The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, April 26, 1918, Image 4

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cow . fur sale. E.
Claud Rich! has taken a position X
with the Weston Milling Co. X
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hyatt of Gib- X
bon were recent visitors with up- "1
land friends.
11. A. Street, well known farmer
south of town, is absent on a land- X
.-.a VI An tana 41
VVV-lllll W II1VV MIVIIUHia, y
a. a . I 1 XaT
urs. aiarma r rrjuson ana un
Elmer were visiting in Milton
Wednesday and Thursday.
Lawrence Pennington and family
are leaving soon for northern Mon
tana, where he will engage in ranch
I n Oil Tf ai iri LpI rI-J
Shirley Barnett was in town
from Portland during the first of
the week for a short visit at the
old home.
Ralph Lansdale, young upland
cattleman, drove out Tuesday with
a 90 T Overland bought of the lo
cal dealer. Dr. Kennard.
Mrs. Jack Calder and little
daughters visited Milton Sunday to
say good bye to her sister, Mrs.
James Still, who has gone to her
new home in Alberta.
You men who plow, plant and reap arc supplying the fuel for our fighters; it is your part in the
war and next to the actual fighting, is the most important.
We're trying to do our part, too, by serving you in the best way we know how, and by celling the
kind of clothes you want and need; clothes that wear a long time and always look well.
You can be sure of all-wool quality and substantial tailoring when you come here. They're Hart
Schaffner & Marx clothes-made in the spirit of economy. We guarantee you satisfaction.
When you're out in the field you want good, substantial work clothes; we have those, too; over
alls, work shirts, underwear, sox-the kind of goods that stand hard service and give you good value.
Boys' and Young Men's Suits
Always the best stock and choicest styles for boys and young
men. Outfit that handsome boy of yours with one of our stylish
A letter received by her parents
i u r u F -: .
nvrr ircmi airs. u. u. ruuuuirc bojs 4-
that her home town of Highwood. jL
Montana, subscribed three times its
quota of the third Liberty Loan. j
Four runaway horses threw Dick S
IfnmaMi 'afrttinct fa Kaimm a f hi. 4aT
place in the foothills Saturday, and
injured msaiuue. tie naaioieie- h
phone to town for a pair of 4
Mrs. Piersol fell from a harrow A
new suits prices $4.00, $5.00, $7.50, $10.00.
OwrWM ll.rl Dtam Man
Note the prices as contained in last week's ad. and
also the last copy of the Home Store Advocate.
The lines are still complete and the values the best
possible. In this time of high prices the prices named in
these lists are a revelation, but our stoc.k is too heavy;
and besides, we need the money.
Your opportunity to buy at even less than wholesale.
MILLINERY Our stock of millinory is the
moat complete of any season thus far. Mrs. Rabb
Is ready and prepared to serve you and assist you in
selecting a spring hat that will 1ms becoming, stylish
and serviceable. She will retrim if you desire.
M:n's ttats Spring Caps
Why hold to that old win
tor hat? Come out with
the npring in new, at
tractive hadwear. Caps
50c to1.60; hat
11.50 to fj.00
cart at her home in the uplands
Monday and received several gashes
on her head. She was brought to
town and her wounds were dressed
at Dr. McKinney's office.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Perry Jeft
Tuesday in their Ford car, via La
Grande, for Mr. Perry's old home
in New York state. They expect,
if possible, to Ford it the entire
way and to take three weeks 'on the
Ruf us Snider, a leading Morrow
county farmer, was here Saturday
on his way to Walla Walla to visit
his sister, Mrs. C. E. French, who
Sffil MCinni ft Hi tern
mm ww w. em mm m mm mm i . j i a w m a. j,m mm. m a. a mm a m. m a. m kt- - m aa cm mrm mm m m m m mn-mm amm a-w w a rr vrm. ." -m mm mr ar k wa we- am m m mm.
Snider of this city.
The automobile of Ed. Gausscn,
funriture dealer of Walla Walla,
was stolen by joy riders last Friday
night, and was located in a ditch
near Weston Sunday. It had two
Spial lilety Display
Mrs. Rabb, representing Miss
Moore of Walla Walla, has just re
ceived a new shipment of hats, and
announces a special display of up-to-the-minute
millinery for tomor
row (Saturday) at our store.
Pendleton, Or., April 22.-R- "Mrs- Tubl of Shanty town is
cued from the hands of . a mob the title of a gleeful comedy which
threatening to lynch him. Clifford ,w be presented by rreewater lo
W. Metz. a member of the Interna- cal talent in Weston opera house
tional Bible Students' Association, next Saturday evening, April 27.
was brought to Pendleton this even- The cast comprises twelve peo
ing by three Freewater citizens he production throughout
and turned over to District Attor- is said to be conducive to laughter
ney Keator for whatever action he unlimited. It has been success
deemed justifiable. f u !y presented at Freewater. Fru.t-
MeU, with three other persons, vale Tumalum, Lastsidc, Ferndale
two boys and a girl, was found to Umapine. during a tour in the
havo wvirpH the towns of Milton mteresis vi uie imru uwrV uwi
H aa S
ji Practical Patriotsm
"The best is always
the cheapest."
nave vvwicu fcv"io wvi. -
and Freewater generously with lit- campaign. That fun is not unmix- & WE SELL
t restore charging the clergy with Wl n pairmumn 3 u,i f.
lutinff trio fnrnt laohinrlthp crdvprn.
ment's suppression of "The Fin- to the amount of at least $7500 are
wheels broken and was otherwise ished Mystery" a two-page, seven- ascribed to the attendance attract
the worse for wear. Homer Hed- column sheet bearing the date of f nJ enthusiasm aroused by this
rick towed the damaged boat jnto April 15. His , three assistants, P'ay' . . . , . .
town for repairs. who are members of a Milton fam- Thelea'J,nf, ro'u,'8 ,ln,.)Jr
. ' , . iiv wm tiirnpH Intw Mrs. H. 0. Mansfield. Others in
Mrs. Laurel E. Davis, the well ,Iy wJXonjr at Milton the cast are Alta Mason. Leta Van
known dramatic and humorous ?VKtw!?t was folSd Slyke. Pat Mansfield. La Vern Mans
reader, now residing at Echo, will f"d. atf. ZTxIa field. Genevieve Sevy. Mr. Hemas.
with this literature. The entire Esther Dakin. Hekn Dakin. Dewey
enmmun tv was aroustid w th the iiiiiiiu.a, vji uiimcuiuu, l,
fire bell, the Home Guard was called
out and men in automobiles scour
ed the twin towns in an effort to
locate the distributors.
When they were found the crowd
gathered rapidly. There was much
talk of lynching, and ropes were
brought out and offered. The cool
er heads of the community pre-
vailed, however, and the man was n h pi.-.
brought to Pendleton under guard. C1UD utca
He will be held in jail here until The Saturday Afternoon Club
an investigation can be made by met April 20 at the home of Mrs.
a a T r..n.... -all .......
even a country K";r""K:iii. auuiwiuo. u. vumj. .w im -
Metz is a man of about 4ft years, swered witn cnuciren s sayings, ine
the owner of a small fruit ranch at following officers were re-elected:
Weston. He says that he was in Mrs. E. M. Smith, president; Mrs.
Milton on business and was asked J. F. Snider, vice president; Mrs,.
spend his time between trains in Frank Graham, secretary; Mrs. F,
again contribute to the program
this year of the pioneers' reunion,
June 7 and 8. Mrs- Davis has ac
cepted an invitation from the pro
gram committee to appear both
days of the reunion.
The Blue Mountain sawmill will
start this season between the 10th
and the 15th of May, making fruit
boxes for the growers of the Milton
and Freewater district. Manager
Avery will go to the mill in a few
days to set things ready for the
season's worK. The payroll will in
clude about 30 men.
Deciding that even a country
blacksmith is entitled ' to mix a
little recreation with his grimy toil,
Frank Snider has taken on a Frank-
o, There!"
ron Schmidt.
Rather strong on local talent
themselves, Weston folk will
doubtedly turn out in
bers to greet the histrionic offering
of their Freewater neighbors.
Prices, are 25 and 50 cents. No
seats reserved.
large num-, J
j 0. K. CAIiDY SHOP Ij
Odessa Kirkpatrick
Yes indeed, hoe early
and often.
We have the hoes, likewise
the SEEDS, for your war garden.
All Coal, CASH
on delivery
P. T. Kariinr
lin tourinir car. As he is now one
i shoaj) nf the rnnntrv pHitnr to
.ifhnnc-h honplAiv niiMaaaoH in distributing this literature
other respects Frank has agreed MyB he WM bon ,n America,
to take the local journalist for an
occasional spin in order to get his Mr. MetZ Comes Home
name in the paper. , . Mr. Mptr. wn rplpn.l Wflnplav
A large class of neophytes will and came home,
sprint across the desert sands at East Oregonian
Athena next Tuesday evening on willingness to
the occasion of a big meeting of ther activity that might be
the "Dokies." A team from Walla tionable to the public and declared
Walla will conduct the august eer- to the district attorney that had he
cmony, which will be . followed by known there was so much feeling
a program and banquet. The Wes- he would not have assisted in circu
ton Concert Band has been asked lating the papers. His one desire
to furnish music for the affair and was to get back to his ranch and
to beftd an imposing 6treet parade, attend to his seeding, he said.
He D. Watts, treasurer. Mrs. Her
man Goodwin was chosen reporter.
Light rerfeshments were served by
Mrs. W. A. Graham and Mrs. Edna
Fisk. The next and last regular
mpntincr at the club vear will be
According to the nifi at the home of Mrs. A. J. Mc
he expressed his I n tyre May 4.
forego any fur- ' -
Candidate for
County Commissioner
in the Republican Primary
May 17.
Your vote andlnfluence re
spectfully solicited.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon , Waitsburj, Wash.
American Beauty
Kindly Take Notice
As the firm of Pennington &
O'Harra is about to dissolve part
nership, Mr. ' Pennington retiring,
we must insist upon an immediate
settlement of all accounts due us.
t rail mark mwl ravrltftiu oMitit or m
In: HvihI mufdfl mkmtehmi or ptm mmA 4.
,,-tlm tot MCI SEARCH ami ffvpuri
im tmlifWIHr. Ihtnk rsfsnmen
ini, ir frw bokl Ull how. wUml to UtvvtM
nl am ym mnrmf. WrKs today.
'.03 Soentli 6U Wuhlnnten, D. C
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Soid In Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company