The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 24, 1919, Image 3

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Y SfiL
Our big sale will Ur over before
you hardly realize it, so don't delay
filling your wants now while
the Yellow Tag offers you a big
saving on your every house-furnishing
need. Even at the sale
prices everything is guaranteed to
give you perfect satisfaction or
your money will be cheerfully re
funded, and we .also prepay the
Come now while our stocks are
all in good condition and the as
sortments are at their best.
The Davis-Kaser Co. -
Church of the Brethren-Sunday
?houl at 10 s. m. I'rcwhing at
11 a. m. C. W. S. at 6:30 p. m.
ritble Study, Life of Christ, at 7:30
p. m. John Ikmewiu, elder.
Methodist Church- Sunday school
at 10 a. in. 1'rc-aching services at
11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Kpworth
League at 6:30. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. S. E. Powell,
United Brethren Church Preach-
inn at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Junior C. K. nt 2:30 p. m. C. E.
meeting at 7 p. m. Prayer meet
Ing Wednesday evening. K. F.
Wriggle, pastor.
fiaptlat Church The Church with
a cordial welcome for all. Sunday
school at ten o'clock, preaching at
eleven. Also preaching at eight
o'clock in the evening. W. K.
Storms, pastor.
Christian Science Society Ser
vices Sunday at 11 a. m., Water
street, near Main.
I :
The Farmers Bank of Weston
Established 1891
320 or 640 acres grain land;
145 acres now in wheat arid
145 ao be summer fallowed on
each half section. Call for
particulars. ,
Prcston-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
J bio
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills ' in the Northwest.
r - Sold In Westdn by
Weston Mercantile Company
Loom ulfulfa liny, first-fluns qual
ity, for Mile. W. M.Davis.
See ine fur alfalfa liay, cirir mah,
poultry food or calf meal. Hodgson
the Miller.
Will traile $100 Liberty Bond for
good young milch cow, just frenh
or coining fresh. Inquire at this
Lieutenant and Mrs. Curran Mc-Fadtlt-n
left tfaturduy for Corvallis
to visit the mother of Lieutenant
The MiftM-s Rosaline and Jose
phine Uohde and Minn Lillian Hsgen
of Pendleton were guest lant week
of Dr. and Mrs. Kenrmrd.
A letter from the D. R. Wood
farm near Montour,. Iduho, nays
that its occupants have so fur es
ruMfd the flu, although it is raging
all around them.
Jumet Johnson, in curly years a
Weston resident, was her this week
from liis home in Idaho, accompan
ied by Mrs. Johnson, for a visit
with old-time friends.
While the Weston schools, until
Hned Monday, had been closed
since October 14. tho attendance
yesterday had already reached 80
IH-rcent of the normal and is con
stantly growing
K. G. Failng returned Tuesday
night from Portland, accompanied
by his mother, Mrs. I. E. Saling,
and daugther Lois. Mrs. R. G. Bal
ing will continue her voice studies
in Portland until the first of Feb
ruary. The Weston Concert Band re
sumed its rehearsals last Monday
evening, with a good attendance.
With its ranks strengthened by the
return of several of its members
from Corvallis, the band renews its
work with excellent prospects.
A good roads meeting will be
held in Pendleton tomorrow after
noon at two o'clock. A number of
Weston citizens are planning to at
tend in order to learn more about
the proposed county bond issue. E.
C. Rogers has direction of securing
signers in the Weston district for
the special bond election petitions.
Through the courtesy of Senator
Ritner and Representative Dodd
the Leader is enabled to supply its
readers with the text of any bill
pending in either house of the
Oregon legislature. A file of the
bills introduced in either house, to
gether' with the senate and house
calendars, is kept at this office and
may be consulted by any reader in
terested. , '
Sergeant Sidney Barnes, who was
expected home last Sunday, was as
signed to Camp Lewis instead. It
seems that Sergeant Barnes 'was
discharged at Fort Dodge and had
his -papers in due form, but was
wound around with red tape in
some inexplicable manner and or
dered to report at Camp Lewis. He
passed through Pendleton last Sat
urday night.
The residenco pr6perty on Wash
ington street of . the O. T. Douglas
estate has been sold through A. W.
Lundell to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sam
ple of Pendleton, who will come
here .to make, their home. The
property is among the most attrac
tive in town. The ground em
braces ten lota and haa a frontage
of 20 feet, faced with a concrete
retaining wall,
Pursuant to call of its president,
E. C. Rogers, the Weston Commer
cial Club will meet at Masonic hall
next Tuesday evening at seven
thirty oclock. There will be offi
cers . to elect, road matters to dis
cuss and other important business.
Rivalry over the several posts with
in the 'gift of the club, especially
the secretaryship, Is expected to
lend especial interest to this gath
ering. Be on hand end support
your favorite.
The unusual lack of winter pre
cipitiation was made up for Satur
day and Sunday, when a heavy rain
fell throughout this section. Fol
lowing a prolonged thaw it soaked
the ground thoroughly and is ex
pected to do a world of good. It
was followed Monday by a light fall
of snow, which soon disappeared.
Snow at Blue Mountain sawmill is
reported to have reached a depth
of 22 inches, 10 inches having
freshly fallen.
A', perfect little gem of a lake,
beautifully photographed, makes a
pretty picture in the window of
the DeMoss store. It is framed
with bark from a tree on its shores,
and its calculated to make the most
prosaic stay-at-home long to hear
the call of the wlid. It is known
as Heart lake, , and is located 25
miles from the wonderful Lake
Chelan. It was visited by the De
Graws and the Culleys while on
their outing last summer.
The entire new iiwue of rupital
Mock of the WciUn Mercantile
Company, $10,000, has Ixvn taken,
Increaxlng the concern's paid up
capital to 130,000. In fact, tie
new Imuv was over-f-uUribed, pi in
eipally by stockholders Mho have
Un in tho company since iu or-Ionization-
no general is the ratis
factlon on their part over the pros
perous condition and gratifying
progress of Weston's popular com
munity enterprise. The increased
capital will enable the- company to
carry a larger stock of merchan
dise and meet Its bills in cah
this conducing to the advantage of
its customers.
Athena Press: Word has been
received by cable from Lieutenant
James Sturgis, by his wife, that he
will arrive in the United uu by
the end of January. Since the ar
mistice was signed Lieutenant Stur
gis has been appointed aide de camp
to General Walsh, who is comman
der of the Port of Bordeaux. From
July 8 to November 11 he was on
the firing line northwest of Ver
dun. Mrs. Sturgis, who has been
lerving the American Red Cross
at national headquarters in Wash
ington during the past year, will
await her husband there and tc
company him home. '
C. L. Pinkerton, assistant cash
ier of The Farmers Bank of Wes
ton, was kept at home during the
week by a revere cold. Frank Price
was similarly inuisposea dui is
down town ajain. er Hodgson has been confined
to his home during the week by an
attack of rheumatism.
Herman Goodwin
Prescription Druggist
I We Appreciate Vour Patronage. Call Again.
Chas. II. Crtr Dan P. Smythe
Carter & Smythe
Pendleton - - - Oregon
Butter Wrap orders prompt
ly filled at the Leader shop.
Peterson & Bishop
PsndWum. Or. Frewtr. Or.
Veterinary Surgeon j
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad Streets. ' j
Phone Main 253 J
1 !, f
.0 0 o
Lest a Stranger
! hy Feet!
Pluck the Jewel at
(Eleven hundred acrea good timber and farming lands, sawmill and box fac
tory complete for operation; estimated over ten million feet of saw timber -and
over 80,000 cords of cordwood; choice, deep soil-grow anything from
strawberries to four-foot timothy; all fairly level, no encumbrance and all .or
$15,000. Gee whiz, gentlemen. WAKE UP If! You'll kick yourselves sore
when a stranger buys it and turns it at 25,000 the next week.) -
We have John Deere with curved mould boards
Flying Dutchman with bent steel beams and bothjn
pairs or
triplets, side by each-PRICES RIGHT.
Kentucky and Van Brunt drills one better, the.
other, best.
Weber and John Deere wagons we challenge com
parison. O O O
Two-spool sewing machines, singer style rotary and
Electric washing machines the best and we keep
a sample for trial purposes; try it and then decide.
Heating stoves galore and bargains.
Kaslr Kounts