The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 19, 1919, Image 4

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    The Teachers An Welcomed
A brilliant toe a cwnt of lml
Mr. and Mm. J. A. MeKa w.-tv
visit intr in Weston Wednesday from
Walla Walla.
Lit Fflrt rim and casing,
between Weston and Athena.
Liberal reward. J. M. Banister.
Mrs. James Kirkpatriek and
daughter, Mr. It. G. Biontsren,
left Sunday for Orifino, Idaho, to
visit Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Affleck.
' Returning from Forest Grove,
Hurry Shick and family have moved
into a brick cottage on north Water
street purchased by Mr. Shick from
J. C. Turner.
Krnest Smilev and family have
returned to Paris. Missouri. Mr. received S195 wr bushel, less a ulty, was. not present.
.1:.,. kl hi iftf smith .11 .Ul., .. lk ..rnitiilur avniilulilv detullUHl at
shop interests to his partners, the cf the farm Mr. Follett raised liar- much to the regret or the rapresen-
Peak brothers. .. ley and secured $43 per acre, tative eitiiena of the Weston
n;ntnt Bennett has sold his C5rw proceeds front grain were immunity who were happy to
wa greet our splendid corps of in. A
. I . !.: in....... $1205. Mruuor.
V".."': w - ... , ,., .... , At nine o'clock a short progr.
,or . . ;,""r, , " ' .r.: inaugurated consisting of 8.
rVWiAl iw nuau u'uuij iiv.v. f nnw I liti 1 19 tais
and Mr. and Mrs. II. Goodwin were
Ml I cat v " - "
ii lunches ii A.W.LUNDELL
Baker's Goods
Rev. W. It Storms, pastor of the
Baptist lliuivh, was the honor guest
at nn enjoyable donation party re-
) reeeolioM riven KU
eently given by the meiulier of his evening in honor of the We-
congregation. Among t x urn school faculty by tho Saturday
was $70 in catdi, all of which the Aftermion Club, at Society hall,
good pastor was admonished and Artistic basket of golden-rod and
instructed to end for Ute best suit iack.yed Susan gave the hall an
of clothe t be had in Weston. anwtive appearance. Guest were I
Dikr huhilimenLa to matrh Were . . I .I.-... I ,,.t i.ivmI. X
provided. and eatable were brought ,JonU of the club. Meadamo V. IX X fniPT ChKW
for a fine spread In the reception WatUndE.- 0. DeMoas.Mn tl laiUUiJl ViUIr
room of the cnurcn. Mr. oiorms -.tyi,,- m were Mr. II. GoooV
is 64 year old, began jninistertal win lno imH,miny proaidont. and
ja-ork at the age of 12 in Missouri, Mrs M- Smithy the retiring prea-
and for 44 yi-ars has bion an active Wcnt 0j lhu ru) wjtn tnc f(4uw.
Vfcstir. ing nH'inbers of the school faculty:
Thomas Follett, a pioneer farmer Superintendent and Mra. F. C.
of the Tekoa. Washington, sectiim. FiUjwlrick. Mis hdna llollenlieik,
owrating 180 acrs. ha received Miss Lurline Brown. Misa FUa
a ehtvk for $6438.70 for the fall Love. Mrs. Luella Tinkerton, Mis
STW Sin Su.: Mis vZv H.7ri. i $w$w&$$$$&Mrt$W$&WrWW$&b$$&WWL
wd f6 bushel per acre and he the only hew member or the. lac A
rRono your dray order, tj
1)3, or cull at store. I
MASS & sauer j ! Davis & Ellis I
General Insurance
and Real Estate :
to sell your
it in eutuble
Do you want
proiH'rtyT If
wife of I)r. Brown, and her oeugnwuny en nmcu jtenistor nnd Mr. Wph Ihalgann,
j .,-.u; !.. altenioon dv iir. ana airs. ... n.
to visit her mother. Mrs. Ken Smith at their eoay new home in
O llarra, and attend the Round Up. Athena. War trophu m& a very
, , , . . intert tsing collection of huropean
Judge Warren A. Wood of Gold uvjrg were inspected while Dr.
Beach, Oregon, arrived Wednesday Smjth many aneCAloti con
evening to join Mr. Wood, who has wrning his Cxptriencea on foreign
Uet-n visiling ner parents nerv. in
cidenUlly, he saw the Pendleton
Round Up for the first time.
Repairs on the dam above town
were completed this week by Super
intendent Avery and Councilman
Wurzer. The local water situation
is improving, but conservation of
the supply is still regarded as quite
essential. .
fronts with
Rev. E. F. Wriggle Neft Tuesday
t..r Tti. ln!l.i 1, tt.iml th. ITnitixl
WTiile motoring through to the 3,,, inference in session there.
Kound up Mr. ana airs, ueorge
t s . t ., . m v I
chairman 01 me iHiani 01 rxiue-
tion; a response by Superintendent
Fitxpalrick and a vm"! duet by Mr. V
n.l Mr. Roll.h r. rUmt.
An hour of good fellowship and
conversation ensued, after which
thii mi.! to the baimuet
room, which was tastefully decurat
Emery Reynolds returnetl yester- od with fluffy pink and white chrys-
tlay from overseas, aftr serving 28 anlhemum asters, rose and palms. O
montlis in the Marines, Sixth rcgi- Candles, with pink shades, gave a
ment. He was twelve months in pleasing lighting effort. Presiding A
Europe, and saw action on two at the coffee urn were Mrs. A. J. x
the celebrated toecomi Mcintyre ami nn.(n. o. i nre. j
being un- X a nCAIITICIII 1CI I CCI CPTCn CTfrlf ftZ
ram j
At the Store where the Customer is Considered
and Profiteering Not Countenanced
J. Harl Williams, F. D. Watt and 2
Many handsome
in honor of the
Miss Susie Beathe is ill with ton-sititis.
GreeUss to New Minister
Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Newman
of Wallace, Idaho, stopped in Wes
ton for a few hours yesterday to
visit relatives of Mrs. Baker, who is
a sister of Earl Rose.
, Demand for upland soil is in- Episcopal church a reception under
creasing, profitable crops having auspjoes 0f the Woman's Mis
been raised this year. Alex Kling gj0Mry Society was tendered the
, has bought the old Tom Lessor new mjnjster. Rev. P. J. Starmer,
place, 482 acres, of F. H. Heilman an(j famj)y. .
for $21,000. Mr. Kling has been The church .was comfortably filled
farming the place for the past six witn Weston citizen when Rev. W.
years. R. Storms, pastor of the Baptist
Jim Massey "bulldogged" a steer Church, opened a short program
at the Wralla Walla frontier show with an address of welcome on tie
in fourteen seconds. On average half of the Weston Ministerial As
time, however, he took second to sociation. .Mr. J. W. Porter, super
Ray McCarroll. Art Bleamister, a intendent of the. Methodist Sunday
buckaroo from Reno, Nevada, rode school, in a well-worded talk
a-vicious bucker named Coyote extended a hearty greeting to the
' said to have thrown 270 men. new comers. Mrs. Hattie Wilsey,
on her return home to
E. 0. DeMoss.
gown wore worn
The affair served to strengthen
community spirit and launched the
social season of 1919-20.
New lines just received of the newest novelties in all the late color and blocks.
PRICED .....,.......$3.50 to $6.00
The yoimjr men's hats in ahapes becominj? to boys wearing their first long panU.
For boys too large for tho kids' hats we have just what they want in shapes to suit and
priced-lit from 1.50 to 3.50. " f
after an extended visit
mother, Mrs. M. W. Van Winkle.
Her son, Carl Ray, remains as a
member of the ranching force at
the Bell place, after finishing the
harvest season with the Vennard
Bfll outfit.
Despite the beautiful autumnal
Th. nr .until itatnD cmDtm in
Tuesday, evening at the Methodist 3regon h hern placed tn the Unit
it the Oregon Stale Elks' SMoclatlon,
tccording to an announcement made
oliitly by Edward Cooklngham. direct
Mr for the war loan organisation In
Oregon, and Harry O. Allen, president
f (be Oregon State El kg1 association.
The 88 Oregon banks reporting dor
nant deposit of more than seven
rears' standing ander the recent blea
ilal call," ha been notified by Altor
ley General Brown to remit the ssrae
x the state treasurer, by whom they
UI be credited to the state' public
ichoot fund. The fund aggregates $12,
S 15.85. '
1 So. 2061
-i il 1 ...:u ,t ...-.i .
Portland exPrcaoru u,c w" m rePOKT OF TUB CONDITION OF
with her " r1? ou? Y " K " The Farmers' Bank of Weston, at Wee-
ment of the church. Rev. Starmer
responded in a pleasing manner to
the felicitations so conveyed.
A piano duet by Misses Anna
Lavender and ,Mina Price, vocal
duet by Miss Lois Porter and
Claud Price, vocal solo by little
Miss Florence Ross and a brilliant
ton. in the btale of Oretrnn, at the
eloee of business September 12, 1919:
Loans and discounU..... ...... $178,911 62
Overdrafts, secured and un-
. secured 900 40
Bonds and warrants H.iXi U
Banking house 3,600 00
V..rriitnr Mild fixture 1.000 00
weather, winter is undeniably ap- piano solo by Miss Ruby Price Other real estate owned JW.&95 33
proaching. The Leader s weather constituted musical numbers which Due from banks (not re:
fxlitnr nril! h porrohorated in this tvoro nit ormtlv pninved. Asocial serve oanKs;
a&rtion by T. C. Gettings, who hour was followed by light refresh- "ulA. " T
409 66
reports the first snow ol the season nients. - .
on Weston mountain. He saw a Rev. Starmer and family are
few feathery flakes descend Thurs- cordially received into the corn
day night of last week, between the munity life of Weston,
hours of 9 and 11. "
Checks and other cash items
Cash on hand ,
Other resource
88,527 63
1,263 67
11. W 24
3,088 25
Just received direct
from the factory a
handsome assort
ment pf the famous
fit sure to see them
before placing your
Total W26.925 94
Capital stock paid in.. .......... I 30,000 00
Surplus fund... 15,000 00
Undivided profits, less ex- '
penses and taxes paid ...... 8,768 86
Individual deposit subject '
to check 222,07192
Demand certificate of de
posit Z.1ZB II
saving oeposiis oo
, w
An Alternoon Party'
Mrs! Warren A. Wood of Cold
Beach, Oregon, was the inspiration
for a recent delightful afternoon
party for which Mrs. Lilian Fred
ercks was hostess at her home.
Progresisve games afforded much Time and
amusement, the . highest honors Other liabilities
being won by Mrs. Ralph G. Sal- . .
ing. who received a . beautiful j
potted Arftaricum in recognition of county of Dmitilla. (
her ability. The honor guest was i e. M. Smith, Cashier
presented with a dainty bonbon dish above-named bank
as a souvenir of the occasion. Dur
ing the final hour light refresh
ments were served by the hostess.
The guest list included Mrs. War
ren A- Wood, Mrs. Ralph G.
Sal ing, Mrs. J. Harl Williams, Mrs.
Mary McNee and Mrs. H. Goodwin.
8326,925 94
Harness Store
(J. D. Whitman)
Milton - - Oretfon
- Notice to Subscribers
If this notice is marked it signi
fies that your subscription expires
Oct. 1, 1919. We would most
gratefully appreciate your prompt
Subscription rates by the year,
$2.00; six months, $1.00; three
months, 50 cents.
The Leader is invariably discon
tinued at expiration. I
of the
do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
E. M. Smith, Cashier.
J. II. Price,
F. D. Watts,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 10th day of September, 1919.
. 8. A. Barnes,
(Seal) Notary Public.
(My commission expire Nov. 13, 1920.)
Rotice to Creditors
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Heze
kiah Key, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, James 8. Johns, his been
appointed by the above nvmed court
administrator of the above entitled es
tate, and that he has qualified as the
law directs. All persons having claim
!V "'
f b tr wi lt.iP" mmmi mf.f'tm-r j Vy' tm -
WEN'S SUITS - Ju'tst in, a shipment of the famous CLOTHCRAFT SUITS in
browns, bluea and novelties. Theae wo own at the old price, which means a substantial
saving to you. ' ; ' ;
We flnnounee th aeencv of the famous LAMM line for inch's Special" order suits.
These are strictly high grade, all wool and of the very, best material. What is more, de
livery is guaranteed. t ,
We are just in receipt of a wire that a general price advanco will take place on all
orders received after September 21. Let us have your order now, and save at least ten
percent. .-. '. ..,'... - .' . ' l "' -y- '!-v
MILLINERY Four dozen new trimmed hats just received this (Friday) morn
ingl New shipments continue to come in and our line is very complete. Our sales have
been larger than in any previous season, and we invite you to inspect this line. We are
proud of this department and leave nothing undone to have complete showings.
COHTS Do not hesitate to place your order for your fall coat. Coats are jelling
rapidly, yet our big line is complete. Prices, however, are going higher and goods' are
very difficult to get. Our prices will not advance so long as our stock lasts, but we will be
compelled to pay higher for re-orders, riushes, heavy cloths, trimmed becomingly. Some
are as low as $12.50, some flsjiigh as $78.00, but you can buy a very pretty and a very ser
viceable coat for $25.30 and 35.00. An attractive lino of children's coats.
SHOGS Late shipments are arriving and arc what you have been asking for.
School shoes pretty dress Bhocs boys' army shoes men's army shoes men's new tan
English ladies' pretty two-tone -and the prices from $6.50 to $9.00. A very few at $10.
' One lot of children's shoes, odds and ends, to close out at $1,93.
against the estate are required to pre
Rlackhpak. blotches and Dimnlcs sent the same to mo at the affic of the
are generally causea cy tne lm- """" w..k. r
months Irom mo date Hereof.
Wted this 15th diy of ' ' '
September, 1919.
Stephen A. Lowell,
His Attorney. ;
Drowr action of the lxwcls. Hol-
lister' Rot:ky Mountain Tea rojru-latt-s
the bowolw, cleans the stomach,
clears the complexion from the in
side nature' way "Get that
healthy, happy look," H. Good
win. Adv.
V nn n n nn H B T?I Y
Bi m ma sra m -m r m mm mm b turn
k k ic. skb st m om mm . mra i si m mm sra arm v hs sn mm k. a mtm ma mm sjaa 'saea
r jj wwu itfiiiii iiiiiaiaaii- wD t