The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 20, 1920, Image 4

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    A Frank Snider Returns to Weston pjIDjLJ SCHOOL IN WESTCN
f v 1 J.. K. Snider han returned to Wo- At mrt i
CniintV Politic! turn will I for the whold or tno roun- mo ouic. ui ui..i
IaXZ. Pr, ?l y. ""U " """birred. Ke.tor want. It. n.l o 1'"kU ''
(Athena 1TVM.) ' nil..,, hi. niYouiu-inllt with tllil
FEBRUARY 27 AND 28 j-.- JTJS, r -
ton twin Athena, whore he hH been
with Watt & Kogvni, and will v-
l.Ulo attention I. being given to ' ' '' " k.v,, fr a little rhortlln from Mr.
caire in bunineM here again, but on
Arrangement are being erfeeled
.. r. ..... .. .1..
a larger acnle than formerly.
roiinty politic yet. " "" ' ,
for the two-day potato ami grain
. i iiiuw lu nnov onn ny unr - , . 4
Snider has Knight the Wotun
I.Ullvn hen lie dormant a door
. .M . - - J .O ... I-, all (-Mnt, 111 r
Kitten ,or ,e. ,lh Potion mid .hnrket mg .c oc. to rv,mb,ioan. ar, not togeiher on JJZZ Thl. . fac, of tha ...lendlJ o,.
"'"- , . ,,, n-ii a t!rvi,r n,i h alo 1,0 ml" i,,,,u,r"" '" their county court ironnei. ror un . ..-.. -- -. 1Hr(.m(,y that I e to lHt
Tom Booher a busino.. MMtor fjm ' V .1.," , next Friday .ml SatuMay. February ,,, lhtt th, rlK.kburn..Sohanm., " th"tll", ' ."iT , fhe l."u at ve ticket who can,
In .W, Saturday. "k " "v, r lh ; 1' . Tr ! 27 and 2. riWar C K. HyM,.,. of frllllw.up , m,t bein irleefully aup. vau-ntltm om e In while. l.Uirl t be a ' ' u , .atructlvely
J,w Ilctn and J. U. Prue were jt, Jli .a "-''"' " -rll by any J Whether up. .UKl.1e rand dale r i I'; JJXJ " Spla, It over" vai.-ra Sal-ntay. ilnVion t ,,- V U to thi. corner of the .late J , , " - K Ir".! ,rt, t.cket
Mr. und Mn. Jack Kead weiv vi- (((.t , , f mgv ,mHim !ls nm, aN I Al I ml HennU.n. who ,,B!( iu Inception frm knowledge of ' J" J;:. ""'J "J.,;" "4"or,l!l. o J!- r,.lal. for illustration.
itinir in Weaton Sunday from WiU- lri,m,,,.1 Wm-twuithlmr and nm- " '""''", l1 committee U , burn'a caPabil.tie or whether lt that ( hailii-InU '' " .
U i,K in wi a ireiuial .ImMin.tmm. ami ma preparin k' for the Vvent. u lmf utlK ,wn ,utu, f Schan- " t.civafler inatead of tylnR hnn- "
&Sk fflsl SS2 SSSaws
... a . . 1. . 1. a .. f Wik.I.iF latin v U'MI rlllMlll 111
the aurla. Auernoon iiuu . .... (vrvallis which
i. i Athena until the close of the school iorain, wnin
r-i n....:., u year, when they will asam occupy
in this vicinity this week in connec
tion with his county work.
Mrs. Marjraret Kabb is in Tort
land this week, buyinit millinery for
the Weston Mercantile Co.
Having recovere.1 from intluema.
Miss Lois Porter has resumed her
studies in Whitman College.
their home on. Normal Heights.
Gratitioation over regainintt so val
uable a eitiren as Mr. Snider is tem
pered with regret over the probable
loss to local business and industrial
circles of Mr. Hall. Hi remains un
til the first of the month or later in
order to close un his a:Tairs.
For the present Mr. tireer will eon-
Lewis Van Winkle Junior tHk the tjt,ui. in business harness at tl' Wes
rural mail out on route two Monday. tlin (;arage and assist Mr. Snider in
substituting for Kay Gordon. taking care of the front oi!icc
W. L. Kayborn spent a few hour
in town alula.v, reiurmnK w n
mountain ranch in the evening.
Mrs. Ellsworth Woods has been
confined to her farm home with an
attack of the prevailing epidemic.
W. S. Price was engaged a few
days this week in painting and pa
pering the Memorial Hall kitchen.
Miss Dorothy Bulfinch and Mr. ami study of the
Mrs. Elmer Tucker were Sunday aux Yeux,'
nicsts at the C. F. Bulfinch home. esting. as
Tim McBride came in from the M -Bride
Bros, farm Saturday to vUit
and shop a few hours in the metrop
olis. Frank English, bachelor fanner uf
Weston mountain, was in town Sat
urday looking after matters of busi
ness. Lee Billings of Walla Walla spent
Thursday as the guest of his bister
and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Ross.
was attended by
fanners from all over the state.
Grain and potato judging and grad
ing will be practiced by those who
An important matter to come be
fore the school relates to some
changes ill federal grain grades, such
as making sub classes in white club
wheal.- These arc of especial inter
est to growers of rod chaff and other
harder vaiietic of white club. This
matter will come up Sntuiday, as will
also discussion of the proposed gov
ernment extension t f the price guar
antee. A line on the sentiment of the
fanners attending the Weston meet
ing is desired.
Friday will be totato day. The
mu st ion w ill lo discussed, llow can
can grow two jtj
y bushels r ,rj
potatoes be grown with prollton We-
Jessie Ilavis is back in high school ton mountain when with but little
after a long period of sickness. greater cost the Yakima valley and
The French II class has be run the other irrigated sections ci
classic, '"La Pander or three times as many
and finds it quite inter- acre? It will be shown that potato
t is something new. growers in nearby irrigated sections ;
The rhysics class has found a new nre sending as far as Michigan and ,
field of experience and experiment Wisconsin for seed. In 1918. when j
since its laboratory equipment has table potatoes were jelling at K'5 ,
arrived. per ton. a Buckeye Washington dry ;
The library books are being cat- land potato grower sold his entire t
alogucd by Mr. Fitzpatrick this crop for seed at $70 K-r ton. The j
week. fact will bo impressed upon the Blue
English classes are beginning to Mountain potato growers that if they j
take their outsidt reading. take advantage of the wonderful soil ,
Much activity has been shown by UI1d climatic conditions with which I
the high schocd boys in getting ready the Creator has endowed their re
for the baseball games, basket ball gion, they can more than double their
having been out of favor this win- profits. Potato men are urged not to i
The parties who borrowed the jack tor on account of the "flu." miss Friday's program, and Bre also ;
screw from the Hall blacksmith shop Miss Rintoul was back .Monday to j,,! to brins samples of their spuds. ,
are requested to return the same to teach the little folk,- after an ab
Frank Snider.
Mrs. W. II. Gould and Mrs. Sidney
" Tucker motored to Athena last
Thursday for a day's visit with Mrs.
Zella McPhcrrin.
Mrs. J. M. Coinpton has been as
sisting in raring for the ill members
of the R. L. Reynaud household dur
ing the past week.
Farmers and other friends of Mem
orial Hall got out yesterday with
since due to sickness.
The grades are having Cour
tests again this week ami
them. .
Valentine boxes were put in the
rooms of Mrs. Fitymtrick, Miss
Colvin ail Mrs. Pell and nil were
made happy by the valentines they
Swings and other kinds of play
Attcndauce is improving in high
school, after many pupils have beiri
a 1 ; I I .1 . .1
learns anu ui.pieuiems anu Kraucu thc obst,Ilt litit,
the hall grounds. M(jgt of Miss BruW-s ciUS!) in An.
Jim King was in town Saturday, Ancient History" are out, leaving only
making his first calls upon Weston two of the original six.
merchants since influenza went to ground apparatus are being erected
the mat with him. 0n the school grounds to afford ex..-r-
Miss Rosaline Rohde of Pendleton, rise and pleasure for the pupils.
who was the guest last week of her
sister, Mrs. 5. 0. Petiersen, return
ed to her home Saturday.
Jake Narkaus was in town Wed
nesday and reports that despite De
cember frigidity his cattle have win
tered well in the Helix district.
Stevens Lodge, Knights of Pythi
as, conferred the knight rank Wed
nesday night on Sylvan Kennard,
Carl Brandt and Marvin Adkins.
Miss Frank Harris Davis is being
entertained this week by the Misses
Edna Hollcnbeck- and Mabel Colvin
at their cottage on Normal Heights.
Henry Craigen exhibited to friends
last Saturday a beautiful branch of
silvery pussy willows which he se
cured along the banks of Pine creek.
Gordon Nelson, former Pendleton
high school student, is wanted in
" Pendleton for passing worthless
checks. He has been apprehended
in Portland, and Sheriff Taylor will
bring him to the county jail.
At the sale of Indian lands Mon
day, R. F. Kirkpatrick of Pendleton,
was the highest bidder, paying $200
per acre when he bought 40 acres for
$8,000. There were nine parcels of
land up for sale and all were sold.
J. E. Bowker, who sold his place
last fall to Fred McGrcw, is closing
out his :-txk and machinery with a
view to locating on a small tract
near Freewuter. Mr. Bowker bus
announced a public sale f'.r Febru
ary 27 at the Andy Douglas resi
dence. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pell, Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Gordon and Jess Fowls
visited the lower Umatilla Sunday
on a fishing trip. Incidentally, they
were away Monday also, their auto
having decided that it was a good
time to break down with two garage
men aboard.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hartman of
Pendleton are leaving February 28
for an extended tour of the Orient.
They will visit the Philippine is
lands, where Mr. Hartman served 22
years ago when a lieutenant in the
Second Oregon. Mr. Eugene Eppin
ger of Walla Walla will accompany
A meeting of thc entire Annual
staff was held Wednesday and plans
for the school publication were made.
Reports came from all the depart
ments and the Annual will be pub
lished soon. J he seniors will be es-
lielnw is the fvo-day program:
Course 1. Potato production.
1. Potato varieties, their identifi-
enjoy cuj0(1 m,(i improvement.
2. Potato soils and their prepara
tion and fertilization.
:!. How to plant and grow a crop
of jMjtatnvs.
4. Potato storage.
5. Potato marketing grading.
6. Potatoes in rotation.
Course 2. Wlici.t Production for
L'liiutilla County.
1. .Summer fallowing methods and
seeil bed production for maximum
2. Standard variety, seed treat
ment; time, rate and manner of seed
ing. .". Special production problems: I
(a weed control.
(b minimizing frost injury. !
(e) controlling volunteer,
(d) winter killing. j
1. Wheat harvest; handling and 1
, j . i , ,u marketing methods,
penally featured and it is hoped the
year book will bring pleat-ant mem
ories to them all in after life.
Charles May was in the city Sat
urday from his home on Weston
& once
Course '!. Grain Grading and In- !
speetion. '
1. Dockage and its determination, j
2. Varietal mixtures; their deter- J
ruination, grading and utilization. j
3. Standard varieties. j
4. Color and texture of wheat us i
indicative of gluten content and miil- jW
im- villus. ?
5. Smut dockage and value and
uses of smutty wheat.
n. Factors affecting wheat value
at shipping point.
Second - Hand Sad
dies. We will trade
new saddles for old
Harness Oiled for
$1.00 per set..
Harness Store
(Phone 122)
Milton - Oregon
Notice to Subscribers
If this notice is marked it signi
fies that your subscription expires
Meh. 1. 1920. We would most
gratefully appreciate your prompt
Subscription rates- by the year,
$2.00; six months, -51.00; three
months, .10 cents.
The Leader is invariably discon
tinued at expiration.
Three hundred and hovoii ictch
heavy black loam il, located in Co
lumbia county, Wash., eight miles
from Waits burg and right at ir
-small station ok the O.-W; l!Ui crop
averaged 42 bushels per acre; ll-'i
acres now iu winter wheat. Improve
ments arc C-rofim modern bungalow,
born for 28 head of stock and 70
tons of hay; granary mid sheds.
With the place foes 12 bead work
hordes, some young stork, complete
set of implements and machinery and
all crops if sold before March 1st.
Price in $150 per acre.
ROSS C. LASH LEY, manager Oregon-Washington
Ranches Co., P. O.
Box 510, Phone 1010, Pendleton, Or.
Pendleton pa-r rejiort a greater
number of smullpox eases than flu
cases in that city.
FEU. 27 and 28.
That this is the biggest thing for Wes
ton that has come our way for years.
That evefy farmer is expected, urged
and pleaded with to be present.
That we have the THKKE SEASON
underwear for men at only $2.00 the
That we have
at a bargain.
a good piano for sale
That it will pay you to ask about out
bargain piano.
That SPUING COATS are beginning
to arrive and that- we will have a fine
assortment from which to make your
That Mrs. Rabb is now in Portland
buying your spring hat.
That the information in our ad. last
week is very timely and gathered from
reliable sources, backed by the judg
ment of the most prominent business
men of the country. Head it again;
then act by buying your needs for the
coming season now.
That whether a Main streeter or a
Water streeter you are welcome to all
the conveniences of our1 big, light
store, and we solicit your patronage
for the coming season.
That we carry the Huckingham &
Ilecht Army shoe for men and boys,
the perfection in work shoes and th
price $6.75.
That spring house cleaning calls for
new draperies and that we have them.
That spring is here ; get out your rake
and paint brush.
That the kitchen in Memorial Hall is
complete and is SOME KITCHEN.
weston ii