The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 12, 1920, Image 1

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NUMBElf 23 i
Democrats Will Number' 138
While Other Parties Will
Have Four Members.
The second half win M'orvK'M, and
) n-tty (Ik lit Indeed. Frcnchy Laroux
I i. . :'iti" bad ahoulder llc.
t ItU'.l.
Ountauqiia On at Athena
The Chautauqua Ukiii Hi week
program In Athena at tin auditorium
lat iiiicht, with a falr-slxed audience
In attendant. The program es
pecially Interesting and entertaining.
Tonight an especially good number
Naw YorkRepublican vlrtnrloa la ch'J'l,1 tomorrow evening,
three rontroailonal dtstrirtn. two now tw Alexander Trio will be heard In
rpreontd by d-mocrata the flfih on,'rt, one of tho strongest number
Missouri, lib Minnesota and the lid " lho "" program.
The American Red Cross
nr tiv ap 4A nut
deUil. Dr. WatU haa had yeara of AA Ul IX DILL
experience in me treatment or eyea
New York aasured with the receipt
of bolated relurnt, determined cf In
Italy tha lineup of the hoime of rnpro
nlatlvea after March 4 next, accord
ing to unofficial .-.-Ctrnn.
The republlcana will hava 293 rep-
reeentatlvea In the houM to 131 d-nw JUNIOR RED CROSS HELPS
"Life' Balanco Sheet," the big tor
ture of throurc, la on for the
fnuith evening, and tho Chautauqua
clow Tumday night of next week,
with "An Evening in Maoriland."
crate. Tba other four, of the 435 mem
ber, Include one aoelallat, on lode
pendent, one Independent prohibition
lit and one Independent-republican.
Tbe figure reprraent a net gain for
tha republlcana of tl nmibrri and a
loaa to the democrat of t. The pre,
ent eongreaa contain an equal number
of nlacellaneoua member, four, with
111 republican and !0 democrata.
Tb election of H .chard P. Emit,
republican, over Senator Oerkham,
democrat, mad the tenth turnover In
favor of tba republlcana and will give
them tl aeata In the aenate to IT for
tha democrat.
Of tba 14 corneal for aeata In the
adnata republlcana won IS and demo
crata elne. The republlcana circled U
senator to aueeeet republican and 10
la place of democrata. Republican
galna were made In Arltona, Califor
nia. Colorado, Idaho, Maryland. Neva
da, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota
and Kentucky.
Athena Hold I'm ine.
Athena High met Umapin High
again yetrday, thU time on the
neutral grid at Weeton, where the
football battle on a field of mud and
now waa a spectacular and note
worthy feature of Armistice day.
The heavy Urn-pine term wai held to (urge quantltlea
Through the Junior Red Crosa the
school children of thi county have an
Important part In work of tha local
Red Cro chapter. Throughout .the
Northwest ftiool children are taking a
keen Interest In the aetlvltlna In which
they are engaging a member of thlt
organisation. These acllvltlea do not
Interfere In any way with tho mgular
work of the echoola. but they do add
test to cla room studies.
In Portland. Tacoma. and Spokane
the Junior have fin need clinic,
where children have been given dental
and medical examination. In numer
ous rountle throughout Idaho. Ore
gon and Washington they hive mado
provision for first aid klta In every
rural school. Heilde other actlvltle.
tb Junior of Dolio, Idaho, are provid
ing flower for tba Darracka Hospital
In that city whore many disabled ex-
cervic men are receiving treatment
Poor, crippled children In many town
have received badly needed atten
tion, and the bill have boon paid out
of funda raised by tho Junior Red
Through tho Junior Red Crows
thousand of children In Europe bava
been fed and given med'eal care
through contribution by member of
tho Junior Red Cro In thl country.
Tb Junior of tho Northwest gathered
of clothing for the
-' NsjV ' f
' mm-''-
f ' . : . - '
. ' m " ,
.,. .
J a
m ' m
laaaaWi. tiJJ e I
and fitting glasses. While practic
ing at Weston, he fitted large num
ber of Athena people and gave emi
nent satisfaction in all cases.
Mrs. Eliia Brandon of llalaey, Ore
gon, was a guest over the week end
of Athena friends and relative. Mrs.
Brandon, who ia tbe mother of Mrs.
G. C, Osbum, now of Portland, left
Monday in response to a summons
from Hay, Wash., where her aen, Mr.
Mark Brandon, reside. Mr. Brandon
had been severely injured when hi
clothes became entangled in the coga
of a Kancline engine, though not a?
riouxly, it is rvjiortcd.
Entertain Portland Jurist
Dr. and Mrs. C. It. Smith of thia
ity entertained Judge Jacob Kanz
ter of Portland, at their home Wed
nesday and Thursday. Judge Kant
It r, who delivered the principal ad
drefts at the Armistice Day exercises
at Memorial Hall Weston, yesterday,
is a world war veteran, and served
with Dr. Smith in all engagement
participated by the 361st Inf., 01st
Judge Kanzlcr waa commissioned
' captain in the C61st Infantry, and at
j remnt retains the rank of major of
infantry irf the army reserve corps
Aside from the practice of law in
Portland he is identified to a great
degree with public activities in the
metropolis. Ho conceived and pushed
to successful termination the develop
ment of George Park, comprising
14000 acres, extending along the Col
umbia Highway, and was president
Four Billions Annually Is Rec
ommendation Made p
' Congress. .-
The "Greatest Mother" concept which waa vlsuallaed In the faraoua art ' the cIub that established PortUnd
poster used by the American Red Crosa to It second war fund campaign public markets,
haa had lie symbolism adapted to tfce Red Crose work of the post war era At present be holds the office of
and will Illuminate the main poster to be used in the Fourth Roll Call Novem- Judge in the Court of Domestic Re
ber 11 25. This adaption will bear the title 'SHU the Greatest Mother In lationa, in Portland.
the World." Kvcryone la familiar with the original "Tho Greatest Mother In
tha World," the effectiveness of wtlch has bcon shown In part by tbe fact
that It haa furnished a synonym for Rid Cross that bas como to almost a
household term. More than any other symbol, except tbe rod cross Itself, the
public hss made it the trademark of the American Red Cross.
glorious tie,, six to six, by Athena
in a game creditable to .both con
testanta. Athena scored a touch
down In the first period. "Lefty"
Kretxe'r carrying tho pigkln over in
an off tackle smash, llmapine fol
lowed suit in tho mcoikI itcriod,
neither aide being able to kick goal.
Wild Children of tho Ural." wlio
were recently returned to their homes
by tbe American Red Crosa after hav
ing wandered uncared for over the
waste of Siberia. And now, through
tho Junior Red Crosa, it I being mado
possible for children In this country to
correspond with children In olhor
Post Benefit at Athena
On Sunday evening December 6th
the Standard Theatre will present a
benefit superlative program for the
Athena-Weston Post, American Le
gion. proceeds derived from
that eight's exhibitions, will be given
the Post for its general fund. ' "
The program selected for the bene-
Mr. J. F. Herr le recovering from duughtera of Mr. and Mrs. Frank fit night will be appropriate to the
the effects of a fall, in which she waa Rainville, and nieces of Mr. Stanton, occasion. The main feature will pra-
sevcrely hurt, last Friduy morning. Mrs. J. A. Lumsdcn was over from sent Lieutanent Locklear an Ameri-
Mr. and' Mrs. Thomas iTanaher and her Weston homo Tuesday visiting can ace of renowned aviation distinc-
Mi'ss Frances Rainville of Lcwinton, Mrs. Lilla Kirk. tion, in Universal' super production
Washington. The nation wiil faci a
continuation of the annual tax, bill of
four billion dollars for a period of 'at
least three yeara If eongreaa mdnpu
reeommendatlona drafted by raaury .
officials and which. waa understood,
have b.-cn laid befotw H-retary Hous
ton for approval
Mr. Houston, it waa said, probably
will Include such recommendation In
tbe form of an analyala of tbe govern-,,
ment' financial condition In bla forth
coming annual report to eongreaa. The
analyst will ahow, and accompanying
reeommendatlona will auggeat. It waa
said, that a three-year program for tax
revision la required la order to meet
mslurlifc; government obllgatlona and
cover curr .-v federal expenaea and
that appro, stately eight billion" dol
lars In victory notes, -war aavlnn se
curities and treasury certificate of In
debtedncts wtil be due for payment
within the next three yeara.
Reeommendatlona to be made by Mr.
Houston. It waa understood, will pro-'
poee abolishment of tbe excess profit '
taxes In their entirety and the aubstl
tutlon therefor of a graduated income
tax of a substantia! deeper cut than
tinder present revenue law. It was :
believed tbe new income taxes would
apply only to incomes above 15000 an
nually and that provision would be
jnade for a graduated Increase even on
the additional tax aa tbe amount of'
Income grows larger. .
Idaho, are visiting at tho John .Stan
ton home, the two young ladies being
As new subscribers a number of individuals have recently
placed orders with us for telephones. Old subscribers have
asked for service at new locations. They have been told by our
representatives that immediate compliance with their desires
. was impossible, owingk to lack of "telephone facilities" in a par
ticular locality. "Why," one will say, "The poles and wires are
on the street and the house is alreayd wired."
We wish that the problem were as simple as it ; sounds.
There may be poles, but every wire may be in use giving service
to others. There may be a cable, but" every circuit in it may be
assigned to telephones already installed. There may be spare
wires and circuits, but no switchboard apparatus at the central ,
office to which they can be connected. There may even be sec
tions of switchboard, but not available for operation on account
of the lack of necessary accessories such asv ringing keys, re
lays, etc.
The reason for the shortage of telephone equipment is sim
ple. During the war period we were unable to maintain our re
serve or stock plant as the same materials we use were required
and taken for Government purposes and for industries properly
favored by the Government. Since the war, with the unexpect
edly prolonged problems of reconstruction, production and de
livery of materials needed to meet even current demands have
been delayed. Every business "concern is having similar exper
iences. The manufacturers of telephone equipment have been
bending every effort to fill our ordrs, but they in turn are meet-
ing the same difficulties in securing rubber, paper, silk, glass,
porcelain, tin, thread, shellac, metal parts and other articles not
generally associated in the public mind with telephone service.
At the same time with this abnormal situation with refer
ence to materials there exists iin unprecedented demand for tel
ephone service- and even under these circumstances our record is
one of fulfillment of demand. In the first eight months of this ,
year we have added 6863 telephonse in the State of Oregon. In
the eight months prior to the declaration of war we gained 2655
telephones. -
We desire to give sevrice as much as a patron wishes to re
ceive it. We desire to promptly comply with the suggestions of
public authorities who have taken a proper interest in the situ
ation. We are facing abnormal conditions but we will of nec
essitygradually overcome our difficulties.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co.
Mrs. William McBrlde is reported "The Great Air Robbery." Since he
ill at her home in Portland with a se- made thia picture, and while engaged
vere case of rheumatism. m making another the brave lieuten-
Mrs. Will Potts ia down from her ant waa killed. For the comedy, no
home at Rexburu, Ida., visiting her better nor more appropriate selection;
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and could be suggested than Chaplin in
Mrs. Archie Mclntyre. "Shoulder Arms."
Mrs. B. B. Richards and Roland
left Sunday for several weeks' so
journ in Spokane, and the judge is en- Wnlla Walla growers are holding
joying the doubtful pleasures of bach- their . -"hctA, practically none of
jng, ' which was shipped out of the county
Mrs. II. H. Hill has gone to North October. Banks are declared to be
Yakima for a visit, accompanying aiding the farmers, and little of the
home her son, Will Rider, who motor- Ave million bushel crop haa been sold,
cd over last week. ' !
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. O'Harra came
over from Weston and spent the
week end at the home of Mrs.
O'llnrra'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Grabill.
Omar Stephens took a load of about
16 youngsters, including the minister
and M. L. Watts, to the ball game
and Armistice Day exercises at Wes
ton yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Elliott left yes
terday for Winslow, Arixona, to re
side. Mr. Elliott vacates the position
of electrician for the Preston-Shaffer
Milling company.
Miss Velva Mansfield was in the
city from Walla Walla Tuesday even
ing over to attend the "shower" giv
on -in honor of Hiss Helen Russell,
who is soon to become a bride.
Tom Gilkey, James Clevenger, Mil
lard Kelly and Harry Keller returned
yesterday from their Grand Ronde
hunting trip. They were successful
in killing several deer and two bear.
. Mr. and Mrs. E. Ridenour arrived
yesterday morning from Homestead,
Measuring the Baby
Red Cross Aids Mothers in Directing
Proper Care and Attention for Children.
Lost Spectacles in case.. Kindly
return to this office.
Young milch cows wanted, Jerseys
preferred. Inquire at thia office.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN To the legal voters of School District No. 19
of Umatilla County, State of Oregon, that a SCHOOL MEETING of said Dis
trict will be held at School House, on tbe 22d day of November, 1920, at 2:30
o'clock in the afternoon to vote on the proposition of levying a special district
The total amount of money needed by the district during the fiscal year be
ginning on June 20, 1920, and ending on June 30, 1921, is estimated in tho
following budget and includes the amounts to be received from the county
school fund, state school fund, special district tax, and all other moneys of the
Budget Estimated Expenditures
Teachers' salaries $14,400 00
Apparatus and supplies, such as maps, chalk, erasers, stoves, cur
tains, etc -. , 600 00
Flags 60 00
Repairs of schoolhouses, outbuildings or fences 660 00
Janitor's wages 1,250 00
Janitor's supplies........ 115 00
sruu uu
60 00
36 00
76 00
25 00
Clerk's salary
Post sue and stationery .-
Orceon on their wav to their home in For the payment of bonded debt and interest thereon, issued under
c . . ... 1... .... i I .... .1 I I . X t
Seattle, and will visit relatives in fgn " . . . . ...
Athena, Weston-, Milton and in Walla ' ""'
Walla. . Total estimated amount of money to be expended fur all purposes
Some' complaint is being registered duri, the ycM ; 18-551 00
by local merchants relative to certain ..' Estimated Receipts
persons who are alleged to be taking
600 00
small wares from show counters and
display tables. These parties are said
to be known and are being watched
and if the practice is kept up some
one is going to be brought before the
grand jury on a charge of shoplifting,
is the statement of one Athena mer
Dr. F. D. Watts has opened his new
office' for treatment of refractory
eyes, and has an elaborate equipment,
The office is located on the upper
floor of the Watts & ' Rogers hard-
From county school fund during the coming school year. . .... ........$ 2,502 00
From state school fund during the coming schocl year..... 626 00
Estimated amount to be received from all other aources during the
coming school year High School fund , 1,048 00
Total estimated receipts, not including the money to be received from
the tax which it is proposed to vote ..:....$ 4,076 00
Recapitulation. .
Total estimated expenses for the year $18,551 00
Total estimated receipts not including the tsx to be voted 4,076 00
Balance, amount to be raised by district tax. . . . . : $14,475 00
Dated this 2Sth day of October, 1920.
Frank Price, " . J. M. Banister,
Attest: District Clerk. " Chairman Board of Directors.