The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 13, 1918, Image 2

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CLARK 100D, rhttihr
ing a moiety out of your ability, now called upon for something ap
great or small m it may I, for ptvaohing an effort, and we will
StrKtll lit AJrK
The Year .. ..fl M
Six Month 0 75
Four Month
FaUi.a at la pait.lllct at fcatt.a, Ortgaa
at itcaae clan Mil ataltir.
the purchase of the engines to atop ae if it appreciate it own rtHn To tn Ktlaor: .
the conflagration which, having ibiilty in a war for human liberty ( ,,,,, optimist develops ly llvinjr
aweut over much of the world, is and for the virtual protection of with the teiniist. the humorist
w.,.ninir directly toward your America auainst Hun encroachment, develop by living in a country
and yu mut sav your Th mdit due it will l in propor- '" wneryncre are n -
house by our own work or els re- tion to the difficulty of the service . i.,-which to the prosaic,
tU crvantly throw upon your neigh- it perform. matter-of-fact individual mean a
humorist her
ntlOiT. SETT, 11, . .
bora the responsibility of saving
you, while you stand off and shirk
your duty.
ADVfltmiM. KAlfl Buying I.iUrty lionds is to mv
KVu1Mht inch per iiwrtkm.. ...15c YOUR wife. YOUR mother, YOUR suspicion
Traiuicnt, per inch per inaertion c daughter, from the last dogrvla
, u, t0 ,m,
The fact that the averaire sheep- ulaoc is tramping up and down the
herder is getting more y than the sidewalks, breaking the Umrds; or,
e average country alitor leads to the to one', fence she ,ml Is out
.l . .l .it the post and tlestroya that fence
that the country ed. is
not performing so ueful a service.
Locals, per line per insertion 10c
"fluy until it hurts" and "Give
until it hurts" are two expressions
often used the one referring to
the urvha. of Liberty Bonds and
the other to contributions to the
Red Cross or the Y. M. C. A. or
kindred work.
Both are fundamentally false in
the scrap heap of verbal rubbish
and supplanted with "Buy until it
helps" and "Give until it helps."
tion which women can sutTcr, as in
Itelgium and rVance, and to save
your proierty and your nation from
The war has developed no
mous men in Germany, but the
famous are legion.
in her endeavor to enter the en
closure: or, having rruel horns,
he is tied near one's garden gate,
in ami nut of which one must enter
snd exit, or starve. The exit ee
leeially is difficult- for to Ik laden
with green vegetable and have a
hungry, cruel, horned cow behind,
The allied offensive is considera
bly so, thank you, is what
Hashimur Togo would probably
Our idea of the tax notice and
leiral rate i.ssucs is that much jour-
They should he sent to Mij.s,jc powder is being" wasted on
pretty small game.
It begins to look as though Kais- ,ak, t,f cun,., am then
er Bill will not have to worry much niih that one hasn't got.
longer over the superfluity of the Several ssts in my garden fence
are now new ty me wire oniy,
which is so bent and twisted from
i. tvM.imulii.. nf hnnirr
wow and men some attention is
crown prints.
the protruding heads
tiw that it woultl In nonseUM to
paid to what a country ia r says. ,nmaidcr it a hog-tight fence any
as is attested by the following re- lunger, and the sidewalk has al-
marks in a letter received by the most every board broken.
Leader from H. J. Schulderman, . ,U,UT "'H'"
., s , inviteu inrce neiniiura ir in
,. ... .. , corporation commisMoner: f . t erli-brate but I am iret-
The Hun soldiers are evidently " tea. io i oraie hui i i n
IX, not for one moment vainglo- beginning to rcaliic that they are ' navr Kr !,n muolI ,nUr T ,wM M my ' , X"
i .k- i .k ,L' , t,;i leK1"mnf w , ' and sat sfaction the timely article the guest came early, and we
notksly th.nkthatth.s means until not fighting for the Fatherland but cntitM . .Warv th iwtei-,. were on my back porch, for she
it helps the country or the Red for the Hohenzollern family. u-hich appeared in the Weston Lead- was initiating me into the mystery
Cross or the Y. M. C. A. organ iza- 1 er of September 6, and desire to .f making sour krout. The cake
tions. It means buy or give until Weston may get the normal "press to you my appreciation of was baked; the sour krout nearly
it he ws YOU and ir ves YOU a -k.w.i ir ,., ..rm Kill rar. ,nt" ""u hoin., iu n.,
clearer understanding of your re- rwi; mU iso, jt may get the motm
sponsibimy. t4 a football for the school a stu a similar warning to the
"Rnv until it hplns" enu hv j Tka r-ia tkr-hv urnnlit Mlmimt if nut pnlin lv ditttroV'
I J : . .1. . U. t kl- milun. ..I l.u tnnn m.m'H If iliil iniliMi n
urvaueiung your vimuii oi iiie war it: ii.4v.ui'i wiu in-wn- iv-h
a v assist this dcDartment in u need renairinir. tor a iea or ior
Buy Vour Auto FJow!
is the
If you contemplate purvhaainj? u car, now
opjK)rtuno time to buy.
Kneli day renders it more iliillcult to obtain auto
mobiles and their prices ait' chanuinjc frequently.
The Chalmers "Hot Spot" will give you the
greatest value in an nuto. It is noted for its 8khxI,
lH)verand8moothness4of oerat ion -it's very eco
nomical to maintain, too.
It is a pleasure to show you.
Expert Repairing
matter. It would be well every ing high, when the city marsnai
lit:vtoLip-i tit tin; biiv -vmhi n ' t t .... , I - ... . ... . t
... . ...... n .Lfi. L.ft. L . u f.inrt t.9 I Km Klatrt if
a similar warning to the budiic. to menu mat aiuewaiK. wnnn nau .- "7 i "" ..n '
' Court ut I
Oregon for th County ut Umatilla.
and the struggle to save civil iza- n .IIies have not only taken ""y ass,!'1 ln,S 0CP" "T" inn. wr a rK-r ,u To LENA KKIiKKKR. mt,r e( ..14
.. ine , . . "'y WKtn efforts to protect the people from that matter, to donen legs-might j,; AGNW toNI)KRK;0K.
the Matter of tha Utata of JOS.
We are hopeful that the Weston
country will prove to be as liberal
a buyer of the fourth issue of war
bonds as it is of automobiles.
tlon- Ham. but are bringing home the unscrupulous promoters,
Buy Liberty Bonds, but not be- bacon.
cause you have a surplus which you
can spare without inconvenience. The Weston country has as yet
Buy not merely because the pur- made no sacrifice worthy of the
chase of Liberty Bonds is strength- name, toward winning the war.
ening the nation's power to fight. Perhaps it is just as well, there-
But buy because your soul needs fore, that the community will have
the quickening influence of a wider to suffer a little financial stress in
conception of liberty and humanity raising its quota for the Fourth
and civilization. And the more Liberty Loan. This will be twice
freely you buy the greater will be as large as its quota of the third
the ennobling of your own soul, loan, and perhaps more than double.
You will be helping yourself, and To raise the sum required by the
in that way you will at the same government would have been easy
time be helping the nation and civ- here except for the failure of the
ilization. barley crop. But in that event.
It is no act of charity to buy Lib- also, the community would have
erty Bonds. It is merely contribut- deprived itself, of nothing. It is
In th Cwunty Cimrt of lh Ktata if
Oregon fur Out County of Umatilla.
In lh Matter of tha Klat of J AO'll
To ROSA I'KDKRKR. idw. ad
k-. hmk-n nv it.v I ni irht find ...f.r f rWouwd: ALOlJ Ktl. AGNUS KKUCKfcK. ALOIS f r.l'KK-
mvrlf involved in one or two dot- KRKR. brother rf aaU! dvccaMxi. Kit. JACOll rKIr;RK.K, VINZK.NZ
1 . ifcl mnlMll .,rd anJ AGNES FKDKRKK. a i-r. of r kliKltKR. ISAImiKK KKl'KKKK.
en lawsuits and be mulcted accord- i(Wi(J AUm t KUEHKK. a Josmi KNKKKIi. ltoA Kfcl'KR.
mgly. naphaw of aald deecaMd; JACOB IM. N'OKKK Ktl'KUl.K and JU.SK-
Kvntlv I found a cow tied to tVnKKI'R a noi.hewof aald drraaMit: I'llINK KUEKfcH. all of th. chlM-
f.irw in th.t vrrv aidt-wa lk. VINitNi, a nrpnew oi rcn ana nam ai law vi
..! . -5 Krl,t1 .nit n-in a aW dc-.l; ISAlMJKIi. r r.i'fciir.n, a0eai, ana an oinars iiuaraaiau
, . i ,I 1 I ' j a neph.r of aald ilaecawd; JifeLi'li known
The spectacle of Jews, Catholics
and Protestants uniting in a war
drive constitutes a severe blow to
VkllKHKk. mil. hew of .aid da- IM Till- Willi' lit,' Til? KTATtt
tied her to the bridge; for, you see, ceaaed; KoSA FKOKRKR, a nlwe of o'oKEUON, You are hrreby com-
the city ha a man while I have said ded;'M)Kt.K fhUt.Kt.n, a manded to appear twfor tb llonora-
The Hun war lord is far more
persistent than versatile in his
falsehoods as shown by the fact
that he still drags out the decrepit
lie to the effect that the poor Fath
erland was forced to fight.
1 1 itmthpq!
We are prepared to do all
classes of automobile repair work
and to render prompt and effi
cient service.
Having secured the assistance
of Mr. H. L. Hedrick, we feel
confident in saying that the dam
aged cars of our patrons will re
ceive expert care.
- Special attention given to Ford
extras and Ford repairs. -
See us for tires, oils,gas and
auto supplies.
By fully satisfying your car needs, we
will endeavor to attest our appreciation
of your patronage.
The supreme court having an
nulled the Federal Child tabor Ijiw
by a vote of live to four, one is
di.spo.sed to regret that this court
is so superlatively supreme.
Baker's Goods
J manded to appear before tha Ho
N bla County Conrt of the State of
gon In and for tha County of Vm
, at tha Uirt House in ma i-uy c
N dletnn, on tha tKh dy of t
a 19IK, at tha hour of lu o'clock
J of aald day, not leu than ten d
N tar tha aervira of thw rttatton, I
the above entitled eourl aemjld not be coat a and vac
That the Leader is by no means a
false war prophet is indicated by
the fact that Black Jack Pershing
and his doughboys are attacking
heavily in Lorraine.
Mrs. E. E. ZEHM
(Saling brick.)
VarilR HAIMF.. nephew of aald deceased, ami JU1; Lie lounlv turt of the of Ore
' --- " tltllkJK- L't 1 1 k' U L' II . fcl. r ..i.l m .. . . ,,
im.'fc 11,1uni.iH ..i- gun in ami tor ina iounir oi wmanna
deceaaed-all pf tha heirs at lawr of ,t the Court Jlwae In the City of Ten-
3m. Anton Kadrer. deca.ted, and all dM., the 9th day of October,
othera Intereated unknown: at tba h.Mir of 10 o'clock A. M.
IN THE NAME OK THE STATE of aald day, not lea than ten days af-
Ok1 OHtCON. You are hereby com- ter the aertlea of I till citation, to show
the lionnra' cauae, If any axial, why an order ot
f Ore- tha above antiilnl court ahuuld nut be
Umatilla e ranted to lna Kederer. AdminUtra-
A .1 lk l'Mt Unii.a In tha fll V of Pan. I riv nf tkm Bt.l. f J.mb K MltTfr. de-
' dletnn, on tha tKh d.y of October, ceased, authorising her to aell at prl-
A. SI. vale .ale (or ca.n, or raan ana rrvuit.
daya af- all, ft auch part of the hereinafter lu
lu ahuw acntied real property doiokkihb io
order of aatate aa may be neceeaary Ui pay tha
i expenaee ot trie
Kranted U 1-ana Kelerar, Admtniatra. tion of ..Id ealata. any elalma thai
tux of the entala of Joa. Anton Krd- may be hereafter hied aicaliwt aaia
J orr, deceased, aulhortilng her to aell tale and for the purpuee of dMrihu
,,n..i. .-I- ... ...h rmh mnA ..lit raal iirniwrlv tielilif dewrllKMi
N ,.r.Mlil all itr aiii-K itai-l nf (Kit hrulrt. aa fulbiWa. to-arlt.
An umllvlil.xl fifth of the
NorOtweel yuarter iNW'i) of See
Ihhi Thirty (i.) Towiwl.ip Hv
(6 North. Itanite Thirty-four Mt
Kaat of tha,
In Umatilla County, Oregon.
You are further notified that thia ci
tation la arrved upon you by publica
tion in tha Weelon leader, a newapa
per of general circulation printed ami
publlahed In Weaton. County of Uma
tilla, at.ta of Oregon, and that tha
data of the flrnt publication thereof la
tha mh day of August, Mil, and tha
laat publication thereof will be on the
27th day of September, 1918.
Thia citation ia ao published and
served upon you purauant to an ordrr
of tha Honorable Charlaa tl. Marsh,
Phone your dray orders,
93, or call at store.
at private aale fr rah. or cash
crvdil. all. or auch nart of the hrruln
4 after deM-ribed rval proerty bebHiging
I to said eatata aa may be neceaaary t
pay the coats and axnenaea of the ad-
e-X r 11 1 i miniatration of aaid estate, any claims
I tV HiIK ? 'hat may be hereafter fiM again.t
g lUVIJ X LIIIJ U Mid eatato and for the purimaea of die-
i tnbiition, aald real property tteing da
scribed aa followa, to-wit:
An undivided one flfih of tha
Northwest Quarter NW') of Sec-
. .t n m . m Hon Thirty (30.) Townahiu Five (6)
m ine wrcure courx ox me o.aie oi North. Range Thirty-four (34) East
urtmra ior umuw wiumj. r the Willamette Meridian, in
Frank ie Carr, Plaintiff, va. Ola D. Umatilla County, Oregon.
Carr, Defendant. you are further notified that this
To Ola I). Carr, the above named da- citation ia aerved upon you by publica-
fendant: tion In tha YVe.tnn Leader, a newapa-
In the Name of the Stata of Oregon, Pr K "ral circulation printed and
Vn hitt-aKif raiiiv.w4 tn ani.aav .n,l Oubliahcd In WtOII. COUIlty ff UlDI-
anawer the complaint filed against you i'""' 8uu at 0Ton- .th"1 Jh u, County Uiurt of the
in the above entitled auit and court date of the Act publication thereof la Stata of Oregoa, for tha County of
within six weeka from the data of the the 30th day of Auguat, 1918, and tha Umatilla, made and entered of record
ftrat publication of thia summons, to- publication thereof will be on tha In tha abova entitled aetata and court
wit: on or before the 18th day of Octo- dy of September, I91A on tha 22d day of Augu.t, 1918.
her, 1918; and you will take notice that Thia citation la ao published and WITNESS my hand and tha seal of
ii you tan io appear ana anawer a.ia "t""1 ' said t ourt amxetl inn 'CM day or au
compi.iiu or oinerwiae nieao inereto " mi"roi vmnn n. niaiao, ffu.t
...!.lT: u a.: .1 - 'i i .i .(Ik. ' lV.,.li.f ik.ti.l. .""I
witnin nam time, trie piainvui, ior w-a muvwhuii vui't h u'
want thereof will apply to tha abova Oregon, for tha County of Umatilla,
entitled court for the refief prayed for made and entered of record In tha
in her said complaint, to-wit: above entitled exists and court on tha
For a decree of said court forever 22d day of August, 1918.
disaolving tha bonda of matrimony now WITNESS my hand and tha seal of
and heretofore existing between the said Court affixed this 22d day of Au-
piaintm ana defendant, and forever guat, 1918. K. T. BROWN,
1918. , R. T. BltOWN,
Clerk of tha County Court,
By IS. O. UKAt'LlC
Seal - Deputy.
Summon all the force and retource of the Republic to
the defetue of Freedom
which the United States authorities have ranked a one of tha .
fifteen diitinguitbed iouitution of the country for excellence in
military training, hi ret ponded to the call. The College i
dittinguuhed not only for it military imtruction, but
DisnactnsHza sxso roa
It twtmg induitria! coune for men snd for women I
. I a Aaricuitara. Coin mite Eaataavnaf , fotmuf
Hotaa EcoMsiki. Miu. PSaravlcjr, aad
Voritioiul 4catioa.
luwholetome, purposeful ttudent life,
lu democratic college ipiriu
h aucceuful graduate.
Student enrolled bit year, 1,45); ,tir ofl iu tenrica flag, Ilj8,
over forty perceat repretcnuog officer.
College open. September 23, 1911
f ir awilfj taaittat looklat, aad W iafaiua ww ta lUautrar. CrUi, Qnaaa
By using
Made by the
We do custom milling, buy
if t r j T
ami sen nay, urain ana
Millfced of all kinds.
divorcing the plaintiff from tha de
Thia summon, la published pursuant
to the order of Hon. Gilbert W. Phelps,
Circuit Judge of the Sixth Judicial Dis
trict of the State of Oregon, duly made
and entered on tha 3d day of Saptem
ber, 1918. The ftrat publication of thia .
aummona will be made on Friday, the
6th day of September, 1918, and the
laat publication thereof will be mads
on Friday, the 18th day of October,
1918, and it will be published six con
secutive weeka in the Weston Leader
newspaper. 8. D. PETERSON,
Attorney for Plaintiff,
Poatofflce add rasa: Milton, Oregon.
Clerk of tha County Court,
By t. O. DKAFtiK,
StALt Deputy.
Chaa. H. Carta r , Dan P. Urnytha
Carter & Smythe
Pandleton Oregon
Free City Delivery
HracttCM In
al) Stale
and Kdral
. f - lltwrh awnl rttjFt10M BlaWnail m(
I lutmi Wwl- I, akotc-rtaM r ftf"'1 M 4a m if MKB SIAKOH Mtl riH
M airtaihrHjr, Wnil fWrfOtaai.
yiMt. (Iwr fraak- booaiiajU laow. wlwa W MtrM
Ml mwm yn MtMr, Writ Mia.
patint LAWVaaa.
,Sn8eveaU 6t Washlngtoa, D. C
w. M. rttcrtaa G. H. Blihea
-Peterson & Bishop
Pandleton, Or. Fraawstar, Or.
The Prudent Man
will fill his coal bin when the fill
ing is good. Better order your
coal' now, when I can supply you.
P, T. HARBOUR, Weston, Oregon
P Mb. . ...
Trale4 lea &fWteeejf
la raace er la War
, ruiiyHipp.iM.r,ruir,onaPnl(icdpprtmeBfc Spoctal
I tISIH! ", iJL TiTi? Archhecliire. Law, Medicln.
S immm.iimi.wml aa i- . ... . i , . . .... . .
'a . - . --- ayairai iniaiiaMriMana ,
. n-l-r.,, ft, Ofm. h. k.