The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 23, 1918, Image 1

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Principal Events of the- Wiek
Briefly Sketched (or Infor
mation ot Our Reidert.
Tit run of salrunn In the Umpqua
thla year la umiaually heavy.
Military drill will be Inaugurated
Ihla fall In th public schools of Una
count jr.
Twenty l.lnn rouitfy school districts
are vet without teachers for the com
ing M'hmtl ju-ar.
Tli Oregon tin convention of the
Brethren convened at Alheny (or
union of five day. Almnat 100 dele
galea were present.
Forty two nnutlneee for office nomi
nated al the primaries lot May liav
failed lo flli the acceptance, according
lo rWrrUry of QUI Oleolt.
Codas Grove will have free malt
delivery, beginning September 1. the
poetofflce having rwlH onh'r lo'
make th nrcraaary preparation.
finding of a badly derompoeed body
near Powere I believed lo solvs (bo
mystery of William Dleti' dleappear
ance from Marsbfleld two week ago.
Arrangementa ax being mad for
the eataullshment ot a fled Croat aalv
at iliop la North Bend by representa
tive of tb various women' organi
sations. Th advance guard of lb Indiana
from the Warm Bprlnge reservation.
ho com every year to the Wlllamntt
valley to pick bop, ha arrived In
Oregon bena from Oregon Agricul
tural college art holding ftrtt place
In each of the three great egg laying
contests. Storrs. Ilrltlab Columbia and
Joaeph Monoceo. wanted on a charge
of having alaln Mary Spina, aged II, In
ber born al Portland, wa arreated at
Vancouver, B. C and returned to
Contract for four more tteel veaael
of th 3100-ton typ hav been awarded
. by th Emergency Fleet corporation to
the Alblna Euglne a Machln worka,
of Portland.
The Pacirie Coaat Norwegian Sing
er' aaaoclatlnn will hold Ita aanual
convention and sangerfest, with hall
concert, In Portland, August 31 and
September 1 and t.
The Initiative) and referendum pam
phlet hav been mailed to th elec
torate or th state. The pamphlet
went to approximately 110,000 voter,
Secretary Olcott tated. -
Union and Wallowa countlea hav
mora grouae thla year than In many
previous year, huntera from aver th
two countlea report Th percentage
of young one la unusually heavy.
According to Information received by
th Hood River county court, th Co
lumbia river highway between Hood
River and Moaler will not be con
structed during the period of the war.
Eatabllahment of a twine Induatry
at the atate penitentiary. Is a project
to which Governor Wlthycombe la giv
ing conalderatlon and which probably
will be aubmllted to the leglalature.
The Salem branch ot the Insurance
Federation of Oregon paaied resolu
tion opposed to tb government's tak
ing over of the insurance business, as
proposed in bills pending before con
gress. -
The August report of E. L. Kent,
field agent of the bureau of crop es
timates, shows the onion prospecte of
Oregon at 70 per cent of normal as to
condition, in comparison with 80 per
cent of a year ago.
At the request of Secretary McAdoo,
State Fire Marshal Wells has changed
the date of fire prevention day Id this
state from October 9 to November a,
so that it will not conflict with th
liberty loan campaign.
Under the budget ot the Hood River
Applcgrowers' association, Just adopted
by the directors, a maximum charge ot
SO cents per box for applee and 10
cents for pears may be made for han
dling the fruit the coming year.
Fire, caused either by a short cir
cuit or a break In the power line,
burned out three of the large trans
formers at the Link river power plant
af the California-Oregon Power com-1
sany, with an estimated loa of 16000.
To offset the hay shortage, which'
threatens the stockmen of the Klamath
llstrlct this coming winter, ranchers!
jperatlng along the shores ot the big
'upper Klamath lake are putting up
:houtands of tons of wild bar, which
tas never heretofore been cut.
Immediate construction of a coal
itorage dock near the municipal eleva
tor at St Johns was decided upon at a!
neetlnf o( tH Port ot Poland eom-l
tilealon. Coating between SO,000 and
;.'..0'1. th new dock I espm-ted lo
Mte from ti to 38 cent a ton In
nadlni th roal on M In th Part
end harbor.
The schools at I'reswell, Ian coua
y, will not open antll on month later
.hn uaul, to permit the boy and
llrl to assist In lb harvesting of
roii and especially the prune crop In
die orchard owned by I It, Scarbor-,
jttgh, which cover 1(0 acres and la'
he largest of It kind In the upper
rVlllamette valley. '
All th shipbuilding firms aave en,
all of lb paper and woolen mill and
98 per cent of the firms engaged la
the lumber Induatry will be under the
provlalone of tb worknien'e compensa
tion act after September 1, according
to a atatenient Issued by th Industrial
Accident rommlealon.
Tb number of Industrial accident
reported to th tat accident commis
sion during th paat week exceed all
previous records. Tb total number Is
1, of which four were fatal, aa fol
low: Joe I Mario, Cochran, logging;
Carl Barnard. Huston, brakeman;
George Malt. Portland, shipbuilding;
K. Shlbata, Cochran, logging.
Th Columbta A Nebalem River rail
road, which runs from Kerry Into the
Nebalem valley, wanta lo advance Its
ratea for forest products. Statements
ot tbs offlclala of the company have
been aubmltted to the Public Service
commission of Oregon, showing that
the business la being handled at a
loss, due to the Increased cost of oper
ation. la response to a demand from edu
cators la many parte of the country.
Dr. F. O. Fraaklln, dean of Albany
college, la preparing to write another
volume of ble work. The Legislative
History of Naturalisation In the Uni
ted States." and bring It down to date.
Though It requires a great deal ot
research work and probably will Uke
a long time. Dr. Franklin will under
take the task.
Although estimate for the various
Institutions and state activities are
practically all In. the etate Tax com
mbwlon postponed final consideration
of them until Auguat 23. It la believed
the estimate will reach a total ot
nearly $10,000,000, about 33.000,000
above the appropriations of two years
ago. It la not believed that the com
mission will go before the people and
ask for such a sum.
Squaw Creek 'Irrigation district. Is
Crook county, has applied to the atate
securities commission for certification
of 398.000 of bond which the district
wishes to sell to provide funds to pur
chaae the canala and water rlgbta of
the Squaw Creek Irrigation company.
Considerable controversy hts existed
between the district and the company
and the district desire to Uke over
tba existing canala and operate them.
First-hand Inveatlgatlon of the dairy
situation throughout the United Statee
has convinced D. H. Rawi, chief ot the
dairy division of the department of
agriculture, with headquartera la
Washington, that the Industry la In a
serious plight in many places. Th
situation In Oregon Is none too favor
able to the dairymen, he said on com
pleting a two-day aurvey which cover
ed points In Washington. Yamhill,
Clackamas and Multnomah countlea.
; Two eulta to recover an aggregate ot
3420.000 were tiled In the Lane county
circuit court by W. B. Dennis, agalnat
the Black Butte Quicksilver Mining
company, owning mines in southern
Lane county. Mr. Dennis is manager
of the Carlton Lumber company at
Carlton. One ault Is to foreclose a
mortgage dating from April, 1901, for
970.000, and the other to recover on
notes In the sum of 9360,000. The
mortgage covers a tract ot 980 acrca
of land.
The Insect which hat been causing
damage to airplane spruce baa been
definitely identified aa the ambrosia
beetle, and the bureau of entomology
of the United Statea forest service has
made recommendations to the spruce
division for the control of the danger.
The beetle bores into the wood, weak
ening the natural resistance of the
spruce. It does not attack the green
timber, only the felled trees being af
fected, and these only during the sum
mer months. - i s .. v
Yaqutna bay residents who hare aold
their property to the government for
a right-of-way for the railroad under
construction around the bay have no
legal right to demand free passes on
ths road In addttlon to the money re
ceived for their property, and by sta
tutory provision such passes are pro
hibited. This, In substance, ta the re
ply ot the public service commission
to an inquiry received from Lieutenant
Henry K. Norton, of the government
ritLWt-way department at Newport. .
All Buy Scouts - and none but Boy Scouts-are eligible to com-pt-te
in a subscription content which the WESTON LEADER will
inaugurate for the purpose of increasing its lint and raising funds
for investment in Liberty Bonds. We will buy Liberty Bonds
with every dollar received by us from the proceeds of this contest,
which opens next .
THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 10 A. lil
One Year's Subscription. $1.50. 100 Votes
Two Years Subscription, t3.0O...... 250 Votes
Or Two Subscription One Year
Three Years' Subscription, t4.M .".-450 Votes
Or Three Subscriptions On Year
Four Years' Subscription. $6.00 700 Votes
Or Four Subscriptions One Year -
Five Years' Subscription, 7.50 1000 Votts
Or Five Subscriptions One Year
( Must be taken by one patron at one transaction.)
Remember, boys, each of you will receive ten percent of all
you collect, this commission to be deducted by you when making
your daily turnover. Then you have a chance of winning a prize
also, this depending upon your industry and success as a subscrip
tion salesman.
The PRIZE FUND will be divided as follows: First prize, 50
Dei-cent Second prize. 25 percent Third prize, 15 percent
Fourth prize, 10 percent
Thus if the net collections should reach a total of 500 the
PRIZE FUND would be 100 and the Boy Scout getting the most
votes would receive a first prize of $50. The second prize would
be $25, the third 15, and the fourth 10.
The prizes will be paid by the LEADER in bank checks when
the contest is ended and the decision of the judges announced.
Rules of The Contest
JudgesJ. W. Porter, Frank Price, Robert Proudfit Two
judges constitute a quorum.
Judges only to hold key to sealed and locked ballot box. which
will be kept constantly at store of Weston Mercantile Co.
Count to be made by judges every Thursday at 10 a. m. Fi
nal count Thursday, September 26, 10 a. m.
Entrants may obtain receipt and ballot blanks by calling at
the Leader office next Tuesday, August 27, at 10 a. m. We would
prefer to have all the Boy Scouts who expect to enter, come in a
body at the time stated. However, 1f any boy is unable to come
at that time he will bs permitted to enter the contest later,
- Entrants securing subscriptions are expected to turn in their
collections and votes each day unless unavoidably prevented from
so doing at the store of the Weston Mercantile Co.
New subscriptions and renewals count the 6ame.
Out-of-town subscribers may name their choice of candidates
in making their remittances. With the correct number of votes
noted thereon, either by themselves or the publisher, their letters
of remittance will be placed in the ballot box and will constitute
legal ballots. All local ballots must be of one prescribed and
nrinrorl form, furnished bv this office under proper safeguards.
The number of votes in the ballot
tne sums received on buiksctipuuh.
box each week must tally "with
Editor and Publisher
Almost yard by yard. French and
Ilrltlab ars prying their way between
five vital points In the Germane' PI
eardy line, rendering the enemy's bold
on certain places more and more pre
carious. At the extreme southern
corner of the battle front the French
already have aboved General von
tSoebm over the edge of the Important
Lasslgny heights dominating the coun
try for ml lea around.
Marshal Focb has at laat definitely
connected lb battlea or tbe Alan and
the Bom me. Announcement le made
that, by a local attack, tbe plateau
nortb of Autreches, about 10 miles
northwest of Bolssons, bss been car-,
rted by the French, and that their
success gives them a position dom
inating the region extending north
ward toward tbe Otee river.
Gradually the famous Lys salient
In the region west of Armentlerea la
giving way nnder the pressure of the
British. Agsln Field Marshal Haig's
forcea have compelled tbe enemy to
seek ground to the eastward where
he will be more secure from the shells
of the big guns tbst for seversweeks
have been firing xrias-crosa over tbe
entire salient, working havoc among
tbe defenders of the Insecure line.
Tbe Germans are getting no rest
from the Franco-British pressure
north and south of the Somme, and
the French and Americana along the
Vesle. The Americans in Lorraine
. ..iu. hw --
are baraaaing tbe enemy by artillery
fire and local attacks. Nowhere haa
the enemy had the better of any en
counter. 100 I. W. W. Found Guilty of Sedition.
Chicago. One hundred leaders of
the Industrial Workers of the World
were found "guilty as charged in the
Indictment" by the Jury after one
hour's deliberation at their trial for
conspiracy to disrupt the nation s war
program. The defendants. Including
William D. Haywood, general secre
tary treasurer ot the L W. W th
highest position in the organisation,
face a maximum penalty of 27 yeara
In prison and a 810.000 fine each.
91,000,000 to Fight Forest Fires.
Washington. A loan of 91.000,000
has been made to the forest service
from tbe president's special defense
fund to combat tires In the national
forest of the northwestern and Pa
cific coast states.
Ty Cebb to Enter Army.
Washington. Ty Cobb, Detroit out
fielder and star batsman, passed the
physical examination for a commis
sion In the gaa and flame division ot
the army.
Prisoners In Washington Penitentiary
Mutiny When One la Shot.
Walla Walla, Wash. Convtcta in
the state penitentiary started a mu
tiny about 7:30 Tuesday night and the
noise could be heard tor over a con
siderable porttpn ot Walla Walla. The
disturbance resulted from the shooting
of Fred (Tiger) Johnson by a guard.
tv-. billot tiv riiianl John
Davison while endeavoring to escape.
Davison was exonerated by the coro
ner. Johnson was assisted by John
Vandell, who murdered E. W. Olson,
state industrial Insurance commia
aloner. French Strike Suddenly In Plcardy.
Paris. The French struck suddenly
in a new sector, driving into the Ger
man lines midway between the Plc
ardy and Solssons Rhetms fronts, the
war office announced.
Enemy positions were carried on a
front ot more than three mllee to a
depth ot nearly a mile In the region
ot Autreches, nine miles west and
north of Soissona. .
Favorabla Report on Man-Power Bill.
Washington. A favorable report
was voted by the house military com
mittee, on the administration man
power bill with an amendment pro-
riding that youths from 18 to 10 yeara
of age shall be placed in separata
classifications to be called into mili
tary aervlce after men from 20 to 4S.
Armed Trawler Ralda Flaharmen.
. A Canadian AUantlo Port The
steam trawler Triumph, fitted with
two guns and wlrelsss and manned by
16 Germane from the U-boat which
captured her, is raiding the fishing
banks off the Canadian coast. Crews,
of the schooners sunk by the Triumph
hav arrived, hare, ...
Attack on 4-Mile Front Gains
More Than a Mile and
400 Prisoners. T
London. The Britlah troop west ef
Armentlerea have advanced their line
to a depth of 1000 to J OOO yards oa a
tour-mile front betweea Vleas Berqula
and BalHeul and also made progreaa
sooth vest of Marville. according to th
official statement. The village ot Out
tersteea and 400 prisoners were cap
tured. righting by patrols, daring tbe
course of which the British line on
the Somme front are being pressed
forward lightly day by day, coa-
East of Arras along th Scarp river
the Britlah in sharp fighUng have ad
vanced their line to the east of th
village ot FaaspoQZ. while farther
north, astride the Lys river, th BrU
ish hats reached L'Epinette and north
of Merville have captured the villages
of Vlerhoek and La Courono. accord
ing to Field Marshal Haig's communi
cation from headquarters.
By withdrawing their forcea In the
Merrills sector of the Lys salient the
r.AM.M Afinltmlw k.Vi .!... nn Mutt
lu.. nm u . j - ' r
( the points from which a drive for
Calais logically would be launched.
Thla la taken to indicate that the Ger
man high command baa abandoned
bop of reaching the coaat and now la
chiefly concerned with getting the
German linea back to a place of great
er security.
Washington. Ot more man i,ooo,ouo .
Statea baa sent nearly one-half, or
more than 1,450,000, overseaa for serv
ice against the enemy In France, Italy
These figure were given by General
March In his Saturday talka with
newspaper men and member of the
senate military committee.
' The senators were told that some
transports are making tbe trip to En-
K.V In 1 Q Am-rm snrt that
I ruu -
the average haa been reduced to SI
days, which with additional shipping
becoming available makes the great
Job of getting 80 division ot American
troops to France by Jon SO, 111, cer
tain of success.
General March renewed hia atate
ment made to the senate military af
fairs committee that there will be at
least 80 American divisions or S,(0tV
000 men ot all arma and capacities un
der a nnlted command on the western
front by June 80, 119. Of actnal com
batants be said there wlU be on tbe
firing line, or In touch with It, at
least 3,200,000 American troop.
Army Loaa, Total 18.7W awl MariM
Corps 2780),
Washington. Casualties la the
United Statea overseas forces, an
nounced by the war and navy depart
ments during the week ending Bun
day, numbered 1355, compared with
4918 for the prevloua week. Total
casualties announced to date number
21.467. Total army casualties num
ber 18,707; the marine corps lists to
tal 2760. i
Total deaths, Including the killed la
action, deaths from wounda, disease,
accident and other causes alnco the
United States forces landed la Franca
number 8133. Including 21 loot at sea.
Of that number 7298 were ot th army,
and 837 of th marine corps.
Th wounded to data number 11,111,:
ot which 9788 are ot th army and;
1830 ot the marine corps. j
Men missing in acUon and prUot
era number 1719, ot which 1628 are
ot the army and 93 of the marina
Oats No. J .whlU feed. $59.15 ton.
Barley Standard feed. $54 per ton.
Corn Whole, $75; cracked. $76.
H,ywTtmothy, $31 per ton; alfalfa,
$28. . '
Butter Creamery, 80c per lb.
. Eggs Ranch, 48o- per dosen.
Potatoea 34J3 50 per hundred.
Poultry Hens. 23 g 250. springs, 2$
8c; duck. 52c ,