The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 10, 1919, Image 1

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ton- Lea
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infer
mttlon of Our Reader?.
Linn rant hank new bav drpoelie
aggregating 88.o.304.78.
Tba convention of lb BUI Federa
tion of Labor opened In Bend Monday.
Marten county' apple crop ihla year
III nt tba grower nior (ban 100.
i too.
Prrkhaade and firemen of l'or(lanl'i
river aioamboaia went on strike laat
Hood River apple growers bar nev
er eaperleneed M vre n ehortage of
appla park ere,
Tba price of milk in Pendleton baa
raised to IS eenta for plnia and 20
ranti for quarta.
Mora than IMO waa cleared at a
danra given by Tba Dalle Hoapltal
Alumni association.
Flra which atarted In tha upper atory
of tba Maaonle temple In Woodburn
reused a damage of IS000.
J. L. Stalker dlspoeed of hla 10J
era ranch eltueted la tba vicinity of
ftllverton to Edward Oleen.
Tba Oregon Dairy Council will have
tour delegate to tbo national dairy
ahow tbla week In Chicago.
Road eonelruetlon In Oregon will be
preesad forward through tha winter by
Ui atato highway commleelon.
Cranberry raleer naar Marehfleld
are ahort or help and bar tba btggeet
crop In recent year to harveet.
Tba Salem Phes company expect to
pre mora than 3,000.000 pound or
apple during tba present eeaaon.
Two new paving plaote. rach coat
ing In tba neighborhood or f 18.000. am
to be purchase by Marlon county.
Pear growara of tba Hood River val
ley In a number of Instance will real
ise 88000 an aero from their cropa tbla
Forty five tliouaand gallona or vino
gar will be manufactured by the Eu
gene Fruit Orowera' aeeoclatlon tbla
Tba accumulation of materlala await
ing ablpment la rapidly nearlng a con
geal Ion at the Rout barn Pacific depot
In Brownevllle.
Taspayera of Coqulllo have voted a
bond laaue or 150.000 for purchaee of
a alto and to conetrucl a new bleb
achool building.
Advertisement have been laaued by
the Umatilla Indian agency Inviting
blda for tha aalo of 787 acrea or choice
Indian allotment
Two raialltlea and a total of 688
accldenta were reported to the Indue
trial accident coidiuImIoo for the week
ending October I.
The aecond annual dahlia ahow given
In Oregon City under the auaplcea of
tha 8t. Paul'a Eplecopel church guild
waa largely attended.
Dr. William Sunderland Mott. for
more than 10 yeara a realdent of Salem
and one of the beat known pbyalclana
In this eeetlon or the atate. la dead.
Salarlea or all county employee
wboae pay la not regulated by atate
lawa, were ralaed by the Douglaa coun
ty court from 110 to 120 per month.
With the number of motor cara con
atantly Increaalng In Portland the trar
Ho problem aa ahown by the September
record or accldenta, la becoming moro
Home nuralng will bo a part or the
curriculum or tho futuro high echool
girl In Portland, according to plana of
tbo Portland chapter, American Bed
A largo touring car ran ofr tho Co
lumbia river highway near Rainier and
plunged down an embankment 100 feet,
Matt Armatrong of Aatorla auffored a
" broken leg.
Because a large picture of the former
kalaer appeara in tho new geography,
tho Parent-Teacher aaaoclatton at Eu
gene baa paaeed a reaolutlon condemn
' Ing tha book.
A. C. Barber, auto Inauranca com
mlaaloner, haa aent out more than
1000 circulars calling attention to fire
prevention day, which ha' been dee
Ignated for October 9.
Tha atato board of eontrol haa atart
ed an Inveatlgatlon to dotermlne tho
reaponalbility tor a fire which do
atroyed much property at the atate
training achool for boya.
Jame Davldaon and hla brother-in-law,
John Field, wealthy farmcra of
Nebraska, have purchaaed three Lane
county farma aggregating 1541 acre
or land ror approximately 180.000.
i R. Lee Btelner, warden or tho Oregon
. , r. i . AM
atato penitentiary, uae ion mi
a trip aa far eaat aa New York on a
vlalt to ai viral or the brat nianegd
a id laryat prlnona In the country.
A HiiU i 're than a quarter or a
ctl II ton dollars more than waa paid
laat year will bo paid by Umatilla
county taxpayere neit year, arrordlng
to the estimate or County Aeeeeeor
Tbo government haa preaenii-d to
tho atate, through Adjutant Uenral
Hisrln. official battle flags of the 102(1
Oregon Infnntry and tiie OSth Coast
artillery: alao a large natloual flag
ror the 1121.
George W. flhend. oatier of the Hal
em Iron Worka, baa taken ovi-r the
Dnuglae Mlnto prune orchard, lorali-d
about five ml Ira eouthof 8alm. The
roniiderellon la aald to have beeu In
the neghlrhood of 30.0W,
The recent remonatranre filed by
Hood Mlver bualnraa m-n aaalnat the
location of a new home for a Hood
Itlver poatofflre, according to Mlere
just received from the Ort-gon arna
torlal dob-gntlnn. haa come to naught.
Manned by vetofan of Atm-rlrae
naval fnrree and sailing in the elinduw
of the Wan and Stripes, one of tho
moat dr'-aikd of Hie ex kalser'e under
aea terrota. the U-88, paid Portland a
four day vlalt In tba Internet of naval
Conatruct ln haa atarted In Hrrmla
too on permanent bulldlnga for tba
annual Dairy and Hog ahow, sched
uled thla year for October 22. 23 and
84, with the atate dalrymen'a conven
tion. October 24 and 2$, to be h-ll In
A propoaed amendment to the atata
conatitutton. Intended to lower legal
Interest ratea. Initiated by J. F. Al
bright of Oregon City, baa been pre
sented to tho aecretary or state and
will be referred to Attorney-Central
Brown for a ballot title.
Though gaa-drlven machinery la rap
Idly replacing horaea in farm work
around Albany, what la probably the
first abaolutely boraeleea ranch In
Linn county will be operated near
Knot butte, about four jnliea eaat of
Albany, by Otto J. Karstens,
Baker county'a targeat recorded tim
ber deal waa concluded by tho filing
of an option and aa agreement luvolv
ing 80.000.000 faet of yellow pine lim
ber purcbaaed by the Stoddard Lumber
company from the Hewitt Land com
pany of Ta.-oma for 1205.844.
Plana have been taken up by Eugene
cltUena to co-operate with the people
or other cltlea along tbo Pacific high
way In a movement to plant ahruba and
trees along the entire highway in
Oregon aa a memorial to the state"
fallen aoldlera and aaltora In the lata
war. -
Danger of a atrlke of Portland
atreetcar operatives, which had loomed
as an Immlnont probability, waa re
moved with the announcement that the
Portland Railway, Light Power com
pany and Its employee had agreed upon
arbitration or new wage demands pre
sented by the men.
. Turkey Red. Early Baart and Mar
quia, three varlctlea or hard wheat,
aro commanding a premium in the
Pendleton grain trade. During the
past week a quantity of Turkey Red
was purchased for $2.28 In Books, 14
centa above the basic price. ,Soft
wheats are at basic, and there Is little
movement t present.
Enforcement of the provisions of
the motor vehicle laws In. Oregon la a
matter entirely In the handa or tha
peace officers and la In no way con
trolled by tho secretary of state, ac
cording to a letter prepared by Sam
Koier, assistant aecretary of atate. In
reply to a communication received
from Robert Booth, state highway
. Several teacher In tho rural achool
or Clatsop county have refuaed to
teach from the Tarr and McMurray
New World" geography dealgnated by
the state, school book commission for
uso In tho state schools becauae It
contain a - large llkenesa of the ex
kalaer or CTermany and a long laudt
tory article on the military prowea
or tha country over which ho ruled.
Tho three Pendleton men who hav
taken over the Aatorla Budget from
John Oratk filed artlclee of incorpor
ation at tho office or Corporation Com
mlaaloner Bchulderman. showing a
capitalisation of 260.000, and declaring
the name of the company to bo the
Aatorla Budget Publishing company.
Tho Incorporators are E. B. Aldrich,
F. W. Lampkln and M. R. Chessman.
, And when nrmy worms, rf wonth
er, cinch lings, tnke-nll nnd 'other
things do not Injure the crops, a hail
storm nlwnys can be counted upon.
When aircraft become a plentiful
aa automobiles and (ly about dripping
oil and spnre parts, the cities to he
safe will need to erect gigantic steel
Washington. Enormous war eg
pendltures have forced tho attention
of congress to the question or adopt
ing a budget, rormcr President Taft
told tho house committee investigat
ing proposed changes In governmental
flacal affair. Mr. Taft recommended
that cabinet officer be required to
come beforo congress to Justify esti
mates contained in a budget
Secretary Glass also urged that
budget system be ndopted,. lis M
the burden of bonds muat bo met by
tho present generation, and that this
could be done only by Intelligent econ
omy In government expenditures.
With the statement of tho ex presl
dent, Mr. Class and Representstlve
Mondell, republican leader In the
house, who also urged a budget sys
tem, the bearings were closed ami
Chairman Good announced that the
commltteo would begin working on Its
Thought By Those Around Hlhvto Bo
Washington. Tho favorable trend
of Prealdonf Wlleon'a condition con
tinued and thore were indications that
those attending him thought he mlRht
be definitely on the road to recovery.
That Mr. Wilson waa nbln to eat
and sleep with moro regularity was
considered particularly promising,
since those are the two most Import
ant requisite for cure of the compli
cations which followed his attack of
nervous exhaustion. His digestive or
gans have been sensitive for years and
his respiratory system, weakened by
an attack of Influensa last spring. Is
said to have Interfered during his
present illness, with his ability to
sleep aoundly.
Judging by the unprecedented de
mnnd for labor, about the only nble
bodled mnn out of a Job In this -neck
of the woods Is the bolshevlkl orator.
The End of a
1k3 'tT
FRIDAY, OCT. 10, 1919
Elaine, Ark. Discovery of what Is
believed to have been a widespread
plot on the part of organised negroea
for a general killing of wbitea led of
ficials to tighten up on emergency
The existence of the supposed con
spiracy was brought to light by the
committee of seven appointed follow
ing the race ' orders here last week.
AceordlnK iO committee members,
negro captives readily revealed to
Them the Inner workings of the plan.
October 6, the negroes declared, waa
tho date aet ror the uprising.
Women are said to have been mem
bora of the organization which the au
thorities say was known as tho Pro
gresslvo Farmers" and Household
Union of America.
Twenty-one white planters in this
district, according to the confessions,
had been Blngled out to be killed first
The killing of the 21, It waa assert-
ed, was to be followed immediately by
a general massacre of whites, after
which the negroes were to. take over
the land and till it.
Three "Great Powers" Now Have Vir
tually Agreed to Pact
Paris. King Victor Emanuel of
Italy has signed a royal decree ratify
ing the German and Austrian treaties,
according to the Milan dispatch to the
Ratification of the German treaty
by tho royal decree of the king of
Italy virtually qampletes the ateps
necessary ror putting into effect the
pact between Germany and the allied
powers, which stipulated it would be
come operative when ratified by three
of the great powers.
Tha British parliament has already
ratified the treaty and the document
now awaits only ratification by the
last of Great Britain's dominions to
act upon It, the Australian common
wealth, before becoming binding upon
Perfect Day
ureal unum.
Approval was given tbo convention
by tbo French chamber of deputies
last week, and tbo senate Is oipactod
to lake similar action.
Fargo Bankers Arrests.
Fargo, N. D. Warrant ror tbo ar
rest or President II. J. Itagan and.
Caahler P. K. Sherman or tho Scandinavian-American
bank of Fargo wero
laaued upon complaint or P. E. Hall
deraon, temporary receiver. Tho men
are charged with having made falsa
statements to tho bank examiners.
Homo Brow Kill Four.
Colusa, Cal. C. Martin died here,
tbo last to succumb of four persons
who partook or homo brewed liquor
at Stoney Ford, two weeks ago. An
investigation made after the men were
taken 111 showed tho liquor waa made
of canned tomatoes and fruit Juice.
Strike on British Railroads Is Ended.
Ixmdon. The strike of railroad men,
which has been In progreaa on tbo
British railroads alnce midnight, Sep
tember 26, waa settled Sunday.
Colonel Houas 8a I la For Homo
Pa ria. Colonel E. M. House, ac
companied by Mrs. House, sailed for
the United States Monday on the
steamship Northern Pacific
Highway bonds In the sum of 85,800,.
000 have been issned alnce March 1.
1S1J, according to a report "prepared
by the aecretary of the sUte highway
commission and submitted to Governor
Olcott The several amounts, together
with the date of Issuance, follow: May
1, 8500,000; June 1. 81.000,000; August
1, 8800,000; September 1. 81.000,000;
October 1. 82,000.000. Prevloua to
March 1 there waa issued 82.840,000 in
atate highway bonds.
Portland la without adequate police
protection. Unless 100 patrolmen can
be added to the department no Im
provement In the crime aituatlon can
be expected. To make matter worse,
the city lacks money and is unable
to Increase Its revenue by abided tax
Mayor Baker, who says that the rais
ing of 8150.000 by popular subscription
to improve tbe police department loom
as the only possible solution of the
Rev. T. B. Ford, district superintend
ent of the Salem district; Rev. W. W.
Youngson, district superintendent of
the Portland district; Rev. Richard
N. Avison. paator of First church of
Sajfi and Ror. i). H. Leech, pastor
of the Eugene church, were elected
general conference delegatea to the
Methodist conclave at Dea Moines, la,
next May. by the annual Oregon con
ference of the church in Salem. Alter
nates are Rev. Joshua Stanafield of
Portland and Dr. Clarence True Wil
aon. To Equip Omaha Police With Guna.
Omaha. Neb. In response to a rec
ommendation of Major General Leon
ard Wood, who was assigned to quell
rioting in Omaha following tho lynch
ing of a negro and the burning of the
court house, the city council voted to
appoint 100 new policemen and carry
out a proposed semi-military organiza
tion. . X
Poles Take Dvlnak After Hard Battle.
Copenhagen. Polish forcea have
carried the fortification of Dvinsk.
between Old Russia and Poland, after
two daya of hard fighting, according
to Berlin advices. All the city except
a portion south of the Dvina river 'Is
now held by the Poles, it is said.
UUh Ratifies Suffrage.
Salt Lake City. Governor Bamber
ger signed the national women's suf
frage amendment adopted thls week
at the special session of the Utah leg,
islature. Norway Wanta League.
Christiana. The parliamentary com
mittee, appointed to discuss the en
trance of Norway Into the league of
nations, has reported unanimously in
favor of Norway joining the league.
Canadr reports that If has 15,000
golf players and probably about the
same proportion as we have of those
who think they can play.
War gardening continues. The coun
try Is at peace, but the gardener is at
war with the potato wart, the cabbage
worm, the but space forbids.
The public Is rapidly losing Interest
In scientific Investigations of the high
cost of living, and only asks that some
nwans he found for calling It down.
push peace treaty
Disposition of the Pact By
First of November 1$
Hoped For.
Washington. With disposition of
the peace treaty expected by Novem
ber 1, congressional leader aro die
cusalng tbe prospect, of clearing the
extraordinary session, which begaa
May If, so aa to hav a month' rest
before tbe regular December session.-
Pressure Is planned thla week In the
senate to dispose of treaty amend
ments. Leader hope that by tbe mid
dle of next week all amendments will
be disposed of. Reservatlona will then
be considered.
President Wilson' illness msy have
an effect on the treaty aituatlon. It is
not expected to cause any substantial
delay in considering the pact while
tbe amendmenU are before the aenat.
bnt when reservations are reached the
president's counsel is deemed highly '
necessary, a democratic leaders have
not had opportunity to discuss with
him what reservatlona would be ac
ceptable. The senate swept aaide In quick
succession 36 of the 45 amendments
which bad been written into the doc
ument by the foreign relations com
mittee. The smallest majority recorded
against any of the committee pro
posals was 15. and the largest waa 28.
All of the amendmenU considered bad
been Introduced by Senator FaU, re
publican. New Mexico, end were de
signed to curtail American participa
tion in European settlements result
ing from the war.
Gary Under Military Control
Gary. Ind. Gary, alt of one of the '
United State Steel corporation'
greatest plants, affected for mora than
11 nr Uf-'-wy M VMKMyorw Mr .w w
In the steel industry. Tuesday eras un
der military control of approximately
1100 federal soldiers, commanded by
Major General Leonard Wood, com
mandant of the central department of
the army.
The call for federal troops waa '
made by James P. Goodrich, governor
of Indiana, after thouaanda of strikers
paraded and held mass meetings after
being forbidden by the mayor, the po
lice and the approximately 300 atate
militiamen stationed at Gary.
Upon the arrival of the federal sol
diers and the issuance of a proclama
tion by General Wood proclaiming
military control, the state militiamen
were ordered to Indiana Harbor and
East Chicago, InoV where Governor
Goodrich declared martial law. It
waa made plain that martial law had
not been declared at Gary.
Picketing by -strikers will not be
stopped. Captain Cbarlea Bolte, offi
cer of the day, stated. It wa not in
tended to Interfere with the general
course of the strike except insofar a
disorder and destruction of property
waa concerned.
The British army aviator' whe w
"resting" by touring America on a mo
torcycle must love the noise of battle.
Every investigation into the h e of I
brings the ultimate consumer back to
the same point he pays the freight.
Another tradition Is passing. Most
of the green apples nowaday go 'nt
Jelly, not Into stomachache for little
--a - -ai---ssae
Paris must have funny Idea of a
"cheap restauranf when It can be op
erated by serving food bought in this
Another perplexing problem la how
the burlesque show can be made to
pay while the bathing beaches are la
operation. -
Bolshevlkl are making the discovery
that somebody has to work In order
to provide material to keep the loot
game going.
However, the feat of the aviator
who crossed the Mediterranean' 450
miles will be pooh-poohed, probably, a
a week-end trip. -
German nobility are to be allowed
to keep their titles, bnt not their priv
ileges. They would probably prefer It
the other way about
There may be eome good narored
disputes over the question, Who won
the war? bnt there are not two opin
ions a to who lost it