The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 22, 1918, Image 1

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WKSTON, OKKGON. Fill DAY. FEB. 22. 1'J18
.I.. I.. I itf (ha Weak
Briefly Sketcnea top inior
... . m mm
mttlon of Our Readers.
Fooll 1 to bv public library
sad reading room.
Jam C. Parker. herlff of Una
county baa rlnd.
Henry Clay rhlna, ploneer.of iS,
died at Oranta Paee aged 73 year.
Tba 17ih annual atate Christian
Endeavor convention wee held at
Tba total taiabla value of all prop
arty la Multnomah county amount to
It ta practically aaaured tbat Joseph
111 have a new conrreia train elevn
tor thla spring. v
Una county poeloffke aold flt,
HI 17 worth of tbrlft and war eavlng
atamp la January.
Tha first Irrigation acbool ever Md
in OrKon opened at Redmond Monday
and will continue all week.
Contractor A. V. C. Harry la eaaembl
Ing a part of bia outfit at Tolado for
work an the aoutb Jetty of the Yaqulna
Tba CTataop . County Agricultural
council waa organised at Aatorla at a
meeting of farmer from verloua seo-
tlona of the county.
There are now 0,0T rat latered vot
ers to Multnomah county eligible to
tote at the primary elactloa May 17,
according to latest tabulation,
i Umatilla county farmers are export
toil to profit to a conatdarable extent
from the crop and farm labor survey,
which la being taken, by County Agent
tbrock. - '
Judge T. F. Ryan, assistant state
treaeurer. aald that during laat year
the a I at treaeury department collect
ad 133.21114 In Interest upon elate
A party of four soldiers, oodsr com
mand of Lieutenant A. Oagnon. are In
Coos county obtaining data on the
spruce area and the beat means of
logging the timber.
Manganese, valuable as a war essen
tial to temper stent for big guns, prom
ises to be one of the leading products
of Jackson county, for the largest snd
purest deposits are known to exist
there. '
Mlaa Lillian Roahelm, aged 16,
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. C. J. Roe
helm, of BlWerton lie In a sanitarium
In a aerlous condition as the result
of an attack by an unknown masked
man who tried to eual her hair. .;.
Oovernor Wltbycombe haa accepted
the resignation of Mra. Bertha Wll
llama Orlfflth. of La Grande, as a
member of the slate board of examin
ation of graduate nurses. Mlee Eliza
arses, uiu-
appointed In her
beth Darling waa
Jesae Myrl Jones, 12 years old. of
Mullno. had bis wire-chop part of his
Index finger off In order that he would
be exempted from mllltarywervlce, but
Mri. Jones did not ; cleave close
enough, so her husband was not ex
empted. i With tha statement that If the goods
are satisfactory be can place an Im
mrm UlHlIlClurj ua vmu uiwuv e ski-
mediate contract, General Goethe!.;,
quartermaster general of the United
States army, has wired the Salem com.
merclat club ror details concerning de
hydrating planta In Oregon.
Tiling of a deed by the Southern
" raclTle Railway company for a largo
acreage of tldelands In the vicinity of
tha Glasgow townstte, In Coos county,
the Glasgow lowntuo, in wuos vuumjr,
gives rise to the belief the company
Iras IntenUons of opening more coal
lands In the Coos bay country. ;
County courts have no authority to
increase salaries ef deputy county -clerks
and deputy sheriffs when such
aalsrtea are fixed by law, according
to an opinion given by Attorney Gen
eral Brown to Edward C. Judd, dis
trict attorney for Clatsop equnty.
Beginning rebruary 80, all office
buildings In Oregon are to be beetles
at nlaht.
Irrespective of the source
hii htiit im Hartvad. tt must ha'
tnmad off In office buildings at 1:30.
o'clock each evening and not turned on
agsla until T o'clock in the morning.
Notwithstanding the fact that As
toria ha recently completed the erec
tion of a new 20-room grade school
building, the number of pupils Is In
reslng so rapidly that the district
must build three more structures be-
ZEUSl UUIIU Vlaavej auua w v taw -. w
mma tha nnan inv i9 ihm romnm urhncA .
M ,
Th'e boarding school at the Umatilla ,
Indian agency, which haa been a fix-
tur there almo.t a long a the agen-
. . ..i.kii.t. .j k Aim.
tqn'!r,ntd j-ji.t.lO. scr'rllsg.tq.word,
recnivad ' by Mupertntewient Hwaris
Under from Cato Belli, commissioner
of Indian affaire.
Tbe state highway commission haa
under contemplation now road work,
the ennelrurtlori of whlrh will be dona
el all estimated cost of I7.W30.150, ec
year ending November 10, Jual com
pleted by Slat Highway Knglueer
Nunn, and approved by the commie
Ion. Of thla amount $541.9731:1 baa
been"' expended for construction and
43.(3I II for engineering, or a total
of $mi$.:4.
Tbe public aervlce commission baa
roundly condemned the practice ia
rallroade of making flying awltrhi-i.
In a report on tba accident at Coble
December 11. 1917, when William K.
Marklualer and bla son were killed by
a frelxbt train on tbe Spokane, Tort
land Seattle road.
Tbe atate department of ptitil'c In
struction has requested copies cf (he
rules and program on 1-ane county's
patriotic and educational rally, which
will be bold at Eugrne May 17 and II,
to aend to every county superintendent
In tbe state, that a similar project may
be taken up In each county.
Ropreaentatlve Ilawley bss asked
the house committee on public land
to report favorably on tbe bill recently
passed by the aenate authorising the
city of McMlnnvlile to puha cer
tain Isnd. formerly a part or the Ore
gon A California railroad grant, for the
protection of the city water aupply.
On March 1, cigar stores, pool balls,
candy store and bowling alley In
Pendleton will open at C A. M. and
close aril P. M. The order was Is
sued on tbe pasasge of an ordinance
by the city council as a war measure
to conserve light and beat and for
tba further regulation or pool balls by
the city.
James Manary. representing tba
Warren Spruce company of Portland,
began the erection of a large ware
house at Toledo aa a preliminary to
getting out the huge body of fine
apruce In the Sitetx Indian reservation.
The warehouse la 24 by 100 feet and
I tbe first of a number of building to
be erected.
four fatal accidents and 484 non
fatal accidenU were reported to the
Industrial accident commission laat
week. The fatal accldenta were aa
follows: Carl Druhat, Portland, ateel
worka; Prank Webster, Enterprise,
sawmill; M. 8. Ross, Portland, steel
works, and Vernon M. Thatcher. Port
land, conductor.
Information which baa been receiv
ed Is to the effect that the great
Ilorst Brothers" hop ranch near Inde
pendence, aald to be one or the largest
In the world, will be converted largely
Into a vegetable ranch and that the
dryers will be used for evaporation of
vegetables. ,Jt Is stated that 400 acres
or the ranch are to be leased ror vege
table growing.
Ounriea are helnc received by the
--- - " " ...
publlo aervlce commission from tha
raiiroaa companies oi mo aiam
what demurrage obarges were In ef
fect from January II to February 10
of thla year, which waa the Interim
between the effective date of the first
demurrage order laaued by Director
General McAdoo and the corrected or
der, which waa the only one that went
Into effect
Any resident of Oregon wishing to
visit Switzerland must first secure a
naisnort or eaulvatent paper or Monti-
rtoatlon bearing the viae or the Swiss
consulate In Portland according to In-'
atructtona received by A. Strelff,
Swiss consul, from the Swiss legation
In Washington, D. C. Mr. Strelff says
that no persons except Swiss cttUens
will be permitted (o enter Swiss torrV-
... .-- -
tory without such a passport.
standing timber valued at SD6.52T
was destroyed by rtres last year, ac
cording to the annual report or Forest
er Elliott. This Is the greatest loss
in timber by fire since 1910, when the
loss totaled 11,640,097.' The Mre sea
ion last year wns the most hamdous
since weather records hava been estab
ltshed In Oregon, says the forester in
the report, and he declares that, had
It not been ror effective fire fighting
work, the loss would have been muca
The Incomplete
list of Oregon
victim of the Tuscsnla sinking is
aa follows: Tuttle, Terry, Elgin; Mor
In, William P., Portland! Lewton,
Theodore Forest Grove, bugler;
Stevens. Percy A., Bend; BJork, George
Nelson, St Iletons; Wilson, Curtis W.J
Rnlnmj Gurney, James B., Glide; '
Pierce, James U. Creswell; Agrcn,
' ... . . . .
Poter A.. Jewell; LuaiCO, Jotin A., AV
tori; Houston. Elmr A., Held: Mur-
ray, Riley F., Eugene; , Date. Henry
O., Baker.
The problem of marketing a hug -
unniv fit notatoei now on hand in
Klamath, counjy. b, become .o.terloua
Hawaiians at Chautaucjua
Walkikl Hawaiian Quartet to Iirinj? True Music
of the Island
, ... ;i
-. i i v; i I
. . ' " - , , ; '
- Ni i " ' '. t i
One of the rare treats In store for Chsutauqua Festival patrons Is a short
afternoon program and a full evening concert by tbe Walkikl Hstrailan
Quartet. This group or Hawaiian musicians Is flncty educated and finished
In music They bsve been one of ihe favorite stringed quartets of the
Hswallan Islands for many years and are said to be the mast musically
accurate In their reproduction of Hawaiian tnu-lc. yuh ukclcles and guitars
they play the beautiful, soothing and wistful melodies of the islands In a
manner tkat grips the heart of every one In the audience.
thai a meeting was held recently at
the office of County Agricultural Agent
II. Roland Clalsyer, or Klamath Falls,
to disc tins the matter. It Is declared
that there are betwees 30 and 80 esr-
loads of spuds In the hands of farmer.
for which there Is no market, and ah
organisation to be known as the
Klamath County Totato Growers as
sociation will probably be formed to
work out this snd other problems that
may arise In this Important industry.
The St, Helens Lumber company
must continue furnishing heating serv
Ice In a certain area In St. Helena
whether It wishes to or not. This la
the gist of an order handed .down by
the public service commission and Is
unique as a precedent , among the
orders of the commission. The lumber
company'sccored permission from the
city In 1910 to lay steam pipes and,
up to July 80. W17, furnished a steam
heat service for the public at a Axed
rate. The company gave notice that
it would discontinue furnishing tha
service, but upon the filing of the com
plaint before the commission the serv
ice waa restored temporarily within
.certain, area. . , ,
Vienna, via London. The German
army group under command of Gen
eral Alexander von Llnslngen, accord
ing to an official statement Issued by
the Austrian war office, has occupied
the Russian town of Lutsk, in Volhy
nla, without righting. . , t'
Forty-One Soldier Loat on Tuscanla.
Washington. Forty-one Amorlcan
aotdlera aboard the torpedoed liner
Tuscanla remained unaccounted tor,
according to the latest check ol lists
ot survivors and missing. Thirty-three
untdontlfled dead are among those
buried In Scotland.
T1& Stamp
HI GUI Defeated In Ssattle Prlmarlea.
Seattle. Ole Hanson, real estate
man, and-Jamfs K. Bradford, compete
at the final municipal election. March
S. for the office of mayor of Seattle,
avlng bpett nomlnsted at Tuesday"
primaries. Mayor Hiram Gill, who
was a candidate, was thus eliminated
from the finals.
, Chamberlain Undergoes Operstion.
; Washington. Senator George E.
Chamberlain: of Oregon, w as operated
jpn for appendicitis Tuesday. The Sen-
atar is reported to have stood the
shock of operation In a favorable man
ner and his condition la pronounced
very favorable by the attending physi
cians. ' : "' "'.
May Raise Wheat to $2.50 a Bushel.
Washlnaton. A favorable report on
the Core bill to increase the minimum
price for wheat of the 1918 crop from
f 2 to $2.50 per bushel was made by
the senate agricultural. committee.
. Hog PWeea to Continue.
Washington. The government fixed
price ot $15.50 per. hundredweight on
hogo at the Chicago market will con
tinue to be enforced by the rood ad
ministration, tt 1 announced.
Camp Lewie Praised.
' Camp Lewlr. American Lake. Wash.
A camp or bli. men. In fine physical
condition and' located at one ot the
most Ideal spots for military training
In the United States. This la what
Brlgadlor General EH A. Helmlck. or
the Inspector generals department at
Washington, round" at Camp Lewis, he
said In an interview after a visit here
ot more than a week.
brief was news
The Iluiislsiia have withdrawn from
northeast OalU la, allowing the Auatro
II unitarian forrea to occupy Brody
without any opponltlon. according to
Information from the Austrian rron-
Tbe French authorltlea have turned
over to the Americans a tract of land
behind the llnee for use as a ceme
t. ry. This Is In line with the plans
proUounly announced for the ear of
the American dead la France.
In Champagne the Germans persist
t. "be attempt, attain the French
positions near the Butte de Mesnil.
The French, who are aided by Ameri
can srtlllery, repulsed enemy efforts,
the Germane being unable to reach
the French tines.
On the AmerYan sector tbe enemy
aviators have been busy over and be
hind the American linea. American
gunnera kept the Germans high In the
air and one of tbe enemy waa brought
down by an American aviator. Nine.
Americans bsve been wounded by
Cermsa shells.
Tbe Russian Bolshevik! government
bss capitulated and announced Its
readiness, although protestingly, to
sign a peace compact under the hard
terms Imposed by Germany.
Notwithstanding this fact. Teutonic
troops are advancing eastward Into
Russia over a front of 400 miles, from
Riga In the north to Lutsk, a scant SO
miles from the east Gallclan border,
cn the south. Apparently, thus far the
operation has met with no opposition.
Apparently all la still chsos in Rus
sia, with civil war In progress at var
ious points, and the food situation
dally growing worse. So serious haa
become the latter factor that TroUky
has been appointed food controller and
given unlimited powers. Already ho
baa ordered the arrest of speculators
In foodstuffs.
, , , ,
Chaplalna in Army Will Bs Increased.
Washington. Establishment of a
school at Fortress Monroe for the
training of army chaplains waa ap
proved by Secretary or War Baker.
There are now 570 chaplains In the
service and this number will be gradu
ally Increased with the projected ex
amination permitting the appointment
ot a chaplain tor every 1200 officers
and men. ; "
Aspirant for Mayor Shot Down In
Office. .
Seattle. Ralph A. Horr, prominent
Red Cross worker and candidate for
the mayoralty nomination at the muni
cipal primaries here Tuesday, was
shot Monday night by an unknown
man. who concealed himself in Horr'a
office. The man who fired the snot,
aa well as another man who accom
panied him, escaped.
Horr was able to drag himself to
his desk telephone and summon tha
police. At the city hospital the doc
tore aald he would live.
Ko reason tor the shooting could he
given by Horr. He declares, however,
that he has received several written
threats that It he did not cease his
denunciation of anti-patriots he would
be killed. , .
Aviator Vernon Caatle Killed.
Fort Worth, Tex. Captain Vernon
Castle, famous dancer and member ot
the royal flying corps, tell to hta death
at Benbrook flying field. Captain Cas
tle, who haa been acting as an aviator
instructor here, met death in an at
tempt to avert a collision with another
Barley Standard feed, $64.50 ton.
Oats No. I white feed, $64.50 ton.
Corn White, $76: cracked, $77.
Hay Timothy, pi per ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, 47c per lb.
Eggs Ranch, 44: per dosen.
Potatoes $1.1S1.25 per hundred.
Poultry Roosters. 20c; geese, 20(5
21c; ducks, 3233c; turkeya, live, 25c;
dressed, 35c.
Butter Creamery, 63c per lb.
Eggs Ranch, 46o per doten.
Potatoes $27.00 per ton; Yakima
Gems, $30.00.
Poultry Hens. 2Sc; dressed, 32
13c;; fryers, 52c; turkeys, live, 2&
?0c; dressed, 35 3Sc; ducks, live, 30c;
dressed, 32a.
"Words are I:. adequate to express my
"I know tbey are. Ferdy," said the
dear girt "Try caudy and vloteta."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Raisef Is Slaking Hij Ail Of!
Mighty Effort to Ereak
' Allied Line.
British Army Headquarters la
France. Tba great German offensive
on the western front may be expectsd
""t now and
ur mm inn iinuio iruui wmsiucu
the main thrust will be made on the
sector between Arras and 8t. Quentin.
Tanks and a "new mysterious gas"
will be employed by the enemy In the
attempt to break through the allies'
line. Other attacks will be delivered
further south. These facta have be
come known through captured German
prisonera and from information glean
ed in other ways.
The plans of the German higher
command are complete and after many
weeks of intensive training of assault
ing troops, they are ready to make the
supreme and final effort which has
been advertised so widely In the past
The coming battles will perhaps be
the most sanguinary of the war, and
they will be the most intense yet
seen. But they will mark the begin
ning of the end. for if the Germans
do not break clear through the allied
line and they- cannot they virtually
will be finished. The emperor la put
ting every ounce ot strength into this
great gamble and if it faila in the
early stages It meana the end ot Prus
sian militarism. The allied forces have
a superiority ln numbers, both In men
and guns, and no doubt la felt on this
front as to the outcome.
Washington. AH foreign trade of
the Cnlted States exports and im
portswas put under license by Presi
dent Wilson, as a part ot a general
pre gramme of the American and allied
governments for releasing ships to
transport troops and supplies to Eu
rope. -
The lesa essential exports and Im
ports will be reduced to a minimum
and materials regarded aa necessary
will be transported by the ahorteet
hauls possible. . '
The allies are working in close co
operation with the United States and
the trade routes of the world in many
instances will be shifted to bring the
most economical operation of tonnage.
The allies have already cut their
foreign trade sharply, but will make
further reductions as a part of the
general plan. American representa
tives sitting in London wilt work with
allied representatives in eliminating
and rearranging ocean commerce to
tree sbipa tor war aervlce,
Largest Meaeure of It Kind Favorably
Reported by Committee.
Washington. A billion-dollar urgent
deficiency appropriation bill, the larg
est ot its kind la the history of con
gress, although cut a half billion from
original estimates, was favorably re
ported to the bouse by Chairman Sher
ley, of the appropriations committee.
The bill provides for the Immediate
needs ot the war, navy and other de
partments. .;' 'r....- -'!',,
The principal item for the array in
the bill include $277,732,000 for bomba
and airplanes, $100,090,000 for quarter
master storage plants on the seacoast
and Interior points, and $31,000,000 for
mountain, field, siege and other artll-
lery In addition to the billion dollar
already spent tor ordnanc and con
tract authorisations tor $579,000,000
Poiaon Gaa Planta Planned.
, Washington. A great poison gas
campaign is being planned aa part ot
the American offensive against the
Germans, testimony before tbe house
appropriations committee Just made
public shows. Shells full of deadly
poison are now ready for shipment
from America and General Pershing's
urgent request for poison gas plants,
.both In America and France, has been
granted by the house appropriations
committee. These two plants will cost
about $10,000,000. ; i
Three Joyous Days . at Weston's
Chautauqua Festival, March 1, 2, 4,