The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, June 20, 1919, Image 2

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Hi fi Ilarman
and nil kinds of Woodwork.
Successors to tho old
. Lieuallen Shop.
Weston - Oregon
simjcmfiiof RAm
Slrklt ! AJm;t
m Yr , law
Six Month 1 00
Three Months 0 W
chamber of deputies is not mix
sarily discreditable to Premier Or
Undo, who has stood between tho
conflicting Area of Italian ambition
and a Just peace program.
0parUn Club Women Donored
Ealtr (I IK illllc at Vote.
ttm4-cl BMllatallar.
Regular, per inch per Iwwrtion 15c , auiotmbile and we'll supply
Traitsient, cr men per insertion xuc
I.ocal, per line per insertion 10c
Warrvn Whipp of Cleveland, em
ployed in Paris as a chauffer for
the Red Cross, has invented an ap
pliance enabling an automobile to
run 75 miles on a quart of gaso
line. Newt Item.
Well, well! Somebody hand us
At all events Rill Hohenxollern
will never pet as severe a trial
he has lcen to humanity.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
Mvrtle Mav Reid.. I'litintiir, vs. Thomas
Richard Rei Defendant.
To Thomas Richard Reid, defendant
above named:
In tlie'Kaine of the State of Oregon,
You are hereby required to apear and
answer tho complaint of the plaint
iff tiled against you in the above
entitled court and cause within six
weeks of - the date of the first
publication of this summons, to-wit:
on or before Friday, the 11th day
of Julv, li'l'.'; and you will take no
tice thai if you fail to appear and
answer said complaint or otherwise
plead thereto within said time, the
plaintiff for want thereof will apply
to the Court for the relief prayed for
in her said complaint, namely, for a
decree of the Court forever dissolving
the bonds of matrimony now existing
between plaintiff and defendant and
for other equitable relief.
This summons is published pursuant
to an order made herein on the 28th
day of May, 1919, by Honorable Gil
bert W. Phelps, Judtre of the above
entitled court. The first publication of
this summons will be made on the 30th
day of May, 1919, and the last publica
tion on the said 11th day of July, 1919,
and publication will be made for six
consecutive weeks in the Weston Lead
er newspaper published at Weston,
Umatilla County, Oregon.
Dated this the 27th day of May, 1919.
Peterson, Bishop & Clark,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Residence sr.d poet-office address:
Pendleton, Oregon.
We somehow irather that Post-master-General
Durloson is being
subjected to considerable criticism
from those who are criticising him.
upon Germany that when she
the war she lost something.
We fancy that one hundred years
from now history will record a dif
ferent opinion of Woodruw Wilson
from that entertained by his sena
torial critics.
One of the most delightful func
tions of the social calendar was the
Kensington given by Mesdamea P.
D. Watts and E. M. Smith at the
Dr. Watts residence Friday after
noon in honor of Meedame E. C,
Rogers, R. lYoudflt and J. F. Snl
der, who are leaving Weston to re
side' In Athena. The invitational
list included the members of the
Saturday Afternoon Club and Mrs.
Minnie Walker of Helix.
Kxuisite specimens of Frau Karl
Druski and Caroline Test out roses,
representing the club colors, were
employed to tastefully decorate the
fituation rooma and provided a fitting baok
ground lor me gowns oi tnuse in
attendance. Mrs. Watts wore a
handsome gown fashioned of whito
satin and embroidered voile; Mrs.
Smith was attractive in canary-colored
taffeta; Mrs. Rogers was ad
mired In a gown of pearl-grey
georgette; Mrs. ProudfU's frock
was a smart blue taffeta; Mrs. Sni
der wore a rich silk gown in tho
new brown shades, combined with
Conversation and needlework oe-
rnri A rsfth t p.Rrfi.An cupied the early afternoon hours,
Fourth and Fifth at Pendleton fl,uowwl by , mny program of
Pendleton, Or., June 18. That stunts arranged in an impromptu
Pendleton's celebrations on the manner and demonstrating that the
Fourth and Fifth of July are to be club ladies are eminently qualified
real celebrations, put on in Pen- to furnish an afternoon's entertain-
The prerent Kuropean
teaches us that there is some advan
tage to military dominance when
the right side dominates.
If Germany signs, it will be re
garded as an omen of letuming
It is at last beginning to dawn Hotter a stroke of the pen than
lost a stroke of paralysis.
on COAL.
by buying at Summer
Order Now
dleton style, is now assured. Sam
Wright, who has charge of the
street decoraions, has just received
Clemeneeau was the very man to t.nough bunting, flags, pennants,
tell the Germans just what the al- streamers and things to give the
lies think of them.
It is becoming quite evident that
before American labor embraces
bolshevism it will first practice
with a rattlesnake.
As to the much-mootojl square
deal, everybody will get what he
thinks is one some day, we hope
in heaven.
The outlook is
sunny for Mooncy.
not particularly
city a gala day appearance. Besides
this he is preparing large and
appropriate patriotic pictures for
the center of Main street, and plenty
of shields with the word "Welcome"
in large letters, for corner posts,
over which will be an array of
The merchants are being asked to
place seats on the curb in front of
their places of business, that those
who wish to watch the crowds, or
the water fight, or even the dancing
which is to be one of the features
of the evenings, may have a place
to sit.
On the evening of the Fourth
will probably be held a
ment, both clever and mirthful,
without previous prearntion.
An elaborate three-course lunch
eon was then served by the host
esses, after which the place-cards,
biaring sentiments appropriate to
friendship, were read aloud.
The afternoon proved a fitting
testimonial of tho affection and es
teem with which the honor guests
are regarded by their fellow club
fit. iL' .i.. r i
me ever-uiirsiy ian uou.ns nas d , which the ree
this to say in his Telegram colyum: couples will be given prizes of $10,
! R. L. Reynaud f
"Sheriff Hurlburt has discovered
the 'kitchenette still' of gallon-and-a-half
capacity already, and now it
will be up to some enterprising mo
ron among us to devise a vest pock
et still, capable of producing a
couple of gulps."
As though a couple of gulps
would be any more to Dean Collins
than a couple of raindrops to the
$5 and $2.50. On the evening of
the fifth there will be a general
public masquerade on the street
until about 10 o'clock, when the
whole assembly will adjourn to
Happy Canyon for a grand inarch.
No confetti will be permitted on
either day.
Two ball games' one each day
are being arranged for. A prize of
$125 each day will be divided as
the contesting teams may may wish.
A parade will help to make the
first day's program one to bo re
membered. The pluguglies will be
an interesting feature, and prizes
in a Whitman county wheat ranch.
480 acres, all farmed, 210 crop,
all lays good, part fenced hog jj
tight. Running water; near school; g
modern house. Price $100 per acre 5
includes all crops, all stock, machin- S
ery, etc. Only few days left at
prize above price.
Ne me or write me lor wniat
land. Phone 402.
Washtucna, Wash.
BUTTER WRAPS at Leader Shop
Sixty (minimum) $1 00
One hundred 1 35
Two hundred 2 00
Each additional hundred 0 CO
Tbe Fanners Bank oi Weston
Established 1891
Church Announcements
Not yet having handed Germany
any advice her whole disastrous
course having been pursued with- are t be offered for the best make- pastor,
out hearing from us we will do so
Church of the UrethrenSumlay
school at 10 a. m. Preaching at
11a. m. C. W. S. at 6:30 p. m.
Hible Study, Life of Christ, at 7:30
p. m. J. H. Gordon, elder.
Methodist Church Sunday school
Bt 10 a. m. Preaching services a
11 a. m. and 8:00 p. m. Epworth
League at 7:30. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. S. K. Powell,
We advise you to hold your
Liberty Bonds; but if you
must sell, we will be pleased
to handle them for you at the
market price.
now to the effect that she'd really
better sign.
up. floats arc oeing planned by
several of the fraternal orders and
business houses, and gaily decorated Sunday school
autos will be seen
The League of Nations is already
strong enough to survive the Knox.
Notice of Final Settlement
In tbe County Court of the State
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ran
som Lieuallen, Deceased.
To All Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that J. H. Pad
berg, administrator of the estate of
Ransom Lieuallen, deceased, has filed
in the above entitled court his final ac
count of the administration of said es
tate, and said court has fixed the 19th
day of July, 1919, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, in the County Court house at
Pendleton in Umatilla County, State of
Oregon, as the time and place for hear
in? objections and excentionn. if anv
there be thereto; and all persons inter- ment having sold
make any objections or exceptions price of $200 each
they have to the approval of said re-
port, the discharging of said adminis
. trator and tbe exoneration of his bonds
men from further liability herein; and
it was further ordered by said court
that this notice should be published in
the Weston Leader, a weekly newspa
per published at Weston, Umatilla
County, State of Oregon, for four con
secutive weeks, the first publication
thereof being made on the ZOtb day of
June, 1919. Said order is dated the
17th day of June, 1919.
Administrator of the Estate of
Ransom Lieuallen, Deceased.
Congress has voted to repeal the
daylight-saving law October 26,
just us some of us were learning to
be thrifty in the only thing we
have a chance to be thrifty in.
The Salvation Army Drive
Everything is in readiness for the
Home Service Campaign of The
Salvation Army in Oregon, to be
conducted under the auspices of the
Oregon State Elks association. The
drive will open Sunday, June 22,
and continue until June 30. The
state quota is 1250,000, of which
one-half is to be raised in Mult-
The Portland Holy Roller who nomah county and Portland.
killed himself and wife lost a The money which Oregon is asked
grand chance-by including his to jve th,is organization is to be
; ., 4l .j'. ,j used exclusively in the work of the
,fe-to wm the world s applause. organizatjon in th,8 8tate
army is not requesting any money
Curiously enough, everything is for itself, but instead is seeking
coinz ud but airolanes arovern- to obtain sufficient funds in this
United Brethren Church - Preach
ing at 11 a. m. and a p. m.
at 10:00 a. m.
Junior C. E. at 2:30 p. m. C. E.
meeting at 7 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening. E. F.
Wriggle, pastor.
Baptist Church The Church with
a cordial welcome for all. Sunday
school at ten o'clock, preaching at
eleven. Also preaching at eight
o'clock in the evening. W. R.
Storms, pastor.
Christian Science" Society Ser
vices Sunday at 7:30 p. m., and
Wednesday evening at 7:30. Water
street, near Main.
The Weston Leader is on a cash
basis, and positively wants no busi
ness otherwise. Clark Wood, publisher.
(Telephone 83)
Dr.N.P. Bennet
Second Floor Weston Mer
cantile building
Weston, Oregon
one drive to enable it to serve
humanity for one year without
making continual solicitation upon
the public for funds every few
Every person has heard the story
of The Salvation Army in France,
where it served In the front line
areas, bringing comforts of home
to the American doughboys. It is
this tervlce that has focused the
public eye upon the organization and
which has caused inquiry into the
past efforts of this body of Christ
ian men and women.
This inquiry has established the
fact that for many years past The
In a vein presumably intended to Salvation Army has operated in the
be facetious an eastern wheezer fr?nt !in.e trenches of vice and jiov.
erty, bringing comtorts to those
who had been shunned by the re-
now what a dead mainder of society. Its motto, "A
man may be down but is never
out," has won for The Salvation
1100 planes un
at the bargain
Between the Big Four and Mar
shal Fcch, the Hun will find the pen
far safer than the sword.
If it will help any, the Leader
will ingratiatingly arise to remark
to the highway powers that be that
whatever route they choose through
Weston will be satisfactory to us.
Liberty Bonds
An absolutely safe Invest
ment. If you have money to in
vent, buy Liberty Bonds from u.
If you sell Liberty Bonds, sell
to ui.
We buy and sell Liberty Bonds.
Any denomination 160 $100
James L. Elam
Walls Walla - - Washington
and Poultry Supplies
International Stock Food
and Tonics
says that considering
tervice he knows
letter died of.
Weston should feel
it is considered important enough
by the state highway commission
to be asked to "get together" on
the route question.
flattered that Army the approbation of the general
pubic and every indication points to
a large over-subscription in the
forthcoming drive.
W. M. Pctertoa G. H. Buh.p
Peterson & Bishop
Pendleton,' Or'.' Free water, Or.
The only good sign for Germany
is awaiting her signature.
The fact that Premier Orlando
has been repudiated by the Italian
North Dakota Plan Stands.
Fargo, N. D. The suit brought l;y
42 taxpayer! of North Dakota assail
log the constitutionality of the Indus
trial program of legislation sponsored
by the National Non Partisan league,
wis dismissed by Judge C. T. Amldon
of the United States district sourt.
! Dr. S. L KEKilARD
Veterinary Serge)
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad street.
Phone - Main 263
Practices in all State anl Keurl
You Will Lite
That Old Ivory Bedroom Set
when you see it in our window.
. V
' -
when you see it in your
DelVZoss Furniture Store