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Which of Dickons' works Joes
W. W. Myers most resemble? Why,
" Great Expectations," of course,
Had tho railroad ueeiJent of last
Thursday at tho Clackamas bridge
happened to a passenger tram it
would have been most serious in its
Ik stumping tho state Governor
Tennoyer is neglecting tho busi
ness of his sawmill. Ho has never
allowed his office as governor of
Oregon to interfere with his saw
mill business Statesman.
II. H. Jorwsox has Wen an effi
cient clerk because ho has attended
strictly to business. Fortius rea-
son no one has aught to say against
his re-election, and he will be re
tained in place by a good round ma
If Oregon Citv alone elected the county
surveyor, J. D. Matthews, the demo
cratic' candidate, would knock out hi re
publican antagonist, Sidney Smyth.
Courier, May loth.
The above sounds well from tho
editor of the Courier, who does not
himself intend to vote for Mr. Mat
thews. Tub Albany Herald pointedly
remarks: ''It seems that the prin
cipal argument that Mr. Hermann's
opponent can bring against our ef
ficient member of congress is that
he sticks to his place in the house
and does not come home to make
the canvass.
Dr. Scu.tVAN, the republican
nominee for coroner, is a practical
physician and a pleasant gentle
man, two qualities which should
commend him, the first to the corpse
upon which ho will sit, and the
second to the friends for whose sat
isfaction ho will act.
It is evident that a groat deal off
. , , , , , i i .
lying has been indulged in relative
to the last assessment. Let those j
who are inclined to believe that As- j
sessor Noble has erred take pains
to investigate tho charges, as we
have in numerous cases, and they
will find most of them either politi
oal buncomb or personal spite.
uoi.Vc ditor was out of the office
last Wednesday, and the type-setters
neglected to credit to the Ore
gonian and Statesman two items
which appeared on the editorial
page. It happens to be all right,
as they were both good enough to
be our own. No apology need be
sent by those journals to this office.
We have determined not to say
anything good of Sheriff Samson
this time, lest his majority should
be too great to bo counted. The
Courier seems to have decided to
say nothing bad about him for the
Barue reason. Samson isn't to
blame for this. It's only his way
and he can't help it if tho people
persist in giving him their suffrages.
Not one word of fault has been
found with S. B. CalifT's adminis
tration of the treasurer's office. He
is always at his post, does his busi
ness promptly and well, and does
all that he can to serve tho citizens
of this county. Wliero is the re
publican who would wish to trade
off a tried and proven good republi
can officer for an untried democrat?
Uepubmcan voters who may be
inclined to Btay at homo this year
on election. day under tho impres
sion that the ticket will be elected,
should not be certain that the re
sult will be all right. There is but
one safe way, and that is to voto and
work too for the success of the re
publican ticket. Get out, and do
both, even if it requires a sacrifice.
John Meldrum'b own brother
could not persuado him to do wrong
in opposition to his judgment, for
beneath a plain exterior Honest
John carries a large amount of good
horse sense, a firm conviction of
right and wrong, and tho honest
stamina to carry out his co iv'c
tions. It is a safe bet that
will be no favoritism or question..
bio transactions whilo he is county
Two years ago tho Courier waB
supporting P. S. Noycr for sheriff
with all the zeal of a new convert.
Not two months ago the Courier ad
vertised him as a dead beat who
had not paid his subscription to the
Courier for a considerable time,
and covering tho very period when
that paper was extolling his virtues
to the skies. Two weeks' ago that
gentleman passed through town,
and the Courier vane took another
fluke, and it wrte him up as tho
"Honorable"," etc., etc. Query:
What persuader did Mr. Noycr use
to'draw forth the Courier's cud for
a rechewing.
W. T. WmnwK is able, efficient,
painstaking, careful and accoinmo
latingx He is ever ready to assist
any one in need of aid, and never
charges a cent, though to render
tho aid frequently causes him con
siderable trouble and at times in
volves an actual expense, resides
this ho is thoroughly familiar with
th office in all its details, and can
do the work as it should bo done
This is the right sort of a matt to
Tiik republican nominees have
most of them served one term no
ceptably to tho citi.etts of this
county irrespective of party, and
their ronomination is but ft just rec
ognition of their faithful and elll
cient service, Thev should now bo
re-elected not only as a mark of
confidence, but because having be
come acquainted with the duties of
tho offices they are letter able to
carry on the work and keep the scv
eral record correctly.
A VAi.t.vsr wheel horse in the
union party was not long since
perched on a W dicmirsing upon
that plank of their platform which
"That the saloon system is both
cause Mud effect of poverty, and is the
chief Instrument hy which monopolies
corrupt our politics and perpetuate them
solve, and that we stand committed to
the abolition of the liquor traitlc una
moral and economic evil and a harrier to
all social ami political reform,"
Presently his neal in the great
reform cause led him to denounce
them as "hell holes of iniquity in
to which not a decent man would
o." A few moments later another
union chair bottom laborer ex
claimed, "Well, let's go and git a
glass of beer," and off the twain
marched to the " hell holes of ini
quity." ltcfonuers should preach
and practice the same doctrine if
they would inspire respect.
Tiik ExTEurutsK, u few weeks
ago, published the election law reg
ulating the supply of ballot paper,
tho same to be furnished by tho
secretary of state to county clerks,
who in turn supply the respective
ehairitu'ti of the organized nolilical
u, t 1 . Tht,
would-be honorable V. V. Myers
sees in this an attempt to ballle the
w ishes of, and defraud the voters.
Now, see here, William, you real
ly ought not to kick as tho paper
costs you nothing; but if that is the
trouble, and vou want more at the
same price, or if you have figured
out such a n immense vote for the
union party that ten timeAa many
tickets as were voted by your party
two years ago will not hold the vote
this year, why call on the state for
a few sheets more, or call around
and we will give you a sheet or two
at the same price. It will be good
for scratch paer after election.
Don't bo ill humored in small mat
ters like this; it really isn't goo,' for
the digestion, you know. Hesides
it don't feel good.
Tiik question of the financial
statement made two years ago is
being raised by some interested par
ties who think they sec a little
cheap political capital in blustering
about that matter. The truth is,
those w ho attempt to use it most
know least about it. The trouble
is, to a great extent, a result of the
defective system of book keeping
that had been handed down from
outgoing to incoming officials for a
generation or more. l!y this sys
tem there existed at that time no
provision by which the officials or
any body else could determine with
long research and careful investiga
tion the amount of accrued interest
outstanding against tho county.
Owing to tho heavy indebtedness
incurred by the county this item
was much greater than was assumed
by those making the estimate. This,
together with tho uncollcctahlo de
linquent tax which was that year
much larger than usual, accounts
for the principal part of tho debt
at that time. A careful analysis
of tho condition of affairs at that
time will, in our opinion, show that
thero was in tho spring of 188H a
period when tho county's indebted
ness was merely nominal, and that
amount caused as almve indicated;
but between that period and the
time of II. H. Johnson's financial
exhibit of county affiiirs, tho ap
propriations had been made for
roads, bridges, court, and most
other largo expenses of tho year, so
that tho statement showed an in
debtedness greater in proportion
than it otherwise should or than it
would have shown for a longer po
riod. Further than this, tho bridge
warrants which had not yet been
issued, were accounted an indebted
ness in that statement and helped
to swell tho total to undue propor
tions. But the vote 'had, already
been taken to build the fmo free
bridge now spanning the river here,
and of which we are all so justly
proud; hence tho statement could
neither affect tho county finances
nor the bridge. So let the proces
sion move on, far, as far as wo can
judgo, no crime has been committed.
Ovku '20,1)00 acres more of land !
to listed on j. v . mwiw iiwonn
meut of last year than has ever
been scoured by any previous as
sessor in this county. This at the
owest rate obtained means quite a
gain 10 IIIO ia.-imyur ut nun
Mh. J. I). Mattiikwh, tho demo
cratic nominee for surveyor, is, so
far as wo know, a very fair sort of a
fellow, and it was not our Intention
to criticise him adversely in this
jampaign, though he is notoriously
unfit and unqualified to till the im
portant office of county surveyor.
Hut the Courier, in supporting him,
makes a covert thrust at his tqq
nent and employer, Hidney Smyth,
which was as uncalled for ns it is
untruthful. The Courier would
convey the impression that Mr.
Smyth will run nearly 100 votes
behind his ticket In this precinct,
The truth is he will got deimHrati
votes hero because they know that
Mr. Matthews is not qualified to fill
the office. Less than fifteen mouths
ago J. D. Matthews was laboring at
anything which turned up, with no
regular occupation, and no knowl
edge of surveying. To-day, with
out instruments, or knowledge
enough to turn the intermediary
angles of a compass, he aspires to
lm county surveyor; to locate and
accurately describe roads; to locate
boundaries; to fix disputed lines,
and make county records which
must stand for hundreds of years.
The editor of the Courier tuny think
a majority of the city are fools, but
their heads will be so level on el
tion day that they will vote for the
thoroughly competent, exrienecd,
and skilled engineer, Sidney Smyth,
in preference to a man of a few
months' experience as chain car
rier, and who was put on the dem
ocratic ticket only because no one
else could bo found to accept the
A ( Al'Vlll.K ISKTliltTOiiJ
Following is a copy of a notice
posted ill Mohilla, giving notice of a
political meeting. The " honrable"
J. K. Hammond, whoever ho may
1h, should learn at 1-ust tho rudi
mentary branches before sitting
himself up as an instructor to us in
telligent a community as we know
Molalla to be. Not a parent in
that precinct but would spank his
ten years old Imy if ho could not J
sjiell better than the "honrable"
reformer does in the following:
May the 10 IS',10
Nolice to ull t'ittiens
Tho Honrable J E Hammond Will
SjHM-k to the jieopto of Malalla and
tho Surounding Country on Satur
day May thl7
My Speech will l on Tariff reform
and revenue Only
and also the Kobing Tariff and the
depression of this Nation
On Saturday May 17 at Molalla
at Two O clock
Just before the vote on the pro
hibition amendment two years ago,
Mr. Sylvester I'ennoyer said the
following words publicly, as his
"I am opposed Inith to prohibi
tion and high license. Prohibition
is wrong in principle and to a cer
tain extent in operative. High li
cense is just as indefensible in prin
ciple as prohibition and creates a
monopoly. " " I lie pnvcr solu
tion of this liquor question is to re
move all taxes and license from
whiskey whatever. Why should
the man who sells whiskey lie
taxed any more than the man who
sells bread? Remove all tux
and license ami pure w hiskey lu re
in Oregon at the present low prices
of grain, could be Isitight for two
bits a gallon,"
The so-called leaders of the pro
hibition party in this county are
now urging Mr. Pcnnoyer" election
for Governor. Why? fo they get
pay for it? Pcnnoyer is a very rot
ten demagogue, but this rottener.
m a it ii 1 1: i).
GKKEN AIMMH. At tho rlileneo of
cx-Hhcrifl" Knight at Canity, Mr. Joseph
(irecnaiid Miss Winnie Adams, on the
15th Inst., by Kcv. J. C. bead.
A goodly number of friends wore
present from thl city. Alter the cere
mony, the party repaired lo the dining
room, whore a bountiful repust wus
awaiting thum. To thoso who have once
bad the pleasure of seating themselves
at Mrs. Knight's table, it is unneces
sary to ndd that when rising from the
table they all thought they had
eaten of the broad of life, ami
should riavcr hunger mom, Mr. and
Mrs. Green will begin housekeeping at
once in this city. They aio well known
horo and many friends wish them lung
and happy lives.
GAHSER WILSON. At Oregon City,
May 20, I8IK), Frank Uassor and Mil
lie Wilson, by T. VV, Fouls, J, 1'.
Hotb of Wilsonville, Oregon,
KALL KENT. At the officii ofT. W.
Fouls, J. l' In this city, May 17 ,1H!)I),
J. L, Hull and Lis.iu Kent, both of
Elliott Prairie, Clackamas county, Or.
A Woman's Discovery,
Another wonderful discovery has been
mauo and that too by a lady in this coun
try, Disease fastened its clutches upon
her and for soven years she wllhstuod its
severest lesls, but hor vital organs wort
undermined and death seomed imminent.
For three months aha coughed Incessant
ly and could not sleep. .She bought of us
a bottle of l)r, King's Now Discovery for
Consumption and was so much relieved
on taking first dose that she slept all
night and with one bottle has been mir
aculously cured, Ifor name Is Mrs, Lu
ther Lilts!." Thus writes W. C, Hiimrick
A Co., of Hhclby, N. 0. (Jet a free trial
bottle at G.A. IfardingsDrug Htoie,
inti-:i.i-:ntinm Lixro.
About a Mottor that Concern
Governor Ponnoyor,
Wll V1TIIK UTIi nKN0t!IU1'll!oUt'l'l',iN1'i
or tint Land tnfti'tc attiik
The following letter is entiled from
the Oregoulan of Tuesday:
Tiik Dai.i.ks, Or., Nov, 20. 18Si),
Hon. Commissioner of (leneral
hand Office, Washington, L, (!,
Sin: We are just in receipt of your
telegram of to-day, and in accord-
anee with it, as a construction of
your former telegram and letters
upon the subject of Indemnity
school selections, we herewith trans
mit lists ! to i), inclusive, of selec
tions made by the state of Oregon
for losses tho state claims to have
sustained by reason of sections 10
and lid falling within the Warm
Springs Indian reservation. We
are directed to accompany tho same
by our joint opinion, If, in com
plying with your direction in this
matter, we shall bo led into a fuller
discussion of tho "question or ques
tions involved than wmilu nt the
first glance apcar to bo necessary,
we trust that you will lear in mind
that wo occupy a position that gives
us a knowledge that cannot be ol.
tained readily by your office.
Wo fetd that no astlogy is needed
on our part for endeavoring to place
all matters bearing on this question
before you to theend that you fully
understand just what an approval
of the lists means. It has boon
urged usin this office that when it
was decided that the state was enti
tled to indemnity nothing was left
for this office but to accept the lists,
and for the honorable eommiswiuiier
under a rule of bis office to approve
Hum regardless of the sizKor loca
tion of tracts selected, This has
been urged by the clerk of the board
of school land commissioners for
the state and by the attorney for the
Isiaril. With telegrams and letters
and personal visitations the state
has reminded us of Ihh. about the
btingholo of a cider barrel; uud so
persistent has it all Isen that itlw-
came necessary in our judgment to
inform the state that would have
to give a portion of our time to the
transaction of otlu r business of the
I office. An explanation of the con
jduct of (he accredited agents of the
state is found it) the fact that
so. AT .'1',.)0 I KK Ai'HK, Wllll.K II V
CLitoiK. It is a fact easily sub
stantiated by an affidavit that while
the state Ixmrd assures applicants
for this land that all that the Mate
is entitled to has Is'cn selected (but
not listed), tin' business man of the
"outfit" offers a citizen of this dis
trict any aniouqt of land, either in
forty acre tracts or whole sections,
either on even sections in railroad
limits, or on any lands outside. It
has boon urged by these disinter
ested persons (tiod save the mark!)
that as a citizen of Oregon the reg
ister of this office should assist the
state in this matter! That if the
office would pass the lists favorably
no further trouble would bo cxK'
rieneed, and, inferentially we sup
pose, the laborer, worthy of his hire,
would get bis pay. We do not
claim that theexisteiiceof this state
of facts bus a ls aring on the ques
tion of contiguity, which, we take
it, is the main question involved,
uud which your office must pass up
on; but it certainly has a bearing,
and should Is) proierly considered
in connection with the arguments
of the ring's Washington attorneys.
We are every-dny business men. in
no way interested, immediately or
remotely, in tho outcome of this
mutter, further than to assist your
self in tho promises, and thus dis
charge our duty as officers of your
department, and as citizens of this
state. We have had the " sand" to
do in this matter what appeared to
bo our duty, as wo were capable of
understanding it, regardless of
pressure brought to bear upon us.
Now us to tho gist of tho mattor as
we suppose it will appear before you.
The state is entitled under Gover
nor Stone's decision to indemnity.
Can she select it regardless of con
tiguity, regardless of the size of
tracts? If the selections must be
made ''as near as may be" to tho
lands loHt, then no; but if thero
isarulu of practice of your office
construing tho statuto to mean
anvwiikhk iii tho district, is it a
rule that should continue in force?
If such is tho rule it certainly was
not established in such a case as is
now presented. Ordinarily school
indemnity conies from losses sus
tained hero and thero in small
amounts, TiiuotmiiotiT tho district,
and in that casu such a construc
tion of the statuo is doubtless
proper, You are now confronted
by no such state of facts. Tho loss
tho stato has sustained in tho
Warm Spring reservation amounts,
approximately to 150,000 acres, if,
as tho stato urges, an unsurveyed
loss is as good as ono that is sur
veyod, As to tho linmonso amount,
possibly a quarter of a million
acres, of land passed over by tho
state, before selecting thn bar-
gained-away iii-udvance lands, and
also as to the relative amounts of
vacant and kntkhkii hinds you
can consult tho maps of your of
fice, which show just how the whole
case stands. For & section on tho
mountains of the Warm Springs
reserve they are willing to take six-
Tisk'N forty acre tracts laid upon the
springs and watering-places of a
purely pastoral country. Wo
transmit two affidavits tniido by
citi.ens of this state and entry
men under the United States land
laws, and we can find any reason
able number of men throughout the
district who will corroborate the
statements made by affiants,
We feel that the disposal of the
government lands to actual settlers
and the development of this por
tion of the state, will be retarded
if in the matter of selections both
contiguity and the sue of tracts
selected are disregarded, It is
probably nut necessary for us lo
add that in our joint and several
opinions the selections us made are
against the interest of tho general
government and of this state and
are against sound public policy
We are conscious that we have "ar
gued the question" and can only
plead our knowledge of tho "true
inwardness" of the matter unjust!
lication. Respectfully,
V, A, Mi'OoNAi.n, Register.
T. W. Sl.rslIKH, Receiver.
I hereby certify that the fore
going is a true ami correct copy of
a letter of the register and receiver
in this office, Is'iiring date Novem
1st, L'li, 1; s.mi, as it aps ars of roe
ord in this office, addressed to tho
commissioner of the general hind
office at Washington, l. C.
S. V, I.kwis, Register.
An Iowa Teach it.
Tli OtloiuM' low DuuiiM'rat ayn
Minri.isK um and M.iilt'ii Kidnn, two of
OttUmw' cutccinod young laities, loft
on thn ('. It. A y. at 3 o'clock Tuesday
morning fr Oregon City, Oregon, In
which date they expect to icnido in the
future, Mi Kaliw ban secured a posi
tion in thn public school, ol Viola, a
town alsjiit ('.' miles bom Oregon City,
and will enter upon her duties Inimrdi
ali'ly upon her arrival Mis Kebm Is
ohm of Vuolh county's brightest young
la, lies, mil pes-ei' tli'.,. ipmlitics
timm which must necessarily bring mie
cvssaa ii teacher. She is a elo stu
dent mid A titi'lesn w.irKer, and w have
no doubt she w ill bo eminently succrsn
fill In her western bom,.. Sim wus at
the tim of her departure w-crelary ol
the H'aiwllo county teacher' associa
tion, and had born teiching in tlie Kden
schisil during tho past two years,
where she had given universal lalisfae
tiou, and which position ehti resigned
to accept the one oll'ervd her in Oreiion.
Villi Ufl left.
The canvass now In progress reminds
us strikingly of a campaign in Kansas a
few year ago, Peing like Orrgon re
publican state, the democrat succeeded
in electing (leorge (Hick (or governor by
about eight thousand majority. It made
them feel gissl. They swaggered and
blow ed and carried on at a terrible rale
fur four long years, and at the end of
that time, (ull of cuiitidenco in their
ability to carry the day, they rcmmijtat
ed him for a second term. He was a
great old demagogue, and the democrat
and blatherskite worshi-d him just as
they do Pcnnoyer In Oregon. Tho re
publican nominated John Martin, a
quiet and buincs-like gentleman, who
couldn't have made a slitlca! s;s'cch
at the time had he tried, but he knew
considerable about business. The llrst
week of two in the campaign that fol
lowed the dcmis-rats kicked up such a
dust that the republican nominee aa
pretty near lost sight of, but the cloud
began to fade, and it faded so rapidly
that when the JhiIIh closed on election
night their enthusiasm was weighed
dow n by a snow bank of thirty thousand
majority. Thompson's majority may
not be iiiilu that, hut the Indications
now are that he is going to keep right
up with hi ticket. Pcnnoyer atoek Is
fading already. Yamhill Heportor.
New To-day,
Having sold one-third inleicst in our
store to C. A. Hands, wo w ill continue
our business in the old place under the
firm name of of Uroeti Pros. & Co.
Thanking oiircustumci for their liberal
patronage in the past, we hope for tho
cuii ti nuance of the same.
tiltKI-N ItltOS.
Treasurer's Notice. -I
have now i.i my hand lur.ds appll
ahlo to tho payment of all warrant en
dorsed prior to Nov. 7di, ISSS, Interest
will cease from dale of this notice.
H. . Cai.ikk,
Treasurer, Clackamas County
Dated this 22nd day of May, 1HII0.
Having mado a change In our busimisB
we respectfully call tho attention of
1 1 U)8 indebted to us, to please call and
settle as soon as possible,
IIiikhn rtiios.
It Is um.ertaln whether Chicago or
New York secures the (beat H.xposition,
hut it is a positive fact that llludbilder
is tho infallible remedy for all blood dis
eases, and Is a safe, sure and reliable
UL'tio.Hold by K,U. Caulleld.
The entering wodgo of a complaint
that may prove (atal is often a slight
cold, whleli a doso or two of Ayor'n
Cherry l'ectoral might have cured at tho
commencement. It would bu well,
therefore, to keep this remedy within
reach at all times.
The prnvatono.o of scrofulous taint In
tho blood is much moro unlvorsal than
many are aware. Indeod, but few per
sons art) free liom it. Fortunately,
however, we havo In Ayer's Hatsaparilla.
the most potent remedy evor discovered
for this torrililo alllkttioti.
KirgS Hor Hutching,
White Wyandotts and IJrown t,eg-.
horns. My strain for egg production
and slumhird requirement are unsur
passed. Kirgs fl per 1,1; nicked In has
kots for shipping, per 13.
KtiHKH Hixon. Oregon City, Or.
Republican Ticket,
for t'ongreasmait,
for Governor,
Hor Heeretary of Klale,
Hor Treasurer,
I'lflf, MKWIIAN,
Hoi Kupreme Judge,
Hor Mala Huperlntrmdent of Public In
vtructiun, H. II. Mt H.I.KOY
Hor fitate Printer,
H, f, It A K Kit.
Hor Prosecuting Attorney bill lllstrlct,
Hor Henalor, tilth Kuiiatoilal Illriot.
urnrn TICKET.
Hoi Htate Senator,
Hor ltepresenUtlve.
' lui.'j fftt ,
Hor County Judge,
Hor Clerk of Courts,
l or Hheriff,
Hor Hecorder of Conveyance,
Hor Commissioner,
Hor Treasurer,
8. II. CAI.II-H.
Hor - Assensor,
Her Hehoul HtiK-riutcudcrit,
Hor Surveyor,
Hor Coroner,
C. P. HI' J.I.I VAN.
Hor Cimgrcs,
Hor (iovernor,
Hor Secretary of State,
Hor State Treasurer,
K. H.
HorSiiH'rintendent of Public Instruction,
For State Printer,
Hor Supreme Judge,
For Prosecuting Attorney Hifth District.
Hur Joint Senator lilth Senatorial Pist.
Hur State Senator,
Hor Kcpremmtativei,
For County Judge,
For Sheiiir,
(i. K. H. MIU.KU.
For County Clerk,
I.. K. SAI.ISllfKY.
For ltecorder bf Conveyance,
F"or County Commissioner,
A. I.HWF.I.HNii.
F'or County Trousnrer,
F'or School Huierintendeiit,
F'or Assessor,
For Surveyor,
For Coroner,
Hor Justice ol the Peace,
Hor Constable,
Speclul Not Ire.
To Whom it inav Concern ; ;
All knowing themselves indebted to
us are respectfully requoated to settle
their accounts. Wa need money and
must collect and word to the wire la
aulllcient. Wo do not wish to place
our accounts in the hand of collector.
It Ii extremely unpleasant for us to do
so thoroforo we give tills notice and say
to all coma and settle.
March 18, 1800, Tiios. Ciiahmas & Bon,
( lienu Land For Male. .
Choice farming land, three miles from
Oregon City in (rom 10 to 100-cre tracts
at IL'B.OO to $30.00 per acre. Call on or
address, Hyan & Randall or
J, I), KuNNiia, Oretfon City,
Would Yof Vile ltlcli I
EveryoiH!vants,Vecomo rich, and
In order thiAiu nu.' inako sure prog
ress in thirst Ation j'CrH should not fail
to buy your giOries of A. 11. Hry, the
cash groeok as he nss a vory fine selec
tion of tlnj finest groceries to be found in
market. . He is bound to please hi cus
tomer and Is constantly watching the
market for bargains so as to buy cheap
and mark his goods down to his custom
er, Call at Fry' Cash Grocery House,
Oregon, City, Oregon.
Fryt tiio
cash grocer, inakos a spec
ialty ol floe groceries.
One of tho nicest places in t'hn It-
ainas bottom, Mug 85 acres, The
finest of land for a poach orchard.
1100 young peach treei just b-
lilniiinti to hear: good dwelling
house on high ground and all of
tho necessary out-buildinge, etc.
45 TO 50 ACRES
Ono of the finest springs in
Clackamas county, For sale cheap
for a short time.
p, (!. lIUMrJlUUY,
At Clackamas.
K. O. M Cows at Oregon City.
10 acres with same hsnility,
finely Improved, for sale cheap.
One of tho good farms of Clacka
mas county within two miles of
Oregon City in a fine state of culti-
Also land in Clackamas county,
near new motor line. Fine for
farming. Terms easy.
F. O. McCOWN & CO.
Money to Loan.
In sums of .'i(K)l00 to .'j0,000,
Ja V, Hiuw,
Real Estate and Einaucial agent, Oregon
City, opHjite foatolhce.
Dual, Scot
Erank Miller ha received another
big stock of boot and sho Erench
kid kangaroo and all other kind for la
dies and gent at and toward
We all know that Frank keeps the bust
t) utility of boot and shoe atthe lutti't
price .
Treasurer' .Notice.
I have now in my hand fund apph-
ahle to the payment of all warrant en
doused prior to Sept. 6, 18(8. Interest
will cease from date of this notice.
Oregon City, April 10, lHOO.
4-I0-U0 1417 K. It. Curr,
Treasurer of Clackamas Co , Or.
School Money.
There i plenty of money on band to
losn of school funds, and it will be to tlie
interest of all borrower, es(cially those
who need any considerable amount a
well a long time loan, to borrow school
money. Tins i absolutely the cheapest
money to be had S per ceiit and no com
mission after the tlrst year. Calf on
C.J'. Lalouretle, Attorney for the board.
Park Place is Popular rroity.
My ent'ue law and money lending
business w ill I carried on as usual dur
ing my abseiise from the statu. Mr. A.
S. Iresr will have charge of it.
W. t'AUV Joitssos.
' Dissolution .Notice
The pa-tnership hitherto existing
between It. lilusspool and Phillippt
Hro. ha I wen dissolved this day, April
23rd. 18'K), by mutual consent. All
debt due will be collected by U. Glasa
pool, or they can be paid to Hambo A
Ereytag, Cigar Manufactory, next to
Hope' tin store,
H. (il.ASSI'OOI.,
1'lriLI.II I'S ItHOS.
Egg Eur llatchlnir.
I'ure Wyandott egg for hatching,
K. V. I'orter, Canemah. Leave or
der at tho Oregon City Market.
H3 J.N. Graham .
.Notice te Farmers,
The undersigned will be in Oregon
City at Harvey Cross' olllce every Tues
day and Haturday of each week until
further notice, commencing on Tuesday,
Eel.v 25, for the purporw of contracting
for vegetables and fruits of all kind for
the canning company .
Oregon City, F:cb. IS, 1SIH).
A . II. Itoscow,
Secretary of Oregon City Packing Co.
Advice To .M oilier.
Mas. VlNsLow Noothinu Sykup, for
chldren teething, fa tlie prescription of
one of thn I.h1 lntiil niiNa. a ...I
,u v U n,,, ,,t
clan in the United Mates, and has been
ueu lor lony year with never-failing
success bv million of n,utl,ar f,. n,i.
, , . - -. ..lei,
children. During the protoea of teeth-
inK 11 vaiuo i incalculable, it relieves
the child from nain. niroa ,
diarrluea, griping in the Vowels, and
i. u-coiic.. ny giving imalili to the
child it routs the mother. .
Jiew Departure.
Wehavebtkon a ncr departure this
spring in the ityles f good that we
carry. In order to meet the demand of
our large and growing trade we have
added a flue line of Ingrain carpet
which we wlrt sell lower than Portland
prices, rimt new line of rugs la also
very fine and w ill repay vou for examin
ing very carefully. You will certainly
want one. In clothing, dry good, no
tion, hats, and foot wear you will find
the best assortment at our store. Call
and Inspect before buying.
Chakmsn 4 Son.
This old reliable
in stock a
Heavy. M ii Maifctri
irtejiafi file.
Plumming, Gas Fitting .& Jobbin
Attended to Promptly. Es
timates Furnished
Paint! Tahiti! Paint!!!
Columbia" Cottage
The Jiiest Sliudcf
... ; f
SOlji J3Y
ft U that Impurity tit t!.n Uooi, wUcb.i.
etimultUrig In tli (tarn) C the neck, pr
dure untight I jr lump lit wlllngt; wblck
ettiM-t painful running serf on Ui tnm,
let, or feet; wbuJt 4mvloft ulcer la tt
ejrn, ears, or now, uluia cmuIhi btlrulmuor
deaiuesi; wlileb In tli origin of I'lmplM, tia.
ciroun growUia, or Uie many olln-r iimi,ui
Don tuually ascribed to ' humors; " whlfti,
faitnitnc upon tlx (unit, cause contumpUo.
and death. Being tlx licnt aiuleut. It U tU
mot! (snrrnl of til die JiM-t or adccUoiu, for
Very few persons areleuUrely be from It
H0,7ncr CURED
By taking Flood's BaruparllU, which, by
the remarkable cure It lua accompiutied,
often when other tuedklnei bar tailed, aw
prenren Itself to be a potent and pscullir
medli'lns for till dluru. Bom of Umm
cures are realty wonderful. If you luOerfroa
crofula, I; turn to try IbssTt Sarsapantla,
My daughterMary was afflicted with icraf.
ul son- neck front tlie lime tlie wu'fimuouii
old till the bream tlx yeariof e. Lump
tot u-d In tier neck, and on of then aftr
riw a4- to ttie tlie of a rlgcoa'i e , btetm
a running tore for over three yean. We f it
her llood'i SarsapiirlUa, when U.e lump tad
all Icitlratlorit of scrofula entirely 41
appeared, and now the tcenit to be t healthy
child." J, S. Caiii it a. NamlsUt, it. J.
H. B. lie ivire to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
foldlj.Hdruffi.w. $; tit for ts. Pnptndeilt
; C. I. Hoot a, CO., wtlcitM. LawsU, Mm,
100 Dosos Ono Dollar
aoosi it wnt at too uti.
1 btw been troubled many vein will
disrase of the kidneys ud tun tnti
mnr dlflrtenl temnliet tod kl
tuht tid flora dlfferrat pbyHcusa
without relief. About ir tuk of Aml
1 was tufJerin from a rr violent
ttttck tbst almost peuntrttrd nt la
tot a manner Wit 1 ttt oent owe.
When t tat down it wtt tlraoat irapowuble far w
to ret up tlone, or to put on mv clothe, wbea
kind Prondencv lent I. Henley, wilt Um
hotel. I Immediately commenced
using tht tea, , It had an almost
rairacutout effect, and to the aatos.
ithment of tU the netl at Uw koMl,
In a tew days, I am happy to Mate, .
that I wit a Dew nun. I will!
fry ro mend the ink to all ar&icc
. wm uaec been.
C. A. TtJPFEa,
Proprietor Oecidentil Itotet,
banU Hoaa, Cal.
CMictao - J0 UN10N SQUARLN.t:- BAIUS,
5t iQuit.Mo. 'I rj,;,;clrlvisrAiicitc.cJM,l
Health and Longevity.
Dr. A. Wilford Hall's Ilynieitii!
Treatment for the permanent cure of dis
eases without cither modicinn, electricity
or costly appliance. Works in perfect
harmony with the laws of nature.
aWSee Microcosm "extra" which
gives the history of the physiological
discovery. Send for circulars at mv ex
iwnse. Price of Health Pamphlet M.00.
A,,,,r(fS' J.W. Thomas,
Molalla.. Or.
firm always keep
full line of
& CO.
'rP I
M . ,tf'br. ii.i
f r. s 1 tt