The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 29, 1918, Image 1

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Principal Events of thr Wiek
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Reader.
Ths sdjourned annual meeting of
the Grand Commeodery of Oregon of
tha Masonic order will be b"ld In Sa
lesn December I.
With Iom estimated at more than
$S0,0O0, b flour mill at Pilot Rock
were burnd early Friday by a flr
thai atarled front unknown rauwa.
- Ronton county held Ha flrat annual
corn ahow lad at t'orvellle un
der the direction of the county farm
bureau, with Count r Agent Kabul In
Th ihw4 valuation of Clackamas
county's property la I1J.HJ.II5. ex
clusive of th property of public eerv.
Ira corporal looa. Tba Inrresee awouota
to $J1.0T0. '
Oregon aa iba only slate in tha
w eaters dlvlelon (o attain Ita quota of
ISO per cent In Iba united war work
drive, according to Stale Director Or
Undo W, Davidson.
Victor J. MeCona. formerly eeeretary
for tba atata aoclallat party, was
drowned at Portland when ha drove
bla autorooblla off tha approach to tha
Roll wood tarry Into tba Willamette
Tba reeldeote of Evana Crak valley
la tbt north tad of Jackson county,
baa voted to Inoorporsts tba entlra
valley Into an Irritation district, and
an early survey will ba niada of tba
A ststemrnt Usued by tha Treasury
department abowa that In total ealee
of war earlnge and thrift atampa to
November 1. Oren atanda aUtb la
rank In aalea per capita and also sixth
for tha month of October.
D meat le use of powdered sugar, for
soma time past sestrlcied aolely lo
commercial manufacturing and baking,
la now permitted, according to official
advice received by W. II. Ayer, food
administrator for Oregon.
Tba atata text book commission will
make I (a selection for books tor
acjtoola of tha atata next June, tba
selections to continue for another six
years. Under tha law tba commission
electa these booka each all year.
Eitenelon arhoola In dairying, which
will cover tha subjects of breeding
and feeding dairy rattle, will ba beld
In Ontario. Malheur county, and at
Halfway and North Powder, t'nlon
MUBty, tba flrat week In December.
In a aompleto check made on wood
ships building In tha United Statea a
statement from Washington shows
tbat of 343 hulls launched up to Octo
ber SI, tba Oregon district was flrat,
with 67, and of 91 ahlpa completed
Oregon lad with U.
Present and prospective removal of
soldier from tha mills and logging
camps Is already creating a labor
abortaga on Cooa bay and W. J. Bust,
government agent, declared there was
a call for between (00 and 400 men
for mills and camps.
Only two fatal aceldents are Includ
ed In tha SSI reported to tba Induatrlal
accident commission for the week end
ing November II. Inclualva. These
war P. Auterson, shipbuilder, Port
land; Henry Fromong. terminal fa
cility worker, Portland.
: Dr. Maria Equl, a woman phyalclan
and member of tha Induatrlal Workers
of tha World, was found guilty at
Portland of violating tha espionage
act by referring contemptuoualy to
American soldiers and by other alleged
objectionable remarks In tha I. W. W.
Three entrances tor fish coming up
tha Willamette river ara now la exist
ancs at ths Oregon City flshways, ac
cording to R. B. Clanton, general su
perintendent of atata hateherles. This
Improvement will trebjo propagation,
of spawn In tb Willamette river, It la
.thought - -:i tr V
Saturday, December V was set as
fire Prevention day and tha week ot
December l-T as Tire Prevention week
for Portland by tha committee In
charge. Tha original day, October 9.
waa delayed until November I and
then again delayed by tha Influenia'
epidemic. '
8o excellent is tha fuel situation in
Oregon tbat dealers are complaining
became there Is ao little demand for
their stock on hand and mlnea ara
complaining because the dealera ara
putting In so few orders, according to
Fred J. Holmes, federal fuel adminis
trator for Oregon,
Plana for re-cetabllehlng a steam
boat line on ths Willamette river b-
rtieeed at a meeting hem in vaiera,
vhrn f K, Rpauldlng of the Spauldlng
lln rnmpany and Captain Kxaon
of VVondlturn mail proposa'a for fi
nancing the enterprise.
Karly rlaara at Baker reeant'y were
treated lo the eight of one of the well
known rapltallaia of the city out with
a bucket ot hot water and a acrubblng
brush trying to efface the bright yel
low paint with which hla bouse bad
len bespattered, owing to hla refuaal
io help eupport tba united war work
Warden Murphy's reelgnstlnn as
warden of the atate penitentiary waa
received by Governor Wltbycombe 0a'.
urday, effective aa of Denember 1. In
line with the request of the governor.
It la understood tbat ex Sheriff Itobert
U Slovene, of Multnomah county, will
be on band to lake over the office by
that date.
Deputy United Statea Marahal Prank
Tlchenor arreeled Charles Zlmmer
, man, ( E. Morris and O. W. Morrla.
of Powers, on bench warranta leeued
In tha federal court at Portland. The
men were apprehended In connection
with ownereblp of an illicit atlll lo
cated eeveral montba ago la a cava
near Powera by eeeret service men.
Tbs public service commission bss
made aa order Increasing fares on tba
Interurban electric linea running out
f Portland, and recommended a re
duction la service, ao aa to give tba
relief sought to meet tba Increased
cost of labor and material. Tba order
applies to tba llnea running to Dull
Run. Casadero, Montavllla and Trout
dale. Plana ara being completed tor tba
collection of lady buga to bo scattered
In grain and dairy landa ot Oregon and
Washington Infected by plant lice.
Great car bee bava bean located from
tha Crater National forest to the Olym
pic mountains. One lady bug will eat
about 200 plant lice a day. County
agricultural agenta will make tha dis
tribution. Within tha next so days tha entire
equipment of the epruce production di
vision timber, mllle. logging rallroada
and a wealth of other material will
be advertised for tide and sold to the
highest bidder. Eatlmatea on the value
of the property place It at approxi
mately 1 10,000.000. Demobilisation ot
the spruce division will begin within
a fortnight.
The sale of II00.0OO of the 1690.000
Issue of bonds, recently approved by
the capital Issues committee at Wash
ington. D. C waa authorised at a meet
ing of the atata highway commlaaloa
In Portland. The commleslon slao
adopted reaolutlona requesting county
courts to make known what Improve
menu they ara desirous ot making
within their reepectlve counties.
With reporta on hand from subetan
tlally all of tba farmers in tha county,
County Agent 8hrock'a figures show
that tba Umatilla county grain crop
for tho paat year was 1.461.119 buahela
and that there ware allghtly more than
104.000 acres ot grain in bearing. Tha
season was a hard ona on tha light
land farmers, hut tba yield from other
aectlona ot tha oounty made a fair bal
ance. Under tba direction ot County Agent
Gregory a systematic warfare haa
atarted at Dallas for tha extermination
of gophers and moles. Tba campaign
la being carried on by tha school chil
dren and already encouraging reporta
reach the county cgents office. Tha
eonteat enda Chrletmaa week and at
that time prlx money amounting to
3B will be distributed to tha winner
of tha eonteat
Tha Aatorla chamber of commerce
appealed to tha public service commis
sion to tsks action to prevent tha
North Bank railroad from carrying
Into affect Ita order reducing train
service between Aatorla and Fort
Stevens, and between Astoria and
Portland. As that railroad la under
government control, tha eommiealon
.advised tha Astoria chamber tbat It
haa do Jurisdiction.
Umatilla county'" annual Irrigation
and drainage congress this yw will
ba held in the west end ot the county.
Two towns will share tho honor of
.boats. At Hermlston two daya will
be devoted to tha eenelderatlon ot aub
jects relating to Irrigation problema.
Tba sessions there will be held De
cember 11 and IT. On December II
and 19 ths farmers will meet at Stan
field to discuss drainage aubjects.
The pollc 8tlt Eoflnwr perc'
A. Cupper, who has been appointed to
succeed John H. Lewis, will be to cul
tivate the preeent tendency , toward
closer relation with tha waterusera ot
tho -state so tbat tho Interests of the
public as well as ot the Individual
wateruser may be served. Mr. Cupper
so declared upon receiving from Gov
ernor Wlthycomba certificate of sp
tolsjathi foraiiljr mki&f hja tUtt
tfot School Lunch of Vital Importance
to Winter Diet of Children
By MIRIAM M. HAYNE5, CLnit Asrkasaasl CaBaga, Fort CsKas
'm wiah in Krlntr in tha attention of the rural school boards, teach
ers and fmlrons the importance of the hot lunch, or the addition of some
thing hot, such as woa, soup, etc., to the winter diet of the school child.
Tho proviaion of the right kind of lunch for the school child is of
doublo importance this year. The need of using substitutes for accustomed
foods, coupled with high pricea haa neant malnutrition among manv more
children than in previous years.
Tiie school lunch affects vitally, not only the physical and mental
growth of tho child but the social snd temperamental development Where
school children are poorly nourished th7 do not profit by their school worS.
If you have county home demonstration agent in your county, get
her to help you work out definite plans for starting a hot school lunch. Sim
ple, inexpensive equipment may be used to start the work. It would be a
splendid piece of work for a rural club, church, organixation or any group
of women to undertake.
Portland, Or John CyrO Llard, aa
English Canadian youth, of apparent
refinement and education, waa arrest,
ed for the murder ot Deputy Sheriff
Prank W. Twombly, and the robbery
ot Bridge Tender Herrman on the in
terstate bridge on tha night ot Novem
ber 19. ' Through tho conteaalon pi
his pretty wife, who was arrested with
him, the murder la clearly fiaed on
Like the pagea of a melodrama reads
tba atory of the murder and arrest
lie wss traced through a laundry
mark found In a package he threw
away la hla flight, a mere straw of a
clew, which haa been followed by the
detectives slnoe the dsy after the mur
der. Llard's realdence was finally
found to be la the Denntaon apart
menta. at Eaat Thirty-fourth and Bev
mont street.
When the police went to. hla room
they were Informed that the Ltards
had moved only a few daya previous.
While they were aearchlng the room
Mrs. Llard returned to look for soma
thing that they had left behind, and
waa arrested.
In about two minutes Llard burst
Into the room, only to be pounced upon
by the three policemen and pinioned
ao that he could make no realatanca.
He kept up a stolid front and refused
to talk until ha could see his lawyer.
Chiai ta Germany
London. The chaotic political con
dltlona in Oermany are empbaatsed ,ln
reporta from Amaterdam and Copen
hagen. There la a general lack ot harmony
in different parts of the country and
a 'tendency toward eeparattem.' Bo!
abevlk Ideaa are declared to be grow
Ing in tha weat where a Rhenlah re
publte la said to be planned.
The Bremen soldiers' and workers'
council baa declared Itself In complete
accord with Bolshevism and resolved
to call en the Bolshevik! to Rusaia ts
help Introduce communism.
' The Spartacua group at Duaaeldorl
Is reported to have proclaimed a pro
letarian dictatorship and arrested tht
burgomaster of the city. -
Dr. Karl Llebknecht the radical so
cialist, waa acclaimed at a Spartacui
meeting in Berlin which Issued an ap
peal to tha workers to emulate th
Russian Bolahevlkl. The meeting re
fuaed to listen to moderate socialist
speakers. ' -
Eight counties of the state have met
their quotas In tbe purchase ot war
savings atampa, Henry E. Reed, asso
ciate state director, haa announced.
The laat compilatlona, as of October 31,
show Clatsop In the lead, with a reo
ord of 139 per cent Jackson ranks
second, with purchases aggregating
1!8. per cent The six other banner
counties, with their percentage, are:
Sherman, 114; Wheeeler, 111; Cooa.
100; Tillamook, 103; Baker, 103; Lin
coln, 10,0.
Five aeparata Irrigation projecta are
now being organised in Baker county
by enry E. Tweed, county agricul
tural agent, of Baker. ,The county
agent ia cooperating: with tha atate
engineer m having the following proj
ects organised under the Oregon Irri
gation district lawi Sparta Irrigation
dlatrtct, 14.000 aerea; Brldgeport-Dur-kee
.Irrigation dletrlet.' 8000 acrea;
North Fork irrigation dletrlet. 4000
acrea; Unity Irrigation district S00
acres; Medical Springs, irrigation dis
trict, 809 tern ; i
Portland. Or. As rspldly aa possible
the activities ef the spruce production
division ef the United States army,
operating in Oregon and Washington,
will be brought to a complete stop,
following the termination of tha war.
The unwinding process will require
from four to six months, la the opin
ion of Brigadier General Brtce P.
Approximately JO.000 officers and
enlisted men will ba affected by the
. order of demobilisation.
The war department will not under
aell tbe market In disposing of the
vaat quantitlea of epruce logs and lum
ber on band and no longer needed for
airplane conatructlon. According to
General Dlsque the same policy will
be followed in auctioning the logging
railways. . equipment for logging
campa and aawmllla and tbe mllllona
of dollars worth of other property ac
cumulated In 'carrying through the
government's program of producing
airplane material for the United
States and the altiee to win the war.
"There will be no sacrifice sales ot
any of this property," said General
Dlaque. "If the government cannot
get the reasonable worth of the prop
erty It will be kept until the pricea
offered are right I think we owe this
lo the forest products Industry Of Ore-,
gon and Washington and to the in
terests of the nation."
Plan Under Way for Volunteer Army
for Rueelan Relief.
Archangel. The American and en
tente troops have encountered atrong
opposition both on ths Vologda-Archangel
railway and on the Dvlna river.
Owing to the swampy condition of the
terrain It has been necessary to con
tine operations to the waterway 'and
the railway. Aa the upper part ot the
river la deeper than at Its mouth, tho
'Bolshevik! craft equipped with large
guns, have been better able to maneu
ver than the entente ships, and have
prevented the occupation ot Kotlas by
the entente. A plan Is under discus
alon la military circles for the creation
of a voluntary army tor Russian re
lief, should the allies agree upon A
policy of feeding Russia.
La Pollette Probe Abandoned.
Washington. Investigation ot the
alleged disloyalty speech ot Senator
La Pollette, at St Paul, more than a
year ago, was absndonsd by the sen
ate elections committee on a vote ot
to 1
Oats No. t whits teed, 354.50 per
" Barley Standard feed, 150.25 ton.
Corn Whole, 173077; cracked, $7$
Hay Timothy, $33 per ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, 59c per pound.
Eggs Ranch, 6Se per doien.
potatoes 1.7Sffl per hundred.
" Poultry Hena, lT28o; springs, 27
30c; rooatera. 19c; ducka. 28 30c;
geese, 18c; turkeya. SOc.
- Hay Eaatern Washington timothy,
$33 per ton; alfalfa, $34 per ton.
Butter Creamery, 0 iff 63c.
Eggs Rsnch, 80c per dosen.
Poultry Hens, 24 28c; springs,
S6o; roosters, dressed, 27 28c; ducks,
gift S4A9 Ufi. JUXIJZft 1SU0i
All Germany at Mercy ef Allied
Occupying Fore.
Washington. To tha Americas
army of occupation haa been aaaigned
the Rhine bridgehead at Coblens.
In fixing Coblens as tba objective
ot tba American advance. General
March furnlehed a clew to tba military
altuatlon tbat la to exist while the
peace conference proceeds at Paris
On the left tha British army of occu
pation will stand along the Rhine with
a apearhead thrown anroaa tba rivet
at Cologne and apreadlng like a faa
on a 10 kilometer circle. At Coblem
the Americana will occupy a similar
position and at Mains, atlll further up
the river, the French will hold the
third great highway into tha heart of
Thua three main roada to Berlin
Itself, each held by a strong, fully
equipped army, ready to aweep (or
ward at a moment'a notice, will be
held open and constitute a threat
against which there can be no or
ganUed resistance. All of Germany -will
atand at the mercy ot the occupy
ing forcea.
Ona Yank In Austrian Prison Camp.
New York. Clarence W. Toung
holds a world's record. A statement
Issued by the Red Cross contained tha
Information he waa the only Americas
held prisoner by the Austrian.
Marahal Petal to Vlalt America.
Washington. MarshaJ Petaln, commander-in-chief
ot the Preach armies,
la coming to America to thank ths
American Red Croaa for ita aid te
France, according to Red Croaa cables
V Lemoerg Taken By Poles.
Copenhagen. Polish troops havi
captured Lemberg, the capital ot Gall
r.ia, and Its environs, according to the,
Polish Telegraph Bureau at Cracow.
Americans Are Received With E
preaaiona ef Joy By People. .
Luxemburg. General Persuing en
tered the city of Luxemburg ahead of
his troops. The American commander
and his staff drove Into the capital in
automobile. The general waa greeted
by thouaanda of cheering Luxemburg
era and with the blowing ot siren and
the ringing ot church and school bells.
Tbe Eighteenth Infantry ot the First
division were the first American .
troopa to enter the city.
The Americana were greeted by
thouaanda ot clvlliana, who lined all
the atreets through which tbe troops
marched. School children tossed flow
ers In their pathway and each soldier
waa presented with a bouquet ot chry
santhemuma. Americana Enter Bruaaela With King.
With the British Army of Occupa
tion. Americas soldiers headed the
procession ot troops which entered
Brussels with King Albert One bat
talion ot tine looking fellowa from the
91st Division, which come from the
coaat statea, waa followed by a bat
tery of artillery from the (3d Brigade.
Nd finer troopa marched through Brua
aela than the Tankeea, and none, ex
cept perhapa the Belgians, were given
a heartier reception. Theae boys are
fresh from the battlefield, for they
are the troops which fought so bril
liantly In the drive for Audenarde Just
before the armistloe waa signed.
President Will Be Absent a Month.
Washington. About one month Is
the time President Wilson expects to
be In Europe for the opening ot the
peace conference and preliminary dis
cussions. No definite limit has been
fixed, but It was said authoritatively
that the president plans to be back on
American soil within sis weeks after
his ship sails for the other aide.
Ludandorff Plese to Swedish Soli. '
Copenhagen. General Ludandorff,
reputed to have been long the actual
directing head of Oermany'a military
affaire, has quit German soli, accord
ing to the Frankfort Gaiette. It says
he has left Sassniti, Prussia, for Swe
den, Hla titular position In the Ger
man military ayatem was that of first
quartermaater general '
Automobile shows planned for next
year are being canceled. The motor
situation has become one of auch gloom
that It Is Impossible to smile oven at
the Clwer joke. , . .
A more general use of lady barbers
Is among the probabilities. And why
nott Let us avoid, however, those
women who take s great delight In cut
tlH JABOt . , .. --. . - -
General Pershing Fornlshe.
List of Those Selected U .
Sail for Home.
Washington. DemobUisatioa of the
American expeditionary forcea already
In progresa with the movement home
ward of sick and woaaded wtU be has
tened by tbe return at aa early date
of eight division of aattoaal guard
and national army tree pa, eight regi
ments of coast artillery aad two brig
ades ef field artillery.
This announcement waa made by
General March, chief ef staff, ea re
ceipt ef dlspetchee from General
Pershing. ,
In addition the following- general
classes of troopa will be returned:
Railroad artillery troops, army ar
tillery troopa, gaa troopa, tank eerpa,
air forces and those dlvUlone which
were broken up to be used a replace
ments for ether divisions which had
seen active service.
Troops returning Immediately from
England. General March said, wul ia
clude practically an of the air squad
rons. II construction eompeniee, eae
aallmskers' detachment one Handley
Page training staUon and several pho
tographic and radio aectlona.
Secretary Baker supplemented Gen
eral March'a outline ot demobUimtioa
plana later by stating that G amoral
Pershing waa reducing his army to a
strength of SO divisions.
At aa average strength ot 10,900
men to a division, which would cover
all necessary auxiliary forces, this
would mean that General Pershtag
would retain MOO.000 men la France.
The American forcea in France,
General March said, had taken 44.000
German prisoners, in round numbers,
and 1400 guns. He added that the eae
ualtlea among the American forces Is
northern Russia were not severe, con
trary to reports, and that encouraging
accounts of the altuatlon of the forces
there had been received.
Washington. William O. MeAdoe
has resigned office as secretary ef the
treasury and director general ef rail
roads, to leave the treasury ea tbe
appointment of a successor and the
railroad administration on January 1
next It was announced that he had
esked President Wlleos to relieve htm
now that the war ia over so that he
might return to private bualneee after
lw wasM 1st nffltaV
IS eaa.
President Wilson baa acceded to Mr.
McAdoo'a request snd accepted hla res
ignation. Retirement wss made necessary, Mr.
McAdoo said, because ot "inadequate
compensation" allowed cabinet st
fleers. ,
The secretary also explained that
he ia seriously in need of eeet al
though there is no actual Impairment
ot his health.
The secretary plana to take -about
three months' reet and then may e
aume the practice ef law ia New York.
Govemmeht Removee All Wartime Re.
atrletlons en Building Operatlona.
Washington. Removal of all re
maining reetrletlone on non-war con
struction by the war induatrlee board
waa announced by Chairman Barueh.
All building operatlona of whatever,
character may now be proceeded with
without permlta either from the board,
; or the state councils of defense.
This actios waa taken. Chairman
Baxueh said, on recommendation -ef
the building Industry and the state
councils ot defense. The councils had
been co-operating with the war Indus
trie board In passing -upon appllce-
,tiona for building permits. . ,
; Officials expect that resumption -of
work will afford employment for thou
sands of workmen ow being released
from war Industries.
Total American Caaualtlea Reported.
Washington. Total caaualtlea f
the American. expeditionary forcea bp'
to the signing of the armlatice weae
divided as follows: Killed snd' died,
of wounds, 30,154; died of disease,
14.8J1;. died from other causes, MM;
"wounded. 179.633; prisoner. $193;
?BjlljBg.UlS .