The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 12, 1919, Image 1

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Governor Calkins Urge Gov
eminent Securities for Pres
nU Initead of Luxuries
Governor John V. Calkin of th
a Francleco Federal Tteterv Hank
bn written letter to til banke and
IroM companies In th Twelfth Fed
eral Reserve Dim riot orglng thorn to
prtmett, wherever poimblo, the (nit
f War Savlngi Stampa tad Tranry
ftavisgs Certificates for Chrltms
arteenta tble ar.
The Increased demand fur these
Oevtrnmeat eeurlllee. (ho Treasury
Daring Certificates being inillr to
War Savinge Su-tp la denomlnatlone
f III! and 1 1 000, It tpptrtnt from
Ik ftet that lh Federal Reserve
ink lupplltd Mo.lOO wonh of
Treasury Bar Ingi Certificate to eigb
toon banke In tht dutrlrt on Novem
bar 19, which tht largeat mount
told la en dy ilnea too doo of the
war. Oa tht faco of tht dmnd of
these eighteen bank and tht In
treated tall for tht eeeurltle from
all poetofflee throughout tht Twelfth
Federal Reserve Dlatrlct, It would
total that turn Qovtroment'a holiday
elogaa. "Otva a War Ravings Sump
or a Troeaury Bavlngt Certificate tor
Cbrletai." It htlng followed out,
aad tb Government It hoping tint by
giving War Saving Stampi tod
Treats. r7 Saving Certificate for
Chrlttmat gifts tht dlitrlct will c)oe
ly approximate Ht Wtr Barlngt quota
for tht yar.
A portion of Goteroor Calklnt' let
rr follow.
Tht Cbrltimta holldaye art al
most upon ut. Everything polutt to
a trtmtndoua outlay of money in tho
purehtM Of holiday glfta. tho greater
portion of which I think I am af In
taring will bo loxurle. Tho pretent
Itttitlon dtmandt not that more
money bo tpent In tht purchase of
Injuries, but that curtail at much
aa possible, with tht eouejuent bene
flnlal contraction of credit,
"Tbtrtfor. I appeal u you a a
fallow banktr to do everything within
your power to allroulaie tho purchase
and gllag Of War Savm Sianipe
and Troaaury Baring Certineaua at
Chrlatmat preaents In pint of the ui
a seed leu and pnie gift. It
team to PM that tho rponllIIlty of
leadtag aatn'a mind along the .i
Of thrift and atmple llrlni ret to a
groat Mtoat upon tho banker of the
ronstry aad In aaklng ou to puli
tba talet of Treasury security during
tha Chrlttmaa holldaj. I am aklng
you only to take sdvantnge of an op
poftunlty to meet thl repensllilllty."
fn addition. Chrlttmaa pottr car
rying an appttl to give War Savings
Btampt and Treasury Saving Coriifi
ratoe for Chrletmta pretent will ha
distributed throughout tho Twelfth
Federal Reserve District, and all
bank have been aaked to Include a
tmtlar appeal la thtlr advertising.
OWN $7,200,000
liberty Bonds and War Sav
logs Stamps Help Support
Idle Workers
One ot tba reatooo tha atrlklng
hlpyard worker In aeren plants
around Ban rrnelco bay have been
able to bold out for their demand of
tight oent an bour increase I that
eolleetlroly thay own mora titan 17.
009,000 worth of Liberty Honda and
about 1100,000 In War Savings
Stamp. "Tha Liberty Boud and War
Baring Blampa holding of our men
hart certainly atood tt In good
attad." aald Frank Miller, secretary
of tbo Ban Francisco Iron Trades
Council. "When we win our demand
I am going to recommend that the
men aara that eight cent an hour In
rrenae and tnvt It weokly with tho
Oovernment In War Savings Stamps.
They provide an Ideal way for tho
worblngman to aavo,"
C. A. rarnworth, awoclnte dlrcc
tor ot tha War Lonn Organisation for
tba Twelfth Federnl ru-awo OlHtrlct.
laid: "Secretary Mlller'a fluuro on
tba Liberty Bond holdlns and thrlr
Inroatraant In tf'nr Pavings ore con
erratlva and there Is no doubt that
thay have aided greatly In enabling
tba men to lupport tbemarlvc while
on itrlka. Tht men er.n borrow tho
face talue of their Liberty Dond
without tarrlflclng tha honda and
thay ran caah to thalr War Barlngi
Tha Government" Wnr BbvIiibii
Stamp I tba working man' weapon
agtilnit a hand-to-mouth eilatenco. It
help him get ahead.
Trt Battlo of tho Marno
Cost Ncarl; 750.000 Men
The bluodleet Imtllo of tho
wurld wnr wa the llrot buttlo
of thV Mnriie. (illli lul ftojirwl
Jnat Iku"1 In Turin aliow Iho
oa v.rre:
Dead ..W.ono
Wounded 40O.0UO
Till meant that till ono but
tlo cot nearly three-quarter of
ii million men. Tim (Jtl'ire In
elude, of roonp, the loe on
liulli elite.
Methodist Church
Enters Ypres
and Brussels
Bru(l to B Cnr of Larfl Enttf
prin On tht Part of South
erner. Tenn.-A great Methodlat
l hun-h. ereeled and maintained by the
Molh'HlM I plaropal Church, rioulh.
will ba erocted amid tho rulitt of
pre, in Dulglum- TliU wa tated
ly Ur W. II. Iloaurhainp. itlroetor-i;ei.-ral
of tho Centeuary ComiuUalo,
in. with Uliilmp Jutiie Atklna. tho
b.liop In vhcrse of European mlhalon
ti-lln, Juiit returned from llelslum.
The tiy of Vpren, terribly devaa
luted, will not be rebuilt In lt entirety.
Ilio ome maKnifleont Cloth Hall, tho
fluent in the wrlJ. the Cathedral, tba
town hall, the chureiea. and other
largo rein wUl be left a icretul
On tlionn the dty mayor ba tauted
li-n(i to be ore.-led reidiR: "Thl
is holy Rrouud. N tne V till fab
ric may hn tnken nway. It l a heri
tage for all rlvlllned pople."
A City of Memorial.
Vprea is a city of memorial. Tha
Hrltuh government has nijto-t.d a U
ml will erect a meat mttceum n a
monument to her fallen heroes
Blmllar building will bo built by
Canada. New Zealand. Australia and
In the midst of these memorial tho
Southern Methodist Church wilt be
erected. It will contain n library,
reading room and , aocinl equipment.
In addition to It auditorium and
Clam room.
"Vprea will always bo a merca fur
travelers." said Or. Tleauehamp
"Thousand nnd millions will flock to
that luittUfieM. Our Church will not
only minister to tho peoplo of Vprea
mid the surrounding territory, but it
will ulso servo these visitors."
Great Plant In Bruel.
The Methodists have also purchased
a great building in Urussels, which
will be their headquarter for Europe.
It will contain offices, nn auditorium,
reading and lecture rooms, a publish
Ing plant and social equipment.
Tb general secretaries of tho two
I'rotestanl bodies Of IJolftluin, the
itktt Church and the free Church, will
have offices In this building, thus
making It tho Protestant center of
Southern Methodists hnvo also pur
chased a h-lf Interest In tho Protest
ant hospital of Brussels, It will ba
nlargod and Its capacity will ba
Relief Station Ettabllihed.
Dr. Boauchanip reported that thou
sand of children will frceto to deutt
this winter, because the German
flooded tho mine and flllod them with
concrete, thus making it Impossible
for tho peoplo to ohttiln fuel.
"Children, with their mothers." said
Dr. Ikuch;imp. "aro now living in
tho abandoned trenches and dug-out
left by tlie enemy."
In order to cope with th situation
tha Methodists have arranced to open
relief atntlon at Ypres, St. qttentln,
Montdldier. Belgrudo and other points.
A full contingent of physicians,
nurses, directors, and social, woker
will bo sent abroad as soou as they
can bo found.
The rhurrh has a fund of.f5.tlo0.000
for European construction work. Thl
will be spont in Servia, France, Bel
gium, Poland nnd Bohemia. ,
A Seattle labor leader ouya War
gavlnn Stamps "because." be aara,
"the interest on them will f ffset the
war taxes I have to pay whenever 1
buy anything."
, vlNyVyii' fVifjH vie -Buck,'
Mm w& 4-
A man w ho can aerve one presi
dent a onvnl aid ami physician It en
titled to consideration. A man who
can serve three, presidents o different
In temperament ns Theodore llooso
velt, William II. Toft ami Woodrow
Wilson con Justly claim credit for
great professional skill and an evtu
bltrber mark of distinction for diplo
macy of the very first order.
Carey Travis Grayson, rear ad
miral. M. IX. Ph. G.. F. A. C 8., U. 8.
S doesn't claim credit for anything.
As a matter of fact, he Is an unusually
modest person when it Is cmklntJ
that upon his sturdy shoulder hna
fallen the burden of keeping tlireo
president In physical trim ntid restor
ing them to normal health from the
wear and tear of ofllce rnrea.
Vott never would know that the
ttulct, unobtrusive mnn with the strik
ing feiitureM of au Indian, who comes
I ... . .t. nlw.l.t lh
Whlto Hotiso, was tho chief physician ot the president of tho United Statea
nnd probably the most conspicuous man In tho public eyo during tho present
illness of the chief executive.
Tho president's physician Is Just on tho easy aide of forty youngest
admlrnl In tbo tinvy. Personally he la ono of the most genial of men, fond lo
a temperate way of tho Rood things In life and excessively fond of Mrs.
Grayson nnd their two children.
Furnished and Printed at the Loader office
JLj gL awaaMiaaiaf' avittBt'
The biggest and finest assortment of Toys and Holi
day Novelties ever exhibited in Athena.
Make your selection out of the stock that is drawing
trade to town.
va 3& crk -.-r
That is our long suit. We have lots of
thcrh, and our prices are the best. We
bought them early, so that enables us
to give you the best possible prices on
all toys.
Dolls at all prices, dishes, wagons and
and all kinds of mechanical toys, the
kind that make the beys very happy.
The Pure Food Grocery
lj Quality, Quantity, Service
Have you seen our carpenter sets?
We have only a few left. Machine gun
just like the large ones, and it is one
of the most instructive toys on the
market today.
If you haven't paid our toy town a vis
it now is the time to do it, for all are
going fast. Don't be the one that is
going to be too late to get a choice of
this complete line of toys and gifts.
. V'Lm 171, Athena .
: r
Brothers, 0. A. R. Vets,
Meet After 50 Yean
Payton. Oj Bterm'" off
train to make a chance of
route. J. A. White, awnty,
Xefila. and George White,
aeventy-alr. Seattle, Wsh, re
turning from tho O. A- R. en
campment at Columbia, were
Introduced by a fellow reteran.
They rernmlted each oilier
t brother who more than hnlf
a century ngo left Townda. Ta..
one going Into tbo Black Hills
of the Ookota Territory and the
other coming to Ohio.
Revival Planned
For Entire South
Wldeit Evangelistic Effort Ever Made
Will Bt Launched Soon.
Naahrilla, Tenn. Plan for an
evangelurtie movement which will
cover tha entire South and operate
in 20.000 churehea at the same tln-i
are being formulated by the Centenary
Commission and tha evangelistic com
mittee of the M. E. church, Sooth.
Bisbop U. V. W. Darlington Is tba
chairman of tho Joint directing com
mittee and Dr. O. E. Goddard la the
executive tecretary.
Standard Plan Mad.
The movement will operate accord
ing lo a atandard plan. Thl plan pro
vides for a preliminary survey of tha
entire South to discover what person
are not affiliated with any religious
Dr. A. C. Zumbntnnen la In charge
of tba aurrey, and be ba made pre
liminary investigation In a large
nninber of typical section as rumples
to guide pastors In surveying their
own fields.
When these survey are completed
tha evangelistic movement will ba
launched in an effort to Interesj all
noo-cburcb members whose name
hava been secbreu.
It ba been estimated that half a
lullllon worker will be enlisted to
personally interview 'he persona who
bsva io church membership.
Whichever side wins In a strike fh
public may figure on enduring a cer
tain amount of loss. Including that of
time and posslhly temper.
Some of the "fair prices" published
under official auspices look so much
llko the regular fiinres that emly an
expert can tell one from the other.
Bnt none of these health author
ities who advise women against hlirh
heel tell them where they can get
them any cheaper.
Do Your Shopping Early f
Oregon SUU Federation Peti
tion Union Loader to
Adopt String Policy.
Portland. Ort. Tha Oragoa Hate
Federation of Labor baa aaked tbo oa
fertoea of tho btada Of latarngtiaaal
labor union affiliated wit too Ameri
can Federation of Labor, whloh opena
ita aesaloa la Washington. D. C v
eamber 1. to Include la aay erogrea
tbat rbey may promulgate aa a ratal
ot tbo fafluro of tbo lad at rial tea
ftrtneo a plank aiomoilaliaiac t
Federal GorarnniMt to continue and
elaborate, if neceaaarr. Ita Tarlft aad
War ftavloga Stampa movement aa a
parmaneot national policy. Tbo Ore
gon Federation alae baa aaked all ethtr
S'ate Federations of Labor la tht
United Statea to make a glmllar rt
qot of tha conference. Prealdent O.
R. Hartwlg of tba Orogoo Federatta
algned tba latter, which follows:
"Inasmuch aa tbo Called Statea Oof
rnneot is engaged la advudnC th
War Savings Bumps campaign la
vigorous manner, and laaamorh aa the
War laving Stampa are tha best pos
sible form of investment for worklag
maa aad women, particularly orgs
isad werktra, and also beeaoao tba fo
aesaloa of War Barings Stamp by
worker wfcUt defending their rtghtw
either while ont om strtk or otherwi,
glvts them a decra of sacorlty thai
ordinarily they do not posts, there
fore, tbo State Federation of Labor of
Oregon make tba following soggeav '
ttoa : That your Federation Join wit M
1 urging upon tbo national con
ference that baa been called in Wash
ington, D. C, by the American Federa
tion of Labor, the advisability of in
cluding in any program that they may
promulgate, a War Savings Stamp
plaak or provision.
"Wo fee that til win materially .
atreagthen tho position of organleei
labor and will also girt a tbo tasw
of war when most needed. TnatinA
therefore, that yon will Bad it posslbi .
to Join ns Id urging upon tbo matloaa
conference thta provision, and thank
ing you In advance for ens earring la ..
this anggeatios, we beg to remain."
Interest on Third and Victory
Liberty Loan Buy Christ
mas Presents
Ban FranclscoPatriotle citlieoj .
ot tho Twelfth Fodaral Resort tb
triet who bought Liberty Bonds dur
ing tho wsr hava eoming to tbam ap
proximately l0,nJ,l00on Doenibr
15 as lntarost on bonds of tho First -and
Fifth Liberty Loans. This 1 ;
mora than ono dollar par capita for
every resident in tho save state of
the Twelfth Dlatrlet.
To many tba Intereat money will
come almost aa a Christmas gratuity,
but the Government ia anxious that
its creditors use tbo Interest aot a
easy money but that they re-invest It
immediately In Government securi
ties, each War Saving Stamp and
Treasury Savings Certificate carry
ing 4 "J interest compounded quarter
ly, thus making interest oars Intereat.
To these who intend' to make holi
day money ot it, tho Government
say: "Give War Savings Stamp for
Tbo total of llo.OtS.SOO dn is
apportioifSd Into 780 s Inter
est on tho First Loan and r,T49.- t
650 interest on tho Fifth Loan. It
tho entire, $10,045,300 collectible on
December It was invested in War
Savings Stampa nd Treasury Saving
Certlflcataa, and th securities hold
until their maturity data flv years
later, tho interest on th Intorest .
would amount to nearly a halt mil
lion. -
Mongrel Pup Attracta Attention to
Room Where Matter Is Lying
Mlnneapoli?. Jerry, a monBrel pun
of the streets, repaid kindnesses of Ms
bachelor master, William Hart sixty
years old, and saved Hart's life.
Hart, who lives In tho rear on th
secdnd floor at 201T Washington ave.
nu opened two Jets of his gas store,
but failed to light one, Velghbors were
called to the room by the whine
growls nnd scratchlmja ot Jerry,-who
was locked outside.
Breaking In the door, they found
Hart unconscious. The police were
called and Hart was taken to tho ctty
Neighbor say Hart found, tbo ooe
lntho street about four month agn
and befriended him. Hart in a uia
(if5t and cmne to Minneapolis froiii