The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, November 22, 1888, Page 6, Image 6

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Fatal irlit.
The hnHkiii! of the Kimillost whevl in
mammoth factory, if not repaired or
rvplaetvl, will ruin the entiro plant, mm a
pvk of dust will iloraiiKK tho dclicnie j
machinery of the WHtoh, Wore ieo- I
pie as thouftalful to repair their broken
Th uthorhlp or th druiMlto jirfnluo.
Uom aiiribuhxl to tho Iwl of tin bov.
Vnr Salt tlontl I arm.
If you want Rood soap, o to I
Porter lirxw. have some of that iik-o i l,t?;l-tl the first appioach of disease,
Apple lUitter. H! ,no owner is to mend his machinery, !
they would t's.'apo indescrihahls siiif- r- j
iil!, and often death. Slight causes will
i somcti'n.w in.. i ii,.. .r. ....... 1
U descriptions at , 0 ,vhos u.;llhy i(i,joii ut M
j ol tho whole system so much depends,
at tho ud feverish Mood, headaches Uud con-
immption itself, sot in Tho wisoivr-1
i i ... .
'"' loillllieu HITCS, IMIIOlV-tMO IICII'N
....! I. ., ........ ... vi, ,nc acres III illlUVlllli.n
,. 1 .. -. , llltf IO llCltl LMHI.I Hill II 11.1
ir icoo lrii th m,..ii-i,i,m n....n.. h. i.i " ' "'
Knrp.rhlth,lii4.uilia ! ,,l'l'",'i. peats, ' I u m i . peaches, piuiics,
. .iit mm uikuiu aouvltr, UiKliivt urn.
.?" "" "I'Mrwilt of hapi'lnfM." Wo
Porter Hros. have just received some
nice tAmih Honey.
Kubher goods of
(.'harman A Son's
lr Jk'ott' Kleetrie corset
liivat Kastern Store.
For matting and oil cloth go to War
rvn's Kurniur Stow.
fail thmw tar Biom lutlit on Una UUor iiils
Jim llian tho iiuwi r,.rimiiil .Ukniiiriiin
"'. Hl aUl..U flri.1 .M.lUl.l.M. If
Utoayotrin L ttrplrlnl, ll.e llrr. lukv If
IihiikwUuu or onnnlintiinn boihora out. at
liiur,.or csuitlaiiilyi ir Iho iklii U vollow
ml loniiuo ftiiTv.1 hi liilliuiiiiiW 11 thrra
re I'rriuimllorT lugM of oimuiiiiiir rliru.
nwilMu or iifurlgii if ti,v kulu.-va n In-jotUr-u,,
M.Mirifr,. St.uiw. h llliirr, Ida
nnni rn'iiritiii r n bio' i.roillli- In Iwirrt.
ell ftiul mvnil Miiioli. .. Hi-inriiilivr.
If malsrU thrt,uii or iMi,-u, ilmi n nru
traUioi Ilia iwiauu u4 luiuik Uiu )iiru.
son, will at once rrst the cause of tho
unhealthy symptoms, rcN.rliu to that j
A new linoof tents' neck wear at tho "l,rll'-a"ie,I lr Pioivos tioldoii ;
lireat Kastern Store i .'leilical IWoxery, wliith purities the!
iniAW aiul ciiios liver disease (Mull
: drucv,'ists.
l iie Uorst Naal ( alurrli, j
i " "latter of how lotu st.ui.tiiiL'. is all..
hltely oured hv lr. S.i-e's latar-h Kem-
cnerries anil ipmici's nl-n ui.ipos mid
siiiiwihuiics. Wiiloicl i n U,MM
sprins mid well ol hi i. ii v.,,,. hi .
hoii.o. Ilniii.,1 ,i tin,.,. ,,M1H
liolow and llnoe ulivyci -also i l,,il..
pn-sH and pantry; ln l,:iins, w,,,,,,.
"lied, rattle shed, pmici v, holiliuiiso and
yacl, lout hoiixi' ; milk liniiso in a kiiivo
Hear tho hmiMi riiu .. mdos limn l i(
on ( itv mid a com I i,.it.l. Two m,l,.-
!IioiiiN,. .;,a. Twoinili M (rum ciiitum
: Ciit mill, l ei in k cm
Uo to I, W. lavis' for Ust Pearl Oil,
Vinegar, l'ickies, Herrings, etc.
Lots tor sale on "I'lackuias Heights"
enquire at the I'ilvPrug Store.
Ho to .Mrs. I". H I.. lUirmoister'n tor
the New Howe Sowing .Machine.
What's the matter w ith getting one of
those mop sticks at O. I.ovejoy's?
Have your eye examined wth the eye
meter at Mrs. V. II. I.. lUirmeister's.
Tno nest asoitnioiit of window shades
over brought to tho city at K. S.
Uon't let your chickens and gn
hungry when 1.. W l'.iviscan lurni-h
tlicin with feed.
A complete assortment of 1 ! micou
thic MiHlicines, at
OlUiM AN l'Kos.' I'ity I i tii Store
ody. It d.Hs nut M,ei.(y give n l'ef, hm
piiKUces permanent iiiiesiii the worst ;
caM-s. 6(i cents, lv .Iruggists.
For Sale.
Saw mill and '.'OS a,.r, , i.f land for I r.'.il.
I.ivated on eep ( reek, t'l.n k iln .s Co .
two miles from Ka-lo Creek poMolli.e,
and four miles I'mm S.nnlv in a .. ., I
lleihUn le od. pinner .1. uen
hv I.eil'el, In; Ion.- w i '
w lie.'!s .if siilli. ienl .ower to do a ; I
country l.u-ine. 'I hi-is a L.oil i Inn, ,.
lor a mail looking ..r 1 1. i - k;n I .1 j.,.p.
"'it;. , as I am olt.'ini- it f .t l.el.m ,t- act
u.ilworlh. I'm iiii tlier mi, ,. .,, ,i,..n . ,'i
Witheverycan of Riking I'owder you a, thl. ,,r .,, , ,' ,. ' '
r-.igie i teek. ( ; i. -kaiua I
can get an elegant pie, ? of L. w:1r,
at the Wiiiii.m k Mom:
All shades an lcolnrs of Kuhhcr l'aint,
mixed and ready lor use, either ly the
ipiart or gallon, a'.
('hvkmvn r.Ki.s, City I'rng Store
!iilin r!
(atoria is te, oiiimeiiiled t v pl.;, . fur cluldien i.-eiinng (t ,s , ,;n. v
veg.'la!.!,. irei....,ii,,.. it ii,.g.t. iieni.
pilh!:i,..l ar,, .ii.lo.iel. I- :tle It is .,..,-
AIl jiersoiis ..w ing the tirm of Clements "an I to tin- t i.v and .i !.. 1 x Imrm-
ii-.... i recto n.i..-: ,pa:
he ...eU. iii,et p.iiii, , in,
ail'I W III. I e a!, u , lev: , . ! , t n ,
troys ..mi,, and pievert, i ..ihoN'i
soothe the elil!, and g,Ves ,t relte.l
and i., , p. ( r; i i ti,,. ,
i; (in-en are re,iie.tod to setile immedi
ately and save c ists. The atiiour.ts are
with S K. (iroen at .Myr's old stand.
S. 11. ( Iiii i n.
KsiVIS, li.UKS, AM) SrooNi.. We are
giving away tree of charge a heaiitilul
silver knite. foi k or n on, to every cu
tumor who i.nys a hottle ol Prowell's
Dumper 7 Liniment. Price .'si cents.
. .1.
-, de-
Kidney , Liver Medicine
. f.i t:i: h x tin v rn r 1 1 u
t ::s nil in.. f hhln; ..
I ler, CI 1. 1. Ii-v . nn, y Organ..
I'""i) . (.rini l, lilul.el,... Ilrliihl
i.t li., 1'itlni In tin- 1, k.
t.itiia.ur h,.. l:..t. nil.iu..r
r Itel.-nilim of I i lni.,
Nervolm I ilettv. s, t'eemle
XVtKktieHN.., !:r.,., .littiniller,
1III1iiiiiii.m, Hcailarh". Siotr Miuuiti h
1 viirpHlA. 4'oi!tl,ta: len, nnil I'll.,.
(Ti;i:s wiii.v ah. (iTitc'i vi.wiisis
t'VIU A it 14. illrrrtly All ! Itl imr ,.i I! 0
Klilut), I Iit IIiiui Is. i. ,t.,rn,.
Ihroi U htilhf tl Ill NTs It M KCV
ft ttc. mini xt 1 .--i..!) ur.
Um O l-Un..! I'V I'. U !.,.(! ,.i
Uki (Ml thrill Vl .i i,v I.
oii lit nt h m;iU'v.
A line Kami of over (M)
ill Ti's, Wo miles iVulH luWll,
wiili oiiiiiI liinlicp jhuI water
power, tor sale on ivasnnal'le
terms, or w ill tiade tor ( rcpni
' 'itV of 1 ' Ml lit IK I plnpelt V.
I liis is a tine elianee fur a
man !-i t i ti a tine I'niit,
pain, or slue!; farm.
iiutnie al I in iill . ..
i :...:..!rv.l l..i.
ii t -I fe.Ti.l.
I. ! I. I .,. Il j 1
'""II " P.II..M e.l liie ir,
dux, ;.'i eeilN.
lor S lle,
I have nniii. ri.iis tr.iet-
I'll ( I'M x 1'nos , Agr its. ! upward
Too (ireat
to its cash riis
-.1 -tern olh
rs line prizes
t.irm pi
ir low 'i fur - lie
eitv. -t.H k rang.
. leei.d.
and a
( .id on me lor I. irg
Fi;:3 Co dies, iOlfCKS
To'jacro nnd Ciart.
Acer's Sarsaparilla acts din-ellv and
promptly, purifying and eniiehing the
I loud, improving tho ps-lite, nir-ngt -ening
the nerves, and invigorating the
system It is, in the trm -t sei.-e. an
alterative medicine . Kvery invai; I
should give it
til III' '
When Vou desire a pleasant phy-ie !rv p.
St. 1'utri, k's 1'ills l'.;r sale l y II. (..
('auf'el.l A Co.
(ills ( I I ! I M , .
I.inik t V oir l ines.
..:! i.-i,;iig ! I." ki;.rtiHt:i t ,,.
' uron. y .m 1 ',. u : ,-.,i . .m .
"i. I.v i.lolllg i.' t:,e .,o..H,,1g
J'.ipe ,V Co ,1 l:, g I , v ; I i
-al"",. P .1 ,,. ,i 1';..,
r'liod; .1 .1. M,l..,!i, P., .
ftn ro.,
HI",M ,
31('ivii;i:its Kxrluil!'
, , ... .. . , , .
. 1 1.. , . I ..
i lic hlrk
'ml out I v
The Oregon mist ha set in.
heavy rain Monday morning
Have ymi paid your e!e. t.,u !i !-
K. i . Caulleld has sold his growing
A new sign l.ungs out fr,m the ( irieii
tal hotel
Winter has set in, hut nu frost thus
TIlO po-t olli"e is Olle d.H.r this side
of it" old location
Some old -lagers lost money on the
t ie. 'ti.. ti. J'.ovs i he hoy-, even il'ihey
liie till or 7u years old
Portland ratilied T'i"d iv.
New lira lire I h.. Ilaiflson .gm,-
T day night it-id hu:ned th" wel. on.e
heii-un hgi N i,i repiih'oean admins
'i Ii. II. Miller h,n pi,rclia-ed
M. Sali-hury's pline, pay im; f ill for it.
Mr 'iroiit has moved out of Mrs
Welch's house into the off leeelit ,v pur
I ll isi'd of ,Ios Aidi i Ige.
llveiyliody is invited to panii i ate
in the repu'.liean' hlow-out Saturday
II. I, Ka-tliain has I eon on tin- sick
li.-t the past week, hut is Letter
The Ponaiia was sunk hi low town
suvs that II teti-vear-
ln- I
Ii im1
n prod l,
lie minion-.
I'o'lgll keiii-dy
J' - ,( etel,t. I.y p
cir.-d hv it t' iiii..
llflgl.h..i-,.,f its g.s
i.'ig tie-in totry it
will yield to its oHithir
I'- r sale hv II. ; Canti. l.i ,v (
I t.. a
'pie, W ho i o I, .
their Irion I- and
I 'j'l ilita s aii i; g.
l iie ino-l ,-r,. r,,,
Hl'.'cts :
An a Ii-!.. entitled Mikdointing in tl
koeky .N I - 1 1 1 1 ' . 1 1 r . -' m llaiiier'. M igalm
for NnVern'ier. will - oi I a l!oi! oi p a
lire iIoh n ti,,. ha, k oi the IninCng reader-
"I til it peilod.ral ll. i Mill Id- IS the
.mthor, an I he write- wi'li ail the .-nihu- j
-i.i-m of a siieetful old limit", 1 he j
aiticle, with ii- incidents an I he oitonl !
!.!n-'rat,oii, Id a lit c on ;..i ri n m piece to!
the uiti-lo ,, , "The Woodland .110,011,"
which tilled rill i.ilele-ting pages in a j
recent niimhcr of tl.i- m ig.izni" it is
w'lh i., p f.-. liie.fs of leg,, I that the r";l-'
i"r ieam.- oi the rapidly .pptoaehing ex - '
lemon. ill, 01 of )i,-e in, ,ie, lie e,,.. In,,.. ,
.1. M. HACOX.
m 1.1: -
Wuuls ;iipI StatioiliTV
oltliiioN cn , oi:i:tiii.N
oua 1
, Mi Mil.
:. I , O. 13 '
:v ;:.;! C
: ll Tt t
Tli-' ...
nill'-, v:l ,
till ll. I . '
rnli-O .1 ti..,,,
llllllllll III,. I .
liuri Ii o, ."I
. r i'- f.r vnl-
IV 'l f41ll.
:'i f1'., fi. m ffti t
! h " iiit.t orit.
8 nI for I'atfipltlt t to
HON 13 fdMLDY CO.,
rruvlitiiM-f K. I.
Ak )i,iinl-;,.g,sl '. III NT'S II KM KKV
T ii" mi .1 1. r
if the Ion
II (i
irn : t' f: : t 1101.
tai-m ai.: . i .!., .i.m,'i,
hi4Xt. o.:: n
1:1 r 1 vii hiai, j
roMi'iMrn, Jt.u.i: tiiih I
Instrunlion Coc! i a id Stouli.
Cot&l4e!i.n n,l Trlco i.Ut.i.nii ,ilirtlnu, rut
Chicago. 111.
1 1
The Wi t., .im
old son of A. . I,,,l,ert was enticed ,!, ,inv ,,
awav iromine noine ol Ins yratnl parents
at Milwaukie last. Saturday The hi,v
i- siiptose to he with his mother in port
I i'i I. Th'1 HUpieine court gave l.amliert
tlieciistoly of the ehild ut the termina
lion of the divon e case fioui his wife.
I aulield ,y Co . the d ii.' 'i-iu
de-iie In inioi in their p ilrons that iliev
are agent- ,,r ChamhTlain's Cmigl,,
kelnedy, (lie he-t and mo-t leliahle
, medicine in n-n fur colds, coughs, ami
iciotip No one Hiill'.-iin;; from a throal
r lllnu' llOllhlecall list. Ilwilhollt. henelit. I
It will "lire li He. ere cold in leu li, I
medicine or treatment : 1
is the only known ll.i ailt!
piovei.t croup ,
colds ,
per- j
If people, liouhl
ike A VCl 's ( he V
lo church, tliev will avoid couhin
The Peclorul hooIIioh und heals the hri-
Many persons i ntil , .n-t severe
'liiiiii the early winter month an
,..;i ii ..i
'" o 10 oamron persisieiiiiv nil win
tor: weakeninK the lungK and pavina; tin.
d with colds, wav for catarrh, chioiiic , ,.,,ni.M,,H( r
Pectoral hi'loii'noini.' eoliKiimplion No one can alliinl to pey
lectaeold. A Hiiurle Iniltle of Chaii.l.i.i-
luin'H CoiikIi keinedy will curi! tho most
tilted tisHiieH, and controls all dispoHition j Heverw cold uml eostH hut cU. Foi
to eolith .
jHulo by K. . Cuulleld A ('0.
Guaranteeing More Power, using Lesa
X7nfn Ihnn ...... .at-.,-
ouuui wuii uiuui
VTTL . I i . , . rrx . . ., S . . '
vv liuoi, anu tno omy i ur
bino that will
vork nucicHsfully
undorlligii Heads,
lmtn. TT ,1 . D
uuuci uwua ii wm ti , i
S - "X
( y lir:M ef
. ,1.' . 'W ' ' f
.'...."'..' f I i
' ' ',! V':.ii'
3 TO 300 FEET, fe.
(i) To
m 1 1" Tim i.uini -r si o i k
1 '"' ' -I and el e.,p.
Klin l.t
' '" ""I lllll'lile .11,. ;.,
( oi !l
A" 1 '"" " I lot ol , ,
Hcdncs A Iliii-ninii,
V - I. I
I I l I 1
!, I
11, ill, .
I ol I IV. ,
' I" ...IOI 1 1 i.i
1 1
'I. 1 :i .1. ., ,,,
',. .1,., ,,,
1 ..oi ... ...1.
ri H. Flanagan,
WIKil ISA I II NI l; T.'.ll,
Ml o stoim:-
K ..'.'''vu? ,I,M"11' i"-r sll(, ,.
." " ,"!' I I , 1 . -r -. Ale. It. ,,, ,
"I I I ANMhn,
WiviT". i iK' i-.vr.r,i,
Head of Watar ani Pl sr RcaiVc J,
uii i to liiii niy st,, j ::,:,'( I
' IcILD.
NLW YuilK. I
I . . ' ' -s ' uf M
. i