The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 23, 1918, Image 4

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tiM iw wn,
f. fi. Lara ftr tMt wl
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miirur permit w ert.nVr. n
pw)ttrftf 6 Hirrrt thfti" tfTr U
M . R. Cheswrnaitv, .f-suMf-na T otmry
..tnimifru.e, rather ftwn fc fn.
W, l. Sf.' Nary. County Atmii
Itt, inaKmin-lt m thir urtVe
mi 6wiw. .wr, rhrwmait
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mmnfrrn arof t.m witt h aanwwf
fcy app'ieafuvn. firwt t
hurt, PVmtta fir aen-totry can-
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M4nr ftirf WMtnMwtwy frr a grrmw ltv-.nir at a (tifjui ffm
viais, with rltiv ha IhwiJaawfv bvwnt will a win in or-t r
i m - ..r nmrhf aM them to any fil mnnifc'a
having elected fcy thtr nuneil
All for f rh .nri-r n Jh
f. kvI Kr. turry wwpf k Tjm Canurt, ah ih "hanv
f4 Mr. $vm9m' pwrwf. r.v, that h wsil h
Mf. il Kn. Cr It, gxmt4 f rVMiirH tv fnn tuti-k
nt may hm fcarf at ft f 1 - '
t Vtu A fc-r for fcnri4r
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frt'l kpt iraann, whirK fcr.n
imiai e. ft-arh rh f'haimiT
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im.i irjjJy iy t.w. 7V.
ftb-nl t'tr it hiifh. ! hai tit
car nuipp tmi o r-
markahty R rvnh&nfisr
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"la t:r nf tita- ia hills, rwk.i
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hav- a Wi hatm that t-K, th
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from li v 2T m pr . :."
A an f-.r t.ri irtiaifw. mL anrf
al asto wf.rH. F-rt- tra
earrW. WKTTO AlTO n.
C. If. Jfc-fearw.
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writ krm t fcia fafJWr Jfmtt
A, that h m iafy h'.ttt
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An "mwm Kftr ha fcw
inrfM in thm ftflW f frank
Ft. foraJ rri Mjyr, fir
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Dmt wttW at tJi itHhat:M Out h 3 fc m at !. tss tiiia
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fawt for ttwa eifT?Kw yar. TV Mrl virrr ha eUmi tb
fnvrmK. t to UrT fnyrr fK K. rwtry i
w a tminrl i the mors- j, ,rf r.vW v W
it.l. I th wiR t paator win m fvr
pradi on th Apra E- fort u Xr, NV.I.-J.
m-rJs.vA in th Crar.t .RiJv Wtr anrf Mf. Ia at tV5f llcnr tfl
Bob iViH m4 Gmr JMbitt fepr tJiT. Mr. aiB Wm fr a fw fayt 0k awwk.
tramped for a do? miita or mor rwin a fortJan4 enttl hr litrv Mr. f-ran tanve nt Uv attwl
gynlay a2m tJw taeafca of Kq ia tawf rr,tr t arrrir and Ul the natkxsaJ rtraff.prmt ef thr G.
er-tk withoot wwintr a thn retom to W9rton awf rjm A- K. at Port!iKl. an4 iu a
roo or ffaaftt r a married twHonta br. She haa reuid tls ftrt trip h ha.1 rr rade to
raw. Inr ttt fMfltr Thwm t nT HOT MUim aWJ CiQ Kiir.Z l,mUii OJumi. ii an ire
as a prowistifif country for btri, laar,
fcot tfc fcirda Jwt wren't thrre. jy Cflarra w rWl Jiatar
and Mn. FD, WatUt art day t rert at tiw NawaJ Traiw
enmping wot wftli party f reJa- tear famp near Xsu. and Uft at
tia' and frknda on the tfrrt tA once to hetfn hi 4utie aa nirA
North tair, Mkhin, ard writ eJaaa trr,n, Th arder i"wrf?jdd
that tlvey ara havfe a mot ttsjy. IrvrmvrUtkm and hw ma!
abi eot'mg. WorUi Watta j at- tm are ai paid f-,r by Cr-d
tending the tnmmvt mrmbm of Umt Ham. Kay, h k mg
Cfllver Military 3etxx4 wi Jndiarva, two'a nxt prpJar r,sf mw,
aeUghtet v imftrt a wfr fxy.
ftf G- M KlMM diT-
thir ynjr. mariuwt. isd Mr.
trrt in the Went! oighbwrhorjd.
hwrer. having bn mstruwntai
in MtaMhin2 at kat a few fami
lie of ffo WTsif iuail in thi i
eifitty. rmty-i(ff.t yt-an asf' he
afaippVd from Or.r, KkruMM,
pair f tfc Crt ijrsail rr a.f in
WVn. and Uwy f!'-"!!
hT fcy Mrs. Iraw. Mr. Gr
man a arwKrr .f (tmpmr.j C,
V2A VA'tr. ad rd bwWCct.
MfM frftfyOrli ftf th Wwrt '"" t all km exmpttgm. fcav-
at-hwl farotty fcaa written th V lrVpiTit; Malt Ifalr- fr wish ilmrjui to the
affyfif trd ankrna; that h l re- Ho had acr of what w irrts in r?ft, Ire
lied from her rirtrat for the left aftr the hail atorm aed eiood bsd, 0 yar gs. and w trwxU
trrihtotn'mg fr. Mm Clark, who hsfft fef lat avth, t of th 3-iift by hi prrrji V Amrka Vis
1 at pfMt In gpvAanr, wihs to acre he had ptoted, hsra thrnfc- jmtj a r ad a-fsaif A4.
take op Kd Crwa work, with the ing mxt 7m6y.
expectation of being arnt wm, AthrwiPrtaa; Watta Ur-e. wiii Ta 8jtf tvAfffl
An assortment of Men's Hats, good
styles, staple colors hats you will
like to wear just a few left of
each style. To close them out they
are piled on sale tables and marked at. . . Half Price
100 SUITS for BOYS
An opportunity; to outfit the boy for
school at far lower prices than these
goods can now be bought for at
wholesale. We expect to discontinue
many of these lines and have made
the price attractive. Good suits, G
to 14 year sizes $3.98 to $9-85
Vent 1mnh tfrtrtriy mtrtir
Charley Nelaon. who left her flnkh harreat operators thi mb
P.ha been prowted artmreor- hy eatwpiilar thy averd 'f J5 T
alHlhlietnwf erred fr.-n at SO Mm par day dr ito J-.SSSSS
W a B' S'thelSnd thr
3th Field Ajl'T; Ump Lew- K u u, mtVf, ghfm t TiH rai in Mii ,ina,
l. It I Mid that Urt-poral Welm i, tutZ of conffcetinery and piritoal and firomri. The paatof
Ukea great plrarore In ordering gan inUj hu ol1 jn Uwf ha4 Wr) jn u!K f.
Irfvato Earl Bareett arwnd. Safmsr brick. H15 will, twwevtr, w amnta are afcot all ia
Ex-aenator V. M. Paoly of Walla conduct no pool or card game. and will be up In full by the cloae
walla, who In early year waa a,
Weirton buaineaf man, ha three
mm lr tba ervi!. Walter Pauly Tl, "". w -nl
Morton E, Pauly are Infantry. u,,' hwl Mrw and otbw pa
wen, atationed at Camp Fremont, OrwnUn u taoBtiaiKd.
Calif. Fred M. Pauly Jr. i In- "rfd by PrW
atroctor In machine gunnery at dflt w- Kfr' of lb rtton AktU
Qtiantlco, Va and belong to enit1tr1 eol"!' f,0B tb ofnM of the
th Marin Corp. A fourth ton, rm-fral, WMhinfton. I). C.
tha youngt in the family, will at- Tha thl rr 00 pound of
tend the Officer' Training School at "'ppo
Whitman College, Walla Walla, B4f D" dolpb
, , , . Zlefl, Of the chool of pharmacy. ran
1 v Jut ajold Model Ninety 2kfU w anMher .hipment
Overland to J. A. Wililam of Free- tBttr yMr f too or oo pound and to
ater, I ha two other new Nina- 4 t lwt JOOO pound btea now
lieaanaaiiwa winy ui a pippin mA mx. Ananrt.
A $10,000 fln, tb laret er lm-
Ladies' Shoes at $4.98
This is an attractive assortment gathered from our
large stock of women's dressy shoes that sold up to
$7.00. They are the short ends of splendid lines and
are excellent values. All on sales tables for your
inspection, at only $4-98
1000 Yards of Lawns
121 cents '
of the year. Only one member re-
w.- , '.y - - f-p
memlerhip. Some alight change f
were made in the official board. J. j
W. Porter wu elected Sunday
school iuperintendent to relieve K. A
Lieuallen, and Mr. Clarisia Price A
wa added to the board of steward, f
The board of uteward "got their J
head together" after the meeting V
had adjourned, and told A. L. Thor-
ousrhman. the i residing elder, that Kf
there would be a substantial raiie
in the intent f aMor'a uiary if l e
i returned to tie n i ett jear.
y The last shovvincr of the season nrettv. daintv
jFp - - - - i - - - 'ayr ay wr
lawns, rice-cloth, etc., attractive patterns wortli up Y
9 a a r . mi i ? I l j ? V
a io 40 cents, iney are uispiayeu ior your inspection.
r Next season they will be worth three times the
of a etr If on waa ever made,
Come in and feaat your rt on
thaSI. I have 1912 Overland,
. In good shrpr, to aeii at a bargain.
; Better get your new car now a
next year you may not be able to
do o. All factorle will begin the
; f!rt of the year to cut down their
- output of touring cara 60 percent
and price are bound to aviate. Dr.
8. t. Kennard, Overland dealer.
According to Brother Julian of
, the Attalla New-Trlhune, John
lixld of Touchet wa arrested in
Walla Walla for the heinou crima
of crowing the atreet with hi car
f diagonally inatead of straight from
corner to comer. John aar ha
would not care for th 19 If they
would arrt all who crtw the ami
way he did and "how no partial
' " if mintiA on the ame corner
i . .t m.nv erMM the came tbould
a he did and notning
alKrtJt it. I Jo.
tht ftolori.
aoced la aa Orngon court tor violation
of tb prohibition I and tb max!
mum amount provided undor tb
tit, wu bandd t Portland by Judge
Bao to Alexander DaWdnon, wealthy
California liquor d)r, and paid.
Davldton, bo I owor of tb Blue
Ribbon Ber companjr tit Ban Francis
co, u convlctd under th eonaptracy
act fa a nitlonl trial concluded
July 4, lat. Lat week he pleaded
tullty to a second (Imllar Indictment
pradln' atlnt blm, and th fin Ira
pod ovrd both chirge.
wa aald
lived in Walla
IMKX) Youth ta Wol'' for Army,
Waahlncton. Itevliod tlmat an
Bouncd by th procott marahil cn
rtl how that 15l,ooo yonni men who
bar bcom 21 line laat imn S
register for military rvlc
Bait lturdy. Of this numUr It I
t'JmaUd that about half will $o Into
Urti Pi faint! toad
Famuel W. Read dial at his
home, 2008 First street, La Grande,
Oregon, August 13, 1918, after a
long illne. Mr. Read wa seventy-five
year and eight month old,
and wa known as an industrious
and worthy man. He spent much
of his life In the Weston neighbor'
hood, where he wa well known,
having come here in 1883 from
souri. Nine years ago he moved
Wallowa county and five year ago
he took up hi residence at La
Grande, which had since been his
home. Mr. Read is survived by a
widow and five children, who are
Fred B. Read, now In the rervice
of the United State in France;
John A. Read of Portland, Oregon;
Mr, Lewis Harvey of Knterpriae,
Oregon, and Mr. Nettle McC'ully
and Elmer Road of La Grande,
price. This sale, only. ... 12 1-2 c.
The enormous quantity of GROCERIES leaving our store daily is
evidence that we are right both as to stock and prices. We quote no
"leaders," but a low, equitable price for each article. The scarcity of
many articles and the requirement of whole factory outputs for our
nation's splendid army explains the absence of some well-known sta- -pies,
but nevertheless our store is full of fresh, attractive edibles.
nln mnrfc mh! ei? Hariri Mie. or no
f, v, hrt4 mtmtH, PkHtrtm or frhM mM W
irrliethM In pffVg ftlAHOH wmI rofiort
OK raMttaj4IMV ImJ Manrto.
ft. (Mr fnaa boola Ml how. wiuU io Ittvatrt
Wrln IMS.
1 103 Seventh Wuhlpoton, D. 0.
The Prudent Man
will fill his coal bin when the fill
ing is good. Better order your
coal now, when I can supply you.
P. T. HARBOUR, Weston, Oregon
A new hlt)mcnt of books suitable
u-.ti. k'mlHht do he pleatd 1, ubjct to luatflata call to for young people has Just heen re
it lt, It lwkt4 m to Mb. thfooiori. t clvd at tho WttoH Hbrwy.
W. M. f (Unm 0, H, BUhop
Peterson & Bishop
Pandlaton, Or. . frMWWr,Or.
GraicaU VeUrlniry Surfeos
Phon82F6 . Athena, Orgon
Practice In all Slats and Federal