The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 30, 1918, Image 1

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WKSTON, OREGON. . H AUG. 80, 1918
'' .' 1 " - f I B.MUI II ! II llll I I -II mi
" nn,
I United Stales Food Administration!
My Mm. flobt. J. Durdette,
The fifing line U now In your kit
Knock out the breadline at your
It ha been said that the Revolu
tionary War was won by men fed on
baaty pudding, In other wordi. corn
meal much. Let It be written In his
tory that the winning of the present
war was made possible by the United
States eating potatoes.
The manner of eating, the time of
eating and even the kind of foodstuffs
eaten are largely a matter of habit
We do not desire to break ourselves
entirely of the bsbit of eating or life
would not prove worth living, but It
can be made to prove better worth
living If we change some of the habits.
Suppose we cure ourselves of the
hand-eating hMt and see if we do
not consume less bread. If yon were
to put your bread and butter on your
plate and eat It with a knife and fork
It would reduce the amount of bread
eaten at once. In some of the Oriental
Hun Commander' Brutal OrtV
Issued to Conquered and .
i Helpless People.
Help the Boy Scouts.
French Sugarllls Deslrgyfdj
"efcnt ii , ,iljM,LJil,M
" w
"'' el t ij
That's what the WESTONXEADER will cost you if you want
to take it and by bo doing help maintain a paper in Weston.
And that means IN ADVANCE. The LEADER, in fact, is al
ready on a cash-in-advance basis, having; anticipated an order that
has just been issued to the country publishers by the government,
directing them to discontinue all delinquent subscriptions.
7ie 'the Boy Scout Ccatest is on
You'll save 50 cents a year by so doing, help the Boy Scouts
in their rant put mnA holn thn!l I n(pr in nintt a mrwlmt fund
for investment in LIBERTY BONDS-for every dollar the Leader reTwen'beadTTbale""
gets will go for bonds. If you want to take an extra Leader to
send to soldier boy, relative or friend, now's the accepted time.
Or if you want to renew your own "sub" for several years ahead
it will pay you to do so. ,
Voting Values
One Year's Subscription, $1.50........ 100 Votes
Two Years Subscription, 13.00 ......250 Votes
Or Two Subscriptions One Year
Three Years' Subscription. f4.60 450 Votes
Or Three .Subscriptions One Year .
Four Years' Subscription, $6.00 700 Votes
Or Four Subscriptions One Year
Five Years' Subscription. 17.50 1000 Votts
Or Five Subscriptions One Year,
( Must be taken by one patron at one transaction.)
Every Able-letflest Man Ferced U
Lve Hie SUrvina Faintly
Labor Under Shacking Ce4l
tiene far the Opprtsssr.
This I have seen. I cents' net '.
believe It wiles I bad M -threiigh
and ttirengh. far sew. I ',
eral wieeka I lived rith K; I '
went all about tt and bade ef J ',
H; Inside and eut ef K vrae
shewn to me ntll finally I I ',
eame to realize that the tocredl.
bl was true. It is menetrowe, .
it is unthinkable, but H exMa.
It ie the Prussian system?, C .
"Conversation beads," and they seem
unable to talk unless they have them
In their bands to play with and pass
from one hand to the other. We seem
to need something In our hands at
table or we (eel the meal Is Incomplete
and that something Is usually bread.
Forget this habit and save wheat If
you must continue the hand-eating
habit, hold a hot potato.
Hew to Increase World's Bread Rstion
With famine creeping through Eu
rope, and every nation struggling to
produce enough food to sustain life,
the American farmer baa a duty that
he can not shirk. America must ship
food to Europe for our soldiers.
America must supply bread to starv
ing peoples. No matter what other
crops are raised, more acres should
be devoted to bread grains. "Do your
bit. Mr. Farmer." save a Food Ad
ministration bulletin. "Success de
pends upon yen In this world war."
Club Organized for the Purpose
Boycotting Products ef Hun
France miint Import augnr today,
mott of It from this side of the ocean,
because the Inrgctt portion of French
sugar beet Unit Is In Oormnn .hands.
As a result, the French people have
been placed on a suiwr ration of about
18 pounds a jresr for domestic ue;
a pouud anil a half a mouth. This
photograph rbons bow the German
troops destroyed French tngur mills.
Thanks to the French rationing sys
tem the annual consumption bas been
cut to 6U0.O0O tons, according to re
ports reaching the CulteU 8tates Food
Administration. Before the war France
had an average aucar crop of about
TAO.OQO tons of sugar aud had some
left ovtr for export
TBI PERCENT OF All IDS COLLECTIONS IS will -use nothing germat
s ', V- r
: "
assart VJtsE
LOA0H9 chk v havaii rdun kfirne
AMERICAN families would have less sugar than the
people of war torn France, if we depended entirely
on our home-grown sugar stocks.
Approximately 75 per cent, of our sugar is shipped
to our shores. We produce about 1,000,000 tons of Bugar
a year. Our imports from abroad amount to over-3,000,-000
tons a year in normal times. I -
The United States Fopd Administration asks each
family to limit its use of sugar to two pounds per month
per person for household use. The military situation de
mands that every available ship be placed at the disposal
of the Army or Navy. When we save sugar, wo save
Remember, Boy Scouts, each of you receives ten percent of all
you collect, this commission to be deducted by you when making
your daily turnover. Then you have a chance of winning a prize
also this depending upon your industry and success as a subscrip
tion salesman.
The PRIZE FUND will be divided as follows: First prize, 50
percent Second prize, 25 percent. Third prize, 15 percent
Fourth prize, 10 percent
Thus if the net collections should reach a total of $500 the
PRIZE FUND would be 1100 and the Boy Scout getting the most
votes would receive a first prize of $50. The second prize would
be $25, the third 115, and the fourth 10.
The prizes will be paid by the LEADER in bank checks when
the contest is ended and the decision of the judges announced.
Rules of The Contest
Judges J. W. Porter, Frank Price, Robert Proudfit Two
judges constitute a quorum.
Judges only to hold key to sealed and locked ballot box. which
will be kept constantly at store of .Weston Mercantile Co
Count to be made by judges every Thursday at 10 a. m. Fi
nal count Thursday, September 26, 10 a. m.
Entrants securing subscriptions aro expected to turn in their
collections and votes each day unless unavoidably prevented from
so doing at the store of the Weston Mercantile-Co.
New subscriptions and renewals count the same."
. Out-of-town subscribers may name their choice of candidates
in making their remittances. With the correct "number of votes
noted thereon, either by themselves or the publisher, their letters
of remittance will be placed in the ballot box and will constitute
legal ballots. All local ballots must be of one prescribed and
printed form, furnished by this office under proper safeguards.
The number of votes in the ballot box each week must tally- with
the sums received oh subscription.
Weston Leader
Chicago. High art and low art,
music and literature and dolls that
talk and walk are to be taboo forever
and forever to members of a new club
here, when they bear the "Made la
Germany" stamp or flavor.
"Use Nothing German' Is the same
of the club. And the women who have
formed It swear that they mean what
they say, and that after the war they
intend that the kaiser does not re
cuperate from the ills he has brought
upon himself through their aid.
The club expects to spread its mes
sage countrywide, and thus to Induce
women throughout the United States
to back them up in ignoring every
thing German.
Editor and Publisher
Style Without
is to be
found in all garments
ordered from
R. L. Reynaud
local RcpraMatative
T. C Walcott. a member ef the
Cnlted 8tates food administrate, and
during the time America was feeding
the civilian populations of Belgium.
Serbia and northern France an assisfr
ant of Mr. Hoover la these invaded
countries, bas pictured in n grspblc
wsy the conditions he found among
the people It was his duty to help.
After describing the terrible condi
tions In Poland la 1910, the mlllloos
that were dying of starvation, the
hundreds Of thousands of defenseless
people that bad been ruthlessly eat
down by the sword of the German eon.
qneror, he says:
In that situation, the German com
mander Issued a proclamation. Every
able-bodied Pole waa bidden to Ger
many to work. If any refused, let no
other Pole give him to eat, not so
much as a mouthftn. under penalty of
German military law.
This ts the choice the German gov
ernment give to the conquered Pole,
to the husband and father of n starv
ing family: Leave year family or die
or survive as the case may be. Leave
your country which la destroyed, to
work In Germany for its further de
struction. If yon are obstinate. we
shall see that yon surely starve.
Staying with bis folk, he la doomed
and they are not saved; the father and
husband can do nothing for them, he'
only adds to their risk and suffering..
Leaving them, he will be cut off front
his family, they may never hear from
him again nor he from them. Ger
many will set him, to work that a Oer-'
man workman may be released to light
against his own hind and people. He!
sfaan bo lodged In berreetn. tehMi
bnrbed wire, entanglements, under
armed guard.: He shall Bleep on the
bore ground with n single thin blan
ket He shall be scantily fed and bin
earnings shall bo taken from him to
pay for his food.
-That is the choice which the Ger
man government offers to a proud,
sensitive, high-strung people, Death
or slavery.
When a Pole give me that proclamsn
tlon, I was boiling. Bat I had to ro
ot rain myself. I waa practically the
only foreign civilian In the country
and I wanted to get food to the people.
That waa what I was there for and X
must not for any cause Jeopardise thai
undertaking. I asked Governor Gen
eral von Beseler, "Can this be truer '
"Really, I cannot say." he replied.
T have signed so many proclamations ;
ask General Von Krles."
So I asked General von Krles. "Gen
eral, this Is a dvllfsed people. Can
this be truel"
"Yes." be said, "it is true" with S
air of adding. Why nott
I dared not trust myself to speak)
I turned to go. "Walt." he sold. And
he explalued to me bow Germany,
official Germany, regards the atate of
subject peoples. ,
It is hunt for us to Imagine such a
condition in America as Mr. Walcott
has described as existing In Hun-rld-tlen
Poland, and yet that ts just what
would exist should our boys, and the
boys of our allies, now fighting in
Frimce fall to defeat the soldiers of
this murder empire. This fair coun
try of ours would be made into a Ger
mm province; our people would bei
the slaves of the Junkers of Germany,
siibjvct to the beastly whims of the;
officers of the German army. In no
wr In which America has ever en-piged-have
the stakes been so great
as In this present conflict Should we,
by any chance, lose; should the Hun.
by any chance, win ; our liberties, our
hupplness, everything Americans hold1
dear, would bo lost-
Thrift takes care of the future,
the habit
Not only is your Income taxed, bnt
so is your outgo.
We are willing to do Without every
tun tut Ustaryi ...