The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 08, 1918, Image 1

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Prlnclpml Events of th.Wek
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
Rilnm'n .rlioot remu. rterrt'a,rt 6(!
from Iwu year,
fc'lm iiiiiiiili'iitlv ili'iiroii'tl (hi' nw
mill of Frank I'ruaan. near Dealer, U
mile, miit of Kuiriif. entailing loa
of 14000.'
Date of III" I'miflr International
llvr.lock .how. annually held In Port'
Uud. have bern annouuced a l"'Ui
brr t lo 15
All of III" arhoul of I. Inn rnunty
wero cloned Monday by order. Issued
by Mr. t'uinniUti. comity school au
irri in. . .in. .... .
Fire Prevention d.y In nr-o .
day of rrli'liratlom. niaaa meeting, and
parade aa Indefinitely postponed
from November I.
... . ,,
xn. ,.rn.-r- o, ,B- ... .. -h
. ..rly ihrou.b th-lr fall plo. u
.ndd.o, .nd,h. .pp.
.m rry mm. U practklly .11 .
1 ,.,.
Ruprr Intrnd.nt. of all Iwll
Hon. will ml.. Inrrw. In a.l.r
,f,hr.:,..,ur,.dnp,. . r-on
d.liondd upon by h.....
of control.
Thorn.. Jcff.rn on. of tto
old.t urlvln ploniwr. of I'olk coun
,y. paaard .., at hi. hum. In D.lla.
a(t.r an IIIocm of acveral month, dur
to eld age.
Hailng hi. figure, on a taken
of 861 home, in the city. W. It. Ituthei
ford, auperlntendent of achool.. eetlm
ated that there are 600 raar. of Influ
ent In Eugene.
Janiea Oarar Wen. of Eugene, who
differed a fractured akull when a
peeder from which b fell ran over
him near MapMon, died from the In
Jurlea he received.
Itecent heavy rain., roupled with
rigid enforcement of health regula-
linn, have produced marked Im
provement In the Hpanl.b Influenaa
liuatlon In North Heiid.
PL....k u.w.. llAt.i.e Aavnn the
iinn have ornduced marked Im
rt,.,..h Maenua Raton, the
elty of Bt. Helen h preiiented lo
Mr J. II. McKle a .liken aervli-e flag
bearing four tar. representing her
fmir .on. In the ervtce,
Henator rhamberlaln appointed Bla
tor Marcellu Miller. I year old. of
Koaeburg. hi candidate from the
.tate at large for the Tnlted Btatt-e
military academy at Weal Point.
Heavy onion loe. auch a occurred
la.l year In Oregon, may n prevented
or to a large extent mlnlmlted by pro-
vldlng for adequate ventilation. .
H. P. Dar. plant pathoiogUt at tbe
Oregon Agricultural college.
" MIm Lillian Ting!, of the depart
ment of home economic at th. Unl
voralty of Oregon, ha been appointed
vlcc-preldent of tbe National Coun
cil of Executive and Administrative
III Wa "-
Women In Education for the late of
The average dally population for the
blennlum at the Soldier' home haa
teen 148, according to the report of
Commandant Marker-. Juat lued. Of
. . In th Plvll
mee ill wer- euaB'. ... v....
war. 21 In Indian wars and four In the
.cip.nian -hi.
While the tug Bloneer waa attempt-
Ing to .ntcr Cooa bay, towing the lum-
ber-laden bargo Wallacut, with a crew
of tlx men, tho tow line broke and the
barge waa carried on tbe south spit.
The tea wa rough and the barge loot
,her maat ana cargo.
Representative Blnnott has deslg-
nated a his appointee to Wet Point,
j . eMt.M. ftivaaa nrinei.
pal, and Walter Marshall, of Voltage,
.lternate. To Annapolis he designated
nobert Emahlser. La. Grande, prlncl-
pal, and Joseph B. Woller. Mosler, al-
Lack of accommodation for mer-
enev case, and pressing need of more
Toora, accentuated by the exigencies of Morrow. Yamhill and Portland No'. 6, cont of the groat recelpte to the rail
war, are pointed out In the biennial No. 7 and No. 0. roads and 65 to the express company,
report of Dr. O. C. Bellinger, super- The dam of tho Ochoco Irrigation instead of the 60-10 basis now used.
Intendent of the state tuberculosis hos- project Is now about one-fourth com- The removal of the differential from
pltat, filed with tha state board of ploted. The main unit, now unler con- the transcontinental freight rato on
j,,,,,,,, atructlon, Is dally rising toward lta Willamette valley '.umber by the inter
An order authorUIng the tale of maximum holght. During the past six (tate commerce commission affect the
2 348,000 feet of Port Orford cedar on weeka 130.000 cubic yarda of mater- marketing of 45,603.000.000 feet cf tlm
.the Coos Bay wagon grant land at a lals have been placed In the fill of tha br from national forests alone. As
uric of not lesa than 88 a thousand main dam. The work on the main the differential varied from C to 13
feet waa signed by United States Dl-
..... . w-i ...
trlrt Judge Wolverton. Timber cut
from the tract will be used-for air-
plane stock.
A secret Indictment charging him
with accepting 8 160 from Fred A. Mat-
son a former prisoner, caused the ar-
est' Ch"rTe. 8 She Id.n. gf former
Tuard at Im itate penitentiary. Bh.r-
fdaa it Utf Qnt rwsoajo UJtXt
Into rti.tody an a ii-ault or I lie prmou
I urn'- I'lVCKllantliill.
Tli k i n i iImtiidm of Din dairy In-
ill')' In tlMKoll mill llie htllchcrlllK
large number, of mlli h row. iltirliiK
the iaat year, which ha. lirm r'lHirti-il
In a number of pr. r article, recently,
la not ludli'ntcd In Klatnaiti county, in
(ho belief of W, I'. Johnson, nf 111"
Klamath Fall, creamery Mr. Jiihtiimn
tate. ( hut while a alight il rn' la
tinted In the amount of crenni reeelvcd
over a corresponding dale Inat year,
the difference la ti appreciable.
Regardless of Ihft fail that ton of
fruit M have been av.d for I
.. frlii- itivlaloll nf till. Unite I rtlat.e
army, unolliir appeal came t- Ore
Kuiilaiia through timer tiur Wlihy. .iii
from that ilhiulim fur continue.' as
Iiik of material, needed for ; m 'k
production, ami the governor ft' r i "
people of the .late to rrxiii1
leaded with evaporated pln'l cher
ries, blackcap, and loganberries worth
f 1 9.5ou. a tar baa Juat been a-u. out
....... ...
"r ""' '" '" '
Of tlx' 4.ouu,t0u pound, of prum . auld
by IIik Hali in Fruit union .hipping or
dura have been rmlnJ fof lOO.OOO
pound. Krom ono to lo rarloada of
J m from Q Q
(.l(1,rhr, ,t WMhlng(on . c.. ,.y.
Ins Ibat tha convantlon of th Nitlon.
AmocUUoi of ColmBlMlon.
pctpowd on account
,nfluMI,rjid-lc. but .III
m on Nornibrr ,,.
A reprnM,(,iivo of lb Oregon com-
P ,..,. JL o(
ll " " " " - ------
gro art will bo concrntratrd the com
ing wwk on packing the fruit aud
grttlfig It to tcorage plant, and ablp
ping The fruit continue
to roll to raatcra dl.trlbutlon poluta
at tbe rato of an average of li ca
load dally. While .hlpper. are tem
porarily delayed at time, no .bortage
of refrigerator car ha been noted.
The 12 borne guard cowpanb
placed In the recently formed Si-cond
regiment of the Oregon , rolunu-or
guard, were officially deaignated a
guarq. "
unlta of the regiment and given the
letter by which they will bo known.
In mn nrder made bv Wlllard L. Mark.
In an order made by Wlllard Mark.
0f Albany, who wa eectcd aa colonel
nf the realmcnt. Till, regiment In
t-lude. the home guard organ Itnt Ion
uf I. Inn, llenton, Pnlk. Yamhill and
Tillamook countle..
Stealing eem to be one of the great
weakueaaea of wayward boy. Nineteen
of the youth committed to the .tate
training achool during the taut blcn
nlum were aint there for that offone.
18 of them for dealing automobile.
according to the biennial report of
Superintendent Gilbert. Klfty nlne are
n for delinquency, 32 for truancy and
IS for burglary. Thlrtyne of tn
boy. are In for larceny, 24 for Incorrig
ibility and IS for Immorality. Two
Violated the game laws; tbe rest are
for ecatterlng o(feut .
Rnauiah Influent haa taken a new
hold at the tte penitentiary, whore
10 prisoner are in witn tne nea.
A !5 per cent Increase In freight
rates waa granted by the public erv-
Ice commission to the flumpter Valley
railroad, the commission declaring
Ik.t n nirnev Misted. Thl. Ill-
crease corresponds to the one granted
ut.!l i Im rnad waa under federal Con-
........ .
trol. Threats of a strike and the ne-
celty for added revenue by the road
caused qulch action on the part of the
Exemption boarda of Clatsop and
Klamath counties have lagged In the
. . . . . . i I nan, Mfrlatranta
wum u tm..... v
and are charged with holding the state
selective rvlo department back In
tiiji tintinn.w-i.iA enmofiimon. r ouru-en
board of Oregon have completed all
work outlined for them lu tho compel.
hive race and are credited with having
checked Into "column ovcn." The dl-
vision which have tnado thla record
are: Baker. Coos, Deschutos, GllUani,
Grant. Malheur, Lake. Lane, Linn,
canal and laterals haa been brought to
.. i wv. i.n.l iiIai ta HHllfid
a close. Tho tunnel. Whlcn is armoa
through solid rock, and which form,
an Important link In the main canal,
haa recently been completed. The Ju-
olper Cove lateral 1. now completed.
All public aervlee commission on
the coast will ba asked to Join with
the Oregon commi..lon In a proteat
MUHf 19 T cent rla-ai
if 5
S. '0.
W- a A
, w,,
Col. E. M. Houm. prt.iaeni wii.on
p,rton, repre.enUtlv. In th allied
guprim, war council at V.raallle.
London. Military authorities, who
three week ago were .kept leal over
the return of peace because of the mil
itary iltuation, are convinced that tbe
German army i In a erlou condition
owing to It Inability to shorten u
line and produce frch reserve.
It I pointed out thut the German
casualties this year amount to 2..r.00,
000, of which million are permanent
casual) le. Last March Germany had
80 fresh reserve divisions, which
meant division which had not been
In line for a month. Now tlm German
reserve consist of SO division, only
even of which have bad us much a
a fortnight' nit, and none a much
a a month, which I considered the
minimum for an efficient force, Ger
man uiviaiui
man division now are appearing on
tn8 lrlng n0 wm, many hundreds of
v...i. ,
rifle below the German normal of
On October i, regiment In 40 or SO
division were reduced from a tour
company to a three company basl.
Many of the youths of tbe li20 clusa
which the Germaii wished to hold for
the spring now are In the field. Thla
lna pnng now are i iu uem.
j, Qermany'g last man power hope,
m. atn,.rir-Mii Muitwav f-xoreu com-
p.ny, according to a letter sent to the
Nevada commission by the Oregon
commission. The Oregon commission
protested against the Increase before
jt wa granted on the ground that re-
ef could be obtained for the express
company by mnklng a split of 45 per
cents a thousand feet and was in add!
,1am ti ll,. AnVtHt rnln It mndr i-miv
lion to tne const rate, tt made com-
pctlng with Portland. Columbia river
and Puget sound lumber Interests im-
possible. All lumber south of Port-
land to Low'ell. just south of Uugcnc.
a now accessible to , tho market, at
the aame rate of fr-tght Into territory
M.t of the Rocky mountains a. luu-
bar orUtnattai at or north of Polaa4.
Ire I
141, 4 f ' n -.trlri
c.n, T..Ker n. pm. em
n,ry reprenUtlv In th
pr.m war council t
Gen. Tker H. BH, American mil.
allied u-
unmt war council ai vermi
OVER 3,000,003 MEN
Washington. Draft call for the mo
bllirailon of !0.773 additional men at
army tralnluK cami' btforo November
SI. were announci.-i by Provost Mar
shal General Crowfier.
Between Novetri-er 11 and 15, It
wa announced. SSV35 white men pre
viously qualified for general military
service, will entrain, making the larg
est single call Issued under the selec
tive service act
The lemalnder of the November to
tal, as far aa announced, will be made
up of negroes for cntn.lnmcnt Novem
ber 19 to 21.
With the aseembKng of the men pro
vided In these calls at camp the total
number of men Inducted into military
service under the draft will have paus
ed the 3.000.000 mark, and the number
of men In the Cnlted State army. Iu
the field or In training, will total more
than 4,000,000.
Vote at Versailles Unanimous on Con
ditions Imposed on Foe.
Washington. Terms on which Ger
many may obtain Immediate armistice
and end the war were completed and
mm .u u
signed Monday In Taris. Secretary
Lansing announced in a brief state-
ment, adding only that complete dlplo-
matte harmony had been achieved by
allied and American conferees at Ver-
It may bo stated authoritatively
that tho term9. follow closely those
under which Austria Hungary sur
rendered and passed out of the war,
leaving' Germany to stand alone
against the world.
. Hung:ry Proclaimed Republic
' Berne. Count Karolyl, after obtain
tug a release from his oath of fealty
to the emperor, piuclaimed a republic
lu Hunuarv.'accorduiK to a dispatch to
Bond from Vienna quoting the
" newsuaoer Die ZelL
venneae ne spauur. " "
'''X'eld Marshal llaig re-
wrnuon. nra .nacmi unig re-
ports hat Xaleuciennes waa taken by
Canadian troop. , under Genera Curne.
yho nave passed throush the town.
Auatrla lluiiKary 1. out of the war.
I). . rlf d by h r Uat ally, Germany
flgtita alone a battl-: wblcb mean ulti
mate defeat or alJ"-ci. aurrndfr. After
day of pleading an armla'lc haa bn
Kranted Auatrla llunKary, wboae badly
def.-ated arruli- In the Italian theater
am ataggerlng hmi:ward undr tho
vloli-nce of tin; blow by tlio entente
Tltnt. which the Italian have al
way claltned a tbi-lr own, ba been
ciipiund by them. Trl't, ov;r which
tli:re ha been ucn bitter fighting,
now file the Italian tlatc. and IK-I-graili.
capital of Hfrbla, ha been re
occupied by the fi-rb!am. In France
'and ll- lts'luiii tbe d rmaii are being
aorely baraened by the, French,
American and Iiclgiana, and there ar
Indicatloii of an Impending debacle.
The Argonne ma-slf, whkh ha
proved a great obataclo to the advance
of the French and Anieriiann. at I ant
ha In-en cleared of tbe enemy and
the entire Hue appear to be crum
bling. In their iwift drive agalnat tbo
Auvtro-Hungarlana the allied force
bava ufi to tbe preaent taken more
than 100.00') prlaoner and have cap
tured more than 2200 gun. So rapid
ba been tbe advance over tbe plain
that Italian cavalry already ha crow
ed tbe Tagllamento river s4 entered
Through the defection of Turkey the
plight of the Teutonic alliea become
critical one. Tbe gateway to the
eastern boundarie of Germany and
Hungarr la opened by way of the
Dardanelles and tbe Boaphoru.
Italian Sink Giant Auitrian Warthip.
Wathlngton. The Auitrian .uper
drcadnougbt Veribu Cnltls. the flag
.hip of tbe Au.tro-Hungarlan fleet at
the naval base at Pola, was torpedoed
and sunk by an Italian "naval tank,"
which, manned by two officer, suc
ceeded In penetrating the mine fWd
at the entrance of the harbor.
Notice of Sale of Real Property '
In the County Court of the State of
OrcKon for the County of Umatilla.
In the Matter of the Estate of Jacob
rederer. Deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of the Hon. Gilbert
W. Phelps, Circuit Judge for Umatilla
County, Oregon, acting in the absence
of the Honorable Charles H. Marsh,
Judge of the above entitled court,
from Umatilla County, made on the
15lh day of October, 1918, in the mat
ter of the estate of Jacob Federer, de
ceased, 'the undersigned Administra
trix of said estate will from and after
tho 18th day of November, 1918, pro
ceed to sell and sell at private sale at
the law otlice of Will M. Peterson, in
the Smith-Crawford Building, in the
City of Pendleton, Umatilla County,
Oregon, upon the terms hereinafter
stated and subject to confirmation by
said above entitled court, all of the es
tate, right, title and interest of the
estate of Jacob Federer, deceased, in
and to the following described real
property situated in the County of
Umatilla, State of Oregon, to-wit:
An undivided one-fifth of the
Northwest Quarter (NW.l) of Sec-
tion Thirty (30,) Township Five
(5) North, Range Thirty-four (34)
East of the Willamette Meridian.
The terms on which said real proper
ty will be sold by said Administratrix
are its follows, to-wit: Cah upon the
confirmation of the sale of said real
property by the above entitled court
ami upon the execution and delivery of
a good and sufficient deed; provided,
however, that said real property may
be sold upon terms providing for the
payment of one-half or more of the
purchase price thereof in cash at the
time and in the manner hereinbefore
provided in ease of a cash sale with
payment of the balance of said pur
chase price to be secured by a 6rst
mortgage on the real property included
in such sale.
For further information call upon or
write to said Administratrix at the law
otiice of Will M. Peterson, in the
Smith Crawford Building in Pendleton,
Dated this 15th day of October. 1918.
Administratrix of the Estate of
Jacob Federer, deceased.
Wm. S. NASH,
Attorneys for Administratrix.
Pendleton. Oregon.
Notice to Creditors
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In tl e Matter of the Estate of Ran
som L'euallen, Deceased.
To All Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that J. H.
Padberg is the duly appointed, quali
fied and acting administrator of the
estate of Ransom Lieuallen, deceased,
and all persons having claims against
said estate are hereby required to pre
sent the same, with proper vouchers
attached thereto, to said administrator
at the office of James A. Fee in Pen
dleton, Oregon, within six months from
the 18th day of Detober. 1918.
Administrator of the Estate of
Ransom Lieuallen, Deceased.
Election Returns Indicate Dem
ocrats Lose Control of
Both Houses.
New York. Unofficial returns from
Tuesday' election left in doubt wheth
er the democrat or republican would
control the next congre.
Party managers on both aide pre
dicted they would bare substantial
working majoritle, but the return
showed the lineap mo clone that the
scale might easily be turned In favor
of either party.
Th governorship of New Tork, too,
was surrounded with the same uncer
tainty. The contest between Gover
nor Whitman and hi. democratic op
ponent. Alfred E. Smith, wa ao close
that it appeared the soldier vote would
settle 1L .
On the face of returns, republican
have gained seven seat In the senate
and lost one Republicana elected to
take the place of sitting democrats
were Ball In Delaware, in place of
Saulsbury; Gooding, In place of Nu
gent In Idaho; Phlpps In Colorado, in
place of Shafroth; McCormick in Illi
nois, in place of Lewis; Capper in
Kansas, in place of Thompson; Keyes
In New Hampshire, In place of HolIlv
and Spencer in Missouri, over former
Governor Folk.
The republican appeared to have
lost to Former Governor Walsh the
place now held by Senator Weeka in
With tbe results incomplete, Henry
Ford waa running behind Truman H.
Newberry, former assistant secretary
of the nary, hi republican opponent
for the aenate in Michigan.
In the election for the house. For
mer Speaker Cannon waa returned to
hi seat from Illinois for what will be
his 22d term; Meyer London, the only
socialist in the house, was defeated by
Former , Representative Henry M.
Goldfogle, democrat, running with
republican Indorsement The lose of
the socialist seat, however, waa offset
by the election of another socialist,
Victor Berger, of Milwaukee. Berger
is under indictment, charged with hav
ing violated the espionage law. All
of the socialist candidates in New
Tork were beaten, among them Morris
Hillqult. candidate for mayor a year
ago. The surprise of the election wss
tbe possibility that Speaker QIark had
been defeated in his home district in
Governor and U. S. Senator Carry
State By Good Majorities.
Portland. United States Senator C.
L. McNary and Governor James
Wlthycombe will carry the state hy
good majorities, and the republican
party ticket generally throughout the
state has been elected.
West conceded McNary'a election
and Wednesday morning sent the fol
lowing telegram to McNary: "Early
returns appear to how your election
by good vote. Congratulation and
best wishes."
Congressman McArthur la an easy
victor over John S. Smith, his demo
cratic opponent, and Lafferty is run
ning a poor third-
Both Congressmen Slnnott and Haw
ley have been elected by large majori
ties. With the Americans Northwest of
Verdun. More than 60 cannon, score
of 77s, doiens of 150s, numerous how
itier of various calibers and hundred
of machine guns were captured by the
Americans. Vast quantities of am
. munition and war material of all kinds
fell into their hands.
The German forces are giving way
before the pressure directed against
them by the Americans.
The Germans have retired so rapidly
at some points that the Americans
have experienced difficulty in. main
taining contact with the enemy.
American aviators reported that the
Germane to the east of the Meuse ap
peared to be in full retreat The avia
tors' messages said that all roads run- -ning
northward were packed with,
troops, artillery and trucks.
The retreating German troops and
convoys and enemy ammunition dump
and various villages within the Teuton
lines were attacked by American
bombing airplanes. '
Great damage Is reported to hav
heen dbne to property and consterna
tion caused among tho retreating
troops, !