The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 29, 1921, Image 3

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McDOUGALL Kitchen CaWs
The First Cabinet made The FineM miide. Tint mot convenient
ml substantial Kitchen Cabinet n t' nmrket today.
They nave Time l-nbiir -Steps hii.I Fund . They are
Hriglit Mini IWaullful in the Kitilitu I Irunly unit .Sanitary.
Kcry woman who attend the IU iiioimtration will be givrn FKF.K
hrr choice of an Aluniinuni Mixing rMmn, n Hand Painted Plate,
Gift Measuring Pitcher or a ;ia U-itin Julte F.xtrarlor. No
obligation other than a few moments uf your time listening to
dvmonslrator In charge.
ozrarsr si.oo down
putt on' of these nplctiilitl cabinet in YOl'K Kitchen. Ilulance
on ray Mutithly Terms.
Complete Homo Furiiluhiinr Dopurtmcnt Stori1.
"Thr House of Friendly Srrrlr
10-20 AhU'f St.. Wnllu Walla. Wu.shink'ton.
your tfrain, and will give prompt atten
tion to orders for anything in its line.
IliTERNATlOiiAL Stock and Poultry Food
Hay. Rolled Barley, Oats, Wheat and
Millfeeds. Chicken Feeds, includ
ing Corn. Wheat, Scratch Food, Bone,
Shell, Grit, Meat Scraps and Fgg Mash.
J. A. LUMSDEN - - Proprietor
TJho Weston Leader
Sassafras Senna Sarsaparilla
Cascara lanlac
Hypophosphites Peruna S. S. S.
Herbs Roots Barks Teas
Protect vour wifa and family In Tha
llankara Keservc Life Insurance Co.
(jou. House, Weston, Ore.
llcv. A. J. Manner hua returned
from a three weeks viait with hia
parents at Kosvburg, ami will conduct
next Hunday'a service at the M. E.
( hurrh, South.
Mr. and Mra. J. M. Danitter and
Mra. I.. It. Van Wink la went to Pen
tllvton yesterday afternoon on mo
toring trip.
J. A. Murray, iliatrlct manager of
tlia Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Co., waa In town from Pendleton
Tuesday, visiting the local exchange.
' Haymond Anderson entertained
member of the M. E. Sunday achool,
at hi home last Friday evening.
Mui : and a aplendid program of game
afforded an evening of rare pleasure
for the lad liaring in the hoapitality
offered. Kcfreahmcn'a, inviting in
appearance and satisfying keen ap
petite, were the culminating feature
of a happy occasion. The guest liat
Included; tirant Key, Arthur Slarmer,
Edward and Fred Haas, Ordell Pedcr
auii, Krnvat llun'cr, Clarence McGib
bon. Merman and Harold Lumsdcn,
Harold Huston, Raymond Anderton,
and George Winn, teacher of the claaa.
In a message to Weston friends,
Mm. F. I. Watt reports that tbo
tliN'tor and herself are enjoying good
visits with old-time friend in Coeur
d'AU'iie and Spokane. They plan U
atop a few day with their aim
Worth, a student at Washington
Slate College, on their way home.
A. J. Procbstel came up from Port
land Sumiay to viait bin father, cx
Semitor Procbstel, whom- prolonged
illness ban a critical stage.
Charles Dixon ha gone to the home
of an uncle near Redmond, Calif., with
whom he haa employment.
Mr. and Mm. II. A. Dowd of Walla
Walla are viaiting at tho home of
Mra. Dowd'a parent in thi city.
Mra. W. E. Driskcll has been re
moved to College Place aanatarium t
Walla Walla, where an operation will
BUY HERE and assure yourself of
the market price. The market has
been declining and we have been giv
ing our customers the Benefit of the
decline. We are one Firm that has
the Business Ability, Integrity and
Honesty to give you the benefit of the
Best Price ALWAYS.
be performed today by Dr. Ingram ggHgMflBl
for the removal of gall atone. Mra. '
Dri.kell i attended there by her chil- Mi. Ruby Price; treasurer. Mr.. T V UP CR AnDOU .flMINfi ... P01" ,n "e ... . , Z
drn. who together with her many Jo-ph Wurur; reporter, Mr.. H. " '' ure jn.ur.nce ut.ii re ox
friend, are hopeful of her restoration Goodwin. Mm. L. I. O'Harra was re- your mhentance Ux. Geo. Howe,
to health. ceived into memberhip. The SUte Meeting la for Purpose of Making agent.
Jack Calder ha. received a me.aage Federation of Women's Club, will Adjustment In Regard U Bonus. . j
....,n..n h death of his mother, hold its annual gathering in Pcndle- Insurance. Disability Claims, Etc ;
Mrs. Emily Robertson Calder. at her ton May 31. June 1 and 2. Delegate.
home In Hamilton. Ontario. Canada, chosen to attend as representatives The .FyinK Squdron" sent out by
Mr. Calder was C4 years old and is of the local organization arc: Mes- th(. ervioe department of the Amer
surrived by her husband, four daught-j dnmes J. A. Lumsdcn and M. Walter u.Ki(,n wiu in Milton Fri
ers and one aon. ! Pcdcrsen; alternates, Memlames W.S. (Jay afUini00llj uy 6, to confer with
Violet Irene Couch. 10 year. old. Trice and C. E. Fisk. a cx.8er,.ic0 mcn.
died Friday May 22 at Walla Walla for tho yar won? eiissel, Thc gquadron is coniposed of officers
soon after being conveyed to the ' d it was decided to permlue in po- of tho army ublic health servit
hospital from the home of her grand- "d noniie problems of the nayy unJ m8rine corps and they aPe
parents Rev. ami Mrs. W. R. Storms, 4y. Following the business session, empowcped t0 give information and
in this c ity. The little one had been a delightful May-bssket luncheon was M jn g;Ulin(t cIaims against the
ill f..r three weeks from an ailment rvcd by Meslnmes Uon Lundell and K0VeJ.nment. This mecting is for thc
which wus finally pronounced to be A- G" . . , purpose of making adjustments in
sleeping sickness. Thc funeral ser- The Child Welfare conference to Kgui to insuranCe, ,iisabil-
vices were held Mondav in Walla be held here May J and 4 promises Uy c)ainlg( mctials and any matter
Wall.. The sermon was by Rev. Dr.! be n event of unusual interest whk.h i8 not ck,ar to any fornlcr
Bolan snd girls from thc respective Lectures on nutrition will be deliv- sailor or marine-
Baptist -Sunday schools of Wallula by Miss Une an .expert from Athena.Weston Pogt of the Amer
ond Weston officiated as acting and A. C. Mrs. L. I. 0 Harra .s in ican Lcon will be guests of the Mil
honorary pall bearers. Violot was the f nro.ect. and all en- ton Pojit that cvcllintJ. Alt ex.str.
Mrs. A. P. " ,,,u "'" - ... . vice men arc requested to tKe aa-
s to thank namva date. Motners resiu.nsr in vanta(re of this opportunity to set-
claugnier oi wr. ami
friends for their' Aural offering, and Weaton and surrounding country are Ue thoir c,aim8 against govtnl.
the kindnesses extended. , 7 7 VZa ment.
. . , , ... of the instruction offered.
L. I. 0 Harra, local produce buyer, i . . .
reports considerable activity at the M. Julia B.lyeu of Scio grand Bud aU has turned from
freight depot. A few days ago sev- he , pyth'" wtrhood, Touchet. and took a workout yester-
eral cars of wheat, potatoes and made an official visit to Mephan.e day on thc local baseball diamond,
brick were being loaded for shipment Temple No. 64. last Thursday even-
to outside points. At the same time " ""s1" ". r. .
a car of distillate was being deliv- by the local temple .and an
cred to consumers in tha community J "K"--"
in quantities .cording to previous contributed to the pleasure of the
. .,.,, occasion. During the closing hour
an excellent collation satisfied re
sponsive appetites.
E. E. FauRt, well known mountain
No cigarette h
the same delicious
flavor as Lucky
Strike. Because
Lucky Strike Is the
toasted cigarette.
One of thc most beautifully ap
pointed entertainments of the social
H. GOODWIN, Druggist
season was tne miaeeiwneou. fa .g drv, a studebaker six
given Monday evening by Stephanie ... . . p . .,;,..
1- t " .,.. ...
lcmpie, ryininn iiisiers, in iivmu
of Miss Ruby Price and Lyle Webb,
01 mlSS ivuoy rn. i ..u x..e ctur ..0ut8jde t
whose marriage will be solemn.fed f(,,turinK Prisdlla Dcan, fl
Manager Barnes has booked that
the Law,"
or May 21
nt Memorial hall.
M. Nettleship,
merchandise and
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in thc Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
Mav 1st. The temple hall was a
veritable bower of spring flowers, a
canopy of 'apple blossoms having of Wa w
been arranged over the center of the . . , . . iVina. tnr
room. At . given signal, . mass of j eaf to Ho offered
fragrant pink and white peUls came P f o b He
nuuenng oowt. enve,uou.B .c Postmaster Van Winkle to
nlimented young people. A search .... . . . ....
for hidden treasures was then insti
tuted, with the result that the be
trothed couple discovered many gen
erous gifts for use in the new horn
to be established. A program of
music and games afforded diverting
entertainment. Young men of the
order presented Mr. Webb with a
handsomo electric reading lamp.
The bride elect received from her
lodge sisters a cut-glass rose bowl,
consult with growers in his behalf.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Adkins have
moved to the M. W. Hansell farm
west of town.
Earl Barnctt was a visitor in Wes
ton Sunday from the Butter creek
country. 11c is employed as time
clerk down there with a county road
working outfit.
John Banister jr. and family were
viBiting in Weston Saturday and
ioikc s.erS . . "V " Sunday from their Helix farm,
with mirror reflector. At midnight
Stopped Leak With Uis Body.
Thc story of the Dutch lad who
a delicious two. course supper was
the final feature of a most delight
ful affair.
Mrs. C. E. Fisk extended pleasing stopped a leak in the dike by hold
hospitality April 23 when she enter- ing his hand in the hole all night
tained at her home, members of thc has been outdone by C. A. Chres
Saturday Aftrnoon Club. Nineteen tenson, wntermaster of the Sunny
members were present and participate side, Wash., irrigation district. With
cd in the annual election of officers, his body he checked a bad leak in
which resulted as follows: President, the main Sunnyside canal until his
Mra. J. A. Lumsden; vice president, companions could stem the break
Mrs. Ellsworth Woods; secretary, with earth..
Twenty - Ninth Annual
aT mWlil'll I mIUiaIHIIilirjll li miWI H lll I Hfl ttH inirBBHMBSaBBal
Mia County Pioneers
Weston, Oregon