The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 16, 1919, Image 1

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vrT mi it ii
f VWV,IU -V , . . I , - .
i g h way
IT MEANS Quick mobilization of guru and men
for national protection. f
IT MEANS-Commcrclal and agricultural develop
ment of aeven Oregon counties Clat
sop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Lane, Doug
las, Coos, Curry.
IT MEANS-The oponin of a year-round paved
road from British Columbia to the
Mexican border. .
IT MEANS The opening to sportsmen of-thecoun-try's
fishing and hunting paiadise.
IT MEANS The employment of thousands of skill
ed mechanics and laboring men In its
IT MEANS That Uncle Sam will match every state
dollar for construction and will main
tain the highway forever.
You owe it to your country, you owe it to
your Btate, to go the polls at the
special state election June 3
and vote 310 X Yes
- For the Roosevelt Highway
Oregon's Road to Prosperity
(Pld advertisement- Rootevelt Highway AaeoeiaUon.)
All Parties United tn Assailing 6ermans Send Two Complaints
i" . Termt of the Peace to Clemenceau Regarding
I Treaty. Peace Terms.
Pendleton will bold JU annual Roee
how thla year about June 1.
The Grant Pass ehaulauqua will
open oo Tueeday, May IT, and cloet
June I. ,
Tbe Mailer Plumberi' aseoclatlon of
Oregon bald lie 17tb tnoual eonve
(Ion at Astoria. "
Praaant Indication! point to tba big
gett toul yield of apploa that Oreae
baa arer produced.
At a apeclat city election a bond
Issue of 140.000 waa voted. M to 4,
for a nw city wster ayetam lor Yanv
Tba Deacbutaa county court author
Ised a county election on Juna , at
wblcb time a 1125.000 road bond laaua
will be voted on.
A new $10,000 bridge to take the
placa of tba old ferry acroaa tbe Alses
at Tidewater In Lincoln county, baa
Juat been completed. ,
Tba Deacbutaa county court baa an
tborlsed a apeclal county election oa
Juna I, at wblcb time a 1131.000 road
bond Issue wilt be voted on.
Forty head or mules, valued at about
12.000, were burned to death oa the
ranch of J. T. Harvey, near Pendleton.
A I2S00 bam it also a total loss.
A. r. May, well known Pendleton
farmer, wai killed Instantly when hie
automobile overturned aa be waa oa
tba way to town from bla ranch.
Captain Everett B. Wettenell, field
artillery, la appointed an actio quar
termaster while cm duty at Oregon
Agricultural college at Corvallla.
Tba achoolhouaa and contenu at
Empire, three milee weat of North
Band, wart completely destroyed by
fire. Tba origin of the fire la un
known. Members of the First Presbytertaa
church ot Salem will commemorate
tba fiftieth anniversary of the found
ing of the church In a four-day jubilee
beginning May 11
Capacity ordara for all the heart
wood fir tlet available In tbe Eugene
section ware placed there by R. I
france, purchasing ageat for the- ratV
road administration.
Adolph and Mai Lewie, who are
alleged to have robbed the WasbougaL
Wash., bank, were born In Oallce and
lived at that place and tn Grant Pas
until a few yean ago.
' Berlin. Protest! that came frosa
virion quarter la Germany over tbe
peace term, aa they were reported be
fore tbe official tarma became known,
are a nothing la comparison with the
wave of remonstrance angry, bitter,
disappointed la tone that la sweeping
over Oennany bow that the treaty baa
beta presented.
' States, munlelpelltlea, district, or
gsnlsatlon of varloua aorta, business
men'a and women club, and tht po
litical parties, art vising with each
other la finding worde to express
acorn and condemnation for the docu
ment. Big demonstrations against the tlgn
Ing of the peace treaty by Germany
were held Bunday In Berlin, Brealau,
Danilg, Koentgeberg. Caaael. Boehum
and other placea. The demontrtlon
were organised by the national peo
ple's treaty.
President Ebert called the peace
treaty a "monstrous document" He
declared that hlatory hold no prece
dent for such determination to anni
hilate completely vanquished people.
, la the erlticlatat Preaident Wllaon la
only mildly aaaalled her and there
lace word haa gone to the preaa from
official quartan that be It not to be
takta to task. ,
The assertion npon which ttraa la
laid are that the proposed paaea lack
II element of Justice and conform
In CO way to the presidents 14 point,
while Indignation expressed over
term characterised unbearable and
a spelling slavery for the German,
Parte. The allies can admit ot no
discussion of their right to Insist upon
the terms of the peace treaty substau
Ually aa drafted.
Thla la the reply to Count von
BroekdorffRaotsau, head of tbe Ger
man peace delegation, who submitted
not to Premier Clemenceau declar
ing the peace treaty contains demanda
which could be borne bf no people,
end many ot them incapable ot accom
plishment. Count von Broekdorft-Ranttau haa
alao been Informed, In answer to hie
complaint that Oermany waa asked to
Ign the allied plan tor a league ot
nations, although not among the
tatea lavlted to enter It. that tbe ad
mission ot additional member states
baa not been overlooked, but baa been
eipllcltly provided for In the covenant.
' The German peace delegation sent
two letters to the allied and associated
power declaring that on essential
polnta the basla ot the "peace ot right"
greed upon between the belligerents
haa been abandoned.
The German delegation la additional
Bote transmitted to M. Clemenceau.
a preaident of the peace conference,
propoaea change tn the clause ot the
peace treaty covering labor problema
and asks that prisoner ot war be re
turned Immediately after the algnlng
of the preliminaries.
The repllea which the council of four
eent to the German note made public,
were drawn up, according to the
Temps, with the personal and particu
larly actlvt collaboration of Preaident
Wllaon. -
v llg Winter Wheat Crop Fereeaat
- Washington. Tbe greatest, crop of
winter wheat aver produced In any
country it in prospect for thla year'
harvest The forecast of production,
estimated by the department of agri
culture, placed ita site at almost too,
000,000 buahela, la exact figure 89
ais.000. which would make thla year'
harvest worth $J,04.00,000 at the
government'! price guarantee of $12$
Liberty Bonds I
'An absolutely safe Invest-
ment If vou have money to in-. I
. i v : i . n .J 4mabm mm x
It you eell Liberty Bond, eell
We buy and aell Liberty Bonds.
Any denomination 150-1100
$500-11000. - .
James L. Elam
Walla Walla ' Washing-ton
Thirty four thousand Bine Bunaree
and thirty four pounds of certified al
falfa ed, ordered for tbe ranchera
of the Bend section, baa beea received
and I now being distributed.
Stockmen and abeep growers ot
Klamath county bav petitioned the
secretary of the Interior to have tbe
bulk of the territory In eaatorn Klam
ath county thrown Into a grazing re
serve. Nearly f2.000.000 baa been received
by Bute Treasurer Hoft from ZS of
-the to eountlee of-Orcgon, while the
receipts from tbe other 11 counties
are expected to swell the total another
After serving aa a rural mall carrier
out ot Oregon City for It years, Frank
Whtteman baa been discharged by tbe
government charged with placing lit
erature of a Bolshevist nature in the
mall boxee.
With the capital stock Increased
from f 55,000 to $100,000, tbe Hood'
River Apple Vinegar company will
Increase it capacity thla fall, en
abling It to handle all the cull apple
Half a million railroad tie that
bav been atored in the Southern Pa
cirio yards west of Eugene, oa the
Coo Bay branch, will be ahipped to
eastern road by the federal railroad
Fourth-class postmaster bv been
appointed in Oregon aa follows: Air
lie. Polk county, Kenneth L. William;
Cove, Union county, Logan E. Ander
son; Friend, Wasco county, Elisabeth
E. Beckenateln.
In accordance with a recent decision
banded down by Circuit Judge Fred
W. Wilton, of Th Dalle, the Hood
River county court haa allowed county
officials back salaries amounting to a
total ot $4,837.47.
The annual state encampment ot
the United Spanish War Veteran ot
Oregon will be held July I and 4 In
stead ot during June, according to an
aouncement made by Harvey Wells,
estate commander. .
Contract for new road project
costing $1,500,000 will be awarded by
the state highway commission at ita
forthcoming meeting at Portland May
(7, according to an estimate an
nounced by the commission.
Dr. N. P. Bennet wishes to announoe the -opening
of a dental office in the Weston Mer
cantile Building, Weston, Oregon. Strictly
new and modern equipment renders it possible
to give the public the benefit of the most
advanoed and modern methods, brought out by
the profession in the last few years. Sani
tary conditions are assured by careful ster
ilization of instruments.
Telephone 83. Hours, 0 to 12 and 1 to 5.
- - ft P
;tf a
Twenty -Seventh 1
nil cjsi n A W
Weston, Oregon
The state highway department naa
announced the resignation ot C. k.
' Dunn as division engineer for the
commission. The appointment ot C
W. Warner of Portland to take Dunn's
place waa also announced.
Loganberry juice undiluted for use
in Ice creams and aherbet and de
livered to home la not subject to the
new tax. tbe internal , revenue office
ruled in the case ot a fruit Juice manu
facturing company at Portland.
Effort of the school teacher of
Portland to win increase in their sal
tries through a special tax levy of
$531,000 wa successful in the election
held Saturday, the measure being ap
proved by a vote ot almost two to one.
The farm department ot the United
Statea employment service report a
shortage of men for farm work. In
the Willamette valley help la In de
mand at $40 to $60 per month and in
eastern Oregon $60 to $75 la being
The identity of the robber of a
number ot Dallas stores during tht
past several weeks was ascertained
last week with the capture by tht
police at Vancouver, Waah.t ot Ru
dolph Frickberg, a Dallas boy, not yet
20 years old.
Gaining a halt a day ot tour hours
on the working achedule, the Colum
bia River Shipbuilding corporation of
PorUand launched the hull of ttfe 8800
ton steel steamor City ot Eureka In
27 days flat, establishing a record tor
the United States.
Interest in tht use of the battleship
Oregon continues to grow throughout
the state, and many suggestions are
made as to how the old tighter may
best serve tht cause of tht country.
It Is expected the ship will be sta
tioned at Portland and used as a train
ing ship to afford nautical training of
men tor the navy and merchant ma
rine. .
Early development of tha great tim
ber tract ia Washington county held
by the Eccles interests is heralded in
an announcement that D. C. Eccles ot
Salt Lake Is negotiating tor the pur
chase ot the United Railways, the
eleotrle railroad owned by the Great
' Northern and Northern Pacific and
running from Llnnton 19 miles west
, "W, R. Relvo, editor, and A. J. Par
tan, manager, of the Toveri, a Finnish
dally newspaper published at Astoria.
Or. must serve two years each at Mo
Nell's Island according to the sentence
imposed on the two men by Federal
Judge Wolverton, Retvo and Partan
were found guilty ot violating the es
pionage act by a Jury in the federal
, court at Portland.
',(No.a06) . j.
The Farmers' Bank of Weston, at Wes
ton, in the State of Oregon, at the
close of business May 12, 1919:
Loan and discount. .....$175,867 15
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured 1950 23
Bonds and warrants.... 17,222 J
Banking house 8,600 DO
Furniture and fixtures 1,000 00
Other real estate owned ...... 29,289 33
Due from approved reserve
banks - 17.545 23
Checks and other cash item 64 26
Cash on hand - W.8T7 81
Other resocrces bS2 08
Total .............$256,689 07
Capital stock paid in...,.......1
surplus I una
Undivided proflla, less ex
penses and taxes paid
Due to banks snd bankers...
Individual deposits subject
to check."...
Demand certificates of de
posit Time and Savings deposits
Notes and bills rediscounted
Bills payable for money bor
rowed. Other liabilities
80,000 00
15,000 00
5,325 35
121 88
100,153 33
1,454 86
48,662 76
7,750 00
43,000 00
5.220 80
Total.."...... .................$256,689 0T
State of Oregon, 1
County of Umatilla, f , .
I, E. M. Smith, Cashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
E. M. SMITH, Cashier.
J. H. Price,
F. D. Watts,
Subscribed and sworn to before m
this 18th day of May, 1919.
Andy T. Barnbtt,
(Seal) Notary Public.
(My commission expires Oct, 25, 1919.)
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