnr. W .
V. Ilrowiiuf Piiriliunl, dr.; J, i
'i iinitiera, liri'k'nll.
uinl all
lioraolia rllllinllnr n,lv.,i.,,W
me ilem-rllieil . inula nm i....i.,..i,..i ,'i
' Ir ehllnia In thin iilll,.i mi I...I..
l day u( fi-1 tMI laar, sti, 'j
J. I . A I I KltHl IN,
1 1 lti'Kll.r
"'i; i on i'i iii.k t rmv,
.('sitsii KTCtts l.i mi. (irrii , I
jyiiti.uN t'lry, nr., Mnv s;, iai,(
sin r. I ' ,"'"',,v K'1'.11 1,1 '' I'll'
ureas ",v -'" Hieni t oll'ui,
lhe.,,l",:'' '". eoml.-.l "An , I
ll'iriiinV" "'r "' "' "'" ti'"1'' "I ''as
li-rilioV""' eaili, sinl Wuahlnifiiit
liner i Ar,oir IHiliriiw ut
liua ll!l!v l''"""'' ' ( Oregon,
iiili'ini il'" ' mui e ins sworn
K It ,, S I"f lhp plll'. liui ul lli
lioi, .VoX1""1,''' ! ' f Hee.
ItimitK Nl1" N". I Houlh,
liow lhiil'"', "l,, r l'r'"'r 1,1
lor II. Iiinll""' soukIiI la inoiv Miluulili-purian-a
1 "'" for nrtrli iiliiiml
liiii'l Im loii '''bil'li'li lila i lnint In anhl
tlila oegiiler and Keerivrr u
idnt-d,ivf'f,1l" ,''"y. 'r-u..u, on
s i lie li l'"1' "V of l-ii'iili'inU'r,
J.C. iMvi-n. win wt M. h,y,
nil of Ik,'1'""'. I- Neul.uli,
Any mid oil" " ,'"'"iy, Or.
It,.- iil,.,ve dimf"1" eliiliiunn adverwly
Id.- th. ir rhiinii l-o'ds aro ieiiii.i.-,
auhl :'idi iluv lit11""""1' "' or U lorv
C l! s It
'emlwr, IWal.
J. T, AI'J'FllHiiN,
, Iti-glalrr,
1 -
MM II i: I tK . ... .
l 111.14' I lo.
iit.n s
iiit...i'Si l' ""O irrii-K,
Noil.i- I
t anee u ttli lite
k'M'h "I Jinn
cos I'll 1 "", """ l
. hrn-lj "V . "
e.fci i
ri'H" mm ill riniii'ii-
I Jlllli- H. lnV" SCI oil nil-
lln-aale ol lunlar Isf"'''' A" t l"r
ilornm, iiirnii, N "laU-sufCsl
llonrv l-ini.iH.ii,i.f ft1"' ssliliifl"ii,"i
Mali' i. wii.l.inKl.iii-' 1 "Unly nl Knif .,
Una nlller Ina awnra day llli-Jvlll
I ,)iieB iii u. i; ,,lr
Sn. SO,
III. lisnVo. 7 Kail
.Taio that thr Inml
ll.r I'lio iuiM'
III '!'.. ln.10 j.
and ill oil, r pr, 1
aoii.-lit it mors i
Mr. w t Blng,
.,,,'ker, Tou
oouldn't 0eet vou this " 'I'y 1
this smgagemeiit. J'"'"1' ' I""1
met, let ns ech- "'"co wo havo
Mr. l'arker ur conlldencro
Wlat ir-'
doVU' 'he name of nil tho fiends
oid. ..tan by this outrage?" cried tho
nali, t'iruii;;hlv enrageiL "lieloaso
i f
"No," sail Tom, "wo can't do that.
Wo'rt If) glad to see you. Woaro afraid
you would h ave us. i'.ovs, lo makesuro
of his slaying mid Hpi-nding tho evening
with us, put a pairof handcullson hlml"
Tills was il. inn ut once.
".Now," said Tom with inelluhle sweet
ness, "shall we have our exchange of
confidence? (live the gentleman a chair,
boys. Take a seat, Mr. l'arker."
The old man fairly fumed with rago.
"Sit dow n," said Tom. Tho old man
Tom pushed him down, saying:
"When I nflVr coiirtoMes ton gentle
man 1 intend he shall accept them. I am
tony Mi"s Annie Templeton could not
await your coming. Sho bad pressing
sngagemeiit i i l.'i'W Imre. Sho has gone
with Mr. HolbriKik. Had she only known
die tender solii iludu you manifested
jownrd her, I am not quite certain but
the would have remained."
Tho old man w as speechless with rage.
"Your other friend is here, however
Sir. Scar-Top Johnny. Hut just now ho
Is wilh two of my friends in nn adjoin
ing room. They are engaged in an argu
ment on the value of Bileiico. The argu
ment Is enforced by my friends, and Mr.
Scar-Top .Johnny is just now a living ex
ponent of its truth. And also thero is
Mr. Fountain he is hero loo."
"Fountain nt ten," said tho old man,
completely throw n olT his guard.
,fl know, 1 know," said Tom, with
elaborate politenewi. "You wrotoeleveu,
but you should write moro plainly. Ho
road it ten. Tho error on his part was
Tho old man saw ho had mado a fatal
admission. Ilo revenged himself by say
ing! "Curse you for an Impudent dog."
"Oh, thank you, thank you," relumed
Tom, bowing. "You ilro entirely too
. Then, dropping Iiih bantering tone, lie
said fiercely;
Tom was somewhat dumfouudod. I ' ,Thfw P '"m' li:lM(1 '" wlllu' lull,'d
0f rascal. I Know your wuoio game
You vo got a ileal to answer lor, out
you'o. got this consolation, that yout
punishment for tho greater crime will
make that for tho rest Impossible."
"Oil, Indeed!" the old man at last
found voice to say. " Young sir, will
you toll mo why you maltreat nic IhusT
"Tuli you? Yes, if you will tell me
why you maltreated A nnio Templeton
by abducting her."
"Oh, I tit i rt Ic you w ill have to prove
that. ThoBo gentlemen do not seem to
be officers of tho law. Perhaps you will
show mo your warrant for those procood
Ings. 1 am afraid, young sir, you will
find it dillloult of proof that I have ab
ducted any young liuly."
Tom was (daggered by tho coolness of
the old scamp. It was t rue that the last
innn ho expected to flco thero was Parker.
Only that morning ho had proved to his
own satisfaction that Parker was not
ohenmed in tho plot, nnd had won nol
brook to his way of thinking. Ilo had
leaped to tho conclusion ho now enter
tained o.i seeing Parker enter. While
ho wan certain bo was right, etill the
thought daubed across his brain that the
wily old man bad procured tho abduo
tion while covering Ids own tracks.
Ho rallied, however, in n moment, and
all tho 'more quickly ns ho saw from the
sneer nud tho look of triumph In the
Then ho recollected the reputation
inn man ror coolness and nerve. j
Fountain in turn took from his vest
pocket n slip of paper, and handing it
to Tom. said:
i'n ase road that, and compare It
wilh tho scrap you havo." f
Tom read: '
"If Mr. Fountain desires to see Maria;
md talk with her ho must come to N y
- Molt street, attio floor, at 11 sharp U
niL'lit." ,
Tom took tho other slip from bis poefci
et and compared the two; the writing
was in tho same disguised hand; be coin-:
pared tho two scraps evidently thevjf
woro torn from the same piece of paper;;'
Tom was puzzled. , I
" You aro an hour before your time,'',
lie said.
"I read it ton," said Fountain. "Let
mo look ut it. Oh, I see how i mado mr i
mistake." Then he continuedi "This is'
very mysterious. You and I should
havo an understanding, Mr, Bryan. WillV
you step aside with me?" ,':,'
They went to the dormer window. , t
"I am hero," said Fountain, "in obe- '
dienco to that writing. Where yon ob- i
tamed tuo other paper I don t know."' f
"From the pockets of that scoundrelo
lying on the floor in the other roem," re-('
plied Tom.
"If you will permit me, IwUl explain,
Tl.u oU wan lift t - 'T
and murmuiT'' ' "" l"l' kly
lug "the fuel's U-en drink-
ut, but by na-
something t'lsu,
lug to have quite! . .'
111" i I. 'ili I .'I nn o a1' . i.i- (i.i.ii 'i!iiii
ltetore liecuiild clear It, lorn aiuuug to
Idm and placotl bis band over his nioutli.
"(iag him," he said lo a man who
raino to his luulatance,
"It Is my own son," said the old man.
"lie Is not to Maine for anything: let
hint go free,"
"We'll m about that," ml. I Tom.
"Take him Into the other room, w bilo
wo receive the new visitor Take that
candle I nek again."
To be col. tinned.
1 now liavo n I ti 1 1 Imo of
Hardware and Sloven. Solo Agent
for Superior Stovew uml IlangeH,
Tlii'Olivcrl'liillcil I'Iown at if 1 an in.
Wo liuvn ciititii'cti'il willi Uio limine
n 1'irnt ('Iiihh Plimilirr uml Tinnor
uml work in Huh line will boas
I'roinjitly (Iniio uml iih Clieiip ns liny
COItlil ilesil'i'.
R. D. Wilson.
Opposite Post Ollice.
Money to Loan.
In suuiH of 0(10,00 to toO.OOO.
Jah P. Siiaw,
Ileal Est nto and Pinancial agent, Oregon
City, opposite Post olllco.
-ti iiisii fcsr grk ,r it iiiiuh r nr
-il.iUl"l bt tT ill' iir sod In
H(fllei iiu' to '.o'l Inml U'loir llu
t'ny on -iTtr "I ihis oiltit.,t .in-non
h'lntwr, l""ev . lliu Jih tiny of N'i
Milll'. lie iitinira w lllieiM a : .biiiifa
n.-..' 1. !.. . u.i..,,,.i I .11 li.. I.
,lf at Heal lie, Kinif eoiinlv. .i-lnnelon
JeliHrf M. I re nl r-it i ni v . t Ineknnita
enunU. nr. Snlhuii .1 sil.h.ol I'oilhiiiil
It .ilteonulll i on lit v, I ln-(i:.'li,
Anv ue.l nil ierum ilaonln inlxeri'ly
lite iiiuve .Ii . riN-.l liin.l- me le pu'ili'il In
liii Ihe'r rlain.a in (I.e. olhei- on or Ltd.. re
a.nd L'nli ilm ol fi'i li inl'rr, Is'ai.
J, I . A PI'KltSdN,
I) '.T s lienlslrr.
Notlco for Publication.
I'sitru Sttna I.asii Hirii .
11MS....X I it, Uu., Mny 14, Isin.j
S' i I II 'K ii lii rvl.v cim ii Uml lu oiii'l.
Illll D W illl lilt- no nl thu net ul t'otl-
uri-n ol Jinn- .1, I'Vs, enliili'.l, "Ail si t for
the anlt- ol timlfr honl ill I lit' alnlea of I'al
ilornla, iiri'K-nii, NeMi.U nnd wnliiiiKinii
Irrtiiory," ruiue II bol'lin. of hentlli-,
r.miitv of Kiii, Mule of nn. hiiirctoii, lifts
In. iluv liled iii tills nlllet' hia auorn
aliilriueiit No. I'l.tor the I'lin hiiir of llie
i l, of Seel toll No, ll in Township No.
iNnilli, limine No. 7 l-iiM, nnd will oiler
lo.. to ahow thut Uu' I o i . I sought la
inure Milniil.le lor lt tiinU'r or stone t li nil
lor iinrteiilinrtil inirpuM'S, mnl lo e.llihh
lll.iliiun lo ani.l hmil IkIoit the rt'Kisler
urn! reei-iii r of lids olllie nt IUvkoii t ity on
wi-ilne-ilitv, the "Illl line of N-pletulM-r,
Na. lie luoiiea ua wilneii-eni Jiunes
Smith, of Klmn, wiihint;ton, Henry Minp
a.m. of Senllle, Kinii (I'lintv, wnililiiKtiin;
John Mi Inlyri", of S, Cln.'l.iiniua eoiin
ty, (ire ;oii ; uinl Nullum J weleli of Port
lun. I, Miiltin.uiiih eouiily, Urt-i:on.
Anv nnd all perions elaiiiiuiK adversely
I hi- iilmt u ileenlel Intnli nre n'.iii-Ht4'il to
Hie llifir i IniniB in Una nilhr on or iK'fon
mil I '.'llh ilav of Sei'temhiT, IWni.
J. T, A I'I'KltSi iN,
(I '.'.I H '.s lli-nisicr.
l'MTHI HrtTIS 1.4 nn Ome K, i
(iiisiiuN i:itv, nr., June IM, lsial.j
Notice is hereby (ilM'ii Hull the followhiK entice of his inten
tion to iniike tiiuil prnnt lu support of Ills
claim, anil thill saiil proof will In' nnnle lie
line the register and receiver of the V. 8.
I.ainl uillee nt Oregon City, on Monday,
AilK"U"t . IS',, vm: .billies Nelson, Pre
oiui 't ion ). S., No. Mid, lor the lots '2 mid :i
nl hee JS, '1' ,"i ,S, 1! 2 K, He iiniues the Iol
lowlni! wilnetses lo Jinne his eolitiiilious
resilience upon, nnd I'lilli tilion of, suiil
Inml, vis: Hila Wri,'hl, lleiihen Wright,
Win. II. hit nnd .lolin b. Jackson, all ol
Miilulla 1'. t.,(.'lneksiiiHs cnuiily, dreKoii.
J. I', ArfKllsuN,
(l-'-'i!--T:tl llegister.
Notice to llrlilite llullilers.
Healed bids for the eniistnietlou of s
hrlilwe across the Tunlutin river nsar Its
mouth, will he received by the County
Court of Clackamas County, Or., until noon
nn Wednesday, Julv , I WH places anil
strain (tiutrruiu with sH.eilicatious to ac
company each bid. Kucli bidder required
lo deposit wilh his hid ft Per cent of the
amount of such bids for said work.
The Court reserves the riuht to reject any
nnd all bids. Hy order of the County Court
June term, I Hi HI.
Witness my hand nnd seal of the County
Court, this It ilav ol'Jiine IHIKl.
il. 11. Johnson,
County Clerk.
E, S. WAlUtEN,
I'NiTsn HtTa l.asn (n-rii s, I
, llinu.ia l.'irv, dr., Mar XI. i 0 j
Niillen la hursliy llial In iiuiMpllalico
Willi Ilia pnikl.lniia nl Urn act nl rmniraaa ut
Julia s, I "'a anllll.. An a.l l.,r Ih aals nl llm
liar lautla In Ilia Hi.i.a i,l ( .lllunila, Orasnil, ami Wa.liliiMl.iii '1 rrltm y." fraiih
llanlnn. nl l.lllla Kalla, t nuiily nl Uwla, S'.la
ill liaa tlila ilav filMl lu Nla ntllos
Ilia awnlli alalanimil Nil. 2K..1, fur Ilia puroliaav
nl Ilia NKI, nl Hai'ili.u Nn. au, in Tnualjl. No.
'iSiiuili, Kalis. Nu 7 Kaal, ami Mr 1 1 1 iirt.r .r..l
Unix llial h lalnl iiiiihIiI la uiui.
fur lia llinlmr ur alnna lliau Inr aatluullur.l anil In MlalillaU lila alaliu lu aal.l
laml lb ll.' r ami IlKiliir ul lliu
nllic. al nr.',., ii I'll)., OrK.iii, mi 'in.atla Ilia
i.inl liny ul niiplaiubar, Ism II tiaiiina aa oil
n.aa: II mi Jaiii.n, ul Alnalal, U-wla I n,
W.l.lii(ii, . Ui,a Alelnranii, j,llll Kalla,
l.ul. c.illlilr. ttaalilliltuli; w A CaUnu sin
N i Wali'll nl I'.irllalnl, Oli-nnll.
Aur ami all .i-rauii ulauulni ilvrl Hi
uiiv - ilaaerllwil lauila aia rniiaiil lu fll
o.alri'lalnia In thli.iltlca uu ur llur aalit 'ifnl
i1 ul Snui.nili.r, Isisl J T AI'I'KloniN.
o-lu-n-U llilalr
I . '. saslSII.IS'A'I'KIH.
jaaaaa w.---.-
llpnTKh WrATrs I.asii Ockii f, )
(iiimii.k Citv, ur,, Keli, tl, Is 10, 1
Nli'l'ICK Is In ii bv idien Hint in compli
S'li n llh the pioti-lons of lliu set ril l nn
l-reas oi June II, IHVU. Milltli"! "A" B'' lor
the aiilnol tlinher Inml In the WisU'a l Cnl-
euuiiiv i ifuriiin. tiivitnii. Nevs'ls, siio uliininm
liaa llili I'lurrtlnrv." Chs K. Hlmfer of Portland,
Cnuiily of Miillnoniali, Htnlsol llmnon, bs
this ilsy llltd In lhl ollhs Ills tvoru aiulu
ini'lit No, 1017, lor the pnri'lisae of Hie rK 4
of Heclliiii No, 12. In 'I'liK-nalilp No. '2 H,
Hani's No. 'I K, Slid will nlh'f p""f " "how
lluil the Inml soiixlil la moro viilmible for Ha
tlnilier or alone thiol for agricultural imr
piiM'a, sud loealshllili lilaeliilin lo auld Inml
lielore (lis llenlaler anil Ueci-her of llila
nlllisi nt tircjrnii CHv, nr., on l riduv, the
llth day or July, Istm, lliiiinuies n wit
lieaaca;' Jii". A. i'ul, Julill Allen and Win.
Kh'ld of 1'iiitlsiid, Mtiltiiiiiiuili enuiiiy, nr.
i-Koiii John Melnlyru of handy, I'laekaiiius
liiniily, tiri'iou.
Aiivsnilnll peraoiis ihilinbiK S'lvursely
Ihn nlimn ileacrllii d Inmla nl" re.U'Sli"l I.
Iih. their eliilma lu this olllee on or IM-Iore
said llth ilny of July, I'.
1, T. AI'I'KltHoN,
10 M - i W It.'Kisler.
oi ii i: i on ri iii.M iniix.
t'HiTiiiMt.tsa I.asii Orrn , ( Cur, in., May R ume. I
Nulli'S la ln-roliy lirn llial In viinillaiit-
Willi Hi liri.vlalnlia ul Ilia art nl Oiiii'rii ul
Jim il, I nia, euilllr.l An set Inr Ih aai ul lliu
liar lauila In Hi Hl.lf. u ( alll.rula, Oruu,
Nvail ami 'Ifrrllury," l.'liaa
S Hlrvi-u. u ( AI.kiiIi.i-ii. rnumr "I I'lialialla,
Slalu W aalillianui, haa till Car ltlo.1 III Ihla
ultii-a lila awuru ii.loin.-nl N., -ji,.i, l,,r ilia (,-ir-rlina
nl Hi. K l4 ul B.-.-lloii No lulu Tuwu
hln Nn. i s. , ulli au Nn 7 laal,
an. I will nrrr inml In ahuw that Hi
iaiul animlil la alual.l lur III lmlr ur
1..II lhall lur aarlfullitral uuriHiaaa atij to 111. t-lallu lu aal.l l.n.l Ur,,r. Ih. Iti'l
l.lar am) Uu. rl, oi ul Ihla i.rllr al liri-. Hi I lly,
linn. ill, uu 1 loir.. lur II, IMh.lay ul l. pleinOnr,
IH... tialni.. aa wltlii..i-a: J K Alllaull,
K II llama u, W la
burn ami N I I'.irtlaiul, ur
Any ami all i-l..liiiii.( aiKrra.ljr His
alHor.ilr.1 rltH.l al t.i Si
I..,. I ul. Im. lu Ihl. ulliro uu ut Im-(,.ii' aal.l lull
Ua ul kllliurr, lvu, T. AI'I'f.llSKN.
!- II lleriaur,
TlMltKR 1, A N 1 1, ACT Jt'NK a, lifts.
xri iri; i-oii n iii.i:a iio.
Uit r-rtna I.ass Orrics, i ,'
Wasoiin Cttv, i ir ilav g7, IMW.f .
Noli. I hrri'Lv liiwi. Ihi.t in erimi.'Aai.i-i-
ailli lite prov i.ini th wt off n-.a of
jiiiii. n, ims, eiifiuni, -Alt art 1W the sale
ul umtwr laud hi Hi Hurte f I shloriiia,
ihsinm, Navtuis, nd W aatilio-ion Ti-rn-lory,"
HaiitiM H. iiv, of II.khI Itiwr.
't'linty vt , 'im-, Ml'ale f tirt'ijoii, haa
tin. tiny f.u-d In II. ofli.e hia awurn atntr
mnl fw.v 3n7u for Itie pureliaae otlher-K
K-t (i -i-tioii No, S.', In lowiiililp Nu. I
'urtli, hanae tin. S Kual, and will niter
proof (, i alintlint tin' laud miiikIiI l more
Viillliil.le lor il. Iinilx-r or alone llnin lur
siiriciilliiral pnrp... . nnd to his
.-Bum In aul. I I it 1 1. 1 U lore the tij;i-.lrr and
itni-iver nl Ihiaulllci- nl rr.'oii Cuv. nr.,
nn Wiiliie.luy, lliu Jlih day ul rVptcin!-r,
Ism. tin num. -a na ll n. --.-. : A. Ilia.
Iimw, I.. Nenlciijh, J. I'. Iiln-m, nml I,. K.
MoIm., nil ol U.hmI liner, Wiimo iiiumy,
Anv and nil is'raiuis rhiiiuliiK ndvi rM-ly
the nUive ilririlsd html are rt-.piciii lo
Hie lln lr elniina In Ihia ullni. on or In-fore
aul. I ','ltli iluy of hi-pUnuhi r, li.
J. I . AI'I KIlSdN.
ll M 14 lleuiHler
t'sirrn HtAiu I.asii nines.
tikiaios Citv, nr., .May I'I, IS'ai.i
Notii-e I heril.y Klven thnl in eunipli.
nm with the proiii-iuita of the net ul l oll
Kreia i, I Jiiiip S, ISTS, rulitled. "An ml for
Ihv aule of tluilK-r lamia in the Mulea ol
California, liri-kim, Ni-vnds and Waaliing
lou Trrtiory," Nnla P. Johnaton of Purt
laml, Cnuiily of Miilliintiiah, Htate of Clr-i-K-nn,
haa tltl tiny tile.! in this utiles Ida
awnru alult'iiieiil No. JH.i, for the purcliaae
ol the fV ; ut Siclion No. '.1, In Town
ahln No. 2 South, ItuiiKe No. 7 Kaal, nml
will otter proof to vw- that the land
sniinht ia moro vnhisl'le for its tiniU-ror
tone I li ii ii lor nirri. ulliuill purpnaea, and to
i'lulill-h his rhiiiii to aunt hind Is-forv the
reidater tin. I receiver of this uillee ul Ort'iton
City, nr., ou Wi'ilnemlny, the Kth day of
Scpn-inU r, H',l. lie liunii-s ns witiicvaes:
II. K TulU.t, W. A. t iiUirn nml N. J.
Welch ol Porlhiiul, nr.; C. Mevens of
Als-nltfii, Washington.
Anv end nil (H-raoiia claiming adversely
the alsive ileaerllsd Inmla nre requested In
nlellielr i hiiuia in Una ollice no or Ix-lorv
mil. I Ktu duv ol "i-i.temla-r, I -cat.
Il-P.l Mil licKl.-lcr.
noun: rou ri iii.m'. 1 1".
I'siTrn HTATrs I.anii nrrn , I
(mums Cirr, nr., Mny 17, lwi.
NllTICK la hereby Klven that In eunipli
slice with the provision of Hie m l ol I
Itreaa of June ,i, s7h, enlilled sn in l for tin
an In of llnilier liiinl In the Hluli a of ( 'ulilor
nla, nn-gou. Nevada, and WsahliiKtoii Ter
ritory," Hulifrl It. Ilulea. of Alnnliii, or Chi ball. l-lnl of W'iiIiIiik1oii,
hlia llila ilny liled III this olllcn hi awon
aliiteiiient Sh.VM, for I he luircba" of Ihf
N W 4 iifwi-tlmi No M, In Township No. i
Hoiilli, Itnnue No. 7 Kaal, and will ollui
proof to aiiow that Ih Inml .oiiuM b
more vuliiulile for lis lliuls-r or aioim tlmi
for SKrleiiliurul jnirpnw. nnd to eilihl
bis eliiliii lo mid bind More the l-il-l
and Itieeheriif this olllee atOn-xmi iiy,
nri-ifun, mi Thurailny the Isih day of hep
li'iiibt-r, sil. Jle mime na wltue-a
J. K. Alliaoii sud Chna. M. hlevens of Alr
.li-i-n, WushliiKlou; W. A. Cjlioriiund N.J
Welch of Portland, nr.
AiivsiiiI nil iM-rtMiin rhiliniiiK ndvert-l;
Ihf nlaivn ileaerilifil Inmla lire reqin-ati-.l li
llle llielr 1 l.iiuia In tlila ollln-nil or Is-fon
aul. I lull iluy nl hepli'iulH'r, li.
J, T. Ari'KltKiiS,
11 III H 14 It.'KlMi r.
Mi nn: t on im iii.m atio
I'sitkii Htatm I.asii nrrn r.l
dKioos Cur, or., Muy in,
Nullrr Is hereby jrin that In rompll
Slue Willi the pnivlaloin of the net ol on
Kii-aa of June S, IHiK riiliile.1, "An n l Im
the aul of Uuilier Inmla in the htntea ol
California, 'mi-uoii, Ni-sU and Wn-binir
b.n Terntorv," tk.nj.J. TslUsvof portlnnd,
count v ol MultiiuMHtli, 'le 01 (i-i.'..n, bio
Ihla duv lilwl lu ll.ia oftii hi Sori ..!
iiieut N'o. MO, for lb pnrilia t.ltl.e f K'z,
ol hectioii No. ill TuwryJitp No. 2 houtii.
HnimHo. T Kasi mtt mill otler pnif n
aliOW that "v Unit sotiKlit la more
for its lout' ul aioii Ihsn for url. ulliirul
iiiLTuiati, and to i--lul.ll-li bis eluiui to auio
Inml before the reiri"lr and ree.-in r of tlila
etlli-a at nn-.-.iii l ily, nr., 011 Vi.liiealuy.
tlit 17th ilny ol Hi -plt-mlier, Hi. Ileimnit-.
u wltnraai's: N. P. Jnliiinloii, W. A. I 11
horn and N. J. Welch of Porthiiul, dr.;
1.'. H. htevi na, of Ala rdi-eii, Wa-liiiinlon.
Anv ami nil js raona tUimiuK 11.I v i r--l
the alanr-ili-ai rilMtl IntuU are reiii-aU-t to
tllr their elniina in this ulli.i- 011 or l l..rc
aui.l 17ih duv ol ht pU-uiln r, ls-at.
J. T. AI'I KKSn.V,
II III - -It Iti ClMer.
Minn: l oit i'i iiric.t'i'io.K.
I'siTse Htatss I.asii tirrn r. (
Osain.s l it or May 'O. 1'JU I
Nnllc is liar.l.y glvfti thai li enm.lliir.
Willi thr pruvlalnria nl III art uf L-niiKre.. of
Jtllif , la7a. rlllllle.l, "Au art InrtheaAit' uf lliu
tn-r In 1)1 aiaia wf rallfurnlA. Ori-Kn.
Nut aila, aiul W a.lili.itlnn It-irllury." liana Au
.Inrault ul 1.1 1 1 to Kalla. enmity nl Lowli, state of
V liaa Ihla ilay Slrd III llila nltic lit. No. 3t, fur th nirrhH.i ul
lursK. ul Hrellun So sill Tuw uslilp .Nu 1
hmitlt. Itans Nn 7 r.a.t. anil w ill utter priHif t..
aliuw that III Iaiul aniiftltl la rtnr valiial.l I..f
Ua llnil.r ur ali.tie than fur agricultural .tir
1n.ea. ami lu eaiahlUll hia claim to sunt Uml
n..rc th rf-Kl.ler .ml rrrelver ami receiver
ul Ihla oilier al Orrina i lly. ur. uu I ue.,l,.y the
-flril day uf Sepleiuber. live. II unities as w it
lu-.kea. Frank ttanlnn.tif I.ltll
Initlull: liana J.n.ell ul Atli.l.t, Wa.hlliKt..u
W A L'au..rn att.l N J Weleli ul I'urllaiitl nr.
Any.liilall perauna claiming a.lverHely the
sImiv ileserllN..l ar re.pie.te.1 to tin
llielr cl.lius lu till titties uu ur bed. re sai.J 2.:M
tl.JT tit (teileiilbr, 111. i T. Arl'Kll.Ki.N.
6-1S-S-U Kesl.ler.
o 1 1 i on ri iti.K'A no.
I'mitkh Statis I.asii Orrn r,
OkiooN Cirv, dr., March II, ls:.
NoTICK is hereby given that in compli
ance with the pniMsions of lliu net of Con
Kress of June 3, 1N7S, entitled "An act lor
the side ol timber huida in the Stnles.ol'Cal
ifnriiiii. Oregon, Nvvstlu, and Wn.Hhiugton
Terrilory." Charles Cutler, of hninlv, Colin
IV of Clackamas, Mtnte of Oregon, luis this1
day liled in this olllee bis sworn liilement
No. InfiM. lor the purebnse of the K ' of bV
yt nml lots 3 and 4 of het tiou Nu. IX, in
Township No. '2 Hoiilli, liauge No, 7 hunt,
nnd will oiler proof lo show (lint the land
aungm in nuirr vituuioie tor tin itiiitMT or i Bum 0f (lm,
alone inroi lor ni ii uiiio in pniH.iea, ami to
estnhl'.rih hischtiiii Iii said laud before the
Kigistcr and Iteceiver nf this ollice at Ore
gon City. Oregon, on t eilnesday, the llth
duv of August, Istm. Ho iiuniew as wit
neiu'es: J. A. Km, C. K. Shal'er, uml T.
t'. OTionnell of l'urilioiil, Mtiltiioiiuih Co.,
Oregon; J. Melntyre, of Sandy, Clackamas
county, Oregon.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely
the above dcscrilied luiuls are requested to
lliu llieir claims in this ollice or before said
ulli day of Augint, IsiM.
J. T. AlMT'liHON,
4 . Ift-IO 6A-4 '-'I 11. Kegister.
.Oill i: I'Olt 11 III.H A 1 IO.
rsirsn Statis Lanii Orrn s, I
OasooN Citv or., May IV latSi. I
NOTII'tC la lirrehy riven lhal in compliance
with the i.ruvlsluiia ul th set uf emigre. a uf
J uu S, ls7s entitle.! "An art lur Hi sale nl urn
her lauila In lite Slate, ol C.ltinrtila. Oregon,
Nevsila, ami WA.hiuKimi Terrlimr,' Jabei K
AU1...II. nl AtMnlrou C'nuuly uf t ln-llalla. Mini
uf W a.lilliKtttlt haa this day nleil III till
oitle In. awurn aiaienietit No. fur the ptir
rhaa ul th SW I, nl Hel-tlnu Nu 14. Ill l own
ahlp Nu 'JSutltll, llaunv Nn. 7 Kaal, ami will nf
ter prtaif in atmw lhal the Uml suiikIiI is inure
valualil lur Ua timber nr alette than for
rleiillural uirmaea, ami In ralatill.h hia claim
In aal.l laml lied, re 111 Keiil.ler ami lieeeiv.r
uf tlila wlllc at Oresnn t'tty, ureuuli, uu Tlitira.
iy Ih 11 li day nl September, l;aj. He iianies
a wllueasea: I'haa s ritevena. It II Hales, ul
AlieMeen. Waslilnntnn; V A I'alx.rn. ami N S
W eleli. nl I'.irllnii.l. or
Any ami all persona claiming a.lveraely the
Ih.v ile.cribe.l laml are re,piei.iil in ate
their claim In Ihta uUiee on nr lielnre aal.l isih
dy nf Seplember, Isve. J. T. AI'I'KKSu.N.
S-ltr-s-14 Keuialer
Shcri ITh Sale.
Col NTY nr Clickamas.I
l'nlriek Mcljiugldin, l'liiintil!',
Michael Hemeriek, Pefemlant.
NOTICK is hereby given, tlmt uv virtue
of an rxerulion Issued out of the County
Court of Claekuiiiasetiunty nml state of Or
egon, Ui me directed uml delivered r Sher
lll of sulil county and state, dated Mnv i-.'d,
A. v. isno, eoniniamling nic to innke the
IsillK Cia. cir Ci.eur nriiSrM
sua, i.ia i ui kit nr I i h a.,,
Thi'inna clo.riiKiii I
ri.omiir I
ilrrli't K, I'ri-t.le,
f nine... A t . p,
l icoie. II Noil, n, I
William II N,,fl.,li, f
j'.tiii n muiuii,
'. i: Nun. .ii,
K'lwlil II Murlull,
KIKahoIh K II. N.. in. it
Tu Harriet K. I'n lile, Kiaiuaa A
eiiaru-a n., wtioaiu ll Ni,rt.,i. I. . .
Nnriiui. ,. I:, ,'... ..n. Mwln It s.m.. 2
'"i, yni
Kllabelll f, II, Nulluli, th .l.m.1,,,1
III III nam nf thu Htiilu nf flri
' . i-.,i,f.- inai...
(he aliuve I'liolli-.l I'unil niul ati.wer li.. ,
plaint ul Ihi plal-.nrl llli.l airuini u .
IJ'.url anil uaiim- In Hie ulln-u f t,.
Clreilll t'niiil nl llii. Slain el Ori'sui, '',
I uuiity nf Clsi Innn is .et i.r lielura in s,
nl lliu ue.l ri-sular leiiitnl u,.. ,un
Court. In nil. "'
iiii W'.ii.liiy, Cm ;io ilny nl fiin,,
A I'. IJ, ami ymi nre lu.n.l.y n..iuii., u
yuu I.. 1 1 an lu appear ut..) ati.wer ,
plalnl Hie l.lullillll will apply In Die l.uu,
Ih lulli'l ii iiiii.e, In . ... Complaint t,,
A iliefi-i n,..iiii.t im, in (jitli't lliu tin .
plaliilllt lu ami u 1,'in .,ll,mli, iKW,,
preinl.i-. all. isle. I in i laiaama. l:.uii. ,
nf Ore'Kun, In wll
I In. we. tern hull nf the i, nation ah i
uf , I. Norn. ii an.) ;,.i., line Nurteu lilt
N..ltf).ull"li Nu '."Hi.. I 1'tliit Nu. ti,, .,i j,
Hull l,Nti'l r iallit l.i-lhK prla i.I.eMlutiii
il. Ir, II ami I.',, lu luwiol.lp .,i th, nl t,j
.1 Kl ..I W lllatu.- le iiu rl llun ami I. I1L j
sin I ile.erilel a. .,.l,a In nil: In-alt,,,,,
a pullil 'ii-luilii. ... iih ami nil r-h.iii.
(he l.i rtl.ea.t e..rm-r ul thn af..le.ii M,.
.Ii; Ihe'i.-e ea-t a., I'halna; ll.i-i.i- toulb
ehallia; Ihelu eeiul 'li 'il elia Ilia; theln blj,
)4 rliallia: llienc wt I'i. si uhalin; ifc,
anlllh f.'.:.0 ehallia lu the place of lrftai.,
eulllalllluil l,;i!i. a'-ri'", InK'-tlurr with ,ji 1
all.l(.iiar, th lem-iiietil. here.llaiiii.u, .1
pp.irletiniii-i.a Iheri-ln Iwtni.KttiH nr 1 .2
w..u N."r.a..uiiK , niai ., i,, .ur'UU M !
real imuor nl athl premiiea at th u
il til l...ili.( Hie eter.iin.u al th lliu. ol
aaluaml On. euiivej am e nl aal.1 So-niIma
Uu. sheillf In I' H at ver mentioned
plaintiff I'uinplatiil ti. Hint I liarieaU Jl
inn at III Mime pell. nl lii'l.l aal.l prmlt
aeeral nl li ami uli lil Iru.t lur I. C. Muni
llial III i.iiiliilllt may be a.llii'lire.l tubs,
li-llal uwiu-r ..I .id preiiiuea, Ih.l ih e.ynv.
o.c irntii , i; N'.rt'.ti lull 1 irf-k..Hla
Ihe i' If. .in 11 1". a kw.MKllnClii,
H N'.iluti.a. i-l forth In plaltilia a '-"mpit.
Herein Ilia) be ileeri C'l lu le Iraliiplieut i
"..In. ami ul bo I. .icii al.'l esn-t; u,n t
ibuve li;imi-.l ilefen.l.nlk may I tleci.
make, eAeciile au.l.lellier lu the plalbuf
li-e.i nt t-uti ley a lie ut u llielr riKlit. I.
mil Interest 111 anl'l preilllsi-a nr Ihat.M. (.
.nil may be app'.in It--I by Ilo. llnburt
Court In lu It b.r tliein; ami thai the ..ltJ
ny have .ncfi (urllier nl ulher reilafaai
ualiile nl Ihi. cam may rcpilse aiul tut ;
';...laaml ill.lMir.vtfieuls nl lln.s.ill.
I hia imbllctUuli uf iirum..lia is liia'le nn
in.) pur-iiatil lu an ur. l.-r ul II. .ti r. J Taj
pill,'!' uf ll.e ftl.nie flilllleil eunrl. al.y ii i
II i lll:10K lillh-.sf.ll ami r II .-l (,v
A'tornej . fur Plsli;
( It ltlull.
fu ins Cut-NTr r..i st nr im Mrifa or 0 ci.A' maoi.un t.
.( ihc I. .Lie ul Julia A
Ill Ihe Man.i
rieiaaM-. .
Tulhe full.' Winn le.iue.l heirs al lawuf Julli
we.Snry. iliei-a.-.. ami l.. ail ulliera ut.lii.ui
Mary w liisluii. w t. Join. n, f rank. In J.-
S'.li. Amy JnlllisuU, II II. Julilisou. J.
t'hiiri-h, W h I'i-ii.i i.l. K. Ii, lu-iin iit, F s .
iiieut. K j. lu-iiu-iii. John t;. .i'iiu-fii, Kat
l.f. 1. 1.-), J'lii.- Wfi.le.aml May Wa.le;
111 Ihe name ul the Male nl Orcoun, yirtl .
each ulyi.uare lieri-l. i-it.. ami ri'ipureo
ippenr al llle 1..1.I.I) i:. nil i.l the alalvoli.
l( lur I 1.-.I iiaiurt. e-.tllil). al the C.urt il., .
ill ori-i.-ii I lly. nr.-k'.'ii. mi l'n-l.y. Jul;
1-fSl. nl leu i. clock A M , Hie being '.
Sr. I 'lay ul Uu- Jul) ti-ri.t ..I aal.l t uurl auj U
an 1 llii-re show ea, i.e If any i-ai.i. why an
,r alumni mt U- ina-le il.ri-ctli.K aiul lu-eu,
the'ilor nl .al.l i .taic lu wil ail ;
riifiil. Iille am lutere.l uf aal.l ileeeafM-l at -.
lime nf ln-r il.-alh. I., ll.e real ..erty here
aller .1. scribe. I as well a. all claua ur rial
that Ihe sal.) il.-l easel Ilia)' hale hail al a
lliu ilurlriK her Itlellme j.'Miii.t I li harn
trusle. ami ihe tn.l.lcr ul tue Jii,'al uu
the here lualtet ili--crlU-l rcl e.ial or a
eUilll that II. II. JolOisull, .lllilliiitralur
.Nl.l t-iUlt m.W ha. ur herealler li.y DA
aifalusl aal.l Iru.te.-; nil . j.ravej fr la t
pt-iiuuu ui ii. ii. j..riii.i.n, aiUoiuiktrsuir
saie estate 'I lie aal.l real property beibf ii
.criuc.i a. !iu, na, in-wii
petiliiioiiB at point f. ?y chain nono
niiiiiues Wcllroiii Hie -.inhwe.l curlier oft
fioliallolt litol t i.illu ..( VV in. llnlmse and a.
Ill I I S. It I ., ut Hie M lil.iiae'.le l.-li,ll.ii i
r until hi; I hence .Sotiti -J .1, rt-e. m a uiiuu
f a-t p. ml, el w Illl Hie ...ulli iN.llll.lary of I;
claim v., eilHlll. tlu-lice llorill 14. IV I'U.lllt
a slulie; tlu-lice Ve-I P M chains lu atur
them-e lu. nil v ,.s ciuiins tu a at. .lie; ISeL-
is, .Ulli su il. 1,-ri-i-s It t-.l n ... cli una lu stunt
Hie West boiiii.l.iry ..1 s.inl eluiui; them- nur
1 niluule. we. I i ..' chilli, tu ciiora eorui
llli-lice In. rtll XI ib ijri-e llu inllllllea tatl t
chaina tu the hue U-meell I i ami 3 Sum
ttietice we.luti li.wiiship hue nne chkia
ciaiui line, lliem-e n..rtu ileureea juul
ciMitn line ii x elinius lu uie miwt ekiullit
corner ul tract ul laml ilee.le.1 by AretnU
McKlli.ey hiI Wife tu l.avnl Meliiiti.
fuinul rec.iru.--l uu pane z'a. ana .? U bonk'
ul the rt-cuMa ul ilci-.U ul aatd ClackaKaf
C'uiinly .ti.1 soil ul orcfc-nti; ihene nunii
Ueifreea ami Ihi iiiltitilea llealuu the Suuttit.
llneul aaM M.-lrttunhieii Irai't tu the tut. oft
first liialtleitlt, lliell. e Solilhweslcrly Wlllit;
tuealioers in noil coil in uie luterseelii
lilt- aatiie with the iowtishlp Hue; Ihene SHE
uutlieaal.l l.iwu.lilp line In the Internet;
nl the same with me Southwesterly buuu.1..
lib uf klckltiley elalin; tliene Suutt
.leriH kasi nil the claim line In then
Nurihcriy t-uritor uf a tract ul Uml ileeued
A. K. Ile.l.e ami wile p. J. 1. Apperwo
.let.t Iniili.l rccur.ii-il nn p.i,;e ..C. uf b.a.k N fur sni.l Cnuiily ami Mate; IheiieeSo.,
P. iletirees Vt est p. M elniina to a stuL ua l
Mniuli buitiuliiry line ul sul.l A. '. Heuf S
euini ; uiclice r.fiM .n cnoiu line l..ia cliaiui
a puilit; ttlem-i' mirth H 17 ehtlllis tu a poiut .
the Mckinley ciioin Hue; thence east t
bnliit uu Ihe West hutimlary line nf salil S i
llunuse elalin: llieuce rn.iilh lu ihe.plaee ol
IflllliliiX. t-.illtailillii; .s acres, uiure'ur lea
luuie by ur.ler nl Ihe Hull. W. L. White, Ju,!
ul aal.l I'nilrl.
l'sleil May li 1V0.
Witness my luiml ami seal uf th CQi:
Court llns i.lh ilay ul Jtiriy, A. 1'.,
County clerk
i.y .T. wiim..K,
5-V0-"-,H-'.J iK-putv
t'NITKtl Htatks La nd Okkicr, I
OitsiiuN OiTV, Or,, Msy 2S, lsuO.I
NOTICK la Iterobv iiireii, Hint tho lulluwlnii aettler lisa nleil nutiee nl lila lntfiittuii
tu liuike final iirnnl lu aiiiipnrtul III claim, ntitl
ronl wlllli inline before III Iteiitster
that anlil e
ami Receiver uf the II. H, I, nml l nllrei ill oreiinu
oresnn, nil 'I'liiimluy July 17, IMS), vis
lliilsmi YV. urlilitn, lliiuie.itcinl Kntry. Kn. nstKJ,
lur tins went i a nl aniith wont lj of auction 3,
tuwiialilp 4 nniilli, rstiKO assst.
He nainea the InllnwIiiR wltnesaes to prnvs
hia oniilln.unis resliluneo iipnn ami ntiltlvHtinn
ul anlil lull. I, vis; J. T Kvana, J. H. Lewis, Jnhn
Davis ami K llullnrj, all of Cams, Clackamas
ouiinty, Oregon.
61-ti 1. T. At'l'KKSON, Register.
Office Is tho Best. Try It.
hundred anil fortv-one ilolhtrs
VITII i: l Olt l' HI.ICATIOt
l sitkd RTAits I.Asn Orrirs.
UKkiins Citv, nr.. Way as, 1 .
.utick is hereby given that ihe lullo
naiiu.! senior Ins rlle.l nuilce nl lila tnteui
tu make Anal i.r.K.I in suptmri ul lila elaltn. if
; thai saul nr.K.I will lie ma.le belure Ihe Hetiti
I ami Ki-eeiver nl I . l.iu.l tilhc al Ore,
. Cliy. Urea. .n. uu lues.lnv. Julv l.i. IVAl. ti
Krniik II. kh.M.lei., Hnmesteml Kntry No bi
lur lllsnlllh l.a ul nuiith eaal seeliun U, total
eui. a ..Mini,, rfiuve s east.
He mimes '.he futluwilnr wlllie.sesln nri
lila lesi.luiiee iinnn ami i-iiIiIvaiiJ
ut anlil Inml, v 1ST ; J. t'. I racev. J. Hurt'er.Ue
Ciirrius nml J H u la, nil nl Ourriiisville. CI.
in I'nltcd States gold coin, together ivith in
ti-rest thereon sliu-e January li. Isyo, ut the
rule of ten per will, per nniiuin, nud the
further sum of eighteen dollars and liltv
live cents, together with cost and disburse
inent of Ibis execution; said alaive amoiiiil
to he made out of- the -rtionnl i.roperty of
said dtleiiilaiit if said uiiiount could' he
found, or if sulllcieiit cannot h found then
out of tho real irowrty belonging to said
defendant. Now lor want of personal proii
erty I httvo levied mum the follow ing Klv
serllied pmperty, town: All of defendant's
right, title nnd interest in and to the IS. 10
H of nee. 12, T. '. 8, It. L"K., hcing loo acres
more or less; nml will sell ou the 7th duv of
July, A, 1), 10, nt the hour ol IOocIoc'k A.
M at the court houso in Cregon Citv in
said county and state.
SherllFof Clackamas euuntv, Oregon.
June4, lM, ' 7l
i Hums, euuiiiy, ureuuli.
J. T. Al'I'KliSON. licjisli
.TU i: I'Olt 11 lil.K ATIO
I'mti p Sm rs I.asii Ontcs.)
Oiiki.on Citv. nr., June U, ls:i.'
Notice is bervhy given that the tollewi
liitineil settler bus liled notiirof his in!
lion to innke liiml proof in sumairt ol
chtini, ami thut suid proof will In.' mailt
fore the register and ofthel'li;
Slates l.iiii.l olllee ul Orri'on Citv, Ort'K
on Tuesday, July a-.', ls;M, vir:' Tliei
Martin, I're-einptien l. S No. ,W'I fur i
V S of N V ol Sn- '.V, Tp 4 S, it 3 K.
names the l'ollowing witnesses to prevs
contiiitnuis residence upon and cultivm
of, saiil hind, viz: .1. niton, W. Uncle
ti tut John Oleson of Oregon Citv, Clac
mas eoiuitv, Oregon; N. liovliimi of II:
hind, Oregon. J. T. ArrrlUSO
ll 7 II liegi
Absolutely Pure
The New Remedy. -
Thousands Already Cured I
Intn'ihi'eerK ,mol!'h this truly rr-rmirkiiluc- mcllelne hss teiitul iU
i.Mul ir. n8' '"m'"es, because It ci uki. thk sick. No te
" in innn iiiiiiiun.
n tiiin's fiicitoiii: kii.i.i.. i ol
s lloi-rlsun I'tlrt III ml
axeittslve Agents for C' Cnuuly, TUOtj C II A KM AN A SON.
Oregon City, or
Guaranteeing More Power, using
Water than any other
Wheel, and the only Tur
bine that will
work successfully
under High Heads,
under Heads from
3 TO 300 FEET.
Head of Wctcr and icvor Red:
"im i bi SjfKI IHI.-1 1 fj
fd.mi7inCRtt.T.rrc"i- rr-irnr
- sni-
Less jf'A
-.-..s-i.w, u . ua-r . v .-. ,
" ? ' J ' , ... -I V N ,i j
i wicked old eyes that Tarkiir had 1'wl-