The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 08, 1918, Image 3

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; Ughts with Common Matchei
No Alcohol Torch Needed ! I .
ThU lantern la right at home In aummcr rain or wild
winter atorm. It burn perfectly In any wind, at any tem
perature, and will keep right on ehlnlng where an oil lan
tern la mu'losa. , ,
Tho man who once urn-a tho Qulck-Lito luntt-rn'on the
farm, around the dairy, In feed Iota and other placea where
a convenient outnlde light la nettled, will not think of giving
It up. It la a grout light for tent aliowa, camp meetings,
picnic ground, aummer cam pa, boot landings, night fishing,
automobile trlpa. etc.
The Air-O-Lantern hot a double burner, using two amall
and very durable rag mantle. If one ahould jar off you
till get a good light from the other. Lantern using one
mantle do not have tlila advantage
Vho Davis-Kaser Co.
Bomefurnlsblng Department Store
Pianos - Music - Phonographs
10-20 Alder Street
Walla Walla, Wast.
All. Coal, CASH
on delivery
is our watchword. The furniture
; , we sell is good furniture.
Allison Wod u In town Thura
day from SUnfluld.
Mr. and Mr.M. H. Price left
Tuesday for' a brief visit at Seattle.
Uter Wllaey'la attending th
Holt Caterpillar school In Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Sim J. Culley wwe
in Portland thla week for a few
day' visit.
Mr., and Mrs. Miller llflll were
visiting in WesUm this wek from
their home near Nolln. t
A n-al littl garage was'eomplet
rd last wwk by H-riry' Srhrwder
for housing Lester Wilaey'a Ford.
Otto Huhbadi, well known Pen
dleton taker, has decided to en
gage In the takery business at
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Horn of
Pilot lUx-k were Sunday visitor at
the home of 1 their daughter, Mrs.
G. G. Mils.
Glen Snyder, a five-year-old boy
of IVndlctn, , has qualified aa a
hero by rescuing a younger play
mat from drowning.
Mia Bessie Parker of Athena was
recently united in marriage to Mr.
Robert Beckham at Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mr. Beckham went to
Spokane for a fortnight's honey-
The Weslon friends of Mrs.
M. Hall will be triad to learn
shti has been folly restated
health, after seventeen mouths of
treatment in Edgecliffe sanatar-
lum at Spokane.
Deciding that Weston la
m KcconnicK harvester colzi is now a gito
B. l
that U
to U
It is run by two men. Cuts 9 feet wide, 15 to
acres per day, using 8 horses. Does clean work in
all grain and pays for itself in two ordinary crops.
On you beat it? Can you equal it with a big combine?
i Wouldn't two of these beat a big machine? If
one meets with accident only two men are idle, and
the other machine is still doing business.
On grain tanks for both wagon and field storage weare
ready, to give you figures that do the business. Come and see.
the Methodist Church met Wednes- CL'CI I I PC Vflll PXCT t a
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. 1 3Kt 11 UAt TLJ liil 1 H
Z. C. Price. Sixteen members and T - - . .. t a
In Our Eaad-TaQored Salts
ft 1 ATI f
Yes, yes, but where?
Why, at the'
f 0.L CMiY Sl? 1?
The Woman's Mission Society of
thai Methodist Church met WpHnp.
a nice
etwugn purg in wnicn w ny - z c pr Sixteen members and
home of his own. fc.Jlfrt bins nas fow vleit0 werc prcsCT,t. Afu.r
bought the res.len on north on an Interesting
Franklin street which was f ormerly m by Mm. J. P.
T1 w m y Snider was given on the work in
al and II. A. Uranat, China. The visitors present were
The debating class of the high Miss Eunice Wilsey, Mrs. Somer
school have been preparing a debate ville, and Mrs. Jones. Miss Wilsvy
on the following question: "Re- became a member of the society,
oslved, that the beet way to pre- Refreshments were served by Mrs.
rrvc peaeo is to be prepared for D. Winn, Mrs. Douglas and Miss
war." Material for the debate Alma Barnett. Autos conveyed the
is being secured from' the state li- guests to and from the Price home,
brary at Salem. . An able, strong and interesting
A drenching rain Wednesday lecture was given at the Methodist
morning was the local weather fea- church Tuesday evening by Dr. W.
ture of the week. It was followed J. Herwig of Kansas. The speak
by spring-like sunahine. Snow has er "made it plain that the fight for
disBPpwed, and indications are-national prohibition must be eon. WFTftM raTHC RADftFD 2
that King Winter has decided to tKued in earnest if the requisite 1 WtSTON BATMi, BAKBtK
conflne his frigid attentions to the number of BUte legislatures pass
region east of the Rockies. . the amendment. He said that the
itarch win b. "Makin, Brick." TSJ'.LSL.'ZSZ:
j iv auu wiicav aa iiawviini ps vm vibii'n
in the next camDaimi of the
fttv 1 fmvNwsi will Im
n 1.1. it - !.L
. orettuics mere a man wiiu A fZ
soul so dead who never to t w .t . i 1
himself hath said, as a well- A f ' wf- ,
groomed lady passed his 2 V, n
view: "Some class!" S N '-Al W
T I '.I ii
Surely the rule works
both ways. Remember,
men: "SHE will like you
best" in a high class real
Custom-Tailored garment.
See Our Big Spring and
Summer Display.
- I iiMiiH T
E. E. Zehm
Butter Wrapperq
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
Sixty (minimum)..;..;.... $0 90
One hundred . . .'. 1 20
Two hundred.................................. 1 75
Each additional hundred..... 0 45
Sunday school at the usual hour.
In the evening the Epworth League
will meet at 6:30. as we have a very
interesting subject and will need a
full hour. S. E. Powell, pastor.
R. W. Brown ha gone to lone
. 1 I It In n.iur o.m A I.
i i .i;.i t,u risarvva
TrV'" .uT". " 'V: iTT grain bags from
Woods. When Mr. Douglas and
family move to their new home in
Morrow county they will be accom
panied by the family of Mr. Brown.
The Bachelor Girls club was en
tertained this week by Miss Josie
Lavender. A very pleasant even
ing was spent, with almost a full
attendance and also ee vcral guests;
A delightful lunch was served by
A. stranger named FredStickman J
whoi had been in Weston a short f
was arrested here Friday, J
with the theft of some ?
J. M. Banister
and an automobile tire from W.
R. Taylor of Athena. Since his ar- a
rest Stickman has shown symptoms
of an unsound mind,
Irt remitting for the Leader from
American Falls, Idaho, Mrs. E. J.
Saling writes: . "I can Hooveriwj
in cooking, but just cannot get
alortg without the Weston Leader."
Rv. Homer Gallahor. tiow of
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wa$h.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by t
Weston Mercantile Company
th hostess. The next meeting will Selma. California, was here last
be held at the home of Miss Gladys evening and preached again to a
Smith. Weston congregation at the United
Joe Hodgson ought to know au- Brethren church,
tomobiles pretty well by this time, Rev. Alfred Lockwood of Pen
having for years driven an old boat dlcton will hold services in the Epis
that once served m a war chariot copal church at Weston Sunday af
for Joshua, before he bought a ternoon at three o'clock, All arc in
modern car, but he nevertheless vited to attend, i
lost a dollar's worth of fish in Pi1- A uur received today by her
dletonthe other day throughjJs- hMdttQm Mrs. Frank Skinner
Uking a Fmnklln for a Podge, ' wn0UBCet that she is gaining in
Those Interested In the details are heajth at Hot Lake sanatarium. '
referred to August Lundell. . . '
... "i n;, n Mr. and Mrs. Somerville of
Mrs. Minnie Brown, wife of G. Alberta. former residents of the
W. Brown of Holdman. Oregon, Weslon Upiands, are guests at the
died February 1, 19 18, at St. Ma- home of w
ry's hospital in Walla Walla. The
remains were brought to Weston J. A. Ross was here yesterday on
for interment, and funeral services, his return to his farm near Pilot
were conducted here Sunday by Rock from a visit to his parents at
Rev. W. S. Payne. Mrs. Brown is Freewater.
survived by her husband and three Mri anj Mra. Beck of The
children, Mrs". Maud Montgomery, Duties are visiting at the home
fflarence Campbell and Galena 0f eir daughter, Mrs. C. H.
Campbell, all of Holdman. She Nelson,
also left a mother, two brother, and c U4 rf
one sister. ton farmers to Walla Walla today
After last week's, snow storm to see a shipment of combined har
Mail Carrier J. E. Jones had rather vesters.
a difficult time making his rounds Qkmn Bnia&m"hu returned
tnrougn we anowuruw n TOvu . . t . t Portland and a visit
Subscriptions Men
for all
riAGAzcis 2ii mmm
at regular subscription rates
Herman Goodwin
Weston, Oregon g
18 Fanaeis Basil clWca
EsltiSsbd 1B31
to his parents at Newberg.
Rev. W. S. Payne left this week
for Sherman county on an evangel
ical mission. ,
mountain, but finally got through
and reached Weston at 8:30 o'clock
in the evening, or two hours and a
half later than usual. He had to
shovel his team out of the, snow a
time or two. and on three occasions k .
found it necessary to cut through r
wire fences and go across the fields. Peterson & BlftllOp
SjUirday his patrons assembled to. t LAWYERS
gctlier and brokg out the roads. Pandlvton, Or. Frwter. Or.
The boys "over there'' cannot win this war unless
properly supported by those at home. Supplies cost
money and "your Uncle", is in need. Buy WAR.
SANINGS STAMPS have the children buy THRIFT
STAMPS and become thrifty fighters. Let the lit
tle ones know that they too con help that their
candy money is their might.
. Buy Wai and Thrift Stamps
' J.