The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 20, 1920, Image 3

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    Good Furniture for
Years to Come
In Inning furniture you should always
Invar in mind that you are gointf to live
willi it for a long time. Furniture
that is hastily selected and bought
simply hecause the price is low, often
develops into dis.-opointnient in a
short time.
Theie irt irshurtagt' of e.ood furiiiture,
hid fortunately orders that we placed
months n'o are being filled in a most
satisfactory way. Today, as never he
fore, we can olrer you furniture of
quality and at prices that are moder
ate, in splendid assortments.
Wic Davis -Kaser Co.
C.inp!i ti l-'uriiislKTH of Homes, Olfices, School t
ami Cliurclie.s.
10'JO Aider St. (M.I IVIIiiwh lVni.Ii ) Walla Wnllu.
Kstimates furnished fre'e on all kinds
of work. All work guaranteed.
Freewater Electric Supply House
I'hone Ni. XX Freewater, Oregon.
We Advise the Public
that The Weston Mills, with new
management, continues the motto: "We
Serve to Suit."
Rolling Qrinding Cleaning
Ifztv. Rolled Barley. Oats. Wheat and
Mill feeds. Chicken Feeds, includ
ing Corn, Wheal, Scratch Food, Hone.
Shell, ;rit, Meat Scraps and Fgg Mash.
Try a Sack of our Popular Graham.
J. A. LUMSDEN - Proprietor
and Dye
Water proof and will not fade.
Try a can. For sale by
Goodwin's Drug Store
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected blucstcm in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest
Sold in Weston by
Weston Aercantile Company
iJr. Nv.1. Hon mt, dentist. I 'Initio
NO. H.I, WeStoB.
Dr. K. I). Watt U in Kpokane thin
week on a business mlsslun.
If you want a nlre homv In Wr
ton "llrt rheap," A. W. Lundell.
Mr. M. C. Ferguson haa returned
from Pendleton ami U again at her
hoinu on tin 'mountain.
The rarely beautiful, endlisply vu
ried ainii; of tlm meadowlarl has
made melody during the past week
Mr. ami Mr. Kdward lleim were,
visiting In Weston last week from
Seattle. Mm. llenn waa formerly
Minn Sylvia lleathe.
F. A. Sehullx of the Freewater
Klectric .Supply House waa in town
Monday looking after Weston busi
ness In th line of wiring.
Trajan Tucker nan mild hit Wild
Homv mountain interests ai)d will
devote all of his attention hereafter
to hi reservation holdine--
Mr. nnd Mm. Vernon I. O'Harra
are rejoicing over the arrival of their
flint-born, a 'daughter, ho eamc last
Friduy to lake her place in the fam
ily circle.
Roy Kind lion returned from a visit
to Inii sister. Mm. Allisun Wood, at
Mountain Home, Iduho. Ho says
that Allison it nicely established
there in the (,'urage business.
Sum Key in town Tuemliiy
from the foothill, where he i now
funning the Well place. He eayn
that hi wheat in froze out in pots
and re-seeding may lie necessary.
Archie McPermoit, member of a
pioneer family residing in thi aec
lion in early yearn, diel February
II in Portland. Mr. McDerniott waa
an uncle of Hugh Walker of Wasco.
. Town dog havo been killing sheep
on the John Hamster placo west of
town evidently from a canine idea
of sport. Seven sheep are missing
from the flock, and two were found
J. E. Scrimshcr wa in town the
first of the week and report that no
grain wa damaged by freezing in
the Holdman district. Rc-seeding
will only be necessary on spot that
were washed out.
in open places aUut town. Mr.
Lilian Fredericks and Miss F.lna Hol
lenbrck were first to report hnving
heard the full, rich note thut voice
the happiness or bid depart the gloom
of hunmii neighbors.
Rev. A. 1.. Thorouglmian. for eight
year presiding elder of the Melho
list Kpiscopal Church, South, died in
Walla Walla Inst Monday. Mr.
Thoroughmai: was well and favorably
known to Weston ieople and was at
one time stationed here.
Lenndcr Kirk was down for o few
duya lust week visiting hi daugh
ter, Mr. J. Hodgson of Weston, and
sister, Mrs. M. E. Iiurdon of Athena.
Mr. Kirk is now residing on tho
hay ranch of his son-in-law, W. W.
Morton, below Wcnatchee.
L. H. Curti has returned from a
visit to "the old folks" at Browns
ville, Oregon, and is again on duty
ut tho Ellsworth Wood farm. Mr.
Curtis also visited Portland "and ex
tended his journey as far south as
Ashland, whose beautiful park he
highly commends.
Vernon O'Hiirra and family and
Ray Jones will move soon to tho J.
K. Jones place on tho mountain,
where they expect to put both a new
drag saw mid a circular sow in com
mission. Incidentally, they will oc
casionally hunt and trap coyotes for
recreation and profit.
Mis Patricia Eagleton, who was
seized with influenza while attend
ing St. Joseph's Academy in Pen
dleton, has been under treatment at
the J. 12. Scrimaher residence in that
city, where her mother is attending
her. She is now getting better, af
ter a very serious illness.
Jim Jones is back on the job this
week as rural mail carrier on route
one, having recovered from the flu
which afflicted his household. He
will agBin put his smuller mules in
commission, nobody but himself be
ing able to handle these frisky ani
mals. Ray Jones has had the route
during his father's illness.
Mrs. Iven O'Hnrra has sold her
80-acrc field of wheat lund south of
town to Frank Greer for $252.50 an
acre. Mr. Greer also bought the
Mrs. O'Harra resilience tract of 4i
acres, for a consideration of $2500.
The addition to his holdings gives
him one of the nicest farms in the
Weston neighborhood.
The Armenian "Relief fund drive is
progressing favorably in Weston,
with good prospects thut Weston's
quota of $400 will soon be forthcom
ing. J. II. Price has ehargo of the
local drive, and appointed S. A.
Darnel and Sim J. Culley as his as
sistants. Tho workers report re
ceiving almost universal encourage
ment, showing local appreciation of
the urgent needs of funds for re
lieving Armenia'! sUrvIng millions.
A slight know this morning dissi
pated prospect of apring. Freezing
at night ha damaged the whrat to
Some extent throughout thi district
and some re-needing will be neces
'nary. Among thoM who will hawt
to do thi cotlv chore on part of
their holding are Arthur ( uppix k,
Charles Wiliam and Will Kirk. A
' general thing, hybrid wheat seem
to have withstood the freezing Ut
ter than the club varietie.
the K. (I. baling have mild thir
attractive cottage on Water street
and part of the furniture to Dr. N.
P. Rennet, who ha moved in with
hi family. Mr. Saling will leave
xn to Join hi fumily in Portland.
The Salings are planning to cum
back for the summer month. ff-.
Saling, who was here for a few days
Inst week, returned to Portland Sun
day. George, Ashworth held hi heml a
triflo higher than usual and walked
with brisk pace through our streets
last Saturday a he recalled that
the Uth of February marked his
eighty-seventh birthday. He cele
brated the event by putting on his
hat and taking himself abroad t'
view tho wonder of the returning
Member of Athena-WesUm lot,
American Legion, were delightfully
entertained at Memorial Hall Mon
day evening by tho Pachelor Girli
and You Go I Go clubs. A musical
program was enjoyed and a delecta
ble repast served. Preliminary step
were taken toward the organization
of a women's auxiliary to the post.
Mr. I.. Halseth of Drowning,
Montana, is expected to arrive in
Weston soon to tako a position with
the Weston Mercantile Co. Mr. Hal
seth is a merchant of many years'
experience and the Weston Mercan
tile Co. is to be congratulated on
securing the services of a man of
his ability.
Royal Iriskcll is in the city from
Dayton, Wash., for a short visit with
his parents. He has just recovered
from influenza, a has also his broth
er, H. J. Driskell. Mrs. II. J. Dris
kell i quite seriously ill with the
disease and her sister, Mrs. Grady
Herndon, has gone to Dayton to at
tend her.
Mm. J. Franklin Macy and chil
dren, Isabella, Doris and William, ac
companied Mr. and Mrs. M. W. IV
dcrsen home from Pendleton Satur
day and were their guests over Sun
day. Prof, and Mrs. F. C. Fitzpatrick,
Miss Mabel Colvin and Miss Edna
Hollenbeck motored to Pendleton
Saturday to look after matters of im
portance to educators.
John Reynolds has returned to
Weston after an extended "absence,
during which he spent nearly all his
time in the open, hunting and fish
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Ivn O'Harra and Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Kinncar and baby
were all confined to the O'Harra
home by a visitation of influenza.
li : - ' . 8
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I James L. Elam
I Walla Walla - - Washington
Hospital at comer of Main J
and Broad streets. i
Phone -- Main 253
V 9
The Farmers Bank of Veston
Established 1891
Oregon Agricultural College
working with the County Agricultur
ist will hold a school at Weston Feb. 27
and 2S which will be of very great in
terest to grain and potato growers, as
well as those interested in livestock.
Prof. Hyslop and others will be
present. You should meet them. The
pleasure will be theirs and the benefit
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