The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 06, 1918, Image 2

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CLARK WOOD, Publlihtr
simscRiruoN raiei
Strict! i AJnct
Ths Year WW
Six Month - W
Thrco Month M
Catene al lh peiteltlte (I Veitea, Ott
MC4clu Mil mltr.
Regular, per inch per insertion 15c
Transient, per inch pcrinaertion 80e
Locals, per line per insertion 10c
Membership in Red Cross is dem
ocratic and universal.
Greatest emphasis is being laid
on $1 membership.
Wearing Red Cross 1919 button
is an evidence of loyalty and proof
of membership.
"Strong-arm" solicitation is abso
lutely barred.
Aim To enroll every man, wo
man and child in Umatilla county.
AH the people of Oregon will be
asked to join the Red Cross or to
renew their membership during the
Christmas Roll Call, which will be
held the week before Christmas
December 16-23.
Membership in the Red Cross
costs $1 a year.
There will be no receipts given
this year, the proof of membership
being the signing of the Red Cross
Roll and the wearing of the 1919
Red Cross leaders wish every
wearer of a Red Cross 1919 button
to ask every non-wearer: "Where's
your button?"
There are more than 248,000 Red
Cross members in Oregon. Every
one, it is expected, will renew mem
bership while it is hoped to add
100,000 new members.
Because of the campaign there
will be no public sale of Christmas
seals this year. Instead, every Red
Cross member will be given ten of
the seals, while $2,500,000 will be
devoted by the American Red Cross
for the 1919 tuberculosis work of
the National Tuberculosis associa
tion, this being about the total of
the sale of Christmas seals last year.
President Wilson has sounded the
the campaign keynote with his "I
summon you to the comradeship"
The campaign slogan is the single
word: "Join."
Oregon has the cleanest young
men, morally, of any state in the
Union, according to army statistics
furnished the Oregon Social Hygi
ene Society from government sourc
es. Of Oregon recruits arriving
at the several army camps, only
fifty-nine hundredths of one percent
were found to be afflicted with ven-
Say, friend! You are thinking of getting a car
in the spring; but why wait until you really need a
car until you order? Now is the proper time to put
in your order. Let me show you my line of cars. I
have twenty-eight different models to select from. Remember, it takes from
four to six weeks to get cars from the factory: There will be no change m
price for the next year to come. Why hesitate any longer? Put m your or
der now and have your car when you need it.
I have on hand now for immediate delivery a Knight Four, a Knight
ti.4. o xi.'rmftr tnnrintr. Riiv one of these and crive it to your family for
. T
a'vlliiswnao picotuw
a bargain.
DR. S. L.
rival ilisoa. This is a romnrknMy
low Mmntagv - tho more imptvs
aiw through ttmiparison. rVr in
stance, th rvcruita from the wm
nionwoalth with the worst rveJrl
of all had a porwntmro of 8.!.
The showing is one of which Ore
gon should feel proud and id due
almost entirely,' we think, to the
long and earnest campaign tr
moral cleanliness wagd by the Orv
gon Social Hygiene Swioty. Young
men wore not saving mucji, ht
hapa, but they proliteil by the
things they heard and read.
Certain' Republican leaders in
Congress have been doing their
best to convince the country that
President Wilson knew what he was
about in asking for the election of
a Democratic majority in that
They have criticised his admira
ble message when they and the
country know full well they would
have praised it to the skies had it
come from a Republican president.
They have condemned him for
going abroad to the peace confer
ence when they and the country
know full well that such a course
was urged by our allies ami was
practically unavoidable in view of
the world position the United
States has assumed.
They know and the country
knows that were Wilson a Repub
lican they would lay not a stone in
his path.
They have sneered at President
Wilson for frankly submitting the
railroad problem without a definite
program, when they know and the
country knows that bad he outlined
a policy they would have accused
him of trying to assume the role
of dictator in peace times and of
usurping the congressional prerog
ative. In brief, these purblind and bit
ter partizans are seeking in every
way to hamstring and cripple the
Administration merely because it
happens to be a Democratic admin
istration. The country's good is to
them a matter of no concern.
Uncle Joe Cannon, whose vision
has broadened with age, differs
from his fatuous colleagues. He
"I was pleased with the message.
It followed the constitutional plan
of giving to the Congress informa
tion of the state of the Union, and
left the information with orders for
it to consider in connection with
its legislative duties."
This is, a just and rational view.
The Morning Oregonian also finds
in the message much to admirt
which reminds us that this formerly
uncompromising Republican organ
has been commendably broad-minded
throughout the war, in its edit
orial expressions.
A Marion county grand jury
finds and reports that Governor
also rinvp a Studebaker Six
' ' "
KfflIRD, Overland Dealer
Witliycoml e has meddled nrbitrnr
ily with slate's prison affairs. Tli
the governor, as u matter of coureJ
denies. Nevertheless, a trumfr
trick apiH-nrs to have Urn taken
by Kx-Warden Murphy.
In the opinion of the Food Ad
ministration the guaranteed price
for the l!H!t wheat crop will stand,
even though the Lever act under
which the rice was fixed, should
liecome inopt-rative through conclu
sion of peace. This price is J-.-ti
a busliel, Chicane basis.
Now that fog has joined the flu
to aid a cruel enemy, the brave lit
tle Joys will have to tight gallantly
to withstand the Glooms.
One of the largest tleals ever
consummated in Weston lnd has
just leen completed by Hey Winn
and Marion llanscll. well known
throughout the countryside as
among its most substantial and
successful fanners. Mr. Hansoll
buys from Mr. Winn the Moses
Taylor place, containing C00 acres
of choice land which he has been
handling under lease. He also
leases from Mr. Winn for a term of
six years the Mcadowbrook farm
on Pine creek below town, contain
ing 673 acres. The consideration
covering both transactions is re
ported to have been $157,000.
Mr. Winn retains for his own use
a Rouse and garden ground on
Mcadowbrook farm, and will tem
porarily retire from the wheat
growing activities he has followed
for 35 years.
Rejoicing at The Front.
The first soldier letter received
here since the German surrender
come from Sergeant Sidney A.
Barnes, and is dated Somewhere in
France, November 12. He says:
"I don't feel much like writing
today, but certainly cannot let this
day pass without a line or two.
Last night was one of the wildest
nights recorded in my experience.
The French were nearly crazy with
joy and the Americans almost as
bed. The program started with-
bunch of mad frogs parading on
the parade ground right after re
treat. The band played The Mar
sellaise and the Star Spangled Ban
ner. After supper all the soldiers
went to town to complete the cele
bration. The French joined hands
and danced around each other and
the Yank., by the light of bonfires.
Everylmdy had a flag and cheered
for Wilson. Clemenceau, Poincaire,
Foch. Pershing, King George and
the bunch.
"And today the old grind con
tinues. I certainly hope that Ger
many doesn't take the entire 30
days allotted. We've got no idea
what part we take in the last act,
but all are willing to do their bit
until the last bit is done - happy in
the knowledge that the fighting is
suspended and the Allies are hold
ing the top hand. 1 know you will
all be perfectly happy, but think
how much more so the French must
be after four long years of war and
has been used some at
Radiator-Freezing Weather is Coming
Make arrangements now for winter storage
of your ear in
If there's anything in the automobile service
you need, remember we're ready for you.
All Ford Parts
Prompt service in Gas, Oil, Air and Water
C. H. NELSON, Mgr. Telephone 241
Church of the Brethren Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Preaching at
11 a. m. C. W. S. at 6:a) p. m.
Bible Study, Life of Christ, at 7:30
p. m. John Bonewitz, elder.
Methodist Church-Sunday school
at 10 a. m. Preaching serv ices at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Kpworth
League at 6:30. I'rayer meeting
Thursday evening. S. K. Powell,
United Brethren Church Preach
ing at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Junior C. K. at 2:30 p. m. C. K.
meeting at 7 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening. E. F.
Wriggle, pastor.
Baptist Church The Church with
a cordial welcome for all. Sunday
school at ten o'clock, preaching at
eleven. Also preaching at eight
o'clock in the evening. 'W. it.
Storms, pastor.
Christian Science Society Ser
vices Sunday at 11 n. m., Water
street, near Main.
Soldiers are advised to main tbelr
government Insurance policies and not
allow them to lapse, in a statement Is
sued by Insurance Commlifloner Har
vey Wells. "My advice," said Mr.
Wells. "Is that government Insurance
be continued tor the reason that many
of the boys will come back more or
lets physically impaired and will find
It Impossible to obtain Insurance In
regular companies."
The cargo lumber shipments from
the Columbia river In October were
exceptionally light. According to sta
tistics complied, 18 vessels loaded 13,
464.171 reet of lumber at the lower
river mills during the month. In the
same period 11 vessels loaded 7,(92,305
feet of lumber at the up-river mills,
making a grand total of 21,156,2 feet
of lumber that left the Columbia river
In cargoes during the month of Oc
tober. With more than 16,000,000 available
for nest year for highway construc
tion the stats highway commission
has called upon the various counties
for their grading budgets, and aa soon
as they are received the commission
will hold a meeting and formulite its
hard-surfacing program. Under the
law the counties must do the grading,
and It will be the general policy of
the commission during the year to
hardiurface as many of the projects
as the counties are prepared to grade.
The application of the Astoria water
commission for the appropriation of
16 second feet of water from Big creek
for a municipal supply has been ap
proved by Stats Engineer Percy A.
Cupper. It Is net intended to use
this supply until additional water for
the city Is needed, but the source of
supply will be protected. When the
supply is to be used, It Is proposed to
construct a 20-Inch pips line HV4
miles, at as estimated cost of $500,000,
which will deliver th water to the
prtitnt reservoir.
and Tire Covers
Increase In American Hogs Will
Help to Meet World Fat
Government Justified In Stimulation
Of Pork ProductionSevenfold
Increase Over Pre
war Exports.
ThrotiKh Increased production sad
comirrvailon we will be able tlila year
to export seven tlmva our pre-war
average exports of pork products.
With the heavy demands added In car
ing for the millions who have been
freed from Oerroan oppression, the
Department of Agriculture and tha
Food Administration are Justified to
day In our every action of stimulation
of hog production. In the coming year
the greatest world shortage will b In
fats, and pork will help to save this
situation. The eiricsry of the poUcf
of stimulated production has built up
In this country supplies which will en
able t lo supply a very large part or
the fat deficiency of the world. In
beef there a ahortage In Ku
rope, due largely to limited refrigera
tor ship capacity. All freexer ships
available, however, will be filled by
America, Argentina and Australia.
The contribution made by the pro
ducers of this country to the war pro
gram as applying particularly to nnl
mnl food products Is Illustrated by tha
Itcports compiled by the V. B. De
psrtment of Agriculture Indicate an
IncrcaM In cattle of 10.238,000 head
and 12.441,000 hogs. These figures
were compiled to January 1 last
In this period there was a decree
In sheep of 810.000 head. The Indica
tions are that this derresse will show
an Increase, according to recent re
ports. Blnce January 1 unofficial Informa
tion Indicates an Increase In hogs of
not less than 8 per cent, and not
more than 10 per cent as com pn red
with one year ego, with an Increase In
the average weight
following the request of the O. H
food Administration for an Increase
In hog production for marketing In tlie
fall of 1018 and the spring or 1019 the
Increaao may yield not less than 1,000,
OOO.(XX) pounds mors of pork product
than were available Inst year. With
out this fncresse the shipping program
arranged by Mr. Hoover regarding an
imal food products would have been
The dressed hog products during the
three months ending September 80,
1917, amounted to 003,172,000 pounds,
while for the corresponding months of
1018 the dressed hog products totaled
1. ?77,B8O,0O0, an Increase of over 874,
000,000 pounds tor the quart or.
During the same period for 1017 the
records of Inspected slsughter of
dressed beef showed 1,203,000,000
pounds aa against 1,494,000,000 pounds
for tlis three month psrlod ending
Btpttmbtr 1 this year.
A i
Cars Washed
In tho Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon fur Umatilla County,
AiMie A. lleno, Plaintiff, vs. Joseph
(Joe) Heno, Defendant.
To JuBCph (Joe) Ueno, defendant abuvo
named :
In the Name of tho State of Oregon,
You are hereby required to appear ami
snuwer the complaint of the plaint
tir lllwl against you In the above
entitled court and cause within sis
week of the date of too firt
publication of this summon, name
ly, on or before the 27lh day of
December. A. D. ltfl; and you
will take notice thst If you
fail to appear and answer eeirt
complaint or otherwise plead thereto
within ml time, the plaintllT, fr
want thereof, will apply to the above
entitled court for tho relief prayed for
and demanded In her antd complaint,
namely, fr a decree forever duisolv
ing the bonde of matrimony now and
heretofore exlutlntf between tho plain
titf and defendant, and for other equit
able relief.
This summons is publUhed pursuant
to an order made and Hied herein the
Hthdny of November, IBlM, by Honor
able Gilbert W. rholps, Judge of the
Sixth Judicial District of the State of
Oregon. Tb ftrat publication will be
made In the Wenlon Leader newpsHr
on Krtday, the 16th day of November.
1018, and the Inet publication will be
made on Friday, the- said 27th day of
December, 1818.
Dated thit Hth day of November, A.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Resident and Poatoflic address:
Pendleton, Oregon.
Baker's Goods
J Phone your dray orders,
93, or call at store. 8
I Davis & Ellis
n M
; ; By uBinjr
X Made by the
We do custom millins, buy
;;and sell Hay, Grain and
Millfeedof all kinds.
Free City DeUvery