The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 23, 1920, Image 3

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    fcccae Tax Azsia
Tm forms fur Individual who tiro
subject to the government Income lux
have been received at tho ofllce of
W. D. Chamberlain, deputy Internal
revenue collector at iVndlelon, and
are now ready fur distribution,
On of tin fonni will bo mailed to
every person who made return last
year fur tho year IBIS. Persons w.ho
wera not subject to tha tax lat year,
but whose Incomes have advanced un
til they must, at bant, make a return
thl year, are warned by tho rol
ler tore to obtain onu of thu forma on
their own account.
Tha tlmo for Ming esplre March
IA and sever iictieltiv await anyone
subject to tax pruvUlnna who fail to
pinitiin of 1 20 will be ylven fr
all children under 1H yean j.f age.
In some cases, Mr. Oiumhcrlain -plain",
a man may make nttirna and
nut ho subject to a tax. For example,
a married iimn with three children hiiiLu ... m I......IHM lit
ffin .... m ... in- imw
$.'100, but becauati .f tho exeinplluii ,,ull,e feature,
rulea, he would nut bo subject to tho Tuesday.
lux. I I lev Winn ha
To anlt Mr. Chamberlain In hi Wlnonu ranch
work of receiving the return J. J.
WilkliiKon, tax expert, will arrive next
tfutorduy repot ta the F.ant Orcgnnluii.
Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Willi, rnon
I e nrrniu'fd tho following ltiiivrar
1. 1 !t..'.. ','t ir lurvicea will ,v at lliu
iliiipujul of I'mati l.i county Incoino
tux poyi rn:
Mrs. J.
Tha approarhinK marriaK l an
nounced Mla Maybella Droutt, a
New Yorkirlrl. and Mr. Charlea llul
finch, son of Mr. and Mr. C. V. liul
finch of W'eitiin, which will be sol
emnised at New York City January
2J. Mr. Ilulflnt-h met hi bride-to-be
at June I'oint on tha Hudson, 40
mile above Now York, when ha waa
atatiunad there aa acorpural of ma
rines. They will make their home in
II. Williama ia confined to I'hiladclphla, where the bridegroom
'Oh Iioy!"
returned front hit
her homo with illness
Mr. and Mra. Karl Lleuallen wera
here from Walit Walla Kunday.
Milrley llainett waa up from Port,
luiid for a recent visit with relative.
H. J.'Culloy wax In Pendleton aev-
Milton, January 2d to 31, In. luxlve; 'ay lest week, aervinir aa grand
puojn v iu ,ruTiPi,i Milton, .lanuury i to oi, inclusive; - -
file tha proer atatemeut before that Athena, February 2 to' 4. Incluidvcj juryman,
data. Mr. Chamberlain la urging that ,., .,Mt tl(li .,.,ruury 5 to 14, ln. lui.lvei K. It. Hall, I
tha forma be filled out a quickly aa n)j jnMrt-j, o to 15, IncluMvej Echo, try, ha double.
u.M-d.1 m- t..r I IttVMrlutilv iilivtii t ... . i i t.. . - I.:.. .. .1 1
noaaible a there i Invariably rouges
tion at the main office In I'urtlimd
clurlnif the lait daya of tha filing per
iod. .
The tax forma for thi year slivw
thai the rata I lower than that of lat
year. The new tax la four per rent on
tha flrnt 1 1000 while tho tux on any
um in excess of 4tXK i eight per
cent. It year the tax waa six per
cent and 12 per cent, nK'ctlvily.
"Wie rules of the inroinu tax law
make any unmarried tflan or woman
whose net income Is H.0H) or more
subject to the tax, whila any married
man or woman whose net income ia
12,000 or mora is subject to the tut.
Tha exemption list declares Viet at-
February Id and 17, inclusive.
Officials of Armour & Co. have ap
proved plans for a awlno production
ceiiiptiiKn In the Inland F.mpiro in
which thoiiKanda of dollars will bu in
vested in the distribution uf brood
sows through the aiicncy of pig dubs.
Thu animals are to ba distributed
free under the supervision of state
oll.';e officers. Club ineinU-rs keep
tlie litters and return the sowa in the
has a position aa an accountant. He
has studied accounting in New
York school since leaving" the service
and making a visit home.
Tha local post of tha American Ic
Iflon la planning extensive alterations
in tha upstairs part of tha city hall,
which has been placed at tha pout's
lUnnaal bv the council. The main
loeal cautain of Indus- i.n ?n.w (.. .Iim..nai,n will ha
doubled tha number of hands itUHi un a. . ball room, athletic
on bis payroll. court and auditorium. Part of tha
Mr. and Mrs. Llmcf McCormick of floor is being renewed and the rc-
I'en.lleton were guests Sunduy of tha mainder will be repaired. A small
It. Morrisons. i.Uko for post stunts will be built in
Maxim, the little dauKhU-r of Mr. the east wall of the hall, which will
and Mrs. Don Dennett, is recited to be either re-papered or kalsomlned.
be seriously ill ( lub roon,,, wi" " filU'd un ,n 1 e
Geraldine F.rrar. I-arso,',. Comely " . e"U"rn
and Mutt and Jetr for 15 and 25c, ' bullll"- .
this Saturday night. The following committees were ap-
..... , .i u i.ointed by President ( til ley at the
J. C, Kav.s was se.xed this week .. .,. fup
.. i.i. - .. II tl... ll.Crnw " ' . . .
Three car of coal one for each
uf thi-e dealers -came in Sunday and
relieved tho local fuel shortage.
Thin ia n alo well plnnnwl and lonjr looki'il for by
thoao who opprt-ciato quality plus the lowest possible
This event has been planned t irivo you tho ut
most furniture service, allowing a Selection of deHijms
that will be correct in years to come. Furniture which
is ho good and HtronK that it will be cherished by your
children's children.
Exceptional Savings in
Vho Davis -Kaser Co.
Complete Furnishers of f Ionics, Offices, Schools
and Churches.
10-20 Alder St. (Odd Fellows Temple) Walla Walla.
farm south of town.
Claud Price has purchased a fine
new Hayncs car, and drove it home
from Pendk-ton Monday.
, Mr. and Mrs. F'rank Richmond
uf Walla Walla were visiting rcla
tives In Weston Saturday.
the grain and potato school to be held
at Weston under Farm Bureau aus
pices February 13 and 14: Arrange
ments Dr. F. D. Watts, S. A.
liarnes and F. C Fitxpatrick. Publicity-Clark
Wood, J. H. Williams
and E. O. DeMof s. The matter of so-
curing a market road up wcsion
mountain was discussed at the meat-
Memorial fell Shows
This Saturday night
eraldine Farrar
On Tuesday next
Oh Boy!-a Patbe
r ii iIm. w.t.s.l t r. Pmt!ftttn
Monday with a Ford load of pota- Jug, it appearing that the prospects rJV.VViTv
tovh, which he marketed lor M.ov a are quita lavoraDie lor susn ..- g
sack. way.
.Sum Key has moved from Umapine Elmer and Jess Fcriruson started
to the Gene Watts place on Basket from the mountain ranch the other
mountain, which ha has taken under day with a sled load of chattels for
lease. , their homestead holdings on the
Richard English was down from the Umatilla. Although snow is now
mountain Saturday distributing hand eonapicuoua by its absence from the
shakes and smiles among his many mountain fields they found a super
, .. ... Ml.iimlanec of it in the timber. They
. . '. , m . foutrht through it until dark and only U
Plowing was in progress th" oteB winn c.bin, fe
. .-...i liiM.v .t three miles from
Sadly they
Viiaw pai"viii
Mr. and Mrs. J. V.-Bell and Mr. rttum'
and Mrs. O. A. Adams motored to Work in the Weston schools was
Walla Walla Sunday to visit Lester interfered with this week by the til-
n-llUrr at the hoHoital. ncss of three members of the faculty.
Mrs. J. E. Jones has been 111 at her Mrs. F. C. P '
, ... :.. ..j t- bronchitis. Mrs. Pinkerton
nonie in mis cuy, oui n iejvikvu w .
fnnnff frnm a 1
be recovering. An atUck or pneu
Tamarack church.
were then compeiiea vo
We Advise the Public
that The Weston Mills, with new
management, continues the motto: "We
Serve to Suit."
ing - Grinding - Cleaning
Hay, Rolled Barley, Oata, Wheat and
Millfeeds. Chicken Feeds, includ
ing Corn, Wheat, Scratch food, Bone,
Shell, Grit, Meat Scraps and Fgg Mash.
Try a Sack of our Popular Graham.
J. A. LUMSDEN - - Proprietor
monia was threatened
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lumaden havj
leased the Lee Wilson cottage on up
per llrond stret and will soon be com
fortably domiciled therein.
Mrs. J. S. Lleuallen and daughter
Catherine have gone to La Crande to
join Mr. Lleuallen, who is stationed
there as blacksmith in the railway
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Gildersleevc of
Enterprise, Oregon, made a short
visit last week at the home of R. E.
York- Mr. Gildersleevc is a brother
of Mrs. York
ill with
is suf
fering from a very serious attack or
pleurisy and Miss Frank Harris Da
vis is also under the doctor's .care.
Miss Davis was injured in an acci
dent occurring at a recent coasting
party. School has been dismissed
until next Monday.
Influenza in what is said to be a
light form has appeared in Weston
and also in the Wild Horse neighbor
hood. The town patients are Mr. and
Mrs. M. Adkins, who reside on north
Water street. They are being at- f
tended by the parents of Mr. Adkins
On the Wild Horse there are three
patients ot the Joe Payant farm, Mr. J
Our furniture can be relied
upon as being exactly what
we say it is. For every dollar
you pay us you get a dollar's
worth of goods and often more than a dol
lar's worth at the present market. We are
careful buyers, with quality ever our watch
word, and our patrons profit by the knowl
edge derived from our years of experience.
DeMoss Furniture
, .wi f.itfcoi and brother.
i iiyuui. nu .-..-
I imvi. at mv shon an A No. 1 hack. uu. M.Ri-ili and little son are also
newly painted and overhauled also umier treatment. 3-iiu-h wairun in uood sliane for
The Fanners Bai of Weston
aula at a bargain. Call and see for
yourselves. E. K. Hall.
Mrs. Richard Morrison was a last
week-end guest of Mr. aud Mrs.
Frank Graham at Pendleton. She re
ports that their buby daughter is im
proving, after quite 'a serious illness.
A little spurt in the residence tcl
enhone lino is reported this week
at the local hello ofllec. Phones were
Established 1891
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsbur'g, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the .
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
. ;Sold inJVVestori by I :',
Weston Mercantile Company
The annual meeting of stockholders
of tho Weston Mercantile Co. was
held Wednesday at Memorial hall,
niul much enthusiasm and gratiflca- vj
es were ... ,., th ,.nipt hnsi- H
nsta led m the houses 01 L. W. lie- ,. j,: n, nst &
bert, J. A. Lumaden and J. II. il- yvM hy tmg popular BUt successful H
Haras. community enterprise. The stock h
An amiablo. stork unexpectedly wns wcu rt.presented, and the entire g
brought a little son tho other day to djrectorate was re-elected by a prac-
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ilaney of Waits- tj,.aiiy unanimous vote. The mem- h
burjf, who have been visiting at the nj 0fnccrs 0f the board are: g
homo of Ernvat Haney on W ua Jiorse Dr. p. D. Watts, president; Hey
mountain. Whin, vice president; J. H. Williams,
Edmond L. Wood writes homo that secretary; Joe Key, Joo Hodgson, S.
h W been assigned teniDorarily to J. Cullev and Frank Price.
M company, 54th regiment, and is A dividend of sixteen percent was
stationed at Camp Grant, Illinois, declared, of which eight percent was
He does not know as yet whether he passed to surplus. Dividend) checks
will bo kept in active scrvico or put for the remaining eight percent will
on the reserve list and sent home, be mailed to stockholders February
Thursday afternoon at the adultx 8th next
Rod Cross class Miss Stasia P. "
Walsh gave instructions in scientific Brethren Lecturer Comiflg
hnthinrr of invalid patients. Mes- .... . ...
J. - Cl. 1 PnlLur nnrthn .XAWnrfl. D ...
r;l. , :z. cw director of -k10"8 education,
Aiocri, v, .--.v- ch h f the Brethren, is coming
demonstrated tho work m a aausiac- in v(.u,arv faT . series of
tory majiner. lectures at tho local church. He will
Arthur Starmer was host recently be here Monday evening, February
L O 1.. .. BA1,nAl t -1 ...111 - I & n 2..n.1.t.
to tne memoers or ms vnuvi m) gnu aiso win eouuuei. wuu
class and their teacher, George Winn, School Institute the forenoon, after- H
at tho homo of his parents, Rev. and noon and evening of February 17 rj
Mrs. A. J. Starmer. t ne an air ceie- and is.
brated tho young man's birthday an- The series of stereopticon lectures
niversar and was thoroughly enjoy- wju include the following subjects:
ed by all in attendance. World Re-construction and the For-
Mrs. J. H. Price dispensed charming ward Movement. The Rural Church
hospitality Wednesday afternoon Facing its Ja.k Tobacco and C.gar-
when ahe opened her home for a Sil- ettea. The New Day in Rel.g.oua Ed-
vcr Tea under the auspices of the ueatioh. , .
Woman's Missionary society of the Other lectures are:
M. E. Church. A number of ladies The Boy and H.s Dad. The Lop-s.d-
S re n attendance and enjoyed a so- fd Young Man, Teachmg the , 1
cial hour together. Tha program in- Tots, Wiggling Boys and Gwgl n
uLl a reading by Mr Goodwin, a ? The Bist "l,Best PayU1
song by tho Camplire girls and a Business, American Democracy and
reading by Miss Kathleen Pedersen. Religious Education.
Possibly we can help you; but if you don't make
your wants known we have no opportunity. Have
you plans for 1920 which require more cash than
you have on hand? If so, why not talk it over with
us. It is our wish to assist you in every way possi-
ble and it can do no harm to lay your problems be
fore us. Possibly we can help you solve them.
tion, U
g to g
and Dye
i Water proof and will not fade.
Try a can. For sale by
Drug Store