The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 05, 1920, Image 2

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A Jolt to the High Cost
of Farming
More truth than poetry in the above.
Our store is now finished ami is over
flowing with new goods bought in the
Watts and liogers way. With new
goods and an up-to-date store we are
now in a position to give you what
vou wantservice.
We cordially invite you into our new
home, and will take pleasure in quot
ing you on your needs. We know we
can save you money.
Yours for a Bumper Crop
P. S. Fishing season is drawing near.
Watch this space for our ad.
or being I
being the c-flUialinii clergymen.
nd groom were attended
iml Mm. George Phcard.
groom la ft locomotive engineer
... . . . i ... .L- g w l A
Miss Vernitft Watts has tvooviiTvd in m emiioy m v-. -
from n case of inlluonsa t St. IT.I- running out T Hi .ramie
rn'i Academy, i -emu no, nm- im
is attending school.
It in reported llmt Alex Mclutyre
Mill In lit nut far diMaut future
erect new bungulow ml hi on
Third and Cottonwood streets, when
with hi family ho will have hi farm
to reside how.
Supciiutcndcitt Ferris of the War
rrii Construction conwany arrived in
Mr. iiml
M. !.,. II Ufl mmediulely fur
IWtlnnd iiftor thc tuaiiituro cere,
mony. I'mm there lliov will K t
San I'itgo, Calif. Aftor u month
tlioy will return to U Grande, where
they will reside permanently.
Mr. Clarence U Giigmni, a will
known young farmer residimr mhiIU
of Athena, n.l Miss Neva . I.. 'Gil
lotto of Portland were iminicd in
Wallu Walla at tho l'ionoor M. K.
. . i r r M
Atnona trom i " ". n,urvll Tuesday, February 8. ItttO.
tho nuroose of netting ready for road V . ' ki.
n... ij.a T. W. olnoiating. Mr.
Jamoa llaworth ami Mi Florence
'....... ilm rutinlo. the oor
WntU & Roger have installed ft fMny ,K,()t ,H.rfonllc, n tho pre-
ence of rolativoa ami mentis, a
wedding dinner for twenty guests
work o soon ft tho weather will per
now drinking fountain in thejr store
at tho comer of Main ami Third
jtrvot. It is ronntnioled o tha.1 . lh uwni hotol. Mr.
Wfttor may bo k-oil by tom of Mrfc i;ak,noll ,v th well w ih
Misa Kv ShioUla ftirojl 2'J. ilauph.
tor of Mr. ml Mm. S. S. ShioliU,
w-oll known rcsitlonta of Milton, iliod
in Sonttlo.
was a victim of Inlluonsu
Mr. and Mrs. A. n.SwKpart nn.l
rhihirvn ftro at tho farm north of
town, after having anont
o of ft host uf frioiU.
" Moiuhwra bf "ato Irrigation o-
.nnmliiliin r.rllfln.1 to I4tl.
;o. ami wis buried in Walla worth of boudll lM(lM by th Kntor
Tuomlay Iho yi4init dl,lrll., , Mn..h
oounty ami 10S,t'rt0 worm t nonus
authortifl by tho Oranta 'aa Irrlas
Hon itlatrlol In JosoKlilna oouuly. Tho
couple of Vnirnrl ilistrlol comnrlsoa approsl-
months in Pomlleton nt tho home of nml(lly tiM ,cr,t, whll In tho Grants
Mr. and sirs. m. i akott, wno irv j.trei thoro aro Inrluawl
arroa. itovoiopmom wor on umu
Joota Is In proarrss.
A dotormlnatlon to at hottor dairy
cows throuah tho oraanUatlon of a
lrr bull association, tho ollmliia-
CLARK WOOD, Pabll.h.f
MRS. It 000DW1N. Asitn Editor
Sirtclh in Aftnct
Tho Yor 2 00
Six Montha 1
Three Montha 0 60
fllPAT, HAICa S, - - 12
Eattria at the poitoffict st Wtttsn. Onjos
t tccoao-clsts auil Msltcr.
Regular, per inch per insertion 15c
Transient, per inch per insertion 2tc
Locals, per line per insertion- 10c
touring southern California.
A sad death occurred Friday, Kobr.
uary 27th, when Mm. Max Dudley
passed aay at tho ko of 25 years,
two months and 27 days, leaving her
, husband and two little children, the ll(,n 'f nxjinis ami vermin, tho pro-
in deference to public opinion," while youncost but ft few days old. ductlon of bolter crops throush soil
maintaininu that their position has , jyjr anj jirj,. Georite Woodwanl lniproomont. conatltutod tho program
boon legally, morally and economi- n( cl,rvn Delphft and Donald, of work adopted by Iho Nsxhvlllo com-
cally sound and in the interest of hwvc arrivw home via Seattle and mimlty farm bureau which oraanUod
consumer and pnxlucer. In fact, the portim from a dvlitfhtful trip to the ot Toledo, Tho wojnen'a meollmc. pro-
profit of the packers combine has h,.-.;:.,. Isl.nds,
been so infinitesimal compared to the j(arch now storm
They found our ed over by Mlaa Une and Misa Uiles
decided con- of tho Oregon Agricultural college, was
t of the Bench fit attended. Home demonstration
reached the enormous total cf $1,(K5S,
000,000 in 1U19, exceeding all pre
vious records, with a not income of
only $14,098,500 the return for each
dollar of sales, amounting to 1.35
cents net, was the smallest in the
history of the organization. The re
turn on capital invested was 6.74
percent net.
We hear from a substantial sec
tion of the democratic chorus that
McAdoolI do.
at Waikiki.
Homer Walts has rvcoived one of
the largest photographs ever seen
here. It U a picture of the Hnrvard
Yalo football game played" in the
Vale stadium on Thanksgiving day,
when Homer's alma mater waxed it
to the "blue devils' to the tune of
10 to :S. The picture is on exhibition
at Miller's furniture store.
Sam Hnworth has returned from
Sikano. While there he learned
that Al NorlVan came near ilrown-
Sam sold fl344.i0,6y7.84 "P recently when he broke through
worth of thrift stamps, war savings lee on ijoon laKe. recuc w..n
stamps ami treasury savings certili- '' 1 lan,U,, A h,-'hl
cates during the past year. Probably '! mv ns the
An especially high endorsement of twicc BS much WBs lost by less cau- "'k"if "''l hv ,nl" n b,K ,,,luk
Herbert Hoover is found in the oppo- tiouI, investors in fake oil stocks and i,,nw trout-
sition of William R. Hearst. similar worthies paper. This in- Mrs. Kdward Iteiin (tioe Sylvia
vestment of one hundred and thirty- Bcathe) of Seattle, wuh a guest the
A shrewd observer says of the po- four millions, particularly by persons first of the week at the home of Mm.
litical situation that it will be a case 0f smnu mcans throughout the Unit- L. Sherman. Mr. and Mrs. lUnn,
of the survival of the slickest. states, was made in the face of a who wore both former employes of
wave of high prices and extravagance the Mosgrove Mercantile company
One not altogether evil function of un)?qUalled in the country's history'- here, wore called to Milton by the
wood alcohol consists in promoting Economists and financial experts con- ilenth of Mr. Ilenn's uiother, which
the non-survival of the unlittcst .f the figure as a hopeful sign occurred last week.
ork wa now to tho Toledo ladle.
Tho Ptato Taipajors' league which
held a mooting In rortland denounced
tho united land and labor Inague as
noclalUtlc. undemocratic and a monaro
to tho state of Orgun. Attending the
mooting were representative rorn from
all H llon of OreKon, and there w
a considerable sprinkling of members
of tho Wglslatuio. Tho resolution
adopted: Indorsed I mill lai bill
for support and maintenance of Ore
gon Agricultural college. University of
Oregon and Slate Normal school. In
dord aoldlor'. oallor and marine'
mlllnEO Ui educational bill. ludord
4 pr cent road hondltiK amendment
to Hi constitution. Indorsed 2 mill
tax Mil for support of elementary
school of the tate. Indorsed plan lr
divided aesslon of the stale b-Klslature.
Adopted resolution denouncing l-i;d
and Labor party and NoiiJ'arilsan
league, and outlined plan to oppose
them throughout the tte. Adoptod
roeolutlon opposing atiempt to repeal
the per cent limitation amendment tu
tho cotistitutlon.
Approximately 10 rest estate ileal
Quality and Service
are what you got when you invest
in a
FOR I) SON fraeit
(Farming's Kun with a T0UDS0N)
(I'lione 7C1. Milton. Ort'iron.)
-m-. twr . ffl
a n i o
Top )fices paid for Old Metal,
Kags, Sacks, Hides, Wool, Etc.
About $7.00 (or Old Iron
J. R. Reynolds
that the nation is slowly but surely plans are completed for the new ,n OTestm he r,,.,, ,,,,c.lion
We'e rather glad the owners got adopting the only means out of our inclcm bungulow to be vrected by
their railroads back, as we can again present industrial and financial dif- M. I Watts, and construction will
refer to them bitterly as "soulless faculties rigid economy, regular sav- begin so soon as weather will eniiit.
corporations." ' ing and investment by every one from The prvKont residence will be re-
1 wage earner to millionaire. moved y to another lm-ation and a
Only our inherent modesty pre- , splendid, completely modern home
vents us from saying that a good Ttlc vast wjntr wheat crops of erected on its site nt Fourth and Jef-
name is one of Wood'a most valuable tj,c paiouse country must be changed ferson streets.
campaign assets. from 80ft to hard wheat if the farm- Mrs Kl!ith M yVjlliums, beloved
era of that section are to continue to wjft, of f;harlo E. Williams, died
If Berkman and Goldman are now Ket pricCg( according to Spokane at st Allthony-s- hospital in Ten
working twelve hours a day in Kus- asrrjcuitural and milling experts. lUcton Mon(8y( March j, iW, and
sia, it cannot be said that bolshevism The change will be effected princi- thc fullcrai wail hcld Wednesday af
is an unmixed evil. pally by the rotation of crops. This ternoon at two 0viock at the Moth-
will consist in planting wheat and . hnrch In thin eitv. Serviee
for license for aTordlnx to a
report prepared by O. V. Johnnou, who
Is in charge of the real estate depart
ment of the Insurance commissioner'!
office. I.ast year the application for
licenses totaled 1339.
Twentytwo alleged vloliition of
federal prohibition law are Included
In the final report of the November
tenn federal grand Jury In Portland,
which was discharged Saturday, rend
ering Its report to Federal Judge lloan,
Water Stret't (second block north of Main)
show with or
chestra imthic ut 'i'c and GOc ndmia-
the erand Juror returned 37 true bill, ion. Tomorrow night, Sitturduy,
five not true, bills aud four secret. an Artcraft snecinl. "The
The claim of William Gibbs Mc- peas or sweet clover in alternate
of 1X78. The limb had been cut
. .1... .
first of the three bi-jr picture '"" ' pw i''
the Standard will bo "P "u"r "c lui'- "
means or a luiKler, anu ft iookoui
with ft spy gins slaliuned himself on
thc platform and scoured tho country
fur hostile rvdnkius, who ' were en
gaged about that time in a skirmish
White w'ln aoldiora from Fort Walln Walla.
families to the
. The IliR riclure, 'Toggy.'
March' at
screened next Wcilnesdny night,
when Hillie Hurke will be seen In
'Toggy," a ten-reel
Adoo to distinction does not rest al- years to give to the soil thc proper jaync of Weston.
together upon the iact tnai ne is me amount oi nitrogen necessary ior me
son-in-law of his father-in-law. raising of hard wheat, for which the
millers will pay top prices. An in-
Manufacturc and sale of 2.5 per- creasc 0f $25 an acre in thc yield
cent beer has been legalized in Wis- ls expected to result from such rota
consin, which loves its lager and Vic- tjon
were conducted by Rev. W. S.
With a tractor and road plow, the
:. . . II I...-" .U.. ..l,.l..r.. ...I I. r. Ilirllf OOlMOrW Hlltl Hieir Il W
Tnlrteon il sir cis in lamnni cuom ihuim. i -i - .
,i - . i- i.. ii... .i...,i,. .,r ti, ;. iiu'i.t her number of about 200 ussvmbled with
were represented In a mee . at Mo- U the .In lbs of t e sea-tog thcr
Mlnnvlllo for the organisation of the a .Venmtt .omuly, will be
Vtnlilll founlv rul.Uc Forum, the shown Ul regular prices, ' " . .. '. "
macadam surface was broken over obJcpt of whlcn , tho ..frM ,nu'open night, Wally Heid uppenra in "Lesa t'l'r irosent owner,
tor Berger not wisely but too well.
thc pint; line that is to be replaced
with new steel piping on Main
street, before the hardsurfucing of
the street begins.- The new pipe has
been treated with a thick coating
of tar to preserve it from rust, and
will be laid in thu trenches so soon
as thc weather permits of work to
dlcuslon and action on all public Jhun Kin. Also mine
nueatlnna." It I non partisan m char- Lloyd Comedy.
actor, yet political discussion will bo
nermltted. ' Itominder of Imliull
News n nd
" ... Thc Pendleton Tribune comes to
Mexico continue, to do its best to a morninK newspapcrf thus
demonstrate that it the only coun- cnabl jt e n! thc
try in the world where a bolshevik .. . - ,,
government might conceivably be an Vmatm county, Thc ..Trjb., is one begin,
improvement. of th, cumty;. ,,wncl!r newsnaners Kl,b,jrt Coppock
. ........ . . . and has weathered many vicissitudes.
The united stales semue na au- aDDarcntly now on he hif.h roa,i from rheumatism
ot tho original Im ire reserva- it is apparently now on me nign roa-i
tion. Better so, perhaps, than to re
is sojourning at
Hot Lake this week, seeking relief.
A. R. Coppock,
nbjo at thc nanulurium,
to that material nrosneritv without n,s fton
i: l it r and thin urik whh firifrntffl unon f,r
..- tlw Wirue of nations wmtn no newspaper can w pv-norm .. , TT. . . i ... .
on any terms.
its function of public service.
Llovd Georcte would have bolshe- After nine years, four
vism left to "develop and die." Bui- the United States supreme court de
thevism ia a malignant growth, how- clare that thc steel trust is all right,
ever, and it's usual with cancer that and three say that it is ull wrong.
the uaticnt dies. As it is a two-billion-dollar trust, we
' . conKider it good business ' to
the removal of hit) tonsils. Art has
reduced .his weight during hi stay
. . .at the lake about 40 pounds, but
hopes to regain it and be able to be
gin spring work. Mrs. Cojpwk is
with him at Hot Lake.
For the first time in lh history fought 26.179 officers and the house
trail the Athena water system pumping committee granted 17.80.
Fire in the ( hinese iunrter in
Walla Walla Monday caused the
War. ,1111th of eleven Chinese, including a
Not long ago a board plutfoim fell woman and three children. Fire
OUT from a big tree uboul 100 feet high crackers used In celebrating the Chl-
ut the Tom Diggins plactTon Basket nose new year were believed to hava
War Department Estimate Reduced mountain that had been used as a cuused the holocaust. All the bodies
, y th Houe Committee. lookout alution during the Indian war have been recovered.
Washington. Elht thousand fewer ,
rmv e1timr thin kal fnr Kv tho . -. .
war department are provided by tho
house army reorganization bill, for
mally preented by Chalrninn Kalin of
the military affairs rommltten. Ite
duetlon In the number of officers were
made In every branch of service, but
the sharpest cut wa for the avlntlon
service, which received only 1164 of
tho 4B0O asked. In all, the department
lias of necessity been resorted. In in
A deficiency of winter
moisture on the watershed furninh
ing the flow to the gravity system
Octavius Roy Cohen has told us a wrought about an inadequate supply
.ri. . I .. ..nur a onir Willi the mummy. (Ailvcr
Kurouc is not without its silver lin- ti'K rutes made known on applies- -
ing. We learn that Bulgaria marches tion.)
her profiteers in chains through the
streets of her cities.
lot in the Saturday Evening Post "'r uomcstic purposes, with the ru
by no about the "Sons and Daughters of I It '' pumping plant was op-
means sprouted wings, it is equally Will Arise," but the two best known r a pan oi last month,
true that they have not been holding Lodges just now are Henry Cabot The snowfall of Tuesday, while it
the helpless consumer with a pitch- and Sir Oliver. benefited crop conditions materially,
fork while exploring his pockets with ' ,vns ' l,ulc M " "toring water
'forked tail. Wo believe that they A recent writer remarks that the ',r thc Jfravity iyslcm.
ha've been exploiting the public to books that charmed us in youth recall At thc Christian eburrli in I'rndle
its advantage rather than its dbad- the delight ever afterward; wc are ton Man-h 3d, Min Mamie Kheard
vantage, and they mean what they hardly persuaded there are any like of this city and Mr. Otis C, McDow
say that in giving up their grocery them any equally deserving our af- ell of La Grande were united in
lines they did ao'rankly and solely fection. marriage, thc Rev. R. L. Bussaberg-
None of the various plans offered to
the committee for reorganising' the
army was adopted by the committee..
Instead the committee report a sub
mitted by Mr. Kahn, baaed on the na
tional defense act of 1916, wos used
as the working basis, the new law be
ing a revision of tho old one.
Forbid Liquor Search Without Warrant
r:hlrgo. MJor A. V. Tinlrjniple,
commander of fhe eipedltlon agalnit
the "Mlchlgn rum rebellion," returned
to Chlcego with hi cmsadsr to bo
fared with positive federal order for
blddlngTlquor search or arrests with
out proper warrant.
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