The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 12, 1919, Image 3

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M In tho past tho Weston Transfer Compa-
ny has taken orders for my coal and did tho
delivering of same. They Jinve now gone
Into the coal Belling game on their own hook
consequently orders given to them for coal
' ' never reach mo. Therefore I -was compelled
to quit selling coal or put a. team on the
Street to do my own delivering. I chese the
latter alternative, and now have a nifty wag
on on the streets to do my own delivering and -also
to do any other drnying that the public
! may. favor mo with. Thanking you for "past
favors and assuring you in tho future of the
best fuel on the market at the lowest price
consistent with tho present standard of costs,
I am, .
. Respectfully,
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
One hundred. ................ ......i...... 1 CO
Each additional hundred 0 75
Egg Mash, Bone, Shell and Grit
; for your chickens.
for your calves and other baby
stock. Raise them without milk.
Joe Hodgson
(Telephone 83)
Second Floor Weston Mer
cantlltt building "
Weston. Oregon
i: Liberty Bonds
An absolutely afo Invent-
nwnt. It you have money to In-,
' ' vest, buy Liberty Hand from u. . ,
',,11 you soil Liberty Horn!, lull , ;
' ' to u. ', ',
' We buy mid it'll Liberty Pond. , ,
!! Any denomination $50-1100 1
; $.'i00-1000. .
James L. Elam
V, Walla Walla - - Washington
A tMnntlful rimptui, hrnlllM nf rUl
lata. (ariliUM, k ormt. with awnr
opponiulUM (r Mir kohv "ttfclrtto toe
rn-nihwl,." fJI drmooratto umiMtsm
UXl lb. fUBUW "OKMOB Hpini."
fit tialwmltT hwM. Ui Colin, of
Utmtun, Mm mi Uw Ait. whI ttw
mwui Mwob of Uw. MxHrfn
fwiuodi, AwV.iw. Jimro"".. Oom
mtM, tvdttuiu u4 Mod.
. Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburj, Wash.' .
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
A , Sold in ) 'A
Weston Mercantile Company
1 - ; '
E. E. Geiat, well known grain
dealer of IVndk'ton, wu In town
Tmwluy. 4 "t :
The plant of the Warren Con
vructlon company hni lccn moved
front Adam to Athena.
Mrs. J. M. Compton and Mn. C.
C. CulU-y were visitors in Walla
Walla during the week.
? Strayed -From the George Winn
pasture, one (fray mare two years
Did, branded I r on ngni snouwtr;
one gray yearling mare, unbranded;
one gray mare, two years old,
brand unknown. Id-ward, Ail-
dress or phone Jtalph Kinnear,
Milton. Or. -
Geo. W. titaggs Junior left today
for Spokane, where he takca hi
fourth and finul year In the study of
veterinary science. The veterinary
department of Washington State
College, which George has been
attending, ia located at Spokane.
County Judge Marsh and Corn
E. C. Kogcrs has' bought the resl- T.i DunnJn't wtTf !T. JLh-
deiice property of Mrs. Jerry Stone
on JefTerton street in Athena.
Walter Milton Is rapidly recover
ing from smallpox, with . which , he
was only slightly ill, and no other
cases are reported.
- Mrs. W. L. Robbins has accepted
the prinrlpalhlilp of the Kremlin,
Montana, sclux'l, where she has four
assistant teachers.
llarve Itead of Vancouver, Wash..
Is renewing frictidHhips in the town
of his boyhood while visiting
. brother, Joo Head.
Mrs. Margaret Rabb has re
tunietl from a buying trip in behalf
of the millinery department of the
Weston Mercantile Co. '
V. T. Hal Injur lias put a transfer
outfit in commission to deliver hin
wood and coal to patrons. He will
aleo use the rig for general draying.
Mr. and Mrs. "Andrew Ijirson
were visiting In Weston Wednesday
and Thursday. They have disposed
of their orchard property near
the state line.
Stevens Lodge No. 49,
first of the week Inspecting the pro
posed Washington street1, route for
the sta(e highway. " ,
, Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Davis have
moved to Walla Walla, where they
are at 315 Newell street.
, W. M. Davis and
moved into the Mrs.
dence. ,
J. II. Padberg is here from bis
Morrow county farm. .
I'll pay cash for baled hay and
family have
Nelson resi-
hls straw. A. Phillips.
of Pythias, has elected F. G. Lucas
and Clarence Hand as delegates , to
the grand lodge, which convenes at
Portland October 1.
Gus Olson, who owns an adjoining
farm, has bought the Albert Allyn
place on Weston mountain,
Allyn aud family will go to
Malheur county, to reside.
Vernon O'llarra and Ray
have been enjoying a mountain hunt
for game birds at the J. E.
farm. They have been bagging
the limit daily chiefly in native
pheasants. -V
Lou Davis has installed in his
popular establishment a patent
penny match salesman, which now
stares his smoking patrons in the
face whenever they drop in to bor
row a handful of matches.
Just a-Fordinz Around
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. O'Harra re
turned Friday from a tour of the
northern country in their Ford car.
They traveled some 600 miles and
had a twist delightful outing.
They visited their daughter, Mrs.
Stella Kennedy, , at Priest River,
Iduho; Frank Knowlton at Spokane,
and Mrs. Erven O'Harra at New
jjort, Washington.
L Newport they found to be the
center of a very beautiful lake
, region. Some of these lakes have
Kniiflit become very popular resorts. The
The Ford Model T One Ton Truck was the
first low price truck to carry the worm-drive
that tremendous power delivering mechanism
- had previously been an exclusive feature with
high priced motor trucks. In the Ford Truck,
however, you get the worm-drive of manganese
bronze material,' absolute in strength and
positive in the delivery of power, at a very low
price. Come in and let us point out the many
, superior merits of the Ford One Ton Truck,
because you need one in your work. We give
prompt and efficient repair service.
O. A. ADAMS, Prop'r OOH
m it!
shores of Diamond lake are throng
ed with people, and boating and
bathing' facilities are provided
equal to those at Long Beach, Cal
ifornia. Mr. O'Harra was impressed with
the - wonderful mountain- grade
which he drove down near Lewis
ton. Here a mountain highway
seven miles in length and smoothly
paved winds its way along the
mountain side, and in some places
Jones has been hewn out of solid rock.
The Colfax camping grounds for
tourists were much admired by the
Weston pilgrims. The Colfax Com
mercial club sends an affable repre
sentative out to the grounds every
evening at five o'clock to welcome
the- travelers and give them infor
mation. As to the beauties of nature. Mr.
a . i
for decorating and beauti
fying walls and ceilings.
We have it. in white and
many attractive colors.
Olarra savs that they may be
A reception will be tendered Rev. found in especial abundance among
Stormer by the Methodist Woman's the calm and majestic mountains
Missionary Society at the Methodist through which the Pend d' O'Reille
Church Tuesday evening, Septem- rjver wendslts way. Their effect
ber 16, 1919. "A cordial invitation j8 grandly wild and yet reposeful.
is extended to all. members of the
community to attend. fonty Will Build It
A Mr. Beller, who has been eon- ' ye will build, and that means
ducting the mountain resort at Toll grade and gravel, a road 15 miles
Gate, was fined $50 In Justice Lieu- jn leoirth from Pendleton to Pilot
IBeioss Furniture
ft ,
alien court here Tuesday on a
charge of violation of the state law
. requiring the uue of one bull to a
herd of 25 female cattle.
F. J. Johnson, grand chancellor of
th Knights of Pythias, has recog
nized the work of F. G. Lucas of
this city in the interests of the
order by placing him on the "honor
roll." Mr, Lucas received his cer
tificate of membership last week
and values it highly.
C. O. Pedersen will take posses
sion of the MeGrew farm, which
he leased last week, about the mid
dle of the month. Mr. and Mrs.
Fred McCrew will remain here until
October 1st and meanwhile Mr, Me
Grew will decide upon a new loca
tion. lie is a graduate of the
University of Oregon both in law
and in pharmacy. ,
The regular monthly meeting of
the Woman '8 Missionary Society of
tho Methodist Church was held at
Rock, out of Umatilla county
funds," announced Judge C. H.
Marsh while at Portland, to the
"Those Who Come and Go" re
porter of the Oregonian. "J. N.
Burgess, who will succeed W. L.
Thompson on tho state highway
commission, lives at Pilot Rock and
uses tho road to Pendleton twice a
day. This road is part of the Oregon-Washington
highway and is on
the state road program, but we in
intend building it ourselves so
that other counties cannot 6ay that
Mr. Burgess is using his position to
build a road to his own town. We
don't have to do this, for the states
should build it, the same as the
Pacific highway, or any other high
way, -but" we intend forestalling
criticishi that's all."
An immense problem in reconstruction confronts the present generation.
Are you doing your utmost to prepare to tcaq in us soimronr
uu1: -. -uspt-1 sixes. . " . I
Oregon Agricultural College
Trum lo tradmhip in tf faiiiri mai profrion fooi : .
Ttw Colttn oalitiu include, counrt in KnIh. Ennomin. Art. MMtussMin. Mudcra LantiMcm.
, Three regular terms Fall term begins September 22,1919.
mmmlmmmmmiimn cri"w.ui..ii
Pot Collrt. CMaloc. I!KMrsl Booklrt nd oOkt mforawtHm mMtcm ,
THE RKGISTRAK, urcton AtrKmwm uw.
lM ' i
; The Criterion, Walla Walla
Walla Walla's new exclusive
ladies' apparel , shop, x Criterion,
the home of Mrs. Letha King Wed- t Si
nesdiy afternoon. Tlie business ses-
nouncement "received here from Val
as followed by an interesting fen ityJJT
Mr. Jensen and Mr. Thomas, both
of whom have had many years' ex
perience in women's ready-to-wear,
have just returned from New York
City, where they purchased fall and
winter stocks which are now being
displayed. ,. - - -;.
The opening of the Criterion is
considered to be one of the prin
cipal events in Walla Walla this
sion w
program under the leadership of
Mrs. Hattie Wilsey. Twelve mem
bers and one guest, Mrs. E. E. Wil
sey of Rutledge, Missouri, were
present. :
Geo. W, Ellis, a pioneer stock
man of the Ukiah neighborhood,
passed away Sunday at the age of
65. years. Mr Ellis had lived in
the south end bf .'; the county for
Tbe Fanners Bank of Weston
' Eslailisted 1891
nenrlv four decades, and was hisrhly fall." ' The new store is in the
regarded in his community. He is Bridge-building on East Main street
survived by two sons and three and is considered one of the most
daughters. One son, Gilbert Ellis, attractive women's shops in the In-
and a sister, Mrs. L, B. Davis, are land Empire. ...
residents of Weston. The funeral ' -" . ,rt
was heldTuesday at Pendleton. i1
- Although they disposed of their ed- at a banquet ot the member iu
valuable orchard property in the Portland, the two companies being
upper end of town to" J. M, May-, merged Into single company of n-
nard. Mr. and Mrs. John BonewiU olneers which will be a unit ot the.
will continue to make Weston their
home and have taken rooms, in the
dormitory building. . From . the
standpoint of health and a con
genial, home-like atmosphere, Mr.
HonewiU says that he doesn't think
Weston can be improved upon, and
lie doesn't care to look elsewhere.
nattonal guard of Oregon.
Everett R. Cumralngs. an Albany
young man, ta now taking parts In
motion picture productions of tha
"fhomas H. Ince corporation at Los
jjngeles. In the past month he has
workd In casts headed by Douglas
Ftrbnks and Charles Rav.
, As a people are we not spending too much for our
own good? Are we hot purchasing-things that we
could just as well do without? Should we pay three
prices for a dress suit or pair of shoes that we can
get along without, or should we " "slow up" a little
arid let production catch-up? v
v The world is short of mogt necessities, we are
heavily in debt and are getting in deeper every day.
Perhaps you thought the government financed to a
finish by the Victory .Xoan. Possibly .you do not
know that the Treasury Department is selling FIVE
ury Certificates every 15 days. -