The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 19, 1919, Image 2

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' Mixa Rintoul htm duo new pupil
In the aocnml prude thin wwk-
IU'ie Haas of district 65.
The primury jrmles ro lomiunir ,
their sounds this wwk and consider
thumsclves the most importint
class in tho building.
Since wwk two now puptlit
have Utn added to Mrs. FiUiwt
i i k'n room KMo in tho third
grade- and Arthur Slainier In tho
fourth grade. '
''f$i V-' '. ,
K '1
Oliver rulvenzer
- If " ' -
Axioftfeer Carload o
are ready for immediate
(Phone 761) Milton, Oregon
CLARK WOOD. Publlihtr
in Adjunct
The Year :........2 00
Six Months ,'. 1 00
Three Months .'. 0 60
TODAY, SEPT. 19, - - -
EntmS at tht psstollicc t West, Ortgoif
. ' '. snecssd-cUM wiilnwHtr.
Regular, per inch per insertion 15c
Transient, per inch per insertion 20e
Locals, per line per insertion..,...,... 10c
Mrs. l'inkoiton has (wo now
pupiln - hvd HuMt hiiI lU rthu
. Chorlotto I 1m is a new pupil in
tho eighth grade. ,
The text nooks for the froblumn
have arrived, ao thy now can begin
actual studying. .
Tho senior ealttn thinks it id very
much abused because it is required
to learn so many things about the
metric system In Physios which seem
Among the' visitors In Hik'h
School this week were two 'tu
graduates rtortruilv .Van Winkle
ami G"orBe lilonnfrt-n." Mi.-w llor
tens Ibtker wus another vinitor:
-The tlirectors visits! whool Mn
lay, lookintr over the huihlinx to
sh what improvements could he
maih', .
Mr. Fitzjatrick and- Mina lavis
were IVmlkton visitors Saturday.
The Utah School is proud to know
that a large numler of the '19 clat
is goins to attend school this win
ter. Esther Willinnis is -already
settled at Mills College. Maxim) '
Scriinshcr left this morning, for ().
A. C. George- iilomgren, Otis
Gould, Haxel Uuncan and Dorothy
Iro'bstel leave soon for Portland
to visit friends and relatives before '
going to O. A. C:. Gertrude Van
Winkle and Vida Greer are guing to
attend Whitman College, and Minnie
Johnson is going to University of
Washington.' - ;t
Some of the less fortunate ones
are still in Weston and vicinity.
Kuth Proebstel has secured a - posi
tion in Warren's Music Store at
Pendleton. Kendall Smith lias be
come a surveyor and is now at
Enterprise. Wilma Harbour at
tended summer norma) and is now
teaching school near Pendleton.
Velma Gerking is going to. Walla
Walla, where she intends to work.
We are sorry to Uwe one of our ' '19
class, JLcIa Powell, who Is going to
Montana. Eldon King is working
in the Liberty garage, and Billy
Van Winkle is helping his brother
on the farm. Leia Montgomery ia
at home
! The new course in music, which
aound Production. By increasing Hill, to be preserved like Mt. Ver-
productipn the cost of living not non and Mr. Lincoln's home at waa prepared by the State Depart
only is decreased but. employment Springfield. The national campaign ment of Education, has arrived.
Tilwratwl will be held durinff the week of Thia work ia to be done outside of
to command less necessary things. October 20-27.
If we do not adopt every means
of increasing output, if we do not
abolish waste and diminish unneces
sary expenditure, we must grad
ually impoverish ourselves as a
nation. Unless we give a
share of our national effort to pro
duction of necessities and save on , , ,., has been chosen by the state fulr man
luxuries that more capital may be rePrt published elsewhere should be MWBBB t0 bg c,rf of
school. Provision Is made .to give
credit in the High School for , work
The financial strength of the done to 'ptan, voice and violin.
Weston community is illustrated by Morm themstlve8f U)at cmJit
the strength of its banking institu- may be given. Address J,- A.
tion. Never has The Farmers' Churchill. Salem, , Oregon,, for
r i. iir . : 1 ! in firmut ion
larger a Vl nvswu camcu liuti
sum oi ueposits; never nas its re-
h.n rw,. T, honWV Major William 0. Wlilts of Eun
fnr fiirfhfr nrnliirtitin. rnnditinns
will follow that will tend to lower we,'in
the general standard of
are interested in the community's
who wilt act as guards at the state (air
at Salora.
The prospect of every American wage earners in spite
life of the jonn p having relieved the local
of higher gasoline shortage, we're here to say.
he's oil right.
i : j i k ii
iiamiK lan tauuv vi uic . uiiuks nominal wages,
necessary to sustain life and make . But if we are prepared to work
it worth living depends in part hard, to spend wisely, to save regu
upon the speed and quantity with jarly, to cut down waste and ex
which those things are protluced, travagance and invest securely,
says the War Loan Organization of ghorter working hours will become
the Twelfth Federal Reserve IM6- rxJS6ible wages will
tnct. . If we were able lor a certainnot nominally higher and prosperity
length of time to devote the' whole"w;u be our national portion,
of our productive powers to making One of the greatest aids to the
useful things and nothing else, their furtherance of this program is con-
cost would be reduced', in spite of Bjstcnt and regular investment in
the machinations of the profiteer, government savings securities. War
to a price which would enable Savings Stamps, Thrift Stamps,
- a. u. .ii j. u . .... .... Jgnwea
everyune w iwvc on ui uc savings trtmcates and unerty
requires. , . Bonds offer opportunity for the
It is obvious that the wage earn-' putting aside of any sum of money,
ers of the country constitute the no 'matter how great or" small,
chief market to which producers They are safe, they bear high in
must look for the purchase of the terest and investment , in them
goods produced. In the mainit is means new capital, new opportunity
necessary that we produce for our- and new prosperity for the people
selves and for others such things as of the nation. : ;
we require such as food, shelter i. . , .
and clothing. If a .sufficiency 'of A state organization is now being
these things were produced, their perfected to raise the quota; of
prices would fall to a level where $37,600 for the State of Oregon to- tent margin has resulted In a decision
all might obtain what their neces- ward the national fund of f 5,000,- " the part of the J. K. Gill company
sities demanded. 000 to be raised for the Roosevelt f Portland, representative for all pub-
The cheaper these things become Memorial Association. County
the less they take of the wages of chairmen will be appointed and
the workers, the more money is county committees will be organized
freed for the purchase of other in each county. The fund will be
tilings, and a demand is created for devoted to the erection of a per
fresh commodities. This demand manent memorial in Washington,
furnishes further employment and D. C, and to the creation'of a park
additional wages. So this cycle in the town of Oyster Bay, which
eontinues to ' reTOve . indefinitely -may ultimately include Sagamore
The Loyal Legion of Loggers and
Lumbermen of Marshfleld will open a
general store to provide necessities of
life, and some luxuries, at not more
.han 10 per cent over wholesale cost,
be really and lnd Perhaps as low as 7 per cent
' .11 I I .... J
nirjimiiu (txurm uciwwh
Portland auri Kugene were broken,
hon Lieutenant llatton, member of
he government forest patrol crew on
iuty, flew from Portland to the Eu
cne aviation' field In exactly 45 min
ites. ' ' . , '
Correspondence courses are not roe-
as coming within the provl-
lions of the soldiers' educational bill,
tccording to an opinion by Attorney '
Jeneral Brown for the guidance of
Jam A. . Kozer, deputy secretary of
itate. ' . . .
Bids for furnishing 82,000 bronze
nedals for Oregon soldiers, sailors and
narines who participated in the world
ar are to be opened In Balem on
October 10,-according to a "decision -cached
by members of 'the so-called
Oregon medal commission.
Refusal of 8alem retail book sellers
a handle school books on a 15 per
lohers furnishing books for Oregon
tchools, to Install a store of their own '
O Salem. ' -
- Delegates to the central labor coun- -,
;11 of Portland and vicinity voted that
f the use of the Portland public audi-'
.orlum Is refused by the city com ml a
tioners for a general amnesty meeting
f labor, tho council shall call for a.
eferendum vote on a general strike -
)f protest of 24 hours' duration.
The only ideas worth while are
those that grow for nothing sur
vives unless it is good. , The E. K.
Parker System in dentistry is the'
result of an idea that occurred ot)r.
- Painless Parker , twenty-seven years
ago, and that.idea was simply this:
"Dentistry is as niu'h a business as
it is a profession." Beginning with
that idea in ' a 'single office, jt has
grown until there are - now twenty
four finely equipped dental offices
where the E. R. Parker" System is
used. Quite a number of people
now living in Weston have had
dental work dope in the Portland
and other offices where this Parker
idea is carried out. . These offices
are constantly being extended,- the
last one having recently been open
ed in Pendleton. Exactly the same
dental work is done in Pendleton as
in all the other Parker offices. In
each of the twenty-four offices using
the E. B. Parker System, dentistry
has been systematically made
better, pain has been largely over
come, prices have been materially
cut down, work is done in less time
and fewer . visits are , required of
patients. In each office several
dentists work together, each doing
that kind of work in which he is
most skilled. The Parker idea
benefit everybody. That is- why it
grows. ' ' . .
.,1 tKtTKlv (
I : L
C ' " ".. r'
. . .... ... , 4
l"" ri r m 'n,,,,,: I, ., r,n mi i
Admission, tax included...... ..25c and GOc
(Utah's Famous Product)
(Fir and Tamarack)
Your orders promptly filled at right prices.
; Phone Nqs. 93 and 272.
r - YOUR
I fiEED nXIHfi
S '. . r8ECl I
I E. R. Hall I
I (At Old Lieunllen shop.) 1
: . -. . for ' .'.
I Dr. S. L KEI2IARD 1 1
Veterinary Surgeon
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
Phone Main 253
made to order, 'Twenty
five percent discount from
regular prices.
R. L. Reynaud
Mistake !
If you want the best COAL
in the market, give ME
your order.. - : '
I want to sell COAL to sat
isfied customers only.
, (Telephone 83) , .
Dentistry f .
Second ' Floor Weston Mer-
.. cantHe building
;.! Weston, Oukgon V
Liberty Bonds J
An nlisolulel safe Invest
tnant. If you hnvo money to In
vent, buy Libm ty lionds from us.
If you soil Liberty Hunds, soil
to us.
Wfl buy hikI sell Liberty Bonds.
Any di'mimlimtiuii J",U flUO '
James L. Elam
Walla Wftlln - Waslilngton