The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 15, 1921, Image 4

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ES j
old projectile, for Athena ami Geo.
Blomgren for Weston.
Weston fan. M encouraged over
the showing mad, by the team,
rvgular battery, Kennard ami Worn
rren. ami the battinit of thia year'.
I neophyte. Ikanur. Johnson and
SnliiiHT Su dor all loneu promtum
. Edwin Simpson. Orvgon pioneer hfPPr m r r
d one , of the earliest river P,lo Um, hlt!,
on the, Columbia, i. here for a jWt Kirk.
with hi. children and Sndchlldren. "' nlomjtIvn ,nJ
Although nc.nng four scor. year, connected with tho
ten. Mr. Simnson retain, all hi. pr ,u,pWwi.
old-time jauntint... I moment, ami but for inaunplclou
W. It. Case ha. gone to Vain h,vr Morw,
Walla lor a mu -vwr"
i.- hn U health In
i-peetor there. From Walla Walla he
will go to the mountain fann to
.lurinir the .ummer.
now. w
away the game.
rw-ii . th menace to health
Scott Banister, caused hv o vault closet, the
around these part. rm' Council of the City of
Ready.- hV,nlU ' "'V.K-h Weston wSah to call thU matter to
tcm of Plownw on h, hc I rKh cthwM , w.
JVWtVrJXtton g.n" 1 thi. be considered by all. -
chained three hirec;b"ttoni ' UUy whr making new improve-
plows toother and pn, them .th with ,h)j j(K , virw th,t tlw
two down head of torses. m UUr ncr ,hc u ln-.
A policy m the tjon of op,n vault If thi. i.
Uf. ln.ur.nce Cw.ll Ue cm of t w wjU
yur inhentance Ux. Geo. House. fa
"Tchanning .ocial g of nler of the Council.
ISriM Spedal Mctir of Pythian Sisters
Wisconsin, who i a guest in Ten- Mra. Julia Bilycu, the Grand Chief of
dlcton at the home of her sister, Mrs. tne pythian Sisters, will be here Thurc-
Stephcn A. 'Lowell. Spring flower. dy evening, April 21. The member,
were employed in attractive house arc required to put on the work, and it
. . . i A jfolirious - Imi nrenenL
glXj laoic amJi""io. w nm;Njr m
By ordor of M. t C.
Oregon News Notes
throe course menu was serted by the
hostess, assisted by her sister, an.
C. C. Whiteman of Pendleton. During
.1 .rt.mnnn hours music, ncetlle-
fcllV . -
work and conversation afforded I di- ,demlc of inl.p0X I. .weeping
wrting entertainment. Tbow .har- a cM gchoo
ing in the hospitality extended were. Ua on puhc
Mesdames Curtis Stephen A. Low- ,
ell. George Hartman, Norborne Ber- ,ho .ettled In
keley and C C. Wh.tem.n rf Pcnd.e- or , 1M. ,be rWer
. .. i 13 now Imng.
and Mrs. H. uooawin. s t lncreS,e n
"Tex" Barnet i. minus a good T wa a zi p r
u -hl. kicked to " -Meaiora ,Kmu - - kv its team mate,
A child welfare conference will be
held in Weston May 3 and 4 under
the supervision of Mrs. Edith G.
TVauaon nf Ppndleton. assisted
from January 1 to March 31 over the
same period Ust year.
The senjl .nnnal district convention
of the Oddfellow, of Linn nd Benton
counties will be held next Saturday
Van Deusen oi itroimra, . , , .....
-a m o a afternoon and evening at Shedd.
by Mis. wne -"" local" John Bder. who died at CoUage
C Mra. L. I O Harra to tne loca
leader in charge of the project ana - '
wealthiest men In Lane county, hi.
property being valued at I10S.I47.75-
Baker county ha. the largest amount
of land onder Irrigation of any county
In the state. The amount of arid Und
in the county Is placed at 2S4.000
Thrlps. which caused considerable
hu mule with ner.
CbUdren under wrhool age will be
examined by physicians and the
mothers will be given an addrew on
nutrition by Mis. Lane. The con
ference is merely to test the physi
cal condition of children entered.
n Hifttrirt
rarmers ui . .,v.. r' -
unloaded the first of the week a car damage to the prune crop of Oregon a
of gasoline shipped irom w year, ajo, nu rrj'r.,
through the county agent. lag to a bulletin ent out by the Ore
W. W. Smith of Walla Walla, gon Grower." Cooperative association,
father of J. V. Smith of Weston and All atate in.tltution., with the execp
well known in this community, ha. oa of the indurtrial .chool for girls
gone back to his old home in Missou- Mfl blind school, reached their
ri on t visit. ' peak population, last month, accord
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Larson and lng t0 re ports to the state board of
daughter were over from Walla Wal- control
la Sunday, visiting at the DeGraw cbarle. H. WhiUnore, member of the
A Landslide of Bargains
OUR prices are absolutely rock bottom. All merchan
dise reduced to prices about one-half its value some
goods for less than one-fifth; others for a trifle more than
one-half. There's a reason: We must have money. That
is why we are selling seasonable, clean goods at less than
they can be bought at wholesale prices. This is the last
call for cash. We need the money and need it now. That
is why prices are cut to the limit. So better buy now; for
prices will never be cheaper in this nor any other sale.
Weston Mercantile Co.
r 1
Mrs. H. March wa. in the city
Saturday from Freewater, visiting
relative, and friends.
The following figure, on oils
quoted to F. G. Lucas by a Spokane
house are of interest to Umatilla fof m, approlimateiy 19 real
county farmers: Gasoline 17 1-Z ,. ODeratoriraccording to a report
centa, kerosene 7 1-2 cents andjiis- ed by 0 B jobnBOD, jn chrKe
tilUte 6 1-2 cent, per gallon f. o b. j u department 0f the
Electra. Texas, m car lots. The . . ,..,
" . .. .. n . t. trmVit aiaie insurance cuuiuniuu
Treigni raie irom Mtvu w
atate highway department, announces
that the state will have a sufficient
amount of money this year to match
the countle. dollar for dollar on mar
ket road..
There have been registered In Ore-
la county points is 10 3-7 cents per
gallon. '
Belief is expressed in Marshneid
that a revival of the lumber Industry
will cause the reopening of mills so
that mnDloves will escape low wage
A J IIO 1 ' i" ' -' ...... - -
MEET IN A PKACTICE GAME levels. The Four h scale of I t 60 for
, unskilled lanor is generally id t:iit-
In a loosely-played pre-season
practice gume, characterized by fre
quent and lusty clouting, Athena
took Weston intp camp on the Ath
ena grounds Sunday, score 14 to 13.
Weston led until the last canto,
when Athena put over the winning
runs with only one man down.
Athena worked four twirler. and
UVaton three one of them, Ken-
nard, both to open and close the dia
Chief Forester Greeley has advised
Senator McNary that the forest serv
ice baa set aside $8000 to match a
similar amount to be supplied by Lane
county, to begin work on the Willam
ette highway from Eugene to Klamath
The secretary of Blate has certified
bond, in the amount of $600,000 for
tha Medford irrigation district. These
bonds were authorized by the district
nard, oom w open mm Donas were amnumcu uj in. u. .......
mond matinee. Athena presented gome tme ago, and the money derived
.. .-1 ii t) .... i ... .... .iwl Wtl. - i . t .in I . ....J In pnn.
vv mans, tuuey, umnn' " irom meir bio
aon. Weston trotted out Kennard,ftrucl)on ror,.
mi.rra and Kirknatrick. The lat-
ter's forte is fielding and his spec
ialty is baseball repartee. He "last
ed quick" in the box. It was a re
minder of old times to we those two
veteran moundtfmen, Newt O'Harra
and Percy Wilson, at work again.
O'Harra had the Athena swatsmen
biting at his high ones like bull
trout at a periwinkle, and grinned
ae he mowed 'em down. The score
book credits him with eight strike
outs in the three innings he worked.
All of the slabmen were in pre-
A 10 ner cent wage reduction, be
ginning May 1. 1021. affecting prac
tically all the building trades of Port
land, wa. recommended by an arbi
tration committee representing the
builders, workers and the public, after
ten day. of deliberation.
On the Ochoco irrigation project of
rrlneville Friday was a banner day,
aa It marked the first day that the
water began to pour over the spillway
of the giant Ochoco dam, where the
combined volume of stored up wnter
' AU1 rSETL It? .Z Etot.,. more than half a million cubic
season rerm, .
TTSnrfwS Committee, representing telephone
rtTducfone of Bat of Marion, Linn, Polk and Ben-
SerT" Sl ones which caught him ton counties met In Albany and de-
S on the inou h and laid him low ".oped plans for unit, of action in co-
for a" hour or more. He w car- opting with other end rt-
ried"to Dr. Smith's office, where he fleer, of cities In bringing about a
was finally rerKired to consciousness, rehearing of the telephone rate case
c"ld of Weston sustained a crip- before the pub.ic service comml.s on.
nled ankle in a play at the plate. Any doubt a. to what action will be
Wilbur Fuson received the horse- taken by the Oregon, pub)lc service corn-
mission la reconsideration or tne pa
clfle Telephone A Telegraph company
rata case, was removed when H. P.
Corey, member of tbo commission, mM
ha would join with the other two com
missioner. In granting the petition of
Portland for a rehearing.
' Because the Guarantee Security cor
poration, with headquarter. In Port
land, failed to list with the state cor
poration department United Cigar
Store.. Limited, .tock which It had
offered for sale In Oregon, without
qualifying the aame ender the blua
sky law, T. B. Handlay, corporation
commissioner, baa revoked tha license
of the concern to transact bu.lnes. la
this state.
Despite the fact that electric rail
road, in Oregon ara not on paying
basis, It waa officially announced at
Portland that th. Southern Pacific ha.
ordered and will receive In May, 13.
thoroughly modern, fully equipped red
electric car. for use on It. Portl.nd
Corvalll. system. Th.y probably wilt
be In operation about July 15, accord
ing to J. A. Orm.ndy, assistant general
passenger agent
To rush roaS work and get as much
a. possible under contract early .0
that the Jobs can be In progress thi.
.ummer, the state highway commla
sion baa ordered 126.S mile, of grad
ing, aurfaclng and paving advertise
for April 22. Such Jobs as the .t.ta"
engineering department cannot hV
ready for the April meeting will ba
advertised for May letting. Thi. work
will aggregate in the neighborhood of
$1,500,000. ' '
Department of agriculture figure,
made public rank Oregon third among
the principal wheat-producing .tatei
of the country to the average yield
per acre In 1920. Oregon averaged 29.7
bushels an acre. The Beaver .ttt'.
production was bettered only by Idaho,
with 22.S bushels, and New York wltk
22 bushels. The figures Included th
combined production of both winter
and spring crops. The Oregon total
production for the three year. Jumped
from 15.228.000 bushel. In 1918, to 20,
800,000 bushels in 119, and 22,900,000
In 1920.
Leonard Goodrich, B, waa killed in
stantly at La Grande by the accidental
discharge of a revolver which car
penters had discovered beneath the
floor of an old building used a. an
auto repair shop. Cordon Brans com
picked up the weapon, which wa wrap
ped In paper. Tb. revolver wa. dis
charged while be wa. unrolling the
paper to act what wa. Inside.
W.shlngton. The .upreme court re
fused to review the conviction of Wil
liam D. HayWood and more than
seventy nine other members of the I.
W. W. on charge, of h.vlng conspired
to obstruct the war activities of the
Refusal of th. supreme court to In
terfere eloses the long fight to save
Haywood and his associates from
prison. Only a presidential pardon
can now prevent entering upon
the sentence. Imposed.
The case, war tried before Judg.
Land Is In Chicago and sentence, rang
ing from on. to twenty ye.ra Imposed.
Most of Ibe men were given their
liberty on ball bonds aggregating $800,
000 pending the outcome of th. .p-peals.
Fraud Charged In Cuban Election.
New York. Charges of fraud In th
recent bye-elections In Cuba have been
presented to Secretary of State Hughe
and th. Liberal party I. content to
abide by the st.te department', de
cision., even should they be adverse
to their claims, (Jeneral Joe Miguel
Com, defeated Llberallst cindldata
(or president, said In a statement.
Notice of Filing Final Account.
fa the Count v Court of the Hi a to of
(Jrrgon fM l'matl1la County.
In the Matter of the Eatato uf Zorelda
C. Price, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned have filed their account and
report as administrators of the above
named estate with the Cierk of th
above entitled County Court, which
Court has fixed upon 11 o'clock in tho
forenoon of May 2, 1921, a. the time,
and the County Court room . in the
Courthouse of Umatilla County, Ore
gon, as the place, when and where any
person having any objection or excep
tion to anything in .aid report con
tained or to anything done by the ad
ministrator at any time, may present
the same and will be heard, and when
and where the Court will finally settle
.aid final account.
This notice is published pursuant to
order of the above entitled County
Court mad on March 2Xth, 1!1.
Dated April 1. 1!21.
.Tames li. I'mcK,
Thomas Franklin Trice,
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Phone Main 253 I
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