The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 07, 1919, Image 1

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- GIFTS TO RED CROSS TOTAL. $400,000,000
Washington. (Hwlal,) Henry I'.
lavloii a chairman ltn Him follow
ing statement on behalf of lb War
Coutull uf American Bud Cro:
To lit American People t
Tli War Council of Ilia American
Jttd Croat pihiIiiim1 by President Wil
ton on May 10, JU1T, lo carry on Hit
work of Hit American Red Cms dur
ln( Hit wnr, at iliclr riiet and by
vol of Hit Central Committee, ceased
at nililnlKlir, February I'M
"Immediately Hie trmlallit wa
Ihihh Hit War Council Instituted
tinlle lo deicrniln when Hit strld
ly war work of Iha orsiuiUntloii would
Imv been auini'li'ally innliirvil In en
ahlt Hit direction of affair to be re
sumed by tilt pniincnt staff. Henry
I'. iHivlwin, Im-Ihk In I'm l ! Hit
aniiuilit w signed, summoned a
coiifwrrnrt" ther of Hit limd of all
Hit Rd I'nuw Coiiimliiiiloiia In Kurop
' lo cniiv Hit aliuiilloit. After, con
sidering IMI factor II con
cluded lo iimkt Hit l munition on
March 1. Hit very fortunult choice
of Ir. IJvlii(ion Farrtnd aa Hit new
chairman of Hit Central Committee,
and thereby Ilia permanent chief tx
tcutivt of Hit Bed Croat, make poL
lilt Hit consummation of Hila plan uu
dee, Hit niott favoratilt condition.
Account Audited by War Dprtmnt
"Pellled report to Congn and a
complete audit of lu account ly Hi
War.lieptrtiiietit will roiiMliute Hit
Bnal record of Bed front activity dur
ln( Hit war. Although It linn been
Hit ruin lo Mink iullle all pe"dl
turt when authorised and lo plw do
tailed Information relative to all work
undertaken, Hit War Council In turn
ing over ll rpotillllltle to !r. Fur-
rand and hla aiwoctiiie doslr lo glv
a brief resume of lied f n war Urn
aillvlilna to Hit American eopliv to
w how Hit Hi1"! Crox bi long, mid w luwt
generous contribution hsv made pos
sible all Hint lift been aei-omptuiied.
"I hiring tht pn nearly iwemyint
months Hit ' American Miilt have
given In rnh and supplies lo Hit
American Bed Cross tnort than
IkNMMO. No valut can be placed umn
tlit contribution of aervbt which
havt been given without ntltit and of
letillnte at great aacrlflc by million
of our eoplt.
"Hit effort of Ih American Ited
'Croat In till war ha emmlluited by
far Hit lareenl voluntary gtfii of
nioney, of hand and heart, ever con
Iribuied purely for Hie relief of hu
man anffcrtng. ThroiiBli the Ited f wt
the bonrt and vplrlt of the whole
American peoplt biivo bccii iiioblllxed
to lake rare of our" own, to relieve Hit
mlMci-y Incident the war, and nlno
o reveal to Hit world Hit tuprtmt
Idenla of our nailonnl life.
"Kveryono who ha bnd any part In
thl war cfforl of Hit Ited f ro I en
titled o conurtituliite lilmMf. No
(bank from anyone could bt equal In
valut lo (bt elf aiitlsfartlon tvery
mi abnuid feel for Hit ftnrt Inken.
Fully 8,0(10,000 American womet havt
exerted tbvmselrt ia Bed CroMi serv
ice. Ha Ovr 17,000,000 Adult Mmbr.
"When wa entered Hit wnr Iht
American lied Croa had about rHi,000
memlitr. Tottny, a the result of Hit
recent Clirlstnin meniliersbtp Boll
Cull, there art upward of 17.000,(100
full paid member outside of Hit mem
ber of th junior Bed Cross, number
ing perbnp 0.000,000 tchool children
"Th etilef effort of Jht Bed Cross
during tbt war. Im beep to care for
. our men in service mm to aiu our
army and nnvy wherev
or the Hod
Cro may bt colled on to
o assist. A.
to Ibla phase of th work Burgeon Hen
era I Ireland of tlit 17. 8. Army recent?
ly said ; Tht lied Cross lui bcn an
enterprise ns vnt n the wnr Itself.
From Hie beginning It hn duno those
thing which (be Army Medical Corps
wanted done, but could not do Itself.'
Tb Bed Crosa endeavor In Franca
ua nnturnlly been upon an exception
ally large sen I where service ha
been rendered to Iht Amerlcnn Army
and to the French Army and the
French people a well, (he latter par
ticularly during tht trying period
when tbt Allied World wn waiting
for Ihe American Army to arise In
force and power. Hospital emergency
orvlee for our army In France tins
greatly diminished, but (halted Cross
I atlll being called upon for service
upon-a lurg scale In the grent base
hospitals, where thousands of Ameri
can tick and wounded are still receiv
ing attention. At these hospitals the
Bed Crosa supplies but and facilities
for th amusement and recreation of
th men a they necomo convalescent.
Our Army of Occupation In Oormnny
ws followed with Medical unit pre
pared to render the Mine emergency
aid and aupply aervlce which was th
primary huslnes of the Bed Cross
during hostllllli'B. The Army Canteen
ervlet along tb line of travel bus
nctmilly Inrrensed Ineo the arinlHtlc.
"As for work mining Hit French peo
ple, now thiit lioattlltlca have censed,
(lie French theinselve naturally pre
fer a far a possible to provide f
their own. It bus accordingly been tie-
icrtniiicit nun Hie iiHlti.iitf pniio pit or
Hi'd f nw IkiIIih In Ki'iiui't lii'io i riirlli
shall be lo Imv punctilious regard to
It every r-H Hini t ill 1 1 ', lull lo direct
Its tenons iirliniirlly lo agisting
FreWh relief Soclotlt-a. Tim lllieritetl
and devaluated regions of France but
been divided by Hie government Into
mull districts, tacit ollli'lully ami lined
lo a denlKiialed Krviirli relief ornuiil
"lbo AitH'rlenn Ited Croa work In
Km nee win, Inllliilml by n riiimiiltlnii
of elclileeti men who IiiiiiIimI mi Kreni'h
hori' June 1.1, SUIT. Mnr llo-n
oine ti.mxi (M't-Niim have been Uhii tba
roll In I'riiiu-e, of wlioiii 7.1 "Hi wert
arllvely eiiifnifeil wbeti Hi nrmUllit
wii kilned. Au Imtlnillon of Hit pre
enl acnln of Hit work will be obtnlned
from Hit fuel Hint Hie i-rvlce,of n.mio
Miriti are mill reiiilreil,
"Our Amerlenn Kxwlltloiiry r'ont
liRvtng largely vvai'iinttd Knulnnil, Hi
4 tiiilvlilfn of the lied fro Oiminla
, lon there art naturally upon a dluiln
lulling wule perlixl. Active operation
art atlll In proire In Arilmnuel and
-The work In I inly bin beer almJint
entirely on Indinlf of the rlvlllnn pop
ulation of llmt eoumry. In Hit rrlllenl
hour of Italy' etru'lo tlm Amerlran
(wopfe, Hirouuli Hielr Hi'd fnw, tent
prni'tli-nl nieawign of nyuipatby and
relief, for wbb'h ilm lioviTiiinrnt and
pent'l of Italy Imv never cvaed Jo
expre tb-jlr eralltudo,
6urpH and Pronnl tt Niar Eaat.
"Tlit oceiieloii for ii'-U itMHM-nlnt-Hon
of ('(Tort In Italy, riiiflitnd, llvl
K I hiii ii nl even lii Km nee having tiittiir
ally ami linrmnlly dmilnlslieil. It Ik
been w.llile to divert viipplle and
ierotinel In Inret nieimur to Hit aid
of Hunt iieoplo In lit Near Hunt who
havt hitherto bwn InnereiMlblo to out- .
lilt aimauee, but wIion ufferltiK
hnvt Iiihii upon an nppnlling nile.
Tb need of lliene peoplin art o vnt
that covemnieiil alone ran meet them,
hill the American Ited Cri I making
an effort to relieve Immedlattly Hit
more acuta dlairtiM.
"An txtenlft gnmp. of American
worker lia bwn dUpnicbed to carry
"vltully needed auppllea, and lo work
tlil w inter In Hie various Itnlkmi conn
trie. In order to ro-ordliinlo their ao
tlvltlea, lutikmi cfltnmtimlon hn been
iwtuhllidicd, with licnliUitrter at
Itome, Italy, from which jMilnl nlont
ell Hit Itnlknn center enn bt reached
"A commllon lui Just reachH Po.
bind wMIt doelora and nuraea, medical
Hiiptillcii. nlid fiMHl ''fur sick children
nml IumiIIiIh. An Amcrli'tin Ittil Croat
ft.iiiiiiiMKion ha nui i..n npiMituied
to aid in relieving me minering or uus
Inn primmer atlll confined In Oerumn
prlwm enmp.
"An Imporinnt cnmmlsnlon I atlll
working In Palestine, Through the
war aiteclul oi-oi'ratlon bus been
given lo Ihe Armenian and Syrian Ho-
lief Coiniulxslon, which wus tbt only
agency able to carry relief In tbo In
terior of Turkish dominions.
Rd Cross Will Centlnu.
"Red Croat effort Is thus fur flung,
tt will continue to be so. But tht
movement represented by this work
tins likewise assumed an inilniate plnct
In the dally lift of our peoplo at homo.
Tbt army of worker which tint been
recruited and trained during Hit war
porlcnre In Hit war ahow clearly that
there I on unlimited field for service
of the kind which can be performed
with peculiar effect tvencwi by the Bed
Cross. What It future task may bt
It I ytt ImpoKMiblt to forecast Wt
know Hint so long aa there I an Amer-
P (he tWdjIia Bed Cros
T.Em SVd"
tnnct to Hie American Bed Cross than
lb plan Just set In motion by the Bve
great Red Cross societies of the world
(o develop a program ot extended no.
Hvltle. In the Interest of humanity.
The conception Involves not alone
fort to relieve human suffering, but
to prevent It; uot alone a movement
by the people of an Individual nntion,
bul an attenint to arouse all Dfonli to
...n.a nt ii.ui,- ritannnaiMiu far !
u-Bir.ipo nf llwilr fnllnw holnir. Ihmurh.
out Hi world. It I a uroiiruin liutb
ttlcnl and practical. Ideal Id that it.
supreme nttti Is nothing lea. than ver-
liable "Pence on earth good will to
men," and .practical In that It seeks to
take means mid measures which art
flciiiniiy hwiuiioiu ... ..,. ..rlu
lives of nlk Dtoiiles,
"For .am.nfpliHl.lng l.s mTsslon an"08, conference .would ''favorably
the vtara of peace which must ll consider the claims of Ireland to tht
nbend of tis tbo Red Cross w III require right ot .elf datermlnatlon."
Hie ablest possible leuilerslilp, and
must enjoy the continued support, sym
pathy, and participation In It work
of the wholo Amerlcnn people.. It It
particularly fortunate Hint such a tpnn
ns Dr, Livingston Farrand should have
been selected as the permanent bend
of the organisation. The unstinted
fashion In which ah our people gnv
of themselves throughout the wnr It
the best assurance Hint our Bed Cross
will continue to receive that en opera
tion which will mnke Its work a source
of pHde and Inspiration to ever Awer-
Mora than ir.0 year ago Benjatttla
franklin wrote: "Keep your ahop tnd
It will keep you." Tlit Ump of great
ueHt U on Franklin' pbiloopby bt
caust It wa not alona of hli tlmt; It
hold for all tlmo.
Our way havt rhangod a bit In tbt
ecotxmlc 11(8 of tlil republic whleb
the great Franklin holjwd to build.
No Innti'er may tvnry man bt hi own
ahopkeeptr, Mont of u help keep
tome other fellow' ahop and certain
element among tbt aatUtant ahop
kcopera havt become rettltsa because
they nava no ahop theme!ve and call
themnelvt I, W. V Uolnhcvlk anj
other name. " ' i
. . ... , ' ,. i
Terrorist Attacks on National
Assembly Are Denounced
In Manifesto.
Brlln.--Ctntral Cermany la In ihe
throe of a wldoauread Bolitical atrike
(tfectng largo part of Saxony, Tbur
Ingla and AnUalt. and through Its ef
feet upon railroad communications Is
caatlug a sinister shadow over th en
tire nation"
The government has Issued a long
manifesto from Wolmar denouncing
tht terrorist attempt to get rid ot tht
national assembly. It proclaims faith
fui0M t0 the principle of democracy.
Th manifesto
denounce strikes.
"Everi atrlka bring, u. a ttep near
er to th abyss. Only work can eave
The manifesto promisee th social
ization ot suitable Industries and ea-
ubllghmenl of industrial couucil. rep
resentatlve of ail th. worker, and
elected. It close, with a .trong
note, asserting tht determination of
tht government to wase relentless war
against terrorism, concluding:
"Whoever assaila tht lift ot tht na-
ef-ition i. bur enemy,"
Ftcn Dmand German Merchant Fleet
copennagen. waranai rocn nas oe-
msndad the immediate delivery ot tht
rwman mori-antlle fleet without r.
nr tn th Question of food SuddIt.
tcoording to a dispatch from Weimar,
wnere D0 German national assembly
, , iegslon ,
( , ' . . '. ;
. Fre.dom.
Hon expressing the hope that the
.lean." - :' :,-v
Mr. Davlsdn, as chairman of the In
ternatloual Commission of the Ameri
can Red Cross, has undertaken to rep
resent the Amerlcnn Bed Cross In the
preparation of the program for extend
ed Red Cross activities and will spend
the next several mouths In Europe lu
consultation with other Red Cross socl
etles for that purpose.
Henry P. Davison, Chairman.
S 1 iT in flf'l I IIU7ri1
S Bl -I li , , if '
1 i r r" it rrr- .tr "ta . i 1
r) -Vi
Nevertheless Franklin' homely say
Ing I a true today and a easy to
comply with as It was tht day be ut-
tered it. The United Etatea govern-
ment provide, tht way.
War Saving, and Thrift Stamps.
r conceived aa a war measure and now
backed by .bt government a. a par-
mancnt policy, givt every man. woman
and child in Ameilca the chance to
keep .bop. Each person I. allowed to
put 11000 year Into the business
tht buslncsi of American government
Tht business guarantee 4 per cent
tier annum compounded quarterly. It
Is tht biggest basinets in tbt world.
On can Invest aa lo? 25 cent..
Tbt wonderful thing about It la that
tht investor htlpa hi country as -veil
ai himself.
Deliberate Attempt to Hamper
- Administration Charged
By President
, Washington Upon tht adjournment
of congresa Tuesday with Important
legislation killed by a republican sen
ate filibuster, President Wilson issued
a statement declaring that
of men in th senate havt deliberately
chosen to embarrass the administra
tion of tht government, to imperil the
financial interests ot the railway sys
tems of Hie country."
Republican Leader Lodge declined
to comment on tht president's state-
ment He declared, however, that
three-fourth of th republican aln-
"cerely deplored failure ot the railroad
approprlatlon. The few republicans
who insisted upon filibustering to de
feat the hill, it wa. atated were "be
yond control," telling their leader
that tholr action wai personal and not
a party affair.
Among the bills that failed waa ont
appropriating $750,000,000 for tht rail-
road administration, without which,
some administration leaders say, the
railroads must be returned to their
owner, before tht middle of April.
Just before adjournment President
Wilson, in his capltol office, author
lied final notice to tht republican
that their efforta to force an imme-
dlate tXtr Session h.S tailed; that h.
u unshaken In" his determination
not to call congress until hi work at
th Peace conference waa done.
,'. Adjournment mark th passing ot
democratic control at the capltol. The
congress that passed at noon Tuesday
b,gan , Apri, m7 passeil th Ger-
m.arec,.rSPand it. almost
by unprecedented leglalaUon and con-'
trover.y. -
Big bill, that failed Included both
the army and navy appropriation
measure.. - Only two important moas-
ures that ran the gauntlet of the last
48 hour of filibustering Were the
Victory Liberty Loan bill and the
$1,000,000,000 wheat guarantee bill
: ien or lifted! .vein i tro one waa
Simply rolling In fret'caletidnfra. Now
you have to tease for one.
- The former kaiser la another per
son who tried to beat the races, so
to speak, aud saw his finish.
Ont negro wa killed and anothtr
wounded In gunflght In Portland.
8amul C. Jlarrlon waa accidental-
ly killed Mondiy while felling a tret
aouth of Sodavllle.
' Th total precipitation at Portland
for tht month of February waa t it
Inch, or 2.63 Incbe bov normal
for tht month.
During tht pant week 41tndutr!al
accident wers reported to tbt atata
Industrial accident commladon. but
none wert fatal.
Mort than four mile of itreet Im
provement to coat between 1100.000
. and f 200,000 will bt made by tbt city
of Bend during tbt coming cpring and
Emitb French, a pioneer merchant
of The Dalle, who during a half Cen
tury bad figured prominently In the
buaineaa Ufa of tie county, died at
tbt agt of 81.
Tharle H. Jone. for 23 year editor
of Hit Oregon Teacher' Monthly and
known to every educator In tbt tatt,
died at hla home In Salem after an
lllnen of 20 month.
February wa an exceptionally wet
month In Aatoria. The official record
in tb weather observer' offlct show
" that the precipitation during tht
month wa 11.29 Incbe.
Tbt citlzena of Molalla have donated
a site of 32 acre adjoining the north-'
western part of town to Hit Molalla
Fire Clay company, on which will bt
erected a ont-kiln pottery factory,
pUni are aireajy beingT made for
tJ)a JJ19 comblned Multnomah county
,,,, ., manufacturer' and land Drod-
. k
. .. . . .
beld " Creshm September 15 to 20
Approximately 12.000 men art out
ot work In Oregon, and nearly all of
them are in Portland, according to
District Director Smith of th United
State employment service in Port
land. . Plana were made for Hie state synod
to cooperate in raising a fund of $10,
000 per year, which would give the
college $15,000 year in addition to
it present Income from aa endow
ment of over $20d,000.
Taxes to be raised In Multnomah
county this year total 19,790,005.40,
based on a mlllage of 30.8 on a total
valuation ot 1328,560,710. This shows
an increase over hist year Ot 81,314,
231.42, or 15.5 per cent
The Slnnott bill revesting title In
the federal government to 93,000 acre
of Und in Douglas and Coos counties,
known aa the Coos bay wagon, road
land grant, ha become a law through
the signature ot President Wilson.
An offer of the national board of
education ot the Presbyterian churches
to donate one dollar for every two
raised by Albany college from other
source was made to and accepted by
the board of trustee ot the college.
Charlea A. Sear, who was reared in
Albany and began hla career' as an
electrician there, haa been appointed
manager ot the plant ot the Mlssissip-
pi River Power company at Keokuk,
la., the largest hydro-electric plant in
the world.
Any plan tor the annexation of the
Mosler fruit district to Hood River
county, according to C. N. Ravlin. sec
retary ot the Hood River commercial
club, would probably have mora op-
position In Hood River county than in
the Mosier fruit district
An immense pier jutting into the
Pacific ocean tor 2000 feet 1 to be
built at Seaside. ' The pier la to be
100 feet wide. At the, outer end there
will be a dance pavilion, and along
the .pier will be amusement devices
and. place, for deepsea fishing.
Thirty inche. of .now at Kirk, 40
miles north of Klamath Falls, with
five toet at the Algoma Lumber com
pany' logging camp some distance to
the west la reported by J. M. Bed-
ford, who ha. charge of the timber
on tht Klamath Indian reservation,
; " . 5
Th Odd Fellows and Rcbekahs of
Umatilla county will celebrate the one
hundredth anniversary or we touna-
Ing ot.he -Order of Odd
Fellowa at Pendleton. April 26. The
membership ot the order In Umatilla
county alone exceed. S00O members..
- A meeting of the state highway com-
mission will be held in Portland March
8. to open bids on four road projects,;
and at the same time it" is expected
the commission will discuss plans for
the expenditure jf the 810,000,000 pro
vlded in the bond issue authorised by
the legislature. - ,
. Wheatgrower of Wasco county re
port that the crop is In a condition
which has rarely, if ever, been better
at thla season ot the year. The rain
fall during the past three months haa
totaled more than 11 inches and tbt
ground I thoroughly oak4. fall
wheat md an taceptlonally goid
befor cold weather act la and
propcia now art iot on oi n D,8-
gent crop that tht section baa ever
Jame. A. Wilson, assistant secre
tary of tbt Pheasant Fruit Products
company, of Salum, wa Instantly
killed when tht automobile la which
ha was riding waa struck by street
car. Four other persons wart Injured.
Portland business conditions, aa In
dicated by statements for tht month
of February, art in a decidedly healthy
state. Back clearings for tht month
totaled 899.352,404, compared with
172,(67465 for tht corresponding
month of last year, an Increase of ap
proximately 33 per cent
, Tbo railroad administration baa In
formed Senator McN'ary that it can
not grant the request of the Oregon
Odd Fellow for reduced rate to the
Grand lodge at Salem In May. Re
duced convention rate will bt granted
only to the Grand Army and Confed
erate Veterana' reunions.
. By plan completed at meeting
of tht Portland city council th Horn
Telephone company properties passed
Saturday to the Pacific Telephone A
Telegraph company for a considera
tion of approximately $2,000,000. Phys
ical consolidation of th properties ia
expected to bt completed within a
Th public service commission haa
set March 17 a the date for the final
hearing on Hie application of tht Pa
cific Telephone A Telegraph company
far an Increase in Hie exebangt tele
phone rates in Oregon. It ia estimated
if these Increases are allowed, ap
proximately 8600,000 a year will bt
added to the revenue of Hie company.
- Early construction of a woman'
building on Hie campus of the univer
sity ot Oregon la virtually assured, in
the minds ot university people, by tht
passage of .the appropriation bill in
cluding $100,000 toward this purpose.
Another part of the same bill waa an
appropriation qf $135,000 for mainten-
- ance and current expense of the in
stitution. The Oregon Hardware Dealer' as
sociaUon'a annual convention ad
journed at Portland after electing Hit
following officers: President A. L.
Jameson, McMinnville; vice-president
Charles R. Orchard, Salem; members
ot the executive committee, W. E.
Wadsworth, Harrisburg; U. G. Mc
Kinxle, Goldendale, Wash.; F. . E.
Chambers. Eugene; P. A. Ketrum,
Prairie City.'
Coos county farmer attended prac
tical schools in dairying hist week at
Marshfleld, Myrtle Point and Coquille.
Lecture and demonstrations were
given by E. B. Fitts and E. L. West
over of the Oregon Agricultural col-
- lege extension service and J. L. Smith,
county agent The breeding and feed
ing ot dairy cattle, calf raising and
herd record keeping were some ot the
subjects discussed. ' V
Though , Hie compulsory military
. training bill providing for military in
struction in the high schools of tht
state wa. defeated in the legislature,
the programme tor military instruc
tion under Lieutenant-Colonel John
Leader ot the University of Oregon,
will be carried on in the 20 high
school, over the state which have
accepted Colonel Leader'. . plan, ac
cording to the colonel.
Lumber cargoes from the Columbia,
river during the month of February
were unusually light During the
month 20 vessels loaded at the mills
in the lower Columbia river district
and their combined cargoes totaled
13,556,103 feet of lumber. In the same
period six vessel loaded 4,166,539 feet
of lumber at the up-river mills, mak
ing a grand total of 17.752,641 feet of
lumber that left Hie Columbia river in
cargoes in the month ot February. v
Tentative plana for improvements in
the Klamth irrigation project were
discussed at a conference at Denver
a few day. ago, from which Project
Manager J. B. Bond has just returned,
Extension, on a Urge scale will bt
made in the local project provided
the congressional appropriation ia suf
ficient for this purpose. The reclama
tion officials hope that the appropria
tion wi'.t be fixed before March 4. so
that they may go ahead with definite
clan tor the year.
Perhaps "the French itlrls didn't wish
TunUee husbands any more than th
Americnus desired Freneli wives.
Usually a personal pnrade of one'
Virtues Is made Immediately prior tt
an attack on other people's vices.