The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 10, 1919, Image 1

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i i i r..t. .1 it,. Wiik
Principal Evintl ! wi Wiw
O.I. flu t.alxfcaa1 fttf Infar
hi s aa a w UKDiunua www r
V .w--
siitlon if Our Ruder!.
tutor ChemberletB. af Oregon.
II years eld January 1.
Tba Willamette river at Albeay
I liaj n iiiaiw e i - w- w j
r.rhrf a lower Mint In tba rtar lust
paeerd tbaa at any time alace 1111.
A dliaaireua lira that occurred at
llalRva dalroy4 fl" ballittnga and
rauard daauta tbat la aatlmatH at
114100. "
Hirbart 0prbbart, aid II. com.
' nltird aulrlda at tba Bporkbart raark
aur La Oraada. iia and hla wlfa had
A tatil of I40T Mra wspiataly fllld
ih Klamath eatmty produeta wara
aiportrd from Klamath ralla dvrlBg
tba yar llll.
LaBdowaara la tba rleJalty ef Wrat
. a ar..- i. uiriM nni.
ftiajwq ,ui I ui -f -
ly. ara planolof tba ertantiatloe af
aa' Irrliatloa dlatrlrt.
Mra. Roy Herrlek and bar two ehll
draa were faially luraed whto tbalr
bema at Bllvertoa waa daatreyad by
fire All died abori afterward.
December wee a moata of eiceptloo'
ally wat weather la Aitorta. Accord-
lot to the eflJclal recorda the ralBfall
during (be month waa IMS iBcbea.
laataad of halnf tba eompeBeatloa
law optional with employera. a bill
will probably be Introduced la the
lealelature maklaf Ua law eompul-
Mry .
' .. .
Harvey nClia. Btaie inaeranc wr
tntaaloner, baa beea under CauaraBlloe,
. .H..W t inHuiML
Buffering from aa attack of tafluenaa,
. . . t.
la 1.0a ABgrleS, WDere Be epeet va
b0lldara. '
Publication of retail prleea sa a
rberk on food dealers bae beea die-
continued by the food administration
Mlevlng advices from Washington
that thla cheek la bow considered ua
nereessry. '
tn tuallee court at Aetorls BL F.
II, JV,H www., w. - - . '
' .M.. ...h ml tha Parlfle Pew. .
, pmttwtt w -"
r Light company, was found guilty
oa a charge of permitting crude ell to
flow Into the waters of the Columbia
river aaa tinea su.
Thirty guests eecsped la their night
...ku .1... tha hrUk hulldlne oceu
,ivh " w .-----w -
pied by the Albert hotel and the Op-
tlmiat Publishing company at Tba
Pel Ira, waa deatroyed by fire. The
Moee la estimated at 140.000. '
O. 8. Blsnchard, of Oranta Pass, bae
.... .-.iti ti rinnmnr Withv.
combe aa a member of the Oregon bu
PT rTV.ww "4 ' " -
reau of mlnei and geology. Mr. Blan
ch ird succeeds 3. V. Reddy, of Med-
ford, whoee term baa eiplred.
u-..-.. haa nrnMawd to the
state board of control to Install a light-
log plant at the state penitentiary at a
minor coat to provide 160 horeepower
and furnish alght lighting for both
the penitentiary and Baylum.
Withdrawal of the Spruce Produe-
tloo division soldiers from mills aad.
logging campi la the Coos bay district
baa caused a narked shortage of help,
and workmen can obtain work wher-
ever Industries are operating. . '
Much valuable war work waa none
in Oregon by home demonstration
agents, according to a summary just
nmniatad. Reclnnlng the yar with
A single worker ths work baa enlarged
until the close of the year finds 10
. ...a... .
workers IB tne lieiu. lu ' wmvrutnun ui m pmrg
D. B. McKnlght, Linn county Judge, Loop road, which will connect the
who has had the distinction of offlcl- Columbia highway with the old Barlow
atlng tt more weddloga than any other trail, located In the upper Hood River
person la the county for several years valley. In this csss Oregon will ex
put maintained his record la 1911. pend a like sum.
He performed 40 marriage ceremonies County Clerk Brown estimates that
In the year Just ended. 4000 Umatilla county cltlsens whose
All employes of tbs Pendleton Wool- names appear on, the registration
en mills who lavs been on ths psy- books of the county have failed to
roll during ths psst yesr will parttol- vols at any of ths three elections dur-
pats In extra earnings amounting to Ing tba psst two yeers. Tha office Is
several thousand dollars, ths manage- now engaged In eliminating these
ment has announced. Tha earnings names from ths rolls. - Four thousand
will be baaed en wages. names Is about 40 per cent of the total
The !7th annual convention of tha registration for the eeunty. . ', . ,
Oregon Dairymen's aseoclstion will be The Baker Commercial , club will
k.a T..ur ii Is In Hlllsboro. send JoseDh N. Teal, of Portland, and
Tha convention will take the place of
tbs regular fsrmers'. week and short
course that usually Is held at the Ore
ion Agrlculturek.oJlege. ' 1
rharirt H. Orsm. labor commission-
er-elect, has announced the personnel
erieci, ... r
of his deputies, with one exreptlon.
B. H. Hansen. Portlsnd; f. v. arso
ford, Cervsllls, snd J. M. Weet. Salem,
ire the three deputies named under
tne factory Inspection law.
Attorney-Oeneral Brewa was In
itrueted by the stats eord"of control
to atart ejectment proceedings sgatnat
the Salem Hospital aeiotiatloo. pro
dding, the building it now oecuplea
M irhlrh Is tbs ftoftiy ef ths state,
l.i not vaeated by Jaauary II.
A decUI'd il'rmx la the Bomber af
lndutrlrcrldnti le ehewa la the
itstrment leeued last week br the
lata tad-vtriet accident eonmlMlea.
llewever, la the Hat, which tatala ITT
,,,r, if, rive ar
Lata, at fallaws: A. Besler. Oa-
aria, laialail J. R. Haaey, Kaeppe,
Ionian Tbaaiaa W. Phillips, Pe-era,
iogglag; T. H. Ebeaer. Portlaa! ship
eulldlBgi A. N. Oaraat, Portland. J
Frd E. War! millionaire stockman
- - -
af Hornet. CaL baa notified A. II. Ua.
seeretsry of tba Orafoa ataia fair, tbat
tba directors ef tba la Apil fair
baa Mr. Ua'a aama andrr conaldara-
Hob for a poaalbla ariary of that
aaaoelailoa at a aalary of &oo a yar.
Thlrty-on raaldtata ef Mlaa Horn.
Una rouniy, baa patliloafd tba pub-
He aorrtca ronniaaloa to ordr tba
Wlltamatta Pacific Railway roatpaBy
l malniala a atatlea aiaat at Ralaa
llama. Tkay contand tbaro la nouh
bualnm at that point to Jaatlfy tba
""' - ,
aVhsol chlldrtn erOrtioa vara la-
atntmantal la aalllaa mora tbaa II..
" -
IM.000 worth af thrift atanpa durlaf
4 ary way Joined la kep.
laf "Oraaaa flrat' la war aetlvltlaa.
aecordlBi te the bltenlal report of
SuparlateadaBt of Public laetrucUoa
' The bodlee of Caorie M. Blma aad
hla wife wera foaad la bed at tbalr
home la Dod. A rereWer waa clutch-
ad la the hied af the woman, aad the
pollra declare there waa evidence to
abew aha bad ahot her buaUad while
be lay aaletp and thea bad turaed the
fua upon bereelf.
Tba departmaat af atrlcalture. fa
... i
,m nnwi aaai civ tmi wiu
parlaoaa, aaya tbat the total value of
ihirttM rmna in rtmann amhrai-tna
thirteen crops la Oregon embracing
.tt . k. I . . . at., a .
an in cTop rmiarq on mm larsa lor
1 MJ.II7.000. Thla was a ree-
ord-brraker yield. In HIT the aggro-
gate for these crops was 171,417.000.
Mall service to Canyon City and
Prairie City, Grant county, having
mine city, Grant county, having
been eut off by the strike ea the Bump-
. u . .....
ler Valley railroad. Second Asalatant
Poetmaater-Oeneral Prsecer haa nram.
-- - " "
lead Reoreerntatlva Blaaott that ane-
- - - - -
elal service wlir be provided by etage.
either by way at Coadea sad Foeell
or via Yuklab.
., vi wu-
pany haa fited with the public ervlce
commission a new naaaenerr tariff. In.
creeelng the rata from I cents, lbs old
rate, to I cents a mile. Oa the basis
of the passenger business done oa the
road for the last three years, this
would mesa an additional revenue of
about 111.000 a year.
' .
win but is appeals rie ta ills, a
remarkhble decrease In cases coming
before the supreme court la shown to
a Btalement Issued by Court Clerk Ben
son. In 1117 there were 131 tsare.""
The falling off Is attributed largely to
the prohibition law and the workmen's
compensation act removing personal
Injury cases from the eourta.
Figures Included la the report of
the elate Industrial accident Commta-
sloa abow that accident! reported to
tha commission during 1911 have av-
waged 14 for each day of the year,
or a total of more than 15.000. For
HIT the toul was slightly mora than tub increase ta due largely
to Increased activity In shipbuilding.
While he definite action has been
tsken by stats or United States author
Itlee, the. federal government. It waa
recently announced, may apply 1 14.000
1 . .u. ....t ... .t t . . . . ,1 I
D, C Ecolee and Frank Gardiner, of
Bsker, to Washington to confer with
railroad admlnlatratlon authorities
there on the situation on the Sumpter
Valley railroad, provided the railroad
admlnlatratlon has "an open mind" oa
- ,
the. subject, secoMing to sdvlcea re-
eelved by the public aervice commie-
A itate fond for providing subaldtea
for hlghlasa bulla la order to elim
inate entirely lew breeding strains, Is
a plan which Is being advocated by
cattle men of the etate, particularly
for dairy herds and legislation to pre
vent the esls of bulls for breeding .
The Gathering Place
aurpoe ttnlraa aarh ar lllbta to
raatatir. will ba araafatad ta tba laaia. .
- " - ,
latura, But Vaiarlaarlaa Lytla haa
Oriaalutloi ef aa 1100.000 eoaeara
with t B. Klataiaa aa praaldaat aad
A. W. Millar, lee-preeldent aad traaa-
nrer, U build and operate a lawalll
1M.M9 feet capacity, either at Eu
or la the company! timber la
the Alaaa eouatry, baa been anaouacH
t Bueae. Coaetructloa work oa the
pJaat la eipected to atart aooa aad the
aM probably wU be lo aperatloB
early la the aprtaf. ....
A flock tt ITI milk OiU. (Bapected
aad traded by eiperta af Oregoa Afri
..ii.hi ii.m sin , tha
,. -
Partlaad t'aloa atockyarda about Jaa-
uart IS and will be offered for aala to
uarp tt aad will be offered for sale to
ih. .k 1 1 j, .M .1 l,w ttinMla
.nmn v. v.v
la the hope of developing aa Important
Industry among city children. The
milk-goat project has received tha In-
doreement of tha school authorities of
the city, who have arranged for Uie
we eny. wbo ave imtpn w we
format lo a of teat cluba" among the
... . . ..
school children.
Petlah Batulien Bella for America.
New Tork. Tke Freoch line atesm
ship Prance, which aalled from here.
tarried a battalion of . Poles, aumber
Isa 1114 men, recruited la America
jag m men, iwr
the Pollah army.
War Veaeela Returning.
Washington. Tbirty-one destroyers
aad flevea submarines have Bailed
from Europe aad ehould reach their
home station! within tha next 10 days
or two week. ' '
' : Portland '
Oats No. I white feed, IS! per ton.
Barley Standard feed, 141 per ton.
Corn-Whole, f 71; cracked, 171
Hay Timothy, 13093! per ton? al
falfa. 117.50.
Butter Creamery, 15c per pound.
EggsiRaach, 73o per dosen.
Potatoee 1110 C 1.75 par hundred.
Poultry Heua. llIOc; springe,
Ifte; roosters, lie; ducks, io; geese,
.90See; turkeys, 40c
Seattle ;
Hay Esstern Washington timothy.
SI per ton; alfalfa. $84 per ton. '
Butter Creamery, lie
Eggs Ranch, 71c per doieu. -Poultry
Hens, . '81029c; ' springs,
87o; roosters dressed, 17C!8c; ducks.
lie; geeie, 21c; turkeys, 44047a.
wie mmmmjwmmjmmmm
. ... -
After Mm doacd te the public for
.aeerty two yean beeauaa of the war.
, tba White houae u raopaaad to vl
Jtera Saturday,
Coast Oeorie F. m BarUlnc, the
former Imperial Oermaa ebaocttlor,
died BatttnUy alfbt at Rubpoldlng,
Bavaria. Hebedbeea 111 foreladaya.
k . With lie holiday racatloa ended,
eoncreae eettled dowa Monday to tba
-talk of clearing aa anuaually heavy
,lelalaUve ealeadar before the aeaalon
end, early la March. -
Beeauea of laterfereaea by the po-
lice, the National Womana party an-
...i.Al that It had abandoned Ua
plan to keep "watch flrea burn nf in
front of the White houae until tne
senate bad passed the Busaa B. An
thony suffrage constitutional amend
ment resolution.
While the expected declaration at
as irtab. renublle by tha Blna fetaera
kaa aot materiallied. the countrywide
aaa mm - ,
demonstrations Sunday Indicate that
. i . -. i.mIimi fnrmH tA kaeU
secret plana have beea formed to keep
up constant agiutloa ao that the Irish
situation will be held la the fore
ground during ths peace conference.
The Influents epidemic -hick ewept
the country during the latter part of
last year, caused 1U.III deaths In
the 41 largest cities and Increased the
combined death rate for those com
munities la llll to 11 1 per 1000, ac
cording to statistics made public by
the census bureau. Total figures for
the country were aot available.
1. C. C Against Federal Ownarahlp.
Waahington. Opposition to govera
meat owaerahlp or operation of rail
roads -at this time was expressed by
the Interstate commerce commission
In a statement presented to the senate
interstate commerce committee at He
hearing on railway leglalatlon by Com
missioner Edgar E. Clark.
Perd Petitions Senate For Recount.
. Washington. In a petition received
by Vice-President Marshall and laid
before tha aenate, Henry Ford, demo
crats candidate for United States sen-
ator. w.o was dsfeated on the face of
returns by Truman N. Newberry, re
publican, gave formal notice of a con
teat of tha aenata seat and asked tor
a recount of the ballots.
Copenhagen.-Riga Is in tha hands
ot the Lithuanian aovlet troopa. ac
cording to a wlrelese dispatch from
:tha Ruaslsn Bolshevik headquartera
received here.
In Germany
Preeldent Pleeos far neiier of eem
Uite lereeeene. v
Waahlnetoa. Preeldent Wllaoa'a
first recommendatlone based oa ale
study in Europe look to tba rallaf a
fliatresssa popuiauona ramw v
aeaay" which ara tbreeteeed with
Request for Immediate approprla-
tloa of 1100,000.100 to supply food to
liberated peoplee of Austria, Turkey,
Itberaud peoplea of Au.trta. Tureey.
Poland and Weatera Ruaala, who have
ao recofntied governmenta and are
unable to finance International obliga
tions waa transmitted to congreea by
Secretary Olaaa oa cabled Instructions
from the preeident
The preaident'a meeaage aald that
food ehlpments worth IUM100,000
muit be made from the United Sutea
to Europe la the nest seven moataa.
Civil War la Berlin. .
Copenhagen. Civil war baa broken
out la Berlin. Violent etreet flghtlni
1a raging between the Bpartacides
(Belebeviki) aad the loyal troopa sup
porting the socialist government The
banks have all beea barricaded aad
the BpartMides have occupied many
public buildings, from which they ara
sweeping the streets with machine
gua fire.
Troopa Reeeued Prom Stranded Liner.
Fire laland. N. T-Kvery one a vet
eraa of European battlefields, end
more then half of them, helpless en
their cots, all the X00 soldiers who
were pasaengerB oa the atranded army
transport Northern Pacific wera re
moved safely ashore or oa board naval
veeaela at the close ef the second day
of one of the moot remarkable reocaea
la the history of the Atlantic eoaat
Typhus Spreading In Ruaala.
Waahington. Typhua Is spreading
.n Russia, according to advices ta the
state department .
Washington. Three combat dlvt
alons. the 30th. 87th. and Hat, have
been designated by General Pershing
for early return from Franco, General
. March announced. -
' The list Includee Washington, Ore
gon. California, Idaho, Nevada, Mon
tant, Wyoming. Utah and Alaska
Tha 10th includee national guard
troopa from Tennessee, North Caro
lina and South Carolina: the" 17th.
Ohio and Weet Virginia guardamen.
v Tbeee three-entire divisions and the
2d corps headquarters, which operated
with the Brltieh army In Flanders
-under Major General George W. Reed.
has been added to tha priority list
and will be returned homo as shipping
becomes available. Tha three dlvi -
stone and the headquartera comprlee
13.000 men.
Uncle Sam Urged to Bu,y Land tor
future Training.
Washington. Government acquisi
tion ot ail 14 national army canton
ment sites, leaving oeienmnsaon v.
their ultimate use to the future, was
nreed by Aaalaunt Secreury of War
CroelJbefore th. house mlUUry com-
m Two ot the cantonment sltee-Camp
w..wnJtnn-are owned by tha gov.
InatS Kwi wTcamp Lewlfc
JTmS: su ect ot the tod ot
S rwauSl. would be 19.154.000
tor 131.000 scree, the annual rental of
WG,n.rafgsow said that 800,000
American artillerymea were In servica
abroad during the war., using guns
bought In England and France. He
.. . .... .nfHnn nr auHB WBB
SSIU AiuvricBB Fivu.. m
beginning In quanUty when the armls-
tlce waa signed.
Those upon whom devolves the task ,
at mapping out the eky for lines ot
safe travel ehould get busy. Already
two svlntors have collided at a height
of 8,000 feet ; - 7
Equal wages .for -women are now
"Jemanded. But after elxlng up the
psy envelope of the average man In
romparieon with their own. are they
aura they really want lt.
During our participation In the war
2,163 American were capture!, while
we took 44.000 German prisoners,
wtilch telle about the whole story of
comparative merits. ..
ies in ins an?
' .
fcnd COfTlBS UneXpSCIIffJ ) 1
4:15 o'CIock Montfiy
Orster Br. K. T Colo! Tkea
, Mwt
... ftm4l
axamore Hill at 4.11 o'clock Mamie
morning. -
He was laid U real wlUoa
pomp or ceremony la Touag'a Meat-'
orlal cemetery la thie village Weae
day afternoon. Ho was aurted oaw
knoll overlooking Long lalaad Sound,
a plot whlcU he aad Mrs. RoeeevoU
eelected aooa after he left the Wkle
After prayera at the Reeeetell
home, at which only memrere of'ttka
family wera preeaat the funeral aeef
ice waa held at 1:W o'cloek la Christ
Episcopal church, the tittle old frame
structure where tor years the eetate!
and hla family atteaded dMae wor
ship. Pvneral Waa glmete.
, At the requeet of Mrs. Rooeevelt
flow era wore eeat Also la eoafoma
aaoa with Mra. Rooaevait'a wUkoa,
there waa aa musw aad as eulogy,
hut only the eimsle aervice M Msm
Episcopal church, coed acted by the
pastor, the Rev. Oeorge K. Tatmag.
The following sUtemeat waa mae
by Dr. a. W. ruller. of Oyster Bay.
the phvaklaa who test jaw aeel-
-Colonel Rooeevelt retired at If
o'clock last night feeling mueh be
tor. At 4:11 o'cloek thla mo .lag ha
simply ceased to breathe. Death was '
probably caused by a pulmonary
Thla pulmonary embolism. Dr. FulV
or explained, la a blood clet apea .eM
af tha aatarlea of tha lunga.
Colonel Rooeevelt epent Sunday ae
enlng reading, eonveralag erith Urn.
Rooeevelt and chatting with Dr. FutV
- or, who left him apparently asuc. tpv
proved and In excellent spirits.
He Blao dictated a number of letter.
Deepite his recent return from tha
hospital, he had much at hla old vlee.
When Dr. Fuller left hi Roomett
waa laughing and called "Goad, night"
moat cheerfully.
End Cornea In Sleep,
. At midnight he retired. Mrs. Roeee.
velt sat with him for a white, tkan ae
he fell asleep, she went to her o a
room. ta
At 4:11 a. m. the man eert eat be
came alarmed and caUed tha smrse.
There was nothing that could Ao .douei
Roosevelt was deadl
Mrs. : Roosevelt was eeJled. Ska
took the shock bravely.
Ha did not move tn the bed aa aa
died, but lay Just as ha was when hia
wife stepped eut ef tha room aaoroy
after midnight
Colonel Roosevelt wss years eld.
. He was bora la New Tork. October ff.
Hla health had not keen Tory gaal
u u M lM
Roosevelt hospital anly a ahort tlap
a,. "Zrie'
He was twice married, tke tint
time to Alice Hathaway Leo. eht
ot George Cabot Lee. She died ta
HI4. Hla second wife waa WIH
Kermtt Carow, daughter .at CharteU
Carow of New Tork. whom ho ssas
ried In lMt. She aurvlve. klsa.
On. son. Lieut. Quentln RMV
was shot down In an airplane aa Caja
weetern front last June.
Ha had two daughters. Alloa,
daughter ot hi. first. wl eC
Congreaama. Nichola. J-Mwortk
Cincinnati, a -thai married Dr.
Richard Psrr- 1
CxUnelen ,of eevernmeat Ceetrel
Strongly Urged by-MeAdee.
' wj n.l, thMnvh tha
nHmuiwu. - w-
poaei fiT-ysr extension ot govern
sent management of railroads can tha ,
government move toward a permaaena
and comprehensive aolutloa ot the rQ
road problem. Director-Oeaeral Mo
Adoo Insisted In testifying at tha sea.
ste commerce committee's hearing est
railroad leglalMloa.
He defended governmeat oparatle
aaalnat what he described aa "an at
tempt to discredit It en tke grewal
that aet earnings had been lnaufflcteej
to pay the eompenaatloa guarantee
by the government" saying Judgese
ot unified operation should be aaf
on earnings only In "normal peeee
Umea, and that this waa another rea
son, tor tasting government central fl
t years. . I