The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 26, 1919, Image 1

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V0LUM1J 42
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers. -
Pendleton's lax levy till year will
i 41 mills (I against V.t tatit year.
HnliArt ('. I'milii aa re-elected pres
ident cj the Hab m CommnrcUl club at
lb a I' fell III lt)i 1 UK. , ,t
IMrn, Monlm A. Rmlth. agd n yura,
n nf oldest r Ml Jon I of Lane
county, dlril at Kug"ne.
The 'roof of tin- oiuhnaluni of Jim
Mnnmbuth high athool rav.-d in und-r
111 weigh! of id heavy snos.
t'mattlla county's tax I'"')' for lh
coming yer will Itn 1.1 mi 1 1. mi In
erai of ij mills over last yinr.
Many borees lu tli liuner Creek re-
(Ion of rmitllla county ar dead ! " '"'l' A":l
puf f oold and insufficient feed.
Interjjetbldg receipts for Novem
ber tOi3!d'$;fYc"06 t'!t, according to
rport Issued by lh comiulsalnnare.
Following (tin cancellation of nil rml
restriction, J. P. Keck, coal t r
for Oregop, rioted, hi office at buuju.
Tba annual convention of she Ore
ion title ti-acbera' association will t
held In PorvJaml DcuiUer 2. 30 and
SI. . . .
HutuUcjj . of penrh. apricot , am)
rharry trwa were allied lu Waaco
county. Jjy. thn recent oxtrem cold
weather. .....
Th.ypn i to weather anJ hv
fall t atrnjv Old much damage to ii
aarvaiorlta ourd by tli ,florli uar
Oron city,
WHU trains of ihrte coimiiunlu.n .-i
to hr fuini. the Hood Itlvrr )t"d
i r company filed fur i4 1 ni ,1 ui Oregon
t.'i1 n mortgago rovrrliKt ,lt entire
.rni i ., t"ln document rover HO
I !" i nf rlnwly i i' i'.'il rIiix'K
Many bird nr lv fx .I In tlir Harris
lint M section during tlm cold,
due In exposure. In uiany liiatancr
mow tiinla froie In Imrn lota where
f.-ed tint been Ihriiw ti out fur lluni.
William I.. I'llilry )ia tirutt rriuOvH
u atatf liiilu(lnt nt tho Orerpn flat U
iiiul kniii.' rniiiiiilaaliu. Till at toll
wa luk.'ii ill a iii'-iiliiK of tin) rum
iullou In M In 1'urtliiinl l riiubr It.
Tim llnwliv I'u Ir ri;.ir I'ompaiiy
li ilaivi mi ontr .Uli Hn- ,lln -koii
City Kbuiidrjf i'iuiphiiv fur '.!if luiiiiu
farlur.' of acxetnl iir v.ef iihuIiIim ,
wlilrli li.u.-nUn lu ilii' aat bi'ea
11111(1 fu'-t ii r i :i 1 1.' .!. ,
l(. iiirt liuui v.iri.n n ' loi'K of tli
Hlll(i' lit.K.-ill llilit l.l'i'i l;nlllti of
imtn'ix-ii uiri" fin, ii ti it r t it jc the n
i i-itt teroiil 1 1 r iiklflu "li wi-a'.her.
Hiiiik- fnitii'ti li:iv- milfi'rnl raihiT
lu avy loam n In ilil.i r :p-!.
Bi iiiitoi Mi N'nry It. pr. imrliiK a 'lilll
li.iiiiii'alii 1J tlm
Ity of Mmltnril lor pil Hi- mrk pur-
mm i. it 1 1 it niidiliir I. Ill (uiiin U'lnii
J50.0'.0 fn. the ifrcMon of a uibllc
liillilliitt at KliiniMlU KuH.i.
Tho I'U: nn il!i of th. I. inn tVunty
(iood Kui.ila iDi lu inn,' urUlnally I
for Deciiubi'r 13 pud t bi n Hm poncd
one 'i k on ai''mim of the nturui. haa
been polHini (I nKaln ami will lie. held
aonn- i'in nlur the luillilaya. . .
Klri'. lil' h i tiiouait to Itnvt aiart
rd fti'm" ifn i'xplDavti of ih.'mlcnla In .
th liii.otainry 'vr1 hum ov' In iho
auvial i win on iho floor above, il.uic'
ue(l Vnller hall at illiiiiiotlo L'ul
Women in Japanese Factories
tt, . . ... i
4 r . ..-.-f .5.-. . . ,-.
A' V eT '...,. J ,:,
- J-.y.r . ..i -.":,-. . I
'V v ";' ;.- --v
".;,i ,'..
r L
t - '
1 -L
A 1
V -ffcr A-S - ri
v...alty.lo lhleritV.r3.Uua, 51 Vllpll 11 A U Q
A(tr U'lliUUilii. all, ULIlillIM I J
thero reniiilnvt! Itj tlicaurplu '"n't of ,,
the ftiefrin mate fnlr.luard oiv tM;Ce'm-
l-y 1, lul'i, a total of J.4'i9 Jl. areord
lug 10 -the oiimmlT.'iHjirl prepjiriil iy
Crom chapter already hoa J800 nwm- A, II. In. rr.'tiuy of iho btntd.
Contrurta have been ln.d by offl
data of til'- Cum n.l- national foreat
and the NoriUMcatcrn TuriHinlue coin
pany of Pnnlntid, whereoy till com
uaiiy mil ! itliowr.l 10 lat I'ihikIih
Aahley. JI,Jnc. 35, ranrher of tho jf m-ra lu ih- fuini fur urp'htlitf. J"'"" roDijcr.
(kMitbern ud of Tlniullllu wunty. a - 3 .;. wililmm ami family of KuReue, . "rP Voider. -h'o worii Xio n..i:l:.'i n
fatally ahot hy hl huntlnR tuiupaiilou. who were li. llevid to Jiovn Wri loat la. ,,rol HU!to 1"'f,l.v l)f forcbo u;i
Edward Warner. .1.. a. .i. ...u r .1,'- Pr. hour, hcif the Morn waa filled
U ra fur VMO. .
Right ri iiia a pound fur the Marlon
county yjeld of Injiniiberrli a for lhi
year 1920 haa been offered by a inn
nary at Alhay. .
. . Otympla, Wash. fC. If. BchultK. au
toinotiHe dealer, ui ahoi ami killed
by a linlilup man who a few mlnutea
bi foro 0 o'clock Monday evcnliiK rob
bed Iho J. C. rennoy Company stjro of
flSno. Srbultz os kllk-d ubllo i'UP
the de'iP now nt tho nuiiiiiilt .of . the t
K flru.lo tho baaement of rti Port- -nrBd timnntnliia hlb a'Uinptlna; to
land Star workt at Portland caued Tr,t ln Or-Kon with n faur
damaee in the plant etiniatd at from bora.- train, are reported to to af at
111 AAA .a IIAAAAA ...
i,a fine. ,.
?,000 to llon.ono
Heiirx nianke and O. ('. f.uerke. of
riymouth, Wl have announred that
they will Inatall a Imrdwood
aaamlll at Jlarrlabura.
A call hat been.lHaued Mr the eUih
annual oonferenro of the Oreaop Stat
Dralnai aaaorlatton to convme at
Cnrrallla. January 1 and 2. ,
Tb"flrt caafl of aiitpuintlnn report
d at Tho Dulles aa tho reaolt of frret
Inn aa that of E. Clotwen, n nln-(p-brd"r,
who lind hl le taken orf.
tiamat by.broken ater plpen. hrok'
Twelve a!eft have .if'n deported
(rum tlret;oti UurlliR the'jireaejit momb
uml othiK are exncled 10 follow be
fore the flrat of the-yoar, ae'coriHnu to
Infnrntntlon mail" prildle Ity 11, V. Puff'
hniii, Vhli f nf the, ImnilKt'iKlou aervioe
of thl dial riot.
with Chrlstniaa ahoptiera. Ho maun
aeveral purcbaapa of earing app:irei.
and aa tbo clork etartpil to moke out
the aala jllp the robber flopped be
hind the counter fend. Covering tho
clerk Hh a nun, demanded the cash.
. ;Kmpt)lng tha 'drawer ou that aldo
of. tho store, tho man ordered tho
ch'rk . to; remain wbore he was end
creased to tho oppoalto fldi1 of ttp
ilinro and .attempted to rcb the cmli
6alm. Or. Giving an a reaaon that
the ab:l!ty of Pt ite Ihologlat Willliim
1. Klnley aa a naUimHM is needed hy
tho atate. Governor Ben F. Olcott
Tueaday wrctothe flh and game com
inuMion recommending that it rescind
an order Isaued more than a week ago
'fit a tJtar'cbumUr aesslon dispensing
with Mr. Fiuley'g aervlcen.
Lack of harmony between the com
mi:on and Mr. Finley was the rea
son for ditmifsinic him. according lo
tha txaeutJva't latter, and while be
justifies tha commission he declares
that Mr. Flnlay'a ability Is too valua
ble to be lest, and that be should be
"la view of tho foregoing I believe
Iho action of the commission should
bo rescinded, and if this fa done Fin
ley abuuld bo given a free and inde-
Them ore niorn v.-onini In Indualry
In Jiipnn thnn then? nr" tnen, oeionl
to n fin len, (nt reiel.tly luadu by llio
Wur Work Counell of the Tounjf Wo
tnaii's Chrltlmi A"m hitloii.
Tha world war hnmslit b.V,0J
women and Rirl Int.. the l.-i ity frind
of liidi)'.r) li'ei.rdlnj to t!il tui.
tiiem; SiJ.Oal of IheM lltilo i:i! uich-r
flfiean years of nice who work twelve
hours at n wukp of h it to twenty eenta
a ilny, Unit the world tony bnve allk
lien- ii(,. munition.
In Tokyo nliifie, u ty of vo arnl
iiint-liii'f million t-oople, there ure iai,.
i woiiien 1'iiipli.jeil In alxty two In
dumrles and biMincsea vary Ins from
work as telephoni- ofieratorv clerks,
aleiiosniphors and biK.kkeej-ri to
work In allk and other wrts of fur.
'uries and ilnmeMIc work.
Knell )eiir tliousunda of the. wo
men l,nk lo tl.cir hmiii .1 in the
country, broken In henlth nail victims
of tuberculosis because of the nwr
coikIIiIoiis nnikr v.Mdi tbejr worh and
live. They nre hou ed In ilormilories
in the fuetory cijiiipotind. Thuw dormi
tories are frequently unsanitary. The
clrls work lone hours, hnro no rocre
nllon and on r.;iisli!n their Inr.iS day
ro Immediately to bed, oftftitliueii a
led which a Ctrl who works tit night
lias been aleep!ns In all day.
Aa port of lis world eervlee for wo
men, the Y0UI12 Women's Christian
Association ;ilni!8 to build dormitories
In manufacttirlni; towns where girls
may live cheaply under healthful
physical nnd social conditions, to send
out secretaries who can Introduce rec
reation Into the factory compound and
direct games nnd social life.
This Is done with the co-operntlon
' of the factories' managers nnd pro
prietors. One of the most influential
. of these is Mrs. Suzuki, the most
prominent woman manufacturer in
Japan, who Is owner and manager of a
firm which exported Sll.OJO.OW worth
of loan oil to America last yenr.
Recently Mrs. Suzuki decided to
employ one thousand women In her
offices. She could not find enough
well trained ones so she established
a permanent school where Japanese
girls qiay be trained to enter the busi
ness world. The greatest danger
ahead of Japan, she says, la In Its
growing mnterlalism, and Japan's
greatest need, the development of her
women. , .
"Ark of the Soviet" Carries
249 Passengers to an Un
known Destination.
New York. The t'nlted Slates army
transport Ilufurd, "Ark of the Soviet,"
tailed Hunday with a cargo of soar
:hlsts, communists and radicals ban
ned from America, for conspiring
against ita government.
The f.bip's destination was bidden
in seiled orders but the 249 paHn
gcrs it carried expert to Le landed at
some far northern port givins accesa
to soviet IluMla.
"Long live the revolution In Ameri
ca," was chanted defiantly by the mot
ley crowd on the decks of le steel
gray troopship as she churned her
way past the S'.itue of Liberty. Now
and then they cursed is chorus at tbe
Cnltfd States and the men who had
cut short their propaganda here.
The autocrats of all tbe Rusxlans on
the transport were Alexander Berk
men and Emma Goldman, his boon
companion for 30 ycara. With tbem
wero 215 men and two women.
The transfer from Ellis Island to the
Bnford of the agitators who have been
preacTil::;; death and destruction, was
au event unique In the annals of this
.nation. Seized In raids in ali-parta
of the country, they were mobilized
here for deportation. An elaborate
screen of secrecy was thrown about
tbe preparations for sending them
Railway Bill Passes Senate
t Japanese Diplomat Saya Men
i- Alone Cannet Create Interna-
tlonal FriendlineSv
International friendship he-
twoen nations depends- larpely
! upon the friendly feeling between -f
4- the women of ihoso nations, nc-
cordinj to representatives of the
Olfleiitla of the- Southern 'm-HIc arawor on tnat sine, tie was provow- iwm ,i.,u ,,.. m.mi5i,i ut Jnpaueso embassy In WnshlnBton.
Orepon ;Hnon received , th banner
awarded to the road for mnklnn the
liei;l record a 111 " 11 fi roiula empldylng
more than 2ioo men-lu the northweet
rvKlon diiriiiK tlm recent national ae-
n trees lu ibo orchards nnd death of cident piqventlon drive.
stock on tlm range In Medford nnd
th Rntue river valley la estimated at
1100.000. .
On Its own motion tbe public serviee
commission has instituted an Invent i
gatlon of the distance, cIahs and com-
An Ire Jam ripped out tlm fnlse
work on lint now Columbia 'highway
bridge over lue Uoschutea. river, In
mursn of construction, find sent It
down Ihi- river. Tho flo work-rcpre-
aeuiul five njontha' work nnd tin outlay
ed hy Mr, t'lah Itallus, a salcswomai),
who ijrahbed. Uto sua, . , . , . . .
v.Me,titlm.e, an alarm ben;i glvi-n.
and tho robber jerked tho gun away
from the woman and left tho rture.
Several men joined in the chano as
tho man run, and Schuliz was Killed
by aVliot from tho Rubber's guu. Tho
robber escaped.
tho educational und biological depart
ment of the commission in the end
that his know-ledge as a naturalist
may net be lost to t!io state," roads
tho concluding pnrar.raph of the ex
ecutive's comrauuicaiion to tho commission.
xll:y" rate of the Bumpter Valley of approximately ffiooo.
rallroati.- ; . A mvetingot tho North P.iclflc Fair
Thi committee In charge Of plan naaoeiutlon will be held In Portland
for the Inauguration, of A. M. William' January S6 and 27. ttuprtsentntivra miles east of here; Tho train was cu
route rrout Okiauoiua tity, UKia., to
St. Louis.
Train Derailed; Two Killed, -13 Hurt.
ft. James, Mo. TwA pers um .010
killed and 48 Injured when r ' i'r... :.)"
paseiiaer train 'was tltrio
a president of Albany colleg haa of all northwest fairs belong to the
fixed January 7 aa the date of tho organisation. Dates for tho 1!20 fairs
ceremony. .';- , j will be determined, and ortier business
" Nine allotnionts of land In tli I'mn- transactod at tlio.jpw Hug., , . v, fc t
Ttlla Inillan vAftbrvril Ittn Inlnllnif AtlO ri...: ..w...,. I ,M An- .i,ln Ar 1. J
.- li;,' Aiiuiiin vi ii vi n nil .tiitu
Scout Out to Test Pershing Standing.
aeres ami appraised at .io,t it, or xi.'t two plks Jonf and containing. 827; ,?9hr headquarters have -been estab
an acre, are to be offered for enlo iicres, alt tinted a omer gf of lishe(1 Uw.a A mA RWllt, ( tonrius
February W.; r .... . Tillamook Head, is restored to entry.' w,j,tprn states to learn the Persuing
. A protest 00 parcnta ofi This nm) una withdrawn In 1SS5 for soiitlment, . t .
school children haa been filed at "Itose- quarry puioae in connection with '
burg objectlng to compulsory examlntt- the Improvoniont qf tbe - CQhtmbla , : . , .
U1AU 113 a BO.uil n pemeiueiu (riijeii
tlou of .their children by a proposed river.
county nurse.
Tho Oregon
Mixing polhou to kill jackrabblts In
wifa ursed by tho Orogou dolesatlon in
Members of Anarchistic Bodies to Be
Sent Away.
Washington. Tho immigration com
mittee's bill providing for tbo deporta
tion of all aliena affiliated with anar
chistic organizations was passed by
the house. The vote was unanimous.
Investigation by tho foreign rela
tions committee into tho activities of
Russian propagandists In this country
was ordered by the senate, which
adoptod a resolution by Senator Ken
yan, republican of Iowa, providing for
such an Inquiry.
Urging passage of tho bill to deport
alien members advocating overthrow
of tho government, Representative
Johnson, republican of Washington,
chairman of the house immigration
Their theory is that there enn
bo no Arm friendship between
two nations unless the women of 'h
those two countries know hud
$ like one another, as co-operation
! between nations, lis In the state
! and In the family. Is based on co-
operation between men and wo- 4-
men. 4"
Therefore, If Japan nnd Amerl- 4
cu are to have a rial, tasting 4
! friendship, to really know nnd
understand one another, tho wo-
- men of the two nations must 4-4-
learn to play together, to study 4-
together and to think together. 4
4- The T. W. C. A. Is one of the 4
I' best mediums for bringing about 4-
this , friendship between tho two
41 nations, according to diplomatic
4 representatives of Japan, as that 4-
organization is teaching Japanese 4-
women recreation, showing them
4- bow to enjoy out-of-door life and 4"
4- sports. It Is particularly neces- 4
4 snry that Japanese women learn 4-
to enjoy and appreciate recren- 4"
tlon, they say, since the great
Influx of 'women Into Industry 4
nd business, as Japanese wo- 4-4-
men, formerly so conservative,-
41 are going Into business nnd doing 4
4" many things which they had
Washington. The Cummins bill,
paving the way for return of the rail
roads to private operation, passed the
senate by a vote of 45 to 30, ending a
prolcnged discussion of tbe measure
and making the holiday recess of con
gress possible. It went through with
out change in the anti-strike and other' .
important provisions, and was sent to '
conference for adjustment during the
r. ecta with the Each bill, passed by
the house.
The ultimate disposition of the rail
road problem, however, still is in
'.dou'ot, as the senate and bouse bilta
v. Ill be in conference and congress In
recess on January 1, the date previ
ously set by President Wilson for re
turn of the lines to their owners.
Unlets vetoed by the president, the
ponding legislation, according to
plans of congressional leaders, would
require the return of the roads by
anuary 31..
Viie Cummins bill was supported by
S3 republicans and 13 democrats and
opposed by eight republicans and 22
When the house was informed that
tha senatt! had passed the Cummins
bill. Representative Esch, chairman of
the interstate commerce committee,
who will head the house conferees,
said the labor sections of the two bills
were so "radically different that It
seemed absolutely certain that the
conferees would later have to ask the
houBO for instructions.
Puroc Jersey Hwlnn' (he Tuninlo district la progressing ne t . Uuse at f0nf',,(nrC w,,h 'rrp commi,teei declared In the bouse that never thought of dofog before tho
Breeders' association has- completed 5 sacka of strychnine-Impregnated ul
arrangunieuU for a awluo abow to ho ta(a leoves already have been dlatrlb-
hold at the state fair grounds In Gulnn utrd. The first result . noted were
on February . ' '. - - . when' several hundred bunnies were
Jack Humphry. Kyrnrold 11011 .of found dead after tuttus the -poisoned
Nick II umphrys of Oregon- City, wan leaves.
probably falally Injured when he was. prices for In Oregon
shot by n companion while pniylng have1 advanced, about lb per cent In
with a .23 rifle. - - the last six months, according to u
Tho 20tli annual district convention..' comparison of bids received at Salem
! of the Knights of Pythlns was held at for furnishing, supplies to the various
The Pallea during tbe official visit of state liiHtlttillons "durltig "tho first" six
Charles S. Davis, of Denver, Colo., su. months of -tho year 1020, with those
prmo ctisnce-llor. .'' 1 received on June IV 1919. 1
The rhrlatmaa vacation tours of tho . vir tln.i utrnebxH ihrt PulmnllvA nil'-
men'a"and women-, glee. dub. of tbo eompany ph.nlin Portland practically l!u. 36 ntj? f" OrPg0";
Unlveraltv of Oregon have been In- r.ed .be tbree-arorv structure allll H'ft rqualked by tho county boards of
definitely' .pcHtpoaed 'oh account or raj-ecd a aeore of workmen lo flee for
weather coniMt Ions. i t t!)elr lives. Ono employe. Frank Rus-
The, stuo highway vouiiulsalou liaa' . u, was severely burned about the
started survrjs ou the lieppnerOrnnt face when ho sought to escape tlw
eouuty road which was authorized by fh)mes. The loss la estimated at $260,
the Morroty counljf taxpoyrra at a per 000.
clal election last summer, t vtJlxation ef 10,000 arrea of govern-
Tbe Portland Railway, Light 1 Pow- meut owne4 swamp land near Klamath
tnry Lane, Tho government now is
neatjating, a , contract with prlvnto
inrercsts to .reclaim tho .land and se
cure Us use for 30yeara.-
Malheur coutjty.lcods tho counties of
Oregon in the extent of Its unappropri
ated and unreserved public lands, ae
fording to tha annual report of tln
jommlssionor of the gem ml land office
lust mndo to congress, and Harney
rounty Is second. Malheur has a total
area of 4,403,403 acres of 'remaiutug;
public lauds, and Harney county has
!,SS,5G0 acres.
The valuo of the taxable property In
all foreigners coming to the United
States "in tho future must come only
on probation." His statement Indi
cated that later au effort would be
Bin do to pass legislation for the pro
bationary entry of foreigners.
Pershing Unwilling to Enter Politic.
Chicago. General Pershing shows
little or 110 cencorn over his own po
litical future. He is hot a candidate
for the presidential nomination ei
ther republican or democratic and
the soft pedal was officially applied
to anything that savored of politics
during his Btfiy in Chicago. ...
The T. W. C. A. has boon a-
sured iho fullest poss-Mo co oper-
ntion of the Japan. embassy
4- nnd the Japanese people in niak- 4-4-
Ing Its "World Servleo nmsi-mi!"
for three million dollars to bo 4-4-
used for women and ;;!rls in the 4-4-
Hilted P ntes, India, Ch'na. .In-
4- pan. South America, V.;r:-v'. SI- 4-4-
beria. the Near East nnd Mexico 4-4-
a success, 4-
4-4-4- ! 4- 4- 4- 4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-
Washington. Tho Swedish govern
ment has announced n number of lm-
Members Not to
With Authorities.
Indianapolis, lnd. Franklin D'Olier,
national commauder of the American
Legion, declared here that neither
"national, state nor local organiza
tions of the American Legion have
any right to take the law In their own
hands or Interfere with proper author
ity" and warned members of the le
gion that such action would be sub
versive of the principles and ideals
of the organization. The declaration
was part of a statement, made by the
national commander In view of recent
reports of activities of members of
the legion which, he said, made It
imperative that the policy of the or
KanizaUou with respect to its stand
ing on the maintenance of law and
order be defined. '
quallrtntion and that equalised and
pport1oucd by the state tax comrnls
lmi totals Snu0.435.4VJ.17. according to
t Hiaioroent prpared by Freuk Love II, ,
itae tax commissioner. Last year the
cnluat ions, were $0S7.533.8!t.!7, show
inS an- Increase thlo year of a trlfie
oiore than $3,000,000. . . .
Pass Federal Control of Sugar Measure
Washington. legislation continuing
federal control of sngar through 1920
but limiting the licensing power of the
I'uited States sugar equalization board
Yoti-iir women students from forty-
portant leglPlatlve moasures to be tak- r;.;,';rt' IsllH1(K , '
en tip by tho w.o riksdag, tne state m Aniie,n Cann,,a
department has been advised. m, y,.xiro nr0 r4lJ,,Ktsred ln t,,e
Improvement of tho status of mar- Nat, Tr!liIllIlg S(,llool of ,he Yom
rlcd women, provision for the govern- women's Christian Assoclntion In New
ment omployniont of women, develop- York. ,
ment of the prlnclpto of tho arbltra- Tbo- are studvlng methods of T W
tlon boniM, pennl law reforms, electri- c. A. v.-..rk with a view to taking up
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