The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 02, 1918, Image 3

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I Mrs. Price's Canning Compound j brevities
may be used in canning all kinds
of fruit, and is especially valuable
for Corn, Heans, Peas, Asparagus,
Tomatoes, etc.
. Mav also be used in m akin c Cat-
a . T1t i ... jiiI Mrs. K. G. Bunks of lit
sup, Sweet Pickles or anything that : i- vising iur ut, m.
I'll.. . ! Van Kklver.
is liable to ferment. Hl.rbt.rt nttk,, &
For sale by
Ht-rlM-rt Maker,
ami calf for
ilur lor sale.
Fresh ml Ifh w
tuilf. J. K. Jones.
Fur young plys for sale.
I. C. MeCauitlaml.
New stuck of picture moltlinir,
suitable for frames of all
Amy K.
W'v aim to make
our work its best
advert i.semcnt.
Church of tin Brethren - Sunduy
school at lo a. m. Preaching at
II n. in. C. W. S. at C::!0 p. m.
Bible isiutly, Life of Christ, at 7:.'50 soon
i. in. John Itwiirwilz, filler.
Mt-thiMliHt ('hurt'h- .Sunday n Ihk.I
ut 10 u. in. Preaching services at ing anil otherwise improving his
II ii. in. ami H . in. Fpworth newly-acquired residence on the
U'HKUf at ) i. in. Prayer meeting Heights, which will be occupied
Thursday evening. S. K. Powell, by the lUyborn family when school
United Brethren Church- Preach
the H.
March residence on Uroad street,
which he will soon occupy with his
According to a card received by
cston friend, Sergeant Karl U
now in France with the
Balloon Company.
Dr. K. K. Farniiwortli, formerly
of Weston, haa received hi commis
sion ami will leave Pendleton noon
to enter the service as a junior lieu
tenant In the navy.
Mix Meryl Kepler of Walla Wal
la was the truest Tuesday of Mrs.
J. V. Hell. Miss Kepler is leaving
for New York City to com
plete her piano studies.
W. L. Hayborn is painting, paper-
I's Plain and Ano-
Rust Tinware
ing at II a. in. and 8 p. m.
Suiulay M'hool at 10:00 a. m. C. E. at 2:30 p. m. C. E.
meeting nt 7 p. m. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday evening. E. F.
Wriggle, utor.
Baptist Church The Church with
a cordial welcome for all. Sunday
school at ten o'clock, preaching at
eleven. Also preaching at eight
o'eloek in the evening. W. R.
Storms, partor.
w.w.v.v. ' '' ' Enrto Bart wl.
N t As the wheat
N w v a . . K spring plowing,
i: WYV A'..nnW.W;lJIN)l ered.fairone
J V .ttA L I 'j ti'L" V, ; Miss Rene
trude Van Winkle
Your Iiiisintss
w4W v.. w j, W 'i, ' mm1 'jf
Little or
of nil kinda
Wholesale -Retail
FISH in scnaon
Fifty-eight cans full of rainbow
trout fry from the Bonneville hatch
t ry were released this week in Pine
creek below town, and in a year or
two are expected to provide good
siwrt for local fishermen.
Clarence Elliott Carmichael, a
former Weston Iniy who made his
home while here with the L). N.
Van Skivers, has enlisted in the Ma
rine Corps. He is in training at
Paris Island, South Caroilna.
R. G. Saling cropped about 20
bushels per acre from his field of
eat adjoining town.
r-as Bpring-sown on
the crop is consid-
for this season.
Banister and Miss Ger-
were guests dur-.
Ing the first of the week of the
Misses Hilda and Marvel McRae
at Walla Walla. They motored
over Sunday evening in the Mc
Rae car.
Joe Hodgson came down Sunday
from La Crosse, heavy rains having
put a stop to harvest there for sev
eral days. Up to that time 100
acres of the Hodgson holdings had
been threshed, and yielded between
20 and 25 bushels of wheat per
acre. . .
Mrs. E. E. Zehm, accomrwnied
by her mother and children, left
yesterday for Wallace, Idaho,
where she will visit at her mother's
home prior to going to Spokane to
reside. Mr. Zehm will remain in
Weston for a time, in order to dis
pose of his business interests here.
All the wheat fields within a ra
dius of 25 miles of Pendleton are
being patrolled by members of the
Oregon Military Police. It is the
special duty of the men, reports
the East Oregonian, to be on the
watch for fires and to prevent any
I. W. W. activities in regard to the
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Graham
As an addition to our already complete stock of
tinware we have been fortunate in securing another
shipment of the celebrated Reed's Anti-Rust and
Plain Tinware. We have secured these goods in
snite of a oreat shortage of this commodity. Reed's
Tinware, both plain and anti-rust, is so well known J
in every locality that it is needless for us to dwell
upon its merits. In this line we are now showing
the following popular items:
Wash Boilers, Daiiy Pails, Strainers
and Laundry Dippers
It is our suggestion if you are needing anything
in this line to buy early while our stock is complete.
In fact, it would be well for you to anticipate your
tinware wants, in view of the inevitable shortage in
A meeting will be held in Pen
dleton next Wedensday evening,
Ausrust 7. which has been called by urmmu. re lheumatIa County Patriotic Ser
eaving soon for Pendleton, where u.e VJ'"u,-",,l r"l''Mntult nt ,u
Mr. Graham will have charge of Xlce US MTll 5 n"
Mr. Graham will have charge
the grocery department of the Pen
dleton Cash Market. He has long
been an efficient and popular Wes
ton salesman formerly with the
O'Harra Store and in ryent years
with the Weston Mercantile Co.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best Equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold In Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
Oretrnn Council of Defense. Un
that date Major John B. Hibbard,
O. N. G Colonel Commanding
Multnomah Guard and Adjutant of
the Oregon Military Police; John
K. Kollock, Executive Secretary of
the Council of Defense; and Cap-
A telephone message received by tain R. H. Russell, U. S. Medical jj
the Leader from Manager Hoch of Reserve, will be in Pendleton and
Bingham Springs announces that address partieuarly the registrants J
both approaches to the new steel 0f the county. However, they will
bridge at Thorn Hollow are now as0 Drcsent matters of general in- 8
i i ) i l i - l ; .. ... . . i
compieiea ana in gooa conuiuon terest to the public, it is espec- ij
for travel. This will largely reduce jaiiy desired that all men who ex-
the distance between Weston and u .nllut tn th sprviw in
- - - LICLL IU WVU " ' " - - -
the popular Umatilla river resort, the near future be present
Harvev Wavne Di IsIcpII. th lit. meeting, which is one of the
tie son of Mr; and Mrs. H. J. being held all over the state. j
Driskell, fell off the porch at the Athena Press: The Preston- 9
W. L." Smock home in the uplands Shaffer Milling company have made S
Wnrinpsrtnv nnii Misfninw) rllslo. nmnnraii'iim fnr Vinnillinu-
...-- y " " VAi IIOIV 1 V M.mi.u a. ......0
cation of the ( right elbow. The bulk grain this season. On the
youngster was promptly brought north end of the mill warehouse a
to Dr. McKinney's office in Weston, commodious concrete dumping bin
where his injury received attention, has been constructed over which a $
' Pumping was begun Wednesday roomy tZZ St iJSd S
at the city station b the upper end 8Ca'esi nh"e I ary season. n . - h6 improvements and g
trie motor has been neatly harness- ZL Zve been made in the 5
The Weston Leader is on a Cash Basis
Subscriptions, Jobwork and Advertising
r ice m J
at this Jj
e series w
Tbe Farmers Bank of Weston
Established 1891
mill during the past two months. h
In order to meet the requirements of the
Government we must have conservation of
credit as well as of food.
The Government is asking the banks for
$750,000,000 every two weeks until the next
Liberty Loan, which is expected late in Oc
tober. With this burden on the banks, you should
call for loans only when in absolute need.
cd to the pump by Water Superm
tendent Fred Dupuis, and is buz- " " Jj
ing along faithfully. It is feared, The George Bade outfit has fin-
however, that the motor will be uhed threshing at the A. J. wcin
overtaxed and that one of double its tyre place north of town. Mr. Mo
capacity may be found to be need- Intyre's wheat, wnich was all fall- s
.1 in nrli.i in ntimn tha moivmum ernrn made the satisfactory aver- Z$
tntnntA nf woir affe fop tha season of S5 bushels. &tei&ZiZM!3iHiZUZM&
TV. ..... W v 11 S mwm .w .