The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 15, 1918, Image 3

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    Tliere is but One
which actually ro-crcutcH in all its Kplondur tho gold
en voice of a groat nppr. ThU in the NEW EDI
SON, "tho phonograph with a :u."
Tho 'jxjrfcction of thu wonderful invention is
relegating to obscurity the talking machines and
other devices for sound reproduction which once
Bcemcd quite adequate.
If you resixmd to beautiful music, call at our
store and learn what the phrase, "Music's Ke-Crea-tion"
Vho Davis-Kaser Co.
Homefurnlshlng Department Store
PUnos - Music - Phonographs
10-20 Alder Street WalU Walla, Wash.
If -t
I Practical Patriotism g
In Our Band-Tailored Suits
"The best is always
the cheapest."
Hreathe there a man with
soul o dead who never to
himself hath said, us a well
groomed lady pulsed his
view: "Some class!"
Surely the rule works
both ways. Remember,
men:-"SHE will like you
best" in a high class real
Cubtom-Tailorcd garment.
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Summer Display.
1 0. K. CAIiDY SHOP g
Odessa lirkpatrick
R. L. Reynaudi
1 have 320 acres pood wheat land
near Lind. Wash., all in crop, for
tale at a bargain. This will bear
clo investigation. F. D. WatU.
Bpwd w for wile or to be let
out on nhares. C. II. Nelwm.
Mr. C. H. I'uvia of WaiUliurg is
visiting nl tb" home f her "" I'
ll. f)Hvta. s
Polato plunUr, buKity d saddle
for nale. May bo seen at the Provl.
tttel residence.
Ernest Reynolds came In this
week from AtberU to join Mrs.
Reynolds, who has been visiting rel
at ives here.
Joe Hodgson and ('lutvnre Hand
left Wednesday fr Ij Cre to
ammt in Moling opt-ratiom; on the
llitdghon farm.
Mr. K. M. Warren left Tu-day
morning for Walla Walla, where
she will bo the guest for a few days
of Mrs. S. T. Gore.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Mcbaniel are
back for tho summer, after spend
ing the winter in Bellingham,
Wiuh., and Walla Walla.
Will NorDean left today for Port
land, where he may decide to lo
cate, ror the present, Mrs. Nor
I Kan will remain In Weston.
Ward Raker, former Western boy,
has enlisted In the Signal Corps of
the United States Army and is (sta
tioned at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
Weston's gain is the diotinrt loss
of Oregon's metropolis, Ole Westfall
having returned from Portland to
assiitt again in the agricultural ac
tivities of this favored region.
Two new qwicrete elevators are
to be built at once, one at lone and
one at Jordan siding, reports the
lone Independent. Each one is to
be of ' 100,000 bushels capacity.
The Milton box factory has re
sumed operations with a crew of
12, which will be later increased,
according to the Eagle. The esti
mated output for the season is
1,600,000 containers. The capacity
of the plant is from 10,000 to 12,
000 per day.
, Glen Dudley, who is serving in
the ordnance corps, recently left the
school at Eugene, and has reportod
for service at Benicia. Calif. Glen
a fa ,-
nwiinsaif lfTITIllrf1--7fT
r r-r-j...' ', , '
- ,r- ,i w-J.
Engine directly behind seat
One man in seat
One man on bag platform
and witli 8 or I
tiorsss you sur rs
f or Mslness
If 11
ChaTTl. Cartsr Dsn '. Smyths
Carter & Smyth
Psndlston - Oregon
0T Nw Overland car for hire
Pennington & O'Harra
Mrs. Rabb, representing Miss
Moore of Walla Walla, will be. at
our store March 23 with a very
beautiful and attractive line of mil
linerythe best she has as yet
shown in Weston.
is our watchword. The furniture
we sell is good furniture.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold In Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
was offered a lieutenancy in the
army, reports the Press, but having
qualified for the ordnance corw, de
clined the commission. ' .
Athena is to have two big con
crete grain elevators, with a capac
ity of 100,000 bushels each. That
of the Farmers Grain Agency is
now under construction, and the
other will be built by the Preston
Shaffer Milling Co. in time to take
care of the coming crop. A site
has been selected for it at the
north end of the mill.
J. O. Russell has been, elected
principal of the new union high
ujiKaaI m tilrtt Pnlr nt tilar tt
$1700 per year. He has resigned as ? Udies LGuUd hc'd M"
superintendent of , the Athena rneeting at the home of Mrs. J. H.
schools. Mr. Russell is a former ' nd very Peasant af
member of the old Weston Normal ternoon, with a large membership
faculty, as Is also W. L. Arant of P"1 nd following guests;
nrnmn Citv. who ha tust htrn Mrs. S. A. Barnes,
elected superintendent of the Mil-ton-Freewater
schools, v
J, E. Jones Is the pleased recipi
cnt of six
served at the golden wedding anm- prjp. ftnJ Mfg. n. W. Proebstel.
versary of his' parents, Mr. and R4 Mrs. L. S. Wood poured coffee.
Mrs.v Jerry Jones of Lovella, Iowa. The next meeting of the guild will
There are five sons in the family, all held on Easter Monday after
of whom were present, , together n(X)n, April 1, at the home of Mrs.
with their families-with the ex- E, Mi Warren, when the officers for
ceptlon of our townsman; he had to tne ensuing year will be elected,
content himself with getting some
of the cake. Mr. and Mrs. Jones Miss Ruth Esther Read and Mr.
were married In 1868, and except Allison Wood were united in mar
for one year spent In Oregon have riage Monday afternoon at the
lived constantly on their farm near Methodist parsonage in Pendleton
'Lovella. There have been no deaths by Rev. Mr. Gornall. The bride is
in the family. , one of Weston's most popular girls,
mm m r c'km.v.' J and graduate of the local high
mM r,3u i A in- 1 P d school. The bridegroom was for
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ih.lhps are vis- prominent here in school and
'"" " ." .-""''"'" othlptifl Pirr fti And U miw n nmm.
?" lr.iL Jk J ising young, farmer. After spend-
niv iucvvui vibia uvu
We have just contracted agen
cy of the best wood grain storage
tank we have seen and we al
ready have the best metal tank. :
Here it is.
! ..... - ,
Mrs. Will Nor
Dean and Mrs. H. Goodwin. A
novel literary game was played and
provided much amusement. The
hnsinu wu nssisti'it in sorvintr n
different kinds of cake delectable repast by Mrs. Marvin
The Weston Leader is on a Cash Basis
Subscriptions, Jobwork and Advertising
Tbe Farmers Bank of Veston
Established 1891
from their
where they
..... Ullf LIIB 1IUII1T. IIIUUU 111 ,1 CSLUH. ItJI
iTTt Z irVJT "d Mrs. Wood will make their
ffirmS h0m Prospect farm near Echo,
for their crop on a section of sum-, Athena Press: Henry Barrett
mer fallow. They still have 160 returned Wednesday morning from
acres in crop on their own land another trip to Portland. He left
near Washtucna, which they bought his father resting some easier after
last year. They are arranging, to an operation for blood transfusion,
build a bungalow and a barn, and which took place last Saturday,
the plans are being prepared by J. Mr, Barrett will be removed from
M. Ashworth, who will have charge the hospital to his daughter's apart
of the work. Material will be merits, it having transpired that
shipped from the Watts & Rogers nothing further can be done for
lumber warehouse here. v the patient at the. hospital,
Do you want your boy or girl to join a "SHEEP, ON
EVERY FARM CLUB?" Possibly we can help you,
and we know a few sheep would help take care of
your summer fallow and fence rows.
Assistant Internal Revenue Officer will be at the
court house until the 19th to assist in making income
tax reports. Don't forget to pay at least half of
your state tax before April 5th. We will be glad to
assist you with this. .