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WESTON, OREGON. rillVl.Y. MAY 13. 1021
Dandelions I
Lumen Kanford Wood, civil
VIsId Pxnapfarl fa Ra Nina Par veteran and fur fifty year a
r , , .
Cent Gruter Thin In
Waahlnston. Th w)ntr wheat
ftp forecast at l,04HI,A00 buehels
era thin etlmsled month ago, Ih
total production being estimated at etuck
dent of Weston, passed away at six
o'clock Tuesday morning, May 10, at
hi late home on north Water atrcet,
a fur a lunir illness. Ilu ' we 8U
years, right month and ''& daya old.
Mr, Wuod wan born August 17,
1H;J7, in Chary, Clinton county, New
York, and hm of English and Irish
Hi' spent his early boyhood
III.XHT.eo bushels by lha department
ef agriculture.
Acreage abandoned during (ho win
tar ls than I per rent of Ida
total area planted lest autumn, nun
pared with an average abandonment
of It par cant during the lt ten
In New York, Iowa and Minnesota,
and saw much service during the
civil war a a member of tho Hmt
Minneaota Volunteer, lie v. an with
this celebrated fighting regiment
three year, taking part In many
Dattlea and skirmishes, and at the
cxpiiatiun of hia drat enlistment rc-
Th rrnn ihi. ..r I. almost oar enlisted. In thu Flnit Minnesota Heavy
cant larger Ih.n I.. I year, whlla lha Artillery. Ik served with tho latter lo ha harvested U It per cant "ganlxatlun until tho rloae of tho
more than la.t year. WM
Th area to b harvested, la about "," """'''
MM.000 arraa or ft par rant lia
'"-' "
rrnin rirnnntl miw if iimiiap iiim nai m
n artuAi tuiiiun juli is HUuot fI UtLAT f V
Wcdncaday aveninc th city coun-
eil pasad an ordinance rrferrin flvt MeatUre EXDWted 10 Remllfl
charter amendmenta to tha paople, to .... - , ... ,
nun r oreign Aniirs com-
than tha aeraaia plintad laat autumn
ad arraa or S I par cant mora
than tha arreaie barvaatad laat yaar.
Aniunir the cnifrement in which Er CD Q rA
the departed veteran participated
were Dull Run, Hull' Bluff. Siege of
Yorktown, Flint
ba voted upon at a apecial election to
tb be held at tha council room a Fri
day, July IS. The action taken waa
unanimoui, with Mayor J of tea presid
ing and all the councilrnen present.
Tho proposed ameno'menta are:
First Making the charter conform
to the state law with regard to the
U nns of city officers.
Second Making the charter con
form Ui state law with regard to the
time and manner of holding elections.
Third Raising the tax limitation
to US mills on the dollar.
Fourth Raising the indebtedness
limit for general purposes to $35,
00. Raiding the indebtedness limit
for special purposes to (50,000.
Fifth Muking certain provision
fvr improvement of street and aide-
walks and for construction of aewera
mlttee For t Month.
F" R THE HIL I " "' w.age system.
, These amendments
I Hill, AnltcUm, .... ..i.ii ',.. , n ii..,i . .,. i, m n,.r coni
The May first condition fa Indicative tkkHbur .Uy,bur' Athena won from Touchet Sunday on Woodward, Mrs. M. L. Watt, and trib.ution
Joe UanisUT waa in the city from solo by Mrs. Stone. Mr. Foss and
Stanncld, yesterday. ' rs. Reeder were hostesses, serving a
will be pub
lished in the Leader, and also printed
in a convenient form for general dis-
af a yield of approximately 113 bu
anela an acre, assuming average vari
ations to prevail throughout tha re
mainder of the season.
though often in the thick of the fight
ing with his Minnesota comrade, he
Arrangements have been con urn-
Washington. IX O-Aaaouaeeaeat
of President Harding''
have American rrpreeeataUvea oa taa
supreme council, . the eonfereac ef
anbassadors and the reparatlooa eara
mission wss followed by IntimaUena
from house repnbllcaa leader that ae
tlon oa the Knox peace resolution
might be deferred nntll the larger
economle and other problem an
House leader generally ald tha
measure would remala wttb the for
eign affairs committee for a month,
perhaps, or certainly antlt tha Eure
peaa situation had cleared. '
Prrsldent Harding accepted the la-
vltatlon of the allied supreme couacil
that the United Bute be represented
at the meeting of that body as welt'
as those of the conference of ambassa
dor and the reparation commlastoa.
Georre Harvey, aewly appointed
mated for financing the proposed ambassador to Great Britain, will sit
street improvements in Weston on a with the supreme cooacil sad "take
escaped without a wound of any sort. c u 'McFwldt.n .ltcnde, th, 4atntr Mon tt tabic cenUred that should be aatUfactory to part a. the representative of the pre!-
IIMI VI Ml IHO VtWHi la. II la . . . . W iae WV ea)rvBe.a vwtiaiviw.i aw "viv uvi,ia
ThU wouI4 indicate a toUl produo- co,V',M ".. bo,,p1 vention of druggist, in Seattle thi. with magenta bird bill, and feathery th taxpayer.
.. . . .k Im ,ur l,m wscuse or uiness. un . .
tlon I I par cent more than In 1120.
1J.7 per cent lea. than la till, and
114 per cent more than la Ilia.
the second day at Gettysburg, the
First Minnesota was ordered by Gen
eral Hancock to check the confeder
ate advance, and in its desperate
charge lout 82 percent in killed and
woundrd, with none
was the highest loss on record us
tained by any northern regiment in
any battle. Mr. Wood was on de-
t ached service at Gettysburg with
Oppelo, Upper Blleeta. Insurgent Cushing'a battery, which also made a
Polish forcee have crossed lha Oder record losa in men and horses. He
and raptured th town of Kosel after 'was a grandson of a soldier of the
week. fern.
lioone Wataon, old time democrat- Athena High School Commencement jjr- anj jir4- farl McConnell and
ic war horse, was in the city one day Week will begin next Sunday at children and Mr. and Mrs. John Ban
this week from Thorn Hollow.1 11:15 a. m. In the Christian church, jBter jr- amj daughter, of Helix, were
Miss Fay Mulr of Portland Is visit- when Rev. Bollen of Walla Walla, jsnn o.,P.t, sUnd,-,'.t th- h0m r
inir mt tha homes of Mrs. Charlca Dud- will deliver the Baccalaureate sermon, u. i u - r-
nnssinir This ... . . .... . . Ml' v. id.
I.J BIN ,.... - .v-iw.w.. "... ... ' v ii.i.iv ' m
bard fighting.
The population la fleeing in panic.
Tho French control officer took
refuge In the Koiel barracks and th
polea opened fire on him there, ac
. cording to Interallied eommlaslon re
ports. Numerous essusJtle are reported ta
have occurred at th Krandrxln rail
th aermao. after three day' con
tinuous fighting.
Italian troops declare that they have
loat severely la lha fighting with
Polish Insurgenta and appear to be
greatly Incensed.
They are declared lo have shown
unkindnass toward Polish prisoner.
War of tho Revolution, heuben Wood,
who fought with Stark at Benning
ton. One of hi sons, A. L. Wood, is
a Philippine war veteran. Another,
t. L. Wood, was with the colors dur
Miss Iris Lowthcr, music teacher, Union service, all the minister in the
ha been confined to her home thi city participating. Rev. Russell will
week, as the result of having a sever be in charge, assisted by Rev. Low-
rase of chirkenpox. " ther and Rev. Johnson. The assoesrr of Uie county est!
Scott Fiaher will leave tomorrow for j Plan for the organization of a mtes that If all the old soldiers or
Clayton, Idaho, where he will visit a cemetery Association, have proceeded wdovt ta that C0Unty tske th
brother and probably b employed for far enough to receive the sanction of exemption a reduction of $100,000 In
a time at hia trade. the three lodge now having juris- the Mgessed valuation will be the re
Mrs. William Rice is recovering diction of the Athena cemetery. The uu
from her recent operation in a Spo- lodges are ready --to transfer
ineir n-h Tilth innlturura mil 1rr oitln.
kane hospital, and it is hoped will ba property right in tho present cem- hr, nf ennj.' h r-h.-.
"" WW UU1- . . - . . 1. ,!,!. V " -"
ing the recent great war-trvlng. 0, mu nonw uno u"7 "7? 7 B.u LI . . f PB held Saturday under the
however, in China. t v , , , , P" t tariri place, nnder con- awplMt of th9 0regon Pl0Deer atso.
Miss France. C. Unsdale became C' McFadden U Improving h.a trol and supervision of the . as.oc.tion claUon ud the 0r Hi.torical o-
the bridu of Luman S. Wood in Wa- c?tuP on H" W,th Cy ,r 5T ,ke,P,'nf th mCqWn' or
ient of tha United fiute. la the delib
eration.'' of that body.
Representation at tha conference
of ambassadors la Pari, and the re
parations commission will be unof
ficial. Th ambassador to France wui
be the observer on the former and
Roland W. Boyden will sit la anofftciai
capacity on the latter.
Ambassador Harvey will ba era
powered to take part la th supreme,
council's deliberation and. H It is
derstood. will have authority to in
itiate such discussion as the president
may direct
HI. status thus will be different
from that of Mr. Wallace and Mr.
Boyden, who will act aa observers.
atatlon. whan tha Pol, drova out county, Minnesota. May 0, 8ll'!il,lpTu
They were the parent, of five' . Mrs. Dor. Hall, ai.ter of Bert Logs
nient of additional land.
Two Clean-up Days.
The Branch Line club of Enterprise
recently purchased a ISO acre tract of
Oil CGOii.
L . . . I I . mtt .M.nnii Hau. m t n . nn ul In. a . I.a
n.L . I. f . .... fl 1., n. . .1.... nM 1 S.. liu.
lha xi.L.u. k... . ine lunerai iook niace yeairua. im cup us mc omiyuiuru ivi nuic
Clark Wil'r w..tnn. M w.rn deceased leave, her husband, five na. One by the Civic club, when on
KMlTwyT' :'. by will revive undivided. ttention of the
pha L Wood ForJ' for hi fthers new home In entire populace armed with rake, hoe
, m' w i .i... the suburbs of Salem. He will re- and shovel. For this occasion, the
... . . " -.. .. v . vi'f V. V' I - . . It" . ... .
Hiorca ana ouNincss nouses wiu remain
some very closed from 10 a. m., to 1 o'clock p.
his homo ni. and at noon a regular picnic din-
premises on South Third street, in mr will be enjoyed by the workers.
the erection of a poultry house, on a For a general cleanup of the alleys,
pretentious scale, indicating a )kt- streets and vacant lots of the city,
mnnent venture into that businew. Mayor Barrett has set aside Wednes
Mrs. William Winshin and daugh- day, May 2S. The city authorities
Say Solicitor General. i.tmiUn ..i r.,.ri .i r. ters, Mildml and Audra, will leave will be assisted m conducting the
Washington. Th casa of Henry lliany aUCCMI,jv. tunns In recent Athena immediately after school for cleanup by the Civic club and next
ineir new nome near onicm. ex i in. mu muu wwm
Hopper and Wa mother, Mrs. Hopper, noucement of organization for the
who generally have bean handed over I1'""'" by mule team in 1871 and lo- tur" u 'nddinir
to lb. Italian, by their German cap- "'I. ''' Xh Wc"ton ""S' ' HUtZ , M In nrovenfon . tri
' which deceased had since been a rvs- ,"b','"ti Iniprovcmenta to
ideiit. He at first engaged in farm-
crrnun tdiii rnr 11 ccdc in n,ul 'M m, of tho rit set-
dtbunu IMIAL run ALDCnS tvra Weston mountnin. He was
appointed postmaster of Weston in
1878, during President 1 In yen" admin
Cenfseelon ef Error Doe not Acquit,
Alber. a native of Germany, convict- ill health comnelled his retire-
aa in portiana, or., or naving vioiatea ,cllt from ,ctJvJ ifCj j0 w onc
th esDlonsc ct. hts not been closed ..f h.. .....n.hM r u,-........ will reside In the Winshin residence nayaworg.
through tha recent confession of error Lwlgo No. 05, F. & A. M and on f tollcK strccte. Grocery Store Burglarized,
entered In tha aupreme court by tb nerved a number of uccessive'ycar. Thu Athena town team will play the By smashing in the glass of the
government, Bollcltor General Ftler as its worshipful master. Ho was a Milton-Freewatcr team on the home front door entrance to the Pure Food
.on declared lo a ttemnt. but ha. kindly man, a devoted husband and K"um1 Sunday. Tho game will be Grocery Store, some time Inst night
been "merely remanded to the dlstrlet father, a good neighbor and a wor- "in at 2;30' From the showinK that or early this morning, entrance was
eourt for a new trial." thv nnriirht rlri.n was made by the team in the Touch- ninac oy a ourgiar v. no rmea me uu
used as a camping ground for local
and visiting member of the Elk
A suit to test the constitutionality of
the law which prohibits tho catching
of salmon and other food fish by troll
ing off the coast of Oregon In May
and June was filed In the circuit court
at Astoria. ,
A deal haa been closed whereby the
Great Northern Steamship company
sold to the Spokane, Portland A Se
attle Railway company the steamship
terminals at Flavel for a considera
tion of $162,000.
Governor Olcott ha. announced that
he would appoint Frank S. Word of
Portland as -a member of the state
board of pharmacy to succeed Clyde
G: Huntley of Oregon City, when the
latler's term expires May 20.
Plans are now under way for another
bis hotel to be constructed on the
Columbia river highway nesr Dodson,
w . u, ,,.-.. - T" . about 35 miles east of Portlan,!. Kf-
The uprma court ordered Judg- Impressive funeral .ervice. were team last Sunday, a large crowd is regmer or .id, cnange ,
Yviiii-ii i inn ucvii icii, uvcr irviu j-eswrr-
Nothing else waa taken so far u """"'r. 1 nomesne,
Pari.. The United Statea Monday
formally resumed her place en the In
terallied council of ambassadors. Act
ing upon Instruction, from the state
department at Washington, Hugh
' Wallace, the ambassador, attended a
meeting of the ambassadorial council.
The American ambassador waa
warmly welcomed at th foreign of
fice, where the council happened to
be meeting, and was given a aeat at
the right of Jules rambon of Franc,
the president of the council.
The problem of Tpper Silesia waa
the subject of the deliberation, of tha
council Monday forenoon.
; The council made formal re truest ta
Poland to use all possible measure, ta
calm the Polish population In. Upper
Silesia. A communication wis seat to
the interallied commission la Upper
Silesia asking it to Issue a formal
statement to the Polish people denying
that any formal decision has beem
taken upon the partition of Upper
Silesia as a result of the recent plebiscite.
The Postal Telegraph compauy has ; EVADERS TO BE RECORDED
a force of men at Astoria making ar- , ',. ,,
lent ravaraail. Tha anvarnment'a an. hi.l.l UW.rln f...-,.. ,..., eXDCCted to attend the BCSSlon With
- - ' " - . Ml 11VIH- - ,
Hnti Mr Prlarann avnlalnait- Ml ni-inl hull with k.. T,... A the tHibblO SCratCherS. '
token because the district attorney Loekwood of Pendleton and .ermon Mr- nctt, instructor In Athena discovered by Mr. Stephens, tho pro
. a . a ... - 1I..-U kAnl kan tirif?tOr.
wno prosocuten Aioer iniroaucea . ny ov. w. b. t'nyne of Weston. "'V. TT r;. i i- irVh At Radtke's Donartment Store en. rangeraents for the erecUon of its pro Congressional Publication to Carry tha
tit ttUHingt tarnivi aatiativ l ClCQ tO A 1)0811101 III A-inCOila illKll I i i a. a . .
meat he w. alleged to have made male quartette, and the floral trib- l'ho". land. . trance was attempted at the rear of
in isis ..ri iis. h.rA th. iTnit. ut... .,,, Auto tourisU are beginning to the building, but the iron- window
m.i.. h. w.r il u.. in M.nni ,t- i take advantage of the camping privi- shutters could not be opened, though
nan m wm-i rx nw n mHoumv vviiiVkViJa all III in r ------- m-vm .
t . i i. .1 ,-,k ...i i4 letrea at tha Citv Park. Auto travel is bent iron bar holding one of the
111 l WW VUVUIh VV IflV iTJVUIIW IliU awvws Messivv w rim VHV OUIVIIIII llbCtl VA " " ' t .1 . . , .
eighth. It had been held that the ad- that order. G. A. R. member, from beginning later thi. season than last shutters In place waa bent In the at-
, mission of such evidence rendered th Milton and We.ton attended a a '" to the backward aprlng. tempt to pry 'the window open,
trial unfair and w.. a reversible guard of honor. Mrs. Susie Gcrking. well known Standard Oil Distillate.
error, th. .tat.ment said. -- - haw and sisterinlaw of Mn, Ann Tay- J ' 20,000 gal on. of d.s-
, j.,,... ....... ...... . ..... ior. waa seriously hurt in an automo- "late will be received at the local
. ... .7 ve"1 101 bile accident las week while visiting P-nt of the Standard Oil company
posed new line between there and
Portland. Work on the construction
will be commenced within a tew days.
A larger and better, plant will re
place the creamery of the Albany
Creamery association, which burned
last Sunday morning. While no final
plans have been made the director,
of the association have decided to re
build. The Marlon county court has paid
to W. J. Herwig. secretary of the Ore-
1.1 A . r. - -1 ... J . 1. . 1. . . . I 1 x .
, nsman v-n.rg.. .- " www was 1.. wowiera way enter. , nenP,Echo Her arm was " by July. 60.000 gallons will bo in
Waahlngton. - Characterising tainmcnt and luncheon sponsored by WJi? stock. Distilate has not been obtain.
-rot" the char,., m.d. by three lu Saturday Afternoon club May 7 jXrfcsTheTtbTc b' Standard Oil company. K Anti-Saloon league. 996. covering
; Haitian delegates In a memorial to th In Memorial hull. A profusion of " .Tin. 8 . ..U . 0 e r.,r om tin,-. ,h ,rarf. i ' compensation and expenses of onera-
Whit. House, stat. department and purple and white lilac, and whito B V aato CraM Mr Rowing was done by many tractor
eongres. protesting .gainst American narcissus made the scene of festiv- JfuXyn owners on gasoline at the advanced
occupation of Haiti, Secretary Denby itie. most attractive. About twenty- nu "re. iorge inompson will wave
declared that the navy department w.l- five elderly women were guest, of fc"IMtasrJv utmob'le for Albany pnet.
corned any Investigation eongres. the club and enjoyed the opportunity whenl Mt; nf M' "SV1! ' ; Wa'ter Adams Uses Farm House.
eard to make of condition. In that to meet and engage in friendly chat fr"nd 1riso 0f4,d,d Fe""W8 and The farm house on the Walter
Ah interesting; program was pre- , . 7 , '"""''T' Adama place east of Thorn Hollow
entail, after wh eh th. luli... w.n. " ' umwnsvuw
seated at tablea where covera were nd othcr Point in the vey
was destroyed by fire one afternoon
1it wilr. t..-f.t.hf.r wit.h nil it can.
The regular meeUng of the Etude tenU xhe blaie , thoUEht to have
A Lena Tim to Walt ...nfuanr M Inn11lr.1l lha vounc marked bv hand.naintd nlaos rnl
musician, "bow do my composition and , individual nosegay, fashioned c,ub yesterday afternoon at the home 8tartej fron, the alove pipe and
please yor of wnite lilac, and purple pansier of Mrs. W. C. Emmel was ono of made guch ra,,i(1 progress that noth-
"Why. I think." responded Ihe older surrounded by a lace paper frill. A marked Pie"" Pnt to the 20 ing couW gaved except out.
mnn. "that they m.y frhnps be played two course luncheon of appetising member" who were Paeni- The buildings. The loss to Mr. Adams is
w hen Mor.Hrt. Haydn. Mendelssohn .nd dintio. . .opve., hv plllh mmh. room, were graced with wild flower. ...timated at 11000. N. B. Foster.
Mererberr hnre been forgottnn. M Ml.n.M w.u U-.n. k. and .prays from the honeysuckle tree nnrh.m Poster and Tom E..lPtnn. .
1. : . ... ". m.. p p i.i .k - - ... , ,umilus
"llenlly?" exclaimed the young mum
Cinn In ecstasy,
ing tho oldest mother present, ro- Mr' P". E' RuMc11 ,cd the program, who were employed on the place,
tlves of that organlxation In conduct
ing liquor raids In the vicinity of
Salem. .
Elimination of the high ' t.restle on
the Oswego-Southern Pacific electric
line near Portland has been decided
upon by the driving of a tunnel
through Elk Rock for a distance of
1400 feet. Bida will be. asked within
30 days and it is hoped to complete
the project next fall.
Mining men of Homestead are tak
ing great interest in the development
at the Red Ledge mine, 20 miles down
the Snake river. A company has been
diamond drills on the prop-
Names of Slacker.
Washington, D. C. The war depart
ment slacker liBts, aa issued from time
to time, will be published In the Con
gressional Record. Hequeet for such
publication was made la the house by
Representative Johnson, republican,
South Dakota, a former service man,
and there was no objection.
Mr. Johnson said that in hi. opinion,
publication of the lists In the Con
gressional Record would make of them
privileged documents and relieve news,
papers or any liability at law la th
event that name, appeared rroneou
."Lr nr till then" t celvl Pttcd P'nt uvenir the Bul? '" "Sac5fd M"sic'" An lost clothing and .other personal be- ,hat ,hey
"Certainly, but not till then, re- ;... r organ voluntary by Mrs. Stephens. u-i. n,- . 7
marked tbo other. Houston rost .... " "v"".'"" .. .. "?" V worm or
erty for months and it is estimated
have more than 130.000,000
ore blocked out.
Matches In China.
One of the things that practically
everybody In China can afford to buy
Is a match and as the population la
estimated at 400.000,000, the number
of matches consumed reaches a great
volume. Chinese manufacturers have
been making matches for thirty years,
but they hare never made enough fee
their own use so that the deficiency
has been made up by Japanese and
Swedish manufacturers principally.
During the war when the outside sup
ply was cut off the activity of the
Chinese uiatcb-maklng estabUsiunatjt
Incrfiitied considerably as well as th
Import of material for match making,