The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 17, 1919, Image 1

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    Weston Li
Mnclptl Event! of thi Wee
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Reader.
Albany motion pletura thesUrt
have closed voluntarily to remain
closed until all Influenia danger It
The Warm Springe Irrigation prel
ect whirs li already on a fair war to
development. It taualng a big boom
at Vat. -
Approximately US men employed at
the St. Helena Shipbuilding eom
pany a yard at 0L Helena arc out oo
a etrlk.,,,'
Portland will open Ita flrt open air
achnol on Janurry !7. It will be tha
only school of U kind la Oregon and
la Washington.
Joseph McCord, a well known Baker
county man, who had been living on
hit ranch neer Rock creek, committed
suicide by taking strychnine.'
Tha ministers or Albany adopted a
resolution voluntarily closing all o(
tha ehurchea of Albany to all meet
Inga until dsnger from Influent la
Tha J. H. Cbambara mill at Cottaga
OroTt la now getting out tevtral cart
of Kill timbers to ba shipped to
Italy. Tha Umber art 10 to 0 feet
In length.
, Delegate from Oregon. Washington
tad California will attend tha Oregon
Stat Motel Men" association conven
tion which will open In Portland Mon
day. January 10.
Another Influent ware haa hit
)lamath Fatla. Tba ban which wet
placed on tha city early In October
haa been raised only a abort time, but
the dlaeaeo again la tpreadlng.
Tha Columbia river between Tha
Dalit and Hood River was complete
ly cloeed loot week with lea which
atretched front abort to shore. Auto
mobile crowed In safety over too
froien aurface. .
. Work on tha Eugene Lorane road,
which la one of the big road project
planned y the Lane county court for
lfl. baa been started and a crew of
men haa begun to clear the right of
way at the Eugene end.
Mrs. Emmallne Elizabeth Galloway,
wife of former Circuit Judge William
Galloway, died at bar borne In Salem
after an Illness of several months.
Mrs. Oaltoway waa long Identified
with public Ufa la Oregon.
fraternities tad sororities of tha
Oregon Agricultural college bare
formed corporation for tha purpose
of purchasing foods and other aup
pllea and for syttemsflilng operation
of the varloua chapter houses.
District Attorney R. W. Swaglef
was shot three times, but not seriously
wounded, by John Hanlon, of Jordan
Valley, aa ha wat ascending the stair
way In tba courthouse In Vale. Han
lon Is In Jail charged with assault
with Intent to kill.
Iia n report to tha atata land board,
Attorney-Oenaral Brown goes at length
Into the land fraud situation In tba
ttata and declare that he will seek
15000 from tha legislature to further
prosecute the Paclflo Livestock case,
but will attempt no other prosecutions,
Matilda Whittle, an Indian woman,
who became famous during the Modoc
war In 1173, when she was the trusted
messenger of tba -peace commission
and carried messages to and from the
linn witn tne )trai government in
('lerklna the predatory animal pent
by iimteliliiK the appropriation of the
'lilted States for Ui'o purpose. 1
The death house st the stale peni
tentiary at Salem, where more Ihsn a
score of men have been ehot through
the traps Into eternity, Is to be chang
ed Into a kitchen, and fully 100 con
victs will bo served tbeir food cafe
teria style, Instead of the present
"reach and grab" system which pre
vails, according to plana being worked
out now by Warden Stevens. "
Seven Hood River valley mills,
headed by the Mltrhrll Point Lum
ber company, with a cut of 3.500,000,
last year turned out 11.675.000 foot of
lumber. With tba 24.060,000 feet pro
duced by the Oregon Lumber com
pany's mill at e, the valley's total
lumber output for 1911 reached !.
147.000 feet.
The Crooked River road, for tha
construction of which tha state and
Crook county each appropriated $96.
000 recently. Is now being surveyed
and construction will probably begin
within 0 days. This thoroughfare
will bo ona of tha most Important post
roods as well aa ona of Uta best ecenlo
roads In tha county.
Tha Astoria aanltary and reclama
tion commission haa aold 1200,000 In
bonds to Morris Bros., of Portland.
Tba money la to be used for tht con
struction of a bulkhead along tba third
reclamation district, from tha Clatsop
mill to Thirty seventh street, and tha
entire district la to be filled with sand
pumped from tht river.
Merger of tba Homo telephone sys
tem la Portland with that of the Pa
clflo States system waa authorised la
th federal court when a decree modi
fying the decree of March 26. 114.
was filed, Tba Pacific States com
pany la permitted to acquire tha Homo
exchanges In Portland. Albany, Cor
vall's and Oregon City. "
Beven atandard Russell road graders
with scarifying attachmenta wert last
week ordered by th Lane county
court and after their arrival will be
distributed about the county for, road
maintenance work. , These are con
sidered to bo valuable addittona to
tba already extensive road building
equipment of Lena county.
At a conference between Portland
city officials and members of tha
school board a tightening of quaran
tine regulation against Spanish In
fluent waa decreed. Reports at the
meeting showed a considerable In
crease of new esses, and It waa said
that since October 13 Isst 11.636 esse
and (II deaths have been reported.
Judge Anderson, of Baker county
circuit court, haa ruled that th city
authorities of La Grande were within
their legal rights when they ordered
tha moving pictures to closo during
the Influenia epidemic. Tha city or
fared them closed, and tba theater
manager determined to take tha mat
tor to the courts for a test decision.
About 10 members of th Oregon
military police who now are on duty
are taking a ohsnca at securing their
salary, It has developed. Tha defi
ciency appropriation made by tha
emergency board to cover tha as-.
pensea of that organisation lapsed on
January 1, and consequently tha mem
bers of the force are at tha mercy of
tha leglslntur. . ' 7,T "
Tha Dalles undertaken report that
there wer 65 deaths from Influenia
In that city during the last three
months of 1918. A heavy toll haa
been taken by tha aecond wave of the
epidemic. Schools, libraries, pool
halls, theater, churches, lodges and
libraries have been closed; publlo
One Way of Making Hint Safe
nnreinruT ijiv tamo if e Urtlfrflf? I irilT 1 i f?f ffl
rnr.iiurni ana aa iiiin it . z i.i i y akf f : - aa r a a l
- uuitniuauu ihmJ
r i
reeay tigoi tea may oe drawn even
tighter unless radical steps art taken
to preserve th regulstlons. It la
even possible that th prohibitory
measures may be extended to apply to
all but absolutely essential business,
such as meat markets, groceries and
drug stores, and that other merchand
ising establishment will be ordered
cloeed. It Is estimated there are fully
1000 esses of the disease la th city.
Jackson county won the 150 prise
la th thrift campaign conducted by
th school children of the atata during'
last year under th auspice of the
Oregon Bankers' association, the Or-
Would Inform Country by Personal
Centact of Proceedings In franco.
Pari. President Wilson Is consid
ering a speaking tour of the United
State when be returns bom. It la
said thst this trip will take him Into
many of the principal cities, and It la
possible be may touch tbo Paclflo
With congress out of the wsy early
In March, Mr. Wilson would have aa
opportunity for such a tour before re
turning to Europe should be follow
bis original plan, and If bis return
should be necessary. He would also
have time for bis proposed trip before
the convening of aa extraordinary ses
sion of congress, should bo decide to
'call one.
I The object of bis proposed speaking
tour would b to Inform th country
by personal contact of the proceedings
at Parts and at tha aame time sound
out and encourage public sentiment
la support of tbo peace principle he
has enunciated and which he feela
have been acclaimed by th masse la
Spartacan Reported to Km
a . AaVA 4 a
L0SI 1333 Kiuefl in
,i American force operating la Si
beria and northern Russia total 12J41
officers and men, the war department
In raid on th United Kingdom by
th Germans during th war 1511 per
sona were killed or Injured, of whom
4750 were civilian.
V A tout of 64.000,000 marks baa been
turned over to tha American authori
ties for th currant expenses of th
occupying forces la Germany. '
- Former President William Howard
Attorney-General Gregory Resign.
Washington Thomas Watt Greg
ory, attorney-general of the United
States sine 1914. baa resigned be
cause of "pecuniary responsibilities,"
and will return to tbo practice of law.
British Occupy Ousselderf
Copenhagen. British troops hare
occupied Dusseldorft which has been
Is tbo hand of the Spartacana, ac
cording to a report from Berlin.
T.M III Kb tha nrn4nl iMk t
f" T I?' Jt "! Oregonldaho-WMhlnW-Xesgu
United Statea department of agricul
ture and the Oregon Agricultural col
lege through the boys' and girls' club
work department The work has prov
ed ao successful that tha Oregon Bank
ers' association will not only again
offer f 50 In cash to tba tounty making
the beat ahowlng. but haa voted f ZOO
for th printing of pupils' rtrd
books, . ....
tsaalon of National Commlttse It Hsld
In Chlcsgo.
Chicago. Party leadera from nearly
every, atat attended the meeting of
tbo Republican National Committee.
Denunciation of Bolshevism and in
sidious Socialistic doctrlnea marked
numeroua addresaea at the meeting.
Th name of possible candidatea
for president most persistently men
tioned In Informal gossip wer Gener
al John J. Pershing. General Leonard
Wood, Governor Prank O. Lowden, of
Illinois; Benator Warren O. Harding
of Ohio, and Senator Hiram Johnson,
of California.
The membera of tba commute de
clared It waa too early to dtscusa th
elalma of candidatea.
Two women occupying atata In tht
committee were admitted to the Inner ,
councils of' the parley of proxies.
They were Mrs. Josephine Corlls
Preeton, of Waablngton. who held th
proxy of S. A. Perkins, national com
mitteeman from that state, and Misa
Marjr Garrett Hay, of New York, who '
held the proxy of Herbert Persona.
of Natlona" rally la Portland. Febru
ary 16.
Thirty nine billion cigarette wer
produced In the United Bute last
year. Thla represents four time aa
many cigarettes aa were produced
tevea year ago.
Twenty-one person were killed and
three wer seriously Injured In a rear
end colllalon on the New York Cen
tral railroad at South Byron, lx mllea
east of Batavia, N. T.
Five leaders of the Socialist party.
Including Victor L. Berger. repreeen-tatlve-elect
from Milwaukee, wer
found guilty In Federal Judge Land la'
court in Chicago of conspiracy to vio
late the espionage law.
With the additions of Indiana, Ar
kansas. North Carolina, Illinois, Kan
saa and Alabama to the list of states
which hsve ratified the constitutional
amendment ' suppressing the liquor
traffic, tha total now stsnds at 30. The
number required to make tha amend
ment effective la 36..' ,
Roosevelt Leaves $88,000 Insurance
New Tors. .Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt carried 188,000 Ufa Insur
ance, according to a statement la the
Weekly Underwriter.
Waablngton Ratlfiea Dry Amendment.
Olympla. Wash. In an hour and
five minute after th Washington
legislature convened both bouse had
ratified the prohibition amendment to
th federal constitution by unanlmoua
rot. -
Oats No. S white teed, $53 par ton.
Barley Standard teed, 341 per ton.
Corn Whole, 369 S 73; cracked. 371
075.' ., ?":
Hay Timothy, $30933 per ton; al
falfa. $37.60. .
Butter Creamery, 67c per pound.
- Eggs Ranch. 71e per doxen.
Potatoes II per hundred.
Poultry Hena, 28 30c; aprings,
30c; roosters, 23c; ducks, 30c; gee,
20 25c; turkeys, 40c.
Hay Eastern Washington timothy.
$33 per ton; alfalfa. $34 per ton.
Butter Creamery, 66c.
Eggs Rarfch, 75c per doxen.
Poultry Hens, 302 33c; sprinirs;
82c; roosters, 23c; ducks. 30c; geese.
J6c; turkeys. 44 47o.
Berlin. Covers men t forces bsve
captured th police headquarters after
a abort bombardment Whea the
fighting begaa th troop fired a few
shell aed tbes waited t see what
effect had been made npoa the Sparta
cans. When th letter failed te show
sign of yielding two men were s-tit
forward with a whit flag; demand lag
surrender. They were fired npoa and
killed. No- goverataeat troop wer
killed. The Bolshevist are believed
to have suffered th loss or tl killed
aad maay wooaded. '
Rosa Luxemburg; associated with
Dr. Karl Llebkaecbt la the leadership
of th rebellions Spartacaa force la
Berlla, has bee arrested by gov era
aunt soldiers, according to a report
Th counter rerolutlo of th 8pr
taeoa group ( Bolshevik ) is colls peing
rapidly In Berlin and tha provinces. ,
Karl Llebknecht, Robert Emll EicB
horn and Rosa Luxemburg, th tire
chief leaders of tht Reds, hav fled.
Duaseldorf, ; th ' most dangerous
Spartacaa stronghold outside of Ber
lin, has fallea into the hands of gov
ernment forces. British troops' era
preserving order there.
Th Berlla government It disarm
ing tba Rods, who hav bees plunder
ing in the eastern suburbs, where they
aelxed 300,000 marks worth of Jewelry.
Th German war minister. Rata
hardt waa quoted aa saying that h
expected some further rioting la pro
vincial towns, but th government haa
decided to suppress disorders- sternly
In order to assure the national assem
bly elections. At Munich th eleotlon
wer eamea out nunng noting.
The Spartacana are still distribut
ing propaganda among tha Germsa
10 Transports Sail From French Porta.
Washington. Bringing home 7500
men, ten transport, the battleship
Louisiana and New Hampshlr and
tht hospital ship Mercy have tailed
from French porta, t
tuprema Court Upholds Rsed Meatur
Washington. The Supreme Court
leld that tha Reed "bone dry" prohi
bition amendment prohibits Interstate
transportation Into dry statea of in
toxicating liquor for beverage pur-
hostil Indiana la tht lava bads, died .funeral art' forbidden, and all bouses boss tvta if Intended for personal
at Klamath Falls. Bbt waa $0 years where the disease exists are quaran- Is.
Many Killed In Bueno Aires Rlott.
Buenot Aires. The commanders of
tha government troops officially re-
port 260 dead and 700 wounded as a
result of tha atrlka riots In thia city.
of gg.
That Indian from Umatilla rater
ration have dona their part In serving
tha country In tht war is shown by
tht rtcord of mort than 50 who havt
been doing their duty in Franca and
In tha training camps. Tha Indians
responded willingly when called to tha
aervlce.. .
The Petrograd garrison haa renounc
ed Trotxky'a authority.
tlned. " : .
A deal of considerable msgnltudt
waa closed at Sutharlln laat eck,
. when tba Sutharlln Inn, of which
Frank B. Waltt It tht principal owner,
was told to the 8eventh Day Adven
tlst people of southern Oregon. Tha
hotel waa built four year ago at a
cost of : $30,000. The object of tht
Back Home
After tilting for several day In Adventist people Is to establish an
front of a house at Dillon, east of Tht aoademy In tha building and move
Dalles, apparently watching passing . their tohool at Lorana to Sutherlin.
trains, tht froten body of an aged Secretary of tha Interior Lane Indi
pegro, believed to be Joseph Mullen, f cated Id a speech before membera of
w as found. It it believed ha started the house recently that h bad adopt-
. to" walk to Tha Dalles when he washed Representative Slnnott'a auggea
overcome by tht cold. Hon of having hi requested appro-
V Early extension of tht Strahorn priatlon of $100,000,000 for reclama
railroad from Its prssent terminal at tlon purposes Incorporated In the sun-
Dairy, 20 miles esst of Klsmtth Falls, dry civil bill to Insure ctton In this
to Boninia, wss indicsted at a meet
ing of the residents of thst section.
Between $10,000 and $12,000 of the
$16,000 necessary to assure this con
struction wt pledged.
Stockmen of , Wasco county have
agreed to support th effort to be
made at this session of the legislature
to enact a law providing for co-opera-
congress.' If this appropriation la ,
granted Representative Btnnott will
seek to hsve two new irrlgstion proj
ects Initiated in Oregon,
. With even nurses snd asslstsnts at
some of the hopitlt becoming 111
from lnfluenxa, the situation at Salem
hat become ao serious thst city au
thorities have intimated that tha al-
u inti m i , rers-xz77Tmrrn nr
-SrKt"w 1 - uwKOur
" rr-TTT ( ' 111 . , fcl tKuy J I
Washington. Immediate conaldera
- tlon of the Interior department's re
quest for $100,000,000 for the reclama
tion and. occupation of 215,000,000
seres of tillable soil in thla country by
returned soldier waa asked by Secre
tary Lane at an informal meeting of
membera of congress held In the house
chamber. .-
The plan of the department not only
would provide labor for thousands of
men discharged from military service,
Secretary Lane said, but would greatly
Increase the resources of the nation.
Briefly the programme contemplate
the employment of discharged soldiers
at current wage on vast reclamation,
schemes In many states, who would be
permitted later to select sections of
the reclaimed land for farming pur
poses, the government, furnishing Seattle, Wash. Openly breieninf -money
to pay for the coat of develop- sedition and defying tha police when
New .York. The United Statea
cruiser St. Louis, bringing the 846th
field artillery, 45 officers and 12SS
men. arrived Wednesday from Brest.
Twenty-six of these wer sick and
wounded. The regiment, consisting;
of 1 per cent regulars and 99 per cent
conscripted saen, wer trained at'
Camp Lewfe,. Wash. It saw service
In Belgium with the 91st division, and4
returned under command of Colonel
Samuel Frankenberger.
- Th 346th artillery It officered and
manned by recruite from the Pacific
coast states. Although magnificent
artillery support waa given at all
times during the hard fighting through
which the Pitt ha passed, it waa not
tht good fortune of th artillery regV
menta of tha division to give thi up-
port, according to Lieutenant John
Clark Burgard, of tha Hat, Juat re
turned. Th artillery branch of th
Plat waa embodied la three rgtmntt
according to Lieutenant Burgard, and :
none of them participated In the fight
lng or had Bent over a hoatll shell up
to the time of th signing of th
armlstic. : r.
ment. Thla money, together with the
full cost of the land and interest,
would later be returned to the gov
, ernment. ' it' " :
. Necessity for haste In making the
appropriation waa emphasised by Sec
retary Lane. Soldier are being dis
charged from the service at the rate
of thousands a day, he aaid. and pre
vision for employing them ihould be
made aoon.
Russian misfortune has served it
useful purimse in showing the world
jreclsely what Imlshevlsra means.
A celebration Is expected that will
make "gay Paree" wonder whether It
ever knew before what real gayety is.
In spite of nit kinds of publicity tal
vnt in all sections. Paris continues to
be the best advertised town on the
map, "
ordered to disperse, 2000 men, at
open air Bolshevik meeting at Fourth .
gvenue ind Virginia street. preeipltaU '
ed a riot at 1: 80 Sunday afternoon
that required mort than 100 police
men, soldiers and sailor to quell.
Thirteen wer arrested and many
more were aeen leaving tha seen of '
the trouble with minor wounds from ?
policemen's clubt and soldiers' fists.
Th meeting waa closed by tha pa-;
lice when tha speakers urged a gen
eral strike t all industries and the-;
tying up of shipping to prevent th-;
shipment of supplies t 8iberi for
th maintenance of the United States
and other armies in th field there.
Leaflets wer passed out among the
audience urging men in the uniform
of the United Statea to refus to rv.
their eountry In th event they were-
ordered to Siberia or Russia, to inter,
fere with the Bolshevik movement