The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 07, 1921, Image 1

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$ "OVER THE Hllr
Mm. R, C. Prvstbye returned Tues-
lay from a visit with relatives at
?estcFdms" 5 COST OR MARKET
1500 Millions DOCllflt tO 1141 WhiUAsh. Montana
Millions, Sayi Federal
Miss Bertha Murdoch was down
from Twin Falls, Maho, whrrcshe In
teaching in the high school, for her
Mm. E. U. Caton was taken tq Wal
la tha flrat of tho week, for medical
George Winshlp haa resumed Tils
position ai .bookkeeper In tho Firat
National Itank, beginning his duties
Monilsy. George vacated tha place
when ha rnlUtcd in Troon D, and
litre hi rvturn from tha war, lio
ha been living on hla homestead in
Mr. Charlrs Bella i ill and under
tha cara of Dr. Sharp, from tho ef
fects of a malignant carbuncle.
Mi Iltanrhe Swaggart .will begin
a three years course a nuraa at fct.
Wgshlngton. Holdlnga by federal
rHrr bank of pspsr secured by o
ernaisnt war obligation dacllnad from
early I too million at tha open
' lay of lha yr la 1141 mllllnna oa
December II, ld lha annual review
Issusd by lha fadersi rrv board.
At tha and of lha yr, out of a total
of ITIl I mllllnna of discounted bills,
About 41 par cant wa composed of
paper secured by United Bute war
ebltgstlons. acalnat 17 per (ant of a
told of 3131 1 million bald on tha
flrat Trlday of lha yaar. 2 V
Tfea nld reserve, according to tho
review, shows, llttta chsnge at tha Anthonv'n hosbltal In rendleton.
and of tha year, aa compared with tha Mr. Crtnt tr,tbye assisted in
condition II months earlier. Although eotching the girl basket ball team
eenelderable gold w exportsd to al th ,.hoo gyro durng lbo week.
South America and le lha orient early pr, ,ntj Mr. Horace Belknap of
In lha year. II li eiptajned. gold ship- n,,1u,, Maho, vaifod during the hoi
mania from England In anticipation d.y. ,t th W. S. Ferguson home on
of tha maturity of tha Anglo-trench Current street
bonds on October II were reapoolbla Miss Allha Chandler of Sheridan
In a meature for a ubequent reeov. Oregon, has been elected by tha achool
ory, s that on December ! tha board to take tha place in the public
mount waa only 11 million below Khool of Mr. Weaver, resigned,
tha total abown on January I. Richard Wright and family are vie-
Ineraaae la capltalliatlon of ilt- itlng at tha John Wright home In this
I Rg member banka and ccelona of city . This i Kichard'a first visit to
Raw members were reponlbte In part the old home town for a long time,
for an lncrea In lha paid-up capital Attorney Homer L Watt returned
Of the federal reserve banks during kit night from a.vilt to Portland,
tha year from IT.4 to Ml million. Jamc Hndcrun 1 down from
This eorrpondd to an Increase Of Kanton, Alberta, to spend the winter.
The city council held ita Ant meet
ing under the new administration,
Wednesday evening. Nelson IL
Jones, Weston's new mayor, presided.
Considerable business was transacted
and plans relating to various civic
enterprises were discussed. Mayor
Jonea announced the appointment of
committees as follows: . '.
Water II. Goowt. Jt f nnd
w. II. (iould. 7 V J i -1
Street J. Wurzer, ifcu
and L. B. Davis.
Ordinance L. B. Davis.
.Smith and W. II. Gould
Fire end Police Marvin Price, L.
V. Davis and W. II. Could.
Finance and Property E.' M.
.Smith, II. Goodwin and Marvin Price.
Health II. Goodwin, E. M. Smith
mid J. Wurzer.
Civic Pride W. H. Gould, E. M.
Smith and II. Goodwin.
Dr. W. H. McKinney was named
again as health officer. Mrs. Marvin
Price and Mrs. S. J. Culley were ap
pointed on the library board.
Important Concession Is Hide
On Income Tax. "
Wsblnt'on. Merchants aad maa
factor""' adopt "cost or market.
E. M.
over 411 millions in capital tad sur
plus of msmber banks.
Oregon News Notes
Wilbur (Jerking and Elmer Gcrk
ing of Arbon, Maho, vinitcd during
the holidaya with thuir cousins. Miss
Wibiia Harbour and Mrs. Otto V.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Crabill of
etockjneo of Malheur, Orsnt and H0(mni eamt Up yesterday to visit
Harney eountl are already making ,t th, w. J. Crabill homo. They
preparatlona for tho annual meeting wi Hm vjtit at tno homes of Olin
of the Oregon Cattle i Horse Kaisers' McFeron and Ray O llarra.ln Wcs
association, which will be held In Can- i,
oo City May 14 and IS. A couple of photographera from
Approslmately IIT.000,000 wss dl Victoria, II. C, were at the school
bureed through tha Oregon atata da- Ut Wednesdsy and took pictures
partment duf Ing ih year 1910, aa eon of the varlou classes, the boys and
oared with M.eM.Oo In the year 111. girls basket ball teams, the football
according to a report prepared by Sam stpjad and the faculty.
A. Koser, eerretary of state. Miss Ada DvFrevt-c will resuino
There will be an unusually Isrca charge of the local tclcnhono ex
gafbertna of Oreaon newsosner edP change on January 12. Mrs. MC-
tors. publishers and writers at lbs Thcrson, who has been tho efficient :
annual professional conference. Jan and courteous manager, during Miss , nn (o y of o.;Pauline Myrick to
ary 14 and II, at tha university ol DeFreece's absence will Uke a much Portl8nd Business College; Gladys
Oregon school of Journalism. netuM rest .... and Anabcl McLeod to U. of W. and
riant ani specifications for tha pro. nr Payne purchased the house Mr,grs Andrtf Vern Dudu.y
posed 8wamp Irrigation district hava formerly occupied by D. C. Baker on v of Q . Worth Watu t0 w s c
been received at the offlreo of lha atata W'" t,wt' nd wove " J" end Ned Ahrens to U. of W. Miss
engineer. Tha district Is located neat property on the west side. The TM)lmt Krcttcr who was taking a
Enterprise and If created will com- n0UK m course in locial service at Eugene,
ov..w.,, wi Kmuin it nome for tha remaider
of the term.
Clay Jackson Married.
10 H rants are compelling thou-.
saods or men to build, but witn
labor and materials costing
what they do today, a man cannot
afford to build a noose that will
bum down or rot away. In sheer
self defense, be muA build to last
Ho must have a house thst resists
fire and weather, depreciates very
slowly, costs little for upkeep and
Insurance, and never goea out of
This house meeta these exacting
specifications, giro msy dsmsge.
.but cannot destroy It The walla
are of burned clay, face brick on
the outside, common brick or hoi
low tile tor backing; and burned
clay la tbe most fireproof material
known. Tho Inside plaster Is of
gypsum, laid on metal lath; a com
bination tnat by actual test will
bold a hot fire for one solid hour
before letting It get through to the
studding The roo: Is of asphalt
shingles, another barrier to U
Dames Instead of an Invitation to
them. Nothing remains to burn
'but the floors and large timbers
and did yon over bear of a Ore thst
started with these?
As for style, some building ni-
' terlala come aad some go, but brick
goes on forever; and face brick la
tha richest, most varied wall mak
ing stuff In the world.
The plans are worthy ot the con
struction. In front Is a generous
porch, going clear across the
bouse. From tbst, yon enter a ves
tibule and then a haU. flanke by
cost closets and containing tha
stains. On the right Is the living
room, 11 feet by 1. The fireplace
Is on the Inner, wall, where no beat
Is wasted, and one can ait by It
without being In a draft
Back of the living room Is the
dining room, a little more than 11
leet squsre, with a flno .window
group overlooking the garden. The
two rooms are virtually one
Tho kitchen, 1 feet by 13. Is
reached by a cornerwlae route
across a largo pantry. The service
entrance Is at the side, with a ves-"
tibule containing the Ice box.' A
short psssage from the kitchen
leads to the front door.
There are three bedrooms on the
upper floor, two of them lighted
from two sides and one from three,
besides a bsthroom and a big linen
This house can be built at a cost '
t'ot mors than 10 per cent greater
than that of a stmllsr bousa msde
of wood. In Sve years, owing to
the difference In maintenance and
Insurance charges, the-face brick
bouse Is the cheaper ot tho two,
add bss not depreciated at all.
while the frame bouse is material
ly lowered in value. If you want
proof of these statements or sug
gestions on building, write to the
Permanent Building Bureau. In the
Chamber of Commerce, Chicago.
whjr : as a bele for vsi-
all . . a for lilg Income
' U ;) r . ' . regulatlona Issued
ft 'i 1 , Vernal revenue. Tho
i- ' rlde that the dlf-
J t wtbe fall of prices
dW Ing -to year may be deducted la
arriving at the value of stocks J
Secretary Houston and officials ot
the Internal revenue bureau were with
out estimates as to the difference la . jj
revenues which may result from vain
at Ion at "market" rather than "coet." -
The belief was expressed la some ,
quarters thst the difference would rus) ;'
Into many millions oT dollars. Inter- f .
nal revenue bureau officials explained sJ
that the law permits of a choke ot
basla and under present condition-: ...
"market" reflects mora accurately the
state of buslneaa condition. To re
quire Inventories at a cost higher than
"market," It waa added, would be to
put a tax oa Investment rather than
on Income.
Inventories of taxpayera oa what
ever basia taken will he subject to la-
Tha Washington State Supreme Court
Upholds Measure.
Olympla, Wash. By unanimous do-
clalnn the innrpm ronrt nitslniui th
validity of the soldiers' ,nus blIkr'"lwf!f?5S'r"!,l"fTen,le bure a'
passed aa a referendum measure at theTw3' w4-wers muat satisfy
apectsl session of the legislature In fcurtla of tt wrrectaeaa of the
March, 1920, and adopted by vote of pricM dPted.
the people at tha November election.
Aa a result ot the favorable decision
in tho test case brought by the state
board of finance to compel the atato
auditor to issue warrants drawn on the
permanent school fund to purchase
tho $11,000,000 bond issna authorized
by the measufe, the board will bo
calied together at once to complete
details preliminary to actual paymenta
of amounts due to former service men
from this state as provided .by the law.
Movies of "Crooks" Banned
Chicago, 111. Motion pictures por
traying criminals at work have been
barred In Chicago. Chief of Police
Fltzmorrls announced that he hsd la
sued ordera to the city movie censor
not to Issue permits for any photoplay
that ahowed commission of a crime.
O. P. Hoff, auto treasurer, and Got.
oraor Oicott Friday alined atata high
way bonds aggregating $ 1.500,000. I
nance of these bonds waa authorized
at a meeting of the state highway com- ;
mission held last month. Tho bonds
will bear data of January g aad will .
draw 4 1-1 per cent laterest. Sale ot 9
tbo securities has not yet boea nego
tiated. - Creation of a atato hrlgatioa eon- .
mission, with three members having
a salary or $K,000 year each, la
part of a plan to change existing Ir
rigation lawa In tho coming aesatoa of
the legislature. Tho legislator cook
ing from those sections of Oregon
which are directly interested In get
ting water on lands now arid, are tha
movers back of tho proposal
wrlAA ftanrAttlmatfllv SOOA trm.
- - ' - - , . I 1 I . II tit, A .
Tout are ISO empty box cara stored w"" n' ,ye" Vr . '
ik. v.i. ...j. .!.. tiA ,k.. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hodgon
a aa inv ishw f ass vi fjaagvus, svv sat viuvi
polnte on tha eastern Oregon and Bro.
gsn branches, and several thousand at
family have returned from Umapine,,
where on New Years eve the annual
Clay Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
aiding, a.o.,ha main Una. There I. ft n "fi" J "gJ2 Frank Jackson, was united in mar-
ao movement of grain, lumber or wool.
Twenty-four hours' contlnusl rain
held In tho community hall. Sixty-six
members of the family were present,
riage Thursday of last week, to Miss
Stella York of Weston. Tho mar-
tt'ith almttt ftt-vatntv e-uoatii. One hun. ... ...... ...
ta an already watoMoMed soil csus- I"": "T .C-l " .1.. P' wa ine
nrvin smnn Mill LV WI'IB HS-ssLa-ii ass. s,iib
ad largo alldea which blocked both f-Mfc Tho nmion WM hcld durinf
raiiroaa ano wsgon rosos in wncou, the ,ftcrnoon ,nd ,Vening, and danc
county. Three slides are reported oa , ,nd mc, were enJoyed. FIetch
tha raUroad between Toledo and Elk orchc,tr, 0, Pendleton, furnish-
' ed music for the occasion.
Metals valued at approximately $1 Durin(f the pMt fow monlh., Und
SIO.OOO, or about 10 per cent of thst tOTA Frooni. hli m,je extensive im-
of 11, were produced and sold la pavements to his St. Nichols hotel
young couple will reside on the Jack
son place, west of Athena. The
bride ia a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John- York of Weston.
Oregon during the yesr 1M0. accord. property, involving an expenditure of tgintt M claiming a i
f Ing to tha biennial report of tha Or ,pproxlmatoly 3,500. . , lne ofrered by the cit
Citea Clslmsnts to Appear.
The East Oregonian reports that
the city of Pendleton has filed suit
ritv for
gen' bureau ot mines and geology com Th9 dance and car party given on y,e capture 0f Neil Hart, Jim Owens
- 7 . w , . a . ,k Wow ye,r' cve Dy m wv,c c ' ni Jck Rathio, citing them to ap-
Benator Chamberlain underwent the WM mucn 0f , gUccess in ever par- p,,. jn y,, circuit court to thresh
second operation at Emergency hospb ticulaar. Tho opera house was decor- out thejr claims The city offered
tat in Washington, D. C. rrlday. His ,ted In evergreens, and a space rop- 500 for the capture Of Hart and
atteadanta ward optimistic ss to tha ed 0(f (or CRrd tables left ample room $050 each for tho capture of Owens
outcome, expressing the ballet tbst tht for t0 dancers who trippod to inspir- an(j R,thio. The claimanU for the
aanator's recovery would bo early aad ig mMe by tho Athena orcheatra. reward number nearly a score. The
complete. from a cozy corner, ladiea of tho club, county's ahare of the reward is also
NsgotUtlons bsvs been closed la dispensed, toothsome sandwiches -and involved but no suit has been filed.
Portland whereby the Paclflo Sprues coffee to their guests during the eve- -
company taxes over a mmoy mm su nine -
Chopped Hsnd With Ax.
While splitting fire wood at tho
ranch Monday morning, Floyd rink.
and buildings at Toledo, 14 miles ol
railroad and 11.500 acres of timber
land formerly the propsrty ot tha
TJalted States Spruce Produotton cor
poration. Tb price wss glrea out as
Sunnysido Crop Production.
Crops raised' on the" Sunnysido,
Washington, project last year, ac-
rancn Monuay morning, r.oya r.n. J u L u, projcct man.
V'ina vorth 8,330,394. With
back of his left hand with tho ax he , ... ,k.
McCsuslsnd Creditors Meet.
The first meeting of creditors of P.
...r--..t-j .ni u 1..1J wound,
V. iicvauina .win 09 nvm wirawniw
at Tcndleton before Judge Thomas C.
Fitsgerald, referee in bankruptcy.
Mr. McCausland, who has been farm
that valuation the returns per acre
was wielding. While the injury Is
serious, no oaa reSu .re , M on rnment irrl.
pated by Dr. Sharp, who dressed the . ' th.
- Return to College Work.
Athena young people, attending col
lege, and universities have all rcturn-
gation projects. During the year
78,938 acres were cropped.
Large Wheat Sale,
largest individual sale
Ing near Weston for several years, is ed to their .work, after spending the The largest individual sale of
one of tho first Umatilla county Christmaa vacation at their homes wncat in ine inianu empire took
farmers to file pspers in bankruptcy here. Misses Kathren froomo- and place recently at Walla Walla when
slnco the drop In the price of wheat Hazel Sanders to O. A. C; Belle Pam George Drumheller disposed . of 150,.
He gives his liabilities as 18306.49 brun to Whitman; Martha Hutt to 025 bushels to Kcrr-Gifford at 11.45
and hla assets as $2543. He claims Willamette University; Doris Thomp: per bushel, or . approximately $215,
exemption of only $464. aon to St. Helen Hall; Areta Little- 000.
The Telephone Company has asked its patrons in Oregon
to pay more for their telephone service. It has placed the facts
and ngures of the situation before the Public Service Commis
sion for their investigation and verification. The increases will
not amount to much to individual subscribers, but the aggregate
will permit the Company to properly maintain and develop its
service. "
We have shown the Commission that we are operating
at a loss. Our expenses are greater than our earnings. The
owners of the property are receiving nothing from their Ore
gon investment and he interest due on debts which should
properly be-borne by the Oregon properties is not being paid
from Oregon receipts. ,
At the hearing before the Public Service Commission not
a fact or figure presented by the Company was disputed or dis
proved. The only material contention made was that increases
were perhaps inopportune in view of the apparent decline in
general commodity prices.
Salaries and wages make up 72 percent of our current
expenses. We hope they will not Tbe reduced and do not think
they should be.
In the five years 1916-1920 inclusive, we have increased
the wages' of our plant people $307,000.00; our traffic (operat
ing) employees, $681,000.00; commercial employes; $98,000.W)
a total of $1,086,000.00 per annum.
Efficient and contented employees mean good service. It
is their due and our desire that their compensation be equal to
that paid in other lines of business activity.
Adequate service is dependent upon adequate rates.
Vho Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co.