The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 18, 1921, Image 2

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    OT HEWS NOTES nmucmPi
nr nrurnii iutcdcct
ur ULMLnAL inicncoi
CLARK OUD, I'vkllihti
MRS. K. OOODWIN. AwliUnl tdtler
Principal Events of th Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
xi ,, " 1 oo eoinnum ene, and then l
?1-Xntii;::::::::::::::::;:;:.'.'.".";".' o w th widm .f permuting
Albany' city Jail tat b con
demned as until to houe prisoners.
Bounties tor IS bobcats aad four tor-
vie were
Ths city of Sbertdsa ku complet
4 tht sale of Ill.WO of a treat paving
Sereral caes of smallpoi and
scarlet fevar are under quarantine at
La Grand.
Mia Either Husband, imtructor
in high school, was ill for a few daya
thia week, but haa recovered suffi
ciently ot b at her poat again.
French students are beginning on a
new waiter entitled TAble Con-
Tho Pilot Rock basket ball boy
vnred their defeat here by over- FUDaT. FEB. 1.
Strkll AS1
2 00
tuuato men and a rich nation ia oftou
hated and envied by leaa fortunate
nations. Europe will have to banian
he obaeaaion that tht United Statea
ia rich and generous enough to
flnnnc and restore a war-stricken
world. Slie will have to regain her
and then he will ae
ua to do
- what we loaao to do, in our own
way. Beyond question, the united
Advertising Rate
Diaplay, Regular, per inch 20c sui wll( Muk th, r,,myn,t of ita
Diaplay, Tranaient, per men
Local Reader, per line 10c
1 . t ! , u whelming the Weston five, 3D to 17. ,
paid In Linn count, U.t Rk$ floof c fwt ,hortcr e"hM-,
than the local floor ana tnc ooye irom
hero were hampered by thia differ
ence. The fine aportmanhip of the
Pilot Rock achool o apparent here
wa alao manifested at their own
camp. The Weston visitor were en
tertained by a quartette and numcr-
Wolen. Orfa
The president-elect ha umiuce-
war loan to Kurope a easy a poa-
iblo. Perhaps it may (onto day can
cel aimi of them, llut it generos
ity will not be forced by misguided
March 1st in New York Senator
Chamberlain will be tho guest of
honor at the most noteworthy ban-
tionably had an ear to the ground, quel ever new in m n-. .,
ind it haa been a keenly attentive by the nation a gretet-ln tribute to
ear. Here is hi tentative camnci
Smallpox ha mad Ita appearance oul Mndwlches. Hardly a car ea-
again in Independence, Two bomea are escaped the deep mud on the way over
euareattned. and nearly all had to push a little.
' Alhanv'a third annual automobile Many stayed in Pilot Rock over night.
bow was held Friday tad Saturday Beside the team the following were f Pennsylvania
"slate," a act forth by Mark bum
Secretary of atate Charle Evan
Hughes of New York.
Secretary of the treasury A. W.
hia "distinguished statesmanship.
Our Bob ia apt to And himself stop
ping a bit clumsily in Our lieorge'
Washington snoes.
We do not feel that President Wil
son I to be commiserated upon th
at the armory.
there: Mrs. W. S. Payne, Misses Da-
Oregon City la Industrially prosper- vis and Husbands, George Blomgrcn. of 'M,Mehu8etUt
u. the payrolls now aggregating cloae Rev. M. A. ininney ana wni Attorney general - II
to IKO.OcO a month. Daughtcry of Ohio.
Postmaater general
.f war-John W. Week, .pproachlng severance of hi. .fflrf.1
Staggs. Lowell Duncan was lorced
to return because of car trouble.
The dim rumor that school would
dismiss for the summer vacation on
May 13 was heard with suppress
ed ?) enthusiasm.
The monthly exams were held this
arry M.
Albany's Shrine chib has been roor
gantsed with a membership or SO. E.
D. Cusick Is president
Perry Titus, aged 10, resident of
Clatsop county tor 41 years, is dead
at hi home in Astoria.
During tb month of January, 23 ar
rest, were made In Rosebut and flnea wcckj f0owing c,ose on thc hcel8 of
James Stephens, (0 years old. sn old
resident of Grant county, was found
dead in his bed near Mount Vernon.
The egg market In Salem Friday
reached Its lowest point in seven years.
Eggs sold at IS cent a doten retail.
.Will II. Hays
of Indiana.
Secretary of the navy Frank O.
Lowden of Illinois.
Secretary of the interior Albert
Bacon Fall of New Mexico.
relations with a congress that has
wasted week of ita time upon an
"emergency tariff" bill which it
know he is going to veto.
Voliva, main squeese of Zion, aaya
the sun . is only 32 miles in diameter
and only 3000 miles away. On thia
baaia the "place In the aun" Gcr-
mintf Vtttnlu KMirlflf'iwt ail much to
Secretary of agriculturo-Ilenry U gn wouM dtf,r t 30 Mnt,
Wallace oi lows.
,r-I v U
m f !i
. WlUlam R Tneker, at present county
thc mid-semester tests.
During the recent trip to Pilot
Rock George Blomgren had the team
under wing. He prescribed a diet.
"I'll do thc ordering for you." aid
he. "And don t eat anything else.
Secretary of commerce Herbert
Hoover of California.
Secretary of labor James J. Da
vis. Hays and Daughtcry will manifest
ly be given their s appointments in
payment for services rendered. Hays
managed the
Colonel Bryan demands the reor
ganisation of thc democratic party
but may And it difficult to convince
a disgruntled donkey that His Mas
ters Voice is railing from Nebraska.
Faithfully obeying their esteemed and Daufjhtcry is a practical politic-
appointed county agent for Crook . th -ugtatory iine for fully j'a"
King George declares from the
republican campaign, throne that Ireland haa occaaioned
him much distress. Belike thia is
a - a j amhow MattM Yimm PtsaAtl ....
. r." r ' "T w ne lu0 "ln"n lrum ' ian of the most oracUcal type whose imin.rv n . move to limit the
I fA4iiMsa hfii
oty. half the day. After the long trip the 1 ... ,.
Ths body of Michael Hoff. pioneer bunch foHowej th o. A. C. man into
business man ot Baker, was found In
his woodshed, where be hsd hanged
Fir losses In Portland In 1920 to
taled $1,048,742. according to the an
nual report of Edward Qrenfell. fire
The membership drive recently In
. ... . . . i .
a Pilot Kock resiaurani wnn orwuua
of a real feed.
"Boiled egg and piece of toast for
eight," said Swede. "For myself,;
soud. T-bone steak, coffee and pie."
And only his huge build kept him
from being stabbed with a fork for
his T-bone steak while we pondered
unca have been closely identified jj(trcsa to the Sinn Feiners.
of Mr. Harding. The a
4hopc may be permitted, however, Going out in an airplane and com
augorstod by ths Eugene Country club giumiy over our hen fruit and toast.
baa resulted In 45 new names neing
obtained. , , County Superintendent W. W.
sThe overhead bridge acrosa the (jn visited school this week, mak
Corote cut-off eaat of Boardman on the fa- ,n examination of the work. Mr
Colombia highway haa been thrown Green complimented the students and
open for traffic. teachers.
Nels Nelson, msyor of Carlton and
We are pleased to note that the
members ef the board of education,
visited school the past week.
a long time resident of thst district,
dfed at McMlnnvUle hospital, follow
lag an operation. ; . .
E. W. HcMindes of the State Agri
cultural college extension department
haa been appointed agricultural agent to her duties B, instructor
for Clatsop county. eighth ?rade.
Owing to an epidemic of smallpox,
measles, lnflnensa aad other diseases,
the public schools at Toncalla have Mr. and Mrs. Ross Maloney, accom-
, . a .! a panied by Mrs. Rebecca Culley
;w .v v. . . . i 1. TI'.tl Ctnnli,
A short courso for Commercial club """" w """ " '
Mrs. Fitzpatrick has again returned
in the
.. i.ha. nf Oracon will be- held at from Pendleton,
k nl.r.ltv of Or sron for one week. his oId poatition
beginning March It.
With but E families In the parish,
Catholics of Roy, in Washington coun
ty, are erecting a church edifice at
an expenditure of $35,000.
The night train service on the Coos
Bay line will not be resumed until
weather condition obviate the danger
of trees falling across the track.
Mrs. Martha J. P. Quick, Oregon pio
neer, la dead at Halsey, aged 80. Mrs.
Quick came to Oregon In 1847 and had
lived in Linn county aince 1859.
Worthless checks issued in Bend dur
ing the past six months cost business
men on an average of $100 a month,
District Attorney A. J. Moore stated.
The Corvallts water commission is
Ross has resumed
with the White-
house-Drumheller company,
that he will not carry hi penchant jng back on a burro, Lieutenant Pear
for rewarding hia friends and pun- son is in a position to appreciate the
ishing hi enemies into the chair of full meaning of a descent "from the
the attorney general. sublime to tho ridiculous.
In the nature of party government, 1
some such political awards must be The English lord who whipped four
expected. In tho remainder of his Irishmen in a Portland cell may have
,.m!ntnnl Mr. Hardinr seems to previously stepped a stimulating
have been guided wholly by what he
conceives to be the good of thc na
tion and the desires of the people, in
order to atone if may be for hi two
doubtful selections. Mr. Root is
highly qualified for the leading port
round with John
Portland cellar.
Barleycorn in a
We assume that the width of the
Pacific ocean is just about the dis
tance that Oregon regards as auffl-
JZV: theV. cient to lend enchantment to th. Nip-
can be no objection to Mr. Hughes. Pontte.
Lowden is an able man who will Ot
in anywhere, and what he doesn't
' Every year two billion dollars'
worth of intoxicants goes down the
neck of Merrie England. We'll say
the English swallow is a bird I
In proposing to tax her old maids
and bachelors, New Mexico is in dan
ger of leaving the inference that she
doesn't want a single citizen.
One difference is that Mr. Wilson
has ignored a lot of advice he didn't
seek and Mr. Harding has sought a
lot of advice he will ignore.
know about handling the navy de
partment he will not be slow to
learn. And placing Mr. Hoover in
:he cabinet will be greeted with ap
proval by the people, both republi-
ans and democrats, no matter with
what chagrin this move will be re
vived by certain politicians who
have done their best to prevent such
recognition of Mr. Hoover's great
fl General Wood will not be secre-
t tary of war but he will be governor
'general of the Philippines a post of perchance Mr. Cox, Mr. McAdoo or
j almost equal responsibility and im- ;,ir. Bryan is more willing to lead the
' portance. And our own Senator democratic party than the party is
Chamberlain will be a democratic willing to be led.
member of the shipping board. -
On the whole, as a fellow printer, Germany, which once took dolight
we will be disposed to congratulate in praising her war Bill, now takes
Mr. Harding as pretty fair in "make fright at raising her war bill.
up" if he goes ahead with this list. -
And if he can bring about disarm- Portland Is given occasion for re
ament through his proposed associa- Tvt that slides arc not confined to
tion of nations or otherwise, we will tB baseball grounds.
some day print his picture on our
front page.
nows tti THE
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Repair the Old.
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i: R. L. Reynaud
N MS. t s S
. a ,j
3 Leave orders at resi
dence (Marsh cottage)
south of Weston Mer
cantile. Phone 361.
The situation in Ireland distrcssos
King George which makes it unanimous.
starting proceedings for an election to and Rheumatic Joints that have re- Thc guggeatjon that the United Chiropractic Practitioner,
authorise a bond Issue of 1100,000 with sisted other treatments will quickly sutet cancei the WBr debts due it Vergil W. Neild, eldest son of Mrs.
which to build a new U-lncb pipe line. Improve under the wonderful electric from Europe wouj,j come jn better Delia Winn, formerly of Weston, was
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Woodard have heat of the taste from this side of thc pond. It recently graduated from the Pacific
Just returned to Cottage Grove from a HUMAN BAKE OVEN tor Uncle Sam nd not Europe to School of Chiropractic, and has
transcontinental motor trip of 19,000 ..... .. l... ,h.j say whether and when he deems sucn passed thc state board examination
WHY NOT a course expcaienv. ne uiuvm lor u iikciibc im uoi.ui m
miles, which consumed 19 months snd
20 days.
The supreme court has upheld Cot
poratlon Commissioner Handler in a
suit by a Texas oil syndicate, to force
him to issue it a permit to sell stock
in Oregon. i
P. F. Fisher, on the banks of the
Clackanus near Oregon City, claims Wednesday and Friday.
that M. flock of 180 hens in January GENTLEMAN ATTENDANT
via this n
Lady and Gentleman Attendants
States entered thc world war so soon of Oregon. He has established
as it could with the support of its offices in thc Bush & Lanu building,
people. Granted that w did not win rooms 310-317, Portland.
the war, our allies could not possibly
Fff f ff?fw?fwf f f ff fff fffff
Veterinary Surgeon
l Phone Main 253
produced 3528 eggs, and for the year Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
26,632 egg.
Hugh Boyle, a citizen of Scotland, NOTICE OF FINAL ACCOUNT,
and Pedro Hernandez, a Mexican, in
have won it without our support. We
are able to show a casualty list of
300,000 and a direct money expendi
ture of fifteen billions of dollars.
on Our allies may have saved us from
Teutonic domination, but so likewise
did we save them from Teutonic dom
ination. The peril was mutual, the
cause international, the victory a
Jail at Eugene, are In line for deports- ,n county court of tho Staus of common one. The United States may
tion. Both are charged with robbery Oregon for I'matilla. County. have grown richer by the war, but so
and vagrancy. In the Matter of the Estate of Mary E. did Japan and no demands are made
Following Investigations by a squad English, Deceased. upon Japan. Moreover, England has
of detectives, one of whom was a Notice is hereby civem to all per- gained in commercial and maritime
woman, Wasco county officers have sons whom it may concern that Jacob pre8tig:e and France in coveted tor-
made a round-up of alleged prohlbl- gsh. ffSttM tito "h?ef e "spoils of war"
tion law violators. his final account and report in the ad- the United States has asked no Jot
January wa a hard month on bob- ministration of the estate; that the nor tittle. The position of the Unit
cats in Lane county. Seventeen men County Judge, by order dulv made and ed States is that of a rich man
snd one woman collected bounties on g.ri'day ofVXK at ShThur of whose aid ha. helped to avert a con.
23 bobcat pelts, thr mountain lions, ten o'clock in the forenoon as the time munity disaster, but whose bounty
two coyotes aad one wolf. and the county courthouse at Pendleton afterward withheld is claimed by the
Alvin C. L. Chance, wanted on I " lhe place where all objections and community as a matter of right.
charge of embezzlement of fund, of -gJ, .'ment Paving complaisant he is de-
the Ontario branch of tho Boise Pay- of the estate made. nounced-as Uncle Sam has been de-
atta Lumber company, ws arrested at Dated this the 18th day of February, nounced by the thoughtless in London
Long Beach. Cal., according to word A. D. 1921. Jacob j. EngusH- -a. .. "loan shark." It is the way
. r" efved by Bh.rUf No. of Malheur pETEB80f( Bmor ' th1 TEX- to
countr. rBTBism, , Attorneygfor Admr often hated and envied by less for-
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WESTON ' ' - - ' - ' , - OREGON
c- ,