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GRAND old "Bull"' Durham. He belongs In this
country's Hall of Fame. Can you think of a more
familiar figure? For over half century Bull has
been part of the landscape; the tobacco he represents
has made millions and millions of friends.
You can roll fifty-thrifty cigarettes from one bag.
tl!te$$jffiii H WR$lw$SRm Wi1' ppr rou
Franklin I). Roosevelt is Given
Second Dace On
Hn rranclM'O. Jbiiic:i M. Cos, gov
ernor or Ohio, wan noinlii:il4 for pres
ident of the t'ullxit Hlul. In the dem
ocratic national convention at 1:4'
o'clock Tuesday morning. The con
tention then adjourned until hood
Tuesday, to tanvsas llio question of
second place to eotnplote the ticket.
When the convention convened again
t noon Tuesday It wa derided to
Rive second place on (he tlckot to Hie
Kat. Franklin l. Kooseveil of Now
York, assistant aecretury of the navy.
The nomination of Cox came at the
conclusion of a 44 ballot slnnt'.le in
which lie bad steadily braiou down
the forces o( William O. McAdoo, ex.
socrelary of the treasury, and I'rcal
dent Wilson's aonlu law.
When the balloting ou the 44lh rote
had reached a point where Cox hud
72 voles and waa rillly approaching
the oeceaaary two thirds of 729, Ham
In ilu Comity Court of the stalo of
(itvguii for I nintlllu Comity.
In the Matter of the Katute of John
L. llmwn. doccaard.
To Frank Brown nod Kiln lirown,
hia if of lloliliimn, oreiion, Ilnrvey
A. Itrown, William I.. Urtvn nnd Clitra
Brown hia wife of Ilrllx. (irciicni,
JittiK o, Itrown und tlolda Itrown of
Kphratn, Washington. Arthur U
Itrown of Totirhct, Washington, Kvil
Thorite of IIiililntMii, Oregon, Klmcr It.
Corpoion of Weston, Oregon, Floyd
t'orporon of Baker. Oregon, Karl
Lundwell (or Lund wall) n non-res-Idem
residing at a place unknown,
Uene Lundwell (or Lmidwiill) a non
naUleiU residing nl ft pliteu unknown,
Klpli Lundwell (or Uimlwull ) a, non
resident residing at n place unknown,
and nil persona Interested In the es
ti.le of John I Itrown, deceased,
ORBliON: You und each of you arc
hereby cited and required to appear
on or tiefore Wednesday the 2 tut day
of July, JB30, at ten, o'clock A. M. In
the County Courtroom of the above
entitled court In the City ot-Tondlcton,
Oregon, to enow caimo If tiny there be
why an order of snlo nnd license to
sell the following described real prop
city ehould not Unue to Harvey A.
Brown, adiulnlatrator of the above en
titled eatato uuthorUtuK, dlroctiuti:.
mine fr the brat Intereata of the c- nnd Report in the adminiatrntion of
tate and all concerned therein and the estate; that Monday, the 10th
ehell order and direct. day of July. 1920, at the hour of ten
Thl citation la wrved upon you pur- o'clock in the forenoon haa been ap-
stiam to und In compliance with an pointed as the time and the county
ord.-r to how cauao made nnd entered courthouse at Pendleton as the place
bv lion. Charlea II. Alarah. Judito of wncre an oojecuons ana exctpiiune
the aove entitled court and hearlmc
diitn tb 3rd day of June, 102", direct -t
it if peraonnl aervlca upon auch of yot.
u lire wilhtil the State of Oregon and
that the real of you and all others In
tereated In the anld catalo be arrved
by pulillcatlon of aald citation once u
week for four conaocutlve wceka In
the Weaton Lender, a weekly newa
paper, bmlnnliiB with the liuuo x of
June 1 1 1 It. 1920 to and Including the
laniie of July nth. 1920.
Itrown. Clerk of the above entitled
court, have hereunto act my hand and
eal of the aald court thla 7th day of g0Mg wnom it may concern that A. W.
to it will be heard and a settlement
of the estate made. Dated this June
18th. 1U20.
Tetcrson, Bishop & Clark, Attor
neys for Administratrix.
Notice to Creditors
In tha County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ninna
N. Lundell, deceased.
Who Received the Democratic Nom
ination for President
B. Amldon of Kansas, inanaerr of the
McAd;o forces and vtc chairman of
tho democratic national committee,
took the platform and moved that the
nomination of Governor Ccx bo made
Nomination Made Unanimous.
Immediately there was a roar from
the tired and worn delegates which
laatvd for a full fcur minutes before
Chairman Robinson could put the
question on Amldon's motion to sus
pend the rules and nominate Cox by
At 1:43 o'clock Tuesday morning the
motion was formally voted over with
a rolling chmiia of ayes und a crash
ing of tho brass bauds.
State standards which had surged
back and forth In tho desperate bat
tles of the deadlock raced to tho front
of the hall and to a place before the
The Cox band wagon movement
really started lute Monday afternoon
before the recess for dinner. During
the interval both sides of the fight
made desperate appeals to Tammany.
Throughout the night New York's vote
stood the samo, 0 for McAdoo and 70
for Cox. On the third ballot of the
evening session tho slide to Ccx start
ed and before the leaders of the op
position could realiio It the votes we're
flopping over in twos and threes and
June, A. D. 1920.
I'nuitilla County,
County Clerk of
Hlnto of Oregon.
(Seal) I'eteraon, Ulshop & Clark, At
torneya for Admlnlatrator Pendle
Administrators' Notice
C. Price, deceased.
Nntiea la Imrehv 17 i von that we have
empowering and licensing him tp aell een appointed administrators of the
tho following described real property, Hbove named estate by order of tho
tn-wlt: abovo entitled court, and have duly
Commencing lit n point on tha Went qualified. All persons who have claims
line, Thirty-six (3) rods tsouin or too against said estate are lioreoy iluiilieu
Northwest corner or tno noumcam
his attorneys, Peterson, Bishop &
Clark, in the Smith-Crawford building
at Pendleton, Oregon, within six
In tho County Court of the State of moI)ths of the date of the first publics
Oregon for Umatilla County. tion of this notice, which is Friday, the
In the Matter of the Estate of Zorolda 25th day of June, 1920.
Peterson, Bishop & clakk,
Notice is Hereby Given to all per- fours ,n a fnUm wntch gent nlm over
nfl wnom l mnv uu con iiini. n. t. ... ...
I...,lell has been appointed adminis- " majority mark and put mm at a
trutor of theestatoof Niiina N. Lun- new level.
dell, deceased, and has qualified as Georgia Goes to Cox.
such. All persons having claims "
against hor estate are required to pre- Atter that the going was easy,
sent them with proper vouchers to the Georgia went into the Cox column
said administrator at the law office of .llh h.r th. -.h(, of Attor.
Attorneys for Administrator.
Notice to Creditojs
nunrtcr of Paction Two (2) In Town
ship Five (8). North limine Thirty
flvo (35) E. W. M, and running
thence Bast Thirteen and one-third
roda. thence North Twelve (12) rods,
thenco Went Thirteen and one-third
rodn, thenee Pouth Twelve (12) rods
to tho place of beginning, containing
One ( 1 ) Acre moro or Icmh.
Alao. Lot numbered Thirty-three
(38) In Block Seven (7) in North Mtl-
to present thorn to us, with proper In the County Court of the State of
vouchors, at mo oiuce oi warier Oregon lor umaiiua v.ouniy.
Smythe, attorneys, in the American j tho Matter of the Estate of George
National Bank building, Pendleton, Or- w Mitchell, deceased.
i . ...i.-.i.. . t u. "
VgOll, Wllltlll B1A I1IVI11.I1 aiviii iiib
Dated June 25, 1920.
James H. Price,
Frank Price,
Administrators, etc.
ney-General Palmer had released not
only the Pennsylvania delegation, but
other delegates who wanted to slide
to 'the Cox column. The accessions
of twos, threes and fours soon grew
Into blocks, and when the 44th ballot
was well on its way (he votes were
tumbling Into the Cox column so fast
that his nomination seemed an as
sured fact.
' After 22 fruitless ballots, tho con
vention gave up hopes of selecting a
presidential nominee within the firs(
week of its session and adjourned on
Notice of Final Account
Notice is hereby given that we have
been appointed administrators of the Saturday night until 10 o'clock Mon-
catate of Goorge W. Mitchell, de- dy morning.
SKSi JflJSZZ hSlT "'hen the convention stepped Co,
to present them to us at the office of aa leading with 430. McAdoo came
J. B. Berry, our attorney, in Pendle- next with 372V4. Palmer was down
ton, Oregon, with proier vouchers at- t0 lsVi Tho flnaI ballots of the
lacnvU. WIU1III a! iiivmvuq hvih vuv
nomination were Senator Owen of Ok
lahoma, AtUrny Caorl Talmar, 8a
alor Hitchcock of Nebraska, llomar
f.'ummlng, rhalrmaa of the democratic
national committee; William G. Mc
Adoo, Governor Hmltli of New York,
Governor Kdwaria of Now Jersey,
Hecretary Meredith, (Ji.vernor Cox of
Ohio, James W. tienrd. ex ainhnasa
dor to Germany; Henator Hliumous of
North Carolina, John V. Davis, am
bassador to (ileal Britain; Henator
Carter Glass of Vlrt-lnla, and Kranrl
Burton Harrison, Kovurnor g'nicrul nl
the Philippines.
No Spatch for McAdco.
Dr. Hurrla Jenkins of Kansas City,
who placed the ex ui-crelary of the
treasury In nomination, main one of
the shortest ape chea on record when
he merely announced that he placed
Mr. McAdoo In nomination, fully as
sured that If "(1-ofied for the herrlre
of the nation" he would not refute tho
I'erbapa the nvt exciting scenes of
tho convention occurred when Henator
Glass, chairman of the resolutions
committee, presented the platf jrm and
tho battle of the wets an1 drys got un
der way. After the platform had beu
read without maClng mention of a
prohibition plank, W. J. Bryan was
recognized to offer a bone dry plank,
as a minority report.
W. Bourke Cochran cf New York
offered a plank permitting for home
consumption tho manufacture of elder,
light wlnc-s and bt-L-r.
K. L. Doheny of California presented
a minority report on the Irish question,
proposing a plank providing for the
recognition cf the Irish republic.
Bryan Lambaste Liquor.
Bryan, showing the oldtlme fire of
bis oratory, lambasted the liquor in
terests in his regular fashion.
Beginning with an argument In sup
port ef the eighteenth amendment, Mr.
Bryan soon got the convention to
Every democratic state, be said, had
ratified the amendment and every one
recognized that the "liquor traffic Is
dead, never to be resurrected."
As he worked into bis speech the
Nehraskan mixed many Biblical refer
ences with his rounded rhetorical per
iods. His full voice filled the ball, nnd
he got the galleries and s'me of tho
delegates going into longer and 1 rm -r
bursts of applause as be went on.
Minnesota Woman Speaks.
Mrs. Peter Olesen of Minnesota a
called by Mr. Bryan in support of his
program. She said, she spoke in the
name of the motherhcod cf America
In supporting the dry declaration.
In a dramatic emotional appeal
which got the convention to lis feet,
Mrs. Olesen asked that God should
help her in the fight sho was making
for it was for the sake of her child
that she was fighting.
"Let it never be said," she criel,
"that the Democratic party tliir.M
more of its appetites than cf tha chil
dren cf the land. God speed the rih'."
League of Nations Indorsed
and Republican Senate
is Condemned.
Alao, iiu numbered Thlrty.f,r In tho County Court of the State of J; the first publication of this no- ' McAdoo movement.
(34) and Thirty-five (sr.) In ihock vnguu iur um.wna Uce Helen (7) In North Milton In tho Mutter of the Estate of John Dated this 25th day of 'June, 1920.
(Now known bh Wrlght'o Addition to
Miltnnl. all within Cmatllta count),
J. Betder. Deceased.
.11 u ..,Kn.m It- man nnnoarrt
at private sale to the highest and beat that Christina B. Beeler. administra
l.ldder for nisi, or In such manner aa trix of the estate of John J. Beeler,
tho court nt said hearing shall deter- deceased, has filed her Final Account
Nellie St. Dennis and
Edward L. Mitchell,
Administrators of the Estate of
George W. Mitchell, deceased.
First publication June 25, 1920.
Last publication July 23, 1920.
but It failed to make much headway.
The convention perfected Its organ
ization by accepting Senator Joseph T.
Robinson of Arkansas aa Its perma
nent chairman ,
' The fourteen candidates placed In
Who Received the Democratic Nom
ination for Vice-President.
Mr. Ccckran, arising to reply, said
it is a peculiar thing in history that
most of what Is bad has been con
ceived" by people who were good, by
ill-digested efforts to coerce people in
their daily lives.
"I am opposed to tho word prohibi
tion. 1 abhor it. It is the word you
will find chalked up in all the peniten
tiaries. If it Is necessary to have pro
hibition and to force tho people to do
what they do not want to do, then I
say they are not fit for self govern
ment and are ready for submission to
a monarchy."
All Amendments Fall.
Secretary Colby and Senator Glass
defended the platform as framed by
the resolutions committee.
In quick and successive votes the
convention voted down by heavy ma
jorities all attempts to amend tho re
port of tho platform committee and
threw out all substitute proposals, in
cluding the bone dry pjnnk by William
J. Bryan and the wet plank offered by
AV. Bourke Cockran. '
The administration's league of na
tions plank as reported by the com
mittee was sustained against all at
tacks. The administration supporters
were In control by heavy majorities all
along the line.
The platform Is silent on prohibi
tion enforcement. Foremost among
the planks is an Indorsement of I he
baiue of nations and condemnation
of the republican senate for having In
terposed "partisan envy and persona,!
hatred" In tbe way of world peace.
The Important planks sunimaried
are as follows:
Kemls arreting to tha prftArat, an4
tittllD wlih patriotic prld th great
aihlevrmmi for our rountry and lh
noilil rm.hl by democratic ailinln
titration uietT hi Iraderthlp, and !
clarc II t'llirrenr lo th fundamenUil
pi htiIv prinelplM of aortal. ronomte
aoU lii'luslrUl Juatlr. favor th leag'i
f ni aa lh urK, If not th only
liraetiol If mean of maintaining the per
manent pear of th wurM. Kndor
the ptenlflent' lew of our International. na and hia firm stand as-ttnat
rcaervattoit dealgned to rut to pln-r th
vlul prunlalon of the Versailles treaty
and commend th democrat In coosrea
fur votirs aKHlnst resolution for separ
ate pence hlh would dim rare lh na
tion. Advocate th Immediate ratifica
tion of th treaty without reservation
which would Impulr It essentia! Integ
rity; but doe not uppoa th acceulanc
of any rraervatlon making clearer or
lour specific th obligation of lii Called
Mute to th Ieue associate.
l'iale rhe admlistratlon's conduct of
th war, commend th patriotic effort
of American rltlsen to aid th govern
ment anil praise the military and naval
tone with mention of General I'erahing
by name
Extol the federal reserve system and
the financing of the war.
Denies republican claim ef cooomy,
declaring that no money wa aaved ei
cept at the expense of th efficiency of
government bureau.
Irmanl prompt action by the nest
congress lor a complete survey of exist
ing Ui and their modification and aim
pllficuticn. Hlnme diminished production for High
pri e and declare the republicans ar In that thy delayed peace
und failed to provide the president with
necc.iAui) li-siMUttlon.
I-ita. the party to a policy of airict
e, onoiny In sovernment expenditures and
to the enactment and enforcecraent of
auch legislation a may be required te
bring profiteer before the bar of crim
inal Justice.
Heuffirms the liaUTTlonal policy of the
demiK-ratlc party in favor of a tariff tor
revenue only and confirms the policy of
basing tariff revision upon the tntelllgeiut
research of a non-partisan commission.
I'eOnds President Wilson's veto of tbe
builst bill, and advocates a budget ss
tern that will function In accord with the
p, Iniiplrs of the constitution.
I'miss th dcm.jcratlc record In estab
'ibliir.g farm loan banks and other farm
legislation, and favors such legislation as
will confirm to the primary producers of
. the nation the right of collective bargain
ing and the right of co-operattv handling
?.nd marketing.
Ieclare resort to strikes and lockouts
tthkh rnitanger the henlth or Uvea of the
people an unsatisfactory device for de
termining disputes, and pledges the party
10 contrive. If possible, and put Into ef
fective operation a fair and comprehend
sive method of composing differences of
thi3 nature.
Congratulates legislatures that have
ratified the suffrage amendment, and
urges democratic governors and legisla
tures of Tennessee, North Carolina anil
Florida to complete ratification In time
for women to vote this fall.
IH-clares against child labor. Favors
legislation for child welfare and mater
nity care. Advocates Increases In teach
ers' saluries.
Advocates vocational education, better
conditions for working women, and In
dorses separate cltienship for married
Advocates generosity to disabled sol
dier, and pledges the party to the en
actment of soldiers' settlement and home
aid legislation.
Commends federal administration of
tnlli-ojids during the war, declaring It was
efficient and economical, despite inade
quate and worn equipment. Criticises the
recently enacted transportation act and
says congress temporised until so late a
date thut the president was forced to
sign the bill or else throw the railroad
situation Into chaos.
Favors continuance of federal aid In
road building.
IMedges the party to a policy which will
promote the growth of our merchant ma
rine under proiier legislation.
Indorses the creation and work of tho
federal trade commission.
Favors the enactment of legislation for
the supervision of live stock markets by
the national government.
Deplores the misfortunes of the Mexi
can i-oile and upholds President Wilson's
Mcxtcnn'policy, declaring that as a con
sequence order Is reappearing In Mexico.
Advocates recognition of new Mexican
government when it has proved its ability
to maintain order.
Within the limitations of international
comity and usage, repeats the several
previous expressions of the sympathy of
the democratic party of the Cnited States
In tho aspirations of Ireland for self
government. Commends the administration for Alas
kan railroad construction and coal and
011 development, and advocates modifica
tion of the coal law to facilitate develop,
ment, and also extension of the farm loan
act to Alaska.
Favors the granting of Independence
without unnecessary delay to the Phil
ippine Islands.
Deplores the pre-conventlon expendi
tures of republican presidential candi
dates, and advocates regulation of such
expenditures by federal law.
Reaffirms respect for the great princi
ples of free speech and a free press but
asserts aa an Indisputable proposition
that they afford no toleration of enemy
propaganda or the advocacy of the over
throw of the government of the stats or
nation by fore or violence.