The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, June 28, 1918, Image 3

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Weston Leader ulcriptlona are discon
linued at expiration. Renew promptly when
notified, If you want your ropy to continue.
No exception is made.
CLARK WOOD, Publisher
Wcrnen 2nd blisses
We aim to make
our work its best
Snider's i
To dress correctly your
clothes should bo MADE-TO-OKDEK.
key-note of good dressing. !
Wc tailor garments at prac- ; ;
wcany vno bbiiio pnie m a
iradv-made. but irive VOU
superior garments in every t
j -. it T
See our complete line of
and SKIRTS-65 fashions.
R. L. Reynaud
Mrs. Price's Canning Compound
1 may be used in canning all kinds
. -i r T" A n !
H ior Lorn, Deans, ruus, ispcuugua,
8 Tomatoes, etc. I
. m 1 1 1 1 y"l 1 " S
May also oe usea in maKing oat- j
oim Qtirof Pinlrlnc riv nnvf Viitior f Vtnr. tl
is liable to ferment.
For sale by
, " ? IP-
of all kinds . - 'rrv S)
FISH In season
: -I
. .
fWectlow-ry store for ml at a
aarrinYe. Mra. E. K. Zehm.
For Sale One two-yrturld Short
horn Lull. regiatered. I. C. Hop
kins, WeaU.
Mra. W. 8. Payne and children
returned yeatrrday from thrir out
ing at Bingham Springs.
T. J. McCarty and family left
yratrnlay for a visit with relatives
t White Salmon, Waah.
Mrs. C. it. Nelson and family
have gone to Bingham Springs, to
remain until after the Fourth.
Mr. and Mra. Harry Warren
ui Dir wok itiil with Mrs.
Warren's parenU near Walla Walla.
It. il.n Smith left Sunday for
U'.n. U'.ll. whiT he haa a Doal-
lion in the Bakcr-Boyer National
I tank.
O. T' Douglas) 'one of Weston's
old and rw-etd pionerrs, w cry
ill at hia horn on Washington
Mrs. C II. Smith, wife of Lieu-It-nant
Smith, has returnwl to her
home in Weston from Olympia,
AfU-r a umhful millim-ry
araaon at the Wmton Mercantile,
Mrs. Margaret Rabb left Tuea.
day for Walls Walla.
After a viait with his mother,
Mrs. Mark Henderson, in the up
lands, Robert G. Tweedy has re
turned to San Francisco.
C. W. Mitchell has finished haul
ing 204 sacks of potatoes which he
old to the Pacific Fruit Co. for
80 cents per hundred, delivered at
J. W.-Kimbrell, the well known
surveyor and engineer, came up
from Pendleton Saturday for a visit
with his daughter, Mrs. E. J.
Charles Gramm of Portland, state
manager of the Kansas C'.ty Life
Insurance Co., was here this week
viaiting the Weston agent, A. W.
Lundell. ' -
W. W. Smith, cashier of the
O-W. at Olympia. Wash., wss a re
cent guest of Mr. and Mrs. S. S.
Nelson. Mr. Smith wss formerly
agent here.
A party of congenial sports con
sisting of Nat Hale, Walt Williams,
Jim ' Killgore and Bob Reynolds
went to the Umatilla river Sunday
for a fortnight of camping and
Llwayne, the nine-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Albert O'Harra, fell
eixteen feet out of a cherry tree
Monday, landing on his head,
lie was unconcsious for a time,
but soon recovered. ij
George Purdy has returned from
the hospital at Pendleton and will
toon be ready for work again. It
will be remembered that a tree fell
on himbut George doesn't mind
a little thing like that.
Patriotism will be the morning
subject Sunday of the pastor, E. F.
Wriggle, at the United Brethren
church. In the evening he will dis
cuss the question, Can the World be
Made Safe Through Democracy! 4
Ernest Ross was in town y ester- , ,
daKn hi. place near Thorn Hoi- .JSS
where he reports gram oe r"j:"
looking well since the recent cool we op mo n i V'
weather. Fall sown promises an touch with "
average of from 85 to 40 bushels, applies to fall-sown wheat, the
averagw oi iron. uu w gprinjf crop problematical.
While on a motonng trip from The yjejd wjjj not be large, ranging
their home at Lewieton, Idaho, nm thirty to forty bushels per
J. L. Rogers and family visited yes- acre( but th quality promises well,
terday at the home of his brother, gprjng wheat on summer fal
E. C. Rogers. J. L. was known as )ow wij probably make a crop, but
"Tot" In the old school days at tpr'ing gown barley on spring plow
Weston. ' ; . ing of which there isaconsider-
Frank Greer and family are pre- able acreage is regarded as almost
paring to leave next week on a past redemption. Green aphis has
motoring trip to Enterprise and done much damage to this cereal,
Wallowa lake. They will be fol- and weather conditions have been
lowed later by Mr. and Mrs. H. wrong for it this season.
Waddingham. who will be accom- foUowinir from the Stenfield
panied byMr. and Mrs. Earl Lieu-Standard BhoW8 why Hermiston
alien ol walla walia., and Stenfjeid farmers want an open
Among the Weston folk 'who season on China pheasants: "Jim
swam and picnicked at Bingham Kyle has enjoyed every minute of
Springs Sunday were J. F. Snider" the past week, for the warm sun-
and family, R. L. Reynaud and f am-, shine haa aaaea several incneaw iu g
ji n Sail and famllv. Mr. corn crop and he can see visions of
and Mrs. W. A. Barnes, S. J. Cul- a bountiful harvest. His only trou
ley and family, H. L. Hedrick and ble is the China pheasants that per
family. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Walk- sisf in ' consuming the tender
er. Lester Wilsey, Ray O'Harra, sprouts and scratching up the gram.
C. C Proebstel and Gus Burgey. . He was compelled to hire a man to
herd the birds out in the alfalfa
The news that Weston has sub- fleda for t few days, until the
Bcribed its quota of War Savings beyond their reach."
Stamps, 127,500, will be telegraph- D
d to headquarters this evening by The Sunday school of the Bap
S A. Barnes The exact figure' tist Church has accepted an in rita.
was not available for publication tion to attend in a body the dedi
today, but it is thought that Wes-jcation of the new church at Gar
ton district will be well over the dena on Sunday, July 7. Rev W.
top when the cash purchases and R. Storms will conduct the after
pledges are all totaled. Weston .noon service there. There will
mountain bought double Its quota be no services in the Weston
of War S via Btaapa. . , church oa that Cay.
Wc arc aware, of course, that you do
not need much fire just now; but you
will next fall and winter. It is well,
therefore, to put in your fuel supply.
We arc selling
rowfch Wood
at $7.00 the cord
Wood at S8
These unusually low prices are for
wood delivered from the wagons now
hauling, and not from the yard. If
delay you will have to pay more. So
it will be money in your pocket to
call at our store
and give us your order.
The Weston Leader is on a Cash Basis
Subscriptions, Jobwork and Advertising
The Fanners Bank of Weston
Establistied 1891
This bank wants to be of the greatest practi
cal usefulness to the people of this commu
nity, and will welcome suggestions from our
patrons. . - -" '"V
We shall be glad to consult with you at any
time we may be of service.. Tell us your
wants and if we can help you out, the pleas
ure will be ours.