The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 10, 1919, Image 2

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Mm with moaejr ilwin refuse to
17 Ik oUr tallow'a price. Tk
etker ftay weeltky IT
star asat a kalf day kaggllag "
Ike price et etpeetlve autoa
II. II naally fort" th prtc
own fifty dollar.
WII, C MTtd that much, aay
kv,M ke wM. siklbttlBg tb lit.
"I bat I 7 Ikft otkar fellow"
Rkb men r rich because they
bay re. r rally aad sav. Got tha sa.
U kablt. Work over your Hat f
"ntcowlti .' Cat out Ik vtpanalv
I blags. Pat year money la War Ba
Ian Blassae. They will bring yo
4 per ct tmoad4 quarterly.
(Utah's Famous Product)
meAcham wood
(Fir and Tamarack)
Anotlier Carload o
are ready for immediate
' CURK HOOD, Publl.lwr
MRS. H. GOODWIN, AuisUnt Editor
Slricllt in Adbtnct
The Year $2 00
Six Months 1 00
Three Months 0 60
FRIDAT, OCT. 10, . - - 191
Endud at the peitollicc t Wttton. Ore jo
si iccend-class mail matter.
Regular, per inch per insertion 15c
Transient, per inch per insertion 20c
Locals, per line per insertion 10c
"Perhaps at no other time In this
nation's history is the appeal 'Work
and Save aa necessary as at present.
Manufacturers, financiers, economists
and many others including even the
mora conservative labor leaders, real
ize that nnless we work and work hard,
and tare and save hard, we are headed
for a period of unprecedented hardship.
tou is not the mere, mouthing of a.
jingo or professional pessimist. It Is a.
fact, and is supported by innumerable
sign everywhere. Every hoar wasted
and every dollar spent needlassly Is
like small dagger thrust at the heart
of this country. Enough of these dag
ger thrusts will finally reach the heart
Itself. The fact that we are extra
ordinarily rich furnishes no Immunity
from ultimate disaster if we waste
these riches. The thing to do is for
each and every one of as to pull in the
same direction, towards national econ
omy. Without it we are lout. With it,
we can Insure our national future."
"Odd Lot Review."
National economy is only collective
personal economy. Quit baying and
sink your dollars In government secu
rities such as Thrift and War Savings
Stamps' and Treasury Savings Certi
"Either the people aa n whole most
finance the government, either through
taxation or bond purchase, or the gov
ernment must borrow from Individuals,
from- banks, or from corporations of
large fortunes. If It does the latter,
these Interests hold exactly the aame
relation to the government that the
holder of a first mortgage doe to the
owner of the property and the payer of
the Interest If, on the other hand, the
debt is divided between mUUooa of
citizens who -art the government, tne
relationship'ls aa different as la a co
operative society from a Uriah Keep."
William Cibbs McAdoo, in Pictorial
i"iJjrf"-y ....... - .
0 0 o
(Phone 761) Milton, Oregon
The United State needs the money
you Invent In War Savings Stamps.
Buy them every week. They bting 4
per cent interest compounded every
three months. They giv yoa a share
in the government of the United
States, Un-Ud. meaning anlimited.
The new Treasury certificate of
J100 and $1000 denominations are Ilk
"Baby Bonds." Her are the chief
facts about them:
They are tax free, except Inheritance,
surtaxes, wsr profits and excess profits
They bear 4 per cent interest, com
pounded quarterly.
They mature January 1, 124.
They may be cashed at tb option of
the holder for purcoase price plus ac
crued interest any time before matu
rity date.
They never depreciate In value, but
increase monthly, guaranteed by U. 8.
They are registered in Washington,
which prevents loss by fire or theft
Each bears inscribed thereon the name
of purchaser.
Certificates are issued In book form,
each book containing ten certificate.
The $100 certificate costs the same
as twenty War Savings Stamps. The
$1000 certificate cost the same as 100
War Savings Stamps.
$100 certificate can be obtained at
any post office.
Both $100 and $1000 certificates may
be obtained at banks.
$100 certificates increase 20 cents
and the $1000 certificates two dollars
n month In price.
The cost by months I aa follows:
$100 $100
December .
Certificate Certificate
I -W88
If the truth were known, General
Pershing probably would rather face
bullets than banquets.
An acute shortage of everything the
consumer must have seems to be the
regular order of things.
Hard elder has made every possible
effort to establish Itself on a respec
table footing as a soft driuk.
What a beautiful world this would
be If flowers only grew to resemble
their pictures In the seed catalogue. .
"Presumably every young man
knows, ss a physical fact, that he can
do nothing next year which be cannot
in some degree, do todsy. The
Important question Is whether the time
will come early enough In life to do
him any particular good. A lazy man
cannot possibly make himself indus
trious in the future; or an extravagant
man. economical. If It Is done at all
he must do it at an immediate present
moment at tome 'right now'! No man
ever saved a penny in the future, or
ever wilt He has got to save the
penny In bis bsnd at the moment or he
will be broke to the day of bis death.
To save the penny In band he
must resist the temptation to spend It.
Every year that he does not re-
slst weakens bis ability to resist. It"
Is within the knowledge of everybody
who has the ordinary circle of acquain
tances that, after ft certain time, the
man who lives up to the limit of bis In
comewhich about nine times out of
ten means a little beyond accepts that
as a normal condition and just auto
matically spends all that he gets.
If be can realize by thirty, or sooner,
that he Is spending bis future every
dsy, it will be a good thing for him,"
Editorial from the Saturday Evening
8tart now with War Savings Stamps.
Get on a budget basis. Make W. 8. 8.
the first Item on the budget Tou will
have money when the other fellow is
looking for a job.
Several hundred women members of
the Twentieth Century Club of Berke
ley. California, have organized and are
members of twenty-six War Savings
Chicago. J. Ogdea Armour of Ar
mour & Co.. Ernest A. Hamlll, pres
ident of ihe Cora Exchange National
Bank; Julius Rosenwsld, president
of Sears, Roebuck Co., and sev
eral other Chicago millionaires, are
going about today clad in shoes re
cently half-soled.
They refuse to psy $14. $1( and
$18, the price "good shoes" are sell
ing for here. '
Armour says he bought his first
pair of new shoe hi three years last
Rosenwsld, ybose company owns
ft shoe factory or two. hasn't taken a
pair of new shoes ont of stock for
two years.
All of which hasn't anything to d
with limousines. Tou can bet your
bottom dollar that Armour and tke
reat of them "half-ejle" their llmou-
f ft fS War Saving
Stamp Ikis
Ik la ti ll. Buy m
vary wiefc.
Bay W. a. a
Grenade Wee to Be Given
Away bj Souvenir to
Stamp Buyers
Delivery of 1S.000.009 hand grenades
to tb Treaasry Department to be cob
verted Into savings banks for the ntlnv
nlallon or thilft and salea ol War Ha
tags Stamps has been held op by the
War Department and eontracta which
the War Department had with the
Treasary Department for eupplylng
Ik grenades were cancelled, accord
tog I a telegram received from Wash
tagtoa by C. A. rarosworth. associate
director of the War Loan Organisation
la Ik Twinh Federal Reserve Dis
trict. No reason was gives for can
rellatioft of contract beyond the fact
Ikal tb War Department has "deter
mined that the distribution of hand
grenades a souvenirs should b dis
continued. The grenades In question, known as
Mills bomb No. 11. wer ready tar
shipment to the American forces In
France whea the armistice was signed.
At Ike request of the Treasury Drpart
areal tb War Department agreed t
tar Ikes bank over to tha Treasury
Department for conversion Into savings
banks, aad immediately upon aa
nooacement that they would be dis
tributed to the purchasers of War Sav
ings Stamps aad Treasury Barings
Certificates, millions of orders flooded
ts. la the Twelfth Federal Reserve
District alone banks aad trust com
panies throagh which the grenades
wer to be awarded bad or dared nearly
104 .MM of the souvenirs. These and
all other orders throagboat the nstloa
will bav to be cancelled.
In Its telegram to Fsrnsworth the
Treasury Department atated that Or
t locates of Achievement signed by
Secretary Glass will b awarded la
stead of the grenade to all school
children who worked during the vaca
tion to obtain a bank aad who bought
enough War 8avtngs Stamps to entitle
them to grenades.
Discouragement of the ".won't-go-home-till-mornlng"
convivialities ought
to ssslst slightly In dnyllght saving.
Rpononilxts do not stt'injt to ex
plain bow liniwverliihcd nml hungry
workers In Berlin can afford to strike.
Travelers of the next generation will
no doubt complain when they ore
obliged to take an upper berth In a
Jlst of the world wonts to got hnck
to oonnnl cuiiillrloix, though It Ims no
very clear hies whnt the new normal
Is to be.
Austria, which plnyed "follow my
leader" with Hernmny In wnr time,
niut continue the game until the costs
are met
Some mechanical genius could mnke
n fortune by devising a nent and effec
tive wny of converting flivvers Into fly
ing machines.
Chlnii resolutely declines to drown
her sorrows over Khnntung by inking
tip with her nltl-tlmo nntlonul enemy,
the opium hnhit.
As tho consumer views It, there Is
alwnys a plausible excuse for higher
prices, but reasons for reductions are
far too seldom henrd.
Industry Is getting a little nervous
end more tlmn a Ultle Indignant over
these mysterious strikes Unt sneak tip
behind It and knock It out.
Condtttons nave morterntea to a de
gree that might be regarded as per
mitting sauerkraut and wlcnnrwurst to
be called by their right names.
A Czecho-Slnvac mission Is coming
here to study Ihe American telephone
system. It Is to he hoped the tnlMsion
will not find all the lines busy.
If, as reported, Pndercwskl drops
the music roll for the statesman's port
folio the world mny lose Its finest pl
inlst and get an average premier.
A baroness from Holliind has been
working as a servant In an American
family to study democracy, frhe must
now have a curious conception of It.
80 long as those Purls women sre
able to set the styles for the rest of
the world they probably will not care
much even If not permitted to vote.
- Tk a tee
orders promptly filled at right
Phone Nob. U3 and 272.
Eleven Itebekuh lodges of t'nin
tilla county will be entertained by
Hiawatha Itchckah rutdgt. No. 88, 1.
O. O. r, of Weston, ut tho district
convention to bo hold here Salur
duy. October 18,
This interesting" went is umltr
the tfireoiion of Mrtt. Mautl .Stan
lielil, county ehuirntan. The pro
Bram U'liina at 10 a. tn. There will
1k a lanm't tit nix oVhK'k in the
afternoon, ami in the evening flotr
work will Im fM'iiiplifii'tl ly Tauline
Rebt'kah Lo lge No. 13 of lYrollc
ton. The j roifiam follow:
1. IntrtHlurtion of elective or
I'wt elective olllcers of the A.vk-in-Iily
or Grntul ImIki-.
iJ. Adtlreiw of welcome, by
Glnttys Smith, Noble (hnml of
Uinwathn No. 88.
3. Ken)onse to ntlilress of welv
come, by Nettie Whetstone, Noble
Grand of ruuline No. 13.
4. Koll cull of ollkers.
5. Readinif of minutes of pre
vious seiwion.
t. ApKintiiiK of committees:
I-etritilutive, Thanks, Memorial and
7. Roll call of liMlites.
8. Reports of lodges.
U. New business. (Meetimr
place of next convention.)
10. Secret work, instructions,
study of law and questions.
Report of committees.
r.Iection of olluvrs.
Installation of ollicers.
Good and welfare.
Weston Singer Is Honored
Mrs. Saling wiu the honoree
at a luncheon given in Waflu Walla
lust Saturday, the following account
of which appeared in a leading
newspaper of that city:
"Mrs. Ethel Garfield Scott enter
tained ut a six-couifo luncheon Sat
urday, complimenting Mrs. Lela
Saling. The luncheon was given at
the Dacres hotel, and covers wero
luid for twelve at a charmingly
appointed table. The center piece
was an immense basket of pink
roses, greenery and tulle, with a
smaller basket on each side. At the
comers of the table, pink candles
shed a rosy glow over the scene.
The guests included Mrs. Lela
Saling, Mrs. Nesmith Ankeny, Mrs.
John G. Kelly, Mrs. William Chase
Garfield. Mrs. E. N. Christenson of
Hoston, Mrs. Hal G. Til ley, Mis.
Edgar Fischer Mrs. Jean Goode,
and. the Misses Rowena Ludwigg,
Lucile Mclntyre and Meryl Kepler."
. . :
or. s. l. wmw
Veterinary Surgeon
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad street.
Phone Main 253 i
Notice to Creditors
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Uniittillu County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ileze
,kinh Key, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the tin-del-signed,
James 8. Johns, has been
appointed by the above named court
administrator of the above entitled es
tate, and that ho has (jualilied as the
law directs. All persons having claims
Against the estate are required to pre
sent the same to me at the ofllceof the
Hartman Abstract Company, corner of
Main and Court streets, Pendleton, Or
egon, with proper vouchers, within six
months from the date hereof.
Dated this 16th dtiy of
September, 1919.
Stephen A. Lowell,
His Attorney.
nutilo to order. Twenty
five percent discount from
regular prices.
R. L. Reynaud
If you want the Lest COAL
in tho market, give Ml)
your order.
I want to sell COAL to sat
is Hod customers only.
Butter Wrap orders prompt
ly filled at the Leader shop.
(Telephone 83)
Dr.N.P. Bennet
Second Floor Wentoii Mer
cantile building
Weston, Oregon
E. R Hall
(At Old Lieuallen shop.)
I Liberty Bonds I
An absolutely safe invest
ment. If you have money to in
vest, buy Liberty bonds from us.
If you sell Liberty lionds, sell
to u.
We buy and aell Liberty Bond.
Any denomination $5u-$100
James L. Elam
Walla Walla - - Washington