The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 09, 1920, Image 1

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Deputy Sheriff Killed In Duel
And Companion Slain In
Bwttle Two rttfit no of thm
Deputy Hliorlff l(iil)irt (', Hrott, for
nirly of Portland-- dad. and
thrlr slayer li the hunted quarry of
more than 400 pollci-mmi, ileiuitLn and
apec'lal officer s the result of
arl uf daring aulomubll robuurlr
Haturday nlahl. which had tlio silling
a Ihnlr rlimai.
Tb police rrrillt thf crime to
"lllarklv," an uuUaw ami iIiuh ailiilrl,
known In tlm ofllcor only by .the nick
name ou hint by fnllow
Klmer fail)', aaWI In hava bon the
second member of "lllacklo'a" lis int.
la Ilia twuml dead uiaa. Police ay
"Illarkle" killed blm and alrlpped lilra
of Ma ahar In the lout of tlx auto
mobile rnbberlra committed by the
lalr durin the nlrht.
faunlit with a companion In the art
of holding up motorist! along Hie vat
ley road, the bandit opened on a W'X
of deputy aherlffa. killing nobert C.
Bcoll. whmn they robbed. Then speed
Ing toward the city In a command
eered rar driven under compulsion by
Karl M. Kb, one tuiidlt idiot and
killed Rimer C'ady. hi! bandit pal, rob
bing the body and leaving It In the
rar when he kapvd from the mar blue
and dlaappeared at First avenue aud
Pike atreit.
Club Has Delightful Afternoon
Mra. K. M. Smth. extended delight
ful hospitality when alio entertained
the Saturday Afternoon club at her
home, April 3. Flower appropriate
to tlio Eauter season decked the
rooma, lemlinir an attractive note to
the scene. Roll call wa! answered by
quotation! on Spring. At tho close
of the bunineaa session program num
ber! wero glvrn a follow:
Vocal solo-Mr. E. M. Smith.
Ukca of Killnmcy Mm. L. R.
Van Winklo. i
Cork-Mr. FD. Wutts.
River Shannon - Mm. W. S. Price.
An Faster motif was developed in
tho refreshment served by Mradame
N. P. Hennct and II. Goodwin. Cov
era were laid at an attractively ap
pointed table, centered with a alatc
ly Ranter lily, for twelve member!
and two guest Mm. A. G. Fink of
Parma, Idaho, and Mrs. Mnry C. Me
Neo. The April 17th meeting of tho or
ganisation will be held at tho homo of
Mm. S. A. Ilnmea, and a full at
tendance is desired, as the annuul
election of ofllceri in scheduled for
that dote.
Mr. and Mm. C. F. Bulflneh re
turned Tuesday from Hot Lake.
Shoo repairing. Call at residence,
North Broad street. K. T. Wicker.
at once
Second -Hand Sad
dles. We will trade
new saddles for old
$1.00 per set.
Harness -Store
(Phone 122)
Milton Oregon
Assails Non-ParUzan League
'l.u i'i.nifra Non-Partiaan Politl.
cul league is not a .'ernier' organlxa
tlon," declared Arthur Fouler, North
Dakota farmer, In an addreaii at Pen
dleton, Saturday night to wheat
grower of Pendleton and virlnity.
"The farmer furnish the money, but
vote ai they am told. The organlxa
lion aland for elate aorialiim, the
name old socialistic pill with a dif
ferent sugar roatlng. They have
been at work in North Dakota for
five year and it will toko 60 yeara to
rrpltir the damage they have done in
that state.
"Oregon will be Invaded by organ
isers by June 1, we are told," Mr.
Fouler said. "These people expand In
the inol "nt, insidious manner.
1 hey do nut visit tho town nor !o
they herald their coming with pub
licity. Highly trained urguuUcrs vU
it tho fa nm i in their own field or
at their home. In North Dakota they
arc known a the Non-1 'artisan
league, in Waslhngton they are the
Triple Alliance and in Oregon their
atari wa made a the '.and and La
bor league. Whatever the gula In
which they come, give them no mon
ey and writo them no check, for
money it their power."
Mr. Foster, early a homoatcder in
North Dakota, recently moved hii
family to Portland ao that hi chil
dren might not be obliged to attend
the achoola controlled by thla party
in hi home state, lie i now touring
the agricultural district! of Oregon,
at the request of the Stale Taxpayer!
league, aya the F.ast Oregonian, to
warn againt the coming of the Non
Partisan organitation, which, he de
clare!, ha eaten tho heart out of hia
own ital.
The approach of the Non-Partiaan
organixer i unpretentiou. An auto
tqroe Into the farmer' gat, a man
steps out and auk for a moment of
tho farmer' time. Ho present hia
plan aa one of cooperation, .in which
moet farmem, Mr. Fouler raid, are
interested. Then the "robber" tactic
of banker, merchant and big bul
noss are breached. Ae an antidote
for these evils, the farmers can pay
fid for a year"! membemhlp In thi!
organixation and join In a fight to put
banker, merchant! ami all out of
Iheir gouging buinc. Two thou
mnd farmem in Clarka county and
1000 In Klickitat county, Waxhing
on, have already aigned with thi!
Triple Alliance, Mr. Foster uid. Each
hits Jpaid hi $IH to "rtform tho eco
nomic and political condition."
Tho Non-PartUan movement in
North Dakota had it! beginning in a
dUxatisfaltion among wheat grower
becaue of the dockage charged off
by terminal warehouse! at St. Paul
und Duluth, according to the speaker.
Morrow County Lands
Morrow County Farm Lands offer
better Inducement to investor at
present price than any other wheat
section In Eastern Oroiron or Wash
ington. We have hirpo tracts attractive
prices, near the Douglas and Brown
holdings. We invitu you to com and
see them.
Andy and Rufo hnvo nmdo godd
nnd their lands havo doubled in price.
Wo are pioneer of Morowr county
and know all the lands.
Correspondence solicited.
Real Estate.
(Seo Hale in Weston this week.)
A Big Picture Saturday.
Tho big super picture for this
week at tho Standard Theater, comes
Saturday, (tomorrow) night, when
tho grcnt screen production, Malo and
Female, will bo shown In nine reels.
This is .one of the season's greatest
pictures , and has but recently been
shown in the theaters of the large cit
ies. For Sunday night the offering
will bo Douglas Fairbanks in "Mr.
Fixit," and you can leavo it to Doug,
to do tho fixing.
Huge Natural Cross.
In the remote recesses of tho Blue
Mountains in Eastern Oregon, Storrs
Lyman of Dayton, a former scientific
student Of Whitman College, has dis
covered -a hug natural cross -which
he has named , in honor of the college,
Tho WhitmanCroM, He found it at
the tip of a'jagged peak" in the wild
est part of the mountains,, and made
a photograph of it which he enlarged
and has presented to the college.
Strawberries until frost Kellogg
Everbearing atrawberies, $ l.Op per
hundred plants. Have shortcake and
berries for table uso all summer. Call
at the DeGraw residence.
" - Transformation
mi ihi j i ' i i i i ' hi Mr
The Senior Class of
Weston High School will give
a three-act farce comedy
"Safety First"
Friday evening, April 16, at
Memorial Hall
An Ordinance authorizing the Com
mon Council of Tho City of Weston,
Oregon, to borrow on the faith and
credit of The City of Wcton, Ore
gon, tho sum of Five Thousand
($5,000.00) Dollars, for tho pnyment
of tho costs of repairs and improve
ments to the Water System of The
City of Weston, Oregon, and to sub
mit the same to the taxpayers of the
City of Weston for their approval.
The People of The City of Weston
do ordain as follows:
Section 1. Tho Common Council of
The City of Weston, Oregon, is here
by granted and shall have power and
authority to borrow on tho faith and
credit of Tho City of Weston, Ore
gon, tho sum of Five Thousand
($5,000.00) Dollars to be used in tho
payment of the costs of improve
ments and repairs to be made to the
water system of thuCity of Weston,
and for the payment of any and all
outstanding warrants and other evi
dences of indebtedness incurred on
We've got a fight no, five of them on our hands In Pendleton, Satur
day night From the Arst "shake hands" by Denver Ed. Martin, refer
ee, to the final gong of the 10 round - headliner between Hurry
Casey and Johnny Noye. every one of the 34 rounds will be a real
battle. Look these over:
Sailor Ritchie Davis vs. Soldier White
Jimmy Duffy vs. Frakie Fontana
Smiley Fulgham vs. Red Young
Buddy Stevens vs. Gene Bartcll
Pendleton Post, American Legion, is staging this card for the sport
lovers of Umatilla county and all the buddies from the service. The
first bout begins at 9 o'clock sharp the place is Happy Canyon
arena. Write or phone today for your soot to THE COZY or
Ringside $5.50 Grandstand $3.S5 and $2.20 War tax included.
accourt of said water system; and
the said Common Council of the City
of Weston shall have full power and
authority to pledge the faith and
credit of tho said City of Weston for
the wid sum of Five Thousand
($5,000.00) Dollars and to enter into
any and all agreements necessary to
secure the said sum of $5,000.00, by
the sale of bonds or otherwise.
Section 2. This ordinance shall not
take effect or bo in forco until the
same hss been submitted to a vote of
the taxpayers of The City of Weston
at a special election and shall have re
ceived a majority of tho legal votes
cast at said election, in -.favor of its
Passed the Common Council of The
City of Weston, Oregon, this 7th day
of April. 1920.
Approved April 7, 1920.
J. M. BANISTER. Mayor.
Attest: C. W. AVERY,
Acting Recorder.
Butter Wraps at Leader office.
"Over the Hill"
Mr. and Mr. II. McArthur hava re
turned from a winter residence in
California, to their home at 681 East
Ankeny street, Portland.
One of the latest addition to the
equipment of the watu & Roger
Etore, i revolving screw rack.
Chance can explain it to you.
Mm. David Taylor i in very poor
health, at her home on South Firit
street. Her niece, Mm. Etta Gerking,
will remain and make her home with
Mm. Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. McLean thi
wutk ma'ic another trip to Portland,
wher.3 they took their little child to a
bpeciuliht for treatment. They were
accompanied by Will McLean.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ilawortli
Klarted Saturday for their Spokane
ranch, expecting to visit en route with
relatives at Pomeroy and Colfax.
They shipped their household goods
and made the trip in a Ford car.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph II. Templeton
recently married in Seattle, were vis
itors in Athena for a short time Tues
dny. Mr. Templeton i aa old ac
quaintance of Attorney II. I. Watts,
having been room mate at U. of O.
Mr. Templeton returned to Seattle
to adjust affairs before he and hi
wife make a trip East
Mr. and Mrs. John Keen arrived in
Athena Monday and are guests at the
homo of their daughter, Mrs. Fred
Gross. Mr. Keen and wife have been
on an extended tour through east
ern and southern states, spending the
latter part of their visit in Califor-
nia. They will go from here to their
home near the state line.
Mr. and Mm. Wm. Sbrimpf have
moved into their newly purchased
home, the Mansfield residency cor-
. . ! tk
ner of Fourth and Jefferson The
w.. u. ,,., j .,
decorated and Mr. and Mr. Schrmf
..ill lu. t.!....l..r ciftiatnl in thaii- M',
home. They sold the residence in the
north part of town to Mr. Kibbe.
An ovation was tendered the fu
ture principal oi tiw nign sciiooi, i ro-
lessor uadiey. vm?, wnen an- idente MiM DorU Barnes, Mrs.
nouncement wosmndo before the stu- Proebstel Jr., Mrs. John Mar-
dent body by Principal G. W. Hall, yi fice; secretary. Mrs. Herman
that the present assistant principal Goodwin. treasurer. Mrs. E. M. War
had been retained by the school board wtu
to head the school next year. The en- Gameg ,ppropiiate to -All Foob'
thuiiastic and vociferous reception day wen then introdu cU8ir
of tho news should have occasioned time pass nlerriiy; i . written
some satisfaction to Mr. Hadley, aur- contest upon the subject, "The Most
uring well for a harmonious years FooIish rhing i Ever Did." Mis
work. Principal Hall goes to Haines, Rintouj was awarded the
Baker county, as head of the school priie Mrs G UeGmw ,d Mrs. L.
there. , - S. Wood acted as judges of manu-
Cramped Quarters at 0. A. C - The closing hour was spent In
,, . ... . friendly converse around the tea-ta-
Miss Ruth Stewart, writing at O. , . . n.,j
. . .. ' t tables, a dainty collation being serv-
A, in cummenmis upon wo (ivv
' ', 4 . . ,. ,
need for voters to support the mill-
oge tax measure, among other inter-
esing facts, gives the following:
"The seventy-five Umatilla county
students at O. A. C. are victims of
the crowded conditions prevailing
nere on account ui mueijuuw
j . - ... j ,,j.,i
niOOailOllS lur Hie hiv,i:oii o.uw. ,
enrollment. . mumty M
"The boys have hard work keep- " ,
ing their heads under roof. There is For Sale-2000 acres, mostly all fa
only one dormitory for them. Of cultivation; 900 sown to Turkey red
course the frats taSe care of many, wheat All fenced; good houser
but the rest must shift for them- barn, plenty of water; two miles to
selves, and when there is no place for elevator. Price $45.00 an acre. For
them to Shift to they leave school, list and particulars write to M. Fitx
Homcs have been opened to the stu- maurice, Condon, Oregon.
dents, among them, that of , Prof.
"Mr. Horner drove cattle over the
a vounir man.and now he recounts
many interesting storite about that
"Of the five from Athena, three of
us, Hazel Sanders, Kathren Froomo
and myself know that they conserve
heat, for every night the heat is turn
ed off at 8:20. Here the nights are
cold and we are compelled to sit in
our cold rooms and study until 10 or
10:30. The heat does not come on
until 6:30 in the morning. But this
is only one evidence of curtailment
in expense of operation due to insuf
ficient funds to operate the state ed
ucational institutions." So boost ' for
the millage tax measure and help
us out" ' -', ,
Water for LaMar School.
A forty-four foot well has
drilled out at LaMar school house,
and a good quality of water was se
.,! Mr , West nf Iji Grande did
the drilling and, the surface water
was' cased out, thus insuring a good
supply pf pure drinking ater.
Two good prospective buyers are
nibbling- at my home place nere in
Weston. You'd better beat them to
it F. D. Watts. M. D.
Cities fif Darmstadt and Frank-
fort Are Occupied With
out Opposition.
Mayence. At t:20 o'clock Today
morning French tanks entered Frank
fort. Ihey were followed by a batta
lion cf sharpshooter! and a company of
engineers and these troop occupied
strategic point and the railroad stay
The French found in Frankfort only
a email German force, left there to
afford police protection for the peo
ple. Tbo occupation of the city was
a mere military march and wa not at
tended itf any fighting.
Darmstadt wa entered ihortly after
ward by French force. The German,
government garrison of that city hod
left at midnight to avoid contact wltfe
the French.
General De Gotifte ha Issued a pre
clamatlon to the cltle and town witV
In the area to be occupied, decUrlng
French trooD have crossed the Rhine
r.innrt 1 1 m m with 111 A miUM
and asserting there 1 no hostile tnV '
tent toward the people of that regies.
Ladies' Guild Eects Officers
For the first time in several
months the members of All Saints'
KTfld assembled April 1 to enjoy one
?J theTir delightful afternoon parUe.
"VJ- ? U
at the home of Mrs. Price. The
... . . . . .
rooms were gay with bright spring
blossoms presenting . dec.deoV eon
trast to the snow and cold prevail-
,out of d.
A short, busines
session was held, and officer were
elected as follow for the ensuing
prudent, Mrs. L. S. Wood; vice
jt.ii. u t . r..... .k.
ed by the hostesses. Guests other
A . . . R.
than club members were:
DeGraw, Mrs. Fisk Sr. and Mrs. F.
C. Fitzpatrick.
Mrs. C. E. Fisk and Mis Doris
Barnes will be hostesses for the May
6th meeting of the guild, which win
, .... tU :i rim-
be held in the social room of Cun
Chiropractic Nerve Specialist
Rooms 1 and 2, Inland Empire Bank
Building, Pendleton, Oregon
Phone 1018
Hours 10 to 12 a. m.-l:30 to 6 p. m.
Hemstitching. Pecot, Chain Stitch-
mg Embroidery, uraiamg, riam
Stitching, Button Hole and Button
Covered, Pleating.
Phcne 936, Wralla Walla, Wash.
Estimates Furnished Free on AU
Kinds of Work.
All Work Guaranteed.
Phone. No. 433 - Freewater, Or.
Eye.GIass Service Phone 436-J
Eye signt Specialist, PenUnd BMg,
Over Tallman Drug Store
Pendleton, Oregon.