The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 12, 1919, Image 2

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IP' .y,'. i'i
Anofcli! Carload o
are ready for immediate
CLARK WOOD, rubluhtr
Stiicllt It Adjunct.
Tbe Year $2 00
a-.:.- W.-1.L- " I fW.
Three Montta IZZiZ"".-!' 0 50 convincing arguments against the
proposed ; amendment to the Shan-
FRIDAY, SEPT. 12, - - - l tung treaty. Those who have set
Entcrtd .t the pottoilk. i wtoa. Or.So "P a man of. straw in an effort to
uMcnd.dM mitRtttci. -. " nullify an international agreement
.. .-y ,,-. - ,-7-rrr-rT-r arrived at after months of delib
- ' advertising kates eration by the world's greatest
Regular, per inch per insertion 15c gtate?men and which gives greater
Transient, per inch per insertion...... m? of wor(J than any
Locals, per line per insertion loe r . . .
. other document in human history-
. Clark Wood has bought' of . U.
''Boyd a half-interest in the Athena"
Press, which will hereafter , be own
f.ved and published by Boyd j& Wood.
Clark Wood continues as owner
i and publisher of the Weston
Leader and will assist in the publi-
cation of the Press. ,v
A.Merganthaler linotype typeset-
ing machine has been ordered by
the new firm, and will be installed
" in the office of the Athena Press
upon its arrival. The mechanical
work for both papers will be done
at Athena, but the Weston Leader
will be issued as heretofore from its
office on Main street, Weston, and
Weston will -continue to be the
home of its editor.
Clark Wood is the oldest country
editor in point of service in Uma
tilla county, and second rank in
this respect is held byF. B. Boyd.
The former is very probably the
' dean of country editors in "Eastern
Oregon. He began Jiia newspaper
" career in this section of the state
when a boy of thirteen, thirty-seven
years ago,, and has since been con
stantly in harness. '
The parties to the transaction
' are confident that both the Athena
Press and Weston Leader will be
materially improved through the
co-ordination of modern mechanical
' resources which; 'will be at their
' 'i.iinf liBiM)sal
..joint dwpobai.
. The new arrangement takes of-
feet-October I. ; - .
Oliver Puverizerf
(Phone 761) Milton, Oregon
In a recent speech in the, upper
house of Congress Senator MeCum
ber, for twenty years republican
senator" from North Dakota, gave
re tput t. b'Ush -5
uniijcr. Among uuu--r tilings, ne
said: . .,' - .-.':..... ,
"I am satisfied that nt greater brow
;ou!d ever be strunk againut the real
interests of China than by ucb an
"la It an act of true friendship toward
China or a- mere political move to de
feat the treaty? If its sponsor now
Ia!l to come forward and openly pledge
that if Japan is driven out of this
treaty then the United States will pro
seed single-banded and alone to drive
Japan out of China will renew -this
world-war and send our soldiers into
the Orient to fight for her, then by
this act they are betraying China with
l false kiss.
"If, on the other hand, they declare
they will make war to drive Japan out
if China, to prevent Japan receiving
inly those right which the other great
nations of the world Have received,
then they are proclaiming a policy,
n-talch they have assailed as being the
most wicked part of the League of Na
tions a policy of interference with the
quarrels of the old world. Worse than
ihat, while they violently condemn a
(oint agreement with the other great '
white rations of the world to shield
the greater white races from annihila
tion they would send our sons to death .
to defend the inferior yellow races
whom we claim to be no inferior as to
be unfit to associate us.
"Either we will, bring both Japan
and China Into this League of Nations,
which by the very terms of Jta provl
ilons will compel Japan to return to
China all the German rights acquired
by Japan, not only by conquest but by
the solemn agreement made by ber
with China herself, or you will drive
Japan out of this treaty wherein she .,
1 11 nM tA rintinJ if thu kltl (TO tltn gf
whlch ehc voali aMume by Joining
the league. .' ?
"With thU League of Nation Chin
,btaIn, an s.urance which I tanla-
mount to , goarftn(, by all the world
that not only will Japan return to
Chin what Germany wreated trom
her in 189, but henceforth and so
long tbia league shall last no other
nation shall rob China of one Inch of
her territory or eiercta any control,
over her people Inconsistent with tb
claims of complete Independence and
sovereignty." ,-
Never was weather more ideal
for farming operations throughout
this section. As though to atone
for his slumber the past two taring
seasons, the rain god is now grant
ing abundant fall moisture. Sum
mer fallow is clean, and upon their
appearance the young weeds will
fall before the "slicker," leaving
the ground -in fine condition for
seeding. Moreover, a good moun
tain potato crop is now assured.
The Leader is in receipt of a copy
of Oregon Blue Book for 1919-1920
from the office of the Secretary of
State. This is a comprehensive and "
useful publication which should be
in the possession of every voter who
wants to post himself on common
wealth affairs. Copies will be
supplied promptly and without
charge to any citizen of Oregon, ,
upon application to the Secretary off
State. ' ,
The International Typographical
Union has sent printers to Tacoma
to get out the papers and the pres
ident of , the mine workers has
ordered the 26,000 Lackawanna
miners to abide by their agreements
or suffer the consequences. These
incidents sustain faith in the sanity
of organized labor, comments ' The
Oregonian. . ' '
. Redfild Quit Cabinet '
Washington. William C. Redfleld,
secretary of commerce, has tendered
bis resignation to President Wilson
and it has been accepted effective
November 1. ' - . '
ll. 8. 8oldlr Killed By Carman Troop
Coblenz. Private Ream Mad sen of
Sacramento, Cel., was shot snd killed
while Minting deer by German soldiers'.
Tbe shooting took place In the neutral
son, about a mile from tbe boundary
of the Coblens bridgehead. ,
' .;
The Ilijrh Sehool opened with an
enrollment of forty-one, All are
very busy getting their UMigunluuts,
fur tho majority of them ar Tar
rying" many subjects,,
The new scholars entering . High
School arv ttuauno Smith, a senior
from Washtucna. Washimrton: May
nard Jones, a anphomore from
Odessa, .Washington; and the fre0i-
men are Gwendolyn Compton and
Atrv MeCorkell, from tho upland
near Wenton; Kuth Jackson from
Athena, Lorna Camblin from
Silvies, Oregon, and Lewis Luckt-n
bill from Dry Cmk
Of last year's wrpt of teachers,
all arv Iwck exceit Miss Simmon
and Miss Tipton. Mix Ivi who
comes to us frtun Indiana, tenches
rVench, Geoim-try, Physics and CIn
era! Science. Mrs. Fitepat rick 'ha
taken the place of Miss Tipton.
Misa Iove'g rtwm opened with an
enrollment of fifteen, a few more
than last year. . ..
Mrs. I'inkerton, who is teat hing
only the seventh grade thU year,
has an enrollment of twelve.
.The fifth und sixth grades had an
cxtvllent attendance for tho first
few day.
The Beginners' Cltuw had an en
rollment of fourteen, and all were
very happy to have Mis Kintotil
back a their teacher. The little
folk are jenjoying the phonograph
this week. -
Mrs. Fitxmtriik .has the lui'tfcst
clas of the lower grades, with an
enrollment of thirty-nine.
The children all started to work
with a good will.
There are ten in the senior clnas
this year,
Dorothy Proetatet, Ilaiel Duncntt
and George Blomgren, all of the 19
class, have visited High School this
We are pleased to know that ten
of the 19 clasa are planning to
enter college this year.
Mistake !
If you want the beat COAL
in the market, give ME
your order.
I want to sell COAL to sat
isfied customers only.
New International
DICTIONARIES are In use by buai
ne men, engineer, banker.
Judge, architect, physician,
fanners, teacher, librarian, cler
gymen, by iMCftu tntn and
womtn th utorld over.
Art Ton Equipped to Win?
The New International provide
the mean to aucceta. Itlsanall
knowing teacher, a universal ques
tion answerer,' '' - .
II you seek efficiency and ad-'
vancemeot why not make dally
use of this vast fund of Inform
ation? 1
). Vocabulary Trm. 17MFaM.
M IlltwiraltniM. (Mimd ritn.
SC.SMCnarnnhtcalSubiwU. li,v
IMographfeaJ Salrlaa.
ReiuUr and IodVPsptr Edition.
imi.a fftucMi,
alo. frM,
el of 1-ach-t
Mp U you
ntu thit
tpri'ltM. Mil,
to get your
before you spoil the
. wheels.
E. R. Hall
: (At Old Lieuallen shop.)
m EBBBa3aSSS3l
I Th u Of I tin f'.nlUiiil municipal
iuUHorlum fur dobtU on th Irish
. republic, to have heea nciii tinner tn
aiixpleoa of tlm Central lAhor council,
wan dnM by tlm unanlutuui ruts of
the city council.
The drailnmmht Varmont, carrying
Vice Admiral Claruiwo . Williams,
sunoiid tn command of tlia 1'ai'irie
flent, and thu armored urulnvr North
Carolina nttrt4 the
tluinbl rlvar
and vUlid Astoria.
U'iiiatle plnrarflin of the dmonr
roada, matte mwesnary htemn of the
huiromnr of the main trunk lines
now tn proiwim throughout Oreoii,
baa ! uitdtriaki-u by the iu
hlshway department.
. I'laus for a mvacoldent week tanv
paian to b ronducted In th state of
Oregon ar living turmulntid by th
nowly orgatiUfd Croiiiin rly coun
cil, and It 1 ld th drive sill
tiko placa next mmiih. ,
With sugar atocks practically cloan
ed out and Portland Jobber espvrtlng
no ahipment for auniher mouth or
more, If consumer' snppfli't are not Rparhtgly ther will H a real
nugnr famine In I'ortlaud ainin.
ItearliiK will be held t Tmiulo
Soptainlnir 11 and 13 by 0ome Coch
ran, slat water siiporlntvudi'iit. for
the adjudication of th water right
oil Snow tru( k. Approxluiatoly suno
acrv of irrlsabl land are affected.
'The trte highway rimm'sBlun ha
prepared adVertlKcmi'iii for the l
-of worth of road bund to
b Issued ttndi-r authority of the f 10,' hlshway bond nieaifurfl id
at the liint session of tho atat legl
latur. , -
Tho fir' prevention parade to be
held during th ei'itviniton of Pacific
eoaat fir chiefs In Portland on 8"jj
lember Ift, 1. I? and IS. will b the
biggest parade of It kind in tlm world,
according to Ktr Marshal Kdwsrd
Orenfell, " '' "
Out of respect to an early eltln. all
store and place of business In Hood
Rvr wr cloned at th hour of th
funeral of IX McDonald. Mrk McDon
ald w Cotmcl4 with th First Na
tional bank and was prominent tn all
clvle affair. '
. The entire telephone system of Polk
county wa placed under one head by
a d.-al by m'hlrh th exrhane at
lttlli Falla City, Monmouth aud In
dtpendviic wer consolidated under
th new till of the Willamette Tele
phone company.. T '.
Plans for th Kntsrvrii irrigation
district in Klamath county have ba
uhmlttod to Percy Cupixr, state en
gineer, and will b approved with
alight modification. The propoaed
district include approximately 1400
ere of Irrigable land. 4
and Coal
(jilbert Ellis
Dr. s. l mzm
Veterinary Sprgeoq
Hospital at corner of Main
and Drond streets.
Phone Main 253
BOX STflTlOiltv
In Large Variety and
. Dainty Design
Goodwill's Drug Store
Th perfect liiwlmad slwaj belong
to (It other woinnti.
Many a young gtrl'i rmnir Isn't,
good mi her gown.
When you meet a atranirer gt baay
and tell your trouhle first,
flow did lh Icemnn maka living
wlirn every Ituma lind It cellart
- At lenst n on run b aurprlaed l(
titer la a vol vhortag nut winter.
Kvory tlm on ruts In on' t
ihihm' a new growth stnrt oiowhr
tW " ' .
Amerlcnnlim ran l tauslit In th
bimlnewi of llf ni well In
Apparently th Titlm Bch suit bow
lis a rival lu thlun In I h all-wool
winter suit. .
Only a few year ago a fthr could
nink a comfortahl living without a
tioiii gnrdrn. (
A lot of folk are wnnderlnc whora
th men got th corwl they wr with
thiuw valt rnio coat. -. '
Anu-rlrsim who tour broil must
pect to l-ar titolntlal part of th
eoaf of reeonat ruction.
IVae stirvly ought to piva dnra
bio after It hna iH-t-n so laboriously
baumtewl Into ahni.
iNm-liargM iHddlfr who are moving
tn th rltle may not find theitt o d
llghtful In rim clothing.
It mnst tw understood that n Hn
tnt deported until h I well to th
et of th Ktatu of Liberty.
If th eyebrow kind bad always hero
In fashion, Ih man Ihat Invented th
mustach cup would bav starved, to
.Tb weather I making It difficult to
entliu much ovr th fuel sdmlnl
tratlons Bpel to buy next wlntra
emtl now.
If th price of milk, lhratnid.
rte much higher, th efficiency ngl
em will hat to pk wprovlngly to
tlmcow. , ' .
The minuter w ho shot a hloejay for
Inierruiillng tb aermoo may bav been
giving a warning to member of th
A lot of fllow In civil llf rs
trying roch'a policy of attack, alway
to tfnck, but they don't car much
what they attack.
"Rat fewer coatly fowl." advise Pr.
Harvey W. Wiley. It th doctor will
o o griMH-ry utor and sell tbeia to
we'll do our uart.
; . ' ' FOR
made to order. Twenty
five percent discount from
regular prices.
R. L. Reynaud
Practices In all State and Ksdsral
Court. '