The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, June 05, 1890, Image 2

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IIkumasx got thoro with both
foot to the tune of about UOOO mu
jM't .
TuK entire rojmlilioan statu tick
et is sleeted except the governor
which is lost hjrftboHtSOOO.
Xinkty-kivk nmjority in Oregon
City precinct for Sidney Smyth for
surveyor. Where in that nmjority
th Courier was going to have for
t'other fellow?
('omitliu, the IVoido.
Some oltliiiitiinli'iestti tie made by the
(Yiimh Fmiiiieintoi't In June,
. . . it. 'lit
i The Klrvonth Ceneiia of tu v iiueo.
! States will lu taken dlli'lntf tho uumlli ul
'Juno. Tlio constis oniiiiioiiitoiu w ill bo on Monday, June .'. and
I will vwlt evorv hoHi and ask question
eoni-ei 'ulna every person and every fain-
ilv In Hie I'liltod Mute The tptentions
Huii will tie uWo.l full (or tli inoneol
..v..iv norson lostditikt In Hie I'mled
Mutes on the llral day J""". wilh
their aox unit no, and whether wlille,
hhwk, mulatto, tpiudiooii, oetorouit, or
Chinese. Japaaos), or Indian. Inquiry
will be made also nfeveiy poison as U
wheUier they me single, married, vvid
owed.ordivoii'od.ttiid il iiiiuilod, wheth
or mm riod lmiim the etmsiis veur. The
pluce of birth of ouch misoii, and the
place of Mi th of the hither and mother
of ..aril norson. will also M Vlllled for,
wrll us a etiiteiiiont us t the proles
aion. trade or otYllpiilioil followed met
the nniiil er of months uiumiplovod dur
iun the census your. Kor nil persona ten
vnuaof aire or over leturii must be
mud,, liv the eminieititor as tv the nilue
her able to read n.l write, and also the
number who run apeak Ktt.lish. For
Tint tablo of votes which we pub
lish is all wo can give of election
news this week, but as it contains
the full county vote it will tell the jtlloso ,llH HniK Kn-lisli th
itorv. Let those interested in poli-! pu, -H.-nhir languane or dialect spoken by
,. ... I ihemwilU'eu-cortaiitod. l'or school chd-
lies inesenu. ,. ,.. .., ,uim,rur month they
census enumerator.
niollirrs un inquiry will he made a to
the mnnhrr of eltitdrtti they Have hud,
mid the number of these vliiMwit living
ut the present time. This inquiry is to
w ho me or nave
m rv f loot. 111) L'iv. S I attended school will he locoidod l.y in
' . , , i I mu enumerators, lu the M of
the members ot tno legismuwr ...
this result: In the senate there re
2t republicans, 7 democrats and
vet in doubt. In the house there
10 d Mnocr.tts ; ho uiitde of all women
, , ' .... Uvn t.uirod. iiuludii.i? nil who are
and 2 vet doubtful. !iJ,,J or diNou-rd. l-o-eign-born
nKn muHNMVould imturaUvev!n.ihef adolt ,.,-e, tluit K '.'1 year, of
' , , I ,o or over, il! he ,1-kod to the nu.n-
Hct Thk tsTKurBtsK to m' the, h n (ho
election returns nt the curliest 1H,S" j i-,iit,.a stairs, und whrthcr they me
Bible moment, but on Tuesday not J ,lu,lllJl,:1.( 01 i,rtVo taken out ntiuuli
4!i..v l.nt democrats, union : ...ilotnMivis ( the hrsd olearh fain-
J Tl,.. I'.mrirrl ilv iMlrd the .Hiestion Will 1(0 ilsked lis
, ' 1 h reno t e ' to the number it in the family,
had to depend on the repor a r, m. Uo,m,.j or ,r,.a ;
wived by this oflice; and on les-. ifottm.d, whether th.. homo is free
day all interested in getting early ; vm lWir , inrumbiame If the
and correct reports called ut The '; .a, uj u,,, family is n fanner, nimiUr
v .or,.... .i tl.t it was 'iiiuuiiirs will bo nud. rojirerniiiK the
' , ... ownershi,. of the f..rm. In .UUK.n to
tlmmged by all parties. M M
--- - ,.!..(.. (1... I.m' itit.
, I Oil tilt' opiU.tllon oroiii.-, i.' ..."
JT1S strange una a nenmgo... ; ,,,,, t.,.,lMl(, u ,ilU,.ti makes
and crank like l'ennoyercan iiiaui-i .. . far ,,.,,.,.,1 iltuin..t r..mern
tain prestige and jHover to keep ; it MU., (l( ,i0 .j.niation may be
t.;..w1f in ntViro. To lie sure everv mriitallv or l'h sirally drtrrtive III any
1 .1 l..l......w.ri.. imr. I resiwl. that is, ilisaiw, fn-hU-nundrd
. . ..i. I.Uif. Moid or . r.iu led, or who may I
ty threw all Usenorgy mo t ie ijriv lliltAllU)ll m s, d,s
ernatonal contest, and dispiaye.i a ; ( ( r ai.i iiK,,., ttt , , u th i-mi-
willingness to trade everytUmg else ,,,,!. w,,!. t .utain serial inquiri.o
in sit'ht to secure that. Hilt there's ' ,ul a!-o br m.idr rou. rniing inmates ol
.1... ,k Tl,.. ,l..m.u.r:it.4 i.onldn't!t.ri..inaiid i.-foi matorie and of eluri
. ., 1. 1. 1.. .,,,,1 tu-m-vo iMit institution, oe'
would be no more votes in pocket.
However, the leirisluture is safety I ,,;., ,i. , . mmm tiivimr thnr
republican and IVnnoyerisin will
have to maintain its bounds.
Iliis. a (.t.iSi-uu-l.l Will be called lor
,...,.;,,,. !l i,i.ioiis who havo die.!
dining Hie ivii'iis rar, n'lvmi;
rtie.ition cause 01
i name,
Tins olii. ial count of the pe.qdo come:
but oiu-o in ten ycaiH, and eveiy family
and every H'i-iii fhoilld consider it to
I . llieir duty to answer the question ot
tin. u'Iimi eiiuiueratoi willinijly and
promptly, so that dcumte and accurate
information may bo trained couccrmnK
the iiqile li vine ithiu the
boundi of this j;ieat country
W nil Id .UI lie Ith'll t
Kvcivoii,. wants to U-eome rieu, and
;. 1..', il, ,t vim nine maki. silro lM''-
Uter, in the absence of the editor ol . ri.s m lt,ig ,ir,. tion you should not lull
f the mi- to buy your ur-H-cr e ...
cali i;ioi er, us ito ns a ,.
ti. .n of tin- Iin"st uroeeriea t-i b found III
maiket. lie is bound to please hi cus
tomers and is constantly watehinu the
Two rears airn. Mr. I. I.rMahicii, i
editor of the Courier, made no ar
ranguicnts for securing the election
returns, and the day following dec
;, j'a his only resource was to ask
' tf J Thk Entk.bprise for its returns,
.j$ which were full and correct. IVr
mission was cheerfully given him
I to eonv th returns. A few moid lis
Cut'MVY or vuvini
To tll HHKMIrr Of ! ClUSTV. OlMKtlHvl;
In Hie imm ot th ami r ormmi, yiui r
liiilUllinll'O'U I'1 t"vy, HI'Ull in jiuhis sun vnse
lira et ilelUI.Ulll l liyr imiio'ii in in
Wlllllll iUUll.OII.llt U lint, or llil llllll'll IlllifPnt
a n III mIUv lli siiioum nu, iimwiwr kiii
,v.i. miU iteeriilii imii 'l II .ruiml
lireinrly ln loiliul, ln ill"'" i rm .ru.ri j
. ' . .... ... -..1.1 .l..llt.,i,nl,l Im llnl liF at.
BPI lOrill H P...M .
llllll'll lll.lll.OI tt" WIO ' J ." '
una. In wlih (.ml" unit miiii mut ynu
rmiiilMit t.v ovi'r nil mnuny .iiUii'lil mi
,n twt.iri. Un. flrst Ni.ii.lsy t July, IWW, Hi I lie
Ciiiiiuy ot il.l I'oiiiily.
In ilini.. lu-rii(, I lisvi" Iiitnuniln ! my
Imii.t, sii.l siIUp.I Un. ilt tin potiuly iinuit
lion Hi ol May li.
tl. II, JoiiNmiN, Cuiuily cuik,
I lioily iieiilty llil ll (iv l trn ropy
ul ilu iirliilusl wsnsiil sii'l Hi wlii'l Uirii
tmiwl lin 'iii uy in ny, iw
W. It. II. Hanhiin, Nlti.rllT hi
( lui ksiimi County, Orrjnli
II) virtue itthl. "srrmil I liv leyle.t
Itiietl. Htt.l w ill, nil rnusy, J.or .' " "
limiriil lilo'el.M'k m nt is'il l". l llieeourt
luuKt. iloor In Hi eliy et oreicoii Cliy, l'li'li
ins. eniiuiv, tir.'mm, UI all th lollimln U'.'
erlhtsl real i.r.ip.'riy l aiii'llon tor i'h In
Itnllil. I'r aiie.UIII " "'I iihtwii n. ii-
yisrlsHV ho a iiiii ihe Hit lor
mill vi'itr leyeihi.r Willi llie "' aii'l evpeiiMi
ut ftiile : .
Attu, Inn l. ut I 1 , lit 10 . t I .
i. MUrrtM ....
lit... .Ut.i..- Itratfnu Oltv. blk tld.
Una i siul ft. W
1II,,..,1 Mr, 1' -III. j, ill I'll, blk lis.
lull I mnl 1 . .
Alhritlil, W W Or'ien Cllf. blk il, tl u
AIIh. Ami K -KuhUIII. I( i ..
AnUiiisoii, U 11-40 aor In oil.! la,
rt t M
Auilennn, J VI -nijiil ', 17, l'4t.
r , mi er. ... '
Iii.Iihk i li U ( sl ni lee
I I . t , so crs iiw
Alnlrens. U II i ul Vslli' ! 1 1', Mi
6. H, J, B, t s, t I , li.1 er
All'lcvw . I- 11 - Orcjoii t'lly, lilk, 111,
has I. a, 7.
tt4liy. i: W . - llimi.t H It lie'. w 't
W. t s, r J a. i seres
ttair. A II- ' "Is1, Slut s', nt
a 1 see I V t i I. r i . u seres
Hreliktu. I ma ut ae1, see ft, 1 1 .
r I. 40 seres
Hsilsiiit, As. IU ut Wrllil HI. C.
see I sii.l s I s, r a , w sires .... .
Uuti. i H - K U Uu.t I see I, t 4 s,
r I e, 40 aeres
liiniiisu. Win - ,1nlliw',.seal.t3s,
r J . Sll seres
UrUiiap. Kmoii-ity Hr.i-n' ul tee I,
t 4 s. r . e, li' I seres
lleelie, OIIe Mrs- ( Isrksnisa. blk i,
I.. I 4
hank Ins. A It. Ire a - lli , ol e'4 ot set
31. I I i. t 4 e. 4 sens ...
lino. ii. Oe a'i w't "i se I.,
nt ai. It, I ' i. I 4, !0 serss
IIiikuisii, Win 'l'-l'"ir 0 t. C, 111.
r .1 e, M aeres
lli elir t an. tut - i ol see IU, t J s. t I ,
;M seres
Ur.iwiiJ W At' A -t', ol sec J7, 1 1 1,
r ii e. Ii'sl at.res
llililltisne l-.J - olt', ali t i
nt se' ,. ne' ,, lie',, aeu 1, 1 I ana I
r 4 e, ASI s. les
Hsrrelt. i II -heirs ul l at.iiirelt, n
I, i'. see I, I ) i, I I . u aeres
hr.'HU J f- si, ul lie' seel, I II.
r I e 4u aeres
Hall, ileo- ' ,. ,it l) see p, ( 5
lit, I.M si'ift
llaker. jiiir.-iiee-pt ul fisher H I.I',
I J a. r 1 . I sere
Been. Mls M K, Niw OaHeto. blk 44.
I,,(.llai,.l in
B..l.s, ) I -, see in, t ItiJi, ID
Hot lei, M letiet. ae't ul If1 4. see . I 4 I,
r 4 e, 40 set
Carls.ili. Jiilin. se't ul se 17, 1 J I. t 1 1,
tm seres
Csrls.iu, A S - ', ul ii', aint ',
ul t i,, mmi . , t 'J , IW sersa
Csuireiili, linuisa-1!. s'4 au.l v.
a ',. aw t I a, f 4 e. I'si Siiras
Cami noll. Mrs Usrir t llo.sij t I f
,,. l s s. r i e. i)
I'sniiilii. Mt. Msrtlis. -lie', nl II rmley
0 1113.. f it. 41) ires,
i'uiiiiili.'liam. I,..- II iii. Hi, l 4 l, r 4
(el!', VI- Jil ol fsrjlre II 1. 1), J
,u, I ; .t s r 4 e. tH aeres
Cramers. Ir 111. I sneiusli, hlk K .m
1 .' :l
I siiiflieU, II It - Vlsiksuias, h',i It. M
l lit.i)isu & Meiiulre- WUlleomu. l .C
an, I noil, h w -1.( u iron. I t.C, I'J . r I
e :li aeret
I'leiiienls. V VI M Oae.i.Uil II. Uls
j .it i,ik . . a. y b, blk I"'b 1 1
u l ;!. J .s .Ne issri'i, hlk II. has
4 HO
; as
I 04
I itt
I 00
t 111
i .1)
3 M)
fi ft)
II II III, W II- IIMr'a ol M1) mut IW'i (if If 1
4i , 14 s, r , bit aerei .
Hansen, K, -lm I nml n'.j til lie', II,
t 4 a. r 1 1. 4 aeres lie., Jl.'-M Milli'll 11 .C I A, 111, r If,
4(1 (teres. . , , , . , ,
lliiliies, K .l a (I, I '; , r I s, 4 iieres
1 1 lie lies, ,1 II -S, mill (Ibiiiii 1st la ','1,1 II
llulmrl, Mnry-MllivsiiklB lot T
MniiBeu, lima -lief ut b I IV, I II i, t A
4u seres ,
llllllll. ) W -11,',1 Wall, tl I, C I W, t I I,
r I e. Ill aeres
Ilnliii, J W -Hellwiiinl hlk 4l,lntiltariil4
llnith: A J -S nt Jil, I I s, r It , lets
lliiiiinleli, A-io't liw', s 4, I II s,r 4 e,
4tl seres
lliiiianii, I'elsr s' , n( b'4 II h Unit
s .1. las, Kb, 40 aeres
lli'ii.l.'initi, W I' In, I 4 I, r 4 , li .
Ilelil, Mm ) I M 4 s, r a e, It) seres
llliilnll, ( lia. I'l Vleltera II I, t a 14 anil
i I tl s, r 1 p. 1.11 aeies . ,
Itollenhneh, It o 't iilWIIIIaina II t, 0
s Hi, I II a, r V e, Dull aeres
mil, II II i Itesns h.'ine.lvil.l H, I 4 B,
r t s, .Jyl aeres
ll.oiliaiii, .ls. I.ll.ii l I, (', U II I, 0
s II sinl ;li, t si il 4. r I s, thiaeres
lle.s, W III -li'lB I slul J, s 4, 1 a, f 1 ,
IJ' aeres II K - It K. Hayes II I. ( en ailit, lu
il, I' hlk lis. hits ami II llllseres .
Illlhers, Jnsli -New llawi.ii lilk III Inl II
lliielienleiiiinr, Jns -Nen nan eg, i hlk 4H
luls III ami 11
Ililllte, I'nl'ir- New Obiii,i tilk 'is, lul 1'4
llankawurlh, Ji.liil -New oiweu hlk II
Inl I ,, , .
Maeilwleli, New Oswemi lilh .14, 11
llenlllska, K 1 - New Oswuuu blk ,ai Inl HI
lltisliili, a II New lisweeu hlk '17, tut II
lllll. II K nls, I'stl.'t.i'li 1) l.t i in,
t ,1 a. r I , kill aeres
Ilnlllitsy, lien) e.UI .it -sll ut III Islet
ls)iiig sluuii Willsmelte rtrr weal ot
we.tTiue nl Water Nt, trout mill re
sertt. In Oieiuli City In pultil ue
posit li w euiner wt hlk lu Onjuii
Illy . ,,
Iluleunili, Allium. 1-1, tut. lu 11 I M,
I i s. r J. Us) seres ...
Illi-1, 1 -C T Hickman clatw t 4 1. r t
40 aurei
Huiiliea. W II less IU ai'ie I U.
I 4 l. f .1 , IJU aeres
Iieiuiieu, jiisii-im in t lias eiaiitt i
r it e.aianrei
Hosteller, l' Millet liiittHBtead 1 1,1 Hi
lit, I SI aeraa
luinu. Jsius,- ',is,bm,i I i.r a ,
ail seres . .
Hsll, (la,, -a', aw', I IS, I 3 I, t . a ,
lisiiuH'k, A - heirs ill 4,1 1 1, r 4. 4(1
II inner, W II h r l.-aetlwiHHl blk 4i,
hits I ami J . ,
Jesu W (1 -a ',, sen , I 5 l, r I. UK) serea
J. .tun, hi Jeieitilsh, tUmeao, blk SI,
li . .
JnlntBuii allllsn,- K Stern, llmalit,
kees sn.l 111, I s. r I , ltd seres
Jeliillll(a. Msillis, Mrs II JelilillUB i
I, I'. Hi, r '1 t, llti aen-s
Jeuiiliii.. A.l lle. t'-ll Jiitilii(s U I, C
I Js. t l . I4ii aerrl
Jel llllllll. J .J It It i Mllvtisnt, Ulk 40, lul
J , II II I Ills. ksllwisal hlk,
Mslhy el. see W, I I s. r . M serei
a ) '-
t Ul
III 111
'J Ml
14 XI
in no
tl us
I Ml
7 to
10 4(1
(II l
4 V
ft DO
14 Ml
I ui
I 04
1 4
tl JO
7 DM
ft 90
ft M
t w
ft 49
4 lit
1 HI
ft iO
t W
m is
n 4u
a n
a W
nlierls, Kllli-w'i ',, i ) I 'A 1 1
.fit I JO aeres ..
MiibIi, I li,ia-,l si s ml, I 1 B, r 4 I. Ml srrs
Hyioi, Msr,stetMrs- lilnllisj '(!,
I I a. I a . ihi aerel
Ilnlierlsiiii, livlilil nl Whllimmb II I
I s Hit t 1 s. a t . 'JIMl aeres , .
Ilnuliurii, Silvester-it nl l'hlllli'l t I.
I , see il l, I i, t I ' serea ,
II y sil Wiii- si., uliw'i i'l (H w' of
MW, aeo in, 1 1 1, r I . tw aeres
"LieilB, J -w(, u Wilis', isu t, I II,
r I tt. suacrni
Uuhem, J oil a se1,, (' 'A t 4 , r t
4U aeres , , . .
Itlley, irw-lul Willing. DbO Us,
r I . 47 im ,
St I'sul Unllil, Oregon Clly, hlk 7 lul I,
Smith., J Kmltk' II Welti, IW W, I 4 I.
ill, lui
Slilt'li.y, I, A - lit nl Jess llullnek ll 1,(1
ae III, I l, t I , 4ft aeres , , , ,,
Si'llllll, V M, -llawi'in, hlk ll'J, let II,
klinis, K K -nt ul Wa.lswurtl) Il 1, t , 1 1 1,
r , v iiis
Nehneliler SsiiiI-CIsi Uimsb, hlk IU, lull
, 4, ......
Sliiekey.Juo pliil J Kellnmis, I) I, (' I 'Js,
r a . Il aeres
Slilinller, II A I'l ut Wnlli D I.C, see W,
t I a, t II , 'J" aeres, , , . , ,
Sinlill, II (!- U ul bsii !W, 1 1 1, 1 1 ,
aerel . , , , ,
Meeur I W -el,, IW'i, IW1,, ',, w'
se' ,, se(l I s, t 4 . il aeiea . , ,
Nhsiisle, t V llt"t, ie' see il, I 1 1, 1 U
40 aeres , ,. ,,,,
Suiltli Krfet -', and He, ieu 'il, 1 1 a,
I 6 s, 4(1 aeres
Shanks, i'Iisb e, ' j, ail', see 14, 1 '
i, t a , list ers
eliiler Jiilin -It 14 Isnil see 'It, I 'J i, f I e,
su aeres .
NkKer, V- r1,, nw',, BSC JO t It. rftf,
at) aeres
Smith, A H- sel, bw' aei,, lie1,
see 77, i J l, r 4 e, lisi aeies
Skllvlo, James
TrtfT EsTKRrmsE, one t
ploycea of the 'oflice rLMUicsti'd. of
him the privilege tif uslnovthe cun
ty court proceeding which he had
copied. Tho revest was (lcniod.
although he at the time was dow
setting tho same, with the remark,
"I am not getting copy for Tiik
Enterpkisk." Lust Tuesday. Mr.
LeMahieu again found himself
without the election returns, and
again he came to Tin: Eutk.k
tkise for his copy, and the report
which is published in this week's
Courier was taken from returns
belonging to this oflice. We re
frain from comment.
Caliil'ht-ll. Alle -Xw llswe.u, blk II
Car,,, ii, A I. New o.wef n, blk Wi lul I J
ll ... .
Cliff, lis.' - MrMslioll li 1. 1', f I I s.
I I a. - eis
irswli.r.l. K ,-', ,s' sw'.ieefl
I 1 s, r J . I'S) ai rs!
( ail. .11. I. li-liw'a, se' ,.I,I 3 I, T 4
40 seres
(', I' II - r',, ue' see ll. I J l. r 4 f.
'Q seres
liuiwsy. MU lil-s',, lie1, an J ue',ul tl
1 ,. tea ,i, i : s. r 'J , mi arret
I' I'ane - nl ll 1 ,. ', I .
ae s :. Its, r , Is aeres
Csriiiu. 1 -lie', l se',, Bt- C. I I a r 1 1,
41 seres
I nliiiiilila l'sMir Mill I n I Buck l I. C
awe -I. t J s, r I e. s arras
( srt.nii, A li sw nw't. ii',,',, see
lti,ll, so aerea
Crsinea, It Wl, lie , ', liw1,, see 14,
t 1 s r H . 1'4I serea
ee Jl, III,
lianli. ktlBB Mary -sw1,. set, lul 1 ami
Malliy el. see M, I I s. r J . ! serei IU u
Jut. O ll r, i,, ael. ti tl Jut. II III. 1,1. see.
ial, t a, r I e, VI serea 14 Is)
tetltlllia's. Win lliil Wllsnn I) I, Csee
41. 1 s r I , fjt) ai res 7
Junes. WU tr'a. iv'a.w1.. lei. set Jl,
I i 1. 1 e. su li'tei .. 1
Junes i t: ft list ty May I) I. (',114,
r . e. ;'t.t aerea.,.
Junes i K esst l.ase Ksrt ! 1. '.
sts- i:, I 1 s. r I e, susi'tes ,, 0
J.,'. III... - ,t n r lulley. I I. C I 3 B,
I ; e. I .si sersB 10
Juiiss klsn.lrs ll. ' ul nw 1. see A I 9 l,
I r 'i e. si ai'iai ..... 'J M)
t 40 J.iio a. W ill W - see to, I J a. r J t, ' aeri H
kell... M J - 1.1 lli'Ssol l L C. Iwiiaell
7 SO i I, t s 17 I 4 s, r 3 0. W seres let)
knllelu. Maillu l.l ul I II I 1 s. 1 1 t. 160
serei ft
L.,,1'.. II t.aii.l H L Mrs -( (Illy
kllSIOl. 1 V I. --II I a BW'a I . I i I, I I . 40
3 ftV s.'les.... M
kin, J II I t ul t l.t. BSC J
I V sli t r. I .11. r I e, 111 aeres . 7
t k iiitti 'I Ii.m. -iii J i'Miwn.i.1 Ii I. C. set. a.
l 1 a. t ne m) serea I W
kinuev. t,e s'.. ne1.. see 1 I I l t 4 e
IU X) aeiei I
km, lion ll l.l rosier II !... t 4.
S I J4 seres ... 4 .
kp..u. J. ih ii - el. lie.-, stu tt I 3 I. r 1 1.
J mi ai res. 4 l
Knenll. Jsa New II. '.. hlk 47. Inl 7, 4 ft.'l
1 Ha kmuau klsrtlu. New Liat'tii. blk 11. lul
It. 1 IS)
in an I WanlHiaii Alls. - Iiu.ise. New IMaiiii
I I'.B t.i. let it. I
1 M it in. a. an Jim U1.'. sl. tt. JU I
1 a, I r 1 B. ti II
1 ,.,i,F, 1.1..1 ii'. nl us1., see JO. 1 1 I.
I I w. snseri'B n w
I i i, .m A, 1,1 W l.l fuller I' I, ('. I I s.
r J e. , i eiea .. W
l.iltliet K A Mil- MeMshutt l I. C, l Js
I I s. I 1 e. .1 seisa I W
lj.i lia J II I'lllllli,!., ll L C. se 4. I i I
r J e. ai res HO
I-wl. Jim le1 tit aw1 a. see 38. 1 1
s. r J e. ;'lu a. ri s eO
l.eletiell l.-lie', ul lie' ,.', nl II1 ,.
lie' ,. se' ,. see l. I 4 B. r J e. I J) seres
leithi. Au"llii-ori'"ii i lly, hlk l'J4
leal.. W ll-Alln 1 1. 1. Hill 1. 1 sO
liruket for liiirnniii .) us to lit!)' rlit'U Csmnliell. I'a.ia -t' lis',, iee Jl.
un.l tourk liis u-snls ilow.l to Lis ru-toui-j r o( Ar) ,
in.. ( all at l-'iy's Cu-li i.fscry lloitKi.,! , l , , , , i ,
I v
I J 00
I 04
I 04
I On
16 V
J4 70
i 0"
t M)
4 11
4 Id
3 an
13 Ol)
10 40
4 l
i JO
Uiklut. W M -orotun Clly. hlk ITJ. h
Umli. A I.- Ul,. ',. see U. I li.f It,
mi n're ....
Mehean, W C uw1, of lie',, iee IL 1 1 s.
r l , lu aerea
Masse it A lie nl as', ul se, sen Jl. I
a ., r 1 1 o aerss
Miller, rsiillne ii',. sw, ul ue'.ut
set,, see J... ( n i, r e. su seres a
M.Kllm.ire, f.l - Vlurtluiur lliual.l.T i.
r J t. lis) serei .
Meyer, J.,s.ti. ltnyutuit aiuli haal ) L
t . ti e .S t i a, r I e, 7U seres
Murlln t. - e', nl are I. I 4 I, f 1 , IW
Martin J l - Msrlln Ilinil.l.IJi, til.
I'S) serea Y -ll', US', sill lll, el ml,
ul nw" ,. see in. Its. r n e, rm auiss
(iri'ijon I it y, (n-')ti.
Entice to llnllili'i's.
Seule l .roio..iil for litiililiiirf un
1 04
t M)
j :i
1 4
I am very much indebted ta the
judges and clerks of elections of the
several precincts in this county for
their prompt and carefully pie
pared statements of tho vote in
their respective precincts, and for
their promptness in delivering tho
same to mo in this city, and I de
sire, to thank all for their kindness
in complying with my request.
E. M. Hani'S.
Tliclr Ilusiness Ilooiiilnir.
Probably no ona tbin 1ms caiiswl
Bach a Kimeral revival of trarto at U . A.
Harding's dni( store at tliuir !'VIIK
away to their tiistotiH rs of bo many fine
trial bottle of l)r, Kinii'sNew J)iscovery
for Consumption. Tlioir trutle in simply
enormous in tliiB very valuable articlo
from tbe fact tliat it alway cures and
nnnr iliunnnnilltH. ColiellH. I'oI'Ih,
Astlima, lironcbitis, Croup ami all
throutand lunz dineaHes iiuickly cured.
You can test it before buying by uettini!
a trial bottle free, largo si.o f 1.
Hue Farm! Fine Timber!
Any party desiring a bargain in aero
propoity Bhould imitnro at onen at this
office for particulars. This a line cliance
for some one w ith a few thousand who
wishes to Invest it where bo is sure of
quick and sure profits. Tho tract bo
Hide being convenient to Oregon City lias
large body of fino timber convenient
to saw mill. The land In moHlly level
and rolling, is very rich and will make
fine fruit farms. Will bo not over 20 mm
iitcs walk from motor line now building
Tlieltcst Company.
1'arties dewring to insure their prop
erty should always solsct a safo and re
liable company with which to placo their
risks. Oregon is extremely fortunate In
having such a company owned and op
erated by home capital and homo men
It is wise and safer to encourage homo
institutions. Those who insure in the
Columbia Ftre Insurance company
will be safe, will be sure of fair treat
ment and full pay in case of loss. For
particulars inquire ofT. L. Charman
i (font..
(litimi to the Heine u bouse in ilistrn l .o.
(',:', Million City) will be reerived by the
rk nt the I'.ank of Oregon City, up to
i) o'clock, June 10, Is'.rn. I'lun and
. . , 1 1 ,.. tit r!
HK CIlleu'.loIls may oc eeen hi. hj
house in tlifl tbe Itiinds ol . I. "un
lock. The right to reject any and all
. ,i- .i to ........
lu l reserved. '. i
II. I Kn.i.v, Clerk. i resiueiii.
- - "
Having hold one-lhird interest in our
tore toC. A. Kamls, we will continue
our business in tho old placo miner me
firm naine of of (irecll I'.ron A o.
Thanking our ciistouiei.s for their lilx-tal
patronage in the past, wo lno l"f tnc
continuance of the saiiu-.
IllillKS lliui.
X 1 1 ne lu nil.
Krnft ff von are wantiiiL' a fine farm,
hero is vour chiince. liKI ncren, three
utili'H from Oregon City, unit milu from
ChukaliuiH Heights, where town lots
aro scllinu' (or 7() each. Uuod
house, barn, woodslusl, root house; 30
ucies cleared. iood tiinlier, near daw-
mill: well and springs never dry. Will
sell farm, or farm und stock. For par
ticulars call at this oflice.
Nutice to Farmers.
Tho undersigned will be in Orcnotl
City at Harvey Cross' oflice every Tues
day ami Saturday of each week until
further notice, commencing on Tuesday,
Feb. i!5, (or the purpose of contracting
for vegetable and fruits of all kinds lor
tbe canning coin puny .
Oregon City, Feb. IS, J ().
A. II. I'osrow,
Secretary of Oregon City Packing Co.
Take Sot Ice.
An I am obliged to bo away most of the
time this suinmer, collections will here
after bo mado by Winter A Harper for
the Koehler A Chase music lioniso.
J. H. Way, agent.
To Wliotii It -Hay Concern.
Notice is hereby given that I will not
be responsible for any debt or aucoiintH
contracted for by my son, Thomas
Jones. Wit:! John .(onus.
My entiie law and money lending
business will bo carried on as usual ditr
ng my absence from the slate. Mr. A.
8. liresHor Will havo charge of it.
W. Cauisy Johnson,
German and French lessons given
by Mrs. 1 leleno Witlach. Terms reason
able. Please impiiie at Mr. Freylag's
grocery store.
Park Place is Popular Property. t
Iinna-an, Hunter.- M'.lslli. Jul I,
lluxali, John - Mnlslla. hit I
JiiiIh.Is, J 1' lul I ul see 31. IS I, r 4 1.10 40 John - :t a. r s t. an aerea
tmlly fsl - lliiliuea ami Vaue l L ('
are I J I. II'.", ai'lea ...
lisU.lnueiit. Vili ll-W llnlmel, II I.C
see III, t t s, r J. Hires . .
Iiriiieiii, W C -east ul Orag.itt Clly. hlk
... I"l. I 2. n 4
list in, C l-.ilinwll, li I, C, set) 2X IJ, Jl
t i s, r '-' e, i,a) seres . .
Inion, i.M Mrs-ew Osweo, hlk HI,
hit ;., .
lie Mars, Mary K -Nw Oiwesji), blk 44,
loi A. .
lisuehy, C ll - t'aautt P 1. C, I J I, t 'I ,
lu seres ....
lurry, A K-W Couk 1 I.C, tail, il l,
r s t, so aeres
I'li'in. I.' J n',, si,, seo as, tJi, t It;
i,l acres
Iieinrut. r' 0 -Inl 4 mil n1 j ol ie,, ate J,
lill.rlf. ll'J lUif e . ,
Pellet, Herman, r'aaif II' t. Ire Jil, t 4 I,
r I e, Nl aeres
pi. wall. N A I'l nl li Willi ll I.C. Ma? IM,
I I s, r J e, 11 aeres .
Iisue, JJ ami I.- I nl claim No 44. atctt
I J s, r 2 a. aerei
Iiune, I. H-J l I'hnao claim 44, iee M,
t -J s, r 2 , i se-fs
Jiiine, l.i:-C K imcy, I) l.l.', iee 81, Ul
r I e, no aeres .
linn.', I.C e'a nl ir, lota 3 4 4, I ins ti'i,
t J s, r It e, 1 14 aerei
pHwall, lliirlet'.-. alorshltehl
lu nula, J - ', nl ule1, uliw), ice 10,
I i a, r 4 e. Inn aeres
Piwell. II K II Miller, I) I.C, set) JO, I I I,
r I e, 11 aeres
Iliitrmice. N-Stllwuml, hlk l4. lot , 7
Kmrh k, Miehl-u1, ul UW'a, sec U, I 'Jl,
r 4 t, su acres
Kvsiii. 'J'hos-nw'a, '(, iut liw1,,
see 111, 1 'J i. r l e, I'JO aerei
Klieriou, (J e;, ol lie1,, sue 11, t ill, I .
hll acres , .
r'.won, JkIiii lliUBtd, 'it, I 4 i. r J I,
hi) aerei
F.ilwiinls, Jus ie',' oliw's, aei,t'Ji,
r J e
K'linlsloii, II N-Oreion Cltir, el. I lert
Kui.tlintii.VV m W tainaiu ll I.C, til,
h I , l.'i uerel . .
K'MIe, It l-New Osweiu, hlk 1(1, loll 7, H
fcil.llti. W in New (lutein, hlk 44. loti 7, II
K.imurlironk, A Mrs Mnrkwood, PLC,
sec fcl, I J l. r i t, 44 aerel
Knos, W ll-Sellwonil, hlk 4'J, lot 11
Kvwis, C Wllllsim JC, see 10 11,
1, r 'I . ID" aerei
Ksves, Mlllnn-New Kra, blkil, luf. 1 IIS
I, 7H, hlk I, loll I 'J, hlk , t)-. Iilki ,
Kr "lerlck, (lnsUve.-Sellwonu aililltln
tn MIIWKiiklo, hlk l) .... ............
Koi'Hl.liB. J iio-UBlm ulMi lit In mill on
I iee li i irees
KiiBter K W -fosW 1 b ,C, e.e !W, t ? I,
ran, iee item
KaralMtriCi ! A - JU-'1 . e,Cl7,CJs,
r H n, so itert'l
Forester, 1 1' 1 Hruwn e, mm .'0,1 ,
r 2 is. UK) ncrni ,
KrlW, ilellry lie1;, mo JS, t 1 I, to,
11,(1 neres, ; . .
Kriincls, J-Ni;w ()we), blk , InU
Friiuul y, 'J li"! New .Oswego, blk its, lot
Kimtoii llliiiln,W of n1, and iw't
sw , see fi sinl 0, li i. r 'i e, IBO aural
Kitneher, W ll-llrowu Dhl3,t a,rl e
KM) acres
Fmicher, W ll-Oreitoa Cllf. blk liWIom
Fllnw, K li CKnemaii, blk , Inl 4 ...
Erl(jl)ioi, Ham'l tittVa. "" 'A 1 0
r 4 , jtJ it"eH
Urlinistiiir, Un. M -, t 4 a, r 4 0, I'JO i
,i.,on.. OUtMnufl... ' nl 11 ol llW'.i. I II. t
4 , r 8 o, HO aurei
Omen, Jank-R. K. land, 0 norjs . . . l
(ilbl.mia, Wm-cliilm WfJ i, r I, 0uf W
OIIJ, Jolin-liHiteinah hlk DO .. ,
(lueVioii. .lohn- e, 27 teres IW IS)
Umnllouai, Jlsrvtr-iio!'. o' ' i
1 4 ii,4i) aerei
Clita-K. It. lull'!, I OT. 1 ? . t J , '?
St 00
fi J8
i t 'J
ti J0
1 04
10 40
7 'i0
JO If)
3 n
13 00
ni 'J0
7 so
U 00
i w
4 1
10 it
6 4
'J M
13 00
MarahAehl, r-.ei, nl lie' , sl.. li w ul
as' w, see . t 4 I. t ;l t. o aerel
Mi'lolvrt. II ItlB-w',, se'v ii'i ul ll1,
ae' , s w ' ,, see . I I !, r ,1 1 lit) aeret
14, era, W K aw I ul uw1,, see A I 4 i, t 4f.
in sere .
Mm lie w Y J-n'i. '. w1,, III. sec J
I ll s. t 4e. 1(4) seres
Msrn Sinl-,.t Oieiuli Clly ol, Uttlt,
j serea
Ms.l.l's'k. Kll-tl al ,Nrit Kra, blk S l"l S
Marshall Kill Mtt -('stimuli hlk 0,
l,. a.l,
Mnrahall, F in 1 Mn i'aiieinsU. blk .
lul ft. (I.
M,i... S.'loi-y, II Slral)it PLC. see a
4 l'J
10 US
lli'l ll'j. HWl a',, uw,
II, 14 I, t a t, 11 aeret
III'.. B' .. IS" 'Jl,
Itime, C (- llui.l.l, tee 10, 14 s, t 4 , M
aeri ......
wo., T w - K.tiir Fl.lier I) I. Ct 'Ji,
t i , IU teres
Sehwauli Win, -W K Meluhhln PLC
see In, 1 1 i. r t, I'J aerei
Hltani. Adam, -i Fisher D U C, t J I,
lit, I I aeres
Smith, (I'll. il nl Miralihl P 1.1 ,1 J s. r Ve,
siallli V.uilly Jslrs-l ils.r i I, JO aers,
I l-t ers ..... .. .
SI, iii, )aiiiss-l'snhy. blk 4. luta 1 ll, 11 l uai-tit ul llutuiei l I.C, I a i,
t J I I J aerea
bwarls ( has j Thniitai l I, (', sto ti,
t s a, . . , . .r,. , ,
iehwslera W ia-i ul Mlliheri cl, I 4 I,
r 1 . 10 aerei
llierin tans ll II Unit. 14 i, r 4 4naeret
i juu-ll ll laud, 1 1 . I I t. 0
ltittl.1l Jnn -Netltrmid hlk. 4). Inla I'Jia
H.euet I'sler- iarllli P L C I I s, t J .
is) aerrs
Schneider )siib- nw ',, liw1,, Bl we 17,
t a a. t V . a., acres
Seti, U-Utrkwuutl, II I, C sit' 3. I 'J I,
t 4 . 42 aera
Si'iifnltr Flank ob mi. hlk HI. I4 I
Msiiarai " " tt " I
euulu l'l.,,li.s l -
4 IJ
im uo
m i
10 40
1 s
1) Ml
'J til
7 SU
17 Wl
3 7n
li i s
I lli'i
13 00
ft lit
10 IU
J (10
7 'Jl
4 I
4 0
6 m
a yo
14 go
4 no
t in
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J 0
1 r.i
3 m
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ft jo
7 so
IS 00
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3 141
3 li
2 m
Ui ;il
ll Ml
S mi j
;i in :
A '.'ii i
s ml
ft M
4 4(1
2 IJ)
to st
Itolinci, M 1!, vol t, p((i. Xi'i . ,
lltiwelle, IJenry ( vol I, ) unfit 4!,
Iileiliolt', II nml wife, vol I, piiHii '.'I'l
jolineoit, A It, vol a, pmie Wl
Jllllllsoll, lll'll. Vol r, I'UKU Mil
Jiilillsiill, A , lo r, pllen L'ol
JollllMoll, J I'i Vol I, I'life IUS
jai vl t '.iiiklln Ml I Co, vol t, p f.4
Join's, riiiiiuu, vol I, I'ticc '.'ii7
JtlllVt, llllllll, Vol r, ,pUK ill! , .
jiilins, V ll, M'l p, jnn e 4ft
Jones, H W, vol ii, i'lini. ;imi. ...
JIM 1 k 1 1 IK. I'',l, Mil III. ill Nl , .
hiUKur, lien) ,v Lew is, vol o, pitt ii i is j i ibi
Kt'litHiM, I') l'), ml , I'lute fti ft
Klin'k, r, ml I, .bf.i. Ill ... . 87 ".I
klo-teriiniii, J V"l s, pure In lo 'M
ku lor, I'' J, ml I, I'lii'e hll U I'l
kiiiitev, Sitiicv J, vol r, piiKi' Xi'i ... 14
helli.v'.Wtu, vol 1, I'iikc llhl . 'I '"I
KlllHiiiiiie. M. vol I. imui's 'Jin, ;uii . it mi
I4IKNII, J A, vol r, I'llKc fill , I 31 1
l.iii ioiiiui, John, vol I, pnie 4os tin
booniy, II M, vol I, wki. s7.', If) Ml
lii, I' W vol I, pKD lo7
p, " , 15 Ml
I. lllll, (' A, vol , lll? list II n't
jjiKoresI, Mm V Vol s, pill 72.. , , '.H
l.lliilsey, hitvlil, Vol s, patje ,1 l.l SU
lew Is, Hltillis, Vol r. I Hurt) 4.'l 0 Wl
MliiliemitilTlirealiert o, Vol s, oitt. J7II II '1
Minor 11 J vol s, pun.' mil
M art In li 11, vol in, puii(. ;il.l ,,
Morton, Itii li vol t, 1'io'e Hti
Moillnion Al Mrs, vols, puxe .Tl.,,,
I, " 1711..,.
Mimni, l,oiilsu, vol t, piie S
Moore lino Jr vol i pnije 1 1 ,.
r " ;en
" " " n mil" .
Mever, Mary, vol i, piiKtiS'K.
Mnver, A vol t, mik 14
Mii(.iuiit, ll ll, vol I, ',o:e 4A..,.
T' 47
Mi Kwuii, Jr.e vol r. pti; 4Vtl
Meilriilli I'eter vol I, i'titv 4V'.' . . ...
Mcl'iillslinil '1' J vol t, iukc IU
Mckiiime Jin vol ll, patte .I'.U.
Met nun Fl) vol p, putt Vs
M.Cowti Kn vol r. pun 74
MeMalioti A A vol i, pae (l . ,
" " Vul il, fat! '. . t . . . .
" Morton ml , ,uk IHI. . , .
" " Vol t, iii;e .17 . ,
North nl Mtilim In. Co. vol I,
raiiitl l'aiii!!! luint!!!
(.'ol ii mbiii (hi Ino
to, j-J, 1,3,7, a 4'
Sliltil Woodem k Oaeohlk 4A lul 4
Vlioils lieu F,ileu tltarfu hlk 13, lull ,
Htisul, It r- Ob fl'i hlk M. l.n II
liwiti, Alle u-osen I. Ik in,
" hlk lul I
Slaiili.nd A-BsJ, ei',' Ir.a l acres ll
se 1. 1 1 1 1 1 s irj teres
Hit rick ratte I ll- a I, ul .(, lee . 1 1 1,
Taleallan. lelut -s' , ', t l,40 tela
t 'J e, 40 aerea, ,
TlnnuaB. I'lislsn. ,, .',, ', s see
1. 1 11 l. I I . i wsetra
IrsiiBi b, Hetieiuts- heirs ul ',, n't,
liW' tie, te , I i I, I 1 I "J ere
Taylut Mautl-iw', see a, I . i. t It t. Its)
aerei ... ...
Thraiui. (' W- ('slihy hloek 14 ...
lluiliiaa J l.-'v UW', let' I, It I, r I
4u aerea , . . , . ,
Tie. J W vl isr t 1 1 r I l t aerea ...
lelelu.Ut I U- mllei aults, wliel mat
ftiltma .
Thurhiitiisuu. Nel, tlCbul l L Csee ft,
14a, I tl, a aeres
Tliiiiii'B..n. KH lluluieatdd i or Clly,
l J I. f J . J seres . .
1 limn, I hi.B-ll.fn. hlk H lot Id
VI. liar a. l,-tlre..u t Ity hlk UJ. lots 3. 4
W rlf III. AI.'IU.. tlawctn Slk l.l I la 10 II
Wlrbuian, W Mrs-l.iUlli Otwetn 1)1 k V
tola J. 4
Walla. M C Wra-Bi'Ulb (leii hlk St
lt ...
Wuudwtr.l. J ll-all nl Pally l l.l I J t,
r 1 w. :1I7 aeres . ,
W 1 1. on. 1 Itu -ellwe,4 blk 4J. l.S I
W slleuslflll. J- 'l ul l ti, lli.llt, IMJ
W llllani, L J t nl I I s. 1 1 , T6 a s.
Went), j B (iir(iiciiy blk 114. I'S. J
4, . ....
Welrh. Hiil.l tsl ol-tln I K, I 4 I, I J.
iu ae res
W llllsms, W m -i t nl J4, 1 Is. t Jt.l to a
Wsnl Kitw-Ctiih) hlk 4.I..I I
W siller rtr-t nt tJM I s 1 1 a seres
Weeks. Mlrlisfl -a', b' ie , l JB,
t 1 1. r 4 . lis) teres
Wln.enliy. inhu -uw, ul Dt W.I
I 1 1 1 to teres
Wtiters. ( lias s'., ul ', I I, I 3 I. t J
. 40 aere . . .
6 30
3 I sl
13 UU
I'J 44
& Jl)
I I?
7 H)
3 (la
I la)
Ui M
13 (II
b SO
I to
.4 Ml
1 ts)
10 40
13 10
10 10
311 M)
linlns Ann, vol p, pure .'17
Ntiyur I'eliu I' vol r. Mine ,'ls.'i
Ditmoii .Mill. Co limited, vol o,
IMtKf ttt
II Nettl I 'ill I I vol o, pnuc I'M
dtr, J W vol I, psKi- l.'l
1'iiiker V W,jilnni' i K, vul u, piii'
74 .
I'liktr, J V Vol it, pne :tl,
powers, I, J, ml r, .ti-c 'kd
I'uv list, W H Vol t, I'Sk-o 7, ,
I'lillnn Miihew, vol r. ii;e 4'. I
I'erkllis, J 1 1 1 1 Vol I, llll
I'lillllppa, vol r, pee4stl
I'aipiel . IS it 1 1 1 Is vol n, pKc 'J' 4)
I'eters Knit vol , pnjie 417. ,
1'itrk 1) vol p. piit-e 4Hi
It.. nen, M k V"l'm, piiM -'i
Itelien, M K Voli, put lll'i
I'lisiiuiv, i ii, vol p, i-sc m
Hitler, Jim vol ii, I'tv't :ii
limi.liili Mury A vol a, puce ,'IIHI
Kus-eil A Cuy Vol t, 1 nc .','1
Kilmer (i (I Vol p, pai'l- .tlift ....
I(.ii-rls.'ll liuvlil vol ii. pmie ,'ltll. . ..
It van J J Vul n, ne
Win Vul a, pare II.' . .
" vol a pa.t in .
" Vol s, pllKe SS , . .
" vol a, piitfe s...
" " vol p, pne
" Vul r, pU)!e 111
' vol r, 114
Ituii'lull It K vol l, j a'e I to
" H Kvol i, .uk' f.iT
Uoiiik O W .vol t, pane 2W . ...
Ilitller I. M, tol ti, (!.! ..
Un. hler II, vol I, patie tti
Moiliks, M A Vol . i;e IS
SVmiiilnc.eii U'tiii ml t. .it.. 4'l . . .
hpeiner It I., vol a. puia 4"'
JSt arkt, Ktleti vol p. pii( l.'l
ruiitntioii, (' K vol s, uore 4.M..,
Hlianiioii, (' K Vol I, pneeUi ..
S is it It . Iiimi vol o. pce II
Miore V W vol p ije l'4s .,
Molte Will, Vol t. 'll RKi
Nolo iiura I ii. ml ip a, i' !''
fniln Itors Co tolij, pa re . "is .,
SUii llora Co vl ii. piiire :io ...
I Soltcilors Co vtil i, pa'e t.l'.'
IU 40
ft '.SI
I t hi
12 1,1
,1 41
21 ,111
i:l .'it
,H4 ml
II mi
s mi
U ll
il no
ft 11
I'i l.'l
M 4)
4 ill
li mi
17 :t i
I 7t
li III
I Si
let .11
I 7,1
il hi
ti '.' I
S 4U
17 :
rtj in
it :n
- 4"i
ft :si
10 si
Kcul YisUiU Notices,
CO.'rt I-ANDiS i.n t;LA;KA-
On ilip Tiuilntin mid MlllmnHt
Home of tin finest lumls in t,e
Htiilo of Orison. Can b soM in
largo or simill lets, For prifi"B an4
particular sot- II. K. CI'.OSH.
Lots in this liandsoini! addition,
ton in in tit en walk fnnii wetnd o(
Misiciisiiui briilirn; liih, licalthj,
siglill); gilt flui'd. Fur prices Ani
tci'iiis sue H. E. CH0HH.
On Clackamas river, above the
Furniture 1'Vtnry. Cleared and
ready t sd out in trees. Ikcp,
rich, and Idiini soil. I'liexcelltd
for peitcln s or smiill fruits. For
prieesund terms sen
II. E. CKOSS, or F. . M.COWN.
'.':fi 7s
in :n
10 40
.1 u
I.' ii
i; :ti
' 'at''
.'. .n
'.' lo
77 in
,i 4(1
:i 4n
i M
TV IjIj"
The La. est Shades
C a ti it and loTolvi-rs repttlmd by Frank
Nelilon. ut t'. W. I'ortcr's ulior. All
work wurrnnUnl loiiive BMtiafin ti'.ii.
Money to I.fiitl.
My money IcikIIdk liiiaiiics will be
curried on uiiial. I'urtiosj ilchiroiit o(
Is.iiin airiomniisluteil will plcss. cull it
my DlliiK. I Imvi) i(Sl,ISKI availunltt.
illilf W. C'Aititr Jiiiishiisj.
A Iliiriiulii.
Kor lulu, at I0 per acte), Im) acres of
tlinlx.r Und ; about. m-ri-s aslt limner,
4' miles Iroin It. K st.ilioii, '.' mill's j
Irotn Raw mill uu Hm k t reek ; splendid
Inn. I and (iiiiImT ; level ; tcrttia easy,
Ask MiCtms o.'.
For Sale Cbcaii.
Otni HpriiiK Watuoii witb lop, in toi
rrputr, anil oms set aini'ltt liuiiifss.
;. k. Wn.i.i.tMs,
(insiTV next to l'ot Oll'ice
Krv, tbe cash uroci.r, mukes a upec
ally of llnu (ruceriei.
Atit'ittlon Ilrefdem.
A batidsoine ini)sirti.d t "ly ! slullion
wui on tliu si reel yiHlerduy. lis wan
inosirlcd by ( iiilbruitli l'.roa. llrvcdcrs
sliould tec liiii
I ai 1 1. iV Mi t'oaii.
lliivin.; iiihiIo a I'liaiit! in our btisiiices
wo rt.sK'ctfully call tbe allentioil of
thoau itiilclilcl lo us, la pleiiKO rail and
sell'o as toon as kjsmIi1c.
(illl km I'kos.
1'atk I'laee it Topttlar I'roperty .
The lli-st ( lutlilinr.
I liavi) liecti appointed aolo attent for ;
('Lit kainas eoiinty for the celebrated Ka-1 1 3 m'res ndjt.initig Oregon City,
loin woolen mill K'ssl.t, a lull assortment Ktlitllbli' fur subdividing. 917)).
Moss Addlllon lo Oitkiiii (Ity,
On Willamette Itivcr; on 0. Sl C,
11. H., slid on line of pruts-mod motor
to I'nrtlatyl. -V.) lots, all clear; one
dwelling; vr-luable river front. On
this property is situated the largest
fruit und vcgi-Ublu cannery in f)re
giin, to cmplity from .V) to 3o0
bunds. For sale m one lxuly. This
valuable pro ry will be sold at a
For prices niid termi see
11. E.CKOSS.
Lots In lIuiiM'ilii.
On Clackamas River attijaintone
Furniture Factory. Sjilemiid sight
ly lots. Price 111 m. on instnlliiHnt
1 " ' K. tl I, Ours I',, t,tl ., , is
Mrallil 1 1 1 r ti nt vol I, .ii.e .'ll
I.'.. I 7 . t 1
Yutltll. Juhll v't iw'a. Us)' l 7.I1
t, fa. IJUMtes ... ........
rtti, M-tjtuesjtt lilli I'J. lul 11"'
I iikni'wu-a1, nej jn. l i. r J . II ter
I ukuim -Caufiuah Uk U. lull 1,4, 6,1
7. .
t'ulnutta-('tueiuth hll it
da tin blk Is. MsS. 4.7 .
do ila blk 91
t'llsonwtt I'll IJ I'.ls I
it. I
dn 41 tin 117 1.
Ill !.
il.i m
itu is) lot. mi
In 1 "I il I 1
du 7J
In 1,4 Int. 1 J J 4
l.l 7J inl I
I'l I4S Inls 1 I
ll III) itu H 4
l.l IS)
1 01
I 04
1,1 GO
I It
J 1st
1 W
j eti
1 H
'J IS)
S to
tl JO
7 s0
7 s
ft jn
J ii)
7 M
9 to
I '
i:u -M
1 7.1
:t "7
s ill
ft ill
11 Wl
'.' (is
17 :
t.l III
II. K. CUOS's':
Orepon City,
And at the suiiie time and place, I will
II (lit followinir ileni-nlied nioriiiniies re-
1 1 conled In Hie ImmiIi and pui:e art upi
eiicli lor Hit- tan set opKilie (he respective
naiiies i
Abraham, Jas, vol r, pnfe M"
Austin, Hcth, vol r, piiKe ,'ij!t. . .
Aiislin, II A, Vol 'I, 1'iiKV .40
4 SO
IU Ol)
1 ;J
I no
i no
il iM
a i'i
i iw
I 'Jfi
10 40
6 .'iO
I) 5
5 X)
!t W
7 no
t Vi
l w
8 SO
Muss. Vnlaey,
l l s r ) s 14
MyerB, Klleu Mrs-Htutti (l '!. Ilk 10
,n )
MsK.Miiie. K K l i'ini'k Inl A Wallllt I) I. ('
Vtlller J II tiik JS, I"IB l.J. J.T.I.
Mel'srver. S J Mrs -Hellwnod tdillu 411-
wsiikle hlk I .... .
H'l'arver sj.i Whin iIiDLP, I it,
tie. 1 1 J acres . .
Miller, Arlliur,-ll Csniilitll 1)1.0, no
:(. 1 1 1. r J e, 40 acres , .. . ..
Miller, Win-li's liw', a;U. 1 I a, r 4 e. so a
Meier. Ar.Hi-i, te', 14, I J s, r He. HO a
M.uirne, J J -lie', s it.', t I, t .1 , l) ten
Msr.linll, J. ilill- II K Islnl I 1.1.1 a s. r It
MeKllllien, II -I1, iw'4 a W. I I, t I I,
HI) aerea
Marshall, A l-(tswe.i lilk W' lnli5
Mils A II A0bwu lilk 111, Intaa.l, 4,4
lilk IW, lull 0 ami 7
Meltnlli, lleul)a))eu lilk M, lola , I'J, 11
ami 14 .
MeUrilll ll-Oaweiin hlk nO. lul II
Mntllnt, W l,-lli.lanil ) I, C 18 ami
11. fit. r 2 t. sn seres
Kcwlitml, ll-lliiwlauil II I, C I :ll, 1 1 I,
r I. e, 4t) seres
Newmiiii, II (heirs nil io'j ul I S, t II I,
r !i e, IMiiicrtii
Newman, Ira-nw't I !, I 4 I. r 6 1,
HI tcrel
New, S K- e, nw1,, wit M, I t ,
ftp, I'K) Heres
Nlelinlsun.T II-ll. II. lion) kill, I'J I, r 4
, 40 seres
Newblll, J W eainijj ut-w'4 ni.,, e1, i.wj
a Is, IWI aeres . ,
Neivillilll, II K-Cn, tiH. 1)) U('.)l l-'lly
Ml tl. I'S i
N'lellnlls, 11,111 l'J, t'al.rf'S
Jti) aiirss
Nnlstl, Jl N-t't su', I'JO, n tfui-'l up
I a a, r I e 'jo aerea .
O'Neill, 1) W-ne', aw1,, ae1, w'4 1 12,1
'j a, r Ii , at) aerei
O'Neal, I W-lio',iifs(i',i.1, 1 n I, r Ha,
40 aerei
Oin'ii, ll til P I.C aft aerea
liiciiiiii PmlKe Nn al.O.O.r".-Orei(niiClty
lilk a, S lot 2 .-
Orrnnii Nnt'l ll'nk Hnrtltiul-iiw', awl,'
ne', ii 1 a in, i (I a, r i e, su eres
Preslun, J II helra nl Ort'Kiin City blk
1112 luls I, S lrnel'J7
I'nrlliind (.'anient Ci).-tnill(llii audnia
I'lllniiry ,
Pelsimui, Ailulilt-S OsweKo lilk 0, lull
7 anil s
Penny, Peter H I) I, C I 7,1 2 1, r 4
ti, su acres . ....
pelemun A Mrsini Kualoniiiaehar bnitl
a ill), I H , r ft e, 'Jill Hurs kiiil pt ol Pell
1) I, C a :l,t, a , r 2 e, l.'sl neres
Pakty,l(ll)li-si(l ul e' a 111, t3i, r
ti, 4,) aeret
I'uker, Abraham- linker I) 14' ! '
aw1, altil, I 2 a, r 1 w, 411 ' ......
I'liriinan. W S-iw't nw'. U"' W'i
1 2 1, r (1 (i, so aerei
I'nrry, Alirnliuiii-lSi, tcras ...
I'arami Saml iw1, nw!, 5,14)1. r2,40
S9 10
JU 10
8 112
2 OS
4 It)
(lilt K. it. inii'i, a "r
Ualns, Mrs, M. K.-Manuilif 1)1" C, la,
(Dm, r 1 e, 4!) aerea
(Iitloi, Mrs. M. K.-tnariUan (IrnlttiMa'ji
helra, a 13, 1 0 , r I a, IH aerei ..... .
(larilner, It. A.-o1 Wtlcli'l I). I.. 0. tin!
schuol land, 11, i i a, r 2 a, l'Wae.rea .
,1 i, l'l . 'U nt nl 10. 11 w'. ol 27. t
III.-,,..'.., '' r-i a t,lA
' and fi 11, 2i aerea 11,0 00
Uivcnt, K KWliltcmiil) i' 4- u , 1 f i
lllimal'l! M arrTnit'-'jit "' O I V i &,
r 1 a, K0 aeres ,;"; ' ,';
lleselllne, A ll-iwl,' lie1-,, PJ .d.o't
a 8, l tit, r 2 , M) Hjirni
llnverly, U-neJ ol iifl 'A 1 1 , rS.
40 aerea ."'"V"
Hiiiibuii, P C-ieJ ol w!4 1 13, 1 8 1, 1 1 ,
40 aitrot ',.'
Hull, J A nn' ot niAi,o!4of oa) 81,
I ll H, r Mi, so acres
27 (il
'i'i M
14 80
4 65
2 17
1 04
2 01
Pi'iyno" W s'-it of f'liiler U L ii ilS, tt if
r 'l . II itcrea
fhllllpa, V l.-H ol IU'1, a ft, t 2 , I ,
' lc neres ... 1
I'lKIHif, K itvv'i nl nw!, 1 'J7, 1 2 1, 1 4 ja,
40 iKirt'u . ' "... ..'
4.1 4
io n
1 no
U 70
'jfl no
1 so
7 so
I 04 j
1 f
6 7
2 91
2 at)
ti 20
2 AO
7 SO
2 OS
3 2
2 OS
4 in
7 SO
t m
ti 66
7H 00
2 OS
2 110
7H 00
2 80
in 00
211 no
1 m
1 20
2 on
:o 40
a no
j 40
A, Vol 11, paav .
Acmstroni;, J W 1 Vol I, paift' f-1
Atlien.lteUM-a, vol 0, pai! Xl.'
I I".' .VI
17 X
12 11
PI 40
:u in
, 17 M
7 so
l.'l stl
I'altcrsnll, J,yi l --'JV"lWllf. ,','i
KHiiclnliur, 14 K pt 111 Jnlil) l )"U t 1.0
1 M
I'uii 'iiiii.j"i". " 1
a io ri. 40 Hiirim anil It, H, lain 1
awi ; of ttwi.i 2S. 1 4 a. r . 40 aiitai;! ' i I Vi
Reek. (Icn-KOiwrei U, t 4 a, r 2e i 16 (W
llnlstnii. Win. estnteol-lnl 1, 2, 2D, t J I, r .
I n, le1;, nl SU', IU), aw, ui wrt, "
iW't.i I.MUs, r 1,2 e;nU ' (W),
.., .,Ve, i i.j ! i,M. a ft. 1.1. 2iV 111. r It:
lola 2, 7 (I'll), J", ), Ifiyj nl nw,, nU lie'-;
a 1. Ill, 17, 13, i I, r !IOl HH I 4 m
(U);aw', nw4, lOVi ""'il f 'hlM
r 4o; i'i, HWola7, I 1 1, I
1(10 .......
Upilmnls, John- pt of llouna D 1. 1 1 8 1,
r 1 iff, lmiacrea... . .j"A"i'l
nii(uliiil,0l-p, ."l McOnwn ll I, Ci7,t
At, r I e, KiO aeraa..'.
Russell, Wttlea-e', ol lei, aula mil, nl
neVi loss II iioros a 14, t (I a, r i t, 49
Htirua; w.'a nw!4 a Jil.tll a,r 2 1, sOacrta
llatis, Jitnil'i Ktv-ieU nw),, ne), ieVt
ft, t. J a, jr it SJI anrm I'V
llnlter, J I(-Mitrai)lti4 )l)f 0, lt"
Ruiij'na'nu.'j T-Miiriulloi(J Ijlji i, ilii'.Q
Hel, 'jtoVej aiiii I'V o'(' i w ilo. 1 4 a. i
j w . ; ,
Rumen, Mulhewiw!4 UwX, Wi4
, iAi,r8e,S0ara
2 0o
18 20
18 72
l mi
7 80
j 80
4 18
Aii'leimni, Kri(, vol t, pane .'171
Ainlerson, r. I , vol a, pane n7
Aiiileraon, KC, vol n, pime llll
Aliilerson, K (', vol I, jnttte 47.1 .
Aiiilermin, A I' and wile vol I, pane IS.1
American Mia Co ol fvold, vul n,
patielftl ., jn Nl
A 1 1 1 1' i H tt n Mia Co. of Scotd vol in,
pace 72 4S X
llttrkct, W M, Vol p, pilll" im. M
llrown, K Mm, vol r, pnKe.tns 10 llo
lllack, 1 V, vol r, puun Hits 4 .Tl
lllii. 'k. i W. vol a, 1'iikc 4.'s II It)
lllack, 1) W.vol ii, piiMiioll 1(1 40
Hoard of Church erect Puid, vol ,
paav 2!li (1 Ki
lloM iiiuii. Julia, vol a, pane lo'J 4 x
llrown, ll. vol p, page s,i. , n 7
Hunks, L.iwil A, vol ll, 'HK" 67U 1 7:1
lollour,lliitliri(. V Co., vol I, pane llll ,'-' tm
lliilluiir A llrtnlie vol r, pnntii tat tm
lltll, Uolit, vul III, 1'iiue 4-S l.'l .'I'l
llnrlow, O (I, vul n, pane ',MI
nnriow r , vol I, puHtii.i
HorKer, It J, vol w, .uk ll
Illitni linnl, A l vol tl, I'SKe p()
Cliitse, K.iiiina K, vol r, iiune Ml .. ,,
Cross, if K et nl, vol r, pitKu Mil, ,Mi"i
I anipliell, n I', vol a, puKi' l.v
CniM'tiiiin, I'iHtfit, vol j, piiK'oMl
I'ritnditll, I) J. vol p, pitk'e U7
t'lintnliers, llridijet, vol II, piiK I.V4
Olicmultiilu I.O'lxe No, 1 1, (J, ll, K,
vol r, iiaire 77
Crosiv, ti W, vo q, punt. Ml.'l; vol r,
pilK4; volt, pn(ca till, 37u
Crosa. II K, Vol ll, l'ilc III , . . ,,,
llnviil, Helta A, vol r, piirn M'i
iliiriiiid Kva, vol a, piiKC III ,
Dalian, John, vol a, punt 2U't ,
llrni'k, Win, voir, phko2I.')
ilnlton. Win, vol a, pnne USA
Davis, Mury, vol r, patf 2111...
lieiin, Win, vol r, puffo 217
Diiiiieeit, 'I tin, vol r, piio 2J4
Dunlins, Hli liartl, vol t, puite 4ft";
Vol k, poue 170
lUxon, Joel, vol k, paifc i.'i.'l
Dayton, lwis, vol u, ptiKO 711
Diiviilnon, (leo, vol ll, pul-d .Ml
Kdtnondson, Mary 10, vol i, piiK 71
hlmwltl lliriint, (nite.. volt, luti; .'ITS
Seliraui Sarnlt vol I. pnc :Ai
htmiia Jim, vol t, pai'e Hi
Miisliiiiner, II, vol n, j ane M
1 liomUoi j M ( Ailiu) vol s, NiKe 4V .
Tut j U Vol a, pne 4Vi
Taylor jno vol I, paiiti Pit
I loiter Jlii A Vol I, puce l!l
loepieinan ! A Vul , pane s.' .
Toepleiiuin V A vol I, pm-,. ,M4
Toeplenian K A Vol o, III. . ..
T.pleiuan r' A vol I. (uo,- s.i . . . pi lit
Toei'letnaii I.H, lot a, pair 2.'Ci , .. .. J 'In
Todd JaiueSj vul n, pae 14 Hi
I vrtni It 11, vol I. mice 2 , .
Tvron, It It vol t, mi:i
V H k J II Vol 11, pt;e 101
Vetch, M vol i pace S7;l .
Vaiulernli C V. vol p, pa;e i.l
Welch, lieo. vol a, pane 210
inter I1 P vol r, pate ,vo
V illume. i vol p. ,iiku IITH
Willuims, I'l' vol t, piiue pr.' .
W illu liu t'ulliaiine Vol n, puite 4CI
Wrlflit V I., vol I, pane :'ll
v atner v vol p, pio;e riiu ... . .
Wise Witt A. vol I. iiim-e :T:i
Waclitiuati Jno , Volt, iiiei. :i't ...
W ork jacoli, vol I, pnae I'l 7
Wankll J. vol q, pane 41'4
WtllitinisCOT, 11 K lrow, vol I,
WI!C ,H'.' . .
ickaiiiler I'itl. vul q, page 47:1
Wichamler, Till, vol q. pnne 47(1
icliiiiuler, Pill, vol k, pufe L'l.'i .
Winston, Kllliih, vol a, pace 77 ..
Wyiintn W 11. vol i, pafc 4'."s
Vi'iuiiK 1. N vol m, piii;c :n:i
y.weitle J 11, vol q, vol 414)
Ziiiii'ltil Ahllle, vol o, uoe IHI ...
I'or furilier piirtictilars see records.
Slu'rill'of Clnckitititia Co., Dituoii.
Paled Oivkoii City. Oregon, June ,V IS'.m,
tl ill
.1 4ti
.1 4n
.1 sl
.1 4.1
tl M
a in
7 so
17 ,tt
Zl .'ll
2 no
1 .'i no
7 .so
ft f.4
2 42
4 7l
ill ill
PI 40
.1 4(1
4 at
:i4 mi
H til
ii n;t
ft '.ii
4 It
11 M
h m
1 "S
I 7't
17 :
10 us
4 :i:t
ti i).i
'.ti so
H 411
a k
ft 2d
17 :w
II Ift
4 3.1
tl ft,1
4:1 at
12 1,1
ii n;t
I 7.1
mi iw
17 :
Ift Ml
II 21
,1 4(1
ll Ul
4 42
23 Ml
'M till
(I 11,'t
27 7,'l
4 !lit
t) ii:i
i tut
12 47
.11 -to
17 S3
Kvuna, J W, vol r, naKe 112
Kdvvards.Jolin (I, vol r, pnxa 2H7
Kiliniiiiils. W II, vol a, piiKe 212...,.
KiiKlo, M K, vol , paiioKIl
Kouls, W If II, vol J, liana IliK
V'ntnklln. vol p, page 'l
Fulling, II J, volt), patje 3H0; Vol t),
puite ,W ,
Fuircbdds, Hrsuii, vql n, piqjp 4tl,
Fuller, Miirllnt, vol q, paKoftlil)
Krntiie, K A, vol s, puna 151
Korlitw, 11 H, vol t, pane 332
Kostar, Ann Mrs, vol p, pao (111 ; vol
r, piiKOt 171), UW; vol 1, iiiiko 'I2 ...
flrnliiiiii. A, vol tl, page 17
(lulvln, Tlioiniis, vol q, pfte S3
(Jiiyer, joliu, vol t, pitRO 4 HI
Ooiilclt, Mai'y, vol t, pane 1SI)
Ulnsspool, 11, vol U, pK" 1-i vol I,
gailaml, j A A, vqi p, paa m
Oermnit Having llnnk it I. Sy vol q,
i tmi(tft72
0 onion, J L. vol . page So3 n IW
llornslmcii, ii, vol ii, pafro ih
Harea',0 A, vol , pkK 410
l lliyns, 1 K, vol s, pane 443
Ilandtiuksim, jolm, vol I, puko 42S.',
ItaiiKlo, M E, vol ii.piiKo llll
llnnson, Volar, Vol I, pntfo 4(lft
ltcnly, Jiilni's, vol tt, piiKO SO; vol I,
pAEti 374 ', ',
Harris, (Javjil, VllJ (. puifos 23H,'K, vol t, pane 3(l
1 log'io, 11 A, vol I, pago loll
If ill, Hurriolt, K, Vol s, imgo 42
Hullmii'ii, L'liarlolto, vp t, piigo 2(1. ,.
Hoss, Wii'istiiiii. vil'k, pngo 63..,,,:
Hl(;kina'i l.Vol't, page 71
Uowtill, HUniord, vol t, png. 249.,,.
2 mi
10 41)
1 uu
III 4ll
3 4(1
10 83
3 03
1 lit)
i H i
3 4(1
31 20
r poc it.
Tito transition from lonn, linoriu
and painful aicknusa lo rolmst licullli
nun ka un opocli in tlio life ot tho indi
vidual. Sin It a rciiiiiikiilili. event ia
tti'itstiitiil in tlio memory, ami tlio agen
cy Vihercliy tlio uisnI 1 it'ti 1 1 It lots been tit
tiiiiied ia iiiiilt'ftilly lilessod. Hence; ilia
tluit so much is hoard in prniao of Klcc
trie Hitldra. So iiintiv feel thev owe
their restoration to lioulth to tho use of
tlio (ii'citt. Alterntivo and Tonic. f you
art) Iroiililcd with any diseuso of tlio Kid
iioys, l.ivcr or Istoiimcli, of lotin or aliort
HtiiudiiiK, you will surely Unit relief liy
use ol Mivtriu HttteiH, Sold tit Wv and
fl por bolilo utli. A. Ilitidiiuf's drug
Castorlii ia iei'()uiliit.iilid hy pltyaii--Inns
for cliililicn teething. It is a
vugelalilo prepnrittiun. ila ingredients urv
pulilislii'd around ouch bottle. Ilia plea
Hunt to tho Ittsto nml ulisolutely linriti
less, It rulloves constipation, regulated
did bowels, quieta pain, eurtni diiiirlienf
anil wind colic, ullays level ihIhichu, du
Htroys worms, nml pievents eonvulsioiis,
toot lies the child mid givea it refreshing
and mitiii'iil sleep, ('iistoriit ia the chil
dren's piiiiacoii the mother's friend. 115
(losoa, 35 cents.
Special Notice.
To Whom it inav Concorn :
All knowing thomsolves imUditud to
us are rospoctfully ruqnustfid sottlo
tlioir accounts, Wo need money ami
must collect and word tu the wiro is
Bulllclont. Wo du nut, wUh to, place
our Recounts in tho lunula of a collector.
It is extremely unpleasant for us to do
bo therefore wo give this notice and suy
to all oomo ami settle.
March 18, 1800. Tuos. CltAUMAS & Son,
( lit'itp J.nii( For Male,
Choice farutins liml, tluee utiles from
Qrogun City n from 10 tu 100-aere tracts
ot 4)25.00 to :I0.00 por aero. Cull on or
address, Hyiiii ,ti Hnndull or
J. DRitNNKit, Oreuon City.
Fry, tlio cash grocer, nukeH ft spvH
laity of (liip (toi-erlp.
Trensurcr's Notice.
I have now hi my hands lur.ds uppli
able to the puyuu'iit of all wai'mnts en.
dorsed prior to (Soy. 7tli, interest
vvll (ioa,,e frqip (lute pf thjs notice.
8. B. Calw,
Xieasiirer, ClacVumaS County
tills 23nd day of May, 1800.
in m I
l'ark Place in Popular Troperty,
of which I have now in slock. I'arlics
desiring tho Is'st clothing (or the least I
money and al! other goods of this mill's'
manufacture on the same terms, will do
well to call and see me.
F. T. IUiiiow , Agent,
Oregon City, Or.
Wool W anted. !
(In and after May l'.ith the OtegonC'ity!
Woolen mill will be prepared to buyi
wool for which they pay tho highest
market price, liy order of the
O. C. M. Co.
School Moni'V.
There ia plenty of money on hand to
loan of acliool funds, and it w ill be to the
interest of till iBarrowera, especially thorn,
who need any considerulile amount as
well as long time loans, to borrow school
money. This it absolutely the cheapest
money to Ik had 8 per cent and no com
missions alter the lirat year. Call on
C. P. Latourette, Attorney (or the board.
The Spring Medicine.
The H)puiarilv whit It llood'a Sursupa
rilla baa ginned aa a spring medicine ia
womlorliil. It poast sst'H niHt thus.) elo
melita of health-givin ;, blood-purifying !
ami apiK-iiie-restoring witicli overvlHxiv
at-cma lo need al this season. Io not
colli itimi in n dull, tiled, iinsntislitctorv
condition w hen you may be so iiitichlien
ellled by Hood a Sursupiirillit. ll puri
Ilea the blood mid makes the weak
Advice To .Mut hoes.
Mas. Winslois's SiMiTitiNti Svat'i', for
clildioti teething, lathe prescription of
one o( the Iwst lemiile nurses and pbysi
eiuna in the I'niteti States, and bus been
used (or forty years with never-fuiling
aitcceas by millions, of niwthcrs for their
children. Puring the process of teeth
ing its valuo is inealculublo. It relieves i ...
the child from pain, curt'sdysenterv and I TH E CRY OF M I LLI O IN a I
dtarrluea, in the bowels, und
wind-colic. Ity giving lieullh to the1
child it rests the mother.
what ia
It ti that Impurity In the blood, which, aa
cumulating la Uia g'.v.i.t of the neck, pro
duce! unsightly lumps or swellings; wtuek
causes painful ninnlng tnres on U.t arms,
lees, or feet; wlili b tleveluH t ulcers In tbt
eves, ears, tir nose, ollen catislna bllnUntstar
doaltiess; whirl) It Uie origin ol pimples, cuv
cemus growths, or the many other niauitftt
Uuits usually aaerlhea lo 'luunort;' which,
fastening ui'n tha lungs, causes cuDiumptloa
anil cleallu llelng Uie most ancient. It It ttt
tnott general ol all disease! or affections, for
very lew persons are entirely tree from It.
How Can
It Bo
Uj taking Hood's SarsapirtlU, which, ty
tha rvmorkatile cures It baa accomplished,
often when other medicines have failed, hat
proven Itself to h a potent and peculiar
meJIritie lur Mils tllie.vie. Soma of tbeM
cures are really wonderful. If you sutler from
scrofula, le sure to try Hood's SarsaparlUa.
My dauchter Mary was afflicted with tcrof
nlnut sure neck from the t line she v. as 2! monihl
olil llll slit- became six years of age. Lumps,
fciu-d In Iter neck, and one of them after,
grew. ii,- to the slxe of a pigeon's egg, becama
a running sure fur over three years. W. gava
her Heed's K .rsap.irllla, when the lump and
all Indications ot scrofula entirely dts
anwarcd, and now he seems to be a healthy
child." S. Caiii nr., Naurlght, N. J.
N. 11. He wro to get only
Heed's SarsaparlUa
Solil l.y M .Irui irt.ts. Jl;lilf..rfi 1'rspsrsdotly
br C. 1. lllK'1' A CO., Anullietailttt, Luwll, It ass,
IOO Dosas Ono Dollar
New Bepaitiiie.
We liuve taken a new departuie this
spring in the styles of goods that we
curry In order to meet :lu demands of
our huge and giowinj trade wo have
added a tlno lino of ingrain carpels
which we will sell lower limn INn-fland
lirices. That new lino nf rues i ..)-,,
,.... i . .,, . , . using the te. It had an almoat
.e.y in ... nun it in icpiiy you lor CXiillilli- mlrtculout efteet, and to the atton.
lilt! very enietully. You will certuinlv ishra' "fall the guestt at the hotel,
want one. In clothing, dry goods, no
1 have been troubled mtnv veant with
discus ut the kidueyt tud hsrs tried
nm n r Utflerent remetlie tnd kt
toiiaht aid front different phyik-itnl
withuut relief, Aboutth l.sthof Apnl
I was ttiftcring from a venr violeat
attack that aluioat prottrtted nt ut
ttten a manner tnal l waa ucut uto.
When I aat down It waa almost ImposstOle for me
lu get up alone, or to put on my clothe, when
kind Providence sent Or. Heiilev, with th
hotel. I Immediately commenced
tions, lnits, and foot wear you will find
the best assortment at our store. Cull
and inspect before buying.
Cii.utMA.N A Son.
til a few tlsyi.I am btpuy to Mate,
tint I wit a new man. I wil
recommend the tea to all afflictcdl
at 1 liuvc been. 1
rroprietor Occldealal Hotel, '
buuta Kuta, Gil.
This old reliable firm always keep
in stock a full line of
Heavy. M al Miifactnl
Ia ape, Tit ate, etc.
riumniu, Gas Fitting & Jobbin
Attended to Promptly.
i. .. : ' l
-'.'l' W.W(,.'.l-'".Ja
J'e-alaV ,-. .!-.
V 1