The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 11, 1919, Image 2

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ClAKK 00D, rWtM attendance.
the country alitor in Soffit Ptttty Fill StlMUDf
i i i Mu
Evvernmclt-ow ned changed
J. Vandrrpwl has ex
MHJCHirtlON Mm ihc Wl0 f gvvernmclt-ow ned hanged his rmy uniform for
Six Month , w count, cuiwtltuUiiR lh h fta .,ur wlth fhrm
Thro Month 0 60 ''. might referred to as sort clothe on,
of flim-flam. Matt was with tin H 6th Field
rUBAT. JULT 1L lflt , , a Artillery, ami raw hi share of hos
tilitiei. He was aligned to the
duty of gun lighter the second day
CiMri4 .1 th pillit at (lilw, Orta
mcm4-cUm w.llM.Mtf.
KcguUr, per inch per iimertion ..
Transient, per inch per insertion
Local, per lino per insertion..
Wilson is now ready
He senate all about it.
Singularly enough. Sunday came
on Saturday at Pendleton.
Frontier Dots it Walla Walla
Botou ik'Wmwiht writers have
struck for more viy a ca.e whore-
in, wc hope, not to write is might.
Walla Walla. Wash,, July 10.- -Arrangements
are being made by
the Wall Walla Commercial Hub
and the Fair Association of this
city to hold - gigantic Frontier
. 'Teddlimr the bull- is mr. !J? fV1"".-hen! V" .U;r tho
profitable in New Jersey than else
where a famous blooded llolstein
having aold there for f 100,000.
"Seven Person Die in Chicago.
-headline. Sad fate; but perhaps M lhe front an(1 itmrn to ny)CCt
letter than living in Chicago. the ability of a French 165 equlp
u ! i u pod with American night piaking
to tell the it practically the same as an Amer
lean six-inch gun.
j On one occasion the particular
gun to which Mall was attach!
was given the range by a doughboy
outpost of a Hun motor car in mo
tion 13 miles away. The car was
known to contain (Jerman ollicers,
and the American lottery olUeer
allowed the gun ervw five iJtols
with which to cttroy it. m
saved four shells by hitting the ear
first shot. Another time the
11, 12 and. 13. The celebration will sr,, gm destroyed with a few
const ofl, a three-chjy program or sh, German headquarters H
wild west events and Contests which ntilo away. The boenea got wen
will be the feature of the Walla ater, however, by putting the gun
Walla Agricultural and Stock Fair out of action with a direct hit by
The esteemed Ormmni.n n,l th t0 hld iPtember 10 to 13- 210 shell. The shell exploded Ml
The medOregoman ,nd the rys contests will be par oVr the gun barrel while Matt and
esteemed Last Oregoman are quar- ticipated in by well known title hja comrades were in the recoil pit,
reling again a pastime they have holders of the west. Bucking bron- but they miraculousy escaped un-
followed to our own personal know!- cho riding contests for the cham- hurt. The ground was soft, else
edge for the past forty years. pionship, steer bull dogging, relay gome or all of them could hardly
and pony express riding, cowboys' have kept out of the casualty list.
u . .. o . , . ,nd cowgirls "d110 racv3- Irnlim The 146th was in action at Chat-
Huns are still doing lots of kick- pony express, relay and saddle au Thierry. SU Mihiel, the Ar
ing, but tlierein their capacity ends, races, stage coach races, steer rop- gonno, Verdun and elsewhere, and
ing contests roping exhibitions at one time was for 27 days under
We fancy that "Red" KunerLis anU ,anc' nu lr'CK rmn aisPa' continuous shell fire. After the
win ue emuouicu in we nuge pro- armistice the artillery boys took
gram presented. -Purses to the thinirs easv on the Rhine. Matt savs
amount of $6000 Sill be awarded they wasted no affection on tlie Ger-
The sympathetic strike is as like- to winners of the Frontier Pays' man people, the efforts of the lot
ly as not to strike the unsymiathet- contests ter to ingratiate themselves being
ic as a damphool proposition. Captain Fred Murray, recently well understood.
discharged aftr two years of scr- - On of the hardest things to bear
The Hohenznllom wh trl-i vnin V,V in thc Vaitvd States Army.'is while at the front, according to this
Tte Hohenzollern who tr,ed vam- maMgmg Days this ywir. young arUlleryman. was to submit
ly to take everytihng else will soon Pfor to the war he was identified to German shelling and to be una
have to take his medicine. with wild west attractions, among ble to retaliate. This happened
them being the Missoula Stampede when the French occutiied an ad.
which has been succssfully staged at joining sector and German guns op
Missoula, Montana, for several posing the French alio fired upon
years. the Americans. It seems that be-
Arrangments are being made cause of certain liaison regulations
with railroads for a reduction in the American artillery was forbid
rates for the Frontier Days events, den to-reply to German guns oppos
ite committees in charge of the fog a French sector. Matt'a outfit
GtllTipil Season Tickets
fancy that "Red" Rupert. is
growing blue.
'Nothing can save the democrat
party next year except republi
can stupidity," remarks the es
teemed Oregoman. Looks pretty
safe for the democratic party.
on sale at ;
'. , and '" . .
" '(HIODVUI'S drug store
Only, Two" More liays
. to Buy- .
Adults $2.20
Students .....$1.38
Children : $1.10
A season ticket takes you to the ten entertainnents.
two a day, from
Pendleton's celebration was a pro- ty celebration are planning a live- were annoyed exceedingly once by
nounced success-variety being the Jjr time for visitors to Walla Walla big German gun which they could
w on A Avrsnil a rvw IiqI invifofin tn I . J i I
Walla Walla Sep- Matt brought back the most In
teresting collection of war-time
which generosity held
was tree, everyone to be in
an especial tember 10-13.
photographs yet seen here.
July 14 to
and is exchangeable in the family. If you buy a sea
son ticket you get each program for 22 cents. .If you
wart to buy yoijr ticket as you go, you pay 83 cents
each for a number of them.
. Buy Yoi Season UMllw '
ave Time aiad Moisey
Meaning a Drop of $150.00
You can make your farm produce more at less cost
and with less effort on your part by using a
Fordson tractor.. '
Not only will it help, you prepare your land and cul
tivate the crops, but it furnishes power for many
other farm jobs.
The Fordson tractor is the result of long study of
farming conditions and it has been proved a suc
cess. Burns distillate or kerosene easy to operate
and care for practically trouble proof.
v. - Call on or Phone us -(Phone 761)
mmon ear.
Heieklah Key. one of the earliest Bulck ? For
residents of the Weston neighbor- A Ford car driven by W. S.
hood, fell dead Friday evening Fayne of this city and a. Bulck
while going out from his home driven by a young man named John
below town after a bucket of water, son of Milton, crashed together
Mr. Key had readied the ripe old on the road between Weston and
age of 89 years. , He was a native Athena with results seriously disas
of North Carolina, where he was trous to both cars. Mr. Payne and
married to Mahulda E. Moore Au- party, which included his two sons
gust 29, 1866. Soon afterward and two. other boys, were coming
14. If V I A- I lun,. n k.l mi A. . UA
an i aim maid. lcjr Iliuvcu w luwij hvhi. v.. vtivi. diuc v uiv ihmi .
where they lived two years. They Headed toward Pendleton, the
then emigrated to California, re- Buick approached them at high
siding there three years, when speed on its wrong side of the road. &
they came to Oregon. Mr. Key When the Buick was so close he Ij
was among the first of Weston s xearea a collision Air. ray tie turneu
wheat farmers. He was at one out. An instant later the Johnson
time the largest land owner in this car do turned, and before Its
section, but reverses caught him in driver could stop it struck the side
a period of over-expansion and he of the Ford. Although both cars
lost all his holdings. In recent were badly wrecked, none of the
years Mr. and Mrs. Key lived quiet occupants were injured, barring a
ly on a garden and fruit tract on few slight cuts in the head received
Pine creek below town. by " Anson Payne from flying bits
Mr. Key was a civil war veteran, of glass. Mr. Johnson had young
having served under Gen. Rhodes, man companion.
The departed pioneer is survived ? '.;.:..-' "
by his widow, one son, William Ten miles of paving on the "blue
Key of Cottonwood, California, and white trail" between Athena
and three daughters, Mrs. J. N. and Milton were ordered advertised
York of Milton, Oregon, Mrs. for the August meeting by the
oeo. w. Badgett of Pendleton and state highway commission in ses
Mrs. T. H. Wyland of Pilot Rock, sion at Portland Wednesday. Noth
funeral services were held Sun- Jng has been made publicVs to the
day at his late home, with Scripture particular route 'the highway will
reading by Rev. W. S. Payne and take through Weston.
Prayer by Rev. W. R. Storms. ! ,
Prayer was also offered and suitable. ..1.1 M h.i a.
hvmns were nun nr th rrov, T, m "U SClUSmCUl
Good seven-room house with mod We have moved from the JtVeston
ern appointments and six lots for hotel to the Plnkerton residence on
sale at a bargain. Terms. Robert south. Water street. Good meals
Froudftt. served. Board by the 'week, .if
. . desired. L. W. ilebert.
For Sale Set of breeching work . i t u
harness. Andy Barm-tt. . Ue Weston Uader Is on . cah
. - basis, and positively wants no bust.
Used Ford ear for sale. Terms, ness "-otherwise. Clark Wood, pub
C. H. Nelson. . lisher.
on two beautiful Phonographs
if taken this month.
Liberty Bonds accepted in pay
ment atpar.
Ooodiii's Dm Store
funeral was largely attended, a long lnJSiJtiJnS-,8Ut ot
procession of automobiles fol owing Oregon for Umatilla County. n ' . , , - , m
tne main) to the grtve.
Kntal ricbite Machine Ordered
"Farming's Fun with a Fordson
h the Matter of the Estate of Ran'
Som Lieuallen, Deceased. .
To All Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that 3, H. Pad
herir. nf tha tjtta it
At meeling Monday of the Rsnsom Lieuallen. deceased, hss filed
board of managers of the Memorial ln h? entitled court his ftnaj ac
Moli u i j J cour)t of the sduiinistration of said e-
Hall association it was decided for tate, and said court has fixed the Wth
the present to abandon the plan of day -of July, 1019, at 10 o'clock in th
remodeling the front of the hall forenoon, in the County Courthouse at
and to devote the entire resources ndtaton in .Um"till County, 8tate of
nf fL tn ....7 iu Oregon, as the time and place for hear
of the association to getting the jg "obections and exceptions, If any
hall in readiness for motion picture there be thereto; and all persons inter
shows. President F. D. Watts was ded in id astute are hereby notified
authorized to purchase one of the to ,,fPM' .! time and place and
best Simplex machines the mark tTeVKSrov.T
et, and the interior of the hall will port, the discharging of said adminis
be arranged for its installation, trator and the exoneration of his bonds
Nothing will be done with the ex PJen ,roT fi,ther lb"M . "
tj min- 4l " I was further ordered br said court
tenor beyond completing the cor- ,. .:. .u..a ,.i.ui. i
nices and putting in the double , the Weston Leader, a weakly nowspa
windows. When this work is done per published at Weston, Umatilla
and the motion picture machine County, State of Oregon, for four con
purchased and installed the present 7- "
subscription fund of the association June, 1919. Said order is dated the
will have been exhausted. 17th day of June, 1919.
.. ... Administrator of the Estate of ,
liuttor wraps at Leader shop. Ransom Lieuallen, Deceased,
l Yon mrm UM
That Old Ivory Bedroom Set
when you see it in our, window. 1
when you see it in your ;