The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 25, 1918, Image 4

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Tjn?Mf!C fPfl TPC P!IPR!,K mountainous, with little valleys with a lot of waste land. At Red
ltiw..l 11,1. ffttUfttitlJ nc8itmtr hons aiuj thcre Krvm Bluff you into Sacramento val-
n Medford to Ashland the country U ley proper, with grain fields, orch
Till J. Wonen Tell Of Koiorfcg fine am) prosperous looking. aula and large rice fields clear to
Jaunt tO Call! oral. ' "Ashland has the finest natural Sacramento, and concrete roads
park with a touch of man's hnndi- mstrly all the way.
Mr. and Mr. J.wt Wuner are wwk here ana there that I ever "The capftoi and ground are
J.a and Frank IV wis. J. B.
! Jones. Charley I'inkerton, George
Nwbit and Robrrt lYoudrit who
are good and faithful hunters, any-
t how were out again humlay in me
4 Holwled country ana came very myall uonira Biomgrcu u vum-
it the full length. At the upper
end is a place for auto campers,
with all the modern conveniences
electric lights,' gas stoves to cook
on put a quarter in the slot and
now at Lodi, California, after mo
toring south. Mr. Wurier writes
from Lodi under date of October
21 :
"We arrived at Lodi the 17th.
Prom Portland to Oakland. Oivu-im
or Turkcyland it rained n us have gas for 24 hours. There
more or less, and the roads through ' sulphur and lithia water in the
I'ass creek canyon were bad. From Prk nJ yu " drink to your
Oakland on the roads were dry and heart's content -ail free except
fairly good. the gas.
"From Forest Grow to Medford "From Ashland to Red Muff,
the country is rough, hilly and California, the country is rough
m.ttlnir ilfer. Thev located
Mr .n.t Mm W K. W.kmU hive I. 1- - ..I n.-f
saw A little brook runs though beautiul .but the mov t Uwi(tton Illttno, trvm " " ttoilnlw
Walla Walla. m.-mlwr of the narlv. lYoudfit.
dirty and wide open. Sunday fore
noon everything is open. At 1hII
the country Is level, irrigated by
canals and pumping plants; prtxN
ucta are mostly Tokay grapes, al
falfa, grain and beans.
"They had a heavy rain that
goilcd a lot of the gracs for table
use, and are shppiing tons and tons
of them to wineries. I saw a gon
dola coal car heaping full of Tokay
grapes in bulk."
member of the party,
Frank Smith was over from Wal- hunted birds. The deer was wise
la Walla Sunday for a visit with his enough to hug the jungle In the
parents and friends. depths of the canyon and In this
manner escaiati eompieieiy, al
though Frank Fowls managed to
get two difficult allots at It. Jones,
Mrs. Karl Lleuallen of Walla
Walla visited with relatives and
menus in weston funuay. r. .,,.,u, ,lf ,1.- ,.., .i.u,Br Form. France.
l iiiaxfiri we. . "" ' I j - - . -
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Koas were K nlH5 Uar den. and expect ft ders refer to o'ralions
mended in Genual Orders.
lrlvato laHinanl A. RomgrVn of
Ambulance Comuiny No. 2, First
IMvlslon, has been cited among oth
er soldier for distinguished con-
duct In general orders Issued Au
gust 14. UU8, from lleudquarters
First Division, American r.XHi.
The or
of the
from its occupant this winter.
The local W. S. S. committee de-
division fouth of Soissons July IH
to 22, and are as follows:
"He allowed extra devotion to
visiting in Weston Sunday
their farm near Pilot Rock.
1 ...:n ...... I. ... 1 ... .1... f
.L. a a a. a. a. a. .uv.A.vJA.KAAAAA.,uViV. auV.V.VAAAAA a. . . ... 1. 1 .1. ii.. : . . , ... 1 t .' duty and coolness and bravery un
w-w-w-Ww-w-w-w-w-w---w--w--w--m----w-w-mwwvwVV ' - - - . . . - ........ - - .. .tup LtkUV
enxa epidemic Is over. Mr. A. a. ment securities arc expected to tase '" " '
Kees. up their pledges when due. A
Tr m r..r Hirt,.iMl ..ih. I number have not done so, and are
Y The doctors tell us the "Flu" is simolv Ghd
aggravated form, caused by colds. Warm under-
Don't Let it Spread
shelKiiv, and repeatedly
disrcgardiHl his own personal safe
ty in evacuating wounded In the
0111, with no protection inimsnen.
have many satisflcd patrons. You "J flr. He wa. wmtlnually on duty
Dr. S,nogle. for 72 hours without sleep or fotid,
will be
one also.
ftirillllllN'M III WUVI V IftllJ I'll SMV- . . - . . ...
' ..11- .w r- u...js una oy ma nn rxsmiuv sn muy
The Weston Mercantile Company wr m Umpj, ind rertlflcafa m,orHl wf h lriH' ,
r.nm vuilv tn tut thi w.i k in the " . i iL.b.. IVIvatS Klomgnit Is Son of Ji-
' - , ; - may iw nnu m iw hwhj ihiiii vi . , . u. ...i... i
improvement game with anewiy- . Bm M fa,t
laint.Hl front. pUxlgt-a are redeemed they will be
Hans F. Clodius, one of the large checked up.
farmers of Walla Walla county. w. R. storms ha finished his
was here last week for a visit with 1h., hirvwt n ,hc j. , i.,.unien
his uncle, J. H. Clotlius. ,,ww wh,r0 40 im, yi,.dcd near-
George l erguKn of The Peoples ly 100 sacks. As the stand was
Warehouse motored up from In- not good, the crop is considered
dleton Sunday and spent the first quite satisfactory by Mr. Storms,
of the week on a huntimr trio in The separator has been moved to
X wear is the enemy of colds, so safeguard your x
V VipuHVi hv cnnnlvino vnnrsplf wifh wnrm nnH pnm. &
AiVVUS Via " JT V O aJWMB'N' V VI V4 A MtiVI VV44I - J
fortable undergarments.
A ment of underwear for men, women and children
1 niii-k'n finf c on f tTTArviflrtrt cni'ff 1 - l-v-4-li tt-v1 nr-
UlllWii OUltO CU1U C VV U piCtC OUltO 111 UULll IVVUI ClllU tUl"
the Blues.
Mrs. H. P. Smith is reported
aa the ,!,"""r,'n Witon, who has
two son in r ranee, ue grew up
here, and the community fels en
titled to share In the honor he has
won, His many friends are rather
more delighted than surprised at
the good news from overm-as- he
was just the type to forego, all
thought of personal danger In the
face of the enemy and to do his
bit until ready to drop from fv
l? be ill with pneumonia at her
Fortunately we have a very complete assort-
the G. W. Winn place, where there of perfect physique, active
is about HO acre Belonging 10 an(j resourceful, it would take
different growers to put In the pl 0f the toughest kind of service.
aaIi Ta Wmm jasil Bk t . k as.
An nrv Mr. U.,l. M.rK " O0, 10 DOW I mm OVCr.
residing in the same neighborhood. ed. thU8 'V0,Uin from k7.du.te of Weston High
" cM.nooi, anu vmm ir iw years a
A school entertainment and pie student of Oregon Agricultural Col
social will be given at the Wild Among Uw first young men
Horse school house on the evening to volunteer In response to his
of November 1. Shadow will be country' call, he has been actively
auctioned for a social hour. The n duty at the front In Frsnce
proceeds are to be donated to the ince last February. Toethcr with
ton. Many short ends and discontinued lines to
close out at less than former prices.
Cooper's Underwear, Wright's Health Under
wear and many other well known makes are found 4
in our stock and the price is lower than at the city &
X stores. .
U a pleurisy patient.
is available In that industrial cen
Y ter. He expecu to return after a
y sufficient inten-al of city life.
Y J- Marvin Price has developed Red Cross.
Y talent in the art of automobile '
painting that has surprised and
gratified his friends-who If we OINtHAL PtHSHiN MOOMT MAN
nusuise no i win nasien 10 aeca
I his services to an extent that Mar
t vin didn't bargain for.
his brother, Sergeant K. L. Hlom
gren, he is especially well known In
Umatilla county baseball circles.
allies' lileists to
In all about five dozen waists, all good styles, made from good quality
ginghams and lawns, chambray, etc. They are worth today about $2.00, but
we have divided them into two lots and to close them out make the price:
Lot One only $1.00 each.
Lot Two, only 75c each. ,
You cannot buy the goods for this money and these waists are w:ell
made, pretty, serviceable, and real bargains. Note the window display.
BlaiaMete and Comfoits
Fortunately wre bonght early and have them in stock to show NOW
warm fluffy blankets, soft light comforters, all suggestive of comfort these
chilly nights. Prepare for the winter by laying in your supply at once. It is
almost impossible now to replace these goods, even at a much higher price.
Sergeant Sid Barnes lately sent
two cartoons home from France, to
gether with a few line saying that
he had been to the front and had
seen the real thing. "I do not
know that I was afraid, but I was
extremely cautious," remarks the
The Marlon 0'Harras are moving
out to their farmstead on Pine
creek in order to place It in readi
ness for their new tenants, Mr.
Gilliland and family, who will ar
rive soon from Pilot Rock. Mr.
Gilliland bought SO acres of the
O'Harra place, lying cast of the
Batts put up in the convenient way, all ready to cover. Three full
pounds, covered with cheese cloth ready for the outside covering, pure wool,
and the nicest batts we have seen this season. Big, full size Tor large bed
and only $6.00 for wool, remember.
Big size batts, three full pounds. These were bought last year and we
sell them at the same old price of $1.59 for a full comfort batt.
George Ash worth, one of the
best boy gardeners In the neigh
borhood, took 200 .fine squashes
weighing from 25 to 60 pounds
each from 32 hills. He was not so
lucky with his potato patch, which
was invaded and devastated by an
army of green bugs which he de
clares were worse than the Huns.
Duck shooting is pretty good in
the vicinity of Ifcmge, Washington.
Will Warren, who conducts a gar
age business there in partnership
with Newt Morgan, went out the
other day with another bunter, and
came back with twenty birds after
a few hours of shooting. A snap
shot sent to Weston shows the hunt
ers and their bag, which was
strung along the side of an auto
mobile, Charles Wilson, the talented
young spud grower, took 404 sacks
of Netted Gems from 3 acres of
the J. M, Banister place, and is
selling part of his crop from the
field at two bucks the tads al
though tills is by no moans In
tended as a pointer to th xesa
war profits tax collector, The
spuds were planted late in May,
"All that General Pershing wants
bow It lbs success of lb Ansrlcsa
beys la rrsoct. and to avoid, se tar
as potstbla. say (lory for bImMlf,"
declared Jsms r. Pershtng, brotbsr
et America's leader In lbs rtsld. la aa
address dallsrd la Portlsnd recently
la bebslt of tbs Called Wsr Work
drlvs. wblcb opsns November II. The
spesksr paid a tribute to lbs men la
tbs ranks, and ( bis audlsacs aa
Idea of lb high esteem la wblcb the
beys srs bld by lblr eommodr.
Hs showed lbs Importance of war
work la this country ss sn Impsrstlv
necessity to tbs victory of tbs Allies
la the battles for Democracy, aad
arced that no dlmuntitoa la speed be
allowed to result throusb recsat peace
propossls. Unqualified Indorsement
of the United Wsr Work drlvs wss
voiced by Mr. Pershing who Is on of
tbs lesdlnc authorities on conditions
now existing along tbs batiiefront,
sad be wss especlslly desirous thai
there be no rslaiailon of efforts in
bsbslf of the several war work funds.
lira. C H. Smltb of This City b
Entitled to Three Service Stars.
The flattie Dally Times of Mon
day contained the following:
"C. S. Sapp, formerly major In
the Coist Artillery Corp of the
Washington National Guard and
paymaster and index clerk of the
last slate senate, has been ordered
to teport at Wa; hi net on, D. C,
within ten dnys for appointment as
captain in the Ordnance DcrarU
ment. He will start cast immedi
ately. Lapp's appointment removes
one of the contenders for the elec
tion ss sccrt'tary of the state senate,
a position made vacant by the de
parture of Lieut. Frank M. Dal
lam, now In France. 'Sapp Is one
of the best known Spanish-American
war veteran In the state He
was the organirer of Company B,
First Battalion of Macrabee Scouts,
and led his organization In a part
of It journey to capture Aguinal
do. He was sergeant In Company
A, 35th U. S. V during most of
hia Philippine service."
Captain Sapp Is a brother of Mrs.
C. H. Smith of this city, wife of
First Lieut. C. H. Smith, who is
an army doctor in France. In fact,
MrsT Smith is entitled to three ser
vice stars, as her younger brother,
Harold Sapp, is also a soldier. Af
ter spending 13 months overseas
he was ordered back to the United
States as Instructor In field artillery
at Camp Jackson, S. C, where he is
awaiting a commistlon. , While in
France Harold Sapp spent seven
months at the front, and writes
that he is anxious to go arrow
again, as camp duties are rather
name at the General tamo after actually fighting tho
Election IfOVember 6th. nuns. A sergeant In his company
' , was also ordered back to America,
for justice of the supreme Court to but the command came five min
hfiW T, A. Montr of Ih. Snprxin Court
ilrd la.i monib. loo lain forth nun. of
uf ainHrt-l. I .tli'vonl Mnt o b BI.-oil
on las Mllci Tui. ondlliun mkr. II
uoi-marr 10 will in Hi n.m. ul lour
Till. I. Ih. moat ImporrSnl position In
Iba Ju'llrlal im ol UiaSiaia,
It la.Titlll to ohnoM a wan ol man.
Ira tonal training, ul high rh.rai lor ami
ol lriMl vi.ion. a i'uutuiti lor )mit
von.lilarallun and vote
Nn.iil.nt of Hie Mia n; lawjrt r for
St raar.: vaiaran ol war
aiiit Hhlllpi.lin In.orrnTllmi, having ,.rT
! Willi kteonil Orrgon Maalmanii mnm.
bnrol Oregon Lagl.laltua In IWi? and IdtSS
amalon.: juilgaof ilia till Jmllvlal dm rlci
nine ami on naif rr.
In all lhaa luxllloiu lia rial mail, gimil,
III. rat cirri aa a prl.ala eliil.n and irnb.
II.' ortleml baa Ix.n abnx ullli l.m.
Wilte in tit
early planting in this neighbohood
Vote for Ons battle.
Write the name of J.
the sbove space snd
front of his name.
U. Csmptieli in
plsce sn X In
Soft, downy pillows. Why use a hard pillow when you can be so
much more comfortable with one of the soft sleep-suggesting pillows? We
sell them singly or in pairs but mark them singly, each 75c to $2.50.
A Eldon King, Gus Burgy and
A Frank Lavender, who are among
X the Weston boys in W8r training at
X Oregon Argiculural College, all are
Y reported to have had the "flu," but
y all are now recovering. Frank
writes that he has taken out gov
& eminent life insurance, has had a
1 shot in the arm and is now ready to
t go arcoss. fcldon sent for soneMn the County Court of the State of
V home "eats," which he evidently Oregon for Umntills County.
iiiiBocn iium me suiuier iare at me 40 tne msuer 01 me estate) ox Msrths
college. A. Ksd, decessed.
, n, , , . . Notice Is hereby given to the cred-
Iven O Harra is in receipt of a itors that the sbove entitled Court has
card announcing that Zeke O'Harra appointed the undersigned, . admlnis-
has arrived safely overseas. - He Is ;fr J .e,t of Msrths A.
" - - Mftsin
the army truck service.' Iven Puim.
this artillery soldier had fallen in
1. V. Campball Inr Siirni I'unrt ('ampalim
Com., Oregon t'lty, Oragon, 1. 11. Hiular, Soe'y.
' li'airt Sil 1
tomemmmimmmmmpm- ojiu. jii ji
nonet to aEDrrowi .
J 1 . I,
ueiewiou. aii persons hsvinr
. 1 , , 1 a 1 ' -' ' - .iu ar. II' it. 1 1 1 ru
ii Biw rctcivcu a coupie 01 large ro present mem to ma st Athens, Or
photographs of the sailor boys at f 5on my attorney, Hnmar I.
the Seattle training camp where "jj"' ,Ath8nBv7K0J''
RflV O'Harra Is tj.tinnprt Ono nt duly by, Uw required, the
rtay u Harra is stationed. Une of to be presented within six months
them Is of the fifth Seaman Com- from the date of the first publication
pany of which Ray is a member, of this notice,
and In this the Weston boy shows j.? atl Bt.We!ton9.r:f on' th, Mtb
to particular advantage In hi. "V 01 oFmoer,
natty sailor uniform.
j If you would ree ten tire bar.
gains, go to Watts & Rogers, v.
1 ... .1 1 . . j
By usinjr
Made by the '
We"do custom milling, buy
and sell Hay, Grain and
"Millfeed of all kinds.
Free City Delivery